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  1. I don't know if it was corrupt, but I think you may be right. I found only one file but that was the one I removed (I'm talking about the folder of the gain, I removed it manually. So i have to delete this file?: http://imageshack.com/a/img812/6065/g8s3.png And no, i havn't the same file at all than you x) I would like to know where you found it. The new profile "VN" was an administrator one, but it was worst than my usual profil who isn't one. I don't have programs menu for the game since it was in a profil who didn't exist anymore, but i don't know for the
  2. Hi! Since last week, i wanted to play Eien no Aselia in english version, but I had a lot of problems: First i had this message error when i wanted to install the game: http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/5508/telepitesiproblema.png I searched and found this: http://dakkodango.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=77 (I took the .png there) So, it seems that my problem was about my pc's name, so like this guy I made a new administrator profile I called "VN", and installed the game in this profile. I could instal the game and play it, but the voice were missing, and crashed so
  3. Are you pissed of because of Krill? I understand how you feel but you reacted like a kid, what a shame. Furthermore you lost credibility, and how can you don't know anything about wairu progress if you're/was with them?
  4. Why not just translate Mia route instead of begin from scracth since the commun route is already translated like they did with elina route?
  5. I saw nothing Edit: Is Kosuna still working on this project?
  6. You're right the format is easy to change and all the ost is here <3 thank you! In the end, crass didn't work with you too. Extractdata seems great, I'll try with it later. You're right that's very interesting. Thank you very much for all.
  7. thanks, i'll try first Edit: I didn't know i was so bad with that kind of tool: Initializing cui core ... Loading 170 cui ... Initializing package core ... Reading 1 packages ... Start the extraction ... ... Finish the extraction All Done. It says the extracton is done but I have nothing... I guess the source file is my bgm file but what is the "Source Path" to begin with? I thought that was the destination folder but it's not. I'm going to upload the bgm file and and send it to you via pm
  8. Aaahh I downloaded the tool, I guess I have to use unarc in the folder "tool". To make sure, in the readme, it seems that I have to run it with cmd isn't it? I'm quite bad with cmd x)
  9. That's why i told him to not listen to guys who are harassing him on twitter and not forget that a lot of people believe in him. But I don't know if kindness is working on him
  10. Hi everyone. I would like extract an arc file from Princess Waltz folder. That arc archive contains all ost of the game. I tried many tool like "freearc", "izarc", "7zip", and "bitzipper", but didn't work. Someone have an idea? This OST is just awesome ^^ I can share the arc file if you want.
  11. I have one question since there is pros here: How can i extract an arc file? It comes from Princess Waltz's floder. I tried many tool but didn't work ><
  12. What VN did you translate before? I vote for justy nasty, I don't like "little kind witch" story x)
  13. Did you use Toshop? Where did you learn to use it like that?
  14. Salut! C'est vrai que ton anglais est un peu bizarre (mais pas forcément mauvais) mais du moment que c'est suffisant pour lire les VN ça va ^^ Sinon en gros tu voudrais monter un projet de traduction sur un jeu quelconque? J'ai lu que tu voulais traduire des jeux de psp, sais tu que ce ça représente de traduire des jeux sur console de salon? Évidemment c'est possible, tu as des jeux qui ont été traduis de l'anglais au français et du japonais au français sur nintendo 64, nes, ps1, ps2 psp... Par contre ce que tu dois bien comprendre c'est que traduire des jeux sur console de sal
  15. Hi! I did all the requirement for Ikikoi installation but I had this error message: 1-First i instal the game (i don't think updated) 2-I extract patch file, instal the font, and add the 6 files in my ikikoi folder (as you can see in my screenshot) http://imageshack.com/a/img36/134/f3vz.png But i can't run cs2.ex, maybe i made a mistake durint installation, I don't know why...
  16. Kamidori is a lot better than Monster Girl Quest. Kamidori game may be shorter if you compare with the three (or not if you play all the routes) but the characters really look like "something", the story is great and the CG are just wonderful and very neat.
  17. What is the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 ver? Are they both translated?
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