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    Foreword: It's a very curious game that I played in the past and then lost. Happy to find and finish it now. Synopsis: The plot of Natsu no Ame revolves around Sousuke, a soccer loving idiot who spends his days practicing with his two friends, Takeda and Midori for the day when he is allowed to return to the soccer club he was forced to resign from. The story begins with Sousuke recalling a memory from his past where he pondered what qualifies as a first love, thinking about a young girl he teased almost to the point of tears as a child. Upon snapping back to the present Sousuke is made aware of a beautiful girl busy with her cellphone. After knocking her out of the way of on oncoming motorcycle he finds that he had also sent her cellphone into the river. Being the nice guy protagonist that he is Sousuke then goes into the river to find her cellphone, however when he gives up and she tries to help him out he ends up pulling her in as well. First impressions aside he then finds out she wanted to know where his school was as she had just transferred in. Undaunted by his earlier screwups Sousuke decides to be a man and instead takes her on a tour of the town before finally dropping her off at school. In the end it seems he managed a favorable impression afterall! Upon returning home he finds the very same girl in his home… where his mother informs him that she is his long lost half sister! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_qJeEChKrppPpzU9YgpLA4   Character Design rating: 10/10 Protagonist rating: 10/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 9/10   As you see, it's a perfect score that I can ever put to a charage that is not a plotge. There are fantastic English reviews for this game already (1 2 3 4), so I slack as usual. I used to play everything that Joyjason evaluated as 8 and higher, and that guy is usually very critical in his reviews leaving not too many games with normal scores. And for the first time ever he evaluated Natsu no Ame as 11/10... wow. Then there's this Zen guy from omochikaeri who is always very bitter in comments. I doubt I ever heard something positive from him about anything... and he writes a superlong review giving score of 90%...  And now I'm enthralled as well... this game is a miracle. Since it's not a plotge, it's enough to read synopsis. But since it's a charage, heroines need a close look. This game starts with introducing Rikako, and she is breathtaking. What's interesting, no one ever tried to present a similar personality (as a quick tags search showed me). I'm tired of brainless imouto and pervy onee-chan. Rikako is absolutely special as she is seriously unhappy and unfriendly. At the same time I just can't call her a tsundere as she is out of S and M system of coordinates. I guess she is so attractive, because she is so human-like. The way she blushes while angry and narrows eyes is cute beyond any measure. She absolutely does not care about protagonist and basically runs away several times. Independent and strong-willed qualities make us respect her as a human being. Midori is supergenki and tomboyish, and her best friend to lover transformation is really thrilling to watch. Hinako is a deredere school friend which is nothing new, but she is brilliantly voiced. She speaks with a light and funny accent, though I wish it to be a full-scale Kansai-ben. Last heroine teacher Misa is surprisingly interesting as well. She is easily embarassed, but with her route we dwell into adult territory with alcohol and loli teacher's daughter. I absolutely can't recall any deficiencies of this work. By the end of Hinako route I started to think that I've overgrown all these youth anxieties and would like to see serious adult relations, but with Misa route even this argument was utterly destroyed. It gave both matureness and feeling of family with loli daughter Nene included. Could probably nitpick over something (no amount of CG is enough), but just don't want to. Even protagonist was cautious and attentive enough to give a positive impression. So let's leave things with perfect scores for once. I still stay my ground that charage should have plotge elements, so I like modern tendencies where games got so expensive to make that pure moege are eliminated and pure charage are limited. These genres have piled up enormous amount of works similar in nature and thus forgotten. But with this fierce competition the best of the best stay forever with reader and motivate to not lose interest with the genre. And Natsu no Ame smiles shyly observing the battlefield from unreachable height. Perfect.
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    Foreword: Abyss is one of the more known doujin games and even has a fuwanovel recommendation page. But I could find only one English review, so it needs to be fixed asap. Synopsis: Sasayama Akira was born into a family of assassins and trained as a child to become one of them. However, due to psychological issues, his father decided to send Akira to a relative's house, to live a normal life. Several years later, Akira gets asked by the student council president to investigate a rumor of a group called Abyss, a shadowy group of students responsible for abducting and killing students in a grotesque game. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_JpraEZN60LRLufWm3loZt   Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 I'm still not ready to evaluate a doujin game without voicing too high. And abyss is huge. It was actually delivered in three different issues before the complete version with first one seeing the light in September 2007. As a result, completing all the routes took 38 hours, and such volume without voicing can be difficult to digest. The concept is simple - murders start to happen at school, and protagonist is dragged by a masked person to join the game. Basically, it's common battle royale concept that is popular in doujin chunige. But the actual game is neither pure survival like Killer Queen nor the battle of wits and hints like Umineko. We strive to survive, but also gather hints about opponents identities as well as learn to counter them. Quite a few mysteries pile up, and final Nami routes gives a lot of answers about protagonist past and ABYSS. And it's also not a simple mortal combat style game, because assassin means are deadly and fast, but also because multiple viewpoints are given throughout the story. We even start as a girl protagonist in common route. There's a lot to uncover, so mystery persists till the end. As for deficiencies, I still don't like this concept just because it's battle royale. Participants are placed in a limited space so that they make the story themselves like a sandbox. A lot of stuff and twists are put on top of that to make forget about the core concept, but I still don't see an interesting story behind it all. Well, I did not like any game with similar concept, even FSN, so safely ignore this point. It's been a long time since I played a game with a zero voicing. It's a matter of habit, but everything gets a huge minus from me because of that. BGM is mostly good, but there are some with just a few sounds on repeat to create tension or smth, and I'd rather hear normal melodies. Game system is horrible for auto reading. I had to put lowest possible speed, but huge chunks of text disappeared too fast after small ones, and vice versa. CG are uneven. Basically, all heroines are strong, but in other people's routes they become weak. Another nitpick is that setting of ABYSS organization feared even by police is loosely shaped, lacks detail. Battles are depicted poorly and settled with one blow usually, but buildup and wits battle prior to that is nice. Some heroines routes bring little new and can be considered bonus ones. Enough with negative points. On a bright side, in every route characters are mercilessly butchered, and you never know who or when gets to die. So there's a lot of room for emotional approach. Every heroine has her own story and motivation, and with so many masks identities remain unknown. Hints recovered throughout the game create doubts, but final route managed to take me by surprise, anyway. The good thing is that only couple heroines have traditional love scenes, some have violation, and Nonko has none at all. As you see, despite simple concept there's a lot of room for mystery, wits, tactics, twists, emotions and in-depth character stories. Don't let my evaluation scare you as it includes personal reasons. If you find such game enticing, you most assuredly won't be disappointed.
  3. kivandopulus
    Year 2007 is great for bringing two full 10/10 masterpieces Draculius and Dies irae and many more very nice visual novels. You all know that winner is Dies irae as it's probably main visual novel of all times. First version from 2007 was quite raw, and there are some funny negative reviews from 2007-2008, but light found inner strength to polish this version and even freely give away it to original buyers. New portion of Visual Novel Openings 2007 with songs.
    My list of masterpieces in 2007:
    Aster  Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa o. Bullet Butlers Demon Parasite ~Akuma no You na Tenshi no Kanojo~  Dies irae Draculius ExE Gekkou no Carnevale Happy Margaret! Himawari Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni.  Kira☆Kira  Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate - The Code Name is "Shield 9" Reconquista Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi  Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-  Shirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <>  Soshite Ashita no Sekai yori  Zwei Worter A nice round number. I tried to cover most of masterpieces already, so there are only three untranslated masterpieces left without my review. Will add two more curious enough games for me in the poll for EXTRA review. As usual, I don't have too much time to meddle with passed year, so will make my mind in 3-5 days time after publishing the poll:
    Aster  Happy Margaret! Miageta Sora ni Ochiteiku Soshite Ashita no Sekai yori  Tsukutori 
  4. kivandopulus
    Memories Off #5 Togireta Film , Ayakashi and Heaven's Cage are masterpieces of the month, and I'm reviewing the latter two. The winner is Ayakashi. I refuse to acknowledge any spin-offs or sequels of Fate/Night like Fate/Hollow Ataraxia .
    1. Shirogane no Torikago: The Angels with Strange Wings しろがねの鳥籠 The Angels with Strange Wings [051013] Cromwell 1

    Shirogane no Torikage takes place in the city of Roddo Town. Two hundred years ago, a great war lead to the near destruction of mankind. The few people that did remain following the war started off with a clean slate, built new towns and connected the towns via steam-powered train. Soon, airplanes were invented and mankind took to the skies. Mysterious children started to be born in this new world, children with strange powers. So strange and feared were these powers that adults sent all the special children to Roddo Town, which is itself separated from the other towns of the world and is surrounded by a great steel wall.
    The game's main character is Woll, one such special child. Woll and the other kids of Roddo Town have the ability to read the memories of objects and know their pasts. One day, Woll uses his powers to fix the train station manager's television, and he's summoned to the Roddo Town mayor's place. He expects that he will be punished for having used his powers.
    Instead, the mayor asks him to fix a plane from 200 years ago and make it so that it can fly again. A great floating fortress called Sky Ray was built 200 years ago and is believed to contain the secrets into long lost pre-war technology. Woll, along with Andy, Bibi, Katie, Mini and the other boys and girls of the town start off on an adventure that will change not just their own lives, but the lives of people throughout the world. Visuals and some fun interactions are the only benefits. of the game. Scenario is pretty much a juvenile boy's growth story that's nothing but plain. Second half is especially bad.  
    2. Kakuu Shoujo 夏空少女 [051014] Mixed Up 1

    After the end of the world war in the near future, every human being is managed and controlled by a computer called "Mother". People who could not adapt to such a system were called "irregular", thus they lived in the educational facility "Reclaim Garden". The main character was sent to the garden as a "guardian" to re-educate its irregularities. Therefore, he will experience a world that he couldn't feel so far. There is an English review.  
    3. Days of Memories ~Boku to Kanojo no Atsui Natsu~ Days of Memories 〜僕と彼女の熱い夏〜 [051017] SNK Playmore 1 2

    Beautiful female warriors and other charming girls from SNK games make their appearances in this innovative dating simulation game. The first game depicts the adventures of the male lead (player character) and the the female cast. During the last summer of high school, the player has a premonition that something will happen between himself and the girls he came to know and became friends with. There are English reviews.  
    4. Kenshuui Tendou Dokuta 2 ~Inochi no Tenbin~ 研修医 天堂独太2~命の天秤~ [051020] Spike 1 2 3 4

    LifeSigns: Surgical Unit (研修医 天堂独太2~命の天秤~, Kenshūi Tendō Dokuta 2: Inochi no Tenbin, lit. "Resident Dokuta Tendo 2: The Scales of Life") is an adventure game for the Nintendo DS set in a hospital. This is the second game in a series that redefined the sim genre to make way for other medical games games such as Trauma Center: Under The Knife. Following the success of Trauma Center, LifeSigns was released in North America on November 6, 2007, and is released in Europe on July 25, 2008 under the name LifeSigns: Hospital Affairs. LifeSigns: Surgical Unit is the second game in the Kenshuui Tendo Dokuta series, but its predecessor has not been announced for foreign release. Game is localized and has English reviews.  
    5. Urusei Yatsura: Endless Summer うる星やつら エンドレスサマー [051020] Marvelous Interactive 1

    In here you will basically find a rather usual Japanese dating simulation in which you will be controlling Ataru and move him across the many screens that compose the town you will be playing in. You can enter some houses, talk to people you find around the scenario and even collect some items, all by simply moving your character to the place where the house/person/item is. When you enter a house or you get in touch with a person you will usually spot a small event sequence, in which your character will talk to someone else and sometimes more things may occur, like you having to play a mini-game (which are always really easy to play) and even increasing how much a specific girl likes you. There is an English review.  
    6. Aozora Enikki 青空絵日記 [051021] H.W.Lab

    The last summer vacation in the school life. This is the time when main character gets attracted to two younger sisters. The feeling of guilt for forbidden love can not suppress this wonder from a life-size perspective. Heartwarming and shy comedy. The ending is refreshing, but there is no impact.  
    7. Born Freaks! ぼーん・ふりーくす! [051021] Liar-soft

    Cell's sister, Uracil, suffers from an unknown disease since she was born. Cell became a successful medical doctor but he still can't find a cure for her. Together with another doctor, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend Fenyl, that works in the same clinic with him, they devise an unconventional method that might save Uracil, where everything else already failed.
    The plan is to make changes in her DNA so it can fight the pathogens eating her from inside. To do that, they have to try cultivating different strains in Cell's body and inject them into her body in a way that won't be rejected by her immune system. And the only way to do that is by sex... It's primarily a gameplay game, so no use talking about it without understanding mechanics.  
    8. CROSS WORLD -Mishiranu Sora no Etatia- クロスワールド 〜見知らぬ空のエターティア〜 [051021] Broccoli

    Enter Kuros, an average high school student who gets sent into another world after getting into a car accident. Losing his memory and forgetting his name, he became known as the Cross Sword hero. In search of a way to open up the Cross Gate to return his own world, Kuros and one of three heroines partner up to travel across the world of Etatia in search of clues. Meanwhile, a mysterious cloaked figure seems intent on disrupting their journey of getting Kuros back to his own world... It can be called a picture-only game. Enemies show up and get defeated through communication with one of three selected girls. Synopsis basically tells everything already, and there is no twist. An absolute failure game.  
    9. Happiness! はぴねす! [051021] Windmill Oasis

    Happiness! centers around Yūma Kohinata, who is a high school student attending Mizuhosaka Academy's regular section of the school, along with his close friends Jun Watarase and Hachisuke Takamizo. The other section, aptly named the magic section, was founded in order to train mages in the art of using magic. The story begins with Valentine's Day coming up in just a few days and there's a rush for all the girls to get the chocolate they want in order to give it to the boys they like, in accordance with Japanese custom. Haruhi Kamisaka, a mage in training, is out with her friend Anri Hiiragi, also a mage in training, in order to do just this. While walking outside in the park, after buying the chocolate she wanted to give to a boy she met when she was a child, Haruhi meets Yūma, who stops some younger boys bullying a young girl, and Haruhi thinks that he may be the boy she's been searching for all this time. The next day is Valentine's Day and at school, all the girls are giving their gifts to the boys of their choice. Later that day, Anri challenges Haruhi to a magic battle in order to take the chocolate she has by force for the reason that Haruhi wouldn't tell her who she was going to give it to. Before long, Anri loses control of her magic and it is flown outside, almost falling onto Yūma and his friends. Ultimately, Haruhi gives him the chocolate she had bought, and in turn Anri does the same, which was her plan - to give her chocolate to the same boy as Haruhi and see who would win his favor more. The next day there is a gas explosion at the magic section of the school and all the mages in training must transfer over to the normal section for the time being. Coincidentally, Haruhi and Anri are placed within Yūma's class.
    Now Haruhi and her friends must adjust to the transfer into the normal section of Mizuhosaka Academy. Extremely orthodox adventure. Overall, it's a normal moege with a slight tilt into magic. And it loses much charm for being overextended.  
    10. Heaven Strada ヘブンストラーダ [051021] AniSeed

    Aleph grew up listening about rare artifacts and adventures in the ancient ruins. As he becomes adult, he joins his uncle who got position of ruins caretaker.
    When he comes to the duel place in the ruins with his childhood friend, Aleph meets a girl in unfamiliar clothes being attacked by inquisition men in black. As enemies are defeated, Aleph takes girl home. She tells that she comes from the world of the blue sky. They decide to guard the ruins together against the men in black and work towards getting to the world of the blue sky. It's a single road RPG. Contradictions begin in the middle of the game, so game is weak story-wise. RPG part is unsatisfactory, but not bad.  
    11. Memories Off #5 Togireta Film Memories Off #5 とぎれたフィルム [051027] KID 1 2

    Haruto Kawai is an aspiring film director, however, upon the death of his best friend, the boy gave up the dream and settled down for a mundane existence until a strange girl pops up in his life. Life is like a movie, when Mahiro Sendou intrudes into his life, the cameras start moving. With touching storylines and endearing characters, make your own film and experience the climaxes and troughs as well as irreplaceable memories in the newest romantic adventure in the Memories Off series. There is an English review  
    12. Ayakashi AYAKASHI アヤカシ [051028] Apricot 1 2

    Kusaka Yuu is a student that lost his will to live after the death of a dear childhood friend, until the day a mysterious girl, named Yoake Eimu, appears. From that moment on, his life would never be the same again. Hunted by Ayakashi and their hosts, the power within Yuu awakens and a never ending battle begins. I want to play this game blindly and review it myself.  
    13. Bin★Can Darling BIN★CANダーリン [051028] Actress

    Our protagonist managed to enter in the school of his dreams, and prepared himself for a sweet school life after a painful past. He might even find a girlfriend! Thus, he starts interacting with the girls around him, trying to succeed in love... Game has nothing to do with Akikan anime, but it does not help much as moege direction is chosen instead. Basically, main character is invited to the art club with only girls as members. Development for each heroine is very thin, and very little effort is required for heroines to fall in love. H element is dominating here, and 3P scenes are frequent, so can't really understand how IOS and Android versions manage to exist with such a weak story and no H scenes.  
    14. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia [051028] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4

    Bazett Fraga McRemitz, a member of the Mages' Association and a master in the 5th Holy Grail War, wakes on the fourth day of the 5th Holy Grail war with a new servant, Avenger, and no memory of what happened to her beforehand. She and Avenger set off to fight and win the Holy Grail War. Meanwhile, Shirou Emiya lives a peaceful life with all his friends, from the 5th Holy Grail War. After her experiment alters the event-horizon changes time and space, Rin Tohsaka leaves for the Mages' Association in England to fix things. The Servants sense a new danger while dark creatures appear soon afterward. Shirou, as a precaution, sets off to ensure nobody is in danger and instead finds himself frequently meeting a mysterious girl, Caren Hortensia. There are English reviews.  
    15. Heaven's Cage ヘブンズケージ [051028] Art

    This game is about a group of classmates and an online game called “Heaven’s Cage”. As they go forth and explore the virtual landscape, battling monsters and looting dungeons, they unknowingly start to get to know each other. I appears that the characters can make some interesting online personae in the virtual world; such as seasoned fighters, powerful magicians, mysterious player killers, or a character that hates fighting/killing monsters. It would also appear that this game is more connected to the real world than we’d assume. I would not be me if I skipped a MMORPG setting visual game, so I'm reviewing it.  
    16. ShiroKuro ~Shiroi Kokoro to Kuroi Tsurugi~ しろクロ~白いこころと黒いツルギ~ [051028] ALTERNA

    Akira leaves his town to observe the first and last major meteor shower in this century and gets in an accident. He regains consciousness when he is attacked by some black life form "Zyphos". A girl appears and rescues him. This way Akira makes the first contact with the extraterrestrial life forms and gets involved in the species confrontation.  Some girls are more human-like, some are rather exotic. Scenario is a single road with frequent gags inclusion. Gameplay is quite monotonous, but game mechanics and moe tilt help a lot here. RPG part is tolerable, so it's a pity game is in oblivion now.  
    1. Purepuri Niizuma wa Boku no Tannin プレプリ 新妻は僕の担任 [051001] Haikara Kissa Enari Akane, a new teacher at your school, was recently married with you. She is a close friend of yours since you were kids. She is so curious about sex, wanting to explore sexuality more and more! Doujin Nukige  
    2. Hitozuma Leotard 2 ~Akage no Bijo wa Inran Tsuma~ 人妻レオタード2~赤毛の美女は淫乱妻~ [051003] Studio Ebisu Let's buy various leotards by using the one like a kind of money that is called RP and dress to married women. It buys of course, and the game progresses by the dressed leotard. The thing always changed while playing a game is possible. The dressed leotard can be reflected even in event CG. Not only default (usually) leotard but also a special leotard was prepared. Nukige  
    3. Happy Class ハッピークラス [051005] Tabun Osoraku Kitto A short and linear horror sound novel.
    "Hey, do you know about the happy class?" Doujin  
    4. Aru Atsui Natsu no Hi no Dekigoto. ある暑い夏の日の出来事。 [051006] αPLACE A collection of three mysterious stories about high school girls in summer. Doujin Nukige  
    5. Sex & Friend ~Osananajimi no Amai Nioi~ セックス&フレンド ~幼馴染の甘い匂い~ [051007] Under Lip Masaki had known Mitsuru Ebina since they were little. The rumor at school was that they were going out. But in reality, they were always at each other's throats. Even so...Mitsuru was getting prettier each year, and Masaki couldn't help but notice. Then one day she came to give him a love letter one of the other girls had asked her to give him. Masaki had mixed feelings, but Mitsuru was as blunt as ever. And then he told her how he felt... Nukige  
    6. Komachi Koiuta 小町恋歌 [051009] Circle Mebius Main character has been working in an antique shop for ten years since childhood. He believes that there should be only laughter in this world, but no sadness. One day he overhears a story about a girl living in an old temple outside the town. This very evening he approaches this building and finds young girl inside. Doujin  
    7. Nurunuru Shokushu ~Miko to Majokko Daisakusen~ ぬるぬる触手 ~巫女と魔女っ娘大作戦~ [051011] Necronomicon The sealed tentacle monster has escaped! A shrine maiden and a witch girl move out to deal with the situation. Doujin  
    8. Mirugeki 2 Papa tte Yobitai no みるげき2パパってよびたいの [051012] Milky Pearl Father suddenly remarries one day, so main character who attends college acquires a new mother and a younger sister. There is a big age difference, so sister calls protagonist "papa" for some reason. But somehow sister's behavior is far from childish, she is definitely longing for sex... Doujin  
    9. Akuratsu ~Chijoku no Yuri Shimai~ あくらつ~恥辱の百合姉妹~ [051014] Marry Bell This time father orders to train six half-sisters to prevent their claims to the conglomerate. This time he will be assisted by the two previously trained half-sisters. Nukige  
    10. In'youchuu ~Ryoujoku Gakuen Taimaroku~ 淫妖蟲 ~凌触学園退魔録~ [051014] TinkerBell This is the story of a monster hunter squad consisting of three beautiful girls and the "hardships" they face in their endless fight... Nukige  
    11. Okaa-san to Na-i-sho ~Bijin Oyako, Bessou Kankin 7 Nichikan~ おかあさんとな・い・しょ~美人母娘、別荘監禁7日間~ [051014] Haoh Yosuke, Yukari, his stepmother, and Natsuki, his stepsister, visit their summer house. Yosuke secretly loves Yukari and he plans to tell her that he loves her. However, a group of bank robbers suddenly comes into their house. "Well, you're now our slaves. Just entertain us...." Like this, they are confined in a separate room.... Will Yosuke be able to save Yukari and Natsuki...? Also, will Yosuke tell Yukari that he loves her...? Nukige  
    12. Ore no Miko-sama ~Ore Miko~ オレの巫女さま~オレ巫女 [051014] Black Package There is a shrine inhabited only by three maiden sisters after their parents' death. But they aren't allowed to continue like that without a proper priest, so main character is appointed to this shrine. Nukige  
    13. Subete Ubatteyaru! 全て奪ってやる! [051014] Waffle Ryuya's life has changed completely after Atsuko, his mother, got remarried. Tatsuo, his new father, robs him of his position in his family. Konoha, his younger sister, also depends on Tatsuo. He dislikes Serina, his new older sister, too. One night, Ryuya sees Atsuko and Tatsuo having sex and his anger reaches its peak. Several days later, Tatsuo leaves his home for ten days on business. Ryuya makes up his mind that he will get back what used to be while Tatsuo is out.... Nukige  
    14. Tomona ~Watashi to Furousha no Oji-san no Kouryuu Jikan~ 智奈 ~私と浮浪者のおじさんの交流時間~ [051014] STARWORKS Main heroine leads a normal school life with friends, but she is missing something... On her way to school she goes past homeless bums. She is confused, but also interested... And these guys are happy to make an acquaintance. Doujin Nukige  
    15. Coupling Cocktail. [051015] Momoto Ichigo.jp Western mansion humiliation training novel featuring big breasted futanari girls. Nukige  
    16. Sora no Mayoibito 空の迷い人 [051020] Nokka~ The protagonist finds himself wandering in a world of loss, unable to remember exactly what was missing. Through the help of people in his life, he finally starts remembering... Doujin  
    17. Aigan Iinchou ~Doukyuusei wa Nikudorei~ 愛玩委員長~同級生は肉奴隷~ [051021] Under Lip Yoji is a transfered student. He is attracted by Miyuki, a class president. She shows him around the school after school and suddenly she induces him to have a sex with her. After that his classmates tell him that she is a "sexual slave" and he is appointed as her trainer. Nukige  
    18. Fami Fami! ファミふぁみ! [051021] Applemint Main character is an ordinary school student in Tokyo. He returns to his home town in Hokkaido for summer vacations and finds his home being reconstructed into a family restaurant. Moreover, there are two cute twin sisters helping out. Doujin  
    19. Milk Junkie 3 MILK・ジャンキー3 [051021] Blue Gale Yusuke, the protagonist of the first game who loves big tits, is back.
    After a few years, he ended marrying Mitsuki, the mother of the girl he was tutoring.
    Besides a beautiful wife with big tits, now he has a new employment opportunity at the company of the cousin of Mitsuki.
    A well-endowed wife waiting him in home, and a well-endowed boss waiting him at workplace. His new married life is about to begin... Nukige  
    20. Taimanin Asagi 対魔忍アサギ [051021] Anime Lilith  1 2 The game stars and takes the viewpoint from a female ninja who is said to be one of Japan's greatest warriors. She's part of an elite ninja squad called Anti-Demon Ninja that fights in the name of justice. The main enemy in this story is the OFA (Oboro Forbearance Army) lead by another female ninja who is also said to be one of the finest in the land. These two female ninjas go at it until one of them is captured and trained/transformed against their will into a sex slave.
    It's important to note here that the game takes place around 2050 in Tokyo, so technology has become relatively advanced. The world itself seems to be VERY grim. It's also slightly fantasy based as it seems many different races inhabit the world, including vampires, orcs, and various types of evil spirits, which are the demons or "evil influenced" people that are making the world so corrupt. The ninjas also have special, beyond human, abilities as well. Nukige  
    21. Wana ~Hakudaku Mamire no Houkago~ 輪罠 ~白濁まみれの放課後~ [051021] Guilty 1 2 Misaki Raika's brother, a teacher at an all-boys school, has committed suicide. So Raika decides to disguise herself as a male student to enter the school and find out the truth behind his death... Nukige  
    22. Qu Beifang 去北方 [051021] Yangwawa Girl loves snow so much that she sets off on a journey to the North. She is sure to find the meaning of her life in this journey... Non-Eng/Jp  
    23. Have Relations With... 3 ~Junko to Nami to Naoyuki to Ore~ have relations with... 3 ~淳子と奈美と直之と俺~ [051022] Soft Circle Courreges This game is an interactive sex simulation game, where the commands you choose influences the attitudes of those you meet and causes different situations to occur.
    The game spans 14 days, from September 4th to September 17th. The game continues by the selection of commands, having sex and having conversations.
    The sex part contains two couples that have sex together: the hero and Junko, plus Nami and Naoyuki.
    Depending on your selection, the attitudes of the people you meet will change, and different situations will occur, so try out a number of things. Doujin Nukige  
    24. Honki ni Shite wa Ikenai Uranai 本気にしてはいけない占い [051022] Tabun Osoraku Kitto A joke fortune-telling game. Doujin  
    25. Tsui no Hi -in the latter half of the 90's- 対ノ日 -in the latter half of the 90's- [051023] Inspire 1 Main character goes to Tokyo to enter a college. A woman that lives next door envigorates his fantasies. He is confused by his feelings and tries to listen cautiously to his heart. This summer the two bodies will overlap. But it takes something more for thoughts to overlap as well. Doujin  
    26. Ryoujoku Shiokinin 陵辱仕置人 [051024] Haoh Main heroine's father remarries a young woman. She gets both company and mansion after father's death. The girl runs away from the mansion after hearing that she is going to be sold to yakuza the next day... Nukige  
    27. Setsugekka 雪月花 [051024] Pleiades Company Three years have passed since abduction on a ruined island. A terrible power broke out at that time. Main character lives in these snowy mountains while taking care of his childhood friend Miyuki who lives next door. But the battle for extraordinary power pursues protagonist even to these mountains. Messenger brings a bad news, and boy turns his blade to the fate... Doujin  
    28. Dorei Seitokai 奴隷生徒会 [051028] Cybele Main character is a rich bonbon attending a prestigious school. His only hobby is personal computer, so he gathers school geeks around him in the computer club. Since all they do is visit adult sites and install illegal software, the club is crushed by the student council president who is also main character's childhood friend. Protagonist decides to revive computer club with his own means. Nukige  
    29. Hajimete no Otetsudai はじめてのおてつだい [051028] Studio Ring Landlord asks main character to help about the cafe on the first floor of the building. It turns out to be a maid cafe where two cute twins are working already. It's confusing to be called "onii-chan", but promise needs to be fulfilled. Lolicon  
    30. Houkago Gekisha Club ~Inyoku no Motif~ 放課後激写倶楽部~淫欲のモチーフ~ [051028] Oz Project Shame is art! Girls humiliation can reach the masterpiece level! This is the motto of main character who heads school photo club. All the five girls in club lead an active sex life with the boys of the same club, so protagonist has no difficulty inviting girls to a private shooting session for a solo exhibition. Nukige  
    31. Kunoichiban! くのいちばんっ! [051028] Crowd There is a world famous shinobu village that produced a huge number of subterfuge experts. Main character returns to his home village for retirement. He is asked to make full-fledged ninja out of failed ninja candidates. It's a colorful bunch of different girls, but pride of his art is on the stake. He starts to live with the girls under one roof and train them. Nukige  
    32. Kuro no Utahime 黒の歌姫 [051028] Clock Up In a peaceful kingdom, the country is governed by the five royal sisters who are also mystical songstress.
    The gentle oldest sister - the diva of the earth, the second sister who is also the leader of the knights - the diva of the fire, the third sister - the diva of the light, the fourth sister - the diva of the water, and the fifth and youngest sister - the innocent diva of the wind.
    From generation to generation the divas sing the song of peace, leading the nation against the power of the devil. But a man resurrected from the grave. And along with him, the shadow of many demons appear at the peaceful kingdom.
    Against the hord of demons, the diva of light serving as a guardian of the kingdom sings, and all demons disappear in an instant. The revived man who saw that demonstration of power gets startled.
    "If I get that power... i can dominate everything!"
    And beside the man, the figure of a succubus arises. And so the man who is the revived demon king began to move in order to dominate and rape them all. Nukige  
    33. Mahoutsukai no Tamago 魔法使いのタマゴ [051028] Zero Main character is taken by a 300-year-old magician to the forest. There he has to help apprentice girl Miu to become a witch and also comply with the host orders. The way to produce familiars is to place eggs in Miu's body, and he has to help with that as well. He helps to raise a fine demon and hopes to find a way to return home one day. Lolicon  
    34. Natural Another One 2nd -Belladonna- Natural Another One 2nd -Belladonna- [051028] DreamSoft Belladonna is the name of a flower that is both beautiful and extremely poisonous. But it's also the name of the goddess who cuts the fate threads with scissors.
    Main character is asked to fulfill a request if he wants to return former lover and get a billion yen. The request is to persuade former lover to abandon all her claims to her dead husband's corporation. Any means are allowed, so he can choose to cultivate love or lust in mansion girls to reach his goal. Nukige  
    35. Nymphomania [051028] M no Violet Main character is an ordinary student who lives with a step-mother and a step-sister. He has never had relations with girls, but he starts to show interest. There is a childhood friend with the same fascination who attends the same school. The peaceful everyday is transformed suddenly by a single transfer student girl who starts to live in the same house... Nukige  
    36. Ryouki 2 ~Ayashiku Ugomeku Inbou no Enbukyoku~ 凌姫II~妖しく蠢く淫謀の円舞曲~ [051028] Psy-chs The main character of this h-game is part of the royal guard in service of the king. However, the king has fallen ill, and there is suspicion that witchcraft is the culprit. Soon the kingdom is in a frenzy to capture any woman suspected to be a witch. The 'hero' has taken this opportunity to get his hands on the trio of princess-sisters. Furthermore, his power over them includes their female servants and court members, giving him a total of 10 girls to interrogate/train/humiliate. Perhaps, if he's successful, he may have the entire kingdom for himself! Nukige  
    37. Slave Police Michiru & Misuzu スレイブポリスみちる&美鈴 [051028] 1 In this game you play as a perverted teacher who happens to find one his students trying to steal a test paper to cheat. He ends up blackmailing her and forcing her to have sex with him. Eventually, he uses her to help him screw all of the hottest girls from the school. Nukige  
    38. Tenshi no Himegoto 天使のひめごと [051028] Tactics Hideyuki Inori is an exorcist and a member of a secret Catholic order fighting supernatural evil worldwide, but apparently even Holy Ops from the Vatican need a vacation sometimes, because he suddenly asks for a leave from service and returns to his native Japan.
    His true motives, however, are terribly serious: his dearest childhood friends, the two daughters of his old teacher, have fallen under demonic influence, a power so terrible that maybe only the death of the girls themselves can banish it.
    Hideyuki is unwilling to report this situation to his superiors, but what can he do? And what are the real nature and objectives of this mysterious, demonic enemy? Nukige  
    39. Tutorial Summer チュートリアルサマー [051028] Studio Miris Pellet Hyuuga Ippei is a self-supporting university student. He has to work part-time to finance his studies so he does not have spare time to spend for summer sports, Romance, refreshing summer retreat, not even summer festival.
    "During this summer, I want you to tutor my granddaughters living in the countryside beach," his professor ask along with the promise of good salary and accommodation. It is also a good opportunity to enjoy summer, on top of that, those girls are known to be cute.
    "I'll do tutoring! Please let me do it!" Nukige  
    40. Toki, Tsunagu Yume ~Ano Goro no Sunao sa o~ トキ、ツナグユメ ~あの頃の素直さを~ [051029] Crus-Ade First day of the second semester of high school. Main character is unable to reconcile with his girlfriend for a week. He tries to avoid seeing her on the way to school. At this time a mysterious boy stops him. Doujin  
    41. Inanimate Alice [0510] Chris Joseph Set in the early years of the 21st century and told through text, sound, images, music and games, Inanimate Alice is the story of Alice and her imaginary digital friend Brad. EVN
  5. kivandopulus
    Summer Comiket month still produces less than 100 VNs per month, but that does not make it easier. Saihate no Ima is the VN of the Month. Narcissu is another masterpiece. I'm reviewing both the winner and Tsuyokiss just to follow the trends of charage.
    1. Narcissu [050802] Stage-nana 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    The anonymous protagonist is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after his twentieth birthday, and is admitted to a hospital in Mito, Ibaraki. There he meets Setsumi, a woman a few years older, who is also terminally ill. Finding that they both reject to die either in hospital or at home, they steal a car and run away together. There are English reviews.  
    2. Green Green 3 ~Hello, Good-bye~ グリーングリーン3 ハローグッバイ [050805] Groover 1

    Another year has passed since the integration of male and female students; now for the concluding installment of the Green Green trilogy! First there was the uproar of the arriving male students at the once all-girl school. Then along came the riotous response to news of the school being closed. However, after that event they have been assured that the school will stay and nothing will change. That is until a small earthquake leaves the girl's dorm in flames! Now co-education becomes co-habitation with both men and women living under the one roof of the remaining boy's dorm. Sure it sounds kind of fun and kinky, but how long will the student body stand one another?! There is an English review.  
    3. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ [050808] Ocelot

    In the continent of Polyphonica, spirits materialize in the world, surviving on the music that is played by humans, and live together with them. While the spirits don't appear often, some spirits have enough power to materialize in human or animal forms and live together with humans. Dantists, who play special music called "Commandia," are widely respected in this world. They also usually are in contract with powerful spirits. The story of Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica revolves around the new Dantist, Phoron Tatara, the spirit that he made contract with, Corticarte Apa Lagranges, and their friends, in their daily life and work. A very cheap work that's also a kinetic novel, but the catch is that there are multiple volumes. A relatively good nakige without boring moments, but relatively short, around 10 hours. Songs are the biggest attraction here.  
    4. Ichigo Mashimaro 苺ましまろ [050811] MediaWorks 1

    Based on the manga and anime of the same name, this visual novel follows the lives of the four schoolgirls Chika, Ana, Matsuri and Miu and their 16-years-old older-sister figure Nobue. Childish girl story based on anime? No, ty  
    5. Saihate no Ima 最果てのイマ [050812] Xuse 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    This game tells the story of seven long-time friends. How they grew closer or further apart as they got older. The story is presented using a blog-like interface. The protagonist, Atemiya Shinobu, who was raised at a certain facility since young, had no one around him that could be called "friend". Being that way, the first thing he started doing after leaving the facility with his sister - Chidori - was to find and make friends.
    Benio Azusa, a tomboyish girl who lived nearby.
    Hondou Sayaka, a quiet yet sharp-tongued girl who was in charge of raising the pets at school just like him.
    Tsukamoto Youko and Itsuki, a pair of siblings who belong to a prestigious family around the area.
    Higuchi Shouji, a boy he knew by being attracted to by the similarities they both share.
    Izuki Fueko, a girl he met by chance.
    Together with Shinobu, they were a group of seven. Just like that, each and every one of them, who had never experienced the joy of having friends, was able to meet each other and become companions. The story begins in a quiet town colored by dusk. Around the seven friends, there were understanding, empathy, conflict, and what's more, fleeting love of adolescence. It was a friendship that could last forever.
    Such a simple happiness should have... lasted forever.
    That was until the "enemy" appeared.
    The "enemy" had disturbed the peaceful relationship of the seven people.
    Shinobu could not forgive that. He could not forgive the one that injures his companions, nor could he forgive the one that hurts another one's hearts. And when he realized all that, the world they reside in changed, rather then becoming the new world that it should have... they had arrived at the "sanctuary" instead.
    This is a story that describes the heart.
    A story that describes the thing located in the farthest end of a heart. There are a lot of English reviews, but I'm still doing mine, because such game just can't be missed.  
    6. Hitsuji no Hakobune 羊の方舟 [050812] Kogado Studio

    In 2104 a huge meteorite approaches the Earth in 7 days. The USA and their allies are unable to provide solution for this problem. At such time unrecognized genius gathers three talented people at an underground cellar. They need to decide which one of them sits in the shuttle and flies to the death trip to the meteorite. There is a prologue, 10 chapters and epilogue. Each chapter is told from the perspective of three different people. These are anti-social people with complexes, but also with special abilities. There is no voicing in the game. The resolution is shocking indeed. Kamikaze banzai!  
    7. Clique Creek ~Sensei, Watashi mo Tatakaimasu!~ クリーク・クリーク~先生、私も戦います!~ [050819] Cyc

    Five academies form an academic town, and "School Integration Bureau" is set to cooperate. One former vice presidents gets worried about the education quality drop, so he occupies facility for his students only. That causes struggle between different faculties which continues every day. It's special jurisdiction, so police can not intervene. Main character is sent to this academy to mend things. A SIM game to unify the faculies. One turn lasts one week. Battles decide the winner.
    8. Futakoijima ~Koi to Mizugi no Survival~ 双恋島 〜恋と水着のサバイバル〜 [050825] MediaWorks 1

    You find yourself thrown into a quest for survival on this island during the middle of summer. Joining you are six pairs of twins who seem to have an affinity for skimpy, two piece bathing suits. The game begins when the main character and the twins awake on the island with no memory of how they got there. Your goal is to escape from the island, and to do so, you must try your best to work with the twelve girls.
    Using the new Free Character Costume System (FCCS), you can dress the girls up in clothes of your liking and send them out on expeditions throughout the island. The Twin View System, featured in the original title, has you converse with the twin pairs via split screen. Based on your responses, the balance of the split screen will change giving an advantage to one twin. The Bakyun System also returns with this title, giving you time limits as you respond to questions from the girls.
    Gameplay takes place on a day-to-day basis as you work from your rising time in the morning until bed time at night. You start your day with a morning meeting. This is followed by the start of the island expedition. The day ends with the night meeting followed by the handing out of presents.
    When heading off on expeditions, you get to pick one pair of twins to accompany you. Your goal in these parts is to find new items and new spots. The places you can access are dependent on the twins that are with you at the time. You can also expect to uncover events along the way. Another anime appendix  
    9. Heaven -Death Game- [050826] M na Red

    The southern island of Eden. It was an island worthy of being called the last paradise on earth. 20 visitors have been invited to the island to see the beautiful nature on the island. They were invited as planning "monitors" of a major travel agency. "There is a groundbreaking plan that breaks down the existing tour. Enjoy the unprecedented survival game." They though it was an epoch-making plan...an invitation to "attraction". But in fact it was just a lie...an invitation to the Death Game. The game starts the moment they land on the island without knowing anything about it. The only rule is to survive. To do that, you must keep killing. The only one who can leave this island is the last one...
    The sterling silver sandy beach is stained with blood and the darkness resonates... Why were they chosen as "monitors?" What about the shadow company that invited them? And what is the true purpose of this game? Only the winner of the game...the survivor...can reach the truth... Genre is SRPG. Progress is ensured by defeating enemies and raising stats. There is no shortage of insult H scenes.  
    10. Kuruizaki Virgin Road 狂い咲きヴァージンロード [050826] Colors 1

    Ranked among the best professional bodyguards in the world, Eguchi Mikihiko has been contracted by an eccentric teenage girl for protection. What initially seems to be a simple assignment quickly spirals into a nightmarish mystery involving demons and the supernatural. It will take every ounce of strength and intellect for Eguchi to survive the ordeal, and if everything goes right, perhaps his client - and more importantly his soul - will remain intact. There is an English review.  
    11. Matsushima Biwako wa Kaizou Ningen de Aru. 松島枇杷子は改造人間である。 [050826] Rateblack

    In the 21st century Tokyo suffers from terrorist acts set by modified humans. Disappointed by police ineffectiveness, a provincial town girl moves to Tokyo. This is a story about a girl and two modified humans who stand up to protect Tokyo from the the evil army. Story is organized in a set of episodes in predetermined order. It progresses slowly, but resolution is too swift. There is a surreal feeling with all this terrorist fight.   
    12. Princess Concerto プリンセスコンチェルト [050826] Broccoli 1

    The game takes place in a world of elves, monsters, and wizards. In the distant past the continent of Ragnoa had been united by a legendary king. After his death a series of wars broke out, resulting in creation of six smaller kingdoms. 
    Shortly after that a demon army appears and attacks one kingdom after the other overrunning most of Ragnoa. In this dire situation various kingdoms' queens gather in the kingdom of Raudhia which has been least hit by the demons' attacks.
    Princess Concerto's protagonist is Alfred, the youngest of Raudhia's three princes. The polite young man is a pacifist and tends to be indecisive. However, in the face of  demons' attack, Alfred eventually decides to throw himself into the epic battle against the forces of evil. In his struggle he will receive support from the princesses of all six kingdoms. RPG + SIM mix is not to my liking.  
    13. Tsuyokiss つよきす [050826] Candy Soft 1 2 3 4

    Tsuyokiss is about the lives of a group of high school students and the often comedic events that occur around them. The protagonist is an ordinary boy named Leo Tsushima. He is secretly in love with the eldest daughter of the Kiriya Corporation, Erika Kiriya, who is also the student council president.
    One day, a senior female student, Otome Kurogane, knocks out several of the main characters when they were trying to sneak into school being late. Surprisingly, it turns out that she is Leo’s beloved cousin that he had not seen for years. And she decides to move in to the same house with Leo, whose mediocre life starts to change into something a lot more exciting. There are English reviews, but I'll play it myself as well just because of the score in order to keep in touch with the charage trends.   
    14. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.08: Aoi Me no Ryuu 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.08 アオイメノリュウ [050831] WorkJam 1

