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    Foreword: Game had hardy any characteristics but "degraded Kizuato" and I did not plan to make a review of it. However, it managed to keep my attention till the end for over three hours. So maybe it's not really bad?
    Title: Touchuukasou
    Developer: Petit
    Date: 1998-07-17
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v15352
    Youtube walkthrough:https://youtu.be/adRAHxJVaBo

    Synopsis: In a rural town there has been a series of murders recently. Part of the bodies was lost as if it had been eaten by someone. Toshio Hiyama moved to this town 10 years ago and he was constantly bullied due to his introverted nature to the extent that there might be even another will lurking inside his consciousness...
    Structure: There are three heroines each with a route. The whole story takes three days.
    Length: 3 hours
    Game type: Action mystic beast transformation type.
    Difficulty: Very easy, there's basically just one big decision for each heroine to flag.
    Character Design rating: 7/10
    Protagonist rating: 6/10
    Story rating: 8/10
    Game quality: 5/10
    Overall rating: 7/10

    Rating comments: In my classification that's a masterpiece. Game is integral. It has simple but clean story-line, nice memorable characters, cool battles and most amusing BGM support. Protagonist is too ordinary though and game quality is lacking due to a really old engine with NO keyboard support and with 5 second freezes on BGM change.
    Protagonist: Hiyama Toshio is pretty much an average high school student Joe who sees strange drams. We don't see his face, so that's it for him.

    Characters: There are four main heroines. Short brown hair Yuka is your cute and caring imouto. Short black hair Makoto is your shy childhood friend who you meet after 10 years time. And long red hair Akane is... your fun-buddy, without any obligations. Fourth one is short gray hair girl, but she makes a very short appearance in core game time, so can't tell much about her without playing her route. I only played Makoto route since I'm not a fan of imouto and free love. Furthermore, Makoto seemed to have some early memories important for the plot. It turned out that those memories weren't exactly about Makoto, so any heroine of preference can be enjoyed without loosing much on the story. As for Makoto, her route is very sweet and there's a very nice satisfying ending after the battle. At some point she even abandons her shyness and confesses her circumstances which are rather curious. So I'm very impressed with her route, but I don't like other heroines roles and not ready to manually mouse click through their routes.

    Story: Events develop very fast here. Toshio and Yuka arrive to the school and barely have time to get acquainted with a newcomer Makoto when they get assaulted by a hooligan Shinichi. That's followed by promise to share bento with Makoto daily, some quality time with Akane and yet another same hooligan assault. The next day starts with a hooligan team trap that leads to a massacre. And lastly heroine specific part with a date ensues followed up by old enemy big fight finale. And something to put under a spoiler as well.
    CG: Very few from the start, but quite numerous closer to the ending.
    Sound: Somehow I really enjoyed the tunes and the voicing. Everyone but protagonist voiced.

    1) Game is a bit simplistic and fast paced to suggest multiple themes, but the main theme of the game is werebeasts. It goes back to the story about 200 years before about how the wild dogs got massacred and how a shrine and a clan grew from that event in order to commemorate those beasts. There's a huge stone in the shrine connected to the event and it's the touch of the stone that actually raised the wild urges in males of the blood. It's actually very nicely pictured that the memories of clan ancestor are alive in Toshio Hiyama. Those memories and the mystery of the girl shown at the very first scene of the game were the main attraction point for me.
    2) What's right - to suppress the beast origin or to seek more power? Unexpectedly, game definitely chooses the second in contrast to Kizuato. In Kizuato hero is being judged of ill-behavior just for his dreams and headaches. In Touchuukasou hero is just destroyed in a bad ending if he tries to suppress his emotions. On the other hand, hero is the only suspect in the massacre where two people died and... he gets away with it very easily. So it's a very simple answer - kill or be killed.

    Overall comments: Game is not well known and is trashed for being Kizuato clone. And I strongly object to that. Games have absolutely different approach to the beast state. I actually give the preference to Touchuukasou for having an integral fast-paced story with adorable characters over the painfully crumbling structure of Kizuato where nothing big happens in ANY of the routes. Touchuukasou has lots of charming sides and I played the main heroine route to the end. However, I don't see how other heroines can contribute to the story and CG actually confirm that as there are mostly only additional fight CG and HCG of other heroines. [Petit] has grown a lot over the years and I call its last two games Sweepers and Touchuukasou masterpieces. It's really sad to see story-driven works of unique charm overpowered by charage/moege. 

  2. kivandopulus
    Sayonara o Oshiete has a good number of English reviews (1 2 3), plus reddit comments (4), but what strikes me is that all of them are positive despite some noticed flaws. But as a plotge fetishist and pragmatist to the bones, I demand demolition of fake idols. This bastion shall fall today.
    Video playthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh8pCRc3CEs&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8rKP5oDa1nzt0KevjFrmhw

    1) Sayonara o Oshiete has a synopsis, but does not have a story. Deal with it. Nothing happens, like absolutely. Protagonist just visits three students out of five after school before going home. He sees some delusions involving the students. Getting into heroine route only tells us about each heroine specific theme. Just as theme starts to uncover there's the same abrupt end for each heroine. Credits.
    2) Heroines totally lack charm. Sugamo Mutsuki is presented as a pure angel and supposedly main heroine. But pretty much the first H scene almost made me throw up. There's no realism or depth in the heroines, just specific theme and some cleverly written dialogues paired up with actually eminent voicing. 
    3) Protagonist is no good. He can be renamed and is an abstract mass of destruction delusions. He's impossible to sympathize with. 
    4) H scenes. Roughly only half of them are shocking, but the rest are quite conventional. And that's a huge problem for me. It looks like game bears some idea half of the time, but also wants to appeal to as many players as possible and becomes a plain nukige. From idea point of view For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~ was perfect. H events in delusions were 100% appalling. Sayonara o Oshiete is basically about same horrible delusions, but with very sexy heroines sprites and often appealing H events. There's not enough real trash in H events.
    5) Loli abuse. Can't deny - all loli scenes are drawn in a very traumatic way here. But I just detest any loli H events, especially such hardcore ones.
     I've seen transformation of nukige genres since the 80s. There has been shift to museum type vns, then to training SIMs, then to devil games, and currently I cautiously try to grasp when the shift to corruption visual novels happened. And Sayonara o Oshiete is the first candidate so far to be grandfather of all corruption games. With the half-measures Craftwork actually managed to depict sexy destruction, and that's no way a compliment considered that I detest corruption games the most.
    Horrible as it may sound, I'm relieved to see game translation project stalled, because completion  would cause an outrageous reaction and backlash at Japanese developers due to very troubling content involving loli characters.
    The only definite strong sides of Sayonara o Oshiete are first-class voicing and great song theme. Visual and textual decisions are questionable. But for me the number of negative elements outweighs it all. The only lingering taste after the game is nausea, and I hope to forget it as a nightmare asap.
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    Foreword: Game first arouse my interest as alternative version of Subarashiki Hibi. Then I tried to get the glimpse of it by watching hentai OVA... and it was the worst hentai OVA I ever seen, so I was really infuriated since it did not say much about the game. Finally I've picked it up while investigating year 1999 and it struck me as something more serious than a nukige, especially after seeing those demon mind-screw CG. And it's been a while since I enjoyed a visual novel that much.

