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    I love Anime(not as much as before I got into VNs), Love Live!, Gunpla-Building and Visual Novels.
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  1. Hello there!! :P

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    2. L^3


      Are you fine with ones that contain H-scenes or not?

    3. TrinityBree


      Yup, I am! Emm, if it's not violent? I'm a little scared of blood when it comes to H-scenes, and oddly enough, not gore... Do Charages normally have H-scenes?

    4. L^3


      Charages could be considered as the most numerous type of Eroges so... yeah they do have H-scenes. I can't say I hate H-scenes but I don't particularly enjoy them either. Hmmm... what to recommend? Oh and I'm sure you can find almost every VN downloadable(not a word?) for free on the Internet. Have you read Steins;Gate?(no H-scenes, Language: English) You've probably read it before, it is pretty famous and all. If not, do give it a try. If you've already read it, please feel free to ask me again.(though my recommendations may not be so good) :D

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