    Jinguji was asked to search for client's missing brother. While pursuing the subject who is a gang member, he meets another detective investigating this gang. This series does not need introduction.  
    1. Hime Hitoyo 姫一夜 [050801] Shao Shao Kappa The castle is under attacked, and the princess becomes bandits' victim. She will never be the same after this night.  Nukige  
    2. Hana to Hebi 花と蛇 [050805] Elf --- In the midst of the chaos of post-war Japanese economy has entered a period of rapid growth, "Toyama Denki" was growing rapidly. It is an electronics manufacturer dealing with all kinds of electric appliances, jumped to #1 in the industry.
    The actual leader of the company is Takayoshi Toyama. Kawada (the Hero) was a driver hired by this millionaire Toyama.
    Takayoshi Toyama has a beautiful second wife, Shizuko - to whom remarried two years ago. Now is the birthday of Toyama, and he is holding a party at his garden with many celebrities.
    A few days later, in the absence of Toyama, a phone call from a woman requesting a meeting with Shizuko. Keiko, her daughter-in-law was kidnapped. Shizuko went to the requested address by car. Of course, the driver of the car carrying Shizuko is Kawada.
    They arrived at the scene, but when they were waiting for the culprit to appear, suddenly are confronted by a criminal group of women. They boarded the car, drove the car to the mountain road indicated. They arrived on an architectural mansion in the side of the mountain. Kawada and Shizuko got kicked out of the car with their hands tied, and they walk to the dark inside the house.
    "I feel a stagnant air inside -". thought Kawada. "I wonder if we would come ... now".
    They were taken to a large room within the house, and there was Keiko unharmed. Keiko was involved with the team of criminals, but was betrayed by them. Seeing what would happen to her, Shizuko decided to become a scapegoat in Keiko's place in a dignified manner.
    Kawada wanted to help Shizuko, but the safety of Shizuko can not be guaranteed at that time. As if to ridicule Shizuko who had become desperate to help her daughter, Keiko was do an abrupt about-face, she who has been jealous of the beauty of Shizuko who is a mother-in-law.
    In addition, this kidnapping was also involved with the team set for Hazakura Morita from Yakuza. Morita set in the mansion Torture shows and erotic photos. Involved in the incident, Shizuko is the prey of training in this mansion and Kawada will be forced to work as servant. All windows are closed, in this mansion is not clear even the time, if is day or night. The life as a sex slave of Shizuko was going to begin. Nukige  
    3. Itadaki Jangarian R いただきじゃんがりあんR [050805] Studio Miris A year has passed. Cafes around Jangarian start to close one after another. A new battle approaches for the fate of this enterprise. Card game  
    4. Kininaru Roommate 気になるルームメイト [050805] D-Angel The main character, Yu, was at the depths of despair; he was dumped by his lover, and failed in the entrance exams. He moved to a new apartment to engage in studying for the entrance exam next year. However, he found that his new room was above an erotic night club. When he entered the room, there was a girl changing her clothes. Nukige  
    5. Pinku no Ayumi! ~Ikenai Ryoujoku Kensa~ ぴんくのあゆみ!~いけない陵辱検査~ [050805] Space Works Main character's brother and rival gets in an accident. Protagonist decides to impersonate him to have some fun at brother's position - health doctor at a private girl school. Nukige  
    6. Sakura Musubi さくらむすび [050805] CUFFS Keigo Kiriyama has been protective towards his younger sister Sakura since their parents passed away. Both were placed in separate families, but Keigo has been living alone since his adoptive mother died a year and a half ago.
    As Keigo is close to graduating, he's thinking of putting some distance between the two of them, and open himself to other relationships. Lolicon  
    7. Shinkon Shoya Taiken Tour 新婚初夜体験ツアー [050808] ProjectSAKURA The setting is a wedding.
    The object of lust is the bride.
    Stain that pearly white dress with your semen!
    Screw her in every hole you can find!
    Will you let her brother in law to be have his way with her? Or will you make her suck off old men?
    It's all up to you. Doujin Nukige  
    8. Ryuuguu Gaimu Gaiden 1 "Kokou no Hakuu" 流寓街夢外伝壱「孤高の白雨」 [050810] Neco-inco Main character gets a request to find a man on the image. He is said that when he finds the man and looks in his eyes, he will know what to do without posing any further questions. Doujin Boys Love  
    9. Akiiro Ouka ~Akiiro Renka Fandisc~ 秋色謳華 ~秋色恋華ファンディスク~ [050812] Fandisc to Akiiro Renka.
    Features various short stories, desktop accessories, and includes the OP theme maxi single, sung by Miyuki Hashimoto. Fandisc  
    10. Boku no Dokusaisha 僕の独裁者 [050812] Marine Heart The main character, Haruka is the only son of a company owner. He had a perfect life, till both of his parents die in a plane accident and his company has a takeover. The one who was behind the takeover is his old friend, Masaki. Masaki had disappeared while they were in college and now that he is back and in control of the company, his behaviour is totally different. Haruka is forced to work under the cruel tyrant he once called his best friend..... Boys Love  
    11. Ekiin de I Kou! Plus 駅員でイこう!ぷらす [050812] AbelCain High tension scenes happening at a train station. Doujin Boys Love  
    12. His Role... [050812] Fusyro Mini Kujou and Chizu return from the trip. This time stage is a clinic, doctor Chizu's workplace. Doujin Boys Love  
    13. Jinsei wa Joujou da! 人生は上々だ! [050812] Ritz software Main character suddenly gets transferred to a provincial branch after four years of work. It's much less crowded here, and all the workers have their own peculiarities. Doujin Boys Love  
    14. Karankoe カランコエ [050812] Kumys With the help of special binoculars it's possible to see the future that's going to happen. Will main heroine use it to find her happiness? Doujin Otomege  
    15. Kuchihateta Shizumu Sora no Inori 朽ち果てた沈む空の祈り [050812] PlatinaCross Main character wakes up without any memories in the world full of battles, countries decay and disease. After the age of 20 people start to get their limbs deformed and lose different senses with the death coming after 48 hours up to several years. He begins a journey to find a place he belongs to.
    Doujin Boys Love  
    16. Kurutta Kyoutou ~Danzai no Gakuen~ 狂った教頭~断罪の学園~ [050812] Ja no Michi wa Hebi Soft The story about a school where all teaching staff - sexual maniacs. Coming to power, demure-teacher succumbed to the temptations of all at once. "We too are fossilized in its traditional" - he said the teachers. It appeared in the Tokyo School of debauchery, lust and sex. Nukige  
    17. Ren'ai Multiple! 恋愛マルチぷるっ! [050812] Beenyan One day, four girls confessed their love to Kazuya at the same time. They don't mind being his girlfriend, all four of them at the same time, either. Surrounded by girls, Kazuya's polygamous life begins. Nukige  
    18. Rinkan ~Kizumono no Imouto~ 輪[妹]姦 ~傷モノの妹~ [050812] Rasen Sister gets vice chairman of president council position after becoming president's lover. But jealously burns in main character. Sister will be insulted and humiliated. Nukige  
    19. Sensei せんせい [050812] BG Paradise At a small age main character was under custody of his teacher older brother. Now he becomes aware of his feelings and desires. He can not forget those student-teacher relations of the past.  Doujin Boys Love  
    20. Touko-sensei no Rinkan Jugyou ~Onna Kyoushi Niku Ana Lesson~ 透子先生の輪姦授業 ~女教師肉穴レッスン~ [050812] Under Lip Toko Kurami is a school teacher who often jumps to conclusions. She's so devoted to her job that when faced with her students' overactive sex drives, she thinks, "I've got to do something about it!" and decides to give them private lessons! Today yet another boy has come to her for counselling. He keeps glancing at her large breasts and blushing. "All right...I'll show you what to do." Nukige  
    21. Wakoku Renkasou 倭国蓮華奏 [050812] ANGEL/BLOOD Main character is a beautiful boy with his eye taken by the fate. He travels around the eastern capital to find his beloved one... Doujin Boys Love  
    22. Youjoku ~Tenshi-tachi no Ori~ 幼辱~天使たちの檻~ [050812] West Vision Main character lives alone because his mother died of sickness and father remarriage partner's irritating personality. Hate for father and step-mother grows deeper and darker with each new day. One day he receives a message that father disappeared after taking a huge debt. Protagonist's anger is poured at the nieces that come under his custody. Nukige  
    23. Final Approach Final fandisk Φなる・あぷろーち Final fandisk [050812] Princess Soft Main character is Shizuka this time. This is a story of her adventures on a Valentine's Day. Fandisc  
    24. Kinbaku Ouji 緊縛王子 [050813] Orange Pekoe Light loses a bet against L and must subsequently do anything L wants over the following five days. Doujin Boys Love  
    25. Touryou Made Matenai! 投了まで待てない! [050813] TokyoRox Hikaru promises to beat his rival Akira in a Go game every day for a certain time. But there are also events in the everyday life outside the battlefield. Doujin Boys Love  
    26. Chained Valkyria ~Hakusa no Tsuioku~ Chained Valkyria ~白砂の追憶~ [050814] Gin no Hoshitei A former shaman dark elf and a human girl are picked up by a bandit organization. Over these years they developed bonds stronger than blood ones. This is a story about their adventures. Doujin  
    27. Class Maid [050814] Sage Haruka - a classmate of mine, my beloved - is now in my house, serving me, as a maid. Cooking, laundry, sweeping.....and surprisingly, she is pleased to make me cum! Is this real?? What's going on here???? Doujin Nukige  
    28. Cosmos Cube こすもすきゅーぶ [050814] Sumeragi Kou A visual novel based on the webcomic of the same name. Doujin  
    29. ERO Ragnarok Offline 5 [050814] PERCEPTRON Fortress where merchant Chris lives becomes invaded by monsters. A huge reward is promised for monsters extermination, so more and more enthusiastic adventurers try their luck at this horrible place. Doujin Nukige  
    30. Funi-kun no Obenkyou 2 ~Hoshuu Jugyou~ フニ君のお勉強2 ~補習授業~ [050814] Nest. The next day after the bathroom incident Funi's mother calls out main character to their house. The family is surprisingly friendly at first, but soon unload full weight of guild on the protagonist. What will he do now? Doujin Boys Love  
    31. Hermit Complex はーみっと こんぷれっくす [050814] Casino Main character has closed his heart after loosing parents three years ago. With the help of friends his heart wounds start to heal little by little. He dreams of adopting a small girl. One day two small girls with mysterious powers show up before him to heal him of his "hermit" complex. What happens when the month is over? Doujin Lolicon  
    32. Hikikomori Sekai no Tantei Jikenbo #01 Maria-sama ga Miteta Satsujin Jiken 引籠世界の探偵事件簿#01 マリア様がみてた殺人事件 [050814] Yakiniku Banzai! A retired detective passes a request to the young girls detective club. It's a letter with threats with the sender being one from the girls school. The three girls start investigation without awareness of the bloody consequences that they are to face. Doujin  
    33. Hitonatsu no Yume ヒトナツの夢 [050814] milkcat 1 Toshiki, the realist.
    Mizuna, the girl he met on the roof.
    And BROY, the school band whose members surround them.
    It's the summer of their third year, and Toshiki must face not only the school festival, but also a promise that he may never be able to fulfill. Doujin  
    34. Hitozuma Oshinobi Ryokou ~Okusama-tachi no Nureta Yoru~ 人妻お忍び旅行 ~奥様達の濡れた夜~ [050814] Tabito A couple shows up at the doors of a provincial hot springs ryokan. Are their relations pure or lustful? Doujin Nukige  
    35. Ijimete Maniac!! イジめて まにあっく!! [050814] Msize A friend since childhood, a neat girl in the same school, and an innocent girl younger than the protagonist...
    Perverted world lead by the three girls who hide sadistic nature.
    The protagonist realizes his forbidden nature. What will become of him...? Doujin Nukige  
    36. Imokoi Diary~ 2 妹恋だいあり~2 [050814] Chain-Reaction Sister-in-law comes over to watch after protagonist who lives alone, but her attitude is cold. But when he comes to her place, he hears suspicious sounds from sister's room. Being worried, he opens the door without knocking... Doujin Nukige  
    37. Kai Pet wa Kemono Shoukansha 飼妻は獣症姦者 [050814] PichiPichi Gallery R Part of the Next-door woman series, featuring a married woman with big boobs. In this part the married woman Kohinata Hitomi becomes a sex slave. Doujin Nukige  
    38. Kimi ga Miseta Egao - The Love Illusion in Summer - 君が見せた笑顔 - The love illusion in summer - [050814] First Regrets Main character has good performance at school, but he is not happy about his low points. With his two friends he forms and "Allied Group" with only one aim - to change themselves. One summer day he meets a girl, and this encounter becomes a fated one. Doujin  
    39. Ogichin ~Daiikkai Ogiue ga Futanari Dattara Dou Suru ka Kaigi~ おぎちん ~第一回荻上がふたなりだったらどうするか会議~ [050814] Donabeya Ogiue is an otaku girl who frequents club's sessions and likes to draw manga. But she has a secret - she is actually a hermaphrodite... Doujin  
    40. Phantasm [050814] Flat A side scroller shooting game about space war that moved from the Moon to the Mars. Main character is a pilot in charge of the most important missions. Between the stages there is conversation among the characters. Doujin  
    41. Polygon Love 2 ポリゴンラブ2 [050814] PURPLE HEART A 3D game where the main character is allowed to dress up an imouto-type girl. Includes clothing from popular K-on, Suzumiya Haruhi, Vocaloids, and more. Doujin Nukige  
    42. Rough Sketch ラフ・スケッチ [050814] Fan-na "Draw the... Draw the real me please..."
    Toshiki had given up on his dreams of being a painter, and had become a psychiatrist.
    He sketched the view of the ocean outside from inside the white ward.
    One day, he ends up counseling the charismatic artist [SION] named Sakuya.
    A man who gave up his dreams, and a girl who lost them.
    When the two meet... the time that had been frozen slowly, and gently starts moving forward. Doujin  
    43. Sakura Hitohira 櫻ひとひら [050814] in the air Reiko wakes up with all her memories lost. With the help of servant boy she tries to reveal identity of the murder incident and also to return her memories. Doujin Otomege  
    44. sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Osawagase CD sol-fa-soft真夏のお騒がせCD [050814] Sol-fa-soft This is a sol-fa-soft Variety CD sold in the summer of 2005
    Recently sol-fa-soft has a pattern of dressing up in the title screen, depending on the conditions, there is a little story.
    ■ Prelude
    A short story,the protagonista goes to play at the sea. and there is some trouble there.
    ■ Abunai Odekake
    A short story.The protagonsit went home during the summer vacation and go to the pool with a girl who lives in the neighborhood.
    ■ Self-flipping 2
    It is the second undressing memory card game.
    ■ sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Otanoshimi CD
    Contain all the content of the first variety CD Fandisc  
    45. Sora no Ue no Omocha 空の上のおもちゃ [050814] Hanpamania-Soft Dormitory stays almost empty at the summer vacations on the island. At one such day main character notices a girl with something resembling a tail showing from her back. Girl quickly disappears, but the next day protagonist discovers that he also has a tail growing! Doujin  
    46. Tansaikigou -sec life, monochrome cube 単彩綺劫-sec life, monochrome cube [050814] 470in Main character's parents get killed on the Christmas night by some red shadow. Eleven years later a wave of mysterious murders occurs at the town. All the witnesses can only say that killer just disappears in the air. Main character already knows by his past memory that the murders are caused by a vampire. He takes a sword and stands on the path of revenge. Mysterious girls join him in this quest. Doujin  
    47. Toki no Kotoba 朱鷺のことば [050814] Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing A second-year high school girl can not speak due to mental disease. She lost all memories four years ago. This dark spot seems to have connection with distant past, story of Taisho era writer investigating his brother's death. Doujin  
    48. Yobidashi! Subject ~Osananajimi Ane ga Hoken'i~ 呼びだし!さぶじぇくと ~幼なじみ姉が保健医~ [050814] Soft Circle Courreges Big Sister Seika is Minoru's classmate and his childhood friend -- they've been together ever since they were young.
    Hijiri, being unable to decide on a profession upon university graduation, is a jobless university graduate who one day, by some mistake, came to Minoru's school as a public doctor.
    When he goes to check out the health room, he's pushed onto the bed and tied down!
    After that, he's called out by her through text messages to his cellphone to repeat their secret affair...what are Seika's -real- intentions? Doujin Nukige  
    49. Clann CLANN -クラン- [050814] Shoujobyou A pale and gentle Clannad fan fiction story woven by boys and girls under motto "I found a small light". Doujin  
    50. Seto no Umi kara セトの海から [050814] Shiseru Samurai no Kai In a boring provincial town main character reunites with female former classmate. He does not remember her, but she claims to be rescued by protagonist, and thus she is willing to pay back with anything at all.
    In the company of this girl, prankster teacher and yankee sempai it does not look like boring reality anymore, right? Doujin  
    51. Imouto Taisou ~Oshiete Onii-chan~ 妹体操 ~教えてっお兄ちゃん~ [050814] Endless-BBS Team Baka Rina is a clumsy girl who needs practice to enter a sports school. She requests onii-chan to help her with gymnastics. Doujin  
    52. Gakuen Tengoku 学怨天獄 [050814] Sargasso Main character is being bullied by one girl every day. The scale eventually escalates to such level that he gets sexually harassed in front of the girl of his longing. He goes to the roof to commit suicide, but he is deprived even of that dignity as he is pushed by another girl coming by. He awakens as a spirit to have his revenge over bully and the girl to push him down. Doujin  
    53. Hermit Complex はーみっと こんぷれっくす [050814] Casino Kenji Nagatsuki became introverted after parents' death three years ago. With cooperation childhood friend and cousin wounds are gradually healing. One day he saves a fox from being hit by the car, and fox turns into a girl without pants. He chooses to retreat swiftly. Next, he encounters another girl who is eating a chunk of meat. After coming home he is shocked to see both girls fighting with each other by using mysterious powers. They claim that Kenji has immortality attribute not suitable for this world, so he needs to make a decision within a month while the whole company stays at his place. Doujin  
    54. SARABAPASS SS3 relater Z debris [050815] Casino This is a short story of  a boy with amnesia meeting platinum and jet-black beasts on a dark silent night.
    55. Hako no Naka no Neko 箱の中のネコ [050815] WLC Soft Waldo is a young viscont. One day on a hunt he meets a cat ear girl. He lives double life now - one between butlers and maids and the other one with the girl in the forest.  Doujin  
    56. Eiyou Hokyuu Maid Supple-tan 栄養補給メイドサプリたん [050819] Lilith Soft A group of young maids suddenly came into your life! You have no choice but to shake up with the pretty girls!!
    They are here to give you sexual pleasure!! Nukige  
    57. [email protected] Fandisc One [email protected] Peace@Piecesファンディスク わんもあ@ぴぃしぃず [050819] Unison Shift There are 8 short after-story scenarios. Fanddisc  
    58. Beyond the summer [050820] Aihara Mahiro Boring high school life. On such a day a sudden though to go away somewhere comes to the head of main character. It is how he meets that person. This is a heartwarming youth love story. Doujin  
    59. Bouga Kyoukai 忘我境界 [050820] Underground Campaign In a mountainous town there is a serial murder case with all the victims' necks cut off and either heads or bodies taken away. Main character is a student from a parallel world who claims that his twin brother and sister heads got replaced in early childhood. Normalcy and absurd come together in this investigation. Doujin Boys Love  
    60. Nostalgic Memory [050821] Nostalgic Garden The protagonist Hatoba Midori is a quite normal sixth year elementary school student who is preparing for her upcoming graduation.
    When Midori is nearing her 12 birthday she starts seeing a strange dream.
    From that day she starts to get wrapped up in a ridiculous happening...
    Will she be ever be able to safely arrive at her graduation ceremony...? Doujin Otomege  
    61. Roy Mustang no Akunaki Tatakai ロイ・マスタングの飽くなき戦い [050821] PL+FPD One sunny day, Roy is going to work at East Headquarters. Since Lieutenant Hawkeye is off today, he can relax. Or so he thought, but as he stepped into the office, he saw countless papers scattered about on the floor. And some important documents that need to be submitted soon are missing! Were they stolen, or...?
    Can I get the documents back, find the culprit, and submit the papers before the deadline? Doujin Boys Love  
    62. Hyaku Kusuri no Sofian 百薬のソフィアン [050825] Black Joke Freak Sofian of 100 Medicines is about a vampire who practices medicine at night. Doujin  
    63. White note ~Watashi no Choukyou Nisshi~ White note ~私の調教日誌~ [050825] Team-Tanabe Main character is a notorious trainer with many accomplishments. Just before graduating he is ordered to train innocent student council secretary. Nukige  
    64. Bakuretsu Otome Sexy Mary 爆裂乙女SEXYマリィ [050826] Marry Bell In Shinko Cosmo-Frontier Academy city a young woman suddenly disappears. Then dormitory gets attacked by "Hectocylus" devils. Main character takes the decision to transplant the seed of evil to gain superpowers one of the victim girls. As a result the girl becomes Sexy Mary and fights evil forces with the ways she can. Nukige  
    65. Bishoujo Youkai Choufukuden Nubatama 美少女妖怪調伏伝 ぬばたま [050826] Studio Ebisu Specters show up in Edo. Politicians are forced to deal with these cases by hiring youkai exterminator. Young main with excellent retreat magic abilities is chosen for the task. Can he really protect the city? And what's the purpose of youkai? Lolicon  
    66. Chotto Sunao ni Donburi Kanjou ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 [050826] The protagonist, Mutou Shoutarou lives on a dorm run by the Kamishiro family, and they get along pretty well everyday.
    But one day, his childhood friend Makimura Minori came to his place.
    "Shou-chan, I'm gonna be your Christmas Present!"
    Then in a month early of Shoutarou's christmas present, started the girls' competition to get Shoutarou.
    The manager in his residing dorm, Kamishiro Tamami who had a huge crush in him, and her 2 daughters,
    Kotori and Hina also decided to join the competition. And finally, Yukine, Minori's litle sister who hated
    Shoutarou to death followed her sister to force her to return home.
    How can Shoutarou face this circumstances? -- Love Comedy with Donburi Outbreak Nukige  
    67. Daughter Fucker ~Papa wa Goshujin-sama~ ドーターファッカー~パパはご主人様~ [050826] Under Lip Aya takes care of her father since her mother died. Growing up, he notices the close resemblance she has to his lost wife. His daughter begins to grow bold as she grows older, wearing nothing but a bathtowel around the house, showing her father her breasts, asking him to touch her. His mind is being driven by desire but he refuses to act, reminding himself that she is his precious true daughter and the gift of his lost wife.
    Then on her birthday he celebrates with a few glasses of wine at the dinner they share. A little upset that her gift from her father is a childish stuffed toy she insists he see her as a woman and begins to undress. He desperately tries to stop her but has had too much to drink to intervene ... the day she wished for is here. Nukige  
    68. Gadget -FanDisc- ガジェット -Fandisk- [050826] Black Rainbow This fandisc includes six stories selected by fan votes. Fandisc  
    69. Gyakujoku Hiai ~Mistress~ 虐辱悲哀~ミストレス~ [050826] Cromwell Main heroine is SM club queen. After one her session she learns that she has become №2 of the club. She decides to become №1 by to expelling her rival.. Nukige  
    70. Hanamachi Monogatari 花町物語 [050826] Vivid Color 1 Our uke hero Suri has a English father and Japanese mother so he has blond hair and blue eyes which he gets bullied for. His parents died so at the beginning he is working as a servant at a brothel where he is beaten, starved and overworked. He catches the eye of Tatsumi, the owner of a infamous male brothel called Hanabishi who buys him over.
    Once he gets to the brothel, he gets a nice kimono, a nice room of his own and nice food for the first time in his life. He meets various other characters and that's when the real story (and sex) starts. Boys Love  
    71. Imoutokon 妹婚っ [050826] Radi Main character lived with his sister peacefully till the day the joke law of marriage acceptance between siblings got enacted. Sister is very enthusiastic about that, and protagonist is confused. Will he settle problems in relation with his sister or choose another classmate to date? Lolicon  
    72. Inran Hitozuma Apart 淫乱人妻アパート [050826] Strikes Takeshi starts to work as a caretaker of his relative's apartment. He is warned in advance, "Be careful because there are many women in this apartment." He walks around the apartment to say hello to the residents, and finds out that there are many beautiful women ranging from a married woman to a female office worker. "What a wonderful world!" But he gets the cold shoulder from them. Will he be able to have a wonderful full of sex life with them...? Nukige  
    73. Kyonyuu Gokuraku Seminar 巨乳極楽セミナー [050826] West Vision Main character becomes fired due to bullying at work and lives a life of a NEET. His parents eventually just give him sleeping pills and send him forcibly to an awareness seminar in the mountains. There he tries to perform a hunger strike, but gets reverse insulted by the lecturers. Will he lose all his dignity as a man or devise an escape plan? Nukige  
    74. Lust Scripter ~Mousou no Gugensha~ LUST SCRIPTER~妄想の具現者~ [050826] Carmine Kamiyama is a scenario writer for a game company. His younger sister who is still a student also works at this game company and for some reason the scenarios he writes tend to influence his sister's behavior. He begins to develop stories that lead his sister and her friends into increasingly lewd behavior. And so he becomes the lust scripter.... Nukige  
    75. Naisho no Tintin Time ないしょのティンティンたいむ [050826] Blue Gale A girl in a girls school drinks some experiment reagent in the mad scientist's laboratory. The next day she discovers a big cock in the toilet. Her friend advises to ejaculate in order to decrease the size. How long will will it take for the cure to be created? Nukige  
    76. One ☆ Boku - Faraway so close! ~Onee-chan to Boku~ ONE☆BOKU Faraway so close!~お姉ちゃんとボク~ [050826] Lucha! Our hero returns to his hometown after ten years. While he was away at college, his father certainly got around. Since his absence, his father married and divorced so many times that our protagonist has become the step-brother to a lot of the girls of the town. The list now includes childhood friends as well as ones he once had crushes on. Now his Father is away with his new wife and our hero is left alone in a house with the women he’s had sexual tension with for years. Do the ladies share similar feelings, or will they just treat him as a little brother? Nukige  
    77. Oshioki Sweetie ~Koi Suru Onee-san wa Urahara Desu~ オシオキSweetie~恋するお姉さんはウラハラです~ [050826] Hadashi Shoujo Three girls form an unofficial cosplay club at school. Kazuto gets invited to a villa on a solitary island. To his surprise he is greeted by three cosplay club members in maid clothes who speak very polite language. And they are very eager to serve their new master as diligently as possible.
    78. Pato Girl パトガール [050826] CoPanda In 21st century police has lost control over crime in Tokyo. A new private unit gathers strong and skilled people to oppose the street chaos. Pato Girl corpse is the female only elite unit that focuses solely on protecting the capital. Two girls of this unit patrol the street as usual without awareness of  challenges that await them... Nukige  
    79. Puppet Princess ~Kugutsu Hime. Watashi wa, Ayatsuri Ningyou~ パペットプリンセス ~傀儡姫。わたしは、操り人形~ [050826] Petit Pajamas On the day of his birthday, Touma Subaru receives a message from his father, Touma Kyouji.
    "Come to the school tonight. I've got something for you."
    Doing as instructed, Subaru enters a dark classroom. Inside awaits him a single girl - his classmate, Oda Honoka.
    From the moment when Subaru rapes Honoka following Kyouji's orders, their ordinary lives take a plunge into the twisted and abnormal as they become puppets dancing in Kyouji's palm... Nukige  
    80. Ryoujoku Sister Kyoukai 陵辱シスター教会 [050826] Blame One morning main character wakes up after a bloody nightmare that has to do with his father who was theological lecturer. This evil impulse pushes him to insult girls. What's the truth behind his father's past? Nukige  
    81. School Mizugi ~Ryoujoku Suiei Kyoushitsu~ スクール水着~陵辱水泳教室~ [050826] That's The famous swimming club is in danger of dissolving without the proper result at the next competition. Main character tries to avoid being fired by using less conventional methods to stay on board. Nukige  
    82. School Rendezvous School Rendezvous (スクールランデブー) [050826] Blue Devil A School Rumble fan-fiction.
    Tsukamoto Tenma is the girl the bad body Harima fell in love with. But he happened to have sex with the rival Sawachika and Tenma's beloved young sister Yakumo, despite just happened to turn out this way. Doujin Nukige  
    83. Sukumizu 2 ~Oyo-ge-na-i~ すくみず2~泳・げ・な・い~ [050826] Circus Fetish Just like it's prequel, the game is released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish' and focuses on school swimsuits.
    The protagonist, an excellent competitive swimmer, returns to his sea-side hometown after several years of absence to be a teacher.
    Naturally he meets several girls, and begins teaching them how to swim... Nukige  
    84. Tsui Tsui ~Twintail Twins~ ついつい~ツインテールツインズ~ [050826] Honey Pot Main character is a private school teacher. Twin sisters who live next door deliberately choose the same school and protagonist's class. Two more students suddenly transfer and take the nearby flat, and they also show up at protagonist's class. Main character becomes sandwiched between all these twins searching for his attention. Lolicon  
    85. Utau Ehon 4 5 6 Hi! Hi! うたう絵本4・5・6Hi!Hi! [050826] Circus Just like the prequel, it's contents could be best described as omake content to some of Circus' earlier titles.
    This time we get to see characters from D.C. ~Da Capo~, Aries PureDream & PureLove and Sukumizu ~Fetch ☆ ni Narumon!~, each chapter of the game focusing on one of the titles above. Lolicon Fandisc  
    86. Tsun★Dere! ~PunyuPuri EX~ つん★デれ!~ぷにゅぷりEX~ [050827] TinkleBell  1 Himezaki Orie is a perfect A student in the school.
    Inherited academic ability from her politician father, and amazing good looks from mother, one of successful actresses in the history. Her life had been fulfilled by the advantage of parental influence and connections. It was probably one of the reasons why she couldn't build a deep relationships with teachers and students, feeling uncomfortable with her.
    She had everything, but lacked something important...
    One day, she found the "secret" of the new female teacher Fujimoto Haruna...
    The secret was so exciting. She became obsessed with ecstasy in sexual lessons little by little... Her sexual desire only grew stronger, sullying the purity of herself... In the empty classroom after school... the secret continued... Nukige  
    87. Io [Christmas Eve] [050829] Esuhara One man. One woman. One little girl. And in their midst, a lot of the second movement of Beethoven's 8th piano sonata. Doujin  
    88. Gogatsu no Sora ごがつのそら [050831] Scrubbing 1 2 Here we have Mizoguchi Haruki, a newly-minted salaryman who is suffering from the freshman blues, and really doesn't care about anyone around him. And over there we have Kamiake Minori, a world-weary young shrine maiden who, despite her giggly conversations with her school "friends", really couldn't care less about any of that. When taken separately, these two individuals are malcontents, square pegs struggling to fit into round holes, adrift and alone in a society where solidarity is all that matters. When taken together, though ... well, suffice it to say that they can be pretty mean to each other. Doujin
  6. kivandopulus
    Foreword: Liar-soft games are always absurd and somewhat fun, but of varying quality. Seven-Bridge actually has the same scenario writer as Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~ (at least one of the three authors) , so I see all the reasons to give it a bite.
    VNDB: https://vndb.org/v597
    Synopsis: In a parallel world, the history takes a different turn at the start of the 20th Century. Black death plague ravages the European Countries, death toll is so high that when the Ottoman Empire strikes from the east they are powerless to resist. In the name of Jihad, Europe burns.
    Kuu Klein is the only survivor of black death in his village in Germany and he flees all the way to Beijing to survive the war and the plague. He has the ability to read minds but it brings him only more suffering.
    Ten years later, when the World War starts chaos and poverty spreads to Beijing. He decides to go back to his hometown, better to be at home if the war will be everywhere... But there are no trains to Europe except the rumored "Black Train Joan". He tries to get on that train but the only people with the "Black Ticket" are allowed to board.
    Unable to find a way to get abroad he gives himself to alcohol, later that day on the street he meets a girl who offers him a black ticket. Somehow he can't read the thoughts of this particular girl. She can't speak a word either, an another strange thing about her is that she covers her hands with long dark gloves, never taking them off for any reason...
    After some difficulty in conversation, he learns that her name is Emma and she would give him a ticket if he agrees to travel to Europe as her companion. They board the train together and take of on a journey that will take them over seven bridges and many ordeals...

    Game type: Absurdist road movie story
    Character Design rating: 6/10
    Protagonist rating: 6/10
    Story rating: 6/10
    Game quality: 7/10
    Overall rating: 6/10

    First of all, I was really surprised by the length of the game. Half of the same day I was recording second half of Steel's epilogue, but the whole playthrough of Seven-Bridge fit into the remaining half of the day. Game has only one route and only one ending. 

    I call genre a road movie story, because we never get far from the black train. Sometimes it runs at full speed of 800 miles an hour and sometimes makes stops, but it always remains at the core of the game. The story begins in a normal manner, but very soon strange legends of golems, ghosts and flying trains show up, and it would not be Liar Soft if things weren't turning mad very soon. There has been a big number of space expresses in Japanese anime (Galaxy Express 999), literature (Night on the Galactic Railroad) and even in visual novel genre (D ~Sono Keshiki no Mukougawa~), so it's a safe bet where it's also possible to insert multiple references to previous media. I believe genre can also be called a parody for the vast number of different genre parodies involved. Maybe it's the result of three different scenario writers working together.

    What surprised me even more than the length is the abyssmal number of H events in the game. They begin pretty much spontaneously and get the same craziness momentum as the absurd scenario. What I appreciate is that these scenes aren't always isolated from the other world. By the end of the game they involve more and more characters and - ehm - spectators. They give out a lively integrated with the story feeling.

    World view is eccentric, and story becomes ridiculous as well. Basically, protagonist from german origin ends up on a black train where Christians go from China to Europe to start a war with Muslims there. Game is divided into three chapters. First one is pretty normal travel from China to Siberia across lifeless landscapes. But captain of the train spontaneously decides to take a day off, so protagonist somehow finds himself in the machine room trying to drive. Only he can see button of various colors, and those colors actually have supernatural powers. The marks the first supernatural event. The second chapter is about getting away from Novonikolaevsk in Siberia towards Tashkent in order to get to Samara from there. The reason is supposedly Bolshevist attacks. Characters hope that Muslims are peaceful during Ramadan, but they get a good share of adventures in the prairies and Istanbul. The third chapter is about arriving to Prague and is something absolutely different with sanity vanishing without a trace.

    Humor is quite to my liking. It's either situational or absurd. For example, it's nice to see how conductor Joel tries to speak broken English in extreme situations and then asks everyone around whether she said something bad. Same as in Sapphism no Gensou every character presents a different country, so their interaction is amusing to read.

    Overall, I was not expecting much from this game, but it proved to be an enjoyable ride. It's definitely not a place to seek a serious story. It lacks integrity and finishes as soon as Emma's story is finished. But Liar-Soft charm is seen in many parts of the game, so company fans should not miss it.

  7. kivandopulus
    Abandoner - The Severed Dreams is the winner this month, but since it has a review I'm picking up more obscure Noel for review
    1. Konohana 4 ~Yami wo Harau Inori~ 此花4 ~闇を祓う祈り~ [040909] Vridge Inc. 1

    Meguru Momoi and Miako Tachibana are back in their fourth murder-mystery adventure, along with Shinobu Sakurada. As they were taking a shinkansen (a bullet train) on their way to an excursion trip to Kyoto, they heard a scream only to stumble upon a murder scene. Finally, the last Konohana. As usual, it's about solving a serial murder case with an option of having love ending under certain conditions.  
    2. Abandoner - The Severed Dreams [040917] Unknown 1 2

    A cross between fantasy, science fantasy, and mystery.  The protagonist is a former detective who is living in virtual exile in a walled-off city occupied by foreign military forces. It is a lawless city, where just about anything can happen... There is an English review.  
    3. Meimeimei! めいめいめい! [040917] LaLa

    A relative of yours died, and you inherit his countryside mansion/café, which are run by maids. A typical moege. Nothing to add, really.  
    4. Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 ~Kouya no Samurai Musume~ サクラ大戦V EPISODE0 ~荒野のサムライ娘~ [040922] Sega

    Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0 (STV-0) is a prelude to the full sequel, "Sakura Taisen V: Farewell My Love" (Episode 1). In STV-0, you take the role of Texan cowgirl Gemini Sunrise as she rides her horse Rally across the American mainland from San Francisco to Washington DC. Along the way, Gemini defeats a legion of half-demon, half-robot "Japhkiel" from the evil sorcerer Patrick Hamilton, while protecting the targeted innocent girl Fuanita Cushing. Hamilton previously appeared as a henchman of the president of the Douglas Stewart company in the anime "Sakura Taisen: The Movie" New characters, U.S. territory and action battle scenes mark the reload of the series.  
    5. Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku 碇シンジ育成計画 [040924] Gainax 1 2 3 4 5

    The player assumes control of Shinji Ikari, the protagonist and main character of the normal Neon Genesis Evangelion series, in the expanded alternate universe that was glimpsed upon for a few moments in the TV episode 26. Basically, the player decides Shinji's fate in how he lives his life. Play proceeds in three major ways: The weekly schedule, battle, and dialogue choices. The player chooses Shinji's schedule for each week,what Shinji does influences his statistics. Battle controls are menu-driven and the outcome is determined partly by statistics and partly by luck. At various points Shinji will be asked to make choices during dialogue which can have far-reaching influence on the story. Game is localized and has English reviews  
    6. Noel [040924] FlyingShine

    Emanon, an organization run by special military forces. The protagonist is their top soldier, nicknamed the God of Death, her name is Noel. She is given a new mission, protecting a girl attending a prestigious academy for women while remaining undercover. To accomplish this, she infiltrates the school posing as a new student.  The everyday part is presented as a comedy, and the battle is feminine and cool looking. Since it's the only plotge of the month without a review, I'm reviewing it myself.  
    7. North Wind [040924] DreamSoft

    The story takes place in a small town surrounded by the mountains where, every winter, a "Love Letter Festival" takes place. According to the legend, if you write a love letter to the one you love, and post it at the local shrine on the 26th of December, you will get to meet that person. The protagonist, Makoto Akizuki, was born in that town and has been living in Tokyo for the last 3 years. He pays a yearly visit to his relatives, this time accompanied with his a junior at school, Hakana Fuyutsuta. Game is virtually a single road story divided into three structural parts. Only main heroine matters in this game as side heroines get their stories scrapped and even H events omitted. Dream Soft is a spawn of F&C, and it steps on the same rakes. The scenario is really weak overall.  
    8. Princess Brave! ~Jantaku no Kishi~ プリンセスブレイブ! ~雀卓の騎士~ [040924] 130cm
    One Year after the events of Princess Bride, graduation day closes on. Still none of the girls are chosen to be a princess and they are desparete.  One night suddenly black mists engulf the house amids a loud laughter and everyone finds themseves in a magical world. Strange people appear clad in black and our hero gets turned into a dog. Whats is going on? What do you mean the only way to set things back to normal is to win this mahjong game?
    A strange and magical adventure begins... Moege sequel, now with such fun thing as mahjong!  
    9. Shinju no Yakata 神樹の館 [040924] Meteor 1 2

    A successful university student on seasonal break, Kugetsu Akinari decided to take time off studying, by planning a trip through the countryside to relieve educational stress. With his best friend tagging along, he looked forward to having fun and passing time without worry, readying himself for the next challenging semester with a relaxed mind. However destiny has other designs for Kugetsu, and after taking refuge from a terrible storm within a frightening manor, the future five beautiful women are placed in his hands. Yet the more aware and sympathetic he grows to their plights, the greater his own troubles and less certain future become. There are English reviews.  
    10. Tender Breeze [040924] O-DiN

    Main character reunites with his former lover Kotomi after a gap of four years. But she is now his brothers's fiance! In order to forget about Kotomi, protagonist tries to pursue romantic relations either with his childhood friend or part-time job colleague. Who will be at his side by the end of the summer? Heroines are well composed, but with zero scenario and 70% HCG rate game has a distinctive turn towards moege.  
    11. Tomodachi Ijou Koibito Miman 友達以上恋人未満 [040924] Studio Mebius

    Shohei took a trip to Ryuujin-mura to heal his broken heart. He visited a historic shrine and freed a spirit who was sealed in a pot. She was Kukuri, a spirit who brought love to lonely people. The shrine’s miko Meiko makes him take responsibility for releasing Kukuri and the town is locked down, so he couldn’t return home. Will he be able to settle Kukuri’s disturbance and be freed from Meiko and return home? I can't take this game seriously after it brought so many characters from its previous game SNOW (which was kinda meh). The stupid plot and parasitism over prequel commercial success make prevent me from even trying to evaluate this game.  
    12. Love Songs♪ADV: Futaba Riho 14-sai ~Natsu~ LoveSongs♪アドベンチャー 双葉理保14歳〜夏〜 [040930] HuneX

    Riho has been active in the entertainment industry since she was only 4 years old, but after being involved in an unfortunate kidnapping incident, she retired from the entertainment world and went to live in a small rural town in the island of Kyushu. The player takes a role of a rookie manager working at a talent scouting agency, looking for the next new talent. While there are many girls you will interact with, the focus of the story will be Riho once you get to meet her. However, persuading her to return to the entertainment scene might prove difficult due to her traumatic experience she has undergone as a child. Beating around the bush and sober plot make this game really boring. None of heroines is really charming enough.  
    13. W Wish [040930] Princess Soft