    Title: Tsui no Sora
    Developer: KeroQ
    Date: 1999-08-27
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v3246
    Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENAECnNmAq8vJwICEnwWJOz0Yf6ycKz3

    Synopsis: Our guy got waked up by his childhood girl for school. Once they got to their classroom, they found out that a girl classmate jumped from their school roof yesterday. Soon, people started talking about end of the world on day 20th. Some even went crazy, lead by one guy. You get to see the events first through our guy's eyes, then his childhood girl's and two more people.
    Structure: There are two routes - for Kotomi and Ayana, then there's the route from Kotomi point of view, then the retro-route from Zakuro eyes, then villain route from Takuji viewpoint. And it all finishes with epilogue route for Kotomi and Ayana.
    Length: 7 hours 30 minutes.
    Game type: Mindscrew end of the world theme ADV.
    Difficulty: Easy since there are only 3-4 decisions to make.
    Character Design rating: 8/10
    Protagonist rating: 8/10
    Story rating: 10/10
    Game quality: 7/10
    Overall rating: 8/10

    Rating comments: I did not expect such high scores. Characters aren't voiced, but somehow they manage to feel alive. There are so many protagonists in this game that the rest of characters are easy to understand and remember. If it was only for Yukito, protagonist would get a full 10. Story does not seem anything special on the first glance, but with each route it opens up new depths and raises new questions making it a very integral, memorable and personal experience. I can't rate game quality good for the lack of CG, unvoiced heroes and macromedia director engine.
    Yukita makes the perfect protagonist for me. He cites Kant, Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, Bible all the time. He looks like a hooligan, but is absolutely faithful and reliable even though he tries to shrug it off with crude words. He's pretty much the only one who stays calm, trusts in logic and comes to everyone's rescue.
    Kotomi is Yukita's childhood friend. She is quite nice as a heroine, but when she becomes protagonist we get to see her constant hesitations and anxieties. It's a pain to see her crying "I don't know anything anymore", thinking "I must be alone and get stronger" and running away from Yukita at school.
    Zakuro is the classmate of Yukita and Kotomi. At the beginning of the game she's already dead having jumped from the roof. But her story was the most impressive one for me. But more of it in the story part.
    Takuji is the villain of the game. A shy small boy who at the same time wants to peel everyone naked and sentence to death. He's really cool as protagonist for having all kinds of hallucinations that make the game a mind-screw.
    Characters: Who do we have left? There's classmate Otonashi Ayana who has her own route, but is not a protagonist for she's the most mysterious character in the game and her manner of thinking should not be revealed. There's also classmate Yokoyama Yasuko who enters the same kendo club as Kotomi, but at the same time really sympathizes Takuji end of the world ideas. Yasuko brother is the biggest supporter of Takuji as well. There's also guy Ozawa that bullied Zakuro, but at the beginning of the game he's dead. There's a magical girl Riruro, but her existence is under a huge question, hehe. We also have medical department teacher.

    Story: I can't really tell about the story without some spoilers (although I'll try to hide heavy spoilers under a banner), so be aware. 
    I. Game starts from Yukito perspective 7 days before the disaster and he can opt for either Kotomi or Ayana as the main heroine. The choice only determines couple short scenes of each heroine and determines whether Kotomi H event opens up or not. The contents remains the same. First two days are spent in mass neurosis as classmates keep jumping from the roof and rumors about the end of the world keep spreading. Then there are two days of open conflict of Takuji with the school that result in dangerous cult creation. Next two days are notable for Kotomi kidnapping by the Takuji group and her rescue by Yukito. The final day is not clearly shown.
    II. Then starts the route of Kotomi which is exactly the same route, but from the eyes of Kotomi. She's there mostly to add girlish thoughts to the narration and of course to show her two days of captivity and torments (read: H events) while kidnapped. So it's kind of non-important fan-service route.
    III. Well, when you think that the game is over, the next route opens up. And instead a week before the disaster we go to two weeks before the disaster to the body of Zakuro. She got raped and made photos of by bully Ozawa one day and from that time was blackmailed into intimate relations daily. But once she gets a letter saying "Rejoice, your torments will end tomorrow". Since it's the most impressive route for me I'd only tackle it under the spoiler banner.
    IV. The seven days before the disaster are shown yet again, but from the eyes of main villain Takuji. We get to see how his ideas are formed, what pushes him, how he recruits allies and eventually names himself the savior of humankind. From that point it's hard to determine delusions from truth as he sees monsters, magical girl Riruru, her spirit father and gets instructions from them, but most of the time he seems to just be talking with the graffiti wall. He starts as savior of humanity, but through demonic teachings soon recognizes the need to purify humans before the final skies by killing them. The longest and weirdest route, but at the same time it still feels light.
    V. Epilogues sheds light on events after the day X and give more questions than answers.
    CG: Too few! But characters standing sprites usually look so good that the lack of CG is not that grave.
    Sound: BGM includes few, but atmospheric short cycled compositions and there is no voicing at all.

    Humor: Apart of this funny moment of skirt flipping there was one real joke. Yukito and Ayano stay at the roof. Ayano asks "- What book do you hold in hands?" "- Kant" " Why would you need a book about girl's genitalia?" "Wrong! It's not about that!" "So it's called just CAN'T? Why would you need a book about impotence?" Then he tries to tell her Kant and Wittgenstein theories. "Wittgenstein? Is that the male apparatus?". I don't remember any more moments, but for me it's important to have at least one funny memorable moment. 

    Themes: There are a lot of themes. 
    1) Is the end of the world possible? Yakuto tries to find an answer in Kant, Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard and Bible books. He uses Kant's antimony to make a conclusion that the beginning of the universe is not provable and thus there can't be the end of the world. 
    2) The war between light and darkness forces to impede/fasten the end of the world - is it real or imagination of fanatics? One certain route is devoted just to this theme.
    3) Who actually saved the world? Was it Zakuro, Ayana or maybe even Takuji? All three came to contact to the higher essences and could influence that. Of maybe the world never needed to be saved and those are just superstition and ignorance? We have to figure it for ourselves.
    4) The separate question is who is Ayana? Her every word is mysterious. She does not have parents, but she's always present at the most gruesome events late at night at the school.
    5) What this game is even about? Again, you decide, the first two collages of screenshots allow to treat the game as spiritual mind-screw, youth criminal drama or eschatological religious confrontation of heroes and devils.
    Overall comments: I have not read Subarashiki Hibi and can only judge it by reviews and vndb. But what I see there is that the core of the plot and the characters are absolutely the same. SubaHibi was enlarged immensely to fit the modern demand, but such detail would not be possible without this little weird gem from the 1990s.

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    Foreword: RSR is the last big game of Sogna. I can't pass without saying farewell.
    Title: Viper-RSR
    Developer: Sogna
    Date: 2002-07-31
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v970
    Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsrmSBbNUMM

    Synopsis: A game that blends old school dungeon crawling along with animated cutscenes.
    It is a dark age in the kingdom of Alitalia. Monsters ransack cities, slaughtering the men and taking the women as their slaves. Four adventurers set out to end the rampages...
    Structure: 8 chapters 
    Length: 3 hours.
    Game type: Fantasy
    Difficulty: None
    Character Design rating: 10/10
    Protagonist rating: 7/10
    Story rating: 3/10
    Game quality: 8/10
    Overall rating: 7/10

    RSR is not a good game per se. RPG part is non-existing, purely decorational. Story is quite simple, without much fancy and with usual Sogna motives. So why is it different from all its previous big games?
    RSR is revolutionary in the amount of efforts needed to reach animated H scenes - here it's done by introducing a map and characters moving through it very slowly while triggering hundreds of random fights, literally a fight each few steps.

    Game is blamed for too high price of 9800 yen, too long time in development (it was planned to be released in 1999 and then was postponed many times - and it's the last game in Japanese game history to be released on diskettes as well with the number being 42 if I recall correctly), too short H scenes, absence of pure love scenes.
    But what does it really shine for? First is main heroine Cala. She's the most sexy heroine ever created. For me that's a given, and can't be changed.

    Secondly, only this game managed to raise monster insult appeal to the highs not yet imaginable. I do not know whether it's inner censor or lack of skill to blame, but there is no work in the whole genre even comparable to RSR.
    I mentioned that story is weak, but what I liked is that story does not end with Cala saved. Story goes on to save princess Julieta. And I especially liked that the ending is orthodox viper, not like an ending everyone else would have.
    So it's a contradictory game, but with battles cut it becomes the legendary eroge that changed history for me.

