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  1. General Practitioner

    Released in 0.0.10b next Tuesday will be the "Gym Random Encounters". The gym mechanic itself will be modified. How will they work? Each time you go to the gym in game you earn 1 to 5 fitness points. Fitness is a new stat in the game and will be quite useful for your success in late-game difficult examinations, and also to meet certain objectives. Also, when going to the gym there will be a 35% chance to meet one out of five new characters who attend the gym. You can either increase or decrease that chance by buying certain items in the item shop. Depending on the character they will be interested in something in particular, while giving you the chance to earn something else. Let's take Daniel for example. Whenever you find him at the gym he will talk to you about charme and fashion. He will pose you a "challenge" randomly chosen from 5 different difficulty levels. It's up to you to learn by trial and error if you're ready to challenge him. If your charme is high enough you will be rewarded with "fame" for your clinic. The number of points earned will vary depending on the difficulty of the challenge itself. If it is not your own charme will decrease by 5 points. It's always up to you to accept or decline the "challenge". The characters you can meet are the following ones. Others may be added to the game in future updates: Koola is interested in Fitness -> increases Money Stephen is interested in Sexperience -> increases Charme Daniel is interested in Charme -> increases Fame Penny is interested in Knowledge -> increases Integrity Elsa is interested in Fame -> increases Knowledge If you bet the fifth and most difficult challenge you will unlock a special event with each character. This though will be included in a future update. I hope you'll have much fun with this new addition to the game! Be safe and healthy!
  2. General Practitioner

    The latest public release of General Practitioner is available for all you guys! You can download it directly from Patreon (patreon.com/generalpractitioner) or from my website www.brunimultimedia.com in the "Download section" (my own safe webserver). You can also find the game on Indiedb and itch.io! So you have plenty of choices on where to download it! Main Features: Hyperlinks in the codex allow you to easily navigate between medical topics. Please note that the Codex is being rewritten so right now just a few topics are available. New Personal Online Shopping items. Some will have an use right now, while others will be important in future updates! New Exam Mode selection screen will allow you to easily navigate between examinations and choose which you want to play next, without the need to perform them in sequence. New exam available: Julie New exam available: Jaden New exam available: Amanda New story arc: Three's a crowd will have you know more about Vanessa and Aaron, the two characters introduced in Joy Festival. You can pursue a romantic relationship with both of them, even at the same time! New "Study" Minigame Many new Codex Entries!
  3. General Practitioner

    Hey guys! Release 008 is now available for free! Please refer to the changelog here for infos. Download is available: - on my website www.brunimultimedia.com - on itch.io https://bruni-multimedia.itch.io/general-practitioner - on indiedb http://www.indiedb.com/games/general-practitioner/downloads The game is available for PC, Mac, Linux and Android devices! Other d/l links are available on request. The full changelog is downloadable here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kvp_J3C6N1GzFYSiq24nSDZHqYDVVrNg/view Some screenshots of release 0.0.8: Thank you for following me! Please report any bug you may encounter, they will be fixed on 009 which is in development right now. Be safe and healthy,
  4. General Practitioner

    The seventh major update to General Practitioner is now available for free to all! Here you will be able to discover more about Erika, whose dialogue options have been revisited throughout the entire game! You can also invite your sister/cousin at the Festival, along with her niece. With her you can go to the beach, eat a drooling hotdog, visit the mall and buy an icecream at Miranda's Icecream Shop (yeah, the one where Rita works, with interactions that will change depending on your relationship with her). You can always skip to the update right before the festival start. Of course Erika won't be the only dateable character in the update, since her friend Vanessa and even Vanessa's boyfriend Aaron seem to be very interested in the doctor (yeah, this will unlock male/male romances, but only if you want them to be available). You will also experience a new hospital exam: Kamil's. This exam will test your skills in the game and its outcome will surely surprise you. Let me know if you liked it, I'm very interested in knowing that. Serena's exam was released last week with 007b. Helena's exam is the last Clinic Exam released with this update! Discover new locations and places to hang out with your loved ones and use the new interface to get informations about stats and skills with a single click. Please read the changelog as it contains many useful infos about the update and how to start events! Some users report an issue with the calendar in this release, as sometimes it makes the player repeat a day before proceeding further. This has been definitely fixed with 008 "Daily Chooser". You can find the download links on https://www.brunimultimedia.com/downloads.html or on Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/general-practitioner/downloads . The game is available for PC, Mac, Linux and Android devices.
  5. General Practitioner

