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  1. Kurutta Kajitsu is the only masterpiece of May 1991. 1. Kurutta Kajitsu 狂った果実 [920501] Fairytale 1 Satoshi Kanou encountered a cheerful girl at professor party and it turned out that she's been cheerful for the first time in her life towards anyone, so Satoshi was invited as tutor in the house. However Satoshi witnesses an accident with professor's older sister and he soon finds himself into a whirlpool of events. It's a classic depressing mystery novel - utsuge made by the same Fairytale company as Dead of the Brai
  2. The 4th Unit - Wyatt is the only masterpiece game of April 1992. 1. The 4th Unit - Wyatt 第4のユニット WYATT [920403] DataWest 1 2 Judge Badnack is restoring vicious criminal organization and for doing that he kidnapped Zero and took control of UN assault space satellite Wyatt. Bio-win and Dalzy must use any means necessary to oppose Badnack and rescue Zero. This is the last episode in the story before company went bankrupt so the story is left unfinished. This 7th episode is the most technically advanced with timed choic
  3. Sotsugyou Shashin / Miki is the VN of March 1992. 1. Yamamura Misa Suspense: Kinsenka Kyo Ezara Satsujin Jiken 山村美紗サスペンス 金盞花京絵皿殺人事件 [920306] TOSE Software 1 While on a trip to Kyoto a restaurant review writer decides to investigate the murder of a woman from a rich family. As far as I know all the games of TOSE Software are based on real life novels, so reality and unexpected turns is what they excell at. It has all the ordinary stuff like questioning and exploration, but there's also an element of 3rd sight view, z
  4. Joker II is the only masterpiece game of February 1992. 1. Bacta Bacta [920204] Himeya Soft 1 2 Jinpachi looks out for demons and fights them. Since demons may hide as female humans, he has to use unorthodox physical techniques sometimes to reveal their true identity. The protagonist really sticks out as a cool guy always wearing glasses and having affinity for guns. He has two important talents - ability to detect demons and ... he likes women. He's absolutely sure that upon reaching orgasm any demon would flee fro
  5. Himitsu no Hanazono is the most curious game of January 1991. 1. Green Oasis グリーンオアシス [920120] Ucom Green Oasis is a system of rebuilding any undeveloped planet into an environment suitable for life over the course of several years. A development officer responsible for Oasis Plan on a certain star was attacked and injured with important documents stolen. Relix is an investigator sent to the star to deal with the incident consequences. So it's an SF investigation obscure game with no reviews in ja
  6. Year 1991 was the first with monthly issues and for that reason the hardest. Let's first try to determine its prominent features for VNs: - Number of adult games increased greately to some 100 titles overall - PC-98 era arrives with mouse support and the older systems finally lose support - RPG percentage remains high at some 20% while ADV grows significantly to some 50% - New sub-genres appear - point-and-click, quiz, board game. - Some games start to use action icons instead of command selection thanks to mouse use. - It's the last year without any government r
  7. Gidyy is the only masterpiece of December 1991. 1. Ranma 1/2 - Toraware no Hanayome らんま1/2 とらわれの花嫁 [911206] Tenky 1 2 3 4 5 6 Each chapter focuses on separate theme in Ranma 1/2 universe. There are English reviews. 2. Strush ストラッシュ [911206] Orange House Hero is ninja detective on a request to investigate disappearances in a famous private school. Mostly an average school mystery story. Characters are cute and moe enou
  8. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 5: Nightmare is the only masterpiece of November 1991. 1. Shinsengumi - Bakumatsu Genshikou 新撰組 ~幕末幻視行~ [911110] Wolf Team An ordinary school girl experienced time slip to the Edo period while on a school trip. And since she resembled captain of Shinsengumi unit Okita Souji, she just pretended to be him. Who likes Shinsengumi? Or should I better ask who does not like Shinsengumi? Those brutal men establishing justice in the Edo are a safe pick for a story, but a woman as their captain d
  9. Rance III - Leazas Kanraku finally gets solid mechanics and is worthy to be called VN of October 1991. 1. Sore Yuke Nanpa-kun それゆけナンパくん [911004] Virgin House 1 A young man named Hidetsugu dreams of having a girlfriend. One day he meets a girl on the street and tries to impress her. However, a rival appears unexpectedly and the girl is unable to choose between them. The two have a conversation and agree that the stronger men is the one who has more experience with women. Hidetsugu then embarks on a quest to meet young women and work h
  10. Cosmic Psycho is the only masterpiece of September 1991. 1. Joker ジョーカー [910905] Birdy Soft 1 2 Wild is the nickname of protagonist. The setting is american Wild West. Years ago "The Great Disaster" happened to the village and Wild's father sacrificed his life to deal with it. On the anniversary of the event talented witch Laura was to see the future of the village, but for some reason she saw nothing. You are sent to a neighboring town to find out about the upcoming danger for the village and probably for the whole world as well.
