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  1. Yea I even compared my processor to the Pentium G4560, and I wasn't that surprised by the results knowing that the G4560 a dual core processor beat my i5. well since the G4560 has a 14nm architecture and runs at 3.5ghz. the only thing I'm worried about is my GPU which is from 2008 and it has a low texture and pixel filrate. Are VN's CPU or GPU intensive? Running Minecraft in 20fps sure hurts though Nah, no worries about the background programs. I always disable them before I game. I even disabled Windows Defender and removed Internet Explorer to save RAM then set dwm.exe to normal priority. My only problem is the GPU which has a low texture and pixel filrate, and like you said that there are VN's that are buggy and badly optimized that worries me too cause I don't want reformat and install hundreds of drivers again just because of a memory leak caused by a VN. so yea maybe I'll start trying out the VN's that uses Kirkiri Engine.
  2. Thanks for the info senpai! Wow, so VN's are that light huh? Thanks for the info senpai
  3. Okay senpai, I'll give 'em a try. Im just kinda worried about my gpu having to run anything without crashing.
  4. Well I guess I really need an upgrade then. Arigatou na Senpai
  5. Can anyone recommend me some Visual Novels that will run on my PC properly and not like a powerpoint presentation in a high resolution preset. Specs: Intel Core i5-2310 2.9ghz - 3.2ghz boost Nvidia GeForce 9500GT 1gb DDR2 4GB Dual Channel RAM Windows 10 Pro Thanks in Advance for those who will reply
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