    Junna Tōno has a twin sister named Senna. He is an ordinary student at Sakurahama Private High School. However, in the past, a traffic accident deprived him of his parents and his memory. Junna survived the accident and since then, he lived only with his sister, though he's been looked after by his relatives. His present life with Senna at the same high school is so pleasant that he can forget his severe past. However, Junna begins to recall the memories he lost in the accident. He enjoys the happy and pleasant days, but he is tossed by his past, his present, and his future. What is the truth hidden in his memory? Game follows anime version for the most part, apart from additional endings. I'd advise to watch anime first and see if there's a will to see side stories.  
    1. Cross ~Kyouki e no Michishirube~ クロス~狂気への道標~ [040903] Trust Main character is a school hooligan. He finds an interest in the humiliation game and wants to recreate it in the real world. Nukige  
    2. How to Fudol ~Health Hen~ How to ふ~どる~ヘルス編~ [040903] Crowd 1 You’ve always dreamed of having women do whatever you want: no matter how debased or humiliating it is. Too bad you aren’t smart or handsome enough to attract them. Then you suddenly win $100,000 in the National Lottery. Why invest it, when you can get some whores! After all, what are dreams for if you don’t make them come true? Banzai! Nukige  
    3. Onepapa ~Onegai PaPa!~ おねパパ~Onegai PaPa!~ [040903] Mixwill Soft Main character is a 27-year old writer who lives alone after his parents' death in a plane crash. One day a girl suddenly arrives asking to let her stay for the spring break. She pretends to be his daughter on public. Each day brings new emotions. What will approaching summer bring? Nukige  
    4. Pleasure (Itazura) ぷれじゃー~悪戯~ [040903] Gaia Main character is an ordinary student with a hobby of shooting girls with a digital camera. He takes up a job for voyeur erotic magazine. He needs to make photos of three girls in unexpected situations.  Nukige  
    5. Chikan 100% ちかん100% [040905] Sage This is a masterpiece of hentai molestation adventure game inspired by that popular manga (look same, indeed).
    Give hard times on 3 types of girls and eat them out in the train!
    Brings you simulated experience of hard molestation which can only be archived by in game world!
    Touch, force blowjob, rape, cum in p**sy....in train.
    Everything you want is here! Full volume! Nukige  
    6. Mayonaka o Kiritotte 真夜中をきりとって [040907] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE Main heroine wanders around the night streets. She meets a boy and gets involved in an incidents. Will she safely escape and reveal the mystery?  Doujin Otomege  
    7. Sokubaku 束縛 [040907] Soft Circle Astarte Main heroine is longing for her elite boss sent over from the head office. She gladly accepts her boss' invitation for a meal. The darkness in her heart is growing... Nukige  
    8. Buruma Shiru ~Nikuyoku Shoujo Ningyou~ ブルマ汁~肉欲少女人形~ [040909] Valkyria For killing some time meeting a friend, Hiroto walked around in the school building after school.
    And he heard gasping voices of a girl from his classroom...
    Shit, who's gonna make my classroom smell like p**sy...!!
    When he looked inside of the room, a female classmate, Kinoshita Airi, was masturbating in there.
    He knew of her sexual perversity. Hitoro who has a fetish toward gym shorts, forced her to wear a bloomers, and violate her body...
    Kouichi, a friend of Hiroto, possessed Maiha as a sex slave too... Nukige  
    9. Houmon Hanbai ~Otona no Omocha Irimasen ka?~ 訪問犯売~大人のおもちゃいりませんか?~ [040910] Mokopuro Main character is an office worker at toy manufacture with the product being adult toys. Protagonist does not fare really good, and this evening he is said to stay at work as a punishment. This time he meets a girl who grieves alone after losing her husband.  Nukige  
    10. Yuumei Sakai o Koto ni Suru 幽明境を異にする [040910] Mu On a usual school day main character has a lunch with his sempai at he old school building library. He finds a pre-war period letter indicating a place where something important is hidden. Under an old tree there is a box with cards and instructions. The two students get trapped in another dimension with the only way out being following the instructions. Nukige  
    11. Nanpa-machi ナンパまち [040911] Nora On a boring day with nothing to do, the protagonist goes around town. Could she perhaps find love? Doujin  
    12. Bucchake Arienai Shirokuro Kankin Ryoujoku ぶっちゃけありえない白黒監禁陵辱 [040912] Studio-74 A training adventure with the aim of bringing up female slaves.  Doujin Nukige  
    13. Aneimo ~Ai to H no Step Up~ あねいも~アイとHのステップアップ~ [040917] Petit Pajamas 1 The main character is Tohno Kazuya, a senior in high school who lives at home with two girls his family took in ten years ago. One is slightly older than he, named Manami, while the other is slightly younger than he, named Madoka. The three, for all intents and purposes, live by themselves in a rather spacious house in the suburbs, since Kazuya's father works abroad and his mother is deceased. The setting is in the middle of summer break, beginning in June and ending in August, and the premise of our story is the budding...attraction between Kazuya and either Manami or Madoka. Nukige  
    14. Eighteen ~Bishoujo Chikan Yuugi~ Eighteen~美少女痴漢遊戯~ [040917] Interheart 1 Three years after the bus molester incident main character returns to the scene. He rents a bus and starts to dictate his conditions when pretty girl boards it. Nukige  
    15. Hitozuma Leotard 人妻レオタード [040917] Studio Ebisu Main character is an aerobic instructor who is about to get married. But the problem is that he loves leotards his students wear at his courses! Can you escape the temptations of a marriage and leotards? Nukige  
    16. My Pet Hunter マイペットハンター [040917] MOON GODDESS 6th episode in My pet Ragnarok series. Two incompatible people move in together, but there is a disturbing motion that draws them together...  Doujin Nukige  
    17. Ryoujoku Finder 凌辱ファインダー [040917] West Vision Main character is a photography director with his clients being mostly idols. At his sessions he strips his clients and makes indecent photos that he later sells. This time he prepares and insulting photo session for two busty cosplay idol sisters. Nukige  
    18. Tekoire Princess! ~Boku ga Mienai Kimi no Tame~ てこいれぷりんせす!~僕が見えない君のため~ [040917] Propeller Big splash and scream. When Mitsuru opens his eyes, he finds himself at the bath. There is a girl in front of him sitting in surprise. "What's happened?!" He can't see his own hands... there is no body! It seems the girl can't see him either. She suddenly falls down, feeling dizzy. He folds her in his arms before she hits the ground. "Someone invisible helps me...?" As a result, he gets involved in the "Princess Selection Test"... Nukige  
    19. Yoru no Kakera 夜の破片 [040919] Akabei Soft The continental world vampire organizations makes attempts to subdue the Eastern organization centered in Japan. Holy samurai swords, magic and quantum mechanic secrets are the main means of destroying immortal bodies. The hour of intervention has come. Doujin  
    20. Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry 微熱教師 ちえり [040924] ZyX 1 2 I'm Kouta Koikawa, and I'm having a problem with my studies. It's not that my classmates' ruckus bothers me, I sit at the front of the room to avoid their antics. The real problem is my social studies professor, Chieri Hase. From the day she started teaching here I haven't been able to keep my eyes off her! She's a rookie teacher, but I'm captivated by every movement of her beautiful body. I can't work up the nerve to confess my feelings - I'm her student, after all, and I'm sure she wouldn't find this sort of forbidden love to be proper... until one day when fate brings us together in an encounter that changes our lives forever. Nukige  
    21. Boin [040924] Crossnet-Pie 1 chigo always wanted to be a teacher. But he never imagined that his dream would turn out to be like this when he was hired as a teacher for a private academy.
    His class turned out to be filled with local woman of various jobs (each with their jobs own uniforms) coming to him to learn things that shouldn't be spoken in public... Nukige  
    22. Etoile no Houteishiki エトワールの方程式 [040924] ClearColor Main character has a weak boy, so today is the first time when he attends the Etoile private school famous for its arts taught at the entertainment department. As a freshman he gets attached to sempai who manages wis daily lesson schedule. His sempai is organizing the "Gold Rush" talent tournament. Is it possible to win it? Boys Love  
    23. Fortune Cookie Select フォーチュンクッキーセレクト [040924] Smart The Takaya family is as unlucky as ever, but life continues and its members support each other and have fun together.
    Game includes after-stories of each heroine. Fandisc  
    24. Hame☆Dori ~Happy Mellowly Dreams~ はめ☆ドリ~Happy Mellowly Dreams!~ [040924] HappyEnd Main student is an ordinary college student who used to be a legendary AV photographer in older days. Suddenly the director of female study group jumps before him and revitalizes his former talent. The college life provides material for a much larger scale film production. Nukige  
    25. Naisho no Houkago ないしょの放課後 [040924] Roll Main character is an ordinary boy, but with a girlish face. He has secret relations with his cousin for a while. With time he starts to show awareness of other girls and get interested in them as the opposite sex...  Nukige  
    26. Nurse ni Omakase ナースにおまかせ [040924] Atelier Kaguya Main character works part-time at a convenience store. Nurses often come to this shop to buy lunches. One day protagonist gets to a hospital and meets the same nurses! He gets one step closer to realizing his hidden desires.  Nukige  
    27. Real ~Yokubou no Real~ Real ~欲望のレール~ [040924] Zero Female stand on a platform during the rush hour secretly hoping to be molested on the train to be healed from everyday fatigue. Nukige  
    28. Ren'ai Hakyoku Ukeoinin 恋愛破局請負人 [040924] Marine Heart Main character is a student helping at the detective office of his uncle. One day he receives a case to help a man divorce with his low quality wife. But no one expected the man to be kissing another man in secret! Protagonist's mindset gets greatly influenced by this fact - from now on he starts to manipulate minds of people. He gets either love or madness. Boys Love  
    29. Sister Maria no Momoiro Seika シスターマリヤの桃色聖歌 [040924] Fetish 1 Following the untimely death of the church pastor, Maria endeavored to carryout the necessary tasks that would ensure her temple’s continued survival. Unfortunately, no matter her conviction and dedication, the required workload would always exceed the abilities of a single person. Thus Maria did what she always did in times of adversity: pray to the Lord for a miracle. In her heart, she knew her lowly appeal would finally be answered, but only if she believed in Him and herself. Nukige  
    30. Sister Sister ~Koi no Heartful Panic~ シスターシスター ~恋のハートフルパニック~ [040924] Troy Main character lives with his brother and girl Futaba brought by his father. They grow up as a happy family together. But everything changes when Futaba receives an unsigned love letter containing only "I love you" line. At the same time new transfer student also appears to be their distant relative and thus also an older sister. Brothers decide each to choose his sister, but the decision won't come without a conflict. Lolicon  
    31. Sukumizu Police すくみずポリス [040924] Hiqo Soft There is a prestigious girls school where students in swimsuits train all year long. There is also a mysterious organization that hinders swimming activity. Sukumizu Police - a group of five girls - stand up to protect everyone's treasured pastime. Nukige  
    32. Injuukan no Kyoufu 淫獣館の恐怖 [040925] Ningyou no Tougetsu Dou The case occurred in the old mansion located in a suburb in Sydney. A special team comes to the premises for invesitgation, no one knows that monsters born by bio-technology dwell inside. Countless zombies and tentacle monsters wriggling and waiting for the female member breaks in....
    Can she escape alive from there!?
    A Resident Evil hentai horror/survival game with long-length hentai animation!! Doujin Nukige
  8. kivandopulus
    I consider only Steel to be the only masterpiece as of now. But things may change as I review both Steel and Seven-Bridge
    1. Rozen Maiden ローゼンメイデン [050202] WorkJam

    Anime story is relayed to mobile phones. If game is finished with good results, there is also an original after-story scenario. I really need to devise a way to block such "games".  
    2. Kurokami Shoujotai 黒髪少女隊 [050204] Honey Pot

    Kaoru enters a high school and he moves to the school dormitory. But actually it is a girl's high school.... The school principal says, "I'm sorry. We thought you were a girl because your name is Kaoru." He reluctantly starts his school life there and the principal introduces him four girls to take care of him. Their name is "Kurokami Shoujotai"! Kaoru's hectic school life starts... Slightly old-fashioned fantasy youth comedy with clever use of graphic and sound effects. Scenario is unexpectedly serious itself, but with slapstick comedy scenes. Ending clearly suggests a sequel, but it's hardly a genre that can afford one...  
    3. Ichigo 100%: Strawberry Diary いちご100%ストロベリーダイアリー [050210] Tomy

    Based on the hit manga series and its anime adaptation. Strawberry 100% chronicles the school years of Junpei Manaka, a student and aspiring movie director, and his relationships with the girls that enter his life. At the start of the series, he encounters a mysterious and beautiful girl on the roof of his middle school, but does not remember anything about her other than that she wears strawberry-print panties. She leaves before he can talk to her, but he finds a notebook nearby, belonging to Aya Toujou, an ordinary-looking glasses-wearing girl who is a gifted writer. The two become friends with the common ambition of turning great stories into movies. Thinking that Tsukasa Nishino, the most popular girl in his school, might be the mystery girl, he asks her out in a bold confession at the chin-up bar, and is surprised when she accepts. He later realizes Tsukasa is not the mystery girl but chooses to continue their relationship anyway. He places into Izumizaka High, but learns that Aya has given up an offer to the prestigious Oumi Academy to attend Izumizaka with him and that she is the mystery girl.
    At Izumizaka, Junpei encounters a feisty girl named Satsuki Kitaoji. The two become friends because of common interests, but Satsuki falls in love with him. Junpei tries to join the film club but learns it has been disbanded. He revives the club thanks to Aya, Satsuki, and his high school friends as members. Junpei also discovers that his childhood friend Yu Minamoto is moving into his family's home, but she ends up attending Oumi Academy. The film club make one film each year, each written by Aya and directed by Junpei, which is screened at the school festival. Satsuki stars in their first film, Tsukasa is the heroine of their second film, and Aya is the heroine of the third movie.
    Over the course of his high school life Junpei experiences many awkward moments involving the four girls in his life. Again, I wish I had a way to block games repeating anime story completely.  
    4. Pure x Cure [050211] ChuableSoft

    As the male nurse at a co-ed school, you are viewed with suspicion. Can you gain the students' trust? Game has clear structure - prologue, episode 1 and episode 2. Because of that tempo feels very good. Dialogues are funny. In the second half of the game each heroine has a serious problem to deal with. Another good feature is that upon entering individual route other heroines still persist and support to their best ability. Protagonist is unreliable, but characters are lovely enough to get affected with.  
    5. Steel [050211] Graviton

    The protagonist, Tomoya, was abandoned by his mother at a tender age. He was taken in by Honjou Arisa after a chance meeting. Four girl adoptees who had joined the Honjou family home for similar reasons also lived there. Though they were not related by blood, Tomoya treated the girls as if they were his siblings. They lived peaceful lives at the Honjou residence... but one day, he encountered a strange woman in town. She was wreathed in something that looked like iron – and upon seeing her figure, he remembered that he, too, had once harbored such a metallic augment.
    "Is that... your Anima?"
    A right arm turned to metal... A peculiar corpse discovered at school... A transfer student exuding dark mist... And a foreign warrior wreathed in thick steel armor... Tomoya's peaceful life would soon begin to crumble as disaster came to visit him and his sisters. To protect them, he shall have to once again wreathe his right arm in Anima. Game is not voiced, but scenario is really great and crazy. Kadokura Keisuke wrote scenario for many good games like Brayon Veda, so I'm going to see his rise with my own eyes.  
    6. Tonari no Maou Tsukai となりの魔王使い [050211] Beenyan

    There is a house, burnt down and left for a long time, next to Haruto's house. One day, two girls come and repair it with magic, and start to live there. They are Sion and Amy. They make trouble involving Haruto.... Synopsis is neutral, so it would be bad to block it without explanation. But game is pretty much a nukige. All the magic and devil king are just accessories. The witch girls need to gather enough magic to restore house and garden, and we know the best way to gather magic energy. Story wants to be pure love one, but actually includes insults.  
    7. The Kanshikikan THE 鑑識官 [050211] Tomcat System   In the near future, Japanese justice has been reformed and investigations are managed by both the government and private police forces. Step into the shoes of newbie inspector Enami Satoko, who will have to solve cases with the help of her partners. Detective game...  
    8. Nangoku Dominion 南国ドミニオン [050218] SofthouseChara 1

    You play as Aloha, a young man with amnesia who is stranded on a volcanic tropical island with nine other people (six girls and three men), and the objective is to survive on the island, and perhaps regain your memory or gain the love of one of the girls and escape with them. To survive on the island, you must gather food for yourself and the colony, which are gained in mini-game type commands (such as a memory card game or target-shooting), and build helpful structures on the island. You also must interact with the other people on the island, by talking to them, learning more about them, and building their affection -- or disaffection, as you can actually fight and kill other members of the island, or they can kill you! After gaining enough affection with one of the ladies, you can get H events with them, and try to escape the island with them if you have the appropriate means to get their ending. There is kind of English review.  
    9. Oshikake Osanazuma 3 おしかけおさなづま3(3乗) [050218] Roll

    Main character is a high school student who lives alone after losing parents in a traffic accident. He finally regains joyfulness supported by his aunt, childhood friend and classmates. One day an he is visited by and old man claiming to be his grandfather and owner of a huge conglomerate. In order for protagonist to inherit this business, he needs to marry first. Grandfather chooses a bride candidate to live together in one house. However, protagonist's friends rebel against this decision, so three more girls join them. Thus, a lively cohabitation of five people begins. As a harem comedy, there's little room for the story, but the interactions are quite fun. It might be called a moege, but the slapstick part really makes this game stand out.  
    10. Seven-Bridge [050218] Liar-soft

    In a parallel world, the history takes a different turn at the start of the 20th Century. Black death plague ravages the European Countries, death toll is so high that when the Ottoman Empire strikes from the east they are powerless to resist. In the name of Jihad, Europe burns. Kuu Klein is the only survivor of black death in his village in Germany and he flees all the way to Beijing to survive the war and the plague. He has the ability to read minds but it brings him only more suffering.
    Ten years later, when the World War starts chaos and poverty spreads to Beijing. He decides to go back to his hometown, better to be at home if the war will be everywhere... But there are no trains to Europe except the rumored "Black Train Joan". He tries to get on that train but the only people with the "Black Ticket" are allowed to board.
    Unable to find a way to get abroad he gives himself to alcohol, later that day on the street he meets a girl who offers him a black ticket. Somehow he can't read the thoughts of this particular girl. She can't speak a word either, an another strange thing about her is that she covers her hands with long dark gloves, never taking them off for any reason...
    After some difficulty in conversation, he learns that her name is Emma and she would give him a ticket if he agrees to travel to Europe as her companion. They board the train together and take of on a journey that will take them over seven bridges and many ordeals... I believe I'm destined to review this Liar-Soft chunige. Some even call this work a spiritual sequel of Kusarihime...  
    11. Another Code Futatsu no Kioku アナザーコード 2つの記憶 [050224] Cing 1 2 3 4

    The game's protagonist is Ashley Mizuki Robbins, a 13 year old girl who has been raised by her aunt, Jessica, because her parents vanished when she was three years old. She believed that they were dead, but two days before her fourteenth birthday, she received a package. Inside, was a letter from her father and a small machine. The letter said that he would be waiting on Blood Edward Island, an island located off the coast of Washington in the United States. The next day, the day before her birthday, Jessica and Ashley ride over to Blood Edward Island on a boat, but Ashley's father isn't there to greet them. Jessica goes to look for him, but when she doesn't return, Ashley ventures out to search for both of them. While exploring the island, Ashley also befriends "D", a ghost who has lost his memories. Together they enter the Edward Mansion, each looking for answers to their own questions. There are English reviews.  
    12. Tsuki wa Kirisaku ~Tantei Sagara Kyouichirou~ 月は切り裂く 〜探偵 相楽恭一郎〜 [050224] Design Factory Co., Ltd. 1

    The game's protagonist is Ashley Mizuki Robbins, a 13 year old girl who has been raised by her aunt, Jessica, because her parents vanished when she was three years old. She believed that they were dead, but two days before her fourteenth birthday, she received a package. Inside, was a letter from her father and a small machine. The letter said that he would be waiting on Blood Edward Island, an island located off the coast of Washington in the United States. The next day, the day before her birthday, Jessica and Ashley ride over to Blood Edward Island on a boat, but Ashley's father isn't there to greet them. Jessica goes to look for him, but when she doesn't return, Ashley ventures out to search for both of them. While exploring the island, Ashley also befriends "D", a ghost who has lost his memories. Together they enter the Edward Mansion, each looking for answers to their own questions. Detective game...  
    13. Akiiro Renka 秋色恋華 [050225] Purple Software 1

    Recently having both of his parents leaving the house in order to take jobs abroad; our hero leads a solitary, invalid existence. Even his sister-in-law cannot lend him a hand because she’s not living with him either. Thankfully, a neighbor (and fellow classmate) takes it upon herself to help the kid out. Furthermore, a World-Class tennis player (whom our hero idolizes) is injured while touring the globe. She now attends the same class as he, until she gets better. With all these cute women surrounding him--and he having a place for himself--how will he take action? There is an English review.  
    14. Argonauts アルゴノーツ [050225] Fairytale

    Main character Naoki decides to have a space travel experience during his summer vacations. Somehow, he is assigned to a team consisting only of girls who are all musicians. It's supposed to be a fun youth voyage, but spacecraft route is crazy and full of surprises. First, the vehicle gets damaged, then spice pirates attack. Will the young people finish this journey safely? It's a simple SF themed orthodox love story. Game is basically a one way story divided in 11 episodes. There's little development in first 8 episodes, so last three episodes get packed with events tightly to an extent if feels rushed. Depending on chosen heroine events vary very little. If feels like a cheap work only suitable for SF enthusiasts due to lots of SF elements and gadgets.  
    15. Daisy Chain ~Terminator Girl~ でいじーちぇーん 〜TERMINATOR GIRL〜 [050225] Kisu

    Class idol and rich girl Reiko finds an interest in an average boy Mamoru. When he tries to confess to Reiko, the whole place gets drawn in a flash where girl Ibrize stands. She is an android who comes from future to change Mamoru's fate. She is constructed in such a way that at any time and place she can can take off her clothes and coerce Mamoru to sex. At the same time another girl calling herself Mamoru's daughter Mana arrives from future to prevent the change in history. The situation is aggravated by the attacks of "Lilith" type androids. Which side will protagonist take? Game's described as “Slapstick Robot ADV”. The story only becomes serious towards the end. Such story does not impress me at all, but tastes vary.  
    16. Dyogrammaton ジオグラマトン [050225] Clock Up team Dyo 1

    2005 A.D., Tokyo. Monsters have appeared, destroying any human traces indiscriminately. As a counter-measure, a special intercepting force called DAKT was created. This is the story of these urban fighting robot units. There is a small review that describes game well. Robot battles have little to do with tactics here as there's not much to control. Moe anime girls are able to create surprisingly nice atmosphere. Individual routes feel too short, but common route is good enough.  
    17. Kohitsuji-tachi no Rakuen 子羊たちの楽園 [050225] Ignition

    A peaceful town "Uraisgau" where magic coexists with steam engine technology. For the last years it focuses on education to improve sacred magic skills through studying technology. The best students become Holy Knights, but on a peaceful continent it becomes a honorary profession.
    This year there are a lot of problem students, including main character who can't stand theology, but has to obey his uncle priest.
    A new transfer student is an oriental girl Aina who comes to study other types of technology. She invites protagonist to her study group and says they already know each other from the childhood when they were separated... Game begins with comedy development and explaining the basics of this world. There are only three heroines for capture, so it feels fresh that there are very strong heroines without their love line. So game is about chasing girls in a unique setting, and that's of little interest to me. At least game is not nukige as many other Ignition games (the number of H events per heroine is still high - five).  
    18. Last Story wa Anata e. ~Gift For You~ ラストストーリーはあなたへ。~Gift for you~ [050225] Panda House

    One winter day main character logs in to Hypersense Network's cyber shopping mall to buy new memory. It is the so-called “Cyber Akihabara”. As soon as he punts in his ID and starts walking on the main street, his protocol is hijacked and screen distorts with poisonous colors. This illusion feels like a real Akihabara even though the weight of mouse and just bought memory can be felt in hands.
    With a lightning strike electronic machine starts to act up, and protagonist finds himself dragged into a dream-like twilight world. Scenario is subtle even though it gets divided into distinctive 12 episodes. Game starts with helping a fairy attacked by a bug. An important item is stolen by the bug, so we need to find it to help fairy return to her world. Next we walk around Akihabara and experience various stories while gathering items. Stories vary in genre a lot, but have a distinctive surreal color. Each story is from 10 to 30 minutes, so overall play time is just 3-4 hours. Game is a kusoge unless you're interested in multiple surreal Akihabara stories.  
    19. Yakitate Croissant ~Autumn Leaf no 3 Shimai~ やきたてクロワッサン ~Autumn Leafの3姉妹~ [050225] Giga

    Main lives with his aunt and three cousins after losing mother and sister. Aunt runs a cafe, so protagonist has to help around the place. As one cousin starts to have feelings for protagonist, the other two become really jealous and join the race. Another stupid moege from Giga  
    1. Hiru to Yoru no Kao 昼と夜の顔 [050201] M's CLUB Main character is graduating student. With his father's mediation he gets a position of a secretary in business partner company. He is busy every day and prone to making mistakes. Doujin Boys Love  
    2. Goshujin-sama Taiken Tour ご主人様体験ツアー [050202] ProjectSAKURA A pretty maid is at your beck and call. It is up to you if you want to choose the true love route or the sexual abuse route. Doujin Nukige  
    3. Okite no Mura 掟の村 [050203] Makura Cover Soft Main character lives in a small village and goes for sports. He can't marry his love interest girl till he passes the adulthood ritual that starts soon. If he is in top 10 winners, he can finally marry his childhood friend. Otherwise, she becomes other man's bride. Doujin Nukige  
    4. Kanojo wa Anal Dorei ~Fukushuu no Shiri Ana Sekkan~ 彼女はアナル奴隷~復讐の尻穴折檻~ [050204] Valkyria The answer that he found to take revenge on the stuck up girl who dumped me is......violating her anus!!!
    Before experiencing sexual pleasure with p**sy, I'll let her have orgasms with anus!! Nukige  
    5. Sango [050207] Allugic You play as a guy who wakes up to find himself lost in an creeped out forest. With Sango you must figure out how you got there and why. Really, the game's better then how I word it. EVN  
    6. Houkyou Sensei @ Rika Junbishitsu ほうきょう先生@理科準備室 [050208] Hanjuku Nora Breast augmentation experiment makes chemical teacher's breasts huge. Now she is much more interested in boys than observing boring chemicals reactions. Doujin Nukige  
    7. Kangoku ~Injoku no Jikkentou~ 姦獄~淫辱の実験棟~ [050210] Black Package Try Yuki Miyagawa usually conducts intelligence activities for government organizations, but this time she is ordered to conduct an internal investigation inside a pharmaceutical company. She needs to find evidence of illegal drugs production. Her identity leaks to the company management, and unimaginable humiliation hell begins for her. Nukige  
    8. Nihao! Shoukou ニイハオ!称好 [050211] Curious team 2 There is a legend that it's possible to become a witch upon reaching 25 years and remaining virgin. Main character witnesses magic abilities of a 47-year office worker, so decides to become a wizard as well. Besides, he is 24 year and 11 months old already. However, he develops really promising relations with a girl he likes, so he has to choose which path to take. At the same time three maidens appear who want to stop protagonist from becoming a wizard and thus try to seduce him with all means possible. Can he protect his precious virginity !? Nukige  
    9. Sumomomo Fukufuku Hot Station すももも ぷくぷくホットステーション [050211] Studio-74 Main character finds a strange envelope on his way to employment center after graduation. He is suddenly invited to live in the place he was born together with many girls. This is like an entertainment district, but not money is needed!
    Doujin Nukige  
    10. Yurine ~Onee-sama ga Oshiete Kureta~ ゆりね ~おねえさまがおしえてくれた~ [050211] Cage One day, the protagonist's older sister died. Upon hearing this, his mother went mad and began referring to the protagonist by his sister's name, "Natsuki." The protagonist slowly accepted this role to make his mother happy. His mother even went as far as to enroll him in the school she used to go to, Momoyuri Academy-- an all-girls school.
    Momoyuri Academy is a famously prestigious school, where the daughters of company directors, politicians, bureaucrats and the like attend. Within the student body lies the descendent of the Kamikura zaibatsu, Kamikura Sayaka. A graceful young lady excelling in schoolwork and sports, Sayaka is the object of every student's admiration, including those of the so-called "Natsuki."
    A few months after Natsuki transferred to Momoyuri Academy, his secret came out to his beloved Sayaka that he's a boy. Natsuki began to panic, but Sayaka promised not to tell, as long as he would do everything she said, starting with calling her "Onee-sama."
    Before he knew it, Natsuki was caught up in Sayaka's orders... Lolicon  
    11. Boku-tachi no Asobikata ぼくたちのあそびかた [050212] Canitz Naughty Shun and a straight-A student Itsuki are friends.
    They do anything that would be fun together.
    One day, a DVD made them to do a bad thing....It escalates gradually, and then..... A simple, relaxed story. Doujin Boys Love  
    12. Innocent World [050213] Reverv There is no snow again this winter. Main character lives together with father busy at work and two sisters not connected by blood. He spends days aimlessly a year before graduation. He starts to have nightmares about earth suddenly shake, bullets kill people and poison fill the oxygen. The world he takes for granted is destroyed in a flash on an eye with no one knowing the reason. Doujin  
    13. Kare to Kare no Hazama De ~White Labyrinth~ カレと彼の間で ~ホワイトラビリンス~ [050214] Amedeo 1 High schoolers Mizuho and Wataru are going on a kendo club trip, but because nobody apart from them can go, Wataru decides to invite his younger twin brother Kakeru as well. He decides to go with a woman called Ayumi who is in love with him.
    Once they arrive at the hotel, they discover a virus inside of it. To make matters worse, the hotel keeper Kamishiro-san and his ten year old daughter Koyuki both have it and are insane, but they can't leave because there is a big snow storm outside... Otomege  
    14. Kita no Mori no Majo 北の森の魔女 [050214] Nostalgic Garden A witch living in the forest helps a lost prince of a great country. What will become of them and will their fairy tale have a happy ending? Doujin  
    15. Ecchi na Maid-san wa Ojousama to Futanari えっちなメイドさんはお嬢様とふたなり [050214] Crazy Dream A man visits a mansion where owner lives with a dozens of maids.
    He finds a maid getting abused by futanari maid...... What action will he take.....? Doujin  
    16. Cleavage [050218] Empress 1 Cleavage features fantastic art from Sei Shoujo, the creator of the popular Bible Black and Discipline, and takes the protagonist on an adventure of courtship by two assertive women - his stepsister and his teacher. The player must choose how to withstand the onslaught of their affections in this erotic love sim. Nukige  
    17. Futago Niizuma Haruka to Setsuna no Momoiro Shinkon Seikatsu 双子新妻はるかとせつなの桃色新婚生活 [050218] Fetish 1 Everyone knew Kazuki loved two women - twins to be exact - and they fiercely loved him in return. When the trio graduated from high school together, people began to wonder who he would marry. No matter whom he choose, Kazuki would never truly be happy, and the heart of someone he held dear would be devastated. Then a miracle happened: polygamy became legal. The true answer found, Kazuki entered holy matrimony with both sisters, and the pair happily accepted. It had always been the three of them; and now it seemed it always would be. Nukige  
    18. Nikutai Kinyuudou 肉体金融道 [050218] Interheart Main character starts his money lender business. He is unrivaled women enthusiast able to find approach to any woman in order to get the money back. He won't hold back now that he's independent. Nukige  
    19. Only One 2 ~Bijin Casino Dealer Hitomi~Sei no Roulette~ オンリーワン2~美人カジノディーラー瞳~性のルーレット~ [050218] Globe Hitomi is a №1 card dealer and bartender at the "Testament" casino. One day she hits a man on her car. Man has no injuries, but loses memory upon awakening. Since he has no identification, he gets name "Kenta" and starts to live under the same roof. Eventually Kenta gets attracted to Hitomi and receives a job at the same casino. Soon he becomes aware of the hidden emotions of his everyday life in Testament. Nukige  
    20. SukiSuki Onee-Chan スキスキおねえちゃん [050218] Studio Ebisu Main character begins happy and forbidden school life with my sisters the first year school becomes co-educational. This school is men's paradise. Protagonist eagerly offers his badminton coach skills to get close with different girls. Nukige  
    21. Tenshi no Scanty 天使のすきゃんてぃ [050218] Sweet Hearts Main character works at Moriyama Country Club together with his childhood friend Ayano. But enterprise is on the brink of bankruptcy, so it's hastily re-branded into a lingerie restaurant. Protagonist remains a waiter here, but he could not have hoped to work with so many girls wearing nothing but sexy lingerie! Nukige  
    22. Yuugu ~Nyomitsu Gangu Adesugata~ 遊具~女密玩具・艶姿~ [050218] Marry Bell Our hero is a sophomore and member of the Occult Study Group at his school. One day he is handed a book that changes his world... Nukige  
    23. Ane Hara Mix ~Ane & Shinigami Onee-san to Isshukan~ 姉☆孕みっくす~姉&死神お姉さんと一週間~ [050219] Lilith Soft Since the early death of his parents, Takami Akitoshi has lived alone with his beautiful elder sister, Hitomi, while concealing his dirty desires for her.
    One day, a mysterious girl named Mina enters his room. She introduces herself as Death and explains that she came to take his soul because he had reached the end of his lifespan. Hearing his screams, Hitomi runs in and, after the situation is explained to her, asks Mina to spare him.
    Mina, moved by her earnestness, tells them that if Takami fathers a child within a week, she will let him live another 10 years.
    Hearing her condition, he turns his face to Hitomi… Nukige  
    24. Hell's Gate [050220] Paralyze Poison Long ago there were angels and demons in this world. However, a conflict over a trivial matter divided the world into Heaven and Hell.
    At the border only gatekeeper Elle protects the shaky peace. One day angel Yuu shows up before her. Elle tries to catch Yuu, but... Doujin  
    25. Roy-san Jiken Desu! ロイさん事件です! [050222] Uten Chuushi Colonel Roy Mustang investigates a series of mysterious crimes. He can either look into them alone or ask Hawkeye, Havoc, Maes, or Ed for help. Boys Love  
    26. Roshutsu de Asobou 露出であそぼう [050223] Sol-fa-soft This is a story about two young schoolgirls. They enjoy playing a weird game together from time to time, which includes partially and fully exposing theirselves outdoors and at school. Doujin Lolicon  
    27. 120 En no Haru 120円の春 [050224] NekoNeko Soft 1 A collection of four short stories produced by Nekonekosoft. Each story describes how two people come to know each other through something meager amounting to 120 yen. Anthology  
    28. Gakuen Heaven Okawari! 学園へヴン おかわりっ! [050224] Spray This is more like a fan disc than a sequel as the game is very short. It takes place three months after the first game. This time, Keita picked up a cursed ring that would take away his major ability - luck. The characters are the same as in the PC Game and the objective this time is to find the way to release Keita from the curse of the ring. Boys Love  
    29. Chibusa Byoutou 乳房病棟 [050225] Mixwill Soft Asahigaoka Breast Ward is the only institution focusing on breast problems in Japan. Main character is a doctor who insults his patients. Everyone tolerates him because of his unrivaled technique. This time three women become his prey over a period of one month. Nukige  
    30. Dokidoki Sister Paradise 2 ドキドキしすたぁパラダイス2 [050225] light Main character lives alone as his father goes to establish some business abroad. One day father suddenly returns as the richest main the world! He marries a Japanese woman who is 2nd richest person in the world. She has eight adopted children, and if protagonist marries one of them he lays a foundation for world domination. He attends the same school as the new brides in question. Nukige  
    31. Dr. Peko Himitsu no Shinryoujo ~Hito ni Ienai Sei no Nayami Kaiketsu Itashimasu~ Dr.ペコ 秘密の診療所~人に言えない性の悩み解決いたします~ [050225] Vitamin This clinic offers sexual counseling and treatment with full confidentiality. Dr. Peko runs this secret clinic and excels in solving all kind of problems thanks to his ability to change the shape, hardness, smell and taste of genitals including components of semen. Nukige  
    32. Futago Hinyuu x 3 双子姫乳×3 [050225] SQUEEZ 3 refers to the three sets of twin princesses you’ll have under your power. To save you from the politics of the plot--which are both hard to translate and rather boring—I will just say that the three countries surrounding your kingdom are being jerks (or were you the first to be a jerk, who cares). Upon acquiring each set of twins, you’ll be able to train them in SLG style gameplay. If successful, you should at least have one foreign country at your beckon, but there has to be a way of getting all three. Nukige  
    33. Iinari い・い・な・り [050225] Riddle Soft Main character is a student council president with excellent results in study. But the more is is loved by girls, the more distorted becomes his mental state. He enjoys insulting submissive girls at the rooftop. One day he notices someone witnessing his rooftop route procedures. He chases his classmate girl and commits her right in the classroom. That marks the changes that come to his everyday life. Nukige  
    34. Kidou Shoujo Pretty Gear 機動少女プリティギア [050225] Maika Pure Main character is a manga artist waiting for his debut. One day he accidentally obtains a mysterious "Realize Note" with tremendous powers. As a justice warrior "Mobile Suit Gun***" enthusiast, he transforms three girls into justice warrior units. An evil genius plots schemes to acquire these suits. Can hero prevail the the battle, find his true love and finally debut? Nukige  
    35. Magical Witch Academy ~Boku to Sensei no Magical Lesson~ マジカルウィッチアカデミー ~ボクと先生のマジカルレッスン~ [050225] Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT 1 In a fantasy world, magic exists and is pretty common.
    Tsukasa is a young, shy boy with a beautiful and delicate face. He also suffers from a strange curse: he can make any girl who looks in his eyes feel sexually excited and jump on him.
    In order to find a way to get rid of this curse, he uses a pair of magic glasses to block its effects while he studies magic at the witch academy.
    The problem is, his class is filled with beautiful girls and hot female teachers who can't get their hands off him... Nukige  
    36. Mikogaku みこがく [050225] Yumesta Miko Gakuen is a school for demons and demon maidens who want to protect the world. Main character works as an instructor there, who is in charge of three problem demons. His only needs to get them to the average level, but it's much more difficult than it sounds. Nukige  
    37. Puraneko: Planet of the Cats ぷらねこ PLANET OF THE CATS [050225] An*tique Near future. The people has colonized the Space. The protag is an average doctor, he travels around the numerous planets on his own starship. He and his cat Nery is the only "crew" up there. Because of onboard AI system malfunction, the ship crashes and lands on a strange planet populated with nekomimi humanoid race, and his lovely pet suddenly transforms into one of the same kind... Lolicon  
    38. Riko-tan wa Oji-chama ga Suki♪ リコたんはおじちゃまが好き♪ [050225] Gyuunyuu Soft Rico-tan loves uncles and does a lot of pleasant things. What will she do today? Doujin Nukige  
    39. Sankaku Matsuri Vol.2 さんかく祭 VOL.2 [050225] Triangle Among other goodies fan disc includes three mini-stories:
    1. "Sakura Kikou - Aftermath" 「サクラ紀行」~その後~
    2. “Mahou Senshi daily life” 「麻耶せいんせいの日常」
    3. Mahou Senshi Princess Tear mini-scenario that did not get to the main game. Fandisc  
    40. Seiai Gakuen Fechika 性愛学園ふぇち科 [050225] Sekilala 1 2 My name is Ryouji, and I'm just an average student at Seiai Academy. I live my days happily with my twin cousins Shana and Yuuki who are staying at my house to go to the Academy as well, but one day at the end of summer vacation our lives are changed for ever.
    Stopping by the shrine where Yuuki worked part time as a miko priestess after my own part time job, we were about to go home together when suddenly thunder roared through the cloudless sky. Looking up I gathered Yuuki and Shana under me and ducked - promptly passing out!
    When I came to I felt fine, but my cousins were looking around with worried expressions. The shrine was near several girls' schools, and as usual many of the students were walking down the street nearby - but they were wearing the most outlandish costumes!
    Some were in bondage gear, some in aprons with nothing underneath, others in bunny suits and still others in swimsuits you wouldn't see even on the most radical Brazilian beach. Even stranger, the girls seemed as if what they were wearing was perfectly normal! They were looking at Shana and Yuuki in their regular uniforms as if they were the ones out of place.
    At first I thought it was a prank, but no - there were too many people involved. I realized that this was in fact a gift from the gods, a boon to the luckless fellow that I had previously been, a world surrounded by the beautiful mystery of women! Nukige  
    41. Shuugyou Ryokou ~Koto Meizou Chizu~ 修業旅行~古都迷走地図~ [050225] MERRY BOYS Nanbu Shouhei lives and attends a high school in Tokyo but in his childhood, he briefly attended kindergarten in Kyoto while living with his mother and maternal side of the family there.
    He started playing an online fantasy RPG called Fang of Ouroboros three years ago and met a player who rescued him when he was a newbie. The other player claimed to be Senke Tomonari, who had been one of his kindergarten classmates in Kyoto. They became close buddies through the game though they never met or talked over the phone but only communicated online because of the distance.
    When Nanbu's high school organized a study trip to Kyoto, Nanbu and Senke made a pact to meet up in the flesh since they have not met since their kindergarten days. Nanbu duly appears at the meeting-place arranged by clues from the online game but Senke does not turn up. Instead he keeps getting puzzling mails from Senke and he is assaulted by a bow-gun when touring Kyoto.
    Is the "Senke" Nanbu met online really Nanbu's childhood classmate or an impostor? Who is behind these assaults? Boys Love  
    42. Studio Idol studioアイドル [050225] Yumesta Main character gets fired from the entertainment production and finds a job as a manager in a rival  company where idol body training is considered the main element of success. Nukige  
    43. Togainu no Chi 咎狗の血 [050225] Nitro+Chiral 1 2 3 4 5 After being devastated in the third World War (known as The Third Division), Japan was divided in two. Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has taken control of the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo, Japan's capital city), where they are holding a battle game known as "Igura". The game's main character, a young man named Akira, is falsely accused of a crime. Once arrested, a mysterious woman appears before him, offering him freedom if he agrees to participate in Igura and defeat Igura's strongest man: the king, or "Il re". The story follows Akira's life in the harsh, lawless Toshima as he fights both to survive and to unravel the mysteries developing around him. Boys Love  
    44. Togainu No Chi: Typing 咎狗の血タイピング [050225] Nitro+Chiral One of 3 preorder extras for Togainu no Chi.
    In TogaType, you play through select scenes of Togainu no Chi and must type the words to progress the game. Can be played from multiple points of view. Fandisc  
    45. Tsukushite Ageru no! ~Datte Onii-chan no Oyome-san ni Naritain da Mon~ つくしてあげるの!~だっておにいちゃんのおよめさんになりたいんだもん~ [050225] PeasSoft Main character is a student who suddenly gets assaulted by many girls who he promised marriage as a child. Girls decide to choose the bride in a fair competition. Nukige  
    46. Wakaoku-sama Misaki ~Dakarete Modaete Nagasarete~ 若奥さま美咲~抱かれて悶えて流されて~ [050225] Honki Shiru Heroine is a married lady who was forced into an arranged marriage by her family after she graduated college. The man isn’t a cruel man, but he’s more into his job than his married life. She put on her best face and did what she felt was best for the family. Nowadays she’s not become bitter woman, but she is finally feeling trapped by the loveless situation. One day she was being mugged/kidnapped when a man happened upon the scene and fought the thug off. Her hero (and the hero of this game) has become injured from the scuffle and she takes him home to tend the wounds. Will this be her shining knight? And is there more behind this seemingly random attack? Nukige  
    47. Wakazuma Mangekyou 若妻万華鏡 [050225] Yellow Pig 1 Shirozaki Takafumi is a security guard at a grocery store who uses his position to frame housewives and then blackmail them for sex. Apparently that works. Kogure Mayumi is his latest victim. On the pretense of her “stealing” a container of pepper Shirozaki begins to associate with her and eventually basically makes her his sex slave. Nukige  
    48. Watashi no Kuroneko 私の黒猫 [050225] Natukusa A mysterious black cat who can speak the language of humans.
    The lone girl he met one day.
    “I'm Aki Fujita. From now on I'm your master!”
    With his newly-bestowed name “Don-kichi”, from that day forth the pair began their life together.
    The master, strong-willed but with an easily wounded heart.
    The black cat, who strove to protect her from sorrow.
    The black cat, whose every thought was of his master.
    The black cat, who would always be at her side.
    But... Doujin  
    49. Gakuen Prince ~Fandisc~ 学園Prince〜ファンディスク〜 [050225] Boy's Software Main characters get stuck on a solitary island. But this situation opens a lot of opportunities as well. Fandisc  
    50. Yuukyou Gangu Rebirth 遊狂玩具リバース [050225] Nigred Lawyer agrees to abandon her suit if the girl under trial agrees to be her "slave" for a month. There can't be slaves in the 21st century, so girl understands it as doing chores and driving to the work, and thus agrees. Soon she will know the true meaning behind being a slave. Nukige  
    51. 4 Gou Kan no Jiken 4号館の事件 [050226] Infinity Building No. 4 is one of the houses gifted to the mistresses of a power family head. This place becomes a boarding house. One evening a self-proclaimed painter finds a strange corpse in the dressing room. A newspaper reporter who stays nearby vigorously starts collecting clues. The two of them are on their own since proprietor more interested in morning and evening meals than finding a murderer. Doujin  
    52. Amgine Park [050227] Ren'ai Games Out for your morning walk at the local park, you meet someone unexpectedly... EVN
  9. kivandopulus
    Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2 is the VN of the Month. Hotosenaru Uta Chitosenaru Shirushi is definitely a masterpiece as well. As for "Hello, world." with its great reviews, I'll tell you in next issue whether I consider it a masterpiece or not.
    1. Hoshimatsuri no Uta ほしまつりのうた [020906] Softhouse Dew 1

    Soichiro Sugimoto is a kind, quiet boy attending Yuigasaki High School. Students at this school like to throw festivals, and the upcoming festival, the Star Festival, is one of the biggest festivals of the year. Soichiro doesn't like festivals or parties, but his friends won't leave him alone on the night of the Star Festival. Kaya, who grew up with Soichiro, asks him to go to the festival with her. The truth is, Soichiro is secretly in love with her. Fine naive heroic youth scenario. Full female voicing is promised, but actually there's partial female voicing. Below average game even if you like the heroines here.   2. Jewel Matrix じゅえる☆まとりくす [020906] Ivory

    Main character returns from adventure with power "matrix". It can be magically activated to attract matrix jewel girls with different respective attributes. His story of love and protection begins now. Game was supposed to be a SIM, but got delayed significantly to convert it to ADV. 9 chapters are devoted to the heroine line and the last three chapters are the rush to the end. Ending chapters are very similar for all heroines.   3. Mystic Report ~Koi no Bukatsu wa Chikoku Shinai~ ミスティック・リポート ~恋の部活はチコクしない~ [020906] Hadashi Shoujo

    Main character belongs to school newspaper club. He is inspired by the the seven school wonders stories and takes interview from girls who experience strange phenomena at school. With his pretty girl assistant he faces mystic, but so real dangers. Mix of RPG and ADV. Losing in fight means game over as long as insult scene usually. There are four episodes. To see every route it's needed to play seven times, but it's very tiresome to play after initial playthrough. Erotic element is thin overall.   4. Tearful Eyes ~Anata shika Inai~ ティアフルアイズ~あなたしかいない~ [020906] Kamen Shoukai

    Main character meet a girl on the hill behind the school. She lies on the hill wearing a white dress instead of uniform. He only dares to talk to her after becoming festival committee member, and they seem to have much in common, but she asks to keep white dress in secret. However, after becoming friends, protagonist starts to notice strange shadows behind the girl personality. One day she stops talking to him... Orthodox school love drama. Story is short, and showing synopsis takes the majority of its time.Development is sudden and there aren't enough events to pull it through.   5. Hotosenaru Uta Chitosenaru Shirushi ほとせなる呪ちとせなる詛 [020913] Project-μ

    Main character is visited by a girl who claims that his only distant relative taking care of her died in a fire. Mysterious death cases start to pursue protagonist. One of the latest victims blamed "email from a closed girl" curse as the cause of deaths. Horror entertainment novels as developers call the genre. This company is well known for presenting concept of the theater in each work. This time is no different - there's a lot of movement going on the screen, but thanks to other means than animation. It manages to be both horror and bakage. Game grasps fears of modern age realistically creating hard-boiled horror atmosphere. Real masterpiece here.   6. Stairs ~Natsu no Chotto Mae~ STAIRS~夏のちょっと前~ [020913] Aias 1

    After living in the U.S., our hero returns to Japan to continue his studies. He stays at the shrine of his dad's friend and goes to school in the country... Our hero will meet up with many fun-loving babes:
    The only daughter of the shrine priest. She wants nothing to do with the occult.
    Our hero's cheerful but troublemaking classmate.
    The senior would-be "magician" with a red cape.
    The foreign student from England who is more Japanese than most Japanese people.
    The girl listlessly standing on the rooftop.
    He's supposed to have a peaceful school life with these girls, but life is not that easy! 
    A lot of weird things are happening around him, one after another... Heroines are nice, but story lacks excitement. Climax and H events are sudden. Whatever good is created in the first half is crushed mercilessly in the second half.   7. Puchi Shinigami Pleco プチ死神プレコ [020916] Bipolar

    Main character gets into a traffic accident with his sister. In order to save his sister he needs to fulfill conditions set by grim reaper girl Pleco. Company disbanded at the same time that game was issued, and there are no reviews, so it's an obscure title.   8. Blue-Sky-Blue(s) -Sora o Mau Tsubasa- Blue-Sky-Blue【s】-空を舞う翼- [020920] Emu 1

    The protagonist's mom passed away 10 years ago and the father-son relationship is a strained one. When poppy's work as a weatherman and new marriage sends them to Hokkaido, the player enters a new school and joins up with a group of student's whose passion is the sky - with the belief that people come from the sky and will eventually return to the sky... Six girls are available for the romancing including honor student Kasumi Itimatsu, school director's granddaughter Fuuka Mitsuba and assistant teacher Tomomi Shinose. This is a story of conflict with abstract perceptions of heroines, so don't expect a love comedy here. It may be called the opposite of charage as personalities live in lies and dreams, and everyday life scenes get truncated. A bold experiment.   9. Hajirahi はじらひ [020920] Blue Gale

    Main character fails a big project at an advertising agency, and now he takes a month long paid vacation. He goes to a remote village which image he remembers from a postcard. It's needed to raise favorability rating with one of heroines in the course of numerous events. After the three sisters are captured, true route is revealed. Apart of three sisters there is also a school teacher and a lively girl, but they are treated as sub-characters not gaining own ending. Development is boring as there is nothing to do but enjoy rural life and various situations.     10. Panic!! Kerokero Kingdom ぱにっく!! けろけろ王国 [020920] Pajamas Soft

    A lot of frog have fallen from the sky! Extremely selfish protagonist intends to defeat them quickly and become famous. Suddenly first princess of the country shows up and persuades protagonist to fight for her cause. First part is tetris game with frogs as blocks, second part is various puzzles with H as reward.   11. Brave Knight ~Leverant Eiyuuden~ ブレイブナイト ~リーヴェラント英雄伝~ [020926] Panther Software Co., Ltd.

