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  1. Entirely inaccurate walkthrough guide, many choices are incorrect and never show up and there are missing choices as well.

    For the first route Choices 1, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 13 never show up, a choice came up that was not on the list that has to do with Kasumi as Ren is carrying her on his back to their home.


    This walkthrough guide needs to be taken down (or corrected) for having incorrect information.

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    2. SeniorBlitz


      Yeah, I was weary that something like that could happen, so I worded it like that, tou I'll write it down for when you have the choice list. 

    3. Shaun


      @SeniorBlitz Just so you know I won't be finishing the choices at all anymore since I dropped the visual novel about a month or so ago but I'm just now getting around to letting you know, someone else will have to continue where I left off from, if that even really matters at this point.

      I don't really like the kind of visual novel Dies irae is, it's not a romance VN at all, it deals too much with violence and gore, I got to one point of the visual novel and I just couldn't continue and that wasn't that far into it either, just shortly after the first H-scene with Kasumi.

    4. SeniorBlitz


      Nah It is okay you already helped me, I Found some posts online which I could use for some fixing (I Just need to finish my current ZTD walkthrough).

      Though yeah Dies Irae is more of a plot over romance type of VN, which assume is different from the recently released Hapymaher since It seems to balance both plot and romance but I haven't played It só I digress.

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