  11. I'm keeping a whole blog here on fuwa to dig for old VN gems. So far the quantity of VNs with interesting/fun plot in late 80s - early 90s surpassed my boldest expectations.
  12. Kimi Dake ni Ai o... is a very curious game and is worth being VN of August 1991. 1. 2069 AD [910803] Home Data Year 2069. The number of women decreased sharply. Many of the remaining women started to behave rigidly towards the men and men suicide cases skyrocketed. The hero starts to wear a dubious costume and the mask of a wrestler calling himself "Mr. S". He will punish arrogant women. The battle sequences don't allow to get bored. It's also the first game to have sound CG attached to the game.
  13. Nike is the VN of July 1991. I also value Cybernetic Hi-School Part 4 ~Ape Hunter J~ high, but in the end it's just a bakage with quiz mixes. 1. Nike ナイキ [910705] Cocktail Soft In 2526 pilot Nike (22) with co-pilot girl Miho (17) are participating in interstellar space race after winning the race the previous year. However the princess of the host planet Athena got kidnapped and Nike is going to search for Athena while participating in the race. Cocktail Soft new title! And again a great one. Fully story oriented wo
  14. Fixed color to silver (light grey it was, but, alas, still much strain to the eyes) as well as couple typos. Since i'm too bad with hooking emulator VNs, Windows renewed ones are all I can digest for now. But at least every Windows one is a merry encounter.
  15. kivandopulus

    ELLE / エル

    Foreword: I just had to try Elf adventure title. Now I joined the army of Hiruda scenario fans. Title: ELLE Original Title: エル Developer: Elf Release Date: 1991-06-23 Summary: Post-nuclear world last survivors dome city. "Black Widow" organization is trying to obstruct plans for human survival while anti-terror organization along with lady sniper Elle oppose them. VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v2293 Video playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENAECnNmAq_KMeaBzd3g0HXL2znhn-eQ Game Type: Point and click adventure visual novel Story Length: 7 hours. Complete Story Cle
  16. ELLE is my favorite in June 1991. 1. Cobra II: Densetsu no Otoko コブラII―伝説の男― 寺沢武 [910607] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 Badass space pirate Cobra is here again. This time he's accompanied by sexy bounty hunter Jane who turns out to chase after his own head. But all the conflicts are forgotten when Cobra's archenemy Crystal Boy shows up. And both of space adventurers have valid enough reasons to join forces and hunt for Crystal Boy. I darn love this atmosphere. City Hunter, Dirty Pair, Cobra, Captain Harlock, 009-1 are all fan
  17. Ginsei Senshin Guynarock is the VN of May 1991 by default - it's the closest thing to a visual novel this month. 1. Ginsei Senshin Guynarock 銀聖戦神ガイナロック [910520] Techno Brain In 2125 a special unit SIS was created to defend against extraterrestrial life. It consists of five female members - Erie, Louis, Megu, Remy and Io. After investigating an unidentified spacecraft heading for Earth, Erie was attacked by a scientist Baikal who vanished 150 years ago. Io is captured and the rest of the crew, except for Eri, are forced to rescue Io an
  18. I put Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4: Orgel above other games in April 1991 even though there are also such masterpieces as CAL II and Nostalgia 1907. 1. Sadistic Gamers Part 5 Burusera Play サディスティック・ゲーマーズ PART-5 -ブルセラ・プレイ- [910401] Sixteens Brucella issue of Sadistic Gamers doujin game. Same lesbian sadists, but nothing else is known about this game. 2. Nostalgia 1907 ノスタルジア1907 [910402] Sur De Wave 1 2 Ship "Nostalgia" is crossing Atlantic Oc