    Hey guys. You can find release 0.0.6 - "Ice Dream" here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/general-practitioner This is the biggest update ever released for this game, I hope you'll enjoy it. To start Rita's story arc you just need to start a new game, complete her examination and then explore city until you find the ice-cream shop. I won't detail the following steps because I also need to know if all gameplay interactions are smooth as well, so if you find any trouble please let me know. For the first time the game will be available for Mac, Linux and Android devices! To install the Android APK you need to unlock "installation from unknown sources" in your device's settings. Please note that since every Android device is different I can't help you with issues regarding your phone and you might need to refer to your local service provider. As usual please read the changelog and avoid to report what's already in "Known issues" part. Thank you very much! Some screenshots ahead: You can now follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/BruniMultimedia) and of course at www.brunimultimedia.com Be safe and healthy!
  6. General Practitioner

    The latest public release of the game is available for free here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/general-practitioner/downloads/general-practitioner-005-clinical-methods INTRODUCING COMFORT LEVEL (CL) Every examination has been updated to include the "Comfort Level" (CL) of a patient. The CL substitutes the "Trust level" of the patient. The comfort level of a patient is calculated both by the patient's trust towards you and his/her mood, education and shyness. Every patient will have a different CL, it's up to you to raise it to a level where you can treat him/her in the best of ways. Every action will affect the CL, from asking questions to having the patient undress to examining him/her body parts. Each patient has a different mood. While a patient can be looking for professional doctors, another one could look for a more strict one. Some even prefer a playful medic, while some others are looking for more sexual stuff. It's up to you to determine your patient's character and behave accordingly. You can now reply to a patient in seven different ways: - Calm - Professional - Strict - Sensitive - Charming - Flirty - Playful Each patient will see his/her CL raise/lower based on your behaviour and his/her character. Each patient is now based on one of six archetipes (some will be added in future updates): - Normal - Doubtful - Agitated - Sad - Shy - Sensual - Tired Each archetipe works with the MC's methods in a rock/paper/scissors kind of combination. A sad patient could be stimulated by a playful answer, or even a calm one, while shy patients could get mad if they receive a flirty answer from their caregiver. The CL influences everything in the exam, from asking a patient to undress to examining him/her, up to giving a proper medical evaluation of the issue at hand. GENERAL: * Bug fixing * Added new Codex entries - Codex entries now have pictures depicting the object of the entry * Added 181 new images (as of 0.0.5a) * Improved the coding of the game, which should now be smoother on slower machines * Added a tutorial for the game - You can disable the tutorial when starting a new game. - The tutorial is always ON on Exam Mode * Added a quick menu in the lower right corner of the screen * Added a "Load" option in the contextual menu GAMEPLAY * You can now fast skip a new game directly to the new content introduced in the updates - Click "New game", perform the interview with Dr. Kirkman and then follow the instructions on screen * You can now interview and hire a new staff member from a pool of three - Perks and costs of the new staff member are outlined in the game * Vanilla mode is now completely implemented. Vanilla mode disables sexual content in the game. * Examination mode's exam has been modified to include the changes made to the exams in story mode * Examination mode will consider all staff to be available and every item as been bought * You can now buy items from the store! - Check the Codex for info about perks given by each item - You can access the online shop in the Daily Planner after Rita's examination * The 1st day of each month you will be prompted to pay wages for your staff and fees for your equipment EXAMINATIONS: * Comfort Level for each patient has been introduced (see the beginning of this changelog). * New examination available: Kiko - Kiko's exam will be available after June 2nd - Kiko's exam has been chosen by a 30$ patron - Kiko is a flirtable character * New examination available: Katia - Katia's exam will start after June 18th - In the final game Katia's exam will be restricted to whose that hire Dr. Borelli in the staff. However, since the other examinations are still in development the game will act as you hired Dr. Borelli. THIS IS NOT A BUG. - Katia is not a flirtable character * New examination available: Mark - Mark's exam will start after June 18th - In the final game Mark's exam will be restricted to whose that hire Dr. Kaplan in the staff. However, since the other examinations are still in development the game will act as you hired Dr. Kaplan. THIS IS NOT A BUG. - Mark will become a flirtable character in future updates of the game * Added more dialogue options in every exam released until now * Clara's exam's difficulty has been revamped in order to apply the CL changes STORY: * New storyline: "Clinical Methods" - CM is scheduled to begin after you talked with Dr. Richards at the end of "Trip to Seattle" content - CM will start on June 17th regardless of your daily activities - CM will introduce you to interviewing and hiring new staff members for the clinic. Choose wisely. * New storyline: "Kiko" - After your examination of Kiko you will be prompted to the new storyline regarding her - Kiko's storyline will be explored even in future updates Known issues: - Stats/Money gain and loss is functioning, however stats are still not used in events nor situations - The game will end on June 30th to prevent players to go further. Full version of the game will cover an additional 11 months and there will be at least two more events in May. In development: * Added sound effects (breathing / heart) to all examinations
  7. General Practitioner

