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    mavsynchroid got a reaction from Silvz in Never 7 route name question (spoilers)   
    you suck
    Turns out the guide I was using was just flat out wrong. Poked around and finally got it... Utterly disappointed in it... After lying to him about the experiment... you find out in a bad ending they were screwing with him yet again, getting all the other girls to try and kiss him. Izumi turned out to be a shitty person... The good ending is just flat out boring.. Has pretty much nothing to do with the rest of the game...
    ANYWAY... For some reason the append story STILL didn't work after I beat the izumi root on my android... So I just said screw it, downloaded it on my pc, and just finished skipping through each Good ending route for each character.. Let's hope the append function story thingy works now...
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    mavsynchroid got a reaction from Zakamutt in Never 7 route name question (spoilers)   
    Thank you!! Been waiting to hear from you guys before diving back in!