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  1. Canaan ~Yakusoku no Chi~ stands tall as the only masterpiece of April 1997 1. Dark Hunter: (Jou) Ijigen Gakuen ダークハンター -㊤ 異次元学園- [970404] Koei 1 2 3 4 Dark Hunter is the second entry of Shibusawa Kou's "English Dream" series, following the three-part 'Emit'. Jigen Academy is a secluded school, where the students with psychological scars come to heal and find their purpose in life. Mariko experiences a chain of vivid hallucinations after her father's remarriage and her new mother sends her away to attend Jigen Academ
  2. Well, I think I tried it all. AGTH, ITHVNR, VisualNovelReader, Mozilla Rika-chan+Epwing, Offline dictionnaries like Atlas, OCR tools like ABBYY screenshot reader, smartphone camera google translate. Nothing can beat good old ITH+TranslationAggregator. Google translate (only after neural update in march 1996 - Asenheim project old google translate won't go) for the bulk of it and Jparser-Edict+Mecab for messy sentences.
  3. Ruriiro no Yuki is the only masterpiece of March 1997. 1. Kannou Kyoushuu 官能教習 [970307] Tetratech Grandfather summons main hero to announce that in order to get inheritance he has to teach several maidens various sex techniques during a month. But it's so easy to fall in love with one of them... H training SIM. But the art is gorgeous here so even some innocent minds were caught in the snare. The ending is quite surprising as you may decide just to cooperate with one of the girls and poison the old geezer.
  4. I don't know Japanese in the most important way - I can't read Japanese texts. After several years of interest in Japanese I'm quite confident in my grammar and speech recognition skills though. I tried watching Chibi Maruko Chan (English subs don't exist) series a year a go or so and constantly could not understand plot twists. Surprisingly enough, now there's no such problem. I was struggling with JParser(Edict)+Mecab and moved at a horrible speed all the time. In March 1996 google translate Japanese got a neural update and that changed everything. The quality was on par with JPars
  5. The only masterpiece game of February is Yatsu no Na wa Diamond 1. Let's! Pirates Trouble Vacances Let’s!パイレーツ とらぶる・ばかんす [970207] ZyX Two female pirates earned lots of money and are came to a resort. They get interested in rumors of a mad scientist experimenting with monsters creation and look into the matter only to get caught themselves. Les SM H bakage story. The interaction between the main heroines is pretty fun, but rather short. Windows version has a nice 3 minutes intro animated video and seems to have more
  6. TLWiki is what formed my interest in VNs, anyway. I think I discovered it quite early and dashed through all the fully translated works in no time, mostly at work. For years I thought that this is the full compilation of translated into English visual novels, so went into free sail of untranslated works from then on. And I started with YU-NO as an appetizer since it was the smallest in size and with the most dated graphics. And that was actually the longest game there. I played without sound at work and tried to rush it, but school part ended and it went deeper and deeper in totally unex
  7. Ryouki no Ori Dai 2 Shou and Rookies are the masterpieces of January. But Rookies is a more traditional story-focused visual novel with charming characters and lots of kind humor. Rookies is VN of January 1997. 1. Watashi 私 ~わたし~ [970110] Pearl Soft Shizu is a shy high school student girl who wishes to change herself. One day day she gathers her will and starts acting. What she's gonna do? Well, there are lots of branches in the game depending of who you choose to be with and at what circumstances. There are 24 endi
  8. The best year so far, actually. I really hope that I'll be able to say the same about every forthcoming year. 84 works during the year amounts for an average of 7 works each month - a very saturated year. Let's prolong the chart. VN per year Year Total 1991 75 1992 80 1993
  9. Kichikuou Rance and Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO are masterpieces of the month, but even Rance can't compete with YU-NO this month. 1. Kousoku Inran Jugyou Tokareta Ribbon 拘束 淫爛授業 解かれたリボン [961205] Persian Soft Mayu is a female student who is in secret relationship with another girl Minako. One day Mayu opens her bento and finds there a photo of her tied up with a rope. It also has a note requesting to come to clerk room at noon or the photo would be made public. There are several branches with differen