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    The masterpieces of the year 1986:
    1. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Rinne Tensei Hen~
    2. Wingman 2: Kitakura no Fukkatsu
    3. Boukenshatachi Kenja no Yuigon
    4. Alpha
    5. Hokuto no Ken: Violence Gekiga Adventure
    6. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo #1 - Final Mystery - Murder Club
    7. Casablanca ni Ai o Satsujinsha wa Jikuu o Koete
    8. Gall Force - Eternal Story
    9. Maison Ikkoku ~Omoide no Photograph~
    10. Suishou no Dragon
    11. Little Princess
    12. Toki no Tabibito
    13. 1000-nen Oukoku   1. Final Lolita ファイナル ロリータ [8601] PSK 1 Final Lolita has little to do with PSK's previous similarly-named titles gameplay-wise; however, it shares with them the macabre premise of sex with underage girls, and is the most explicit and violent of the three. The game's genre is closest to RPG format, since it focuses on a character's attributes and allows the player to increase them. These attributes are Power, Arm Level, Defence, and Technique, each playing a role in upcoming battles. The player can choose to distribute a hundred points among these parameters in the beginning of the game. We get to set four parameters from the beginning and start the search. Just walking alone spends your precious power, so first of all gasoline and bike need to be found. It's indeed the final loli work of PSK - next ones feature more mature characters.   2. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Rinne Tensei Hen~ 白と黒の伝説 ~輪廻転生編~ [8603] Soft Studio Wing 1 The second part of the "Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu" tells the story of the victims of the Bermuda Triangle, which was pulled into the distant past. To get back to their world, the crew of the ship will visit the ruins of Atlantis, medieval Europe, ancient Japan, and fight demons. Again, MSX exclusive and again pretty obscure. This time even more since this work does not seem to be remastered in the future. The game system is the same. One drawback of it is that in order to save there's a need to shift cassettes. The work is memorable for its music that occupied a full cassette. The story is very intriguing. An anomaly is found in the Bermuda triangle and UN mission is sent there. As a result the Atlantis land is discovered that drifts through the time with the power of demons. We get to execute a number of missions through the time to resolve this anomaly like the hundred year old war in France (meeting Jeanne d'Arc, of course) or the end of the Warring States period in Japan. This game is quite crazy and that's a pity it's forgotten.   3. Wingman 2: Kitakura no Fukkatsu ウイングマン2 - キータクラーの復活- [860410] TamTam Co., Ltd. 1 The aim of the game is to find the killers sent from Podrimus dimension and neutralize them. The clues are to be found in the eight locations of the school. Original story. This time it's more fun since we're accompanied by Aoi or Miki who do all the feedback. It's a pretty cool system that it's enough to write the proper verb and just click on the object - that's almost point-and-click here! There are three chapters with first two moving between the same eight places and the third final one without any moving. In the prequel the fights were happening on a narrow black line with two small characters - this time there is a full battle screen and animation is much better. The scene of transformation to wingman was especially impressive since it has "Ching!" real voice cry coming out and there have not been voiced games yet. There seems to be only two battles in the game though compared to four in the original. So with only 8 locations and two battles the game is really short and a perfect run can be done in 10 minutes if know the exploration part already.   4. Arion アリオン [8604] ASCII Corporation Game follows the story of anime with the same title. In Thrace, Arion is taken from his mother Demeter by the god Hades. In the Underworld, Arion is trained to be a warrior. His training is driven by revenge: Arion was told that his mother's blindness was caused by Zeus and Zeus' death will remove the curse. Finally, Arion and Geedo (a huge ape-like creature who had become Arion's friend and companion) left the Underworld to find Zeus. Seneca, a small thief, makes off with Arion's sword and this leads Arion to his first encounter with the forces of Zeus, commanded by his daughter Athena. Arion is captured but is later set free by Lesfeena, Athena's mute serving girl. As Arion rejoins Geedo and Seneca (and worries about Lesfeena), the forces of Zeus and Poseidon face each other in battle. In the background sits the scheming Hades, and the calm Apollon who seems to have plans of his own. Game has very beautiful graphics since the real scenes from the anime are digitized and used as CG. Command selection is used. There are battles with commands and hp bar, but the result depends on luck and it's not unusual to lose to average even though you're an ultimate assassin god with superior weapons. The story is about Greek mythology and is quite specific - it's actually easy to get stuck without knowing the contents of the OVA. Sometimes you need to not do anything at a certain map in order for a new opportunity open up elsewhere.   5. Galppo Club ギャルっぽクラブ [8604] Micro Cabin You are a teenager in glasses and with 450,000 yen in the pocket at the center of entertainment part. There are a lot of girls around to get to know. The systems of the game are quite peculiar. There are 9 squares you can move around. There are random and not random encounters with girls. There are also lots of stats that deteriorate with certain actions like fighting. The rules are actually quite difficult and need lots of dedication to get to know. Game seems to be influenced by Tokyo Nampa street.   6. Boukenshatachi Kenja no Yuigon 冒険者達 賢者の遺言 [860523] ASCII Corporation Chinese style gag-comedy. You train in the mountains with your master. One day a mysterious stranger hands over a golden a key. And so the adventure starts... Game symbolizes transition period between text parser and command selection. You start writing a verb, find the needed command in the list and then set it to function key and can use it from there later on. There are over 100 CG here and most of them are really funny, so the gags must be alright. There are some nude images and you can just undress yourself and walk like that - haha - but don't expect for anyone to talk to you while you're like that.   7. Alpha アルファ [8605] Square Co. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Once the natural resources on the Earth were exhausted, mankind started to look up for the next world to go to. Now their destination is a planet in the system of Epsilon Eridani - a star 10.7 light years away. As no means for faster than light travel or frozen hibernation exists, many generations of people will live and die on the ship "Daedalus", before it reaches its target... There's enough of English information on the game, including English reviews. Great characters and graphics are alone enough for it to be a masterpiece.   8. Hokuto no Ken: Violence Gekiga Adventure 北斗の拳 バイオレンス劇画アドベンチャー [8605] Enix 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows a man named Kenshiro - successor to the deadly martial art known as Hokuto Shinken . Kenshiro travels the world fighting ravagers and rival martial artists, whilst also protecting the innocent and weak. The game covers the first arc of the story, where Kenshiro goes up against his old rival Shin. I was really astonished by the quantity of information in English on this game. This seems to be the beginning of fighting franchise that really stirs people's minds even today.   9. Mahoutsukai no Deshi 魔法使いの妹子 [8605] Teikoku Soft

    In the first part wizard apprentice gets caught in a variety of troubles in the village on her adventure path. Initially a doujin game that got commercial rerlease in 1986. The drawing is surprisingly nice, but game is quite short.   10. Cosmo Angel コスモエンジェル [8606] PSK 1 In the year 2888 an interstellar organization named Gammos began to terrorize space. Using a powerful new weapon known as GRAY-Q, Gammos launched an unprecedented assault on the headquarters of the Galactic Federation. The special government squad Cosmo Angel was assigned to infiltrate the Gammos base and destroy GRAY-Q. The agents in charge are a young woman named Lina and her ex-boyfriend Akira. A new PSK game and finally not about lolis... Or wait... is it? Lolis fighting in space? For realz, PSK? The story is quite absurdist and is made just to present cool SF nude pictures as I see it. Just as other PSK works, it's still the same text parser without any development.   11. Day Dream デイドリーム [8607] Cross Media Soft The theme is visit of aliens. There are three scenarios to choose from: "driver", "policeman", "pilot". Depending on the scenario chosen the story starts from different points, but the fabula is the same - you get restrained by the aliens in some room and need to get out of there. Otherwise there's no novelty - a very slow drawing speed combined with text parser.   12. Erika エリカ [8607] JAST Near future. The unknown black shadow enemy is planning to conquer the Earth. Erika is a special agent on a mission to investigate enemy's new weapon Spectron. Protagonist is an information agent that gets into contact with Erika to receive information from her. Together they must infiltrate enemy base and destroy the secret weapon. So JAST abandoned its Aftrernoon Angels series for the serious SF action? Not really. The game is mostly about Erika H scenes both with hero and enemies and there's not that much adventuring compared. The system is the same as in Afternoon Angels - command selection out of big list of commands.   13. Seijo Densetsu -Five Holy Girls- 聖女伝説 -Five Holy Girls- [8607] Studio Blue The hero is a detective who chases the mysterious criminal girl Remy who is rumored to have stolen the treasure "GOLD LADY". In the game you get to interrogate girls one by one with the aim to get information about Remy. That's a pretty lame synopsis, but anything really goes for a nukige. There are five chapters each for a new girl and the sixth chapter finalizes the deed. Game is pretty disgusting since pretty much all the time is spent on interrogating the girls and there's nothing "saint" or "holy" in it.   14. 1000-nen Oukoku 1000年王国 [8608] LOG 1 2 The prophet Nostradamus has foreseen that the world as we know it shall end in the year 1999, and the thousand-year kingdom of angels and children will commence. A young boy named Shou is at first unaware of these prophecies, enjoying a normal life with his sweetheart Alisa. However, a series of events changes his life forever, as he is entrusted with the task of saving humans by discovering the ancient continent of Atlantis. There's a good big walkthrough in English and mobygames article on top of that.   15. Five Sweet Dream ファイブスイートドリーム [8608] Great There are five rooms and you are to fulfill the wishes spoken aloud there. This piece of software is quite close to the Five Holy Girls. Same number five, same doing H to five girls, same troublesome and long process. The company actually had to take all the extreme scenes out of it and publish them separately.   16. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo #1 - Final Mystery - Murder Club J.B.ハロルドの事件簿 - 殺人倶楽部 [8608] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A horrible murder has taken place in the sleepy little town of Liberty. Bill Robbins, a wealthy man known for his wild womanizing ways is the victim and, list of possible suspects keeps growing. As J.B. Harold you must figure out the who, what, where and why of the case. To solve the mystery you will need to travel to various locations, interview people and search for clues. Game was localized in English and sold over 20 millions copies in the West, so it has a great press coverage. I only list here five of the more conventional sources.   17. Shoumakyou no Densetsu 照魔鏡の伝説 [8608] Starcraft Co., Ltd. 

