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  1. 3 hours ago, HMN said:

    In contrast to common belief "Fuwa" isn't derived from the onomatopoeia for "soft" or "fluffy."

    It actually comes from the word "不和" which means "conflict." 




    Ohhh, I see now!!! Thanks for the new info, *New Knowledge Get*:chaika:

  2. :Chocola: Lets all be best friends and talk all about VNs hahaha!!!

    But in all seriousness though, whenever I bring up VNs to my friends, they would assume that I play Otome, not that I mind. But in my school culture, they treat it like some kinda weird kink you'd have in the closet... and not out in the open. 

    ''There are other genres too, y'know!'' If only I could tell them that... T^T

    Say, welcome to fuwafuwa...

    I think Fuwa means soft, What a cute name :3

  3. I'm TrinityBree!! ehehehe...

    Yoroshiku-onegaishimasu! I hail from the farlands of the internet. I have been expanding my knowledge over the internet for years and finally, today I stumbled upon the greatest website ever; called Fuwanovel.net, a place where people come together and discuss the holy goodness of VNs, gyahhhhh

    *breathes in*

    Anyways, it would mean a lot to me if you would check out the poll I made to get to know each other better <3

    I hope we can become the best of friends and chat-buddies in the near future.


    *If someone could tell me what a flying helicopter, that would be cool... (I just updated my profile, what exactly is a helicopter gender?)

  4. So, the script is encrypted in a .dll file, and made with a program called liveMaker. I can send the necessary files over if you're willing to help me out here.


    Just saying, but here's the files download webpage. (Click the download haha).


    After you find and setup the game, the file labeled as 'live.dll", is the one I need someone to help me extract ...


    Thank you for reading!!

  5. It's called Round Around the World (Hetalia USUK fanmade visual novel), and it's made using LiveMaker, so I thought it should be quite basic figuring out how to get the data extracted out as lots of visual noves are made using that program... but sadly, it's taking a long time... I guess I need someone experienced to help me out here.


    Thanks anyways!!! It really means a lot to me that you replied :)


    I hope you find what you need soon...

  6. Just asking, but do you know how to hack into the visual novel encryption and decrypt to get the source data?

    I'm trying to do some translation work, but I fail at hacking... T-T


    I'm so sorry if this isn't a real reply, I'm new and I don't know how things work so I'm just asking around.

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