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    Well if I'm here H games must be one of 'em, thanks for asking ^^

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  1. Hi and thank you! I'll go check out your links right now.
  2. Thank you very much. ^^ I plan to stay and contribute to the community when I can.
  3. That's perfect, thank you! I hope so too. Thank you. And off I go to try something new. Wish me luck! No really, I have no idea how my mind and emotions will react to this... haha?
  4. I think it's okay... everyone was on board with that guy and I'm sure it isn't the only loli post here. And they have tons of those games on vndb so clearly people make and enjoy them. I hope this isn't a gender discrimination situation. *sighs* Well, a positive thing here is that I like your avatar. Thank you. Does vndb let you exclude things too? Because honestly I can't see this search ending well for me.
  5. Thanks for the advice (I mean that) but I got this idea because of the thread I was on earlier today before registering. Someone asked for lolis and got a lot of accurate replies with links to vndb so maybe you think it isn't allowed but it is? I'm not trying to argue but at the same time I was on that thread like 1 hour ago, in between watching Vegeta Reacts videos on YouTube and there were tons of links to loli H games. The thread is in my history if you need proof or something.
  6. Bookmarked! Thanks for this one! I hope I still get more, hint hint.
  7. I've never played an H game before and when it comes to this I really, really hope I don't regret whatever I see because I asked this. But can you suggest some otome games where the female protagonist can choose from a variety of cute kid boys instead of cute lolis? I'm looking for H games with an anime art style, not the American indie hand-drawn art style you see sometimes. It would be great if the game is uncensored but I assume that's rare across all H games so censored suggestions are fine too. For this, things I definitely do not want are Bondage Tentacles Peeing and scat
  8. Hi. What are some of the better/best otome games with H scenes? I've never played H games before so I'd like to get some recommendations. I'm looking for otome games with an anime art style. I don't want games with that indie, American, hand-drawn kinda look. No offense to those games of course. Off the top of my head I know I wouldn't like the following things/themes/fetishes: Rape Tentacles Hardcore bondage Anal Peeing and scat (if I have to list those things, haha) I can't think of anything else at the moment. Games in EN or JP are fine and it would be great if
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