    Medieval romance interaction game featuring 14 lovely maidens available for the wooing. Another useless lazy Xbox exclusive SIM.   12. Dalk Gaiden DALK外伝 [020927] Alice Soft 1 2 

    Our hero is the Love God, "Martis," who also appeared in the previous title. He was turned into a regular person because he disobeyed the Master God, Furad. He ends up searching inside the body of the giant god Varuga with 7 maids in order to subdue the Demon God, Port Nunu. This parasitic demon is running rampant around in Varuga's body. Varuga's body is a labyrinth, which consists of a giant dungeon with many floors. Martis and the maids advance into the dungeon as they beat small monsters on their way to defeat Port Nunu, who is hiding in the deepest area of the dungeon.  Game is a sequel by name only, even story has no connections. Story is one road, each heroine has very few events. Battle system is quite simple and entertaining. Game is sold for just 1/3 of normal game price, so epic hopes should not be placed on it.   13. Hachimitsu Sou de Hoppe ni Chuu はちみつ荘 de ほっぺにチュウ [020927] Palette 1

    The hero is a fourth grade student from college who is graduating this year.  During the summer break from the university, he was living a lazy life and doing nothing all the time. One day, his parents kicked him out of home. Seeking independence, tries to find a part-time job. And then he becomes an apartment manager. In his the last summer vacation, his stopped time begins to move.  SIM with schedule and something else, but I already don't care.   14. "Hello, world." [020927] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4

    Set in Akihabara in the near future, "Hello, world." is a hearty, feature-length, cyber battle-action/campus-life story about a robot boy and the girls that surround him. Tremendous progress has been made in technical advances. Various networks have taken strongholds with each new generation. Though not nearly advanced as humans, two-legged robots are utilized in many practical areas throughout the world. Amid worldwide peace, the human race remains unchanged.
    Kazuki Tomonaga is a robot made by an entity called "HIKARI" for the purpose of "GLOBAL ILLUMINATION". He's created with ingenuity as precise as that of a human being. Kazuki is commanded to research the concepts of "human emotion". Along the way he meets various girls and has exchanges with them. In their "exchanges" his "curiosity" gradually turns into "affection" and his mission becomes more intense. He gradually starts to build his own philosophy, not knowing he will be forced to make crucially important decisions in the near future.  There are many English reviews.    15. Majo no Ocha Kai 魔女のお茶会 [020927] Frontwing 1 2 3 4 5 6

    Long, long ago, there was a world in which mages and humans existed in harmony. Deep contrasts in their two cultures, however, caused differences that could not be overcome between the two races. The humans feared the great power of the mages, and hunted them, trying to erase their kind from the earth. God felt pity for their plight and created a world of magic for them, which they could go to in peaceful exile. In this way the mages faded from the Earth, and all contact between the two peoples ceased. Each continued on their own paths, the humans that of civilization, and mages that of magic. A few hundred years have passed since that time, and the mages are hopeful that, once again, the two races can live in harmony together. In the hope of finding a way to bridge their differences, the mages send out their young acolytes for training in the world of the humans. If the younger generations of the two peoples can find a way of connecting, perhaps the acolytes could gain important knowledge that will enable the two groups to live together again. This year three young wizards will cross over into the world of humans... Two of them are elite, and one a total drop out. Can they reunite the two peoples of Earth and the World of Magic? Game is localized and has many English reviews.   16. Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2 勝 あしたの雪之丞2 [020927] Elf 1

    Kubo Masaru was knocked out into a critical state of unconsciousness by the prequel's protagonist, Yukimura Yukinojou, during a boxing practice. He recovered from the coma now, and at present is attending Ryouzuki School.
    However, due to his insufficient attendance, he has to repeat a year, additionally got barred from the possibility of practicing box, and is moved from the specially selected sports class to a general education class where he, alongside with his classmate Mizushina Akira, is fighting against heavy odds at the studies designed as preparations of entering university.
    After regaining his consciousness and recovering from the feeling that "he has somehow slipped into the future" due to the time he lost in coma, the doctors also forbid him to practice his biggest passion - boxing -, thus now Masaru is frustrated of being unable to continue and is completely burning out inside.
    Just what sort of destiny such a Masaru could end up with? There is an English review.   17. Nor Near the Once Reality [020927] Alice Noir 1

    In the not so distant future... Kisaragi Shirou, a man with a special power who lives in the slums.
    His power is only known to a limited group of people in the government.
    Topological Ghost (TG), the power to materialize digital objects 
    into the real world.
    Shirou, his sister Aki and his brother Jin worked as test subjects in a 
    TG research project funded by the government. But an accident during an experiment kills his sister and his brother disappears soon after.
    After leaving the research institute, Shirou begins to live a life of self-indulgence in the slums.
    Until one day, when he suddenly meets a girl who resembles his dead sister... Typing adventure... seriously? Story is quite good, and I bet there are just no good enough typing games to compete with this one so far. Game's sold for 1/3 of usual price.   18. Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringotei Senya Ichiya~ Princess Holiday~転がるりんご亭千夜一夜~ [020927] August 1 2

    The story takes place in a medieval world. The protagonist, Cliff Cloud, comes back to his hometown of Symphonia Kingdom after 3 years of wandering through the lands as a travelling bard. The very day he arrives in town, he has a chance meeting with a girl who's pursued by soldiers. He rescues her, and since she's searching for a place to accommodate for a while, he introduces her to his family and friends at the Korogaru Ringo Tei (= Rolling Apple Pavilion) inn.  That girl, who named herself Leticia Apple, quickly turns out to be the Princess of Symphonia Kingdom, Leticia la mew Symphonia. She slipped out of the castle in order to see the outside world and the lives of common people. After a few discussions with the protagonists, her father, the benevolent King Worsel, allows her to stay and work at Rolling Apple for a few weeks, as a training as the future Queen.
    And thus starts the story, as you'll see the lives of the people of Rolling Apple. As Cliff, will you follow Leticia's training and form a relationship with her, or will you interact with the other girls? Choose you own 
    adventure, and get to discover their stories, as well as the mysterious background behind Cliff, and the secrets around Symphonia Kingdom! There are English reviews.   19. Sorairo Memories そら色メモリーズ [020927] Ga-Bang

    Main character is surprised to see a girl next to him as he wakes up. All the neighbors claim that she is protagonist's sister Sora-chan. Girl has no memories prior to standing in front of the house. They decide to walk around the island to try to regain the memory. Is she really protagonist's sister who he has no recollection of? Period is one week. We choose which girl to visit at the beginning of each day and there are more choices afterwards. System is quite heavy. The aim of the game is to... recover from father's death? Really? Just stupid, as for me. Game is rather short.   BLOCKED   1. Nukarumi ~Onna-tachi no Choukyou Nisshi~ ぬかるみ ~女たちの調教日誌~ [020906] White Main character enters university and starts to live alone. He frequents adult sites and one day identifies childhood friend's mother in one of the models. She surrenders to blackmail, and her training starts. At the same time protagonist keeps searching new victims on the net setting up an internet site to record the patter of the training. Nukige   2. Oshiete Agechau 教えてあげちゃう [020906] Trabulance 1 Takumi Aoba stays with the Miyazaki's because his parents live abroad. All the family members are female, and they passionately welcome Takumi. They do more than he's expecting: They lay around the house naked, try to join him in the shower, and lots more! Takumi's going to have a lot of fun...
    If you like older women, you'll love this title! Beautiful women with mature bodies will try to seduce you every time you turn around!
    Momoko Miyazaki: She grew up with Takumi and is now a student teacher at Takumi's school. She has big tits.
    Ran Miyazaki: She's Momoko's twin sister. She also is a student teacher. She has sexy
    Yoshino Miyazaki: A widow. She passionately tries to seduce Takumi. She always ties her beautiful long hair with a big ribbon.
    Hitomi Saginuma: Yoshino's little sister and Takumi's homeroom teacher. She's
    separated from her husband, and she and her daughter stay with the
    Miyazaki family. She's tall and has really big tits.
    Chinami Saginuma: Hitomi's daughter. Even though she doesn't really understand
    much about sex, she actively asks Takumi to sleep with her.
    Join the Miyazaki household and learn what you can from older women! Nukige   3. Pachi File ぱちFile [020906] Soubi Kenkyuujo 1 Here are the games included in this fun disc:
    "Cosmic Man Episode 9"
    This is the never-released episode of "Cosmic Man," released in October 2001. Because of the controversial title "co*c" and some other reasons, it couldn't be included in the original game. All the details of the story haven't been revealed yet, but it seems you'll be able to see four girls having sex...! 
    "Pachimoso" Special Shortened Edition
    One day, our hero receives a mysterious package from his father in Africa. Mojita opens the package and finds his father with a completely changed image inside...
    This is the follow-up story of "Pachimoso." The story begins where the previous story left off. Your target girls are: Benny, Tamao, and Miruka. What's waiting for our hero!? 
    "Bacha Bacha Cop"
    Shoot the female cop with your water gun! The system is very simple: you move your mouse and click the button to shoot. If you successfully hit the female cop, you'll be able to see through her clothes...! Furthermore, if you continue shooting her until her clothes are soaked, she'll start taking off all her clothes. Don't give up; make her wet!! @
    This is a block breaking game. Blocks consist of girls' clothes. Break the blocks and reveal girls' embarrassing parts! Do you think you've heard of this title before? Ha-ha-ha, it's only your imagination...
    "Geki Kukan Ero Yakyu-ken" ("Shinpu no Oshigoto")
    "Shinpu no Oshigoto" was originally released in September 2000. It was popular because of its high-quality graphics, great storyline, and exciting sex scenes. You play "rock-paper-scissors" with girls. If you win, a girl has to take off some of her clothes. If she wins, you have to take off yours. Pray for luck and see how fast you can get the girls naked!! Nukige fandisc anthology   4. Paradigm Shift ~Mezame no Toki~ パラダイム・シフト~目醒めの時~ [020906] Tail 1 Brutal murders are occurring at Shiramine School because the students become possessed by demons. The protagonist, Ootori Kirio, must purify the students by having sex with them. Nukige   5. Sold Out Frontier ~Reifu-tachi no Kihin Shakou Ressha~ SOLD OUT FRONTIER ~隷婦達の貴賓社交列車~ [020906] Prime Soft Local nobleman Selena excavates a huge vehicle from ancient ruins. She turned it into a train, built a small town in it and laid tracks for it to move. The established club "Renaissance" inside it becomes a gathering place for all nobles, but underneath presents a prostitution slave camp. Main character is put in charge of training slaves for sex. Nukige   6. Yukiyobanashi 雪夜話 [020913] Gin no Ken A mysterious incident suddenly takes place in guest hall on a snowy night.
    Missing woman, broken glass and red stains splattered around the room ...
    Different perspectives will be needed to challenge this mystery.
    The screaming persons. The persons who talk to you for some reason.
    Sometimes they cooperate, sometimes they conflict, but only this way truth can be revealed. Doujin   7. Enzai 冤罪 [020913] Langmaor 1 2 3 4 This is a story of France, during the rule of Napolean. Although the Revolution brought with it new laws and some semblance of representative government, there are some places that never change: the dark hole known as prison. Into that hell a boy called Guys is sent. The crime is murder, and the sentence, life without the possibility of parole.
    However, Guys is innocent of this crime. He was living his life as he always did, running through the city and stealing to survive when he was caught by a policeman. Before he knew what was happening he was accused of a crime he knew nothing about, hauled before a dishonest judge and found guilty of the heinous crime. But just who was killed, and why?
    In prison, Guys is made to endure a world of violence and betrayal as he fights desperately to survive. Inside that world of fear and loathing, he endures in his quest for justice for himself. He finds help in unlikely places -- from alcoholic lawyers and insane men in the prison with him. Eventually he begins to realize the scope of the diabolical plot he's fallen into, but even as he works to uncover the truth, he despairs of that which he has lost. And every day, he struggles for dignity and survival, while the powerful interests who put him here look on with smirking amusement.
    "I just want to be free..."
    Will his strength and determination be enough to break through the hearts of his fellow prisoners? Will he be able to finally uncover the truth and find salvation?  Boys Love   8. Kegareta Eiyuu ~Jain Seijo Gari~ けがれた英雄~邪淫聖女狩~ [020913] Clock Up Several hundred years ago heroes finally defeated the source of evil
    Nowadays grand battle starts to be forgotten until demon king slaughters hero descendant and turns him into his servant. The devil infiltrates the city taking revenge on the citizen girls. However, the order of Empire protectors is still strong. Will devil have his revenge or fall in the battle with the knights? Nukige   9. Kinoko ~Kindan no Chiryouyaku~ きのこ~禁断の治療薬~ [020913] Tomato Main character is a world famous fungi researcher working at a pharmaceutical company. Now he's developing vaccine for a strange infection that invigorates sexual desire draining energy till death. In fact, he's infected with it as well. Mixing mushrooms with bacteria provides unexpected results... Nukige   10. Mahou no Shippo na Dai Ni wa 魔法のしっぽな 第二話 [020913] Sith 1 2 In this second part of the Mahou no Shippona saga, Emiru has already obtained the magical fragment of fire. She and her new compatriots now venture to find the fragments of the missing elements. Using a magical dectection device, they’ve found that two of the elements are close together, whereas the final element lies alone and far away. Once again, this is a fully animated Hentai adventure. Nukige   11. Meshimase Ouji-sama 召しませ王子サマ [020913] Marine Heart One kingdom approaches hereditary crisis. Royal family decides to hold a competition with the best candidate to be adopted as a prince.
    Main character is a teacher of poor aristocracy candidate Rufus. But under the mask of duties  hidden love starts to flourish. Boys Love   12. Onna Kyoushi - Yumi no Houkago 女教師・裕美の放課後 [020913] FlyingShine 1 Hiromi Hayama is a beautiful English teacher working at "Seimei." Unknowingly taking a sleeping pill the vice-principal Ishikuro passed her, she passes out at a party. He takes her into his private office and tries to rape her. Luckily, she wakes up and escapes!
    The next day, he pretends he had had too much to drink and was just fooling around. 
    Hiromi is really pissed off and insists on his resignation, but this jerk won't listen to her and even starts to make plans to try raping her again... Nukige   13. Ryoujoku Konbini ~Tenchou Yamete Kudasai~ 凌辱コンビニ ~店長やめて下さい~ [020913] spiel Main character is a convenience store manager. The staff is gentle here, and customers evaluation is high. One day a part-time worker makes a mistake and undergoes sexual harassment punishment from the manager. But with every following day his actions become bolder. Nukige   14. The Guts! 4 ~Shiritsu Guts Gakuen!~ The ガッツ!4~私立ガッツ学園!~ [020913] Authoring Heaven 1 On the very day our hero transfers to the Private School, Oshima, he bumps into something very hard thing and is knocked out. When he comes to, he finds a stocky looking girl looking down at him. That hard thing was this girl! 
    Her name is Minako Takahara (Taka-san). She's president of the "Civil Engineering Study Club." Our hero ends up being coerced into becoming a member of the club. This club has some very unique members! Mutsuki Oshima (Ojo-san) is the vice-president of the club, chairman of the council, and granddaughter of the principal of the school. Akira Hayasaka (Akira-kun) is a tomboy. Kaori Nanamori (Nana-chan) is a new member. With these girls around, our hero won't have time to get bored!!
    Moreover, there's a rumor that buried treasure lies somewhere around the school...
    Will our hero be able to survive all the excitement...? Nukige   15. True Blue [020913] LiLiM DARKNESS 1 2 The protagonist, Kurusu Akito is a second year high school student at Mikage Gakuen and the baseball club's ace. His childhood friend and classmate, Kanzaki Aoi is a campus idol and is this year's Miss Mikage Gakuen. They're close together since birth and thought that these days would last forever. One day, an unknown organization picked Aoi as their next item for their "auction". The organization then organized a contest to see who gets to successfully train her to become a sex slave and picked 7 people in close proximity to Aoi as the contestants. Akito is one of them. The time limit is one month.
    Not wanting his childhood friend to become a sex slave, Akito decided to protect Aoi against the other 6 instead. Unfortunately they're being observed and he doesn't know who the other 6 are so he couldn't move unskillfully and decided to protect her behind her back.
    Can Akito successfully protect her? Nukige   16. Yumekumi ゆめくみ [020913] Megami After the sudden death of his father, the protagonist had to suddenly take over his father's position as company chairman. But then he collapses due to overwork. At his doctor's recommendation, he's taking a week vacation at a cottage where he finds his two loli sister-in-laws, Yumemi and Kurumi, are waiting for him. Nukige   17. Solau Cllass Saga ~Seiken o Fuuin Seshi Mono~ ソラウ・クラス サーガ ~聖剣を封印せしもの~ [020916] Yuuki Hirotoshi A sad legend about sacred holy sword is passed down from ancient times. It's a story about two adventures - warrior and wizard - who are determined to get to the bottom of this legend.  Doujin   18. Lyrical Mint リリカル☆ミント [020920] Untouchable Suddenly Mint visits main character's house asking him to help her store enough energy to return to the devil world. They start practicing every night while keeping their relations secret from protagonist's sister-in-law.  Nukige   19. Nyan Nyako Nyan にゃんにゃこにゃん [020920] Pianissimo Main character moves to a small village on the beach. He picks up a cat-girl "Miu" to live with her, and there are also a lot of lively girls in the village to have fun with.  Nukige   20. Onii-chan Jushinchuu お兄ちゃん受信中 [020920] Vega Main character shares car hobby with his boss. One day they get in an accident damaging house of the boss. The house is co-owned, so protagonist has to shelter two girls for the time being. Nukige   21. Shisukon しすこん~妹魂~ [020920] Angel Smile 1 Naoki Tachibana is madly in love with his little sister, Miyuki. However, because he's her brother, he can't cross the line. Instead, he falls head-over-heels for a popular singer, Ayumi Tenkawa. She looks just like Miyuki.
    One day, Naoki receives a letter from his dad stating that Miyuki and Naoki are not blood-related, and that his dad's new wife's daughter, who happens to be Ayumi, will come to live with them.
    The peaceful household suddenly changes into a battlefield of love! 
    This new title from Angel Smile is a slapstick comedy AVG. Cute girls are out to get you!
    Miyuki Tachibana: A very smart but shy girl. She's on the archery team. She's in love
    with Naoki, but...
    Ayumi Tenkawa: A very popular singer. Her mom is married to Naoki's father and comes
    to live with them. She seems like the "perfect girl," but the truth is...
    Urara Shiratori: Another new singer. She's competing with Ayumi for the top spot.
    Sayuri Akiyoshi: Naoki's homeroom teacher. Although she hasn't realized it yet, she's 
    very popular among male students at school.
    Akiru Yamada: Ayumi and Urara's manager. She's always twisted around with their selfishness. She's not a very happy person. 
    Can you survive this love battle!? Nukige   22. Tokubetsu Jugyou 2 特別授業2 [020920] Bishop 1 The College of Sacred Maidens is bubbling over with sexy young ladies perfectly suited for Tomoya’s lusts. So, when he crosses paths with a new student professor for the college, he’s not about to let his chance pass by - he wastes no time drugging the guy, and taking his place. Now this dangerous sex fiend is surrounded by beautiful, buxom women, and he’s already got a lot of "assignments" planned for them.
    The innocent cheerleader Yumi, the fiery swim girl Seira, and even Asuka, the ravishing actress. One by one, he’ll collect them all as his pets, eager sex slaves who’ll fill his every burning desire. But the girls won’t take it lying down, so to speak. What will it take for Tomoya to twist his way into the deepest parts of their hearts, minds, and luscious, energetic bodies? Nukige   23. Madogoshi no Heya 窓ごしの部屋 [020921] Soft Circle Courreges This game depicts the relations of two old childhood friends over the course of 20 days. You progress through the game by picking various options as things happen to you in the game. What will happen over those 20 days between this boy and girl who have never before been more than childhood friends? Doujin nukige   24. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 4 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD4 [020924] NekoNeko Soft A collection of short stories: ・「シラハマでGO!2」
    ・「初駒 瑠璃 ショートストーリー」
    ・「織塚ショートストーリー」 Fandisc   25. Crave x 10 [020927] Cherry Soft Main character is an ordinary young man who lives in the same city as his 10 girl cousins. One day a girl with a big rose shows up at his house commanding him to hunt 10 girls in 10 days. He dares not to object. Nukige   26. Hadan'ya 破談屋 [020927] Mink Main character looses memory and gets hospitalized after an accident. Because of his memory problems he becomes a suspect. At this time appears a person who claims to know protagonist well and who blames him guilty. Protagonist under pressure agrees to undertake a job to make couples break up for money. What awaits him? Nukige   27. Hitsuji-tachi no Yuuutsu ~Concrete ni Utsuru Kage~ 羊たちの憂鬱~コンクリートに映る影~ [020927] Fairytale Heroine is subject to sadistic sexual abuse by childhood friend. She seeks to escape from the world of pain and pleasure. In this attempt she starts to associate with her classmate as she seeks love and protection. However, childhood friend has his own plans. Nukige   28. Hotaruko 螢子 [020927] Tigerman Project When the protagonist and his girlfriend, Hotaruko, had sex for the first time, they both simultaneously saw a strange image in their minds. When they tried investigating it, it led them them to a solitary island - Amatojima.
    Thinking that it's somehow related with Hotaruko's lost memories, they decided to visit the island during their summer break. After a one day trip from Tokyo, they arrived at Amatojima. They were the only passengers getting off the boat there, and the harbor was surprisingly deserted. They went to the only lodging house to book a room for the night. When the old lady who owned it heard Hotaruko's surname, her expression suddenly changed. She told them that Hotaruko is related with the island chief, and hurriedly directed them to the Kizuki household.
    There, they were welcomed by a woman called Kasumi, who led them to the guest room. The island chief, Kizuki Mizuno-sama, despite his suspicious appearance, gave them a very warm reception. It was decided they will stay at the Kizuki household for a little while... Nukige   29. Jigoku Sou e Youkoso 地獄荘へようこそ [020927] Pochette Main character inherits a three-story rental apartment after his parents death. He is not willing to bother with rental business management, so wants to sell the apartment fast. Real estate agent can only offer a really low price, but price can rise five times if the room are sold together with trained girls in them. Protagonist starts to insult and train women to prepare the sale. Nukige   30. Mahou Shoujo Ai 2 魔法少女アイ2 [020927] Colors Several years after the incident, main character attends a preparatory school in Tokyo with inconvenient memories pushed out of his memory. One day he witnesses a girl fighting monsters while no ordinary human can see the girl as she is protected by the barrier. Girl tries to erase his memory, but it does not work. As a result she suggest living together as a form to keep the boy protected from monsters. Nukige   31. Tomohime 従姫 -ともひめ- [020927] X[iks] 1 A lot of students at Miyoshino High School are missing. It has something to do with a special "drug" dealt around the school. Kei Fujiwara has been hired to secretly investigate the case. After facing some dangerous situations, he finally has the police arrest the teacher who knows something about the case.
    It seems the case is solved, but Kei isn't satisfied with the outcome; something still isn't right. One day, one of the girls who was missing suddenly asks him to run for student body president. She then hands him a pair of earrings, which stand for "slavery" to the current president. 
    Kei's instincts tell him something is going on underground, and he decides to run for president to find out what's happening...  Nukige   32. Zetsurin Acrobat Oyaji Tobimasu Iremasu Ikasemasu 絶倫 アクロバットおやじ 飛びます・いれます・いかせます [020927] Studio Kinky Your father was a great sexual acrobat. He now has passed the skills--as well as the torch--onto you. You now know that it is your destiny to entertain/assault the female populous with your amazing sexpertise and use of positions. Witness some freaked-out, over-the-top fucking in this 3DCG adventure. Nukige   33. Chobits for Game Boy Advance -Atashi dake no Hito- ちょびっツ for GAMEBOY ADVANCE アタシだけのヒト [020927] Marvelous Interactive In the near future, personal computers take the form of attractive female androids, called Persocons.
    Motosuwa Hideki is a poor student who failed his entrance exams to get into college. So, Hideki is forced to move to the city, get a job, and attend cram school in hopes of passing the next college entrance exam. He would of course also like to own a Persocon, but is way too poor to afford one.
    One day, while returning home, he finds a Persocon in a trash heap. However, his new find does not seem to be like the others he has heard about. She does not seem to have an operating system at all, and only says "Chii". As Hideki learns more about his Persocon (aptly named Chii), he finds out that she is not of any known type, and is most likely some sort of home-made model. He also learns of an urban legend — the Chobits — Persocons with the ability to think for themselves, instead of just running complex programs... Gameboy exclusive   34. Qpit キューピット [0209] Overture Comedy puzzle adventure. 
    One day main character gets lost in a forest and finds shelter in a house. However, a terrible witch lives in the house. The witch makes protagonist to do the puzzles with the prospect of being turned into an animal on refusal. Is it possible to pass all the trials and defeat the witch?
    Doujin   35. Tooru Genkyou 透幻鏡 [0209] Vita Nuova The world  is full of replicants, drugs and prostitution trafficking. Fully biological humans are almost extinct.
    Yuri lives in body disposal slums together with Rin and prostitute Nene. One day a girl appears in this dwelling. What's her reason to be in this replicant slums?
    Doujin   36. Izumi Jiken File いづみ事件ファイル [0209] Interchannel Izumi is an office lady at a publishing company. With her optimism and bright personality she will need to solve several detective cases.
    NintendoDS exclusive
  10. kivandopulus
    Foreword: I actually knew nothing about the game apart of KeroQ background as a company. There's just one review of the game that blames SCA-JI writing as "feels amateurish and he didn't even try to write characters that would feel fitting to the setting" and theory-crafting as "it wasn't detailed or insightful enough to be interesting alone". I'm speechless. This is an absolutely genius 10/10 work and probably the best visual novel I ever read. The only possible explanation for low scores for Nijuuei is in case of playing PC non-voiced version. I have to admit that my experience of PC version was not too joyful either - the palette was too dark and without voicing I could barely focus attention on characters and the flow. But PS1 version was an absolute revelation for me. This review is based on PS1 version of the game (but screenshots are from PC version due to better resolution).
    Title: Nijuuei
    Developer: KeroQ
    Date: 2000-11-30
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3856
    Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-u2aKdRWI13_8zRd71pFKl

    Synopsis: This game that takes place in Japan in the year 1640. The main character is a samurai that got a sword with a blade with two shadows (one with a human shadow and another one from the world of darkness) that connect with him with the world of darkness. The game begins when the samurai travels to a strange island in which all the children are born twins, he hopes that in that island he can find a cure to his own curse. The adventure starts there, can he come back alive from the island and without his cure?

    Structure: 12 days
    Length: About 20 hours.
    Game type: Mythology samurai horror mystery.
    Difficulty: I followed walkthrough and I wound not ever want to play it without one due to slow fast forward.
    Character Design rating: 10/10
    Protagonist rating: 10/10
    Story rating: 10/10
    Game quality: 10/10
    Overall rating: 10/10
    Rating comments: This is a perfect game, thus the perfect score. I adored each element of this game. I'm not giving it even higher score just in respect to the previous few games that I rated as 10/10. Just perfect.

    Protagonist: Sougen double shadow is an absolutely awesome protagonist. He's a demon possessed samurai who slaughtered over 200 men and now hunted by shogunate. He's mature, crafty in swordsmanship and very cynical. The first girls he encountered at the island he labled as dimwit, idiot and weak in the head. He can easily torture his opponent, cutting his limbs one by one and then finish him off in the presence of his protesting comrades. We do direct him through the story, but he has a strong personality and acts in accordance to it and not our commands. 

    Characters: This is a story-focused story, so there aren't individual heroine routes here, but at the same time even all the secondary characters are depicted so lovely and truthfully that I want to say at least a few words about each character. Three heroines get the ending: Kikyou, Mikoto and Fuurei. But those endings are absolutely the same with only difference in some phrases. There is also a non-heroine ending where we get to insult and kill the chosen heroine for the endgame. It's quite a cool open ending by itself, but its main purpose is just to see insult and death of one of the main heroines.
    Il and Sui are the heroines that feature on the game's cover, but they don't have their routes or endings. They are just mysterious twin shrine maidens who have spent all their lives in the same room. Il is the more serious one and Sui is more of a kid. Sougen amuses them with his stories about the world, and they become good friends. Together Il and Sui symbolize purity and their connection with the deity is most important for story purposes.
    Kikyou is a female bodyguard of Il and Sui, as well as their whole Awajike family. She knows a lot about the curse of the island, but unable to do anything about it, so she's ready to protect Il and Sui against everything (even Sougen) until the very end and meet a honored death in the fight.
    Mikoto also protects Awajike family, but she got the ninja training from outside. She's very embarrassed of her outlook and bunny ears, but claims that she got that outfit because her mother was representing the techniques of the zodiac sign of the rabbit. Mikoto is very fun to tease. Her weapon is very mysterious and cool and thus only fits in a huge box that she carries around her shoulder.
    Fuurei fights with a quarterstaff. She has he outfit of a jester. Fuurei comes from a poor family and that's a good way to tease her. She's got the coolest voicing among three main heroines with endings.
    Mai is a mysterious small girl who stays at the island even after evacuation of all the islanders. She always is in the mids of some job like counting clouds or waves... a weak in the head child... or is she?
    Sae is the maid of the Awajike family. Her voicing is absolutely genius and she has some of the best and funniest dialogues lines in her scenes. Character-wise she's my favorite heroine, but - alas - she has no ending of her own. But if you flag all the scenes for her, her female master Shiho is going to punish the servant for paying too much attention to one guest...
    Houjou is actually a boy, but he's voiced. He is not one of the main characters, but he gets his pretty fun ending, the only one among the secondary characters. His main theme is that he lacks talents, but is very diligent - he's always looked down by his comrades and superiors.
    Aya is a nice bodyguard who has only episodic appearance, but there are still enough dialogues and scenes with her that make up for the culmination of her story, which is very impactful.

    Story: I'll try to to spoil it as much as possible. As the story begins and Sougen arrives at the island, new samurai start to come with each new day and we get a clear assignment - to defend the island against the assault of the pirates that's bound to come. So at first I thought it would be a classic samurai story like Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa, and it would be pretty cool to see samurai get along with each other and the villagers and then participate in a great battle in the end. 
    At some point samurai started to have battles among themselves and monsters. There was even a little girl on a shoulder of a masked huge brute which is an evident origin of Ilya from future Fate/Stay Night. So I thought it would be such mortal combat to the end with the only survivor to remain - a cool story too!
    Then the fighting among themselves stopped and samurai started to die horribly in the reverse order of arrival. It started with new barely meaningful characters and went on to pretty much the main characters that started to die miserably on your very hands with long farewell scenes. So I thought it would be a story about the curse that reaps all the characters but the protagonist who overcomes the curse in the end somehow. I'd like to see that story as well!
    At that point I stopped my theory-crafting and just enjoyed this epic story.

    CG: I found and an abundance of CG to my liking. All kinds of horror and gore CG, lots of cute heroines ones. I enjoyed the visual part of the game immensely. Game has actually two softcore yaoi scenes.
    Sound: Most of peaceful BGM include bell sounds and most of anxiety BGM include beats in them. At times I got somewhat weary of beat BGMs, but overall it's a nice fresh experience.

    Technical issues: I used Pcsxr for emulation because it has its own self-written bios that both allows  faster emulation and deeper enhancement of the picture. It's the only emulation that had an option of HQx2 emulation which made text look smooth and finally improved character sprites to the extent that my eyes did not accumulate stress whenever pixelated character sprites showed up. For hooking I used HAT (Hook Any Text) with 00 hex substitution. 

    1) First of all, I deliberately did not mention a special male character among the character cast. But that male character basically becomes the second protagonist and the best friend of Sougen double shadow. I'm absolutely fascinated by this brutal men friendship story.
    2) In continuation of the first thought... that special male character actually gains his own love story with a heroine that has multiple steps in it. Where else did you see a story about a love interest of protagonist's best friend?!
    3) We all know that SCA-JI is the master of character design. But look at Aya, Fuurei and Mikoto sprites - those are supercute costumes with pants seen at all times. I'm just in awe at each appearance of these heroines on the screen, really.
    4) Game has a lot of infodumping and theory-crafting. The mythology part of it can be mostly safely skipped, but I really liked the historical part. There are a lot of references to shogunate, Tokugawa, Sanada and his curse, Sekigahara battle etc, and all the heroes have a place in this historical context with their own backgrounds and supported factions. A person with a really good understanding of the historical circumstances of the period would get immense pleasure.
    Overall comments: I am not going to repeat twice, it's all in the review. But the level of my affection towards the game can be measured this way - it's the first game that I'm going to play a fandisk for, but I'll properly wait for reviewing Nijuubako till November 2001 coverage. 

  11. kivandopulus
    There are four masterpieces this month - Tsukihime , Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ , Pure Mail , Gin'iro . Production-wise the most thrilling game is Sense Off, but I opt out for a chuuni whenever possible, so the winner is Tsukihime. I played it in the past, so won't be replaying now. But I still need something for a full rakeview this month. And this month is unusual as I'll be reviewing not game of the month, but some other game Ragnapolice which also turned out to be a masterpiece. Review incoming.
    1. Canary ~Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete~ カナリア ~この想いを歌に乗せて~ [000804] Frontwing

    A young man moves to Shikoku, the smallest of Japan's four main islands, to live in Kagawa prefecture with his uncle who runs a sound studio. Attending the Kotohira Middle School as a student with an ear for music, the player engages in interaction with seven female students who play in the school band. Some girls specialize in vocals and others wield instruments in the pop section. Music provides the glue for possible friendships and amorous maneuvers. A supporting cast of other characters including classmates, teachers and your uncle also supply additional interaction and bolster the story-line. The bulk of the interaction leads up to the school festival where you and band members hope to create beautiful music together. A charage with high quality of musical support, but it's not described why heroines like hero. The problem solving almost does not exist. It's almost like good hero exists by himself and nice heroines exist separately, and they can't really get along with each other well. There is just not enough satisfaction afterwards compared to the efforts involved.  
    2. Hohoemi o Mou Ichido ~Smile Again~ 微笑みをもういちど ~smile again~ [000804 Ume Soft] 1

    The story revolves around four childhood friends and their reunion five years after. You are a high-school student going through a story of growing up and falling in love. This composition is starting to frequent a lot - student happy years and then reunion X years later. Map selection part is quite evident, but what's tricky is mingames that are hard to beat, but reward additional CG. There are as many as 8 heroines. Such a huge gap between student years and aftermath is quite fresh and heroines change a lot in those 5 years. One playthrough is short, just 2-3 hours. It's a charage, so don't expect a good scenario here.  
    3. Nemureru Mori no Ohime-sama 眠れる森のお姫さま [000804] Penguin Works
    Asturia, a world of swords and magic. An evil wizard kidnapped Princess Emilia, and the king sent an elite army to take her back, leaded by the princess' personal clerk, Irina. But their journey was full of danger, and Irina's destiny will change forever... Game imitates RPG heavily, but remains a pure ADV with only text choices in battles and elsewhere. There are four heroines that are pretty easy to flag - it's enough just to choose them for conversation between battles and events. There is just one H event at the end for each heroine. Game is quite short (some 3 hours)   
    4. Omoide no Kanata 想い出の彼方 [000804] PL+US

    Main character is contacted to visit his home town after five years of absence. How different will be the town from his sweet memories? Work is built on contrast of memories with the changed landscape of the town. This mix of reality, fantasy and suspense is the main appeal point. Each of the heroines has her distinctive theme and it's often linked with death theme, so it's not your usual moege for sure. There are a lot of instant death choices in the latter part of the game. Branching happens very early in the game, so no repetitiveness of common route is felt. So it's a work with nice atmosphere, almost a masterpiece, really.  
    5. Sasurai no Ryourinin さすらいの料理人 [000804] Jupiter

    Protagonist is a world-wide known chef. This time he decides to cook for two weeks a western mansion on an isolated island. Six girls volunteer to assist him there. It's a SIM mix. We need to cook and if the cooking suits girl's particular tastes, there's continuation in the form of some event. I still consider it a nukige for the number of H scenes and lack of any sense in the game beyond that.   
    6. She is... [000804] Bell-Da

    Hospital in the suburbs. There is an internal struggle between the president and vice-president faction. President hires protagonist and vice-president hires Miu detective to find counterpart's weak sides.  Cover inevitably suggests it's a nukige, but as a tribute to Bell-Da I won't block it. Basically we gather information and when we gathered enough valuable information the story proceeds to the next day. Difficulty is easy since there is no limit on movements during any day. There are five heroines with endings. It's still more of a romance game than a detective game. It's quite nice as each heroine ending only shows up a portion of truth and the overall picture only comes together when every ending is seen. So it can be called an above average Bell-Da game.  
    7. Elysion ~Eien no Sanctuary~ ELYSION ~永遠のサンクチュアリ~ [000810] Terios 1 2 3

    As the story goes, an old man lives on an island in a mansion near the ocean. He's reclusive, private and very wealthy. As the family physician, you are summoned to the island to care for the old man. The premise of the game introduction seems innocent and routine enough but the various characters you meet arouse suspicion and suspense amongst the different players inside the mansion. The cast of characters include the codger's granddaughter, a groundskeeper, sinister men, and five maids dressed in frilly maid outfits that have a tendency to billow gratuitously. The system is like Kakyuusei since we need to move on the map ourselves. DC/PS2 version is all about moe maids while PC version adds insult to the mix. There's a lot of love put into graphics which is superb for the year 2000. But the story is nothing interesting, so no use to play it for the plot.  
    8. Love Love Navigation ~Koi no Menkyo Koushuu~ らぶ2・ナビゲーション ~恋の免許講習~ [000811] Cocktail Soft

    Main character comes to a training camp on the southern island during summer vacation. He meets a variety of lovely girls there. They have fun every day attending classes together and going out to play. But won't study become neglected with so much love in the air? The flow is good since it lasts up to the very last day of vacations where serious stuff starts to happen. Main character has a shifting personality depending on which girl he dates. The branching begins very early in the game, and after that there are only continuation/death choices. There is no plot, so it's pretty much an ordinary moege.  
    9. Once More Again [000811] Ail

    Protagonist is a miserable office worker in the mid-40s. He was too shy to talk to a girl and could only get married with a marriage arranged by his parents. But neither his wife, nor his daughter never respected him. 
    One day such man gets a chance to go back in time and live his youth years once more again. How will his second life turn up? Hero is a source of gags himself since he has a shy personality, but he is very stubborn in getting a girlfriend this time, getting in funny situations. The scenario is largely divided into two parts, and heroines get much more mature in the second part. The setting looks alien to me, so I rather see it as just another H-centered game akin to other Ail abusive games.  
    10. Penciller ☆ Kana ペンシラー☆カナ [000811] Ripe

    Eroge company Ripe is the stage. Main character becomes a new worker here. While working overnight, once a fairy from the other world appears before the hero. He gets transformed into a cute girl. His co-workers accept the change in appearance and give him a new name "Penciller ☆ Kana". So begins extraordinary life in the game company. There is a normal game company routine - going to convenience store, eating and working take the bulk of game time with only occasional events. There aren't choices in the game apart of meal choice, so it's pretty much a single road changed only by cards flip. Choosing a certain card can trigger work/meeting event or some CG. And since events are kind of randomly chosen, they duplicate... There's no detailed setting given, and such everyday life bores really fast. All the H scenes are yuri ones.  
    11. Tsukihime 月姫 [000811] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

    The story begins in a recollection of a boy called Shiki in his childhood years. There he gains a power out of this world. What is the meaning of this power, and what can he do with it? This is his story of finding the missing pieces of the puzzle. There are lots of reviews around, so I'm not picking up this game for video playthrough. It's definitely a masterpiece, but I don't like it when some game is only praised. What I personally found bad about is how complex the route structure is - I failed to trigger Arcueid route for numerous times, in the end having to resort to walkthrough. I also found it very weird how Arcueid and Ciel are so super-friendly with the hero when they meet him alone, but whenever all three of them meet, both girls get so angry that they immediately start to treat even hero with suspicion, easily writing him down as an enemy as well. That I could never understand, it felt alien to me since such meeting repeated over and over with the same outcome. Overall I got mostly negative impression from the visual novel, but the anime version which is blamed so much was a lot better for me. But Tsukihime is probably the first classic chuunige - an ordinary high school student receives a wonder waffle and gets in trouble because of that acquired trouble. This setting is going to be repeated numerous times, especially in anime.  
    12. Natsuiro no Apron 夏色のエプロン [000812] Uran

    Main character lives with his elder sister who does all the housework. But as summer vacations start, sister goes abroad. Hero has never washed or cleaned anything, so soon he finds himself in a pinch. He decides to bring one of his acquaintance girls to the house so that she does all the washing and cleaning again! This exact setting I meet for the second time and its stupidity infuriates me greatly. It's not quite clear from the synopsis, but it's pretty much a nukige since hero starts to molest every girl that agrees to do cleaning for him. Game is focused on naked apron theme.  
    13. Remel [000812] Usagi Club

    Shuji gets into an accident resulting in memory loss. He feels like he enters the body of anothe person. While hospitalized he meets various people and gradually starts to come closer to understanding the truth behind his past. This is actually a doujin game, but it's fully voiced, has cute characters and not a nukige-tilt plot, so it feels like a normal commercial game. There are four heroines and there's a system of hero and heroine thoughts that need to intersect. Happiness and sorrow is the main theme of the game. The whole curse story seems incomplete, and it's not evident what developers wanted to say. Text often feels childish, but is ok to read unless you can only read professional texts.  
    14. Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ Sense Off ~A Sacred Story in the Wind~ [000818] Otherwise 1 2 3

    The protagonist of the story, Naoya, was hospitalised after getting in a bicycle accident. During his treatment, it is found that he exhibits a number of unusual brain wave patterns, and he is asked to move into a particular Cognition Dynamics Research Laboratory to undergo further testing, along with a handful of other young people who exhibit similar characteristics. With his newfound friends, Naoya takes classes, has fun and lives peacefully in blissful ignorance of the truth behind their gathering together. While it is difficult to say much about the story without spoiling a good deal of the enjoyment, 'sense off' is not a title to underestimate, and in whichever route you end up going down, the story will quickly spiral into something far more intricate and detailed than you likely thought possible. There are English reviews.  
    15. Yuukyuu Kumikyoku All Star Project [000824] MediaWorks 1 2

    Yūkyū Kumikyoku (Eternal Suite) is the final title in the Yūkyū Gensōkyoku series, and is once again a traditional Japanese adventure game. The story takes place in an alternate continuity where the characters from the previous games are all students at the same school. The player chooses a character from the series history, and then must become friends with another character while also keeping on top of their studies. Some weird SIM  
    16. Camera Eyes [000825] Uncanny!