    Main character is caught by the enemy and starts in prison. He needs to break free and explore Japanese castle to find five pieces of the mystery mirror within time limit. There is both time limit and number of commands input limit, but overall commands aren't difficult.   18. Casablanca ni Ai o Satsujinsha wa Jikuu o Koete カサブランカに愛を 殺人者は時空を越えて [8610] Thinking Rabbit 1 June 1945. Chicago newspaper female reporter Jerry Randolph gets a letter from missing school friend saying that friend's father Mr. Edgar was conducting a dangerous scientific research. Jerry hurries to that adress only to find out that Mr. Edgar is stabbed and the research is a time machine. Jerry undertakes a time travel to year 1916 to get to the root of mystery. Quite an ok nostalgic SF mystery story, but it's stuffed with the same text parser so feels ancient while everyone else already shifted to command selection. The colored X68000 version actually uses command selection formula and colored screens, but misses much of the charm of the original version along with the cool original character designs. It still can be called a masterpiece.   19. Christine クリスチーヌ [8610] PSK 1 2 3 A young girl was enjoying a happy life with her boyfriend when suddenly, out of nowhere, a powerful spell was cast and the poor boy was turned into stone. A sorceress named Christine appears and says that another sorceress called Jane was the culprit. The young heroine must find a way to defeat Jane and revert her boyfriend to normal. There are two English reviews of the game (from the same person, but for different versions and are somewhat different).   20. Kudokikata Oshiemasu 口説き方教えます [8610] Hard Nampa game with CG reward for the right answers in dialogue for each girl. The game does not really leave any doubts of its content with nude images showing up twice during first couple minutes of the game. So each girls needs her own approach and you can use hits to try to guess her likes. If you still fail, you just move on to the next girl. Thus is the title - Please teach me how to speak.   21. Nichiyoubi ni Uchuujin ga…? 日曜日に宇宙人が…? [8610] Soft Studio Wing Absurd story based on a novel. A reporter and photographer are sent 20 years back in time with the help of mad scientist to write a special article. That brought attention of aliens who attacked from Andromeda. Soft Studio Wing again which means that the game is MSX exclusive again and is difficult to find. The development is quite absurt, but the commands set are fairly usual. The text drawing speed has increased significantly since the Legend of White and Black. The difficulty level is reported to be moderate and the progress quite fun.   22. Dead Zone デッド ゾーン [861120] Sunsoft 1 2 3 4 In the space calendar 0385, the Earth suffers from overpopulation and humans started to build space colonies. Kirk, the protagonist of Dead Zone, works for the Earth federation's space development office. He is a brilliant engineer in space physics and he is working for Sirius third planet colony. He also got engaged with his beloved girlfriend Marry, but they had to postpone their wedding. Five months later, Kirk, accompanied with his robot Carry, decides to meet Marry at last, and prepare the ceremony. But when he arrives at the space station, everything is quiet. Then a beam of light hits him. He wakes up sometimes later, inside a sort of underground graveyard. The game was released for NES and thus it's more familiar for the Western auditory than pc88 counterparts. There are some English reviews on the game.   23. Cinderella Perudue シンデレラ ペルデュー [8611] STUDIO ANGEL The hero gets a strange message from communication club "BC" one day. In the encounter with five girls he needs to get the information to decipher the message. Five holy girls, then five sweet dream and now five Cinderellas. This time there's at least normal gameplay. You have time limit, 45,000 yen and the girls in the town to talk to. This is an actual talk, not an interrogation with torture, but there are enough H events in the game anyway. There is no explanation of the title in the game - the best I can think of is that we're give time limit (24 hours) to settle the deal as well.   24. Golques ゴルコス [8611] DataWest Hero is dragged into an alternative dimension in pursuit of woman named Daisy. This dimension is a battlefield between warrior girls and grotesque monsters who serve the Queen. This is not really a game to reflect on. When I tried to make a longer video I encountered two H scenes right after that. It's more about cool and cute girls assaulted. Text parser is still used for game progression.   25. Lolita Hime no Densetsu ロリータ姫の伝説 [8611] Bond Soft An adventure to rescue princess Lolita trapped in a certain castle in Europe. A kusoge from the creators of Time Secret and Time Tunnel. The evergreen text parser is present. This game was shocking as it introduced scat scenes for the first time in game history.   26. Seijo Panic 聖女ぱにっく [8611] Studio Blue The game picks up where the prequel ended. The "GOLD LADY" turned out to be a fake and the hero chases the girls to reveal the truth. So five holy girls weren't already enough and thus here you with a sequel made just 4 months after that. Five more girls to assault. Game system pretty much the same. The ending is reported be kind of heartwarming, but I'm not going to check out with this kind of a game.   27. Gall Force - Eternal Story ガルフォース Eternal Story [861210] ScapTrust The game is based on the anime series. Gall Force is a unit of seven girls that reach the satellite and get on a mission to protect if from the Paranoids. The game implements command selection (short list!) and looks absolutely gorgeous for pc88 game. I totally loved this game and would probably get to an end of it... but I found video walkthrough and thus I recommend it instead.   28. Maison Ikkoku ~Omoide no Photograph~ めぞん一刻 ~想いでのフォトグラフ~ [861210] Arrow Soft 1 2 You are Godai Yuusaku. You begin the game in Godai's room no. 5. Now then, what should you do? First how about trying to get the beautiful Kanrinin-san of Maison Ikkoku? To do that you will want to enter her room right? And you can meet her face to face and drink tea... And after that you can take her hand and... There are two reviews of this game with one being of yours truly.   29. Suishou no Dragon 水晶の龍 [861215] Square Co. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The game is set in a science fiction-like setting, where the teenage main character must investigate a series of kidnappings and the mysterious dragon that suddenly appeared in outer space. The game is released for NES and has multiple English reviews.   30. Little Princess リトルプリンセス [861225] Champion Soft 1 2 3 4 5 The first game for Windows OS of Champion Soft (the later Alice Soft), contains pretty girl Miki and young warrior Kentarou trying to save her beloved one kidnapped by some evil guy. The game has an English release for Windows and there are some English reviews of it.   31. Toki no Tabibito 時空の旅人 [861226] Kemco Corporation 1 2 Based on the events of anime work with the same title. Time Stranger is the story of several teenagers getting transported back in time through Japan's history, and getting mixed up with samurai shenanigans. There is an English review and a guide for this NES game.   32. Cream Lemon - Star Trap くりぃむレモン スタートラップ [8612] JAST 1 2 The game faithfully follows the part 10 "Start Trap" of anime series Cream Lemon with some insignificant for the plot additional scenes. The game does not really follow anime episode faithfully. The very start shows the battle with the robot. Then there are some everyday life scenes and then the H scene that I failed to get through even with walkthrough. The text parser is very painful even with a list of frequently used commands to the right.   33. Luna City Satsujin Jiken ルナシティ殺人事件 [8612] Bond Soft You play as detective in charge of investigation of Luna city mayor murder in 2216 AD. You have both male and female body with a single personality and can switch them on will. The zapping potential is not realized here at all since everything important for the plot can be done with either character, but it's still the first zapping game. The personality is single between the two bodies, so it can't even be called multiple perspective one or multiple sites one. Otherwise nothing special.   34. Pop Lemon ポップレモン [8612] Champion Soft Game is a gag comedy. Main hero aims for a true pedometer. He sets on a journey to get "Eros", the source of power of lolicon. I failed to get through the text parser, but there is actually a full video walkthrough at nicovideo. And there is too much loli dubious content to even try to investigate it.   35. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Asuka Hen~ 白と黒の伝説 ~アスカ編~ [8612] Soft Studio Wing 1 The final part of the trilogy "Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu" takes us into the 199X-th year. Humanity is on the verge of extinction because of mysterious climate catastrophe. The city lays in ruins, food supplies running out, day temperatures reaches +50, and at night drops to -40 degrees. Rumor has it that all of these events are associated with the advent of the demons in our world and are signs of impending apocalypse. A group of brave heroes decides to use the last hope and goes into the mountains in search of a mythical temple, which according to legend hid all the answers. The third part brings some point-and-click elements. This is hands off the darkest work of the trilogy and the most depressive one. And the ending here is quite miserable, so I fail to see the appeal in this final work.   36. Youkiden 妖姫伝 [8612] Hot-B 1 Coming to rest on the nature, six friends accidentally stumble into the woods on a strange cave. For fun they decide to look into it and find there the remains of an ancient temple. That's a find! Inside the temple, the main character catches the eye of a beautiful comb - and she decides to take it with you as a souvenir. But as you know, steal things from the temple - a very bad idea. From this day girl nightmares every night, and her friends begin to die one by one. "YoukiDen" became the first Japanese horror containing erotic scenes. Another notable feature of game is the abundance brutal shock-content - a scene, where a zombie samurai cut hands alive girl (and then raped her), made "YoukiDen" most brutal and bloodthirsty horror game of its time (however, this status from the game will last long, because a year later in the arcades will legendary "SplatterHouse"). The novelty of this work is that the screen is displayed as manga strip. There are 9 commands given for selection, but soon you realize that you need to manually enter other commands as well. It's not the first work to introduce eroticism together with gore (Christine had the same stuff), but the first one with such huge amount of it.   37. Soapland Story ソープランドストーリー [8612] Hard City nampa adventure. There's nothing special about this work apart of the fact that it paved the way to future SIM mixes such as Welcome to the Cinema House by Hard later on. There are stats so it may even be called an RPG. The view is top down and the graphics are rough.      
  6. kivandopulus
    In 1988 there are even more games, but I have only selected 9 as masterpieces:
    1. Soft de Hard na Monogatari
    2. Chatty
    3. Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha
    4. Lipstick. ADV
    5. Onryou Senki
    6. Psy-O-Blade
    7. Angelus ~Akuma no Fukuin~
    8. Snatcher
    9. Akira