    Download link for latest release is here! http://www.indiedb.com/games/general-practitioner/downloads/general-practitioner-003-alpha-release Enjoy the game and thank you for playing it.
  8. General Practitioner

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ciaQYhKv9c Version 0.0.3 will be out for free on June 30th!
  9. General Practitioner

    Tomorrow version 0.0.3a will be avalaible for $20 patrons. Here are some new screenshots of the game: Official 0.0.3a changelog is avalaible here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3FP7ZM52OC9SWwyVXhPa2lCOTQ
  10. General Practitioner

    In case you're wondering how far I am into the development of the next alpha version for the game here's the changelog as of today. In the list everything marked as "D" before the "*" is actually "Done", while the other things are in development. D* Corrected some grammar errors in dialogues D* Added two game modes: - STORY MODE is the complete experience of General Practitioner. You will live as doctor [player_name] [player_surname] and manage your time between your job and your free time - EXAMINATION MODE is the game focused only on the medical examinations. You will visit one patient after another without all the other game elements. D* Added interview with dr Kirkman at start of game D* Added a new stat: Sexperience - Sexperience will determine the outcome of many sexual-related events. You may acquire sexperience by choosing certain dialogue paths or attending certain locations or events D* Added marital status for the player character D* Added sister/cousin for the player character - The story arc will begin any morning after May 8th if no other events take priority and only if you choose "Clinic" as your morning's activity - You will receive a phone call from your sister/cousin telling you she's coming to your place with her daughter - They will arrive after 2 days from the phone call - A new activity "Family Time" will be avalaible until they are your guests. This activity unlocks some events with them. - It is possible, if a week since their arrival has passed and you didn't select "Family time" activity that some of the events will never occur - If no special events are happening you will still increase your bond with your sister/family every time you choose "Family Time" * Developed sister/cousin first part story arc D* Clara's examination won't start until May 2nd * New examination avalaible: Anne D* New examination avalaible: Paul - Paul's examination won't start until May 4th and until you finished Clara's D* New activity avalaible: gym D* New activity avalaible: pool * New activity avalaible: Church D* New activity avalaible: "massage parlour" * Added some lines of conversation at ray's D* Character Norah introduced in Massage Parlour D* Added sex scene with ... D* Clinic is now closed on Sundays ("Work" action won't be avalaible on sundays) * Church is now open on Sundays ("Church" action will be avalaible on sundays) D* Examinations will now end with new requests for the player: - Diagnose the disease - Prescribe medications - Plan a follow up and recommend more exams * Added a "Vanilla" game mode which contains the full story without all sexual parts (could be finished implementing in 0.0.4) * Added many options to flirt with a patient in the examination room. These options won't be present in the "Vanilla" game mode (see previous point) What do you think about these new additions to the game? Write down your impressions, I need your feedback while I go on with the game.
  11. General Practitioner