    Women assault murder cases continue to occur in various parts of Tokyo. Main character is policeman specializing in criminal psychology, and he has an ability to read memory of the criminals on the crime scene. He is in charge of this case and investigates it together with his partner.  As you can see the setting is so comfortable to show lots of insult and voluntary H scenes as a part of recollection memory ability. The volume of the game is scarce, but there are a lot of choices. If not all of the flags are set, only bad ending awaits, so the difficulty is very high. Once a happy ending is reached once, there's no incentive to replay, just to get some additional CG. Little is explained and resolution comes out of the blue, so the overall expression of numerous H scenes followed by hasty resolution is not good. Backgrounds are very simple without character sprites, graphics is very mediocre.  
    17. Can Can Bunny 6 - I ♥ Mail きゃんきゃんバニー6 i・mail [000825] Cocktail Soft

    Imaginary city "Shibuya". Mobile phones received a universal spread, and main character decides to get acquainted with modern technologies after a year and a half of job hunting to get advantage at job interviews. After buying mobile phone he wins  navigation communicator called "Monaco" and a CD-ROM from  mobile phone manufacturer. It turned out to be a cute girl application!
    What a depressing synopsis for a genki charage! We need to date by using e-mail and move towards date in real life. There are SIM elements. What disappoints that all the girls follow exactly the same pattern and even extra "Monaco" scenario is absolutely the same by the flow. Game feels to be creator-centered since there's little attention to how player would feel while playing. Maybe it's just inheritance to repetitive and difficult games from the 90s, but it does not really help much with evaluation.  
    18. Fifth -Twin- [000825] Rune

    The Ancient Documents of an angel's heart were stolen when the angel was only a child. The sacred angel's diary was found, but the last page was missing. What could have been written on it? The last page may include the secret of raising both angels to be White or Dark angels. Their destiny depends on you. You have a limited amount of time to decide how you will raise them. We get to choose either of two girls, the magical element from four elements and start nurturing. After it's done there's ADV part with jobs from the Guild. Girl goes out for the day and tells stories about her daily adventures in the evening possibly triggering nightplay. Repeat till the time is out...  
    19. Gakuen Ojou-sama Kitan 学園お嬢様奇譚 [000825] C's Ware

    Sae Mikado is a genius girl who is good at everything since she were born, but she also have a supernatural ability she will put in use in her new academic life. I love C's Ware, I really do. But it's monotonous raising SIM  with parameters as well which I just can't stand. Apart of it it's a yuri bakage (also with shota) with very weird story.  
    20. Inaori いなおり [000825] rúf

    Main returns from his trip with Yayoi. What he finds at home is funeral for grandfather and his testament that sets inheritance condition to marry a girl and live with her in this mansion.  As usual, when it's not clear from the synopsis whether it's nukige or not, I try to elaborate. First of all, it's ruf which only issued nukige at this point. Secondly, game also has a longer title which can be roughly translated as "Inappropriate ~ Or how I stopped worrying and started to love five women at the same time ~". So the answer is yes, it's more of a nukige where protagonists tries to date five girls at the same time in an attempt to choose a wife. We choose the girl portrait on the map and trigger events, most of which are devilish ones.   
    21. Kamiuta 神詩 [000825] Black Package

    Main character needs to remove spiritual stagnation which is the source of troubles and solve problems of the girls. Will he use family inherited techniques for that or try to relieve troubles intuitively? It's another SIM as we need to do repetitive actions to advance treatment and increase levels till resolution is available. There are five attributes to raise - treatment, love, trust, ego, courage. Good luck raising them all to 10 for all the girls to see all the events!  
    21. Maya ~Madoromijima no Nemurihime~ MaYA ~微睡島ノ眠姫~ [000825] Noctovision

    The season is summer. Majima Masaharu who won a vacation trip invited his university's classmate, Seta Kiyohiko to participate in the tour. The trip is supposed to last seven days. The destination is a small island called Small-Sleep Island in the waters of Okinawa. They were supposed to stay at the pension named "MaYA" there. There were five invited people who also won the trip staying at "MaYA", other than Masaharu and Kiyohiko, four of whom are women. Majima's friend Kiyohiko is excited about the expectation that summer romance can be experienced on this trip ... Synopsis is neutral, so let's dig deeper. Genre is suspense with someone threatening to take hero's life and also targeting girls as victims. We choose among girls portraits on the map and trigger events. Scenario is bad in the way that conversations are only loosely connected, and there is zero empathy as a result. Even one missed event results in inability to clear character. But it's not always clear where the character will appear next time, so it's constant save-load battle for each heroine. All the girls routes feel the same and there's no sympathy towards any of the heroines.   
    22. Pure Mail -ピュアメール- [000825] 0verflow
    Kei has a difficult past with an abusive father and has problems socializing with people directly, so he chooses chatroom acquaintances over real people. But one day he discovers that his chat partner EVE is his classmate Midori, who has a crush on A,W - his internet alias. He falls in love with Midori but hides his idealized A,W identity from her so she would not be deterred by his real self, tainted by past and present events, and blackmailed into a slave-like relationship with the school's web mistress. Game is a big hit with dozens of reviews. It's the first such bright appearance of hikki as main character on the stage. There are both pure love branches and extreme ones featuring S and M. The contrast of those branches along with the innocent title provoked shocking results. But there are negative sides as well - difficulty level is very high, and there's also a very irritating imouto hated by everyone. That alone can avert all the imouto-lovers. This is a game where Moe defeats eroticism, and that alone is worth the masterpiece title.  
    23. Ragnapolice ラグナポリス [000825] Air Plants

    An investigator is dispatched from the Space Police Agency headquarters to the South Area Department. His name is Ryouma "Gold Wolf". He is attracted to a woman detective Margaret there. A shooting incident occurs, and Margaret is killed as a result. Ryouma stands on the trail of revenge and starts his private investigation of this case.  I foresee a disappointment due to mini-games and girl-centric case handling, but I'm too fascinated with armed girls to miss this game. I'm making a video playthrough of at least one route of this game, as well as a full review!  
    24. Gin'iro 銀色 [000831] NekoNeko Soft 1 2 3 4

    Giniro is a beautifully crafted fantasy tale comprised of four chapters. It is a bittersweet story of the legendary Silver Thread which is fabled to grant any wish to its holder... There are four tragic stand-alone stories, and I'm not a fan of such composition. However, there are four positive English reviews, so I gladly agree to call the game a masterpiece. I'm not greedy.  
    25. Viper-GT1 ~Akira-kun to Issho~ VIPER-GT1~あきらくんといっしょ~ [000831] Sogna

    VIPER-GT1, subtitled "Be With Akira", taking place a few months after the story presented in VIPER-GTB's "Rise After", the player fills the role of a new Anne Mitter's employee who attempts to woo the three current waitresses: Akira, Karin, and newcomer Makoto. Many other VIPER characters, both within the Rise series and otherwise, make cameo appearances. I tried to make my video of it, but actually failed. First of all, it's the first Viper game that's made on a horrible macromedia engine, so forget about skipping etc. Secondly, I found no voicing. Thirdly, it's become SIM-like since you target just one of three girls and spend free time on some part-time jobs to gain strength or smth. Then monsters come and insult all the girls and you can't do nothing. So probably I failed to do smth specific, but there are zero walkthrough, and I'm not going to make one of this less than perfect game.  
    1. Chijou 痴情 [000804] Front Hook Former classmates meet at a mountain pension house. The waves of destiny pushed them further and submerged to the edge of dark desire.  Nukige  
    2. FIRST|LIVE [000804] Amedeo Suzuki Shion is a second-year student who attends Namiki Highschool, and leads a rather average highschool life: her older sister is a teacher in the school, she has a best friend, Akemi, and she has several cute male classmates, none of which she has a particular favoring for, but like most highschool girls, dreams of falling in love. Her hobby is writing songs, but she keeps it secret, having no faith in her small musical skill.
    When she was a child, there was a time she had been bullied and a boy had come and saved her, and with a childish heart, promised to marry her. But now it is just a faded memory from childhood with a person who's name she can't even remember, and she thinks it was all just a dream. Pushing back the memory of that first love, she hopes to find a wonderful lover this time.
    Then one day in October as she was walking to school, she is stopped by bullies on the way, and is rescued by an unknown boy, who she finds out is Kurosaki Touya, who is just transfering to her school. The event brings back her childhood fantasies, that perhaps they weren't a dream afterall.
    Then by chance, one of her songs is discovered by Touya, and she is asked to help with recruiting students to form a school band and compose for them, with Touya as the vocals. Feeling flattered and compelled, she agrees. Will she find love with one of the band members along the way? Otome  
    3. Ichibatsu 2 Hyakkai 一罰2百快 [000804] Brand Protagonist decides to play Mahjong again with Akane as his new assistant. This time scene is girls' school with all kind of heroines as opponents. It's an undressing game, and after top and underwear stages there is punishment full voiced stage for each girl. Card game  
    4. Rush ~Kiken no Kaori Crisis: 2014~ RUSH ~危険な香り CRISIS:2014~ [000804] h.m.p 1 You are a scientist who is currently working on a project to develop a powerful drug that would cure men of impotency. Even though you haven't yet found the perfect formula for the drug, there has apparently been a leak in the medical institution, since different people were reported to use an early version of the drug, which ended in some very strange side effects. Your task is to find out who (or what) is behind the leak. Concentrating on the task won't be easy, since you have a beautiful girlfriend, a sexy colleague, and later you also meet a lovely journalist who wants to find out the truth... Nukige  
    5. Tokubetsu Jugyou 特別授業 [000804] 1 Main character becomes a temporary instructor to a famous girls school with strict discipline. He pretends to take his job seriously, but in fact he only lusts for flesh of the girls.  Nukige  
    6. Top Breeder [000804] Ange A human type pet has been recently developed and became a hit. Main character enters an "Official breeder license exam" that lasts 6 weeks in order to be able to discipline human pets. There is cat-girl, a dog-girl, a bird-girl and a rabbit-girl. But protagonist's girlfriend is getting jealous. Will the exam successfully come to an end?  Nukige  
    7. Yokodori ~Omae no Mono wa Ore no Mono~ よこどり~おまえのものはおれのもの~ [000804] Zero Have you ever been sick of a couple in front of you? Zero gives you a chance to destroy that couple and take away women in six different stories.  Nukige  
    8. Love Hina Pocket ラブひなポケット [000804] Marvelous Interactive A dating sim following an original story in the Love Hina universe. Gameboy exclusive  
    9. Back Stage [000810] Saphir Main character is a newcomer music producer. With extraordinary talent he can make ordinary girls into popular idols in a blink of an eye! He practices not only conventional serious study session, but also gives energetic entertainment lessons. Nukige  
    10. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! FIRST LIMIT [000810] Platinum Label One day, Sora mysteriously falls from the window of an upper floor in the school building. After being released from the hospital and returning to the school dormitory, his friend Matsuri announces that he has a new roommate, a very effeminate boy named Sunao who was their friend from childhood. The only problem is that Sora cannot remember him at all -- which upsets Sunao and turns him rather cold to Sora.
    Mystified as to why he cannot remember his past or why he fell from the building, Sora is determined to get answers, which turns out to be no easy task when things such as a sexually-harrassing math teacher or ghost possession get in the way. Then there is also the matter of Sunao acting very strangely from time to time... Yaoi  
    11. Idol Hakuraku Lesson IDOL剥落LESSON [000811] Studio Nabe Bugyou Main character is a slightly devilish celebrity manager. He makes idols out of trouble girls with lots of complexes. There are three main disciplines - dancing, singing and acting - but the result greatly depends on the trust parameter nurtured in the girl. Nukige  
    12. Ikenie 2 牲2 [000811] Hyperspace Main character is a NEET hanging around an adult web site. He sends out emails pretending to be a computer profane medical student inviting girls to meet in real life. He receives a response from milhy84 and they start exchanging emails. One day she sends a letter saying "Hey... do you want to torture women?"   Nukige  
    13. King [000811] Caroly Main character is a son a business group chairman. But a series of conspiracies is launched against the group destroying it and putting chairman into coma from overwork. Protagonist discovers an ability to turn into his doberman dog with a nickname "king". This way he is going to crush the daughters of his enemies who caused the group collapse.  Nukige  
    14. Kinki2 -Taboo- ~ Hospital Taboo ~ 禁忌2 -TABOO-~Hospital Taboo~ [000811] Succubus A new nurse comes to a hospital where protagonist works. He knows her already being introduced three years ago, and her shy personality, delicate body and innocent face excite him. He has a key to a secret room in the hospital where he can do whatever he wants to her. Nukige  
    15. Kakusei Oni Another Leaves 覚醒鬼 アナザリーブス [000812] PsG System Laboratory Ogre awakening theme doujin featuring Leaf characters from Kizuato and ToHeart. Doujin  
    16. Akikaze no Love Songs 秋風のラヴ・ソングス [000813] Eccentrax It's autumn, and main character is busy staging a play for culture festival. He tries to find important things in everyday life and build memories with important people. Doujin  
    17. Kichigai 2 Daigyakusatsu 既知街 2 大虐殺 [000813] Inu Daiku Game starts aver the events of ToHeart. Hiroyuki receives a letter from his grandfather who turns out to be religious fanatic who writes to lay great spiritual task on Hiroyuki. Things quickly take a crazy turn.  Doujin. Prequel with original setting was really impressive, while this work is just horror parody.  
    18. 8-gatsu 7-ka no Amayadori 8月7日の雨宿り [000815] Gara Land Three unfamiliar people take shelter from the rain together. It pours mercilessly with no sign of stopping. There is only one umbrella, so young people need to figure out how to get out of this situation.  Doujin  
    19. Stay. -Fragments of Memories- Stay. -Fragments of Memories- [000815] APPLE Project Doujin game inspired by ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~. Fandisk  
    20. Tokumei Kachou Ijuuiin Ginzaburou 特命課長 慰中陰 銀三郎 [000818] Digi Anime Japan is devastated by the eruption of Mt. Fuji in 2010. A huge casino is built on the ruins of the city under JCP company. Main character is JCP intelligence agent tasked to prevent hostile companies plotting against JCP. Hero knows special technique from ancient India to make girls fall for him in an instant, and he utilizes it against females of the rival corporations to learn their scheming and secrets. Nukige  
    21. Kenzan!! Momo-chan Zamurai 見参!!桃ちゃん侍 [000825] Aqua House Heroine of justice "Momo-chan Zamurai" defeats all kinds of evil underlings one by one in quiz battles. But when she looses and gets insulted, can she arise and condemn evil as before? Nukige  
    22. Kokoro... II コ・コ・ロ…II [000825] Aaru Main character is blessed with beauty and has rich attentive parents. However... he has disturbing erotic dreams at night. What if these dreams are meant to happen in reality? Nukige  
    23. Kyoukan 教館 [000825] Nanami Tougarashi Dan A boy is very bad in studies and he is sent to a special cram school. Hell reveals before him - escape is impossible, students have to study from morning till night and teachers are very experienced and strict. However it's written with small letters in the bottom that all the teachers are females and they attend students 24 hours a day. Yeah! It may turn out much more interesting that it seemed to be. The girl who likes him decides to follow him and prevent any misconduct that may arise! Nukige  
    24. Sensei 2 せ・ん・せ・い2 [000825] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Shuichi Nakata is from one of the most powerful families in Japan. After the death of his father, he moved out to live with his childhood friend, an older girl named Kumiko. The two of them have lived under the same roof for so long that they're like brother and sister. As time passes she becomes a teacher, and Shuichi finds himself attending to the same school she teaches at. But when he learns that Kumiko is engaged to a teacher he hates, he crafts a devious plan to take her virginity before her new husband can, which catches more than one teacher in his sexual trap. Nukige  
    25. Shiyouchuu ~W.C.~ 使用中~W.C.~ [000825] Guilty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 You can choose one of five different female characters and play through, to see different scenarios from that character's point of view. Explore a cornucopia of forbidden themes as you assume the personalities of each of the characters and play through all parts of the interconnected story. It's a game that explores some of the more bizarre fetishes that can be found in an eroge.
    Some say that it's the worst bishoujo game ever made – and it even got a perfect score of -50 over at Something Awful. We think it's a crazy ride through the darker side of eroge genre that many people can enjoy.
    Ikumi-chan just can't control her bladder. Julyne is a clumsy nurse. Reika's a model with constipation problems. Setsuko doesn't know how to use a tampon. Shoko has too much time for love of vegetables. Water Closet tells each of their stories in graphic, erotic detail, exploring themes that usually go unspoken. Follow their stories in this fetishist's visual novel game that's fully voiced with the original Japanese, subtitled and translated into English. Nukige  
    26. Tres Marias ~3 Nin no Sei Shojo~ トレス・マリアス~3人の聖処女~ [000825] Nikukyuu A church on an isolated island. Main character receives a letter from this church asking for help to learn why the state of sisters became strange. Sisters turn out to be sexually aroused which is absolutely strange since sex is absolutely forbidden to them by doctrine. Hero investigates sexuality of the girls and decides to accompany it with sex education. Nukige  
    27. The Guts! 2 ~Umi de Guts!~ The ガッツ!2~海でガッツ!~ [000831] Authoring Heaven A construction size by the sea is delayed by yakuza interference. Will hero protect the contract and the staff in this confrontation? Nukige  
    28. Ceramic Heart [0008] Stoic Romance In the year 298 of the Kingdom Cecilia, Princess Selena has reached her 18th birthday. King has no male heir, so he announces a public competition for his daughter's hand. For five weeks the strongest adventurers will challenge monsters in this race for the throne. Main character is a newcomer who overhears the news and decides to try his luck. Doujin  
    29. Photogenic [0008] Ritz software A young model's journey through his first photo spread and finding love in the workplace. Yaoi
  12. kivandopulus
    Foreword: I have not put a 10/10 score in a while. Psyclone is a classic cyberpunk story with sophisticated plot and great cast of characters. For genre fan it's an ultimate treasure. But game's not hookable, so I had to manually copy each line from the script for video playthrough. It was absolutely worth my time and I hope it can be worthy of yours.
    Title: Psyclone
    Developer: Vanilla
    Date: 1998-10-30
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v15546
    Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENAECnNmAq8KWBAvVAymrEDxV6nl3B0E
    Synopsis: Psyclone is a cyber-reality city accessed by using bio-interface. Recently it has been under attack of crackers causing anomalies and hurting people, so its inventor "Postman" along with his comrades "Bee", "Peepin Sam" and one of the crackers "Saiko" try to find the source of attacks. At the same time in the real world many young girls get missing in the slums. How can these cases be connected? 

    Structure: There are about twenty micro-chapters, but those are numerated in any manner. 
    Length: 5 hours
    Game type: Classic cyberpunk story.
    Difficulty: Easy. Each time you get a game over, you can press try again and get just before the wrong choice.
    Character Design rating: 10/10
    Protagonist rating: 10/10
    Story rating: 10/10
    Game quality: 8/10
    Overall rating: 10/10
    Rating comments: It's been so long I put any game a full score. Game is perfect composition-wise and characters-wise. But game quality gets a huge penalty for rhytmic but lacking excitement BGMs, non-full size CG (HCG are almost full size). There were also technical difficulties - inability of hooking and game error on windows switch, but launching with Dxwnd and using the text script ripped from the game did the trick in the end.
    Protagonist: Postman is a great protagonist. He inherited rights on bio-interface after his deceased father, but he created Psyclone all by himself. Furthermore, he managed to save his father's memories before the brain death, so his father is alive in the form of talking head in the real world and a full-scale actor in the net. The real name of Postman is Thomas Post Stroker. He's got a face and both knowledgeable and cool. 

    Characters: The characters names correspond to the picture above - upper names row to the upper characters and lower names to the row below.
    There are two main heroines. First one is Postman's comrade "Bee" who is known for being a fast and tough user. She uses both forms of male and female in Cyclone. Her real name is Vi Rubins. She tries to behave rough like a boy, but she is so sincere and protective over Postman that she managed to totally win my sympathies. For example, in one of the bad endings she keeps nursing Postman in the vegetable state after he got his brains fried in the cyberspace. She also saves her virginity for Postman despite behaving all tough and being mocked by Saiko for that. I could not force myself to look at Saiko ending after seeing Bee's one.
    Saiko is a supercute and supertalented cracker. She has a lot of in common with Postman as they both are regarded as otaku with an affinity to old tech. She's energetic and of modern views. She's a very nice person, but I don't like it that her ending requires intimacy twice during the main course of the game.
    There is also a third main heroine, but she stands aside of both primary heroines. Kelly is a police inspector with a very important role to play. All I can say is that her ending goes on top of the primary heroine ending and may either happen with any of the heroines or may not happen at all.
    But look at this cast. There are also plenty of cool characters. Ange with her bright clumsy personality brings a lot of comic relief into the game. Peeping Sam is one of the coolest hackers with a terrific voicing. Postman's father is not presented here, but he is a worthy addition to the team, both for his constant fights with Postman and for his activity in cyberspace. That's a really great cast in here.

    Story: I don't feel like giving spoilers this time since the story is absolutely worth of reading yourself, but here is what I can share in addition to synopsis. Postman dives into the cyberspace to track the cracker and confronts Saiko there, but she turns out to act all by herself and not connected with the other cases of attack or kidnappings. So she decides to cooperate with the team to find the real culprit. At the same time Postman is being followed by a Cybertech corporation worker Ange who consistently offers to sell the rights for bio-interface. Upon overhearing a policeman we get to know that policemen have to fill quota of bringing two girls per day. So we need to investigate three major facilities - Saiko's information shop where she got information from, police station and Cybertech. And that's absolutely all I can tell without major spoilers.
    CG: There are not as many CG as I hoped for and it's a pity that CG only take like 1/3 of screen space. But I really like the old-school style and the quality of each CG.

    Sound: BGM is rhythmic, but without real melody - that can be both plus and minus. Voicing is truly great (only protagonist not voiced).
    Humor: Humor in this game is not in the form of gags, but rather situational. Ange is the main source of humor situations. I especially liked how she was offered some tart and each time she sincerely exclaimed "Ah, oishiso!!!", but then remembered of the number of calories and rejected the offer. But the fun part was that the same situation was repeated several times during the talk. And she has such a light windy personality that we easily believe that she sincerely rejoices each time forgetting about previous cases.

    Title and Themes:  I always try to guess the meaning behind the title of the game. And this time there are so many meanings in the title. Psyclone = Psyclone city + Saiko + Psy + Clone. Game incorporates the best cyberpunk ideas, but manages to tell an absolutely unique story.
    Overall comments: I praised the game enough, but how could such a wonderful game be overlooked by Japanese audience? Game's got just one impression that's not even accessible now via web archive. I guess game graphics are to blame. In 1998 users could only try to assess the content by the box and box only features non-flashy images and weird phrases like "Cracker", "Bio Interface", "Texture Ripper". And that cost 8800 yen which was the cost of a top-tier game. Whatever the reasons are, game is just too big to be forgotten and I'll give remaining Vanilla games special attention.

  13. kivandopulus
    Foreword: This is one of the best masterpieces of the year 1993 and cyberpunk themed on top of that. I could not miss this chance.
    Title: HHG Heart Heat Girls
    Developer: Nihon Create
    Date: 1993-12-02
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v8716
    Length: 5 hours.
    Game type: Command selection + Point and click + Action elements ADV
    Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENAECnNmAq8F5WmXr06-5E634NvmhPmU
    Difficulty: Low, but I managed to trigger Game Over once still - game just jumped to the beginning of the scene, so it was convenient. What was less convenient is saving only at few specific places. I actually had to replay the whole first chapter because of that and electricity cut.
    Synopsis: HHG is set in a futuristic world, in which humans co-exists with androids, highly advanced cybernetic organisms. However, this co-existence is anything but peaceful, since android are going rampant, and a special police force known as ACP ("Anti Criminal-cyborg Police") is specifically assigned to deal with them. Two young and lovely police officers, Angelica and Apple, receive a S.O.S. signal from two army pilots, who were attacked by a mysterious female cyborg who called herself Patricia von Kreuzel. Upon arriving at the crime scene, the heroines find no survivors. Together with their colleague, a young detective named Keith, they must investigate and solve this case.

    Structure: Three chapters.
    Character Design rating: 6/10
    Protagonist rating: 6/10
    Story rating: 7/10
    Game quality: 7/10 
    Overall rating: 7/10
    Rating comments: As usual, I find it difficult to rate most of pc-98 games over 7, so 7 is almost the top score. My biggest complaint about the game that it lacks excitement and charismatic characters. There is only a handful of curious characters even though cyberpunk is a favorable ground for all kind of delinquents. Main heroines aren't cute enough to be the center of attention. Add the fact that it's basically an all ages game with just couple bare chests of half-cyborgs at the very end and you get a slow unwinding story that makes it easy to doze off at times. All the leather fancy dresses with gloves and short skirts are wasted here.

    Protagonist: There are three main heroines. Ann (Angelica) is a descendant from an important aristocratic family famous for scientific research. She is long hair blonde and is seen as a spiritual leader of the team. Yui is the silver hair girl with a messy haircut. She has quite a shady criminal past prior to joining the team. The last of the protagonists is Apple who is a short hair blonde. She's quite a normal girl character-wise, but she's the best hacker in the team. Well, four girls are featured at many screens - the fourth one is Patricia Von Kreutzel whose name is featured in the game intro, but she only appears at the very end of the game and uncovering her personality is already a spoiler.

    Characters: There aren't enough colorful side-characters in the game. Girls's boss is just an old man who shouts all the time. The information bank bartender has an appearance of a normal punk and he does not add the spice. At some point in the game a huge man appears who overpowers the girls greatly but he just frees them and leaves the area with the reader totally puzzled of what the hell just had happened. Keith is a young detective who is supposed to be a part of girls team, but even though his name is called out often, he almost never appears on the screen so at one point I even started to think that Keith is another name of one of the girls. The reporter guy is quite a normal one. To tell the truth almost all the side-characters are males which does not add appeal. 

    Story: Ann and Apple receive a faint SOS signal and hurry to its coordinates. They make it the first to the spacecraft crash spot. They pick up some strange cyborg parts and are attacked by a cyborg of a strange model, but they manage to take him down. What makes it most surprising is that metal cyborg has some white essence playing the function of blood. The military unit that arrives next strongly suggests to leave this case to the Anti Criminal-cyborg Police. But the analysis of cyborg parts shows that one of them contains human brain cells. Why is there human brain in the cyborgs? Who is in charge of brain smuggling? What's the role of the military? Is there a government level scale conspiracy unfolding?

    CG: CG look modest. Some heroines angles are even passable, but overall it's passable at best. Picture takes only like a third of the screen and that hurts a lot. I could only enjoy close-ups on the faces. Animation does not really help much.
    Sound: Sound is ok, but there is no voice (naturally) and no sound effects making BGM irritating sometimes.

    Overall comments: So the game is an attempt to make a long serious cyberpunk story that would present an interest for the sake of the story. But it had to adhere to lots of other methods to keep the interest - point and click sessions, 3d mazes, shooting robots action minigame, wide partial animation use, some gore and and even some eroticism at the end of the game. And it still fails to keep interest at all times. The investigation moves too slowly with visiting the same places for obtaining new pieces of information filling the puzzle. The dark palette leaves a mostly negative impression. But the story was worth it and it was nice to see the similarities with Silver Jiken, I'm sure HHG was one of the inspiration sources for it. 

  14. kivandopulus
    Foreword: This game's synopsis shattered my imagination from the first second and only the rarity of the game stopped me from playing it at once. Did my high hopes of the game come true? You'll know soon enough.
    Title: Lofty Form
    Developer: Aaru
    Date: 1997-11-28
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v15188
    Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENAECnNmAq-EjfsuBaQRr6x65QIhzOeO

    Synopsis: Yakushiji Shion is the eldest son from the clan that punishes bad people. But after he assassinated Empire's shadow Kurobe Akiyoushi, it is regarded as a rebellion against the Empire. He gathers the clan and moves towards the North. Every day they are attacked by pursuers. At the same time he is chased by the girl Hiramatsu Yae who fell in love with Shion.
    Structure: No real structure or branches.
    Length: 6 hours
    Game type: Samurai story with some fantasy elements.
    Difficulty: Very easy.
    Character Design rating: 6/10
    Protagonist rating: 8/10
    Story rating: 6/10
    Game quality: 5/10
    Overall rating: 6/10
    Rating comments: Game has quite low production values, but the story was decent and I struggled between 6 and 7 as overall rating almost till the end. I can't deny the coolness of main character Shion who speaks like 5 times during the game total, but the story in the end started to obtain various flaws and ended in a fluke which is unacceptable for a masterpiece level game, thus it's 6.

    Protagonist: Yakushiji Shion is pretty much everything in this game and half of game's (10?) CG show how cool he is. He speaks only a few times in the game with very short one-word phrases and most of the time we just see "..." whenever he is asked anything. That adds mystery. But he's so cool mostly because he's the only strong character and basically he defeats any enemy with just one strike. And we're being hinted that his clan might possess the secret of immortality which raises evaluation of Shion the Immortal even further.
    Characters: There is a bunch of characters who accompany Shion. Notably his step-brother Koriyama and step-sister Sayaka. Both of them were found and brought up by Shion's father. Next there a girl Hiramatsu Yae who tags along after she's saved from the hands of country's general who was set to making her a slave doll. There's also the princess girl and the spy girl who accompany the party at the certain point of narration. There is a good number of enemies, but to my regret enemies aren't really charismatic and for the most time that's just some masked ninja.

    Story: So the country of narration has not had wars for some 10 years at least. Everyone enjoys peace and noone carries weapons anymore. Yakushiji brothers on the other hand keep wearing weapons and bring self-justice to the villains of the country. It's going all right till they murder the great commander and first general of the army who lived in vice. But empire did not want to announce the fact of his death and instead sent remnants of warring clans to punish Yakushiji brothers. Yakushiji clan leader understands that killing general-commander will lead to consequences and because of that he sends his sons to the North and tells the reason of it only to Shion who is not really talkative. So first half of the story takes the journey to the North and that's all I can say without spoiling. More under a spoiler banner.

    CG: For the first 2/3 of the game there are zero CG! There are some small CG which are like 50x50, but that's not even remotely enough. Then we get to see two almost the same CG of Shion fighting and the end gets packed with like 10 CG in succession. That's a very weird CG placement that leaves a very poor impression of the main story events.
    Sound: Only BGM and in traditional Aaru style - after melody's over it does not cycle and up to the next story shift there's only silence to accompany you.

    Humor: There is none, if you don't consider humor those eternal games in silence with "..." repeated over and over by different characters. But one case was so absurd that it made me laugh. Koriyama follows rogue Makino to some house and finds there Makiho and two just killed warm corpses of a man and a woman. But Makiho says it was not him and just left. Then Koriyama is asked by a street girl to kill rogue Makino. Koriyama asks what are her proofs. 
    - He treated me poorly and commited me on many different occasions.
    - Uh-huh.
    - He killed Rutarou.
    - Uh-huh.
    - He killed both my parents.
    - Uh-huh.
    - After that he killed governor of the town Kirishima.
    - No way! A governor? What a horrible person.

    Themes:  I always try to guess the meaning behind the title of the game. Lofty form - what's that even about? Apparently lofty means of imposing height, thus lofty form means something like "high style". The synopsis indeed features high style narration, but the form and the essence are two different matters and should not necessarily coincide. So after all it's only form that remains lofty here.
    Overall comments: I probably placed too much hope in this game. Its low production values and plot inconsistencies described under spoiler did not let me really enjoy the game. But it's still a plot driven samurai story with a very impressive protagonist and might be worth your attention.

  15. kivandopulus
    Foreword: Phew, this game took a while to beat! Command selection was not comfortable after point-and-click EVE TFA that I finished before Zero. Eve Zero is best be played as the third game in the series, after EVE Burst Error and EVE Lost One.

    Title: Eve: Zero
    Developer: C's Ware
    Date: 2000-03-30
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2709
    Length: 23 hours.
    Game type: Command selection ADV.
    Youtube playthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENAECnNmAq8cGcQ2Nk61X8HURZddGzlc
    Difficulty: Quite ok. There are some 5 spots where actions for another protagonist are needed to take place for the story to proceed.
    Synopsis: Events take place before EVE:Burst Error. Game starts with a wicked murder of a man with his entrails cut out of his ribs. But Marina job this time is just to escort an important american business-woman Ruth Bradford. Kojiroh is working at Aoi's place as a detective and he gets a case to find a lost child from Nishina genetic institute chief. Those banal tasks do not stop our heroes from getting involved into a much bigger scheme of serial killings and organs illegal trafficking.

    Structure: Game takes place during eight days and has two minor actions in the middle of day 3 and day 4 that lead to two different endings on day 8.
    Character Design rating: 10/10
    Protagonist rating: 9/10
    Story rating: 10/10
    Game quality: 9/10
    Overall rating: 10/10
    Rating comments: After the first non-true ending I actually had mixed feelings with some threads left hanging loose, but true ending left a good impression and most of the actions got explained. Game still does not really tell everything explicitly leaving a space for afterthought. So this time I have no complaints with the characters - cute, interesting and useful for the story. The only small complaint with the protagonist Kojiroh is that we don't get to hear his voice at all and another one is that his character is shown while withstanding a series of very serious shocks and he often gets to act based on emotions in this game. On the other hand Marina is totally cool. After playing EVE TFA I really thought we gonna discover her dark past in Zero as well, but she's totally cool and great-looking in her perfect dress. Story moves quite slow for the first 5 days with mostly information gaining, but few fascinating events - still it suddenly blows out on the day 6 and keeps an insane tempo through the day 8.

    Protagonist Marina and Kojiroh. Kojiroh is not in his best shape though. He is not voiced and does not really joke. But Marina stands up for the both! That dress is something.
    Characters: First of all, thanks to Carnelian all characters are beautiful. The main cast remains the same, so Chief, Himuro, Akane are as lively as ever. It was a bit weird to see how Himuro already knows both of protagonists prior to Eve Burst Error, but she wears different disguise so it's probably ok. Genzaburo (Kojiroh's stepfather) is back so we can again bathe in the light of his awesomeness. There's Glen and Nikaido too! A very strong character cast including lots of fresh ones that I'd prefer not to cover here for the sake of not spoilering.

    Story: So Kojiroh is looking for a missing boy Shin. And he actually finds him pretty fast. But he discovers some facts in the process that prevent him from returning the boy to his scientist father. That father is involved in some shady schemes and seems to be a boss of local mafia gang. The boy is also not so simple since he looses consciousness and takes actions that he does not remember about after that. Marina is just escorting an american business-woman, but that woman is also involved into some shady schientific business looking for organ transplantation technology. But the scientist Shasha Novalis who has that technology can only think of his daughter disappearance and Marina is eager to help. The girl is found pretty fast as well, but the girl is also suffering from loosing consciousness and takes unknown actions while in that state. And gradually the town gets drowned in blood. This is the prequel to the series, so there are only a few important for the next parts characters who are guaranteed survival. Most of fresh introduced characters aren't so lucky. That covers hardly some 5% of the story and the rest you will know in the game! There's a lot of mystery to follow up!

    CG: Absolutely fantastic. Carnelian is a real pro. Some might think that his style is too cute for such a bloody game, but that's much better than the style of EVE:TFA where an unknown artist was invited with a lot of rough looking characters and CG to introduce.
    Sound: Everyone is voiced apart of the current protagonist dialogues. Same as usual.

    Themes and symbols:
    1) Cloning there is an old theme, but here it stays the strongest since here is where it starts and develops initially.
    2) Sacrifice is also an old one as well, but... It's a totally different sacrifice now. It used to be patriotic self-sacrifice, but now it's coercion sacrifice of other human beings in the name of the science.
    3) The new theme is that of the spirit. Some characters get to live after they actually die in limbless state. That's a creepy and interesting thought.
    Overall comments: Being a prequel EVE Zero introduces lots of new characters and mercilessly gets rid of many of them. That's why the game has the most amount of gore among first four games (have not played New Generation yet). The story itself is not really outstanding and moves at quite a slow pace while both of protagonists guard their protection target. But along with the story we get to know the conditions that led to events in Burst Error as well as more of the personalities of the main heroes. The flow is really lively thanks to appearance of many cute characters. Command selection with lots of locations to visit is quite painful though - I'd prefer just watching it myself. This is one of the greatest plot-driven games and I'm glad to be a part of it. Oh, and there's an obligatory for the series underwear girl party, of course (no, it's not that kind of a game)!

  16. kivandopulus
    I've waited for this day with terror since it's going to show whether this blog going to have a purpose after year 2008 - first clash with Micchi blog and notably his fool's day edition targeting April 2000! And the results are quite satisfying so far. Micchi highlighted 13 works and has one work that I can't allow to include because it's Tinkerbell work that produces only camouflaged nukige. But I include 11 more works that Micchi does not have. So for now I'm quite content with the result - there are a lot of obscure works Micchi misses and that's why there's probably a reason for this blog even after 2008. So in April 2000 I consider only one game as masterpiece - Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure. 1. Miracle Temptation!! みらくるテンプテーション!! [000407] Escu:de

    Saburou is in his 20’s and works at a perfume company, living a normal life (without a girlfriend though). One day, he heads out with one of the part-time girls, Misa, since it was her birthday and he bought her a present. The next day, girls kept coming on to him… something must have happened to make him so suddenly popular. With some research, he found out that it must be because of some type of pheromone. Was it because of something he drank or maybe the flowers he bought for Misa? Game is not voiced. There's no real story. Type is dating SIM with some twist. Nothing really remarkable.   2. Princess Memory プリンセスメモリー [000407] Cocktail Soft 1

    In the sunny world of Eden, there is a cave that is always changing and full of monsters. Our protagonist finds a girl named Felia, who lost both her memories and her ‘heart’. He helps her to regain her memories and form.
    Yet another RPG and again with automatic dungeon generation. The number of events is very small. RPG system is quite simple, but it's enough to enjoy the gameplay. There's just one H scene per heroine in the very end so it's more of an RPG.   3. Shokuzai no Kyoushitsu ~The seven stories of sin~ 贖罪の教室 〜The seven stories of sin〜 [000407] FlyingShine 1

    The main character Nanaze has a father who killed someone. Nanaze thinks it is partly her fault (unknown reason) and uses her body to pay for her father's sins. Later on in the story the complicated family relations between Nanaze, her boyfriend, her enemies etc. are revealed. There's an English review, and game is kind of borderline nukige, but since it's Flying Shine game, I'm always willing to give it a thorough look. Basically it's the same sound novel type with real-life rendered photos as previous games like Revolver. But the difference this time is that it's is an insulting game that suddenly becomes story-focused. The further it goes, the more complex and intriguing it becomes. This game has over 15 Japanese reviews and is considered a true masterpiece by many of them. I believe this game is where Flying Shine real history that brought us Swan Song, starts.   4. Tsubasa no Hatameki ~A Sound of her Wings~ 翼のはためき ~A Sound of her wings~ [000407] Shape Shifter

    Yuzawa Yuuki is a pessimist. He thinks that life is meaningless since everyone is going to die one day.
    Before the Christmas he meets a mysterious "angel" girl Mika. She claims that she came to save Yuuki from his desperate state. He doubts her sanity but decides to play along. After that self-proclaimed "devils" appear. Some of them aim to claim Mika's life, others are here to tempt Yuuki.
    Yuuki's long and unforgettable Christmas night begins. Game is short. There are some four stories and each playthrough opens up a new one. All routes are cleared within three hours. The only good point about it is Tony's CG and not bad text. It's not voiced. Protagonist is weird so it's difficult to sympathize with him. If only the volume was bigger.   5. Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki Dai 2 Wa 学園漂流戦記 第2話 [000413] Alice Soft
    Hero arrives at a mysterious island with two girls. They start exploring the island. Alice Soft fandisc game. There are no reviews and too many commands presented with a command selection system. After all, Alice Soft has always been more about gameplay than the stories. Game also has a very tiny resolution.   6. Persiom -Yakusoku no Tsudou Basho- PERSIOM‐約束の集う場所‐ [000413] Alice Soft 1 2

    PERSIOM takes place in a dungeon that leads to Hades and hell. Even though it is extremely dangerous, heroes enter to find treasure and make lots of money. Oh, and you can also capture female monsters.  There is an English review of this game.   7. Asu Wa Koishite あすは恋して~Prime Beat Planet [000414] Unbalance

    Yoshizo moved to the town to continue study there. What conceal the memories of the forgotten past?  Number of characters is 12. There is some free time after school and on weekends when we can initiate conversations, but each type of story only available at corresponding day of the week. Remembering all the types of stories for all 12 characters is a good training for the memory! Eventually characters may give you dream glass that contain pieces of your forgotten memories. All girls are also from different zodiac signs. Quite an average dating SIM without any story.   8. Maid Lesson Koi Maid Lesson 恋 [000414] Studio Neko Punch

    Main character needs to give four maids sword and magic lessons in order to overcome the demon king. It's quite a normal raising SIM, except that there is actually battle system and in the end all the skills taught to maids are going to be tested on the battlefield. RPG part is quite painful.    9. Repeat ~Kurikaesareru Toki Soshite...~ Repeat ~繰り返される刻そして…~ [000414] Sirius

    I woke up floating in the air. Below me, the park is uniquely familiar.
    What's going on?
    With my head was swimming in confusion, two girls with a strange look in their eyes appeared before me. Are they angels or maybe demons?
    They said that I was dead and that in seven days, I am going to heaven or hell and the choice won't be mine. In other words, I am going to live the next seven days as a ghost and those two will watch my every action... Synopsis is quite neutral, so let's elaborate. Game is all about choosing spots in the part and triggering H events, usually by possessing someone. Engine especially looks outdated, like a DOS game.   10. Rumble ~Bankara Yashahime~ Rumble ~バンカラ夜叉姫~ [000414] Penguin Works

    There was a hero once who saved the school from violence and it returned to a peaceful routine. His name was soon forgotten.
    Nowadays there's a new threat and those who still remember that hero try to find a new hero for this task. And the search is finally over. That's you! Type is ordinary ADV. Game story is inconsistent, but it's normal for a comedy game. Systems are very poor and skipping is troublesome. There's excessive number of characters without significant meaning. There are 5 heroines, each with a separate ending. Battles are done in command selection mode and relatively easy if follow the pattern. About 80% of the 10 hours scenario length is awesome due to very strong comedy elements. It's a masterpiece, but only if you don't mind gag games and broken characters.   11. Shin Ruriiro No Yuki ~Furimukeba Tonari ni~ 真・瑠璃色の雪 ~ふりむけば隣に~ [000414] Ail (Team Riva)

    After losing both his parents, Hiroshi decides to rent a room in a mansion owned by the parents of his childhood friends Kotobuki and Youko. The rent was surprisingly cheap, since it was haunted by a ghost. But Hiroshi is the science club leader and doesn’t believe in ghosts. On the day he moved in, a hole opened in the floor, but he ignored it and went to bed. Woken up by a nightmare, he found a pot in the hole. He broke open the seal on the pot in curiosity and a girl came out, introducing herself as Ruri the yuki-onna. PC-98 game was a hit and this is a safe for sales remake. There are quite many heroines. Many call this game a masterpiece, but there is not enough in the story department for that. All the important events are poured in the final part of the game.    12. Snow Memoria ~Wasureenu Omoi~ Snow Memoria ~忘れえぬ想い~ [000414] Air Plants

    A 100 year long war raged between two countries. The princess of one of the countries went missing, causing a ceasefire, which led to the end of the war. At around this time, Liolet saved a girl with amnesia named Colleen from some bandits, who treated him like her older brother. Her feelings for him began to grow with every passing day. First half is a comedy, while there is much more serious development in second half. Text is only good during the daily routine scenes and is a headache for serious depictions since those aren't adapted for visual novel format. Second half feels a bit rushed. H scenes are  bland.    13. Taisen Ren'ai Simulation: Trifers Mahou Gakuen 対戦恋愛シミュレーション トリフェルズ魔法学園 [000420] ASCII Corporation 1

    The game is a cartoon dating simulation in which the player have to compete againts other characters to win the affection of their friends. Depending of the conversation choices or if he wins the mini games the love meter will increase or decrease with each character.  The game is divided into different stages, for example the first stage takes place in a snow place where they are located in a hotel and they can make snowmen, skiing, take walks, etc. The second stage takes place in a tropical place, they can go around the beach, go to the sea, etc.  Console dating SIMs all look the same to me.   14. Angel Reason ~Tenshi no Iiwake~ エンジェリーズン ~天使のいいわけ~ [000421] Spica

    School life is over in a few months. With parents gone overseas it's a great opportunity to make memories with the school's idol. 
    Wizards, ghosts, robots and rabbits coexist at this school. Something must happen in such a perfect environment!  A rather mysterious work - and mysterious here means beyond the scope of understanding. First of all - all the endings are bad. Secondly, it goes totally crazy from the second part. It has lots of moving screens and is just fun by watching alone. But in the end it's just a school bakage+galge. You basically just pursue one of the girls without any story. I tried to play it, but I really need at least some additional story to go on. Just girls got too boring and the number of girls is quite big, like 6.   15. Castle Fantasia ~Erencia Senki~ キャッスルファンタジア ~エレンシア戦記~ [000421] Studio e.go!