  19. Jesus II is the only masterpiece of March 1991. 1. Hoshi no Suna Monogatari 星の砂物語 [910305] D.O. 1 Gengorou enjoyed his peaceful life in boarding house till one of its inhabitants got killed. House owner asks Gen to make own investigation and this is an offer that can't be turned down since Gen does not have an alibi and is a suspect himself. Plot exists merely as weak excuse to harass 5 girl boarding house members. A remake of the year 1988 game. 2. Watashi o Golf ni Tsurete
  20. Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha is VN of the February 1991 by default - Prontis is too much of a half-baked game. 1. Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha 赤川次郎の幽霊列車 [910208] Mighty Craft 1 2 Based on detective novel. Eight people have vanished and rumors state that they were carried away by ghost train. The key to these events lies in a remote village. It is famicom game so it inherits its disadvantages. As in every famicom detective story that I've seen you have to move around by yourself. So lots of long distances walking
  21. There are no masterpieces in January and Dragon Eyes becomes the winner by default since it's the closest thing to a normal visual novel. 1. Dragon Eyes ドラゴンアイズ [910123] Fairytale 1 Dragon Eyes is a "space opera" kind of story, focusing on a young girl named Ines, who lives on the planet Miu of the Phi Sun. She grew up together with a space agent named Klind, to whom she refers as "brother". One day, her superior from the planet Garudoria informs her that Klind has disappeared during one of his missions and might be in danger. Ines tr
  22. My masterpieces list:1. Can Can Bunny Superior2. De-Ja3. Illumina!4. Misty Blue5. Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki!6. Slope 7. Suijaku Sakusen 2 Moeyo Dragon8. The 4th Unit - Merry Go Round9. Toushin Toshi10. Yami no Ketsuzoku11. Urotsukidouji12. Urusei Yatsura: Stay With You 1990 is the year of RPG. Their number and diversity put interactive adventures VNs to shame. 1990 is a revolutionary year in many aspects. First doujin works, first nsfw covers, first explicit sex scenes, first lgbt game, first strategy and SIM VN mixes.The big three candidates for the VN of the year are De-Ja, Toushin Toshi
  23. Any requests considered, right? I have particular interest in chuunige and the VN that thrills me the most recently is Sabae no Ou. Can't make my mind about it without a proper review. It should not be total trash since it got sequel Sabae no Ou II. Just a thought to consider.
  24. Foreword: I've wanted to play this game for a long time. I've always considered it to be the grandfather of all adventure visual novels, but only found time for it while doing year 1990 coverage. So this is Elf's first grand work and the first Elf work to have Hiruda as story writer. Game is amazing but at the same time there aren't that many japanese reviews and as many as zero English ones. How can that even be possible?! I've no answers. My best guess is that work is prior to internet era and Multi-pack (2004) only brought contemporary systems and graphics, so japanese didn't really bother
  25. Year 1989 masterpieces:1. Burning Point2. Dororo ~Jigoku Emaki no Shou~3. Dual Targets - The 4th Unit Act.34. Paragon Sexa Doll5. Tawhid6. 38 Man Kilo no Kokuu7. Dragon Knight8. Twilight Zone 3 Nagakute Amai Yoru9. Hare Nochi Oosawagi!10. Imitation wa Aisenai11. Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Blue Train Satsujin Jiken12. Asoko no Koufuku13. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 1: Invitation - Kage kara no Shoutaijou14. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2: Memories The two main candidates for VN of the year for me are Burning Point and Imitation wa Aisenai. The first is a very integral work with all the ele
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