    Not everyone wants to deal with sex scenes, family time, hanging out with friends and so on... Somebody just wants to play the medical examinations without worrying about the staff, the incomes and everything else. It's for these people that I've made two game modes avalaible starting with 0.0.3: - STORY MODE is the complete experience of General Practitioner. You will live as doctor and manage your time between your job and your free time. - EXAMINATION MODE is the game focused only on the medical examinations. You will visit one patient after another without all the other game elements (4 examinations will be avalaible in 0.0.3) You will be able to choose your game mode after the initial interview with Dr. Kirkman (also introduced in 0.0.3) 0.0.3 will be out: - June 5th for $20 patrons - June 12th for $10 patrons - June 19th for $5 patrons - June 30th for the general public Thank you all for following this game's development.
  12. General Practitioner

    As promised version 0.0.2 is here! Before the day ends I will post a "road map" of the future contents and releases. For now I'd like you to enjoy this new version of my game and, more important, to tell me if you like it, where I need to improve it and if you find any bugs please report them to me! It's the only way I have to release a very good full game! Changelog for 0.0.2: * Revamp of user interface * Added calendar with days, months and holidays (events will be added in future updates) * Added scheduler to choose which activity to perform each morning/afternoon/evening * Added 4 new stats: charm, integrity, knowledge and clinic fame * Added 5 new activities like relax, hang out, study, explore city * Added Jack (unknown guy at bus stop) images * Revamped medical examinations: - Medical examinations will be a part of gameplay excluded from sexual activities - You can engage in sexual activities with patients if you meet and hang out with them out of the clinic. - Of course if a patient already knows you there could be many special events to unlock - There still will be nudity on medical exams but only to check the patient. * In the first three medical examination the player will receive a hint of wether you are performing good or bad on most of the choices * The graphics are now correctly set to 1280x720 without errors * Added Clara's examination * Added a "Codex" which will contain up-to-date patient and staff informations, medical info and hints on the various illnesses you may encounter in the game * Every daily action has its graphic scene loaded * Added Ray's character and workplace * Added background in the options menu and at the start download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3FP7ZM52OC9c2xTV1V1WnVrdW8 Alternative download link directly from my Patreon page: www.patreon.com/generalpractitioner
  13. General Practitioner

    While waiting for the release of the next version of General Practitioner I made this video that shows the new features avalaible. Forgive my english, I'm Italian and I'm not used to speak in English, I hope I'm comprehensible. And sorry for the bad quality, this is the first video ever for me, I'll improve in the future I promise https://youtu.be/toObMVIuQXE
  14. General Practitioner

    In 0.0.2 which will be released on monday 05/22 I will introduce the Codex. It will be some sort of Encyclopedia that will contain informations about patients you visit, staff you hire and even medical conditions and guidelines. This are written in collaboration of a true doctor, but should never replace the advice of your personal family physician. In time the Codex will contain many more informations and while the medical infos are avalaible from the start, the patient and staff ones will be avalaible only when you actually meet a person. Plus, some infos will be avalaible only if you correctly assess the illness of the patient, if any, and will remain hidden if you don't.
  15. General Practitioner

    Before I release 0.0.2 I want to complete the rendering overhaul, add at leats a picture to every activity avalaible (relax, study, hang out, work, explore city) and add a new patient with a complete examination of them. That's likely to happen over the weekend so expect a new release on monday morning, This release will be a better example of what to expect from the full game once it's complete. The game will feature a full in-game year experience. Holidays and special events will be covered and there will be some drama too. Of course you won't have to visit two patients each day, that would be boresome, but expect some surprises every time you choose to go to work. I'm very excited about the whole development. In my mind this will be more than the usual indie visual novel and you'll be surprised by the simulation part too. Of course I won't get very far without your comments about the game and the direction it takes at every release, so try the game if you wish and tell me everything you think about it!