    Year 1988 is the year when PC-98 won. In 1987 there were only couple games with pc-98 versions. Occasional games start to have animation and sometimes even certain phrases voiced. In 1988 there's a very big share of visual novels made deliberately for famicom.
    Lipstick ADV was very revolutionary for that time and marked the birth of "Elf" games. It is a worthy champion of 1988.
    1. Ripple Island リップルアイランド [880123] Tokai Engineering 1 2 3 4 5 The game takes place on a small island called Ripple Island, where humans and animals lived together in peace. However, one day, the evil emperor Gerogēru suddenly appears on the island and kidnaps the king's daughter. The king promises that he will allow whoever can rescue his daughter to marry her, and a young boy named Kyle sets off on a long journey to rescue the princess. Game has English reviews.  
    2. Dome ドーム [8801] System Sacom 1 DOME is based on Shizuko Natsuki's novel of the same name. The original work as well as the game's plot focus on the construction of a nuclear shelter called "The Dome", capable of protecting humans from an impending atomic war. The player takes the role of an employee in an advertisement company, whose job is to raise people's awareness of the shelter's importance, and donate money to the project. Novelware was a concept to oppose tiresome gameplay and at the same time present serious text-intensive stories. Game scenario reached over 700 pages which was unseen before. It got some backers, but was generally neglected due to bland reading gameplay, poor quality digitized photos and lack of innovation. On the other hand I'd really welcome one-direction story, but there is a lot of interactivity here. It's basically about a usual japanese office workplace and communicating with co-workers even though for such extravagant goal as the dome. Game is hookable with nkpt (agth compatible) + ITHVNR just fine, but there is little control over the pace and text just poors till the selection with lots of text extracts getting smashed together which does not add comfort. But I recorded the footage from x68000 version to show the quality of digitized pictures.  
    3. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Yokohama-kou Renzoku Satsujin Jiken 探偵 神宮寺三郎 横浜港連続殺人事件 [880226] Data East Corporation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 In the second mystery, the search for a missing girlfriend results in the discovery of her hiding guns, and the police begin to suspect a link with an underground trafficking organization. There is some English information on the game.  
    4. Endan Genpei Souranki ~Irohanihoheto~ 艶談・源平争乱記 ~いろはにほへと~ [8802] STUDIO ANGEL Main character is a normal school student. He sleeps during the history class and gives the wrong answer on the question. In the night he slips into the school to correct the mistake, but the annswer is already input in the computer. When he messes with the computer he arrives to 1169 year, the events before the Genpei War. If he can't fix the answer, he will change history instead to fit the answer! First bullet in the trilogy. The main feature of the game is that it's neither command input, nor kinetic or command selection. Instead each scene has some 4 choices and you just make a choice and the story goes on till a new choice - that's akin to modern visual novels, but in this work there is quite little text between the choices. Unfortunately pc-98 version came after Sharp and pc-88 versions and thus pc-98 one is close to impossible to find and without it there's no way to hook it unlike the sequels. Game features real historical figures as well as gore and adult content.  
    5. Yume Shoujo Sayaka 夢少女さやか [8803] Bond Soft Main character is tired of spending days alone in the apartment watching beautiful dreams. He goes out to meet beautiful girls in person. Adult nanpa game with the only real aim to see all the 38 HCG. It ends with getting with the girl to the hotel. There's very tiresome progression with a huge list of commands to choose.  
    6. Hoshi o Sagashite... 星をさがして・・・ [880402] Sega 1 2 3 Hoshi o Sagashite is a sci-fi text-adventure game for the Sega Mark III. It begins when the main character takes a vacation to visit his girlfriend and buys her an egg as a present. The egg hatches into a creature called a "Mio". You must discover what a Mio is, how to care for it. There are English reviews on the game.  
    7. Sacchan no Daibouken サッちゃんの大冒険 [880404] Agumix Main hero hears a rumor that Kojima Sachi (Sacchan) loves 500 yen coins. To get close to her he needs to get a rare coin. Then he discovers that Ayako and her lesbian partner have one and the hunt for the coin begins. Agumix decided to capitalize on the success of the manga and the first game Shiritsu Tantei Max and started releasing a whole series of adult work with the same theme. This BIG adventure is actually just going around the school and triggering lots of H events. Command selection is more or less convenient and digitized pictures are very cool.  
    8. Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha ファミコン探偵倶楽部 消えた後継者 [880427] Nintendo R&D1 1 2 3 4 5 6 The story begins with a man named "Amachi" discovering the fallen protagonist on the ground near a cliff. The protagonist discovers that he has lost his memory, and after recuperating, he revisits the cliff and meets a young girl named Ayumi Tachibana. He learns from Ayumi that he is an assistant detective investigating the death of Kiku Ayashiro. There are English reviews on the game.  
    9. Bishoujo wa Check ga Osuki 美少女はチェックがお好き [8804] Sepias You participate in personality quizzes with several girls giving Yes or No answers. If you appear to be the personality the girl likes - she will be undressing with each new round. The mechanics are simple, but fun and engaging enough. Questions are of all kind of weirdness so it was awkward to answer on the video. I'm not really sure this game qualifies for visual novel though since there is absolutely no story or characters to get to know - just reward HCG.
    10. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo II -Bangai Hen- 天使たちの午後II -番外編- [8804] JAST 1 Tenshitachi no Gogo 2: Bangai-hen is a side-story of Tenshitachi no Gogo 2: Minako. The game's protagonist is the brother of Kozue Yanagisawa, one of the female characters that appeared in Minako. Their parents want to send him abroad to study, but he can't bear to be separated from his sister. Do his feelings to his sister cross the line, becoming forbidden love?.. Command selection with a moderately big selection and lots of bruteforcing needed. The story is very shallow and should thread on brother love to Kozue alone. Might it be the first siscon visual novel? The story takes just one day before the departure to the foreign land. I guess there is nothing to loose anymore since protagonist's advances on the nearby females are rather strong. I did not succeed in hooking pc-98 version.  
    11. Little Vampire Little Vampire [880505] Champion Soft Miki is kidnapped by Dracula and Kentarou is on the quest to save her. Alice Soft is ashamed of its past as Champion Soft, but not of this work. Somewhere in 2003 Alice Soft announced a big list of its works as freeware. The first work in this list was Little Princess and the Second - Little Vampire (here's the link to the full list of freeware links). Game shares much with its prequel Little Princess and the characters of these games can be seen in future Alice Soft games like Rance. The game has one of the longest list of commands to select that I've seen - it's just a torment to bruteforce it. In my pretty long video I failed even to find something to eat for the heroes let alone figure what's the big aim behind it all.  
