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  1. I would really appreciate it if you could do that. I'm confused about the map routing system works and the sub routes.
  2. It's just if you can skip the normal route and focus on the true end, I would prefer that. It's just a feeling but I think the true route will be the same route as the normal end but with a different finals scenes and epilogue, just that, instead of a new route (completely different from the beginning)
  3. So you can read Alice true end in spite of not have played before the normal end, for example?? Or the option of "blue sky" is only available after complete the first end?
  4. Greetings! Let's see cause I'm a little confused. The fixer patch is complete? The H-scenes are independent of the routes? Is it like a all-ages game with H-scenes? Like Chrono Clock?
  5. Yes. If you start with her route, You will be spoiled gravelly of all the stuff. Trust me, let Alice for last and read Maia after the others three. My order will be exactly the same as the walkthrough: Saki > Yayoi > Keiko > Maia > Alice
  6. How is it going with the fix patch?? It will be released completely by the end of this month??
  7. I recommend let Alice for last. Once you finish the normal end, you can access to the true end.
  8. I know. It's just a raw guide. I will add the others end later.
  9. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hapymaher - Walkthrough - -------------------------------------------------------------------- Saki Hasuno This isn't me (I recalled her face) You could say I do You know her Have to resist I was interested in Saki The key to my room Saki That's right Saki END Yayoi B. Lutwidge This isn't me (I recalled her face) You could say I do You don't know her Couldn't hold back I was interested
  10. Do you recommend this order to enjoy and understand the VN perfectly ? Yayoi* > Saki* > Keiko* > Maia > Alice (NORMAL) > Alice (TRUE)
  11. So the best way to enjoy the game would be to follow this order, for example: Yayoi > Keiko > Saki > Maia > Alice (NORMAL) > Alice (TRUE) ???
  12. Apart of Alice and Maia, you can choose the order you want?? So Maia route is recommended keep for last ? And it isn't a happy end ?? This will let me a bitter sensation after finish the VN, right ? PS: Have you got the walkthrough for the VN, guys ?
  13. After compare the ranking of this site and translator's, this is the order (best to worst route-heroine): Maya > Runa > Kyou > Yukino > Midori I always leave the best route(s) for the end, so I'm going to play it backwards. My question is: If I follow this order, will it leave me with good sensations ?? P.D.: A good end not bitter.
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