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    I like anime and visual novels, I'm a bit too into Dark Souls, and I can play a mean sax but can't afford to actually buy one.

    My favourite visual novel is G-Senjou no Maou, favourite franchise is Majikoi.

    I have a weakness for kuuderes.
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  1. Nice to meet you!!!!!!:D

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    2. PapaRabbi


      I'm mostly into charage, but recently I've been getting interested in stuff with gameplay like Kamidori.

      (never played corpse party so I'm afraid I don't have an opinion there :vinty:). 

      How did you stumble across fuwa?

    3. TrinityBree


      I was trying to translate a game, but first I would have to get through the encrypts and extract the script.. But that turned out to be a very hard thing to do... I did read a bunch of articles on how to do this but, I failed...


      Anyways, I saw a community here, and decided to join. Since I never really been on any forums before, so I'm trying it out here.

      My cousin's a programmer... Should I ask her to help me decrypt the data? B-but then she'll find out I play BL Games ;-;

      I hope you don't mind that fact (that I do indeed play BL) (It was one fateful night.... or day..er. long story )

    4. PapaRabbi


      I'm sure someone here can help you with that, but that someone isn't me :makina:. I'm not a programmer and my Japanese is real weak so I've never translated a game before. Maybe try posting here on fuwa and asking for help? 
      Also I certainly don't mind that you're into BL (is it weird that I'm more into BL than yuri?)

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