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  1. Yoigoshi has been released. This release includes a lot of other enhancements, you can check the change log to see everything that was added. Next up is Tokihogushi.
  2. The next arc under development is Yoigoshi. The porting process is complete and translation has begun. Porting took a long time because this arc has several choices and multiple endings.
  3. Taraimawashi has been released! That makes 4/10 arcs complete. This release also overhauls the TIPS implementation to behave more like the main series, streamlines the chapter select screen, and includes some other minor bugfixes.
  4. Tsukiotoshi has been released. You can get it from the project page on GitHub. The next arc will be Taraimawashi. It's a really short arc, so I think I'll be able to get it done fairly soon. Maybe by the end of June.
  5. Tsukiotoshi is now 100% translated and has just entered editing. Hoping to have a release by the end of April. I'm planning to add a couple of new features alongside the Tsukiotoshi release, including lip-sync support, 1080p sprites (right now they're 720p), and the option to play using MangaGamer sprites.
  6. Status update: I finished porting Tsukiotoshi to the new engine, and I'm starting on translation now. Based on how long the first two chapters took, it'll probably take 2-3 months to get through translation and editing.
  7. Kageboushi is complete and has been released. Head on over to the Github project page for the download link and installation instructions.
  8. Kageboushi is 100% translated. Editing has just begun. In addition to the editing, we're working on integrating all the recent improvements from the main Higurashi PS3 patches into the console arcs release, including ADV move (the PS3 arcs were designed to be played in ADV, after all).
  9. Just an update to say this project isn't dead. Progress is slow, but things are still coming along. I'm currently 85% through translating Kageboushi and aiming to have a proper release by the end of the year.
  10. Yeah, that basically sums up my thoughts. The release is probably good enough as-is, but I'm still really new at translating so I think it would help to have another person look it over.
  11. Awesome, I'd be glad to have both of you. If either of you are willing to read through the one arc that's currently released and try to fix any issues you can find, I'll put together another release that includes your fixes. Otherwise, I'll ping you when the next arc is far enough along to use your help.
  12. Project Introduction This project aims to take all 10 arcs exclusively found on the PS2/DS/PS3 releases of Higurashi When They Cry and port them to PC with full English translation. It will include the script, graphics, and audio assets from the PS3 version of Higurashi for maximum quality. This will be done as a mod for Mangagamer's Steam re-release of Higurashi, which makes use of the tech in MG's new Higurashi engine to simplify the porting process, and also directly supports the official release. Mangagamer is officially releasing English translations of all of the arcs from the various PC releases of Higurashi on Steam. However, a company called Alchemist made the PS2, DS, and PS3 versions of Higurashi and they added a number of new arcs to the game with each release. There are 10 new arcs in total, a mix of side stories, what-if scenarios, adaptations of manga arcs, arcs that develop characters that didn't get enough screentime, and an alternate ending for the entire series. None of those have ever received an official English release, and likely never will because Alchemist went bankrupt in 2016. So this project will hopefully give Higurashi fans an opportunity to finally read these arcs in English, some of which date back as early as 2007. Here is the Project Website on GitHub for the Higurashi Console Arcs project. Right now I'm the primary person contributing to the project, but I'm currently recruiting anyone willing to help. Progress Someutsushi arc - 100% complete Kageboushi arc - 100% complete Tsukiotoshi arc - 100% complete Taraimawashi arc - 100% complete Yoigoshi arc - 100% complete Tokihogushi - just starting Yoigoshi has been released, bringing the total to 5/10 translated. The next arc will be Tokihogushi. Recruitment I'm looking for a translator, a translation checker, and an editor or two to help out with the remaining arcs. The project will get done significantly faster, and with better quality if I have some other people helping me out. Let me know if you're interested in contributing!