    12. Maison Ikkoku Kanketsu Hen ~Sayonara, Soshite...~ めぞん一刻 完結編 ~さよなら、そして…~ [880528] Micro Cabin 1 2 Set in Tokyo of the 80-ies, the story can be described as a romantic tale with a touch of comedy. It centers on a boarding house which is managed by the young and lovely widow Kyoko Otonashi. The protagonist is a college student named Yusaki Godai, and his relationship with Kyoko is the main plot line. The game's story approximately corresponds to the middle volumes of the manga until the conclusion. There is enough of English (actually, French!) information on the game. 6 days overall and basically need to repeat main events of the original and for the rest of time usual Ikkoku stuff - setting up parties, improving mood of inhabitants with bribes, struggling with money.  
    13. Gakuen Senki 学園戦記 [8805] Champion Soft Hero is student council president and everyday he solves requests from students. With each new request he approaches the secret behind this school. That's the third game of the Alicesoft freeware list (link to the full list of freeware links) which means they're not ashamed of this game. Game is exclusive for MSX which explains why it's so obscure. It also is shipped at five disks, so I stopped video recording at the first time I was prompted to insert a new disc. There's a lot of disk shuffling and a lot of bruteforcing with a long list of commands. The atmosphere is lighthearted and the drawing is quite cute, so poor mechanics should not really stop people from trying it.  
    14. Harajuku After Dark 原宿AfterDARK [8806] Kogado Studio A corpse of a fashionably dressed man was discovered in the part and Harajuku police department started investigation. A a simple murder case developed into a major incident involving Harajuku's clothing industry. A very boring, very thorough investigation of several cases. But at the very least it's realistic and integral. I don't think such pace can be tolerable today, but this kind of gameplay was totally ok for a realistic mystery story.  
    15. Kohaku-iro no Yuigon 琥珀色の遺言 [8806] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 Kohakuiro no Yuigon ("Amber Testament") is the first in the row of detective games starring the fictional Japanese private investigator Ryūnosuke Tōdō. The events of the game take places in Japan in the year 1921, and Tōdō must investigate a mysterious murder of a rich man in his own mansion. The deceased had many relatives, and its the detective's job to find out which one of them (if any) has committed the murder. And another example of through realistic detective game. It is very time consuming. Lots of questionings and gathering evidence needs to be done. But game is based on a famous detective novel and also 1920s Taisho era atmosphere helps a lot. There are as many as 27 characters in this work, but there aren't too many locations so the complex social relations are portrayed very well. But the game is still alive today since it has been released for mobile platforms - an ideal solution to kill time in some traffic jam.  
    16. Waga Seishun no Youkai Yashiki わが青春の妖怪屋敷 [8806] Dott Kikaku A group of four people gets locked into a mansion full of youkai ghosts. They move around together to find a way out. A surprisingly well done game for pc-88. I awakened 43 minutes later to find out that I've finished the first playthrough of the game and there are so many other options to try out on the way. I'll definitely take a keen look at further Dott Kikaku visual novels. Game uses the same system as Endan trilogy. You're not bothered with different commands, but at scenes you get to choose one of several variants and the game branches off according to the selection made. That also promotes consequent playthroughs since lots of paths get skipped. Game has no adult content at all. One of the amazing features is the clear drawing of the text - the best I've seen for pc-88. The text scrolls down automatically and not disappears and reappears - that helps readability a lot. But the biggest feature of the game is its dialogues. The characters explore the house together and comment nearly every your action. It really makes the game feel alive. I have a weak spot for party-based adventures like the Gao-Gao series.  
    17. The 4th Unit 2 第4のユニット2 [880714] DataWest 1 The 4th Unit 2 is a direct sequel to The 4th Unit. The young and pretty bionic soldier Blon-Win has exposed the dark schemes of the trade organization WWWF. However, a new conspiracy is rising. WWWF has employed another bionic soldier, a young woman named Dalzy, who manages to seal Blon-Win's psychic powers. Blon-Win is arrested by WWWF and must find a way to contact her friends, escape, and defeat the treacherous organization. A worthy sequel with a bit of more comfortable gameplay. The systems are the same, just a bit fewer commands used. This time the story is bigger, deeper and more action-packed since the majority of the game Blon-Win spends on the enemy territory. The game features a battle scene, but it's not action-based like in Wingman, but rather command selection based one like in rpg. All the damage done in the battle is determined by pure luck. The big changes for the series only start with part 3.  
    18. Jarinko Chie: Bakudan Musume no Shiawase Sagashi じゃりン子チエ ばくだん娘の幸せさがし [880715] Konami 1 2 First you help those who in trouble as Chie, then as a lost cat searching for way back and finally as Chie's father Tetsu with money being the main theme. Based on manga. There is some information in English on the game, but I feel that discussing the game is useless, since the game does not really have its own meaning - it just follows the plotline of several episodes of the anime and gameplay mostly consists of different minigames with some small goal.
    19. Lovely Horror - Ochame na Yuurei ラブリーホラー おちゃめなゆうれい [880721] STUDIO ANGEL Hero Tatsuya is a school student who decides to rent an apartment. The manager of the apartment is a beautiful girl who tells that her father gone missing and that the apartment is being haunted by ghosts. She asks Tatsuya to get rid of the ghosts and find her father and Tatsuya just can not say "no" to her. The residents of the house are easily possessed by the ghosts and are lewd in that state, so there is a H scene for everyone. But everyone needs his own approach and the wrong turn brings a bad ending. Thus the difficulty degree is high and guide is welcome here. Otherwise the system is same as Endan trilogy - we're give a set of choices and upon selection the game moves on till the next choice. That alone sets such games at very high comfort level. Well, the game has too many spontaneous H events to evaluate it as masterpiece.  
    20. Soft de Hard na Monogatari ソフトでハードな物語 [880730] System Sacom 1 2 The protagonist is the son of a software company manager and has to fill in as a temporary leader when his father falls sick and is hospitalized. Himself an avid gamer, the young boss has to use his employee's strengths and his own imagination to produce a successful game such as the "Nobara Series" DAME (an obvious parody of DOME). Second bullet in the novelware games. It inherits all the merits and disadvantages of the genre same as the Dome. The game actually starts with Dome intro pictures and music, then stops midway, strikes out the title and goes another direction - that was nice. Game is mostly a comedy with drawings as if from real manga, but the choices you have to do all the time are very real and serious, so it has high interactivity. Gaming industry was an awkward setting choice back in 1988. And it does not matter whether gaming industry was really like that - what matters is the feeling of freshness and joy during the play. Such games stay in memory with the passage of time. I wish text was not moving automatically messing with the text parts, though.  
