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  1. New and needing help!

    okay! I actually got the game to work; however, its not in English and I have my language thing set to japan..... so now what?
  2. New and needing help!

    OK!!!!! this is wayyyy more difficult then it needs to be! I got the novel downloaded and daemon tools and put the file on daemon tools! so I open it download it play it...... I get a pop up that's not in English and it all goes away....I don't even get to the first screen.... what am I doing wrong????
  3. New and needing help!

    I don't totally understand this download (togainu no chi). It talks about daemon files and it opens up in adobe reader (probably something I did before asking for help). How do I get it to work right and what do I need to open it with. I decided to use utorrent by the way cause my father said it was safe. Lets just say I am completely lost.
  4. New and needing help!

    Yeah its my first time doing something like this I really don't like downloading things on my computer; however, my friends say its safe so I'm giving it a shot! Darn and I was so hoping to see that but if you misplaced it... Really thank you so much! this is just what I needed. I haven't exactly downloaded any yet but im working on it no. My utorrent is slow..... but if I have questions I hope I can come to you (or anyone else) to help me out
  5. New and needing help!

    Hello Community! I'm New..... Obviously..... Ha I need some help with this site. My friend got me into it but I'm not sure how to download anything on my computer! Is their anyone out their willing to do a step by step tutorial for me on how to download a visual novel?? It would be greatly appreciated! I have already attempted to download 'Togainu No Chi' and 'DRAMAtical Murder' with no success. PLEASE HELP A NEWBIE OUT!!