    The year 1247 of the Holy Calendar, the Erencia Kingdom was invaded and occupied by Illumina Kingdom.
    Eight years later, Faizeru, son of the Erencia Kingdom consul, returned as the leader of Fenrir, the best mercenary group in the continent. As he landed at the harbour of the occupied hometown and is asked to join the rebel group Erencia Liberation Army, the second Erencia War commences. The scenario value is great, but battles last long, so it isn't suitable for an impatient person. During battle each unit behaves in real time, and the player issues commands according to situation. The flexible strategy helps to fulfill victory conditions such as person's rescue and guard, and extermination of enemies. Battles aren't really difficult and don't need tactics. After the battle there is conversation stage with heroines belonging to the unit that can deepen friendship ties. Depending on choices and battle outcome multiple plot branches take off. So... game's very amusing, I'd say a masterpiece and first Studio e.go work to compliment.   16. Doushin ~Sanshimai no Etude~ 同心~三姉妹のエチュード~ [000421] 1 2 3

    Meet the Suruga sisters, Ryoko, Maki and Miho. Ever since their parents died they've been living together, getting by as best they can and never feeling lonely because they've got each other. The Suruga sisters have a very special secret: due to an unexplained physical phenomenon, a sensation shared by one Suruga sister will be felt by the other two, no matter where they are. If one sister were to prick her finger, for example, the other two would feel the same pain...and if one of the girls becomes sexually excited, the other two will instantly feel the same emotions, no matter where they are or what situation they're in. As they go about their daily lives, each girl never knows when she'll become sexually aroused by the emotions of the other sisters, which certainly has some bizarre consequences for all three of them in this dramatic hentai RPG. Game is localized and has multiple English reviews.   17. Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi 不確定世界の探偵紳士 [000421] Abel Software 1 2 3 4

    Agyou Souma, the protagonist, is the IDLA Class A Detective. IDLA stands for International Detective License Agency. It's a highly respectable agency that evaluates and classifies a detective based on one's ability as a detective, from Class A to Class F. There are only 30 Class A detective in the whole world and there are only 2 Class A detective in Japan.
    IDLA also collects all kinds of requests and offers them to the detectives to work on it. Its base is located in London. Of course, Souma is the type of person who most likely won't accept any cases from the IDLA.
    He is a stoic, brooding man of few words, his incredible observation and deduction skills are tempered by his abysmal luck. He can't even step out for a cup of coffee without the cafe being robbed, or cross the street without walking into a firefight between two rival gangs. Still, what can he do? Life goes on...
    Over the course of the game, Souma works on four separate (but simultaneous) cases, each of which contains a unique storyline that is independent of the others, and meets a vast array of characters. If he clears all four cases with time to spare, a more complex, fifth case is presented. There are two English reviews of this Abel Software game. I wanted to play it too even despite the genius boy detective setting, but my pc version does not have voicing in it and this game is known for some very good seiyu. All the Enlgish and Japanese reviews agree on the point that this game is a masterpiece.   18. Heartful Memories ~Little Witch Parfait 2~ ハートフルメモリーズ 〜Little Witch Parfait 2〜 [000421] Kuroneko-san Team

    The protagonist, Perky, has only his name to remember, but nothing else in his memory to confirm his true identity. He is found unconscious by Parfait Sucreal near the Crabell Waterfall outside Florelmos. When Parfait allows him to recover in her house and informs him about Florelmos, as well as herself, she takes Perky to the wise witch to see if she knew anything about Perky.
    Unfortunately, the wise witch says she is not able to claim his identity but that he owns 500000 gold in return for keeping her keeping his sword for him. Until he collects the money by 6 months, the wise witch tells Parfait to allow Perky to stay in the Black Cat Market.
    New Little Witch Parfait title. That's fourth game of this franchise done within a year. A formidable persistence.   19. Sakuranbo Station さくらんぼステーション [000421] Mer Rouge

    Transferring into portside private school Seiouga Gakuen, the protagonist meets new friends and enjoys the school life. As spring comes about, his feelings for his classmate become more than just as friends. Since Mer Rouge consists of only female staff, this SLG is supposed to be portray the female perspective and the heroine’s actions more realistically.  Characters are cute and CG are nice, but length is too short - one girl path is over in like 30 minutes. There are many girls, but still.. Text is very bad. It feels like a doujin game sold as a serious work.   20. Sho-Ki 將姫 [000421] C's Ware 1 2

    The story takes place at a highschool (featuring all kinds of pupils, including robo- and catgirls).
    The players character (Kichijouji Kai) loves to play mahjonng and wants to become a regular member of the mahjonng-club of the school. 
    However, at that day, when he went together with his classmate Ekoda Shoko (who secretly seems to have a crush on him) to the mahjongg-club, they arrive at a scene of horror:
    All the regular member of the club lie around in the room, unconscious. The tables are all broken in half. Everywhere in the room, there are mahjong-tiles scattered on the ground. Some people are even pinned to the ground with counting-sticks.
    So, suddenly, the whole mahjonng-club is reduced to him and Shoko. 
    Because two people are not enough for a decent game of mahjong and in order to rebuild the mahjong-club as well as to investigate, who did that to the former mebers, Kai and Shoko start to challenge members of other clubs in mahjong. If these other club members lose, they have to join the new mahjong-club and have to tell them everything they know or suspect about the incident. I'm over-enjoyed to say that this C's Ware game has an English review and I don't need to play mahjong.   21. KoiYoubi 恋ようび [000425] 1 2 3

    Day of Love is about Haruki, the main character, that knew about a girl named Maho when he was young, but forgot about her when he was older, which had made her angry when she asked him years later when he's in high school. So to get back at him for not remembering, she dresses up as a guy and lives in the same dorm as him using the alias Mao. Game is localized and has English reviews.   22. Itsu Made mo... ~Kaminaga-sanchi no Shunkashuutou~ いつまでも・・・~神長さん家の春夏秋冬~ [000427] E.G.O.

    Main character lives in a Shinto priest family with three of priest daughters. One day priest disappears leaving a short notice letter. At the same time hero feels a desire for his first love Ryoko. He seeks relations either inside or outside the family not with words, but with warmth. Genre is NTR. There are 40 endings with the majority being of dark devil taste, so the overall duration is huge. The worst thing about the game is that it's not voiced. I've never had a taste for NTR, so I've been mostly disgusted by the game.   23. Kanata no Mori 彼方の森 [000427] TEAM POPUP

    Shinichi works at the newspaper company and travels around Europe together with Mina who he met during college years. But Mina suddenly disappears during the trip. He find a witness claiming she entered the "Lost Forest" where vampire lived. Shinichi follows Mina, but gets a serious injury during a wolf attack. He finds shelter in a mansion he stumbles upon in the forest. He is greeted by the owner, two maids and Mina who lost memory. He stays at the mansion to treat his wound, but at the same time tries to restore Mina memory. A suspense themed game with not that much of a mystery in it. It's mostly about moving around the mansion and triggering all kind of events, mostly H ones. No voicing. Four heroines for capture. Many endings, but one playthrough is quite short. The biggest appeal point of the game is the picture.   24. Memories Off Pure メモリーズオフ~ピュア~ [000427] KID 1 2

    Memories Off: Pure game takes place a few years prior to the events in Memories Off. Tomoya and Ayaka are neighbors who communicate with each other through their bedroom windows and who attend the same junior high school with Yue. There's an English review of this game.   25. Aries Aries -アリエス- [000428] Circus

    A fallen angel studying in a "special angel school" to become independent has to go to earth to study the behavior of regular humans.
    This particular angel doesn't understand love well, and comes to live a happy campus life with the protagonist to better her understanding of it. Well, I hated this game for a long time even without knowing anything about the game just because it's a Circus game that spawned such a huge number of side stories and fandisks. Now knowing the contents I can only cite Zen from Micchi blog: "Aries may quite possibly become the worst game ever made, to the point I cannot decide which is worse, Aries or Card Captor Sakura. I honestly cannot see a company getting away with a game like this unless there are a lot more lonely pedophiles in the world than I could have possibly imagined. I for one shall pray to every god and demon I can think of for the next nine years if necessary in the hope of burning this company to the ground before they can visit any more of such misery upon the world."   26. Fugue ~Kimi to Boku no Uta~ Fugue ~きみとぼくのうた~ [000428] C's Ware BLITZ

    Masaki happens upon his classmate Futaba who ran away from home. She forces him to come with her to a closed-down school in the countryside. He then noticed that there were many other runaway girls who lived in there. The only review found affirms that it's a short game in an abandoned school with three girls. Coversation is loose. I know it's C's Ware BLITZ, but looks like they don't really stand up to the fame of parent brand. If only there was some quirk...   27. Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure 行殺♥ 新選組 人斬り美少女あどべんちゃ~ [000428] Liar-soft

    End of Edo period, Kyoto. 
    Hero becomes a part of a newly-formed Shinsengumi unit. He is to protect Kyoto from the evil hands of Kinno (Kyushu) and develop relations with squad female members such as Hijikata and Okita. 
    Despite the real historical period, events are mostly comical and beyond time limits. For example, heroines often appeal to human rights protection. Depending on the value of real "absurdity" parameter in the game you can get rid of the great devil coming to Kyoto with a 88 mm cannon, cyborgs or panda samurai. If this game was released by some shady brand it would be blocked. But it's Liar-soft title! And a supercrazy one! Moreover, I'm going to block next Liar-soft title Bloomers 2000 for fetishism, so I'll try to pour all my love on Shinsengumi. I opened web.archive introduction page of the game and there's so much love in there that I'm really shocked. It has about 12 pages about different aspects of the game including lots of history ones. There's a very fun opening here. But let's get to the game already. Story is full of absurd. Lots of parts aren't explained and there are crazy shifts from one topic to another. But it's not just pure entertainment, there are a lot of historical figures and there's a lot of history involved. As you can see on the screenshot there are like seven parameters (but most of them are ignored, lol) and there's constant need to meet different people and improve popularity. You can borrow money or can sit without money - it actually does not matter at all. A serious quiz is used while borrowing. Heroine is determined by first several choices, so capture is rather easy. One playthrough is also short enough. That can be expressed in short as Serious bakage. Absurd? Yes, but it suits perfectly for this game. There's an absolutely magical atmosphere created. So is this a masterpiece? YES! But only if you are ok with historical parodies, if you know Japanese history (or watched couple shinsengumi doramas) relatively well and if you can understand specific Liar-soft humor. Too many "If" but luckily I totally fit in here.   28. Hana Kasumi 花霞 [000428] Pink Post

    Hero is a student in Tokyo university and he's taking part-time job as home tutor. He soon realizes that both heroines who take his lessons have feelings for him, but they are too shy to confess. They study diligently in hope to enter the same university as the hero and confess then. However... Scenario unfolds slowly, then manages to confuse greatly, confuse immensely and ends abruptly with solving everything. The problem is that hero becomes uncontrollable and does really stupid things. The only good points of this game is graphics and not bad music.   29. Koutei Heika ni Narou! 皇帝陛下になろう! [000428] Aaru

    While our king was visiting his dying teacher, he found and released a girl sealed in a tree. It seems his teacher had sealed her because she came from the underworld. What he released was just her spirit. To get her body back, he has to find medals that his teacher gave to other kings. Well, he has four commanders to help him do that. He can also get some princesses too, if he want to. A strategy game with battles. You control four people and determine their order. Some guys are better at fighting some opponents, so there's the need to constantly shift your party order. Can only say that I did not succeed in that having someone constantly dying in a flow of battle.   30. Love Mate ~Koi no Rehearsal~ Love Mate ~恋のリハーサル~ [000428] Mink Co., Ltd.

    Kazuto is a new teacher at a prestigious girl’s school and was asked to be the drama club’s advisor. He had heard many great things about the drama club, so he was nervous accepting the position. However, afterwards he found out that there’s only one member in the club and that it is in danger of becoming disbanded. So they have to try to recruit as many students to save the club! To recruit students, you have to go around the school, interacting with girls and being able to relate to their interests. There’s lots of girls to ask to join, so it’s up to you to decide on whom you want to join the club.  I do not trust Mink - almost all their games turn out to be ero-centered. Here we're supposed to gave a pure love romance game. Very low difficulty, no story and lots of heroines. It's a light comedy. But the selling point of the game is interactive touching system during H-scenes. Mink can't be trusted indeed...   31. Magical☆Antique まじかる☆アンティーク [000428] Leaf 1

    Leaf’s newest game is a business SLG+ADV. After the protagonist’s parents left one day to find more antiques overseas, he took over running the family antique shop. Later he meets Sophie, who comes from the magic world, and she helps out at the shop.  Gah! Two games of little witch parfait type in one month! There's an English review and Micchi commentary on the game which should be enough.   32. Night Work ~Yachou no I-ta-zu-ra~ ナイトワーク ~夜蝶のイ・タ・ズ・ラ~ [000428] Mutation

    Main character becomes a host in a night club after falling victim to restructuring of the company. The night club is having difficulties and may shut down in two months time, so they don't mind recruiting a newcomer without experience. It can be called a SIM since you need to attend work to earn money and walk around the city to trigger meetings with girls. The aim to become the best host. For that it's needed to raise favorability of different characters and get H events with them. Difficulty is really high. At least all characters are mature.   33. Phantom Knight Mugen no Meikyuu II ファントムナイト 夢幻の迷宮II [000428] Software House Parsley 1

    Several months after the battle of Desert City, the desertification of the earth is growing. People call this phenomenon "phantom  phenomenon." 
    Main character is an elite knight who gets into a survey team to fulfill royal mission. Well, system and the content is pretty much like the prequel. But here there'a automatic dungeon generation.   34. Senpai せんぱい [000428] Moon

    Main character admires his senpai who is graduating in a few days. Will he have the time to confess his feelings or look for other girls instead?  A self-proclaimed pure love game, but actually the period is so small that it looks much more like nanpa with multiple H events for each character. Moreover, if all three senpai are captured, there's senpai harem ending, and if all the kohai are captured, there's kohai harem ending. Hardly anything pure in that.   BLOCKED   1. Choukyou Reijou 2 調教令嬢? [000401] Soft Circle Courreges The next target of insult is a female teacher with a baby face. Nukige   2. R no Houkago Magyaku Rape Hen Rの放課後 魔虐レイプ編 [000404] NenGollo Software
    After school rape card game series now features fantasy elements. The targets for hard rape are sister Himeno, busty glasses girl Nozomi and mother-in-law Chizuru. Doujin Nukige   2. Believe ~Shitsuyoku no Tenshi-tachi~ Believe ~失翼の天使達~ [000406] DNA Main character is an excellent student trusted all over the school. However, one day he gets to die. A mysterious man appears before him and says that protagonist's soul can be pardoned in exchange for 200 million yen. The end date is his next birthday. But how is protagonist supposed to gather such an outrageous sum of money with just working part-time at a coffee shop? He finds a way out. He starts to lure his friends at coffee shop basement and there train girls into slaves. Nukige SIM   3. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 遙かなる時空の中で [000406] Koei On the first day of a new school term, high school student Akane Motomiya, her classmate Tenma Morimura, and their underclass friend Shimon Nagareyama are sucked into a mysterious old well. When they awake, they are in Kyō, another world that resembles Kyoto during the Heian Period. According to the young scion of the Star Clan, Fujihime, Akane is the Ryūjin no Miko, who has come to save Kyō from the ambitions of the Oni Clan. In this task, the Akane has the help of eight men known as the Hachiyō, and her friends Tenma and Shimon number among them. Initially, Akane is bewildered by her new circumstances, but she gradually comes to face up to her own destiny and understand the world of Kyō. Otome   4. Clever Magic クレバーマジック [000407] Helios Main character is a charismatic hairdresser in a beauty salon for celebrities. He uses his skill to drag the visiting guests one after another to the world of desire. Nukige   5. Milky Space ~Kanashiki Sexroid~ MilkySpace ~悲しきセクサロイド~ [000407] Mesa In the 22nd century versatile sex tool "Sexaroid" is accepted socially for survival of mankind. In such an era main character dies with his brain preserved and later resurrected as "Sexaroid". Eventually he is assigned to the education corporation "Tellar College" where he needs to train four androids choreography during navigation and relief in emergency situations (including libido stress relief).  Nukige   6. Pure Doll [000407] Triangle Main character gets a female type bioroid from some mad scientist. She is built as a real girl, but lacks human emotions. That will need to be fixed in three weeks time. Nukige   7. Katei Kyoushi Ryoujoku Lesson 家庭教師~陵辱レッスン~ [000414] Beenyan Sister-in-law requests main character's help as tutor. She can not even guess what kind of character is hidden behind hero's innocent eyes. Her beautiful mother will also make a delicious prey. Nukige   8. Nise Scout ~Guuzou Muhiden~ 偽スカウト ~偶像夢悲伝~ [000414] Vision Main character pretends to be an idol promotion manager. He skillfully deceives girls and insults them afterwards. Nukige   9. Paranoia ~Kyouki no Yami~ パラノイア ~狂気の闇~ [000414] Zero Main character gets fired for sexual harassment. While wondering around the town he stumbles upon some ruins. Inside he finds a trunk filled with money. He swears to have his revenge on the former coworkers with the found treasure.  Nukige   10. Synchronize Dream シンクロナイズ・ドリーム [000414] TinkerBell 1 Due to a strange experiment by Rumi, the main character and his childhood friend Youko keep on having the same ecchi dreams every night. In this dream world, the way he interacted with people after school changed. There was no sense of embarassment and he could act out everything he wanted to do with Youko in his (and her) imagination. Nukige   11. Jii 2 ~Kohitsuji-tachi no Nemurenai Yoru~ 自慰2~仔羊達の眠れない夜~ [000421] Candy Soft A catholic female college in the Meiji Era. Old priest gets hurt and hero is invited as a temporary priest substitute. Main character decides to defile this garden of innocent angels. Nukige   12. Manatsu no Yoru no Yume 真夏の夜の夢 [000421] BeF Hero suffers from nightmare dreams. Once a woman appears before him and promises to get rid of nightmares. Hero gets to a pavilion of a prison world. In order to get cured of nightmares and return to his world he needs to get past all the rooms each having a room ruler girl and eventually get the key from the owner of pavilion. Nukige   13. Mashiro no Takarabako ましろの宝箱 [000421] R.A.N Software A fandisc of Rainy Blue that contains bonus music tracks, screensaver, CD player and a short story based on the original game. Fandisc   14. Omokage 俤 ~おもかげ~ [000421] Jade Main character receives an invitation from his classmate girl to investigate disappearance of a Taiwanese at a western mansion. They are greeted by the old maid of the house, but then get trapped inside the mansion. And terrible events start to happen...
    Nukige   15. Rinjin Mousou ~Danchizoku no Hirusagari~ 隣人妄想 ~団地族の昼下がり~ [000421] Sepia Main character moves to a flat in a five stored building. He spends days and nights getting to know the neighbors and their secrets. Nukige   16. Virtual Toukou Club バーチャル投稿倶楽部 [000421] Nekotama Main character stumbles upon an adult site where all his daring dreams come true. Nukige   17. Wai 猥 [000421] Hyperspace Main character is a guru of an emerging religion. His religion is not very popular with ladies. He uses time shifts to bring lady followers from different times, like kunoichi from the Edo period or a British girl from Meiji era. Nukige   18. Sumire すみれ [000422] Hiyoko Soft (old) Main character suddenly gets in a situation set by his father when he has to live alone with three bride candidates under the same roof for several weeks. Nukige   19. Lemon ~Kageetei Nostalgia~ 檸檬 ~影絵亭ノスタルジヤ~ [000424] 13cm Our guy likes a girl working in his uncle's cafe. Once he got ownership of the cafe from his uncle, he found out the this cafe is special and the girls do extra work. He put a stop to that and now 5 girls only serve him at night. Can he go from H to love? Nukige   20. Body Hacker ボディハッカー [000428] Kurumi Main character is a geek person who works part-time at an idol training school. He discovers a talent to possess people, animals, and insects. He uses this ability to make aspiring idols his slaves.  Nukige   21. Gyakusatsu 虐撮 [000428] Nanami Tougarashi Dan May 3rd, 2000, the last Golden Week of the 20th century. Main character is a professional photographer. He arrives at Hanekawa-cho where he eavesdrops girls stories, then insults the girls and captures it all in the photography.
    Nukige   22. Net Stalker ~Kyouhaku kara Ryoujoku e~ ネットストーカー ~脅迫から陵辱へ~ [000428] Lune Main character attends a computer class at school and discovers nasty and humiliation pictures of his classmates. Once the secret is known, his curiosity turns into intimidation and then to insult.  Nukige   23. Pinup Girls ピンナップガールズ [000428] Libido Our guy is the new keyboard player in three girl band. He has to practice for the upcoming amateur band festival. While doing that, he can chase 8 girls the normal or mania way. Nukige   24. Seishun Ouka 性春謳歌 [000428] Apple Pie Main character is a romantic student who lives with his father. One day his father remarries and hero suddenly gets a mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. Nukige   25. Great Hunting ぐれえとハンティング [000428] Daiginjou Set traps and catch animal girls!  After girl is caught, it's time for mischief ! Nukige
  17. kivandopulus
    The VN of the Month November 1999 is PARTS. The only really serious work.
    1. Bunny na Hip バニーなヒップ [991105] Aquarium

    The porn bunny company group is going to expand its galaxy chain to the Earth. In order to investigate sexual orientation of the Earthlings, three girls are sent there.  Main character is an ordinary unemployed man and he's chosen as a test object for a week. 
    Every day main character needs to decide on the costume and the type of service to receive. There's really nothing but choosing costumes and type of service, just a nukige.  
    2. Cross Helix [991105] System Rose

    SDI, a giant global complex, builds a leisure facility for adults with a casino and deploys "dolls" that provide sexual services. At the same time the United Nations start a crackdown on prostitution. A human brain is found in the discarded doll. SDI denies any association and suggests to place a UN branch office in the playtown.  Several years later. Main character visits playtown as a UN moral administrator and gets involved in huge conspiracy over braindolls... Game tries its best to be like cyberpunk works. And it really is such work, just without any novelty. The story ends right when the conspiracy over human brain in dolls is revealed. There's an abundance of H events and being done in 3D automatically makes it ugly. The lack of explanation hurts a lot as well.  
    3. In'yoku ~Youkoso Ingyaku no Hanazono e~ 淫慾 ~ようこそ淫虐の花園へ~ [991105] Benten

    An office worker Daimokuni Kenichi sees the women president Reiko getting in a taxi. He tracks her down to the SM club "Dorothy" where he enlists as well to see her humiliation.  Just a SM nukige here, absolutely nothing to look at.  
    4. Izayoi ~Hime Miko Senka~ イザヨイ ~姫巫女選歌~ [991105] Force

    Main character is a young man who lives in the mountains as a hermit. One day two girls lost their way and got to hero's house. They insisted that they did not want to go home, and so they stayed in the mountains. On the night of that day main character felt a strange hypnotic impulse in his body and incredible lust force awakened in him. There's definitely some kind story behind it like mysterious power, supernatural forces etc etc, but it hardly changes the fact that the game remains a total nukige.  
    5. Nie Real 贄 リアル [991105] Hyperspace

    An alternative version of Nie with improved animations, voicing and in full color. Really it's the same Nie game. Those releases should be merged.                                                           
    6. Ribbon 2 [991105] Bonbee! As winter changes autumn there is premonition of new changes and new acquaintances in the air. There are nine heroines and period is one October month. Capture is easy since the maps with the heroines are highlighted with ribbon image. There are some limited choices during conversations with heroines. Protagonist is a lumpy hetare who avoids heroines and in some routes he's just unintelligible. Each route has its own theme and main hero is forces into it. The flow is morning-school trip-lunch-after school-night. There's no real link with the prequel apart of the fact that they're both classic galge. Overall impression is good since routes vary from each other, there's a good atmosphere and there's a strong friendship theme.  
    7. Wana -Trap- 罠-TRAP [991105] Vision

    An artificial mental parasite "Gaist" is invented by the government to provide special abilities to humans. However, an incident happened during testing of the most powerful Gaist "Uroboros" ending up with main character infested. Now he can survive only by insulting women. A special unit of twelve women is dispatched to pacify main character. Game has lots of different modes and minigames... all to insult women in the end. The main part is using different items to set up traps on the map and lure girls in.  
    8. Essence Lost [991106] R.A.N Software One week before graduation from school the hero falls asleep at the part and upon waking up gets a feeling that he lost something. A hunger for love rises in him and he won't waste this week. Period is actually only four real days. Some heroines personify love of the past and some love of today. Hero does not have a personality at all and he changes drastically from one route to another. Game flow is quite usual, as a normal galge. There are devil scenarios as well with dark themes dominating. There are a lot of bugs and flags are just non-identifiable. The events and endings are exactly the same for the heroines, just CG differ. It's quite a short game.  
    9. Situation 2 しちゅえ~しょん2 [991109] Berserker 1

    New volume includes girls of following occupations:  swordsman, magical girl,  investigator, fighter and bioroid. More ultimate torture items are added. No one will leave without full satisfaction! The second item in the nukige series is not much different.  
    10. Cosplay Idol Hajimemashita♪ こすぷれアイドルはじめました♪ [991112] Max Q

    Main character is a freshman at entertainment industry. His boss is worried about the lack of competent idols, so he asks main character to find an idol familiar with cosplay to satisfy any fan needs. Find an idol, dress up as willing and help her relax. A nukige again.  
    11. Gojuusou 五重奏 [991112] Noctovision St. Orpheus Institute of Music. The quintet aims to participate in a prestigious music festival and conquer it. For that it's important to refine the hearts to produce impressive melodies as well as get musical techniques and knowledge. The participants are young girls with their troubles, conflicts and reasons. They will need to have their anxieties of mind lifted in order to play in unison. Well, it's a SIM, although parameters aren't much emphasized as flags. Schedules on weekdays and free time on weekends. Skipping is difficult to use and one day takes very long, so even one playthrough is painful. Systems are primitive with nothing but save/load.  
    12. Maid ni Omakase!! メイドにおまかせ!! [991112] Triangle

    Main character is living alone in a messy room. He wants to live a nice private life in a clean house, but the prices of household agencies are too high. He sees two young maids are being scolded by the administrator and stands up for them. To thank him both girls agree to do the cleaning in his house for a week. If they fail at being maids, they'd return to their native town afterwards. Is it possible to imbue confidence in the girls as maids?
    Daamn... just clean the room yourself already, retard! It's a slapstick comedy with lots of erotic situations and events. Triangle is known for vivid cute drawing, and graphics here are in fool bloom.  
    13. Majokko Mariel'n 魔女っ娘マリエルン [991112] Escu:de Main character is a ronin student. If he fails to enter university this year he'll need to inherit his family ramen shop. One day he meet again with his junior high school first love Iori and reunites with her. However, on another day a girl comes down from the sky on a broom and she is followed by another girl. Hero is caught up in a dispute, and turned into a small animal (ferret) by the magic. The first girl escapes and second girl Mariel, remains. Mariel explains the circumstances - he has to live in this form for a while till she finds a way to dispel the magic. There are three heroines - Mariel, former girlfriend and Elma, another good witch. First half is comical, but second part is serous, so the overall balance is good. There are five chapters and there's a shooting game at the end of each chapter. Text is slow to draw and it contributes to monotonous feeling. There are around 10 flags so it's a bit difficult to grasp the right ones. Elma root is the best, but hardest to flag.  
    14. Nekketsu! ~Saikyou Bukatsu Sengen~ 熱血!~最強部活宣言~ [991112] Passion

    Shinto martial arts school "Shindo flow" is in pinch since the principal death. Main character and his fiancee Ikumi decide to establish a high school club to revive this techniquue that incorporates many sex moves. 
    It's needed to collect cards to open new techniques and complete with other martial artists. Basically it looks like wrestling with sex moves bakage.  
    15. Darcrows DARCROWS -ダークロウズ- [991118] Alice Soft 1

    Two large countries, Leben and Carnea, had been ruled by the kings who were men of character, and people in these countries had been living peacefully. However, Leben suddenly intruded into Carnea, and the two countries began to war. The even fights had continued for more than six months, but when the king of Carnea died of illness, gradually Leben got the better of Carnea.
    In these days, a man in a black suit visited Carnea. He had been a vice leader of the Carnea Knights, Claude, who had suddenly disappeared eight years before. His appearance had changed completely, and that made them suspicious. But when he said he had a plan to beat Leben, they gave their ears to him.
    He said that they would hire experienced mercenary solders, and that the queen and princesses would sell their bodies to earn money.
    The queen and her daughter accepted his plan, and they began to take his "lessons". There is an English review.  
    16. Guren 紅蓮 [991118] Zone 1 2 3

    The events of the game take place in ancient Japan. Mysterious creatures known as "ghosts" appear in the villages, rampaging and killing innocent people. The general in charge of a military action against those creatures builds a special units called "Guren", which means "crimson lotus". The hero of the game, Lee Rekka (Li Liehuo), is a member of Guren whose task is to find other members (all female) in different villages and to discover the truth behind ghosts' attacks. But the first girl he encounters, the lovely and brave Tsukikage, is abducted by a horribly-looking demon... The game is an animé-style RPG with erotic elements. The player visits villages and their surroundings, fighting randomly appearing monsters in turn-based combat viewed from first-person perspective. Most of the monsters are female, and they disrobe when defeated. Characters don't gain experience from killing monsters, but from training. Training costs money, which is dropped by enemies or can be gained by doing part-time jobs. Unlike in most Japanese RPGs, the player can choose which attribute (strength, maximum HP, etc.) to raise when training. In the villages, it is also possible to interact with the female party members and influence the hero's relationship with them. There are English reviews.  
    17. Hanashizume no Matsuri 鎮花祭-はなしずめのまつり- [991118] Studio Air

    Main character comes from a shinto priest family. One day he encounters a strange girl in his dream, and from then on bizarre incidents started to happen around him - first a tremendous blood stain appears on the school building, then a series of girl violence and kidnapping cases start to happen. It's almost the time for an ancient festival held since ancient times to calm the disasters. Something is bound to happen.
    There are 8 good endings and much more bad endings. First half of the story is the same for all the girls. There are many inconsistencies in the scenario and some hints mentioned in the first half of the game are totally ignored in the second half. There are both comic scenes and dark scenes. Story leaves quite a good occult feeling, but the mediocre text and rough drawing don't let enjoy the game to the fullest.  
    18. Hoshi no Pierce 星のピアス [991119] Actress 2100 A.D. Main character studies in the space university on the Earth and comes to Mars' residential dome to prepare for the final exam. He is assigned to a group of the best students to help each other as the exam focuses on the importance of communication. How will this month pass in a company of beautiful girl student fellows? Every movement takes one hour from 12 hours in each day. There are some obligatory classes so just chasing girls is a no go. There's a distinct minigame for each heroine. Quite an ordinary work that's set in uncommon setting. Oh, and unlike first two works of "Actress" H-content is quite weak - it's a pure love game.  
    19. Lovemation ラブメーション [991119] I’s9 Hero recently graduated. He had a job offer waiting, but it was cancelled. He looks through job vacancies magazine and applies for an animation production company since the anime he watched in the past was quite fun. However anime production turns out to be a very severe exhausting process with running over eccentric weirdos all the days and having to rush everyone day and night and constantly being on the verge of deadline. However, there are also people of unique personality here. Whenever he relaxes after work there all kind of situations possible, even serious love development. Will animation be completed? Can you get the girl you like? Everything depends on you during these two months. Every morning hero goes to a company, receives instructions from seniors and decides the action for that day. The story begins from the state when the original production is almost finished, but there's a a lot of room for animation and production improvement. Girls can be pursued at any time in the story development, but neglecting the job can lead to poor results. There aren't any reviews on the game.  
    20. Tina wa Seirei Tsukai ティナは精霊使い [991119] Pinpai
    Rahel is a professional swordsman. He takes a job to hunt bandits since it's well paid and takes a female companion with him. He has to cooperate with the female group of bandit hunters "Arabian Knights". Setting is arabic-liketo world. There are five heroines. Operation is mouse only. It's a very simple RPG - no parameters, no items, no money, no random encounters. There are from 3 to 5 people in the party in battles, but final battle gets the number to 11. Story is quite fascinating. H element is above average.  
    21. Twinkle Revue トゥインクルレビュー [991119] Fairytale 1 You play the role of a active manager of a production company. One day your boss orders you to go out and find the "star of tomorrow." So you go to a talent development institution called Twinkle Actress School. Your job is to sneak into there undercover and find potential candidates. The only person there who knows your true identity is your ex-trainee Sanae who is now the dorm director. Besides her, there are 5 girls that catch your attention: Nozomi who is Sanae's niece, Mayu who is the sister of a really famous star, Hiziri whose voice can make her a famous singer, Shizuya who has a great potential to be a beautiful model, and Mamiko who is talented in voice acting. You will stay for 3 weeks, and during your stay you will take lessons with girls and communicate with them and get as much data as possible so you can report to your boss. There is an English review.  
    22. Wagamama Calamity わがままカラミティ [991119] Rune The goddess Karamichi spread chaos over the continent until buddhists from magical kingdom sealed her powers. With the destruction of that kingdom the competition over the Stone of Magic and thus continent hegemony has begun. Glenn gets hired by one of the sides and he leads his employer to the victory. Tactical strategy. There is a hexagone map with units to move by turns. There is a card minigame during the battles. There are seven countries overall, so six to compete with. Difficulty is easy and length is short. H element is above average due to spoils of war in conquered land.  
    23. Innocent [991125] Draconium
    2078, Mega Tokyo City. 
    The Metropolitan Police Department established a secret department for investigation of special crimes consisting of five android women. Androids are instructed to use woman body to get information that's usually not accessible by police. 
    Main character is a detective who has his best friend charged with serial murders crime and awaiting death penalty in a week. With the cooperation of androids hero began investigating identity of the real criminal.
    It looked like a cyberpunk story... but actually it's not really about the story. Every day we set girls paroling one about 20 routes in Tokyo and with some luck patrolling ends with H event and some new information discovered. Something different might happen after 7 successful days, but it's not worth my time.  
    24. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Tomoshibi ga Kienu Ma ni 探偵 神宮寺三郎 灯火が消えぬ間に [991125] Data East Corporation 1 2 An injured young man suddenly takes refuge at the detective agency. Investigation of two cases becomes complex as they are gradually woven together. There's an English review of the game.  
    25. Tokimeki Memorial 2 ときめきメモリアル2 [991125] Konami 1 2 3 4 Tokimeki Memorial 2 takes the basic story of the first game where you are playing a male student through his 3 years of high school but this time when you first play you start out as a kid who then later moves away. There are many English reviews.  
    26. True Love Story: Fan Disk トゥルー・ラブストーリー・ファンディスク [991125] ASCII Corporation

    In this fandisc, the protagonist has two little sisters who are twins. The player must choose the correct topics of conversation so he can win the heart of one (or even both!) of the twins. A fandisk... no ty.  
    27. Bousou! Justice 暴走!じゃすてぃす [991126] Outlaw

    A secret evil organization started to send combatants to a certain high school to make uproar. Main character together with some girls have formed "friends of justice" circle to fight that organization. 
    The synopsis is actually even more bizarre, but all those crazy bakage are really difficult to understand. Anyway, it's kind of SIM and RPG mix which makes things even worse. There aren't Japanese reviews, so at least I'm not alone to skip all that mess altogether.  
    28. Folk Song フォークソング [991126] Arkham Products This is a story of three girls and three boys that attend the high school in a rural town. This is no place for emotions, but empathy will open hearts of these three pairs to each other. Game has a good atmosphere, mostly thanks to the artist Koike Sadaji who did ~The world is drawing to an W/end~ of Abogado Powers just lately. And same as that work there's a lot of charm and uniqueness in this work, but the lack of volume strikes it all out. Full length is just a few hours. Otherwise it's a harmonious, calming and touching story with an atmosphere as if from Miyazaki works.  
    29. Futari ふたり [991126] Uran A girl appears before the hero who just proposed to his fiance. She has come from the future as a volunteer in time travel experiment. Time machine gets damaged in the process cutting the way back to future. he time machine got wrecked and the girl lost his way to return to the future. Will the hero successfully marry his fiance or get interested in time traveler? Yet another work of Uran - 3rd one in two months already. It's obvious that there are two heroines here. Game is mostly a comedy with many deformed drawings. Engine is written on Visual basic and has no options. Text is not good, but tempo is great and length is sufficient, around 7 hours.  
    30. H Kenkyuukai H研究会 [991126] May-Be Soft

    Main character entered secret high school "H Research Group" as the first male member.  Three girls & female teachers are eager to set multiple experiments regarding the object of study on daily basis.  May-Be Soft is a very stable company... it keeps making the same shitty nukige with the same drawing over and over with very few details changed.  
    31. Kijin Soushi 鬼神草紙 [991126] Jade Kazuya Hyodo in Tokyo learns that his father is gruesomely killed. Without much confidence in police he starts looking for the killer himself. Kiyoshi Saki in Kyoto finally gets a permission from the boss to investigate a serious case - he is set to follow the series of bizarre murders. Two distant incidents get linked in one deadly dance. There are a lot of choices and wrong choices lead to numerous bad endings. Demons and esoteric rituals are the the main theme. The viewpoint between the characters changes forcibly. Story lacks depth. Voice acting is especially bad.  
    32. Large PonPon ら~じPonPon [991126] 0verflow 1

    Our hero's girlfriend, Rurika, suddenly informs him that she is being transferred to Paris. However, after only a few months, she gives up her job and comes home; she is pregnant. Following an extremely hot argument, she leaves him without telling him where she is going.  Our hero goes looking for her and learns that she has checked into an obstetrics ward. Here at the hospital, he accidentally runs into Yukari, an old girlfriend from school. He also starts up a hot relationship with a married woman named Momoka, who is staying in the next hospital room. His girlfriend really starts to get jealous of his other playmates. Will he fulfill his obligations to Rurika, or will he keep going after hot, new babes? A baka nukige where you can customize girls features to your desires.  
    33. Majokko Silk 魔女っ娘シルク [991126] Trabulance

    "Majokko Silk" is the story of Silk, a sexy witch from another dimension. One day, a witch named Silk suddenly visits Takashi Sakuragi's house...She's from another world! She has a beautiful face, gorgeous blonde hair, and a very attractive body with intriguing clothes. Takashi is astonished by her beauty, but it's only the beginning of his extra-ordinary life... Synopsis Scenario is worse than that of Majokko Mariel'n, but at least Silk route is ok. The routes of the other girls are too plain since everyone already in love with MC except for Silk. Genre is best described as light erotic comedy.   
    34. Nagaremono no Komoriuta 漂泊者の子守歌 [991126] Dennou Club

    Main character Joan leads a troupe of traveling performers. After sudden death of previous leader things have gone downhill, so now hero needs to refine skills of each troupe member to make as much money as possible. 
    As you might have guessed, it's a training SIM. During daytime we teach to perform, during nighttime it's different kind of training. By filling specific request of customers it's possible to gain much more money.   
    35. Omochazuma おもちゃ妻 [991126] h.m.p

    Please ... do not stop! !   The innocent virgin wife turns into a sexual slave. No matter how much bullying continues, Saya remains loyal. Is she a nymphomaniac or there is a line that can not be crossed? Game's obscure, but luckily there are two Japanese reviews still available. Firs of all, it's a 3D polygon mess. At the beginning of the game main character is a president of the company, but also an impotent. By secret training sessions in the basement they try to overcome their problems. Saya is too shy to even kiss or touch at the start as well. And as usual, training saves the world. The end.  
    36. Outline アウトライン [991126] PetitX

    As a part of a "railway club" activity main character together with girl club members go on a photography trip. At the train a ghost of his elder sister appears before him. What will this trip be - a photo tour or a ghost hunt?
    It's a light sentimental story, but with a suspense touch. Since it's mostly a story driven game, not every character is paid enough attention - still two girls are quite well drawn. The are four routes overall. It's quite a decent charage with a quirk, but not of masterpiece level.  
    37. Parts PARTS ─パーツ─ [991126] Squadra D

    Main character Takahiro visits his home town during the spring break. By his father's recommendation he decides to take care of two girls at a religious organization's facility. Maki has a bright personality and Nami hardly talks at all. Hero will need to learn the private mystery behind girls lives.
    So this is a nakige. Story is touching and hard to read for an inexperienced reader. It could easily be another Kana, but ended up as an obscure gem.  
    38. Refrain Blue リフレインブルー [991126] Elf 1 Matsunaga Yoshihiro is a young man given the task of watching over a group of students from Touyou School on their summer break to a beach. One of the students, Morisawa Nao, has had sadness in her heart from her past - something Yoshihiro can relate to, having his own issues arising during the trip. Elf returned late for the party. I made a review myself.  
    39. Ryouki no Ori -Dai 3 Shou- 猟奇の檻 -第3章- [991126] Penguin Works In one local office of Mirai TV a few problems occurred over several weeks. The female news casters expression is too sexy and nasty during evening news. However the ratings skyrocketed with male viewers looking forward to continuation. Other media filed complaints and a serious investigation was launched. Hero is hired as a newcomer to soften the tension. What is the purpose of the crime?Who is the culprit? Only you can solve it .... Wow, the return of bizarre cage series after a big pause. Map choice ADV. Compared to previous two titles the colors and the atmosphere got darker as the killings continue. System is inherited from previous parts, but time limit sections are much less demanding. Two mistaken answers are needed for a bad ending spawn and there aren't many bad endings. Difficulty level is high. There are six heroines and they are cute. H content level is the highest in the series.  
    40. Shibatte Mitai no! 縛ってみたいの! [991126] Espresso

    Main character is into SM stuff, but his girlfriend is totally alienated by it. The goal is to work at part-time jobs and buy books and accessories with the money earned. With the right approach girlfriend will also evaluate his efforts. First half of the game is like a normal SIM, but from the second half turns into a hardcore SM game and stays this way.  
    41. Soukoku no Nocturne 蒼刻ノ夜想曲 [991126] PL+US Modern Tokyo. Hero attends music university and meets a girl who can neither talk nor remember anything on a street. He calls her Rumi and takes her home. One day vampire Sheri the Nosferatu appears before the hero, but she is driven off by female hunter Aisha. Rumi is linked to those two people and gets involved into conflict between them. Finally a story work. There are three heroines and Rumi is not seen as a main heroine since she is weak compared to her counterparts and has to rely one someone. Well there is True Ending only for Rumi.   
    42. Spell ~Maid no Sasayaki~ Spell ~メイドの囁き~ [991126] Serene

    One day a maid dressed girl suddenly falls down from the sky to hero's apartment! 
    Her name is El. She is a magical girl who came from the land of maids. She is selected to participate in "Princess Selection Society" tournament as a princess candidate. For these few weeks she will serve main character to prepare for the challenge. I hardly care for yet another cohabitation with a maid, even with a magical maid from the land of maids...  
    43. Tennin Kyoushi 転任教師 [991126] Red Zone

    Koinuma Hitomi is new female teacher just transferred to the school. This is a school for delinquents, and she will have to establish her authority not only by words, but by weapons such as whip as well. Red Zone disappeared for two and a half years since Akiko Hard release. But this work is absolutely in Akiko spirit. Same clickable only map, same only girls voicing, same teacher heroine. This time the fetish is SM Queen and our teacher eagerly accepts this role.  
    44. Yaka no Shitone 夜華の褥 [991126] Spiral

    Early Showa period. The epoch of castles is gone, but memory is alive. In one of such castles there is now a SM club. Only girls with the huge debts are sold there. Main heroine is one such girl. There's no real story, just woman view on the prostitution. For me it's just a nukige.  
    45. Rescue Disk レスキューディスク [991126] B-STAFF

    Volume one is a story of a couple attacked during a date. What does the boy unable to protect his lover feel? What will the girl reply? Can she ever forgive him?
    Volume two is a story about dangerous relationship between teachers and students. What's beyond that? Happiness? Unhappiness? Ruin? Ancient doujin removed from dlsite  
    46. Prime Night ~Joshi Ana Hakusho~ プライムナイト ~女子アナ白書~ [991127] Telluru

    JBS channel popular caster Satoko Kondo is pursued by stalker lately. Pictures are sent to her office and home. She hires a detective who happens to be main character, but opponent cleverly escapes the traps. At the same time a female colleague of Satoko tries to seduce the detective. Can hero avoid the trap himself or is it possible to play the cards right to approach mystery revelation?
    It's actually not that easy to find a non-HCG, so I guess the detective played his cards right... with all the women he met multiple times. Can't really take a Telluru game seriously after so many half-baked failures.  
    47. Dorei Shimai Kyoukan 奴隷姉妹 兇姦 [9911] Soft Circle Courreges

    All three works of slave series together! Pretty girls and sisters are in trouble! The horror of pc-98 era is back. New doujin poop without any story or even a decent enough CG to put up.   48. Purupuru Magic ぷるぷるまじっく [9911] Usagi Club

    Falling blocks undressing puzzle game with short dialogues before the battles.  It's hardly can be called a visual novel.
  18. kivandopulus
    Foreword: C's Ware produced so many good works that I inevitably had to observe each work very thoroughly. luv wave with its 3D half-naked girl on the cover looked more like a 3D adult movie than a cyberpunk game. Who knew then that it would be one of my favorite games.