  10. After starry October nothing really shines this month. If we narrow down the candidates I'd have to choose from Mashou no Kao, High School Days, Sotsugyou Shashin 2 ~Raspberry Dream~, Tsuiokuand Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Hihoushima Arata Naru Sangeki. Last one is out as PS1 exclusive (win version nowhere to be found). Sotsugyou Shashin 2 is out as a difficult type of game for modern players. Tsuioku is way too obscure. High School Days is a really nice game, but even warm vanilla school game can't really invoke much interest with poor graphics and no voicing. I can't believe myself, but I'
  11. Star Platinum, Angel Halo, Stone Walkers and Bounty Hunter Rudy are masterpieces of the month. That's a difficult choice! I believe that Bounty Hunter Rudy is the worthiest for being VN of October 1996 1. Girl 2 ガール2 [961001] Juice Reiko is a female tutor of three young girls. Here are three stories of what happened at the lessons. Game is focused on H events and the feature of the series is small windows that show only some part of the body. 2. Eternal Melody エターナルメロディ [961
  12. Ma Doll and Sakura Taisen are the masterpieces of the month, but I prefer Sakura Taisen as VN of the Month 1. Heartbeat Scramble ハートビートスクランブル [960906] Imagineer Co., Ltd. Game reproduces events of graduating school year, such as attending part-time job, participating in clubs and school festivals as well as getting along with the girls and inviting them on a date and maybe even spending vacations together with one of them. Sega Saturn exclusive. It's kind of simplified Tokumeki Memorial, but with live-action photos.
  13. Foreword: I hate bakage. And yet I'm reviewing yet another bakage. Why? Mostly because together with YU-NO, these are the last two works of the Great Elf/Silky's team, after that Elf is going to loose too many staff members and is going to rerelease old works for Windows, stamp eroge works alongside with slice of life works. No more crazy adventure spirit afterwards. It's a historical moment to visual novels industry. Oh and I liked the two hentai OVAs of it immensely back then. I'll assume everyone seen them since I'm going to compare these works. Title: Be-Yond ~Kurodaishou ni Mirareter
  14. Be-Yond ~Kurodaishou ni Mirareteru~ is the only masterpiece of the month. 1. Eden no Kaori エデンの香り [960801] JAST Joe Tsunado is a private investigator who has been out of work for a long time. Suddenly he gets a call from Yorimasa Kiryuuin, a very rich man, who wants to hire Joe for examing the true identity of one suspicious Yorimasa’s relative. That person appeared after the former head of family had passed out and said that he was his son. Now he claim’s to the fortune of the family and Yorimasa wants to know is he’s really his rela
  15. Kizuato, NOëL NOT DiGITAL and Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! ~We've Been Waiting for You~ are masterpieces of the month, but Kizuato is the most fundamental one and thus is VN of the Month 1. Viper-BTR ~Mahou no Tobakushi Totokaru Chomi~ VIPER-BTR ~魔法の賭博師トトカル☆チョミ~ [960705] Sogna 1 2 Ruri and her dice familiars, Sai and Coro, return in the sequel to the story presented in VIPER-V12. Ruri engages with another young girl given the power to become an adult, who, unlike Ruri, does not let her alter-ego get the best of her. Ruri searchs the town fo
  16. Foreword: I did not want to review it. But then I watched the hentai OVA of its preuel - Mystery of the Necronomicon (黒の断章 Kuro no Danshō) and it's a total blast. I highly recommend to watch it to everyone. A very memorable and bloody occult detective story. There was no anime version of the sequel, so I rushed in. Title: Es no Houteishiki Developer: Abogado Powers Date: 1996-06-28 VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v8874 Synopsis: "Es no Houteishiki" is the second game in the Detective Suzusaki series. The events described in the previous game, "Kuro no Danshou ~The Literary Fragment~", led to
  17. I was often being told in school that I'm going to change. Twenty years later I'm still the same with only change that I take less interest in western games. Back in high school and university I read everything that could interest me from philosophy and social studies - and got disillusioned by them. It's my rational choice based on experience of prior generations to be a weaboo. That's why these beliefs are so hard to budge.