    21. Genji 源氏 [8807] Hot-B Main character is legendary Genji who searches for a killer. The first three games of Hot-B were original and left a really good impression. This material is much more difficult. This work is almost entirely stripped of eroticism which makes it even more difficult. Still, they really tried to spice things up. We find out the the criminal actually came from future to change history and we ride the time machine ourselves to get him. That's the twist worthy of Hot-B! Still the flow of the game is not even remotely good enough to fit for a masterpiece.  
    22. Joshikousei Idol Osanazuma Funsenki 女子高生アイドル おさな妻奮戦記 [8807] STUDIO ANGEL A school girl is newly married and works as an idol after school. She describes one day of her life. The work dripping wet with fanservice. The game is a kinetic novel and lasts only a couple of minutes. It's just fanservice CG with provoking commentary. I did not believe that was the whole game and one box even had "DEMO" written on it. So I tried to find the full version and ll the versions were the same. It's really the full work. There used to be such works as well - cute character + nukige.  
    23. Chotto Meitantei ~Misa-chan Monogatari Series~ ちょっと名探偵 ~美砂ちゃん物語シリーズ~ [8808] Champion Soft Misa-chan is a cute high school student detective. Her father is changed with an accusation in a hit-and-run incident and she is asked to find the real criminal. Her best friend Kanako will assist in this task. This work is not included in the Alice Soft freeware list which can only mean one thing - this work is trash that the company wants to forget about. The system is ancient text parser with only some common verbs attached to function keys - that's why I could not move even past the first scene. Story is one-way road with interrogating witnesses, investigating evidences. A characteristic feature is that the screen is divided in two sections - one is usually occupied by Misa-chan picture, but in important moments it's actually used to depict something dramatic. There are no H scenes. The mystery is very plain. Nothing really stands out in this game.  
    24. Dokkin Minako-sensei ドッキン美奈子先生 [8808] Tect House A game version of an adult manga with the same name. Student Kenta loves his teacher Minako-sensei very much. Everyone has come to the sea for a holiday, but Minako-sensei disappeared. Kenta starts to search for her. The manga was a pioneer in portraying only full-weight bodies while still putting child faces. Multiple ending work with branch depending on chosen actions. It's a lighthearted work to enjoy pictures and funny characters, nothing more.  
    25. Azusa 108 Jimusho あずさ108事務所 [880920] Agumix Main character Azusa is a female private detective. While on a major case of finding the missing relative she also takes a request to investigate consecutive rape cases that occurred at her girls' school dorm. The second bullet after Sacchan in Agumix fanservice works. Again original manga drawings are digitized. Again story is only nominally there. This time there are only women characters so it's yuri love only.  
    26. Kujaku Ou 孔雀王 [880921] Pony Canyon, Inc. 1 2 3 4 Kujaku Ou the Peacock King, who is a young monk from Mt Koya with the direction of his Master, is sent to investigate strange paranormal incidents taking over Japan. There are English reviews on the game.  
    27. Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken えりかとさとるの夢冒険 [880927] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc 1 2 3 Two children, the girl Erika and the boy Satoru, live together in a small house somewhere in modern Japan. One day, before going to sleep, they notice a strange creature outside: it looks like a pink-white cat (Final Fantasy fans would immediately say: a moogle!), but talks like a human being. Before the mysterious creature disappears, it says only a short sentence: "Children! Find the Time Crown!". Without understanding what he meant by this, but realizing it must be something important, the two young heroes embark the next day on a dangerous journey - the quest for the power of the crown! There is enough English information on the game.
    28. Kimagure Orange Road ~Natsu no Mirage~ きまぐれオレンジロード ~夏のミラージュ~ [8809] Micro Cabin 1 2 3 The game is based on the manga and anime series Kimagure Orange Road. The protagonist is a young boy named Kyosuke Kasuga. He and his siblings (twin sisters) possess supernatural abilities: telekinesis, teleportation, time shift, etc. The tradition of their family forbids them to use these powers publicly. Whenever they fail to hide their unique nature, the whole family has to move. But now Kyosuke has met a beautiful girl, who is being courted by another guy - a big temptation for him to use the powers... There is enough English (actually, French) information on the game.  
    29. Onryou Senki 怨霊戦記 [8809] Soft Studio Wing 1 Hiroyuki Kitahara was leading a rather ordinary life in a quiet Japanese town, and decided one day to take a stroll at night, enjoying the picturesque landscape. All of a sudden, a horrifying monster appeared right in front of him. Kitahara wakes up in the hospital and tries to convince the doctors that he was not hallucinating. Teaming up with a young female journalist, Kitahara begins to explore the city, searching for clues to solve the mystery and seeking meeting with onryou - ghosts of people who were wronged in their lifetime and who are back for revenge. Soft Studio Wing new release. Nothing else needed to be said. After Shiro to Kuro unorthodox start and shock of Makai Fukkatsu and Hadou no Hyouteki expectations are sky high. And in many ways it lives to expectations. First of all, it's the longest game of this studio so far. Mechanics have been greately improved. Now there's only 4 actions with "look" action not needing to select an object, so the pace got higher. At special areas there are some special icons as well like computer at home and spell when u get demon banishing spell. The only remaining drawback that lots of backtracking needed to be done and sometimes up to 15 areas needed to be walked through to get to a needed area. Oh, the plot! You happen to get into monster ambush on a street and since then are determined to prove existence of monsters. At first ghosts appear only for a few seconds but as game progresses they become permanent and agressive. You need to get to the bottom of ghost case and find the god responsible for outrage. Easy like that. The shocking part of the game was how real it looked (not literally, but game still looked great even though it used some 8 colors only). People used to deny existence of spirits, then spirits get coverage in mass media and people just adapt to them and tend it like an everyday problem. They even start counsel practices and set tour guides to make money on it and all are enjoying all the media fuss about their little town. Game lasts 12 days (and nights). Struggle with the ghost god is impressive, just like in previous two games. Solid and memorable game if you got a stomach for this type of VNs.  
    30. Fushigi no Kabe 不思議の壁 [8809] System House Oh!

