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  1. Finished Funbag Fantasy + Sideboob story. I'm really not a fan of oversized breasts and lactation but the story and characters were pretty fantastic so I ended up loving it anyways. Hoping we get Gaiden 2. Playing HoshiMemo too and finished Isuzu route, wish the VN didn't have enforced playing order. I'm not too motivated to go thru the other heroines to get to Secret heroine and Mare. Stalled for a bit and switching my focus to something else Now for what I'm playing... just started Magical Marriage Lunatics!! mainly because I'm a sucker for stoic loli heroines. Aiming for Luluna ro
  2. I have lot of other VN's and games to play at the moment so I'll focus on that first. I'm putting this out there just in case someone has it so I can immediately get back to hoshimemo. I'm not too hyped about the other heroines other than Isuzu, Mare and secret heroine so I'm not too motivated to go through other routes right now (even w/ skip) considering my backlog. I have finished Isuzu route though.
  3. Hey guys Wondering if anyone has a 100% save for the SekaiProject release version of Hoshizora no Memoria. Don't really have the time to go through all the routes to get to secret heroine + Mare route and I really want to play that asap. I did try the save.bin for the JP version but it's makes the game heavily bugged making voices don't play at all. http://sagaoz.net/savedata/ha/hoshizora_124.zip Guessing I'd need a save from the SekaiProject version itself. Anyone can share the save.bin? Thanks
  4. Any kind soul out there want to re-upload this for me? I just finished Mask of Deception and it got me really interested in the first one. I downloaded the pre-patched version and it works on my desktop but when I move it to my laptop it asks for a DVD for some weird reason. Both runs on same OS so I'm confused why it asks for a dvd on my laptop. thanks
  5. So yeah... Need a help here if anyone got this game hooked properly. I'm using ITHVNR and it partially works but the whole sentence is repeated many times. Not per character, but per sentence/line so suppressing repetition is not helping much. Anyone got this hooked properly? I need my Shiki Route ASAP orz
  6. Actually, the game still continues for a few more lines after those pop-up boxes shows up before crashing, so I'm not entirely convinced it's related. Besides, I encountered those pop-up messages too earlier in the route, but the game actually never crashed. Would it be possible to check if maybe there's an error in the patch that causes the crash on that specific date? Or have you confirmed already? Thanks EDIT: NVM, actually the game still crashes at the same point without the patch. Anyone have a md5 checksum of a non-corrupted iso copy of the game, maybe I can use that check if my copy
  7. I've been playing Sasara route, but the game crashes at the same point at 3/25 date in the game. I get these sequence of pop-up boxes then the game just crashes. Anyone have encountered this and found a way to fix it? Using Windows 8.1 btw
  8. RT @gematsucom: Atelier Shallie limited edition announced - http://t.co/j91ooDmzVP

  9. RT @IGN: Here's why you should stop what you're doing and play #Suikoden 2 http://t.co/yDPJ5FNIIC http://t.co/VuEEBo5snx

  10. RT @SeventhStyle: “Angel Beats!” Is Counting Down For..: Going through the phase where there's an ambiguous ... http://t.co/8Zt5RPiWTQ

  11. RT @fuwan0vel: Countdown has appeared on the official Angel Beats website. Potential VN news inbound? http://t.co/LbNeNP85At

  12. RT @famousquotenet: Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. - Albert Einstein

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