  18. Kakyuusei and Es no Houteishiki are masterpieces of the month, but my favorite is Es no Houteishiki and furthermore it's played like a regular novel and can be enjoyed nowadays. 1. Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki RADICAL DREAMERS -盗めない宝石- [960601] Square Co. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Radical Dreamers is a text-based adventure game taking place after the SNES RPG Chrono Trigger. It aims to tie up a loose end from Chrono Trigger, and features two recurring characters from that game. The story follows the thieves Serge, Kid, and Magil as they sne
  19. Of course I'm a weaboo. But when I'm asked whether I'd want to live in Japan I say "No way!". Too many faults in its society : it's still isolationist one kraoushi (overwork) tiny flats expensive life huge time waste in transport horrible tv wit its variety shows and ads, ads, ads weird "rituals" both at home and at work But I can't feel appeal of western culture anymore. A bunch of well-off professional studios are making high-quality content for the whole world. And I'd rather see variety than quality. Among western movies, tv series, cartoons an
  20. There aren't masterpieces this month, but I like Rouge no Densetsu the most this month. 1. Onna no Ko no Shikumi 女の子の仕組み [960501] Libido Three sisters Miyu, Shoko and Mirei tell the stories where they confess their secrets. Short ero-centered loli stories. 2. Rouge no Densetsu ルージュの伝説 [960510] D.O. 1 2 3 Long time ago, a legendary hero defeated an evil dragon. He wore a magical bracelet that protected him during the battle. years passed
  21. Foreword: I erroneously marked this game as eroge and now it's the time to check out what it's really about. Title: Ushinawareta Rakuen Developer: Silky's Date: 1995-04-14 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v9147 Synopsis: College student Kojima Kousaku is promised a high payment for assistance in scientific expedition on a southern island. However, a storm breaks out and the ship suffers a shipwreck. The crew gets separated and they start to search first for bed and food and then find a strange temple in the jungle. Structure: Pretty much one route with minor branching. Length: 4 hours Game type: Mys
  22. The only masterpiece of the Month is Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ 1. Blue Ruins ~Harukanaru Bibanon no Hihou~ BLUE RUINS ~遥かなるビバノンの秘宝~ [960405] ViVian Rusty is an archaeologist who travels with his magician sister Wiki. Together they arrive to the town Nimrud in search of information about blue ruins and its treasures. Game is really difficult as there are 8 commands to pick manually with a mouse and those commands also have options or need to target an object on the screen. The same command needs to be
  23. Foreword: Cyberpunk erotic action police story made me really curious. I was very skeptical of the Sammies review since he spent too much money to get windows version and turned to hate this work. And so I went to check it out myself... Title: Merry Go Round Developer: Mischief Date: 1996-03-08 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v8807 Synopsis: Merry Go Round is set in Yokohama, in year 2197. The city has turned into an international megalopolis, where crime prospers, and where justice is pursued by lone vigilante fighters. The hero of the story is a private detective nam
  24. Mujintou Monogatari 3 - A.D. 1999 Tokyo is the only masterpiece of the month. 1. Sex 2 [960301] 1 2 Sex 2 has the same basic premise as its predecessor, which is easy to deduce from the game's title. It's all about engaging in the titular pleasurable activity, and doing it in various "creative" ways. Unlike the first Sex, there is only one girl in Sex 2: Ayaka, the cute flower-raising character from Satyr, another game by the same company. Comments are excessive. 2. Tsukikom
  25. There aren't masterpieces this month. My personal favorite is San Shimai due to it being my first visual novel, but I rate DIES IRAE even higher and nominate it for VN of the Month. 1. Exciting Milk Dai 1 Wa エキサイティングみるく第1話 [960201] Silence 22nd century. Humanity is prospering through the expansion of the Earth's development, but natural destruction has also become extreme. One day Amon, a scientist who opposed the destruction of nature, decided to return to the Earth 150 years earlier via time mac
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