    Title: luv wave
    Developer: C's Ware
    Date: 1998-07-31
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2694
     Synopsis: September 2039. XINN, the computer virus that shutdown the world's computers, threatens us again. You, detective Kaoru, must solve who and why, with your new cyborg partner, Alice. However, haven't you met her before?
    Structure: There's unstructured single road command selection story with a small after-story selectable from game menu afterwards.
    Length: 27 hours
    Game type: Command selection adventure
    Difficulty: Easy. You can't fail in here, but you can get stuck. Bruteforcing helps from any situation though.
    Character Design rating: 10/10
    Protagonist rating: 10/10
    Story rating: 10/10
    Game quality: 9/10
    Overall rating: 10/10

    Rating comments: 10 for the third game in a row - that does not look convincing anymore. And game is actually a bit raw. It uses unique engine that makes it very difficult to run it in windowed even with additional tools. Selection commands are just flying together with the output text. Sound levels for characters vary greatly (well, I think I found adjustment level in options for different sound frequencies that caused that). And most importantly, The afterstory crashes next to the end of it giving out a number of scenes missing error which is very bad for the last scene that should be perfect and form a final judgement. So much for the game quality. Everything else is perfect. Every character is well developed. The story is one of the best examples of cyberpunk sophisticated narrative with lots of twists and mind-blowing elements (in a good way). 
    Protagonist: Mikogami Kaoru is one hell of a protagonist. He's in special forces unit specializing on assassinations. He's tall, blonde, often smoking and inevitably in a long coat. He's got a sister working in public security division, a lover who specializes in hacking and cracking and now also an android partner. He does not like assassination missions actually. He's always rational, calm, reserved, but he can be very proactive if he needs information from someone.

    Characters: Game is a one story without branching, so some characters are inevitably given more attention than others. I was actually very glad luv wave does not fall under any generalizations. Unlike very stupid hentai OVA based on the game there is no H-event with protagonist's sister (there seems to be one, but it's optional) and there is also shop-owner Kyoko who is left alone without one. This really helps to feel the story. If you think that you can watch OVA to grasp the story you'd be so wrong. OVA covers only beginning events more or less truthfully. The rest is a totally different story. Not even a greatly cut and simplified one, but a totally different story with the gist of it, the main opponent and the ending being totally different. 
    Alice: New android partner and the leading female staff member. She starts as a killing machine, typical robot, but gets to change a little by little and ends up changing the people and the world around her. She's a bottomless depth of a character.

    Mikogami Mamoru: Kaoru's sister. Light-minded police swat member. She's wasting way too much money, fond of tv and gaming. Very cool and bright heroine. She mentions that she was assaulted to be raped at work in the past, but it failed and things got better from then. But this gang rape scene was vividly depicted in OVA. Actually there seems to be a H-event with either Mamoru or Kanako and I had Kanako one which is great since I don't appreciate incest.

    Takigawa Kanako: Mechanic of Alice. She's got quite a story behind her past. She was actually gang raped long ago and feels incompetent because of that. She wanted to become space engineer and construct space ships, but chose to change society instead and served as a special agent for half a year. Then she moved to a more calm field of work - android maintenance.  

    Takashi Yuri: She's the actual girlfriend of Kaoru. Her work is hacking and cracking - she calls it binary agent. She always wears long dresses. Due to her work she gets to know many shady individuals and trades information with them. Her story is very touching as she was thrown out of the house and was brought up by the bums at a waste place. Those bums compiled a computer from the parts in the waste dump and since then she's been very interested in computers. I suppose they also paid electricity and internet bills, but the story does not really elaborate on that.

    Yamashita Kiyoka: She's one of the shady individuals that trades information with Yuri. She formed her newspaper about net activities and is hunting for a scoop. She's an invaluable source of information if she trusts you.

    Diane Wiseman: A red-haired president of largest japanese computer company Digital Demand Inc. Strong-willed and ambitious. She's absolutely sure that her company can create a vaccine against phenomenon XINN that noone in the world understands. What makes her so sure? Does she know something that noone else knows? We'll figure it out.

    Mayumi Masato: Kaoru's Girlfriend from the past. It's really dangerous to write anything else about her since that might easily become a spoiler.

    Kyoko: She's the owner of the hardware shop where Alice works on a part-time job. Noone knows where she takes the money since her business in constantly in the red. She's a mysterious character who gives very unusual advice and who develops many of the important themes of the game.

    Story: Right off the bat you and Alice are sent on a mission by CIA command to assassinate some american guy Macy Specter who seeks refuge at japanese land. Somehow he gets to know about our true aim and he starts shooting and explodes his suitcase. When Alice connects to the computer afterwards she gets hacked and nearly burns her brain by the same american guy that they just killed. There's no time to rest since there's a new bombing incident announced and the culprit there has a totally different body but also claims to be that american guy Macy Specter. The command center manages to find Macy Specter hideout, but there is only some disturbing information found as well and new drug, the same drug that was also found at previous incident spots. Gradually we need to figure this mess out. What's this new drug and what's its connection to the crimes? How can a consciousness of a person exist separately of the body and in several bodies? What is this XINN phenomenon and what did it try to achieve by 1 second blackout of all the computers? Who's the mastermind behind all that what does he want? There are too many questions and answers are slow to get. And when you get them... it turns into a different story about world dominance and living GOD on Earth.
    CG: I was quite happy with the number of CG. Gore scenes weren't multiple, but looked really cool. Let's start my usual gore-show.

    HCG: To my taste the number of H-events was a bit too much. There were two scenes for four heroines resulting in just 8 scenes which is quite ok. Alice is a subject of only one very mild scene which can't be even called a H-event. But at the end of the game we're digging the past of the characters and it brings about 8-9 more scenes for former girlfriend Mayumi which is an overkill imho. Scenes are more erotic than usual and it's achieved by voiceplay and scenes creativity - there's hardly a single normal bed scene in the game. 

    Sound: Voicing is partial, but it's on for about 85% of the game, so can as well be considered as full voicing. Protagonist is not voiced, apart of his past self. As usual, I don't have complaints of bgm. My only complaint for sound is that by default there are different levels for different sound waves and that made lively characters very loud in my video playthrough and calm voices and males hardly heard at all. I'm very sorry that I could not figure it out earlier...
    Themes: This game is Ghost in the Shell + Johny Mnemonic + Alice in wonderland in one shell and it raises a lot of themes. It's GITS because there's an android girl and there's net consciousness wondering stand-alone. It's Johny Mnemonic since new drug has 9 varieties and each contains up to 8 gb of data it it. It's Alice since this was not original name of android Alice. It's given to reflect a fantasy girl story in a magic land.
    1) Can androids love? This is the first quite evident question that's posed. And the game kind of avoids an answer to this question, because Alice is not really an android.  Machine-Human-God dichotomy is discussed a lot in the game.
    2) Can consciousness exist separately from the body? This in an ambiguous one. Macy Specter case shows that it actually can't since even during hacking there was a distinct body with his consciousness inside. But Alice case shows otherwise.
    3) Can one become a God? There is a lot of discussion on the topic. At least three characters aim to become Gods. Is immortality enough to become a God or does one need to conquer the Earth? Characters have different approaches towards it.
    4) Can one "remember" the future? Again, there's a lot of discussion on the topic with different views. Is remembering just perceiving or active influence on future events? Alice is the only character that can remember the future and she excels in all the meanings.

    Overall comments: luv wave suffers from pacing in the first half of the game as after couple action events there's lot of walking and rounds and gathering information. Mamoru is getting us information about "9 heavens" drug and Macy Specter from public security database, Yuri deciphers stolen data during hacking session and later on she participates in creating anti-XINN vaccine and secretly sends us information about it. Kiyoka introduces us to the world of drugs and also gets us to know Digital Demand Inc. president. Diane is the president that's in the epicenter of events. Little by little every lead and thread comes together and we get the full picture. I actually prefer this approach to forced action line, so pacing was ok for me. After we get to conclusive final of the story it does not really stop there. It presents the past of both Alice and Kaoru in a mindscrew fashion. That's a very different story from the main plot and not less thrilling one. It looks like a huge mural with small threads being knit together all the time. There's no answer to all the questions and in this case it's not particularly bad - that creates the mystic aura about the game. We get to know the past and the present, but as for the future - we need to remember it ourselves. It's a solid cyberpunk story akin to Ghost in the Shell and that alone should be enough. It's also full of memorable characters that don't fall under some categories - they are unique parts of one big story. I enjoyed it immensely since it gives an ample food for thought.
  19. kivandopulus
    Kichikuou Rance and Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO are masterpieces of the month, but even Rance can't compete with YU-NO this month.
    1. Kousoku Inran Jugyou Tokareta Ribbon 拘束 淫爛授業 解かれたリボン [961205] Persian Soft Mayu is a female student who is in secret relationship with another girl Minako. One day Mayu opens her bento and finds there a photo of her tied up with a rope. It also has a note requesting to come to clerk room at noon or the photo would be made public. There are several branches with different outcome. System is bad as each time screen changes it takes a lot of time to load and it breaks the story. It's really unclear why such story needed to be sold in two volumes since the content is thin.  
    2. Kousoku Inran Jugyou Maid-tachi no Shigoto 拘束 淫爛授業 メイドたちの仕事 [961205] Persian Soft A relative of Mayu notices changes in her behavior and sends family maid Kana as a transfer student to the same class to watch after Mayu. The school kingpins aim to make Kana a slave, but since they lack any compromising materials, they plan to use obedient Mayu to break the will of Kana. This time even the choices have only cosmetic meaning. Same dark content as the prequel.  
    3. For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~ for elise ~エリーゼのために~ [961206] Craftwork 1 Hero is an ordinary salary man. In his dreams he starts to do something strange to familiar women. Gradually dreams intertwines with the reality... Game is the origin of Sayonara o Oshiete released in 2001 and overlaps with it at times. It's an utsuge with strong motives of depression and insanity. Some moments are disgustingly unforgettable like fulfilling a desire to make a trash can out of woman. Game has its cool atmosphere, but need a stomach for a real utsuge.  
    4. Itazura いたずら~悪戯~ [961206] Interheart 1 Main hero is a pervert who harasses girls on a train. Itazura is the main title for Interheart company with as many as 9 games released under franchise. There's no story so nothing to discuss.  
    5. Ranchou 乱蝶 [961206] Trush Hero is the editor of a talented young girl writer. The year of his publishing company exclusive rights over this author is coming to an end without any book written, so hero isolates the girl in a small hotel populated by other girls to produce a creative atmosphere. After all it's just chasing busty girls in a big mansion with many rooms.  
    6. Angelique Special 2 アンジェリークSpecial 2 [961209] Koei 1 2 3 4 5 Second installment in the series. Angelique Collet, a girl who lives in the cosmos that the heroine of the first game now rules, is chosen as a queen candidate for a new cosmos. The count of male characters increases to include the nine Guardians, as well as three Tutors and three Collaborators. There is an English review.  
    7. Tokyo 0 Ku Sadistic Mary 東京0区 SADISTIC MARY [961210] J-Box Tokyo Zero Ward is commonly known as Lost Area. Mary is a female bandit who inhabits this shady area, rides a bike and targets only bad people for crimes. However, once she assaults a senior government car and gets fiercely targeted herself. After introduction there are some seven episodes to choose from, each presenting some kind of story about Mary.  
    8. Cry Sweeper クライスイーパー [961213] D.O. 1 2 A series of mysterious events has occurred in a seemingly normal high school somewhere in Japan. Girls have been reported missing or assaulted under mysterious circumstances. The police is helpless. Two people are determined to solve the mystery: Kai Shuri, a man who can read minds and recall events from the past, and Ami Kanko, a girl who controls the powers of telekinesis. Will they ever be able to get to the bottom of the things, or will gruesome events continue to happen amidst innocent teenagers?.. It's one my first played visual novels. It's actually about rape after aliens/demons invasion into the school, but it has a lot of coolness about it. A trash game in a good sense of this word (if it has any good sense). Lots of gore, impressive demons and good old insanity everywhere. Voicing is really well done.  
    9. Dangerous Toys デンジャラス・トイズ [961213] Love Gun 1 2 This game has 10 stories about girls having fun with interesting toys and other girls. There are two English reviews.  
    10. Hana no Kioku Dai 2 Shou 花の記憶 第二章 [961213] Foster Collection of five short erotic stories. 1. Lesbian intercourse at a family restaurant 2. Nurse encounters a number of delusions 3. Affair with a married woman 4. Assault on the office lady clerk 5. Forced sex at the preparatory school Ero-centered work, nothing much changed since the prequel.  
    11. Houkago Ren'ai Club ~Koi no Etude~ 放課後恋愛倶楽部 ~恋のエチュード~ [961213] Libido 1 2 3 4 5 6 You are a teenage boy in high school. You join the Casual Romance Club in order to meet other people and perhaps find love. There are twelve girls you can approach, each one possessing her own unique beauty and personality. Use your time and efforts wisely and you may just get yourself more than a casual romance... You are given a month to shop around and win somebody's love, after which you'll ask the girl of your choice to keep seeing you even after the club adjourns. Each game day starts at the Starry Sky restaurant, with the club notebook laid out for you. The club notebook has the lowdown on all the girls -- their basic statistics, pictures, horoscopes, likes, dislikes, etc. The girls also record their thoughts and reactions on daily events next to their horoscopes, so reading the club notebook can prove vital to your success. Game has many English reviews.  
    12. Injuu no Datenshi ~Requiem for Fallen Angels~ 淫従の堕天使 〜Requiem for Fallen Angels〜 [961213] Discovery Hero lives with a lovely younger sister and suppresses affection for her. However, his friend knows of such feelings and invites hero to attack surrounding women. But hero has a subtle feeling that his sister is going to be involved as well sooner or later... Despite "injuu" in the title, there's not a single tentacle. The work is of insult nature, but among all that ruckus there is also one romance route.  
    13. Kyouiku Jisshuu ~Joshikousei Maniacs~ 教育実習 ~女子校生マニアックス~ [961213] Tetratech 1 2 The plot of Kyōiku Jisshū: Joshi Kōsei Maniacs is rather simple: the protagonist is an ordinary Japanese man named Shingo, who is about to become an intern in a prestigious school. There is only one thing that makes the young man slightly nervous: all his students will be girls. And if that weren't enough, some of his new co-workers are young attractive women. Will Shingo concentrate on his job or succumb to the pleasures of the flesh? There is an English review.  
    14. Mel Mel Melty Marchen メル・メル メルティーメルヘン [961213] Queen Soft Classic western fairy-tales return adapted for adult taste, but to get to adult part it's needed to to write what's shown with sign language. The main feature of this work is that H content is only available after writing correctly what the girl shows with the sign language. With each story the phrases become longer.  
    15. Muku 無垢 [961213] Nikukyuu 1 A girl went to work for our guy to pay her family debt. Our guy already has a butler(male), secretary(female), and maid(young female). He can train the new girl to be a maid, secretary, slave or fun object. What she does when she pay off her debt depends on how he had treated her. Kusoge.  
    16. Pet Inga~ PETいんが~★ [961213] Pumpie 1 Hero is dumped by his girlfriend after poor sexual performance. He meets a man in the store reveals him the true secret of sexuality - to stay dressed. Hero is required to have petting with three girls in seven days to regain confidence and get a reward. A bakage. System is not comfortable due to the need to press on-screen buttons and repeat the same moves over and over during long interactive H scenes.  
    17. True Love Story トゥルー・ラブストーリー [961213] ASCII Corporation 1 2 You are a male second year student at high school. Your parents got a sudden transfer, so you've just moved to a new city. You'll be transferred again in one month, so you only have that time to make one of the nine heroines fall in love with you. A degraded version of Tokimeki Memorial. Dating sims boom has come to playstation. Main feature of the game is going home together with the girl and taking on the way. It had good animation and sound so found its niche.  
    18. Kichikuou Rance 鬼畜王ランス [961219] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 This game is not part of the official Rance universe timeline, forking off after the events of Rance 4.2, as a "What if" episode. The prelude starts with Rance leading a band of bandits in rural Helman Empire. The Imperial Patrol crushed his band with overwhelming force, and captured his slave, Sill. Rance fled to the borders of Leazas where he was rescued by Kanami, personal ninja of Lia, queen of Leazas. Eager to take revenge upon Helman and rescue his slave Sill, Rance agreed to marry Lia. As the new king of of Leazas, Rance set his first step on a path that eventually leads to world domination, or death. There are English reviews.  
    19. Can Can Bunny Premiere 2 きゃんきゃんバニー プルミエール2 [961220] Cocktail Soft 1 2 You are one single lonely guy who wants a girlfriend. And when you went home a huge explosion occurred. Inside your room, you saw seven little midgets: the Japanese Gods of Luck. Along with them was a beautiful girl with green hair and she gave you something which she called the "Star of Guidance". The next day you ran into some cute girl, and mysteriously, the "Star of Guidance" glowed... The promissed earlier full title (after 5 1/2). A good quality game that follows exactly the same line as the prequels. Sawady and Swatty are both present for the first time. And you've got only 10 days to capture the heart of your love interest. But after Pia Carrot fabula looked really old already and lacked freshness.  
    20. Alice In Cyberland Yamiyo No Madoushi ありすインサイバーランド闇夜の魔導士 [961220] Glams 1

    Tokyo, the 21st century. The internet has grown to be an enormously important part of life, and a digital world called "Cyberland" has come into existence. This digital world is divided into eight levels, with more important and confidential information being granted higher levels of priority, with the highest levels being inaccessible to anyone other than those with the highest government security clearance. A young junior-high student named Alice Minazuki is the daughter of one of the developers of this system. He left her with a very special "dive system," which allows the user to enter the deepest parts of Cyberland. Together with her friends Rena Ohtori and Juri Yagami, they are ALICE-3, a team tasked with maintaining peace and order in Cyberland.
    Alice in Cyberland is a traditional Japanese-style adventure game divided into chapters. Each chapter begins with Alice and her friends in Tokyo, and you can move about the city talking to people to find out more about what's happening. Eventually, she'll need to "dive" into Cyberland, which is also represented by a city. Your team will be able to move around, investigating different systems and looking for information, and eventually running into enemy "guard programs" which must be fought. The battle system is simple, allowing for either attack, defense, and character change. Defeating a guard system will continue the story. It's a single road story in five chapters. Battles take place in the Cyberland while real world is just for hanging around and trying various mini-games at gaming centers and such. Battles are the biggest drawback while the core of the game is really enjoying. There is some lesbian development.  
    21. M ~Kimi o Tsutaete~ M ~君を伝えて~ [961220] Nexus Interact 1

    M is a love/dating simulation game. The game immediately starts by asking you a series of questions to determine your personality, after which the heroine is determined based on your personality. Similar to other simulation games, player has a set of skills that may be upgraded by performing various tasks. Things like sleeping, working, shopping and such. The game story takes time during the 85 days where you exchange the diary with others, reaching good ending if you connect with someone by the time the time runs out. Another strange SIM.  
    22. Ars Amatoria アルス・アマトリア [961221] Aspect Corporation
    Daisuke walks along the streets of Tokyo. The night is full of love. Which girl will attract his attention next? Each part has some 8 HCG with some text prior to it. The final part has as much as 15 HCG. It's a practical work with random encounters in random situations, so it's wrong to search meaning in the small text introductions.  
    23. Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO この世の果てで恋を唄う少女YU-NO [961226] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Takuya Arima is a young student whose father, a historian who has conducted various researches, disappeared recently. During a summer vacation Takuya receives a peculiar package from his missing father, along with a letter containing information about the existence of various parallel worlds. At first Takuya doesn't take it seriously, but soon he realizes that he possesses a device that allows him to travel to alternate dimensions. Is his father alive, after all? If so, where is he? Game has many English reviews.  
    24. Bloody Bride Imadoki no Vampire Bloody Bride いまどきのバンパイア [961227] Astrovision 1 2 3 You play as a young vampire who has reached (vampire) adulthood. He is sent to earth to suck the blood of a girl with a 'platium aura'. However the girl has to willingly allow him to suck her blood. The character is given three years to complete his mission. There are several English reviews.  
    25. Making Candy ~Okinimesumama~ Making Candy ~お気に召すまま~ [961227] Curott Keita started to live together with a girl who he met in a movie theater. Where will this cohabitation lead? Kind of a SIM that takes place over 50 days. There are as many as 16 endings available, so pretty much all the outcomes are prepared, most of which differ only by the erotic fetish. It's something in-between Ayumi-chan story and Custom Mate 3.   26. Instant Clarity インスタントクラリティー [96] Neko no Kessha

    A collection of two stories. Episode 1 tells a love story between protagonist and childhood friend Miharu. But he starts to lose grip with the reality and through delusions relations between two people take another shape. Episode 2 is an incest story between siblings. Coersion, insult and intimidation... can these elements bring a happy ending? Doujin H-oriented work.   27. Minako no Suiyoubi 美奈子の水曜日 [96] Echigoya Corporation

    Every Wednesday tutor Minako comes over. Main character has big plans for hear, and these plans are to be implemented today with her arrival. Some more H-oriented stuff. Sadly, no normal picture is found, but this small icon shows how terrible graphics was for the game to be discontinued at dlsite.
  20. kivandopulus
    True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ , Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki - The Last Crusader- and Tokyo Twilight Busters ~Kindan no Ikenie Teito Jigokuhen~ are masterpieces for me, but only True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ is a traditional visual novel and it's the most accessible to general public.
    1. Trouble Chaser Dai 3 Wa - 2 Do Aru Trouble 3 Do Aru トラぶるCHASER 第3話 2度あるトラブル3度ある [950601] Nihon Create
    New chaser girl Ridia flands near Daisuke house. How will Rudy and Rena react? And what's the truth behind the identity of a mysterious person Ridia was chasing?
    This 3rd game is nowhere to be found already and can be considered a lost piece.  
    2. Hana no Kioku 花の記憶 [950609] Foster 1 Hana no Kioku consists of five episodes, all of which can be accessed from the main menu, in no particular order: The young school girl Chiko is taking a subway train and is sexually molested by what she thinks is a chihan (a person with the popular Japanese "hobby" of touching young girls on the trains). However, the chihan turns out to be a young girl named Kiko, who wears a rather elaborate disguise. An episode dedicated to another popular Japanese theme: tentacle sex. A young girl named Mei thinks about anime stories and brave heroes who defeat monsters; at that moment, she is sexually assaulted by a horribly-looking giant squid monster. Mei is back in school, but this time she is not the player-controlled character; the latter is now a female teacher named Sumi, who has ordered Mei to stay in the classroom after the lesson, in order to have sex with her. A school girl named Saki is sick and is lying on the bed in the school hospital. From that point, the story can branch two different ways: either she is being raped by Sumi, or seduced by the nurse Aki. Back to Kiko from the first story; she is the playable character now, and, depending on the story branch, she either waits for her boyfriend and has sex with him, or goes outside in a disguise already seen in the first episode mentioned. Foster did not bother to present a coherent story this time, but picture is as good as ever.  
    3. True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~ TRUE LOVE ~純愛物語~ [950609] Software House Parsley 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 True Love's genre is considered to be a mixture of a dating sim and visual novel. The player controls a college student looking for his true love. The goal of the game is to win the girls' hearts before the last summer of freedom is over. Every day, when the main character wakes up, the player can plan the schedule for morning, afternoon, and evening. The choices (such as pleasure, sports, study, etc.) determine what events will occur during the day (if any), and also raise the character's skills in the selected category. Different girls in the game (there are ten of them) have different interests, goals, and preferences. If the character's skills in the category that the girl finds most important are high enough, he has a chance to become her boyfriend and the player is rewarded with erotic images of the girl. Probably the best known old visual novel game. The number of English reviews is excessive.  
    4. Kekkou Kamen 2 ~Oshioki Densetsu no Maki~ けっこう仮面2 ~おしおき伝説の巻~ [950615] Dynamic Production 1 In the sequel to to the first Kekkō Kamen, the player is no longer required to control the satanic protagonist of the previous game. Instead, the protagonist is a young substitute teacher (default name Ryusuke) who is perplexed at his discoveries in the high school he is invited to work for. As the title implies (shioki means "corporal punishment"), some teachers and students engage in bizarre sadistic activities. It's up to the player to decide how the new guy will fit in. An ero-centered game, but at least you can take sides in this one and the start of the game is totally normal till you're brought to the basement.  
    5. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~ 天使たちの午後 ~転校生~ [950616] JAST 1 2 In this installment of the Tenshitachi no Gogo series, the protagonist is a male high-school student named Hayato. He was recently transferred to a new school, far away from his home. As in most other Tenshitachi no Gogo games, the story mainly depicts various encounters and conversations with female schoolmates and other girls Hayato meets in the city; the "goal" is to have sex with as many as possible. Quite a normal JAST game, easy to read, but not too interesting.  
    6. Yakouchuu 夜光虫 [950616] Athena Hero is the captain of a cargo ship "Diana" that's been in sail for half a year. He faces three mysteries with new one opening up after each playthrough. Kamitachi no Yoru was a big hit and competitors hurried to produce more content in the same vein. The peculiarity of this work is that it's the first sound novel produced not by Chunsoft. The content of the stories is usual for such format horror, but it's the only such game in the closed ship environment.  
    7. Chikudenya Toubee Hiroku Chigyaku no Yakata 逐電屋藤兵衛 秘録恥虐乃館 [950623] Wendy Magazine 1 Matsuo Basho, famous haiku poet is presented here as master ninja of Fuji clan during Edo period. Story focuses on several days of his life. Last work of Wendy Magazine and a very rare one. Game has picturesque views of Edo, lots of bad ends and some violent scenes. There is one English review of it.  
    8. Hoshi no Suna Monogatari 3 星の砂物語3 [950623] D.O. 1 The third entry in the Hoshi no Suna Monogatari series is also the first one not to have Gengorou Imai as the protagonist (although he does have a cameo appearance in the game). The playable character this time is the 23-year-old Mine Takaishi. He dropped out of college because of opinion difference with a teacher; now he is poor and can only have jobs as a tutor. Luckily, one of the girls he teaches has a rich family, which sends her on a vacation at the fashionable boarding house on the sea shore, owned by a relative named Uminoya; the private teacher accompanies her. Several relatives also stay at the boarding house, and all goes well until one of them, the owner's younger brother, suddenly feels very sick after having dinner... He is taken to the hospital, and Mine begins to investigate the boarding house and its surrounding, suspecting foul play... Game was shocking for including voicing CD. Again a murder case and again it's still mostly about picture and girls.  
    9. Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki - The Last Crusader- ロマンスは剣の輝き -THE LAST CRUSADER- [950623] Fairytale 1 2 3 A young swordsman named Rune is strolling in the woods when he notices a lake. And bathing in the lake is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Suddenly, a wolf leaps from the woods and attacks the girl. Rune swiftly defeats the beast. The girl he saved turned out to be Cecil, the princess of Barran! Watching how the princess was taken back to the castle by a zealous knight, Rune swears that he will do anything to become worthy of her love. And his friends (all of whom happen to be girls) have no choice but to help him! SRPG with branches for each of the heroine. SRPG is a rare find already, feels like Utawarerumono. Since it's Fairy Tale title, the CG and character design are outstanding. Maybe the story lacks epicness, but it's a well rounded game with many likable characters and thus is worthy to be called a masterpiece.  
    10. Sela セーラ [950623] Harvest 1 The aim is to bring up the captain's only daughter as an ideal girl. Raising sim where you mostly busy with making money and then spending money on education. Side goal is to collect crown stones since perfect ending is only available with all the parameters above 150 and while having 5 crown stones. So it's more like an adult version of Princess Maker with some ADV elements incorporated since you live with the daughter at the same house.  
    11. Tokyo Twilight Busters ~Kindan no Ikenie Teito Jigokuhen~ 東京トワイライトバスターズ ~禁断の生贄帝都地獄変~ [950623] Wolf Team 1 2 3 1923, Tokyo – The Taishou era – Whilst studying abroad in England, Sho Kusanagi receives news that his father - Professor Takuma Kusanagi of the Imperial University - has been reported missing. Sho returns to Japan to uncover the truth behind his father’s disappearance, and is quickly involved with a series of mysterious incidents that have appeared in the capital. Game has two nice English reviews. Truly a unique game.  
    12. Sotsugyou Shashin ~Naked Color~ 卒業写真 ~ネイキッドカラー~ [950624] Apollon Create Keisuke is a high school student. He has a girlfriend Kyouko attending the same class. This is the best time of their youth and time to make memories. Difficult to follow, but quite easy to read scenario. Very difficult to empathize with the main hero. Balanced and average content.  
    13. Gir l ガール [950629] Juice Three girls stories about sexual experiences. Les ero-centered narration without wasting much time for talking.  
    14. Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna 2: Eien no Princess 銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ2 永遠のプリンセス [950630] Hudson Soft 1 2 This is the second game in the series about the school girl Yuna Kagurazaka, who fights crime in cosmic battles. Eien no Princess continues the story of the first game. Yuna has defeated the 13 Servants of Darkness, and their leader Lia has become a friend, fighting crime on her own in a superhero TV show. Life seems to continue normally, the only trouble being Erika, a snotty high school girl who sees herself as Yuna's biggest rival. She challenges Yuna to a fight, but both are spotted by the titular starship "Eternal Princess", commanded by the pretty Princess Mirage, whose task is to stop violence in the whole galaxy. What begins as a misunderstanding ends as a serious threat to the Earth... There's a nice English review out there.    
    15. Kotohigaoka Monogatari 琴緋ヶ丘物語 [950630] Miamisoft Aoi are students of Kotohigaoka high school. They are secretly in love with the heroine Saeki Yuna, but can't confess to her due to constant attention and clinging of their cousin Ayaka and younger student Maiko. Events start to unwind after Aoi is recruited as a substitute basketball team member to replace an injured player. Graphics and character designs are very unusual for pc-98 era, it's more like what we have in contemporary games. Perspective was also strange as characters jump out of the picture as are show as half the torso while picture takes less space. At the beginning we need to choose the main character out of two heroes - one is attractive, reach, but rude and the other one is pure brainless muscle. There are total of 8 endings, 4 for each character. Game's not particularly interesting as stories are done just to give all the possible variants of each hero to end up with each heroine. Hetare protagonists don't help either. Game has some unique features, but that's it. It was fun enough to get to some girl ending once just to see where the game is going, but repeating it some 7 more times to see all 4 girls endings for both protagonists does not sound appealing.  
    16. Mobius Roid メビウスロイド [950630] Silky's 1 The main protagonist of Möbius Roid is a young man named Masa Taniyama, who lives alone in a mansion in a quiet district, and dedicates most of his time to one activity: sex. He also has a partner to his sexual escapades, a very "active" young girl named Chie. But another young girl is raped somewhere in the neighborhood, and this changes Masa's life... Composition of the story is good and there are 8 endings. The number of H events is quite large totally some 70 HCG.  
    17. YES! HG - Hi-Grade, Hyper Graphics A.V.G. YES! HG - Hi-Grade, Hyper Graphics A.V.G. [950630] Himeya Soft A collection of eight short stories Number of stories jumped to 8 from just 3 in prequel. The degree of H element varies strongly by the stories. There is not nearly enough time for each story, so the game is for enjoying picture in extravagant settings.  
    18. Yumemizaka 夢見坂 [950630] Ume Soft 1 This game is a story about the adventures of a pizza delivery guy. He meets and have fun with his female customers and friends. His store advertising campaign brings him to a house of three sisters. There he is treated to some interesting stuff... Ero-centered work without any plot burden. Basically you're invited everywhere with total number of girls being 11.  
    19. Kiboujima no Satsujin 希望島の殺人 [9506] Chirorin House A good company has gathered on an isolated island, but one by one murders occur out of revenge. You need to find the culprit and do it fast. Doujin work. It's actually a sequel to another detective story. It's a one way road and any variants lead to the same ending.
  21. kivandopulus
    There are no masterpieces this month, but story-wise Necronomicon is the closest thing to a masterpiece.
    1. Libido 7 [940601] Libido 1 2 3 The main character of this game is a young girl Naru. She's trained in sisterly love by her sister. Game consists of short episodes about Naru and her friends. I'm very glad there's an English review since I was sure those are just random extreme H scenes with nameless heroines. Anyway, there's an absolute 0 of the story - just pick one of dozen stories and click through the end. It's the first game I could not make a video of since it'd be just a censored screen all the time. And since there's no story it's utterly useless to hook it and try to see opening scenes because there are none - just select the story and click. I tried several versions of it, but nothing really changed - there was no introduction. Absolutely soulless depiction of H scenes without character sprites or normal CG - just a trail of HCG. The impact of the work was tremendous due to cute heroines in fashionable dresses and extreme context. Who would have thought that such work would see the light of the day just a year and a half after introduction of censorship. I hoped to have video footage of every visual novel found up to 2000's, but have to admit now that soulless nukige take origin as early as the year 1994.  
    2. Private Slave プライベートスレイブ [940603] Raccoon (old) Hero is fond of crying women, but he can not reveal his secret to his cheerful girlfriend and thus seeks realization of his dreams with other women. It is a SM eroge, but without much emphasis on illustrations. Instead it tries to delve in psychology. A very unusual game in this regard. There are multiple branches despite the command selection format.  
    3. Ikenie ~Kyouraku no Shinden~ いけにえ ~享楽の神殿~ [940611] Cat's Pro. 1 This short game has a rather cryptic plot. The identity of the hero is unclear: we know only that he is a young male, most probably living in our time. One day he is resting after having had sex with a girl, and is mysteriously transported into a strange temple. Without knowing what this temple is, and only presuming it must be built by the Aztecs of Yucatan, the hero must find a way out of it, and back home. Weird maze full of spontaneous H events.  
    4. Trigger トリガー [940617] ZyX 1 Trigger consists of three unrelated stories, all of which heavily focus on explicit sexual content. The first story depicts violent and monster-related sexual encounters of a young woman. In the second one, a female detective attempts to investigate the murder of her father and gets captured by the criminals. The third story deals with a raid of mechanized pirates on a spaceship controlled by two young girls. The main difference of Trigger from other animated old visual novels is that it contains extreme scenes like tentacles and SM. There is some voice support as well.  
    5. Adirate あでぃらーと [940622] Manbou Goya

    Game consists of four short stories.
    1. Girl undergoes trials to enter the limited membership club
    2. Girl gets stuck, and there's the need to help her out
    3. Two young people with amnesia try to escape a mysterious hospital
    4. Kindergarten age girl gets caught and accused of witchcraft. Shories are very short and with a definite H-tilt. Scenario and approach is quite unique. For Windows 3.1 era it was really a breakthrough.  
    6. Ami - Kaze Tachinu 亜美 ~風立ちぬ~ [940624] Fairy Dust Ami-chan is a heroine from "Cream Lemon". Your job is to make an idol of her. Raising sim - typical, monotonous. Ami is cute and that's supposed to be the selling point of the game. Need to be a real fan of her and Cream Lemon...  
    7. Necronomicon ネクロノミコン [940624] FAIRYTALE HARDCOVER 1 2 3 Necronomicon is - as the title strongly implies - based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The story is set in Lovecraft's fictional city Arkham somewhere in New England. It is said that a terrible ritual has taken place there, involving a woman giving birth to a demonic child. A journalist named Jonathan heads to Arkham to find out more about the dreadful rumors, and to explore the ruins of an ancient monastery. In the town, Jonathan meets other characters with their own agendas. Terrifying nightmares, like visions from the past, haunt Jonathan. Will he be able to preserve his sanity and solve the mystery? There are some impressions, but no good English review found so far. Game system is highlighted point and click inherited from Dead of the Brain 2. But scenario is one way road with no parts to get game over. First parts can seem monotonous as you just click on everything while gathering clues, but at some point story starts to develop heavily and grabs you till the end. There is like one H scene and with not a particularly cute girl. There are two endings... bad one and absolutely depressive one. So I like point and click mechanics, but to enjoy the game you should be prepared that it's a depressive Lovecraft experience ahead.  
    8. Paradise Arena ごくらくアリーナ [940624] Chime 1 A man named Shinichi encounters a mysterious young girl who tells him that she and her friends developed new technology that allows unprecedented immersion in virtual worlds. Shinichi is then chosen to be the test subject of the new virtual reality device, participating in adventures where his sexual powers are tested above all. Virtual reality situations are very exotic. The feature of the game is timer that starts with 100 and cuts the play once it reaches 0. Depending on the number acquired in each story the ending may change.  
    9. Venus ヴィーナス [940629] Software House Parsley 1 2 Venus is a fairly simple dating simulation game. The player controls a man named Saeki who gets acquainted with four young women, three Japanese and one Western. Each girl has her own preferences as well as parameters that describe her feelings towards the protagonist. The goal is to raise these parameters (and ultimately the girls' "love level") by repeatedly going on dates. From time to time the player is required to make choices that would influence subsequent dating. There is an internal clock that is advanced every time the player character goes on a date. Successful dating results in explicit erotic scenes. There is one impression in English, but game is really very simple. I would not be really surprised if it was made just in one month to bathe in the popularity of Tokimeki Memorial.  
    10. Cutie Cop ~Nusumareta File no Nazo~ キューティーCOP ~盗まれたファイルの謎~ [940630] Ice Soft 1 2 Cuty Cop is a game modeled after a Japanese TV show quiz, but with a background story: valuable papers have been stolen from the police department, and the only clue is a perfume smell, which most probably indicates a female TV star. The protagonist, a young female cop, has to participate in a quiz and give correct answers to questions related to Japanese TV shows. I'm not good with quizzes to say what lies ahead after all the rounds.  
    11. Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito 野々村病院の人々 [940630] Silky's 1 2 3 Cuty Cop is a game modeled after a Japanese TV show quiz, but with a background story: valuable papers have been stolen from the police department, and the only clue is a perfume smell, which most probably indicates a female TV star. The protagonist, a young female cop, has to participate in a quiz and give correct answers to questions related to Japanese TV shows. Each round has four questions, and if the player has chosen more than two wrong answers, it's game over. "Defeating" an opponent in a quiz leads to the next round against the next opponent. There are English reviews.  
  22. kivandopulus
    Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends and AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- are the masterpieces of the month, but the VN of the month is AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- since it's original work and not just anime spin-off.
    1. Injuu Genmu 2 ~Brain Burst 淫獣幻夢2 ~BRAIN BURST [940401] Ringerbell 1 There is no real story in Injū Genmu II: Brain Burst!!; the setting is a certain magical land where three young, pretty, female magical creatures hold a contest. Innocent young girls will test the knowledge of the participant, and should he win, he will be treated to... a blood-chilling spectacle of said girl being raped by a tentacle monster. Just a H quiz game with tentacles.  
    2. Turn Over [940407] Tear Drop You've been accepted as a teacher to Seitoku Girls' High School. Did not find a single Japanese and did not bother to get through this beaten setting and mix of command selection and point-and-click systems to see if it was going somewhere.  
    3. Cherry Bomb: Chou-ojou-sama Sayaka-chan Nanpa Daisakusen チェリーボム 超お嬢さま沙也香ちゃんナンパ大作戦 [940407] Peppermint Kids
    Young girl Sayaka has transfers to main character's class. She is the only daughter of a powerful corporation and a returnee from France. Protagonist tries to conquer her heart, but is stopped all the time by the girl bodyguards. At such time he finds a mysterious gem. When he touches it, a voice is heard from nowhere... Game has adventure part and action xonix part which is really difficult for there is time limit. There are a lot of battles with the bodyguards.  
    4. Kekkou Kamen ~Oshioki Paradise no Maki~ けっこう仮面 ~おしおきパラダイスの巻~ [940408] Dynamic Production 1 2 When a Japanese game's title includes a word that can be understood as "corporal punishment" (shioki), it's not hard to guess the theme of the "story". Basically, the player is cast as one of Satan's minions, who also happens to be the new "punishment teacher" in the Sparta High School. As the protagonist arrives at the school, he quickly attends to his "duties". However, the sadist's efforts are thwarted by a mysterious, masked, completely naked woman. The player's job is to make sure this won't happen again - which means defeating the super-heroine, and continuing to torture young girls... There is an English review.  
    5. Zhuang Yang Jia Yao 壮陽佳肴 [940408] Studio Milk Hero is a narcissistic god on a training. While strengthening his spirit he has kept abstinence for 500 years and now he finally descends to the lower world. Chinese style bakage with mythological at and the same time vulgar atmosphere. Hero fights youkai, but it's the women that's his aim. Command selection formula and long H scenes make it especially painful. Special atmosphere leaves quite an impact and is memorable long after playing.  
    6. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 11 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第11話 [940411] Silence 1 In this episode the heroes meet a manager who arranges for them to attend a pop concert held by the local idol. Chaos ensues as a BEM appears on the stage, attracting the attention of journalists and the crowd. Last fooling around episode dealing with hidden camera and idols.  
    7. Arabesque! ~Shoujo-tachi no Orinasu Ai no Monogatari~ アラベスク ~少女たちの織りなす愛の物語~ [940413] Fairytale 1 The story of Arabesque begins in a mysterious way, when a young girl named Alice is approached by a man who calls himself "K". The two share a bizarre sexual experience, which Alice finds herself unable to forget afterwards. From now on, she is determined to find the mysterious K. She works in a mansion, serving another mysterious figure, a masked "Master", hoping to find clues concerning K's whereabouts by talking to the maids and learning about their own experiences. Museum type work in a western mansion, but contents in unsatisfactory. The whole premise sounds really stupid to me - come to mansion to do who knows what waiting for some K who does not seem to come. It's reported to have quite a number of fetishes and quite short volume, but I got bored with long absurdist talks already.  
    8. Concert コンサート [940415] AyPio You become the leader of a rock band of five girls. Will you make a name for yourself? Top down classmates style view without concept of time. The top down view makes the game more memorable, but gameplay is too boring and kind of difficult to try and see the end.  
    9. Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends うる星やつら~ディア マイ フレンズ [940415] Game Arts 1 2 3 4 5 6 It is the story of Ataru, a high school lecher who loves nothing more than to try his luck with every pretty girl he meets. Although he is generally good-hearted, he does a good job of hiding that fact. One day, Earth is beset by alien invaders who will conquer the planet, unless a chosen representative is able to beat an alien representative in their national game: Tag. Incomprehensibly, Ataru is chosen for the task. His opponent is Lum, gorgeous daughter of the invaders' leader. Shinobu, Ataru's long-suffering girlfriend, tells him that she could never marry a loser, and that he had better win the game of Tag if he wants to marry her. Ataru is filled with new hope, and against all odds, he manages to tag the flying Lum. Ataru is overjoyed that he can now marry Shinobu, but Lum mistakes his victory cry as a marriage proposal. She immediately accepts, and then the two are inseparable - not that Ataru likes it that way. Lum's unconditional love poses no challenge, and Ataru misses the thrill of the chase. Unfortunately, Lum dishes out a massive electric shock every time Ataru so much as breathes in the direction of another girl, so he's stuck! There are lots of English reviews.  
    10. Gakuen Senki ~Kyoufu no Puppet Keikaku~ 学園戦記 ~恐怖のパペット計画~ [940415] Foresight

    In late 23rd century was marked by a terrible disaster - the Third World War. Years have passed since the countries affected by it started slowly rebuilding. A league of nations was formed, consisting of "companions" from different countries. Suzuki, the representative of Japan, was also the founder of the most prestigious school of the new era - St. Innocence Girls High School. The graduates were invited to a grand opening held by a company that was successful in manufacturing giant robots. But terrorists of an unknown origin assaulted the place, killing most of the people. All the clues lead to St. Innocence school. Suzuki sends an agent (codename "Osamu") to infiltrate the school and find out what is happening. It's basically an RPG, so nothing to discuss.  
    11. Gao Gao! 2nd ~Pandora no Mori~ GAOGAO!2nd ~パンドラの森~ [940416] Four-Nine 1 2 3 A biological experiment that began in 1993 led to a terrible disaster in the beginning of 21st century. A virus that turned living beings into mutants and monsters has been unleashed. Soon the Earth turned into a terrifying place of chaos, as more and more human beings became infected. Unspeakable violence obliterated human civilization. Within a few years, humanity was on the verge of total annihilation. The Era of Darkness began. But not all hope was lost. Humans began building cities known as "Domes", isolated from the wilderness, protected by glass from all sides, cut from natural resources. It was possible to start building civilization anew. On one fateful day, the famous scientist couple Mizuhara were killed in what looked like an accident. Their project, which showed new ways of fighting the virus, descended into the grave with them. Their two children were separated and for a long time were unaware of their origins. But the wheels of destiny keep spinning, as the young Mizuhara is about to discover the truth about his parents, and perhaps bring new hope to humanity... I've prepared a full review.  
    12. Dare mo Shiranai... Ushinawareta Kioku no Tobira 誰も知らない・・・ 失われた記憶の扉 [940418] Xyz A woman is running through the night forest. She seems to be pursued by someone. Man sees a strange dream that she is terrified of an attack from behind. A disaster suddenly falls on the man and his lover. And the key word is "Misty Blue". Suspense horror novel. There are lots of branches in here but roughly they can be divided on two stories, of man and of woman. So difficulty is due to a big number of branches full of bad ends. Well, game is horrible, as for me. Protagonist is a woman so thoughts are very inconsistent. And it's not written who is talking so it makes less and less sense in the dialogues. Constant sudden twists of plot leave logic off the board. And the story is not that interesting - just about brother working on a secret project and of the flowers that have special power against the occult powers.  
    13. 2 Shot Diary ツーショットDiary [940421] Mink 1 2 Shot Diary is a collection of twelve short episodes of sexual nature, each told by a different young woman, presented as entries in their diaries. There is no connection between the stories. Each heroine has a different profession and social status (high school student, nurse, model, etc.), where each episode usually centers around a particular sexual theme (voyeurism, lesbian sex, rape, etc.). The game is almost entirely pornographic, with nearly each screen being a depiction of a sexual activity. Multiple stories format bloomed during 1993 and in case of this game it evolved into multiple H micro-stories. The quality is good, but plot is absent and there's little to discuss.  
    14. Jonason ~Kugutsu no Mai~ ジョナサン ~傀儡の舞~ [940421] Xyz 1 Kamome and Arisa are two freelance detectives, and their current assignment is to protect Kimiko Ichijou, the daughter of a wealthy oligarch. Three days before her birthday, someone tipped the detective off about a possible assassination attempt. Kimiko has been recently transferred to the prestigious Seika Girls High School. Kamome decides to infiltrate the school, working undercover under the disguise of a janitor. Soon he realizes that powerful figures from a corporation that Kimiko's family is part of are not about to give up, and his life is in danger as well... This might be the best action visual novel among pc-98 because since the very first minutes action is overflowing. There are car races and a lot of timed sequences when you need to click on the right objects within time limit or it's game over, so there is constant tension. But the second half is just wandering around the school as a janitor, so it gets somewhat monotonous. Point and click feels awkward with so much moving around the same rooms.  
    15. Princess Danger ぷりんせすでんじゃあ [940421] Studio Jikkenshitsu 500 years ago the Victorian kingdom built by Victorian I upon defeating the Devil suddenly disappeared after a period of prosperity. Ayumi is the direct descendant and 42th ruler of the Victorian royal family. With the help of her companion Puchi she starts reconstruction of the Victorian kingdom. It is said that waking up a great spirit and defeating a new devil is needed for resurrection. And God have mercy on poor souls who stand in Ayumi way! A gag adventure with its own absurdist charm. It features multiple parodies on media works of the time.  
    16. Atlantia アトランティア [940422] Japan Home Video A journalist is sent on a voyage on a huge liner to take an interview from an ambassador. Graphics of the game are dated and system is really bad as it's combination of command selection and point-and-click. No Japanese reviews found so it shall remain a mystery what's going to happen on a voyage.  
    17. Koko wa Rakuensou ここは楽園荘 [940422] Foster 1 2 3 4 You are Keigo Nakadai, a 25 year old average guy who makes his living doing odd jobs. Now he's got a job as a caretaker of a top class apartment block (thanks to your uncle who owns the place) where all the residents are women! So, while your uncle is off to Hawaii, you are in charge of taking care of the place in his absence. As you get 'acquainted' with the local residents, certain suspicious events that disturb the local residents comes to your attention, ultimately leading to the mystery of behind Paradise Heights... There are English reviews.  
    18. AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- AmbivalenZ -二律背反- [940428] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Shura is a knight who has devoted his life to two things: his beloved princess and killing evil demon monsters called Duendy. The Duendy goddess, Deirdre, was pissed that her children were being defeated by this knight, so she sent in some monsters to go kill Shura's beloved. Shura goes in to try to save his princess, but it's too late. Her soul had been destroyed and she was never coming back. Shura was heartbroken by this. He was also cursed to never age. he would forever have to live with the fact that his true love was dead and never coming back. All the while, Duendy torment him through the centuries and make his life into a living hell. Not wanting to fall into despair, Shura's heart fills with vengeance and promises to one day kill Dierdre and avenge his princess' death. In modern day Japan, Shura is off hunting Duendy when he comes across a girl that looks just like his princess. Interestingly enough, she's also very skilled with magic and has wings. She isn't the princess though, as much as Shura wants to believe otherwise. AmbivalenZ is an adventure visual novel that has interactive battle scenes and occasional map movement. It resembles an RPG, but it isn't. There are no statistics, no numbers, and no leveling up, almost as if the RPG is just a shell. It also has frequent "boss battles" where you could potentially lose based on how you choose how to fight. There are English reviews.  
    19. Gakuen Bomber 学園ボンバー [940428] Active 1 Gakuen Bomber begins with a dream; more precisely, the dream the protagonist of the game, an ordinary Japanese high-school boy, is having: that of his sister having passionate sex with... a female classmate. Since afterwards he begins to dream about spaceships and aliens, he assumes that dream had nothing to do with reality... or has it? Exploring the high school he attends, the hero makes some startling and not very unpleasant discoveries... Hero is set to uncover the truth about an incident that happened at school - in that regard content is normal. Using point-and-click system on the other hand was rare. Game is focused on chasing cute heroines including loli ones and character designs are well done here.  
    20. Halfmoon ni Kawaru made ~Ramiya Ryou no Niji-iro Tamatebako~ ハーフムーンにかわるまで ~蘭宮涼の虹色玉手箱~ [940428] Cocktail Soft 1 The game is based on the manga Half Moon ni Kawaru made by Ryo Ramiya. It contains four separate stories/games, which can also be defined as mini-games due to their short length. Each story contained is dedicated to a different heroine: Suzuka and her boyfriend escape from ninjas; they are ambushed by amazon warriors and get separated. Suzuka finds herself in a weird mansion overrun by monsters, and must fight her way with a sword. This game is an adventure with top-down movement; the goal is to find the way through the maze-like locations. There are also pre-set turn-based battles - Suzuka can choose between various techniques to defeat the foes. There is no RPG system of any kind. The sex scenes include grotesque encounters with monsters. Eve is a saleswoman in a large company that sells items for skin care and make-up. She has to explore the neighborhood and to convince customers to buy their products. This story plays like a standard Japanese adventure with first-person view and menu-based commands. The sexual content here is mostly of lesbian nature. The protagonist in this story is the "hero" of the entire game (default name Tatsuya); he offers his services to Selena, the queen of the medieval Rabbi-Rabbi kingdom. Evil bunnies are disturbing the peace in the country side, and the hero, aided by the lovely girl Nina, has to get rid of them and bring back the carrots. This is an action game, with bunnies popping out of holes in different stages, and the player character hitting them on the heads using various items (such as a house shoe). The shortest game tells the story of Titis, a lovely mermaid who dreams of marrying a human prince. In search for the love of her life, Titis gets to know the world of humans through a series of sexual encounters. This game is once again a typical Japanese adventure with menu-based commands and no movement of any kind (the player switches locations automatically, as dictated by the story). Different stories are of different genres and/or include different mini-games. Development is smooth and the only aim is to entertain.  
    21. Reira Slave Doll レイラ SLAVE(奴麗)DOLL [940428] Silky's 1 2 By the end of the 20th century pollution became so heavy that the hole in the ozone layer expanded greatly, resulting in an acidic rain that rendered life on Earth next to impossible. Mankind had to colonize space, and began producing artificial humans (androids) to work in harsh conditions. As the danger was averted, however, the usage of androids gradually shifted towards mundane life. Female androids, known as "slave dolls", were used for sexual purposes until some of them rebelled and turned to crime. Special agents called "hunters" were dispatched to capture rogue slave dolls. Ryō Kanō is one of those hunters, and he is sent on a mission to apprehend an android named Reira. I've got a full review on the work. I can't honestly call it a masterpiece, but I loved this cyberpunk story.
  23. kivandopulus
    Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha is VN of the February 1991 by default - Prontis is too much of a half-baked game.
    1. Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha 赤川次郎の幽霊列車 [910208] Mighty Craft 1 2 Based on detective novel. Eight people have vanished and rumors state that they were carried away by ghost train. The key to these events lies in a remote village. It is famicom game so it inherits its disadvantages. As in every famicom detective story that I've seen you have to move around by yourself. So lots of long distances walking and need to search all the corners and the speed of walking is soooooo sloooow. Since it's literary adaptation, story is really good. But original novel was just 70 pages and here we get slightly over 2 hours of gameplay. We get to discover the mystery of disappearance, but not find the culprit. Unlike other detective works, no new criminal cases arise in the mids of investigation, so we do our job in the village and that's it.  
    2. Prontis プロンティス [9102] Cross Media Soft 1 A transmission signal was received from a carriage vessel on the way to Amon. The cockpit was penetrated by a meteorite and no survivors were possible. Vessel fell into planet atmosphere. Your orders are simple - confirm location of wreckage and return home. Among the treasures on the ship you discover a sealed container. Great plot, right? True. There are several incidents and possessions and the reason is creature Prontis from container. You never know who's going to stab you from behind and that's new. This game has no branches. CG are quite good and some moves are even animated. But production values are low, story is not long enough and lack of direction is felt. The reason of that is not so evident. Enix company had a clash among its members and part of them left the company. They used the story that they worked on in Enix to make Prontis game and hurriedly issued it in February 1991. They really needed to be the first, that's why story feels great but everything else is lacking. On March 1991 Enix issues their own game Jesus II which uses the same story with cosmetic details changed. It was a disaster for everyone. Players did not want to play the same game for the second time while the memory of a raw product was still new. Enix did not get its sales aim. But that's already Jesus II story that will unfold in March 1991.  
    3. SAP Tokushu Koudou Keisatsu File:M661-51 SAP特殊行動警察 FILE:M661-51 [910222] Great

    Ron belongs to a special police unit in a near future. He is sent on a mission to rescue certain girls with the help of his laser gun and laser sword. There's more text than in normal RPGs, but it's still an RPG.  
    4. Phantasy Star II Text Adventure: Huey no Bouken ファンタシースターII テキストアドベンチャー ヒューイの冒険 [910227] Sega 1 2 3 4 Hugh Thompson (Japanese: ヒューイ・リーン (Hyūi Lean or Huey Reane)) is a biologist who adapts his knowledge of anatomy to combating biomonsters. Game is localized and has enough information in English.  
  24. kivandopulus
    The number of visual novels in 1987 increased greatly, but the number of masterpieces is relatively the same:
    1. Amazons no Hihou
    2. Urusei Yatsura
    3. DNA
    4. Koroshi no Dress
    5. Hadou no Hyouteki
    6. Jesus
    7. Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School
    8. Hiatari Ryoukou!
    9. The 4th Unit

    1987 has become a great breakthrough for visual novels. Text parser has been made obsolete by command selection and quite many games that amplify text over gameplay or graphics have showed up (even though the graphics have evolutioned immensely as well). But the most innovative and engaging game of 1987 is Hiatari Ryoukou adapted from anime by Toho. That's the first galge in modern sense - it's about daily routine and chasing one of the girls with lots of sunshine and comedy scenes. The charm of characters is overwhelming and gameplay is quite easy and infectious. If only it could be hooked...
    1. Dennou Suikoden 電脳水滸伝 [870112] Hot-B 1 Game is based on the classic Chinese four-book epic "Suikoden" and uses the same character in an original story. Three scenarios are available from the start and upon clearing them the fourth one opens up. One of the stories starts with two journalists investigating a strange get into an ambush. One of them gets a strange disease that kills in two months time. To get the cure it's needed to break through three gateways and reach the peak of a mountain. There's a good English walkthrough of this game, but it covers only one story out of four due to ingame bugs. It's a rather complex game since you control multiple characters at each story and they hold various items. You can easily get stuck without knowing what specialization each character has. The number of commands and sub-commands is rather huge so bruteforcing is painful. Such a complex game is a welcome addition since majority of visual novels of this time are very primitive and crude.  
    2. Lolita Hime no Enikki ロリータ姫の絵日記 [8701] Bond Soft A kinetic novel containing graphic strips of Lolita Hime alongside with a bit of text. It's more of a CG collection than a synthetic work. Even though it's the same series with the scatology Lolita, here the system is different and is rather a pure ADV. It's very short too so there's nothing really to discuss here.  
    3. Teki wa Kaizoku Kaizoku Ban 敵は海賊・海賊版 [8701] Victor Musical Industries I am a first class pirate. There was a call from my noisy boss to settle one matter. While on it, two ships of my old enemy appeared. Together with my alien cat Apro I was able to settle the incident. However, strange incidents started to happen one after another. Based on the light novel series. The story is almost fully original though using novel heroes. You actually are playing for the cat! The game uses icons for actions which is welcome, but there's a need to keep in the head conversation keywords to go on which is very painful. The work was not really popular with original novel fans.  
    4. Touch タッチ [8701] Toho The story centers around three characters—Uesugi Kazuya, his twin older brother Tatsuya, and Asakura Minami. Kazuya is the darling of his town as he's talented, hardworking, and the ace pitcher for his middle school baseball team. Tatsuya is a hopeless slacker who's been living the life of giving up the spotlight to Kazuya, despite the fact that he may be more gifted than him. Minami is the beautiful childhood girlfriend and for all intents, sister from next door who treats both of them as equals. Society largely assumes Kazuya and Minami will become the perfect couple, including Tatsuya. Yet as time progresses, Tatsuya grows to realize that he's willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of his brother, except at the expense of giving up Minami to Kazuya. And thus the story is told of Tatsuya trying to prove himself over his established younger brother, how it affects the relationship between the three, and both brothers' attempts to make Minami's lifelong dreams come true. Another obscure Toho adaptation of an anime work. It's pure command selection. Characters are cute enough, but graphics are dated. The next Toho anime adaptation feels much better than this one. And at least touch here means baseball touchdown rather than something perverted.  
    5. Las Vegas ラスベガス [8701] Starcraft Co., Ltd. 1

    Las Vegas is a Japan-exclusive graphical variant of Softporn Adventure, and hence can be seen as an earlier version of Leisure Suit Larry, which was released a few months later. The gameplay is, by and large, identical to the original text-only version, with the exception of a few adjustments made to the monetary system and a few commands handled slightly differently. Soft Porn Adventure released in 1981 is considered world's first adult game, so the will to imitate it with graphical presentation seems natural.  
    6. Dwelling デウリング [8702] Cross Media Soft 1 In "Dwelling" we have to infiltrate the mansion of Count Dracula and save a kidnapped girl Anna. The game is bizzare. It shows all kind of weird creatures in bright poisonous colors. It's pretty cool that in important scenes the command selection is taken away and you're being left alone with text parser and text "THINK YOURSERL". But it's mostly about visual shock and there's no real story apart of walking around the estate and seeing all kind of things, so it can't be called a masterpiece for me.  
    6. Twilight Zone トワイライトゾーン [8702] Great 1 Twilight Zone is a text adventure game with graphics. The protagonist is a young man who finds himself in a mysterious mansion created by an equally mysterious old woman. His goal is to escape the mansion and have sex with as many young women living there as possible. The interaction with the game is performed by inputting text commands (Japanese kana only). Navigation is performed by typing the Japanese words for the four directions, and locations are represented as still first-person screens. The game has no real puzzles and very limited item usage. Mansion search type. We need to find eight girls in the mansion and then can finally leave through the door. Search around with command input is no fun at all. The game spawned multiple sequels.  
    7. Amazons no Hihou アマゾネスの秘宝 [8703] Studio Lime Those who find the secret treasure of amazons will get immortality. The hero takes up this challenge and now he needs to deal with a lot of amazons that dwell in this forest. This is a rare work since it actually places fun and pleasure of playing above everything. There's a moderate eroticism present, but mostly it's a lighthearted comedy. On your travels you need to gather and appropriately use items (10 max, so need to throw something out at times). There are many commands to search from and when you don't know what to do you can use hints from the "voice of God". But if you hit the appropriate one, you move through, so no need for useless repetition and bruteforcing. But there are lots of optional things you can miss on. It may still look troublesome today, but compared to constant repetitions of Manhattan Requiem it was a real heaven and a very addictive work.  
    8. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Shinjuku Chuuou Kouen Satsujin Jiken 探偵 神宮寺三郎 新宿中央公園殺人事件 [870424] Data East Corporation 1 2 3 4 Police inspector Scott Kingsley has asked Jake Hunter for help when a young woman was found dead in Aspicio Central Park. Jake accepts the case, but first he needs to find witnesses that are willing to speak out. Game has some English reviews.  
    9. Guin Saga ~Hyoutou no Kamen~ グインサーガ ~豹頭の仮面~ [8704] JAST Based on first volume of Guin Saga novels. You are the survivor of the royal family and are chased by mongolian raids. Game is based on the very first volume of the novel that nowadays has huge development in media. It is an adventure game which progresses by making various choices for every scene with his point of view in mind. It even had some voice of protagonist when connected to JAST sound. The difficulty degree is comparatively low.
    10. Imitation City イミテーションシティ [8704] DataWest 1 In 2017, a rebellion of clones made with the use of biotechnology begins and you get caught in the middle of it. Three "Doll" robots have rebelled and escaped the factory and their managers hired you to find and return them. A classy and fashionable plot resembling Blade runner. But this game uses text parser in the year when it was abandoned already. It feels like the game tried to empathize freedom and pose a challenge for hardcore gamers. It seems have been shipped with a parser that produced hints and write a map. Well, this game hardly has any information coverage, so I supposed it did not really meet the needs of the crowds.  
    11. Loliventure no Shiro 幻夢の城 [8704] Champion Soft You are asked to find rescue the sister of your acquaintance. You need to find information about her in the town and then infiltrate the castle where she is kept evading all the traps laid about. Yet another text parser dated game. The systems have not gone anywhere since Pop Lemon and the difficulty level is really insane - sometimes you need to enter the same command many times to get a result. Now you can pretty much guess why Champion Soft decided to change name for Alice Soft - it's because Champion Soft was stamping the same dated ugly games over and over while almost everyone else moved on.  
    12. Makai Fukkatsu 魔界復活 [8704] Soft Studio Wing 1 The story begins with the fact that one reporter Akira Kamishiro gets a call from a friend archaeologist - Professor Masunaga. As it turns out, with archaeological research has been a stolen valuable artifact - "Divine Stone". At the same time in the nearby village disappears abbot of the local Buddhist temple. Trying to understand what happened, Kamishiro and Masunaga are involved in the chain of mystical events. Occultic adventure game are rarely good since they rely on things other than consciousness, but Soft Studio Wing is particularly known for creating very realistic setting and gradually inserting the insanity. This is also the first game of the brand for pc88. It's command selection, but you need to confirm each selection with pressing enter since any wrong choice inevitably brings a bad end. No bruteforcing will work here either since sometimes to move the story on the right order of commands is needed to take, like speak → talk → see. And there is no hint mechanic or context on the order. Games at that time weren't supposed to be cleared by everyone and were made as difficult as possible.  
    13. Project A-ko プロジェクトA子 [8704] Tatsumi Publishing An alien space craft crashed into Graviton City, wiping out the entire population and leaving a massive crater where Graviton City is rebuilt. Students A-ko Magami and her best friend C-ko Kotobuki, a bubbly, carefree optimist, enter a new year of school at the all-girls Graviton High School. Although A-ko possesses superhuman speed and strength, she considers herself an average teenager; she mostly worries about getting to school on time, chronically oversleeping her alarm clock each morning. The pair catch the unwanted attention of B-ko Daitokuji, a rich, spoiled and brilliant fellow student. That's what anime is about. And the game is just a dice game with A-ko/B-ko/C-ko competition. Rolling dice, using all kinds of buffs and just seeing the events constantly happening on rolling are quite fun even without reading the text. Playing with two people is possible with each player rolling himself and choosing his own buffs to hinder opponent's movement. That's a rare example of a game that empathizes ease of use and fun.  
    14. Soshi Hime Adventure 素子姫アドベンチャー [8704] Tatsumi Publishing Soshi Hime is science fiction writer. After finishing writing a novel she was sucked into the novel and you're the only one who can save her. Game only operates with function keys without the additional text input which is great. The contents is quite weird like a hundred of cats in one room. I guess the knowledge of original novel is required to understand what's happening. Game uses very few colors which makes images to look very simplistic.  
    15. Fairy Tale ふぇありぃている [8705] Fairytale Hero has been keeping an eye on the pretty girl Yumiko-chan and now succeeds now in getting in her apartment impersonating himself as a gas company staff member. On the pretext of a regualar check-up he searches the kitchen for useful items and then approaches Yumiko with an intention to get in her pants. The debut work of Fairy Tale and quite a lighthearted one despite the synopsis. System is pure command selection type and it's easy to manipulate allowing to bruteforce all the variants. Another nice feature is that the work actually uses hiragana+kanji and hot that horrified half-width katakana that old works had to adhere to because of technical limitations on symbols drawing. There is one branching so it's possible to say that it's a multi-scenario work. It can also be viewed as a comedy since hero has access to chest area but he only aims for the panty and he uses lots off strategies to get there - there is no real act in this game, but there are lots of erotic CG still. Yumiko is funny looking and her personality is bright leaving a good light impression on the game.  
    16. Fukashigi Denshou ~Kabara no Himitsu~ 不可思議伝承 ~カバラの秘密~ [8705] Zenryuutsuu The story is of the village of Syria close to Greece at the time when the German army invasion approaches in 1941. This work's motif is the search of holy grail and occult research performed by the Germany. Player is village chief's son who  travels to get two secret books about Kabbalah. It's a strange game that reveals mysterious things one after another, such as the secret behind Nostradamus predictions and immortal clones that rule the Earth from the shades.  
    17. Still Sword すてぃる・そーど [8705] Fairytale 1 2 This medieval world is divided into 5 countries. The demon Incoma is jealous of the world's beauty and imprisoned the Princess from each of the 5 countries in their own castles. You are to rescue the princesses and stop Incoma's ambitions. Top down action rpg, an early predecessor of Ys series. It was first released as an all-age work, probably without text scenes, but later the game was reworked with addition of H scenes due to the popular demand. In adult version the main character is a girl, so there aren't many H scenes while you're successful - most of them packed close to the finale - but this is a lot of radical stuff when you lose, so it's an ancestor of Beat Blades Haruka and the like.  
    18. Urusei Yatsura うる星やつら [870605] Micro Cabin Scenario is original from the anime. We get and invitation to Okiko birthday party. The person who finds her first is going to get a kiss, so a fierce competition among the invited guests ensues. The mansion is a maze with lots of traps laid about. The characters are carefully transferred from the anime so it's needed to know the original to get the most of fun. It's possible either to go the shortest way or to eliminate all the other competitors, so it can be considered multiple-branch story. The ending also depends on how other characters are dealt with so it's multiple endings as well. The system is command selection, but the number of commands is quite large, so the difficulty level is really high. In the early visual novels years lots of works were clinging desperately to the popularity of anime franchises, but this work is really well done and it shows how a game can be better in many elements than the original anime.  
    19. Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu 北海道連鎖殺人 オホーツクに消ゆ [870627] Login Soft 1 2 A total remake of Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu. The version reworked for famicom. There is some info in English on this version.  
    20. Abunai Josei Shinrigaku Nyuumon あぶない女性心理学入門 [8706] Fairytale A kinetic novel comprising of four very short erotic stories about 15 screens each dwelling on women psychology. Each story lasts only some 2-3 minutes so it's faster to click through them than write about them. The feature of the work is that the stories are shown from the woman perspective. So from today's perspective it's useless to talk about this work. But from historical perspective it's quite eminent. First it's a kinetic novel while all the other works use command selection. Secondly, it's one of the first works from woman perspective and thus the work that separates the hero from the gamer. The third important aspect is that I don't really remember games before that had multiple stories in it - it presented a pleasant concept and more of multiple stories works spawned because of it.  
    21. Hot Milk ほっとMILK [8706] Fairytale The story is about a super rapist who violated 994 women already and he only needs six more to become a legendary person with a name "Weirdo 28" written forever in the history. Eroge of the 1980s rarely just relied on image alone, but were mostly conceptual games with much gameplay involved. Despite a pretty gloomy synopsis this game has rather light feel. It's a command selection ADV with the use of items - some have non-trivial use like stunning the girls with the smell of the socks. The game flow is six girls consecutively, but the big command list and the use of items distinguish it from just an eroge.  
    22. Akujo Densetsu II ~Sailor Fuku Rhapsody~ 悪女伝説 Ⅱ ~セーラー服ラプソディ~ [8707] Dott Kikaku A nampa game where the hero needs to get the girl interested, raise the affection level during conversation in a cafe, beat her in the blackjack card game and lead her to the hotel as a result. The prequel is not listed on VNDB and it was a very ugly (VERY few colors used) first adult game for MSX. But pc-88 chosen for the prequel has much more instruments in the department of picture beauty. Now the images are digitized from the drawings which make them especially cute. That's very different from the games of the time where the cover was mostly supercute, but the contents remaining ugly. The system is command selection, but several wrong answers lead to game over. While in the cafe it's needed to guess the right answer about 10 times to move on. But the game has a firm place in the history as one of the first with really beautiful girls.  
    23. DNA ドナ [8707] Himitsu Kessha KID DNA (Donna) is the name of the star in the universe. The giant city Megaro Dynamo is is inhabited by the two classes - titan (ruling class) and oak (laborers). The titans have excellent abilities, but their existence is endangered as they are cursed with reproductive function weakened with every generation. There is a girl from the titan class Mercedes who wished to undergo an experiment to fix this fatal trait. And the hero is an oak class member Cesare who wishes to protect her. Just like the previous game of Hot-B Youkiden - DNA uses manga strips for the screen - that really adds dynamic to the scenes. This game has adult content - the opening scene that I shot alone has two and it's cut just before more of it continuing. That's one of the reasons that the game was often overlooked as a trash adult game. But in fact it's a thrilling SF work with serious topics raised. The system is command selection and it goes without much stress. The character design is poor, but this is one of the first original heavy scenario oriented works and is a masterpiece in this regard.  
    24. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo #2 - Manhattan Requiem - Yami ni Tobu Tenshi-tachi J.B.ハロルドの事件簿 - マンハッタンレクイエム - 闇に翔ぶ天使たち [8707] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 2 3 24 year old pianist Sarah Shields was found dead after falling from the 25th floor of her apartment window. The cause of death was a fractured skull from the horrific impact. With no evidence of foul play, an act of suicide was the best explanation - but J.B. Harold thinks otherwise. Having recieved a letter from Sarah beforehand, the famous detective heads towards New York city to find the truth. There are English reviews of this game.  
    25. Adrenalin Connection アドレナリン・コネクション [870821] Amorphous "I shall take my revenge on the peaceful St. Eastern high school" - an anonymous letter arrived at the school. The principal asks the new teacher to investigate the source of the letter. At the same time transfer students are being forced to drop out one by one because of bullying... This is the only game every developed by Amorpheus company. I was not able to play this game since could not find a ROM for it. Although I really wanted to. Just look at the magazine ad - there's a very colorful company gathered in here. At least it would not be boring! I'll do my best to present information from japanese reviews on this game in a readable format.
    Setting is close to real world but events turn around school girls and the idealistic vibe of "let's be together forver" spoils it a bit. The atmosphere of the game was very light, but story was unexpectedly bulky. Schoolgirls were unrealistically glamorous.
    Multiple command selection helped to keep the good pace and concentrate on plot and the multi-ending was one of the first appearances in game. Graphics were of high standart considering hardware limitations of pc-98. Almost all the characters who talked actually had mouth animation. Sound would make you excited from the start of the game. Pity it could not have voices included yet. Every girl had her own ending. There were 5 endings overall.
    Its existence in 1987 was a miracle itself. Rather than having outstanding advantages and features, it was rather the work without shortcomings. It's not really remembered as masterpiece, but it was one of first quality works to pave the road for next generation of quality VNs.  
    26. Lovely GAL ラブリーGAL [8708] Champion Soft "Get three hidden treasures, then the door to another world will be opened" - said the mysterious old man. If you manage to collect the famous sword, secret medicine and ancient documents you may try to enter there. Game is basically divided into two parts - first you search for those three items and in the later half you'll have to find a way to awaken the Queen of the floating city Meniere in the alternative world from a deep slumber to prevent the crisis. The game is about gathering information and by coincidence only beautiful girls have that information and thus there's a need to interrogate them. So this is another Champion Soft game which means it has dated text parser system, low number of colors and not cute girls. And even though there's an attempt to introduce fantasy setting the gameplay is just your old guess what to write in H scenes. The difficulty level is again insanely high.  
    27. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo II -Minako- 天使たちの午後II -美奈子- [8708] JAST 1 The sequel to "Tenshi-tachi no Gogo"; instead of playing as the obnoxious male protagonist of the previous game, the player takes control of Minako, a female Japanese high-school student with a strong interest towards sexuality. The story mainly depicts Minako's sexual encounters with men and women, which take place on school grounds, in various locations of the city, etc. JAST decided to just go with popularity flow and introduced a with the dated command input systems and even bolder erotic content. They did not bother to introduce any story and just depicted the two days of Minako's saturated life. This work is a step back from the original in terms of storytelling, but it was even more popular than the original because of amplified eroticism.  
    28. Timeparadox タイムパラドックス [8708] DataWest After his girlfriend Aiko is mysteriously killed, the hero hops into a time machine invented by his uncle and goes on a journey through the time to save her. DataWest releases yet another command input work after Immitation city. That and the fact that the synopsis does not leave much mystery ahead made this work obsolete already. Game also uses lots of difficult terms related to SF time travel.  
    29. Dreamy Town MAJO ドリーミータウン 魔女サンドラ [8709] Great On Sunday, I made a promise to date. When I entered the coffee shop her body began to get distorted suddenly and I understood that she was a witch. Now I'm dragged into her world and need to find her to get back. It's an adult adventure, but with some really weird transformations into monsters. System is basically command selection, but there is also command input possible and - needless to say - many steps are impossible to pass without manual input. The difficulty is very high. Sometimes you need to repeat the same action over and over to get a result and sometimes you need to know the contents of some novel to write the right input. The map of the town is total 7x7 squares which adds another layer of difficulty due to multiple locations.  
    30. Love Chaser ラブチェイサー [8709] Champion Soft Adventure game to investigate the case of fake kidnapping to stop political marriage that developed into a real abduction. Champion soft so we get another command input system again. In the beginning of the game we're given a huge puzzle to combine and 900 points of power. Upon puzzle completion we're left with the leftover power only and power is used on lots of actions, so effective puzzle completion is a must if one aims at clearing the game. In the terms of the content there is not much originality. The picture lacks originality either. A bit of deduction is still needed though, but the overall difficulty is reported to be moderate.  
    31. Ikenie no Machi いけにえの街 [8710] Adult Inn While exploring Shinjuku hero finds out a SM club "Ikemei' s House" - the world of pleasure and craziness. The content is on par with the synopsis. But these are mostly pictures of tied women. One interesting aspect though is that Shinjuku is displayed quite precisely.  
    32. Koroshi no Dress 殺しのドレス [8710] Fairytale Best friend's fiancé is found dead and naked at the park's toilet. Hero starts an investigation, but then the second murder occurs and his girlfriend disappears mysteriously. It' suspense mystery from the start since we don't really understand what's going on or who is the killer (but naming the game "killer dress" helps with guessing). It can hardly be called an eroge, but the adult atmosphere is everywhere including many gore scenes. It's a breakthrough game that broke the trend of games being treated as erotic cg collection. This is a game that carries away with the story alone and just couple of erotic cg thrown for the story's sake. System is command selection with a shortlist of commands to select from - very convenient to use. The story is basically a single road, but with good and bad end branching close to the finale. Another rather new feature is the ability to name the hero. This game is a paragon for all the future horror mystery scenario games to come.  
    33. Lolita Violence ロリータバイオレンス [8710] Adult Inn One usual day from the life of one girl, but as she returns home late there are various dangers on her way back. Kinetic novel or rather a picture story. On the way back girl's attacked by a gang and there's a help button that's possible to be pressed - that summons her boyfriend who rescues her and it develops into another H scene. The work is rare enough that I could not find it, but the focus is on graphics alone.  
    34. Shin Tamatori Monogatari 新玉取物語 [8710] Cross Media Soft The hero needs to find five balls scattered around the four worlds. A sequel to Shin Taketori Monogatari. It's the first such big ADV for pc88 - six diskettes! The content stays pretty much the same - explore everything and have fun. Age is requested at start and some scenes actually differ depending on the input.  
    35. Anjela [8711] Cross Media Soft

    The highly civilized star Obelix citizens use preserved red liquid as food. But production crisis occurs, and many of them find feeding grounds on the Earth by sucking animals and humans blood - thus they start to be called vampires. Anjela comes to the Earth in search of her father who was among the first generation to migrate to this planet.
    Commands are difficult to figure out, but as an additional layer of difficulty there are multiple challenging action fights.  
    36. Gakuen Monogatari 学園物語 [8711] Great Hero enters a well-known private high school and falls in love with his English class school teacher Norico at the first sight. One day a Noriko-sensei is suddenly expelled, apparently on the reason that she is intimidated by someone. The hero launches investigation to get to the source of it. Command selection adventure. In order to find the criminal and know more about Noriko-sensei the hero interrogates school girls. The story is a single road, but the difficulty level is high as it's needed to ask the right things in the conversation and use proper strategies to make people stop.  
    37. Hadou no Hyouteki 波動の標的 [8711] Soft Studio Wing 1 Events of "Hadou no Hyouteki" begin with a strange incident in a small Japanese village: one day all members of a local religious organization "Church of the Messiah" were brutally murdered. Our main character is a journalist Shiro Kusanagi, who came to the place of slaughter, to shoot the reportage. Soon begin to clear up the details of the incident - it appears that the sectarians themselves killed each other. In addition, inside the Church of our journalist discovers a strange secret altar. What actually worshiped members of the "Church of the Messiah", and that was the cause of the massacre in the village? All these questions remain unanswered, and meanwhile, the authorities sent Mr. Kusanagi on shooting a new story. The fact is that in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle suddenly there was a huge black tower, and it is rumored that in the nearby vicinity bred some creepy monsters. Can all these strange events be connected somehow? Peaceful Japanese village. One day all members of "Church of the Messiah" were found brutally murdered. We play as journalist Shiro Kusanagi who is sent to make a reportage. More and more shocking details come up. Sectarians killed each other and a strange altar discovered. With all questions hung in the air Mr. Kusanagi being sent to shoot another story on appearance of a huge black tower in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle. Who coould have thought that those were the events of one chain... I don't like horror stories. But reading about a good horror story is another thing. So let's investigate this outstanding work together.
    This game has a great dark atmosphere. Death comes at every corner and you constantly get bad end on the screen. Bullets are scarce, enemies keep appearing and only a small hope keeps beating. System was finally well done. Comand selection implemented. Graphics are great and rendering in an instant. There is even animation at many scenes. Cruel shots are especially impressive. The use of multiwindow makes actions dynamic and it starts to look like manga. For example you get picture in the left upper corner then the next picture appers in the left lower corner and in serveral lines some shocking picture appears in the center of the screen so that about 50% of first and second one remain seen. That's genius.
    I'll retell the plot here just to get a grip on the game story. I won't tackle any characters or important details though. The whole plot intorduction actually happens in the game and jungle infiltration is 5th chapter already. You can't even land the jungle peacefully. You have to destroy boobytrapped vietnamese barricade and border patrol starts to use arms against you. Water surface glows and huge water worm attacks your boat. In the cave there's a dead body of another reporter. Further on skeletons with different weapons assault you and you running low on bullets. Having made it to a tower, monster attacks and he can't be even killed with bullets.
    You get surrounded by feline monsters and skeletons with no weapons and no way back only to be miraculously saved by your fellow reporter on a military helicopter.
    You gain consciousness in the hospital and get to know that a black tower now appeared right in the center of Shinjuku. Somehow inside Shinjuku turns out to be a new village with a manor. You get to investigate the manor which happens to be a training facility for espers. The tower is awaiting. Men in black open fire on visual contact. One of survivors advises to find Shirai, who is good at teleportation. Mansion now is heavily guarded. At the verge of being shot you get teleported to the gathering of men with unique abilities like telekinesis. Mansion now is being guarded by both military and ESP. You manage to break through only to be cornered again with it all disappearing by a whirpool of hallucination. The final battle of you and ESP against the mansion darkest secrets awaits. Who's the enemy and who's a friend? What's that altar with a sword? What was that whirlpool? What is black tower? What is that double edged sword? All the mysteries get answered. In a way.  
    38. Jesus ジーザス [8711] Enix 1 2 3 4 5 The game takes place in 2061. Halley's Comet has been approaching Earth for quite some time, and the nations of Earth send a mission to investigate the Comet, as some form of life has been detected inside the gas of the comet. The main character of the story, Hayao Musou, is a Japanese soldier-in-training and the second-youngest member of the mission. Coincidentally, his girlfriend, Eline Suleyman, is also a participant. The game has multiple reviews in English.  
    39. Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School 中山美穂のトキメキハイスクール [871201] Nintendo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The game begins with your character, whose family has just moved to the area, entering his new school for the first time. After class, you accidentially run into a conservative-looking girl wearing glasses. She introduces herself as Mizuho, but you can't help but notice her striking resemblance to your dream pop idol Cher (I mean Miho, of course). You pick up a good-luck charm Mizuho dropped to give back to her, then make a startling revelation - your photographer brother took a picture of Miho carrying the exact same charm! You go to the music room to confront her with this evidence - and this is where the true challenge of the game begins. There are English reviews of this game.  
    40. Seilane セイレーン [871210] Micro Cabin 1 One day when Prill visits Bukimi forest, he finds all the villagers have all been turned into stone statues. But more worringly his sister was nowhere to be seen. As he explores the forest, he later learns that the person responsible was the Demon King Pazul. With help from his friends, Prill sets off on a journey to save both his sister and the villagers, but it won't be easy as the Demon King is determined to stop him in his tracks. There is a good English review on the work.  
    41. Shiritsu Tantei Max ~Sennyuu!! Nazo no Joshikou~ 私立探偵マックス ~潜入!!謎の女子校~ [871220] Agumix 1 Max is a private detective who is known - beside his investigative and combat skills - for his way with women. One day, he receives just the case he was hoping for: he has to travel to a remote space colony near the Sun - more precisely, to the women school in this colony. The principal of the school has committed suicide. Two agents that were sent to the colony disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It's time for Max to find out what's going on - an interesting side-quest to his main mission: have sex with as many girls as possible! It's mostly collection work since there are some 12 girls that appear randomly and some are predetermined to resist Max's charms from the start so multiple new games needed for 100%. The H with the girls also restores Max's esper powers. The best part of the game the quality of girls pictures - they are digitized and thus look very good and cute.  
    42. Hiatari Ryoukou! 陽あたり良好! [8712] Toho The story focuses on the relationships of Kasumi Kishimoto, a high school student. When she enters Myōjō High School, she moves into her aunt's boarding house, where four boys attending the high school are tenants. Despite her steadfast determination to stay loyal to her boyfriend, who is studying abroad, Kasumi finds herself slowly falling in love with one of the boarders, Yūsaku The first really impressive TOHO adaptation of an anime work. On top of that it seems to be the original galge ancestor - here you raise favorability rate with one of the girls during the game events and if you reach a high level with some girl you get her ending. I think the point of the game is to engage deeply in the world of the original and it worked 100%. We now refer to the slice of life scenes as to necessary evil in galge, but before Hiatari Ryoukou there have been very few games with focus on everyday routing. The game system is command selection ADV and it's easy to manage and possible to bruteforce to go on, but actually getting some girl's ending is quite difficult. The character cast is awesome and there are a lot of very funny scenes. There is no special aim in the game but living the everyday life and falling in love with someone. The graphic level is the highest of 1987. A very sunny and heartwarming work.  
    43. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo - Kiss of Murder - Satsui no Kuchizuke J.B.ハロルドの事件簿 - キス・オブ・マーダー - 殺意の接吻 [8712] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 2 Kiss of Murder, is set in a parallel world to Manhattan Requiem, and while featuring the same set of characters as that title, has a completely different scenario. Early releases of the game were addons to "Manhattan Requiem" and used its graphical data. Later iterations became stand-alone. The game was not usually shipped alone, but with Manhattan Requiem, so it does not have as many English reviews, but I'm sure there should be some reference in the numerous Manhattan Requiem reviews.  
    44. Kudokikata Oshiemasu 2 ~Kind Gal's~ 口説き方教えます2 ~カインドゥギャルズ~ [8712] Hard A nampa game with five adult women as heroines. First of all the game is R-18 same as the prequel. The game is famous for the conversation system it derived. So this time you get the beginning of the sentence prepared and need to input a correct continuation which would rise affection if right. Each of the heroines has some personality archetype. The game has very impressive graphics that alone is enough to overlook its many shortcomings.  
    45. Lagrange L2 PART2 D-SIDE ラグランジュL2 PART2 D-SIDE [8712] Vehicle Software Game starts in the shuttle right after the end of Lagrange L2. The breath is relieved now but the first challenge is already there - the need to escape from missiles of approaching Zera enemy. And the sequel still uses the same ancient systems... same ugly with text input. The only difference that now animation is frequently used. The overall difficulty is easier than part 1, but there are less hints displayed. As I see it this work is only for hard-boiled fans of first part.  
    46. Tennyo Densetsu 天女伝説 [8712] Champion Soft There are girls who descend from the celestial love weaving beings. Letters are hidden on their bodies and if you solve the mystery a celestial woman will appear. Champion Soft continues its odyssey to pour same loads of crap on the gaming community. Over and over. Now there is command selection but that's made really painful since even text lines take time to draw and there's the need to press enter after each selection. I guess noone ever tried to find the celestial woman since the game has zero reviews and even no CG apart of the two ones in the beginning that I saw.  
    47. The 4th Unit 第4のユニット [8712] DataWest 1 2 Yuusuke, a common boy back from school, finds a naked girl in the forest while searching for his hidden bike. She is amnesic and only remember a name: Blon-Win. Four days ago, a mysterious battle between unidentified aircraft occurred above Tokyo. One of them, shot down, felt in the same forest the girl was found. The authorities never found any body in the debris. Might this girl be linked to this case? This is what she is decided to discover. There is an English review of the game.  
    48. The Byouin ザ・病院 [8712] PSK 1 Patients begin to die one by one under mysterious circumstances in a mental hospital. A young nurse named Ikuko Matsuda doubts that these deaths were natural. On day, Ikuko disappears, leaving behind a blood-stained cash card. Her fiance Katsuyoshi Yamazaki ventures into the hospital, attempting to investigate the mystery. It's mostly a text adventure with CG only occasionally showed. In order to show that much text in good quality 400 lines were needed and The Byouin is the only PC-88 game in history to have 400 lines. All the new keywords are added to the list of commands and soon this list grows to huge lengths. The story is not bad, but without corresponding CG it feels lacking. PSK as the fathers of visual novels marked a new path - shifting from gameplay elements to focusing attention on reading and that's the game's biggest achievement.  
    52. Yamamura Misa Suspense: Kyouto Ryuu no Tera Satsujin Jiken 山村美紗サスペンス 京都龍の寺殺人事件 [8712] Taito Corporation

    The protagonist is American investigator Catherine Turner, who has just been accused of a crime commited in the grounds of Kyoto's most famous temple. She'll have to do some detective work to clear her name. Detective investigation is not my genre.  
    52. Wingman Special -Saraba Yume Senshi- ウイングマンスペシャル -さらば夢戦士- [8712] TamTam Co., Ltd. The story is the same as the the original Wingman game, but with enhanced size and quality. Same Powdream, same assassins sent for Aoi. The synopsis is really the same. The graphics are superb. The controls have not changed much and the operability remained difficult. Puzzles are inconsistent and are easy to get stuck on. The new scenes are cool, but reading the same story for the second time is much less fun and most of the fans of the series are felt unsatisfied.  
    49. Idaten Ikase Otoko ~Mugiko ni Aitai~ 韋駄天いかせ男 ~麦子に逢いたい~ [87] Family Soft The hero is a Korean wrestler who has been working in a Brazilian farm and now comes to Japan without the proper knowledge of the language. He has an ability to excite girls with words alone so now he phones to different phones saying ridiculous phrases getting them to the state of ecstasy. That's a nanpa bakage. Basically we get to choose numbers that correspond to some words and with three of those we construct a phrase. If the girls finds the phrase especially crazy or funny her excitement meter rises and when at top the reward erotic CG are show. There are five girls to call to. The words selected are funny so the result phrases alone can be entertaining to read. The game had many sequels and was sold cheaply in packs so it got quite a wide spread.  
    50. Mayonaka no Love Call 真夜中のラブコール [87] STUDIO ANGEL Mika and her boyfriend are having an intimate telephone talk with her becoming excited with each right answer. Another gameplay oriented erotic picture collection. The right answer out of three variants takes to new scene while the wrong brings back to the previous scene. And whether the answer is right or wrong is chosen at random, so clearing can take a while. The good point of the game is the ease of use since only three numbers and clicking is enough for clearing.  
    51. Melon Soda メロンソーダ [87] Bond Soft The hero arrives to the town where the secret of fobidden pheromone juice "Melon Soda" is concealed. He will have to interrogate the girls in the town to get to the secret. There are 13 girls in the game with H-scenes reserved for 12 of them. But the important part is that you have the endurance stat the depeletes with actions. There are multiple tricks not to waste endurance in different scenes, but still it's impossible to H with all the girls and get to the ending, so multiple playthroughs needed for 100% clearance. Command selection is used.  
    53. Zenkoku Nanpa Shugyou ~Tasogare no Kyouto Hen~ 全国ナンパ修行 ~たそがれの京都編~ [8712] STUDIO ANGEL To excel in nanpa the hero comes to Kyoto for training. The game is about choices. Choosing totally bad line brings game over. Choosing normal lines does not bring effect and you need to search on for the best variant. The game is not particularly interesting and Kyoto exotics does not really make it better. Emulator gets stuck after the first scene for some reason.  
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