    In AD2069 girls of a famous school become attacked by monsters. According to gathered information, they become trapped in a mysterious wall. Main character challenges this wall to save the girls. Plainly speaking, it's a block break gameplay game with some text and strip images as a reward.  
    31. Lipstick. ADV Lipstick. ADV [881015] Fairytale 1 In Lipstick Adventure, the player takes the role of Gorou, a young Japanese private detective. One day, a wealthy and powerful old man contacts him and asks him to find a box which - according to him - contained a family treasure. The young detective thinks that fortune has finally smiled to him, but when his pretty girlfriend Otomi disappears, he realizes that the mystery is bigger than he thought... It's a mix of great plot and humor setting standards for many years to come. That's actually a revolutionary game and because of that it had a great number of sequels. So we play as detective Gorou and investigate disappearance of some box with heirloom. But there's also high school girl Mami who is a member of school girl detective club who lives next door and accompanies us. The heirloom was easy to find, but on return the office was in chaos. Game's well remembered because the scenario was made by creator of elf studio in next 1989. Despite embracing interactive adventure genre, story has a great tempo, lots of humor and overall comparatively easy flags to trigger as well as main decisions being done only at the very end. Why is this game revolutionary? 1. It's the first game that I know that used the contemporary opening with scene shots sequences and astonishing musical theme. 2. It's the first original game that actually empathized charm of characters rather than plot. Seeing a woman walking side by side with the main hero the whole game was a novely itself. 3. It was the first erotic game where erotic content did not play a big role but rather was an element in the plot. And not having an erotic scene with Mami was a nonsense in bishoujo game. 4. Game had gallery collection inside the game called "lipstick". The game has only one huge shortcoming - pc-98 version is not hookable by any means which makes it off limits for English auditory.  
    32. Pension Story Hana no Kiyosato ペンションストーリー花の清里 [881025] Adult Inn Main character Kanzaki Hayaichi is invited to Kiyosato to look after the pension house in his absence. However, the uncle gets killed in the bathroom of the pension house... All the boarders have a motive for the crime and all of them tell different stories. Where will the investigation bring him? One-way scenario with the branch only for the very ending. The flow is talking with the inhabitants, H scene, showing items and collecting information and when everything is done - final scene where you make a decision of what to do with the evidence. The contents is very ordinary and the shabby plot exists only for the abundant H scenes.  
    33. Derringer デリンジャー [8810] Clest You're a private detective and you get a letter saying that 13-year old model Miki is restrained. The first work of Clest that sets an attempt to introduce idol Miki character that had to appear in the trilogy of the company. In this work Miki is 13, in the second work she's 19 and in the third work she should have been around 15, but third third work was never finished. So this work is not really long - we get to find Miki tied in the warehouse fairly fast. Still this work is notable since like in Lipstick ADV Miki is shown as a heroine with personality and not just an object of desire.  
    34. MISTY ミスティ [8810] Champion Soft You are a high school student. One day classmate Miyuki suddenly lost memory. The investigation leads to his girlfriend who suspiciously disappeared a year ago. Game is not listed in Alice Soft freeware list, so yeah - it's a trash game of Champion Soft. You search for items and use them little by little uncovering Miyuki's past. Game features money so you actually need to save it to buy essential items. Game's only released for very basic platforms of pc-88 and msx which determines its low quality. The interface is horrible, the drawing speed is slow and game just hangs the emulator. Well, if Alice Soft wants us to forget about this game so much, let's just comply.  
    35. Seikimatsu Tanemaki Densetsu Shoujo Yuugi Ai no tame ni Shine! 世紀末種蒔伝説 少女遊戯 愛のために死ね! [8810] Great Since the 1970 the new technologies and introduction of computers resulted in deviation in the male reproductive ability. At the beginning of the 1990s more than 60% of men lost "male function", and women got frustrated with more and more incidents of men raped by women to occur. By 2000 the civilization was about to ruin due to women violence. Kentaro's sister Yuriko got kidnapped mysterious "Lolita invaders" squadron. Kentaro tried to stop them but got defeated by their captain Yui. A strange old man instructs him how to get to their city base, but now the encounter will be on his terms. One of the biggest works of Great - an erotic parody on many big hit works of the time including Fist of the North Star, Sukeban Deka, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. It's a good thing people of the 1980s were ignorant about the copyright! The scenario is basically a single road, but during the command selection battles it's important not to use certain commands in the first half of the battle. The game is just too fun to play and it's hookable just fine. That's a masterpiece game despite its disturbing nature at times.  
    36. Skapon Tankentai Skapon 探検隊 [8810] PSK 1 The year is 2028. It is said that an eccentric genius scientist has constructed a laboratory on an island known as Ero-Manga. This island is populated by robots and beautiful girls. An exploration team consisting of an intrepid adventurer and his female assistant, who is looking for her missing father, lands on the island and is prepared to explore the wilderness in search of the laboratory. PSK last work and - yes - about lolitas again. Skapon Taikentai is a humorous erotic adventure game. There are lots of girls around, but to get to the end of the game it's needed to participates only in absolutely obligatory H events. There is a limit of 9 items to carry with you which is pretty tight considered the number of locations and options. There are two branches and three endings here. At the end of of the game you are warped to Skapon 2, but the sequel never saw the light of the day.  
    37. Twilight Zone 2 トワイライトゾーン2 [8810] Great 1 Youko, the protagonist's girlfriend, has disappeared. In order to find her he must venture into the dreaded mansion inhabited by sex-hungry women. The prequel with the command input was hardly playable so now it's pseudo-rpg from first person view. This is an eroge to and from - attack items are erotic journals, defensive items are condoms, fights are H events and venerological infections are status penalties. There is no automapping feature in this game and the territory is huge so manual drawing of a map is needed. This work is memorable for the enemies which had lots of types. It had fish girls, cat girls, dog girls etc
    38. Yaritai Houdai やりたい放題 [8810] Lucifer Soft A nanpa game to choose one of four women and seek their favor in a dialogue. What differs this game from a usual nanpa game is the high difficulty level. You make choices, but get the result only much later so there is no way to determine what the wrong answers are. In the 1980s kinetic novels and and command selection adventures were considered inferior since anyone could bruteforce them with enough time. But text parser was obsolete as well, so new methods to bring freshness and uniqueness for the genre were thought of.  
    39. Touhou Kenbun Roku 東方見文録 [881110] Natsume 1 2 3 4 Touhou Kenbun Roku ("The Travels of Marco Polo") is an adventure game that uses the then-ubiquitous NES adventure game system of having a series of menu commands with which to interact with the world. As a text-heavy Japanese adventure game, some fluency with the language is required in order to play it. The game depicts a troublemaker sent from the future back to 1275, when Marco Polo was in the midst of his explorations. There is enough English information on the game.  
    40. Byakuya Monogatari ~Winchester-ke no Matsuei~ 白夜物語 ~ウィンチェスター家の末裔~ [881111] East Cube College student Hiroyuki Sato came to a hot spring resort and was shocked by western type mansion known as witch's house and decided to sneak in. This is a museum horror game inside a mansion, but also with comedy elements. It's command selection with verbs selected from vertical row with 2 and 8 keys and nouns selected from horizontal rows with 4 and 6 keys. I tried to bruteforce commands as usual, but I spent over 10 minutes on the 2nd scene and was not able to move on... this game is the hell for bruteforcing. The game is reported to feature battles inside the mansion and multiple endings, especially bad endings.  
    41. Cosmos Club コスモスクラブ [881111] JAST Main character is a freshman student who gets to enter a student dormitory "Cosmos club" full of girls. He is secretly in love with one of the girls and seeks her attention. This work could easily be a part of Tenshitachi no Gogo series, but for some reason it's not. Basically you search for your secret love everywhere and pick wrong doors at times. You get your hands on a certain key and can open only one door with it and the branching depends on which door you get to open. There are two good endings depending on whether you bring the girl some 5 yen coin or not. There are also bad endings. One of the good endings actually has the explanation on the "cosmos" part of the title - it's not just the name of the dormitory.  
    42. Samurai Sword サムライソード [881115] Capcom 1 2 3 "When the dark priest Soron threatened to engulf the world in shadow, heroes and wizards alike rose against him. All were defeated. But a lone warrior still stands..." You play the role of a samurai that must destroy the forces of Soron. You find, however, that you cannot defeat him alone, so you must find a light mage who will aid you on your quest, and most importantly, the sacred weapon known as the Samurai Sword. There are English reviews of this game.  
    43. Psy-O-Blade サイオブレード [881119] T&E SOFT Inc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 In 21th century, there are three main powers on the Earth. The free world and the communist block carried over from the 20th century; the third power is the New Communist Federation. Since a program of denuclearizing was supported by all those powers, the New Communist Federation developed a devastating non-nuclear weapon: the satellite "Raiden". The two other powers competed with the New Communist Federation, developing their own killer satellites, and the danger of total annihilation became once again an issue. Seeing no future for the Earth, humans started to colonize other planets. In 22th century, they sent an experimental ship "Septemius 1" to a star six light years far away from the Solar System. The ship's main computer, "Racoon", sent a strange message before stopping any communication. You are Keith McDonnell, a seventeen-year-old crew member of the ship "Septemius 2" that was sent to investigate the strange disappearance. Will you be able to uncover the mystery? There are English reviews on the game.  
    44. Snatcher Snatcher [881126] KCET 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 On June 6, 1996 , a chemical weapon known as Lucifer-Alpha under development in Chernoton, Russia, is released into the atmosphere, resulting in the death of 80% of the Eurasian and Eastern European population which in turn results in the death of half of the world's population. The contaminated area becomes uninhabitable for a decade, when Lucifer-Alpha mutates into a non-lethal form. This tragic event later becomes known as "the Catastrophe". Fifty years later, a breed of artificial life-forms or bioroids known as "snatchers" began appearing in the artificial island of Neo Kobe City, killing their victims and taking their place in society. Nobody knows exactly what they are or where they come from. As Gillian Seed, an amnesiac working for an Anti-Snatcher task force called J.U.N.K.E.R., the player's goal is to track down the source of the snatchers and discover Gillian's mysterious connections with them. There are English reviews on the game.  
    45. Chatty シャティ [8811] System Sacom 1 Chátty is the second entry in System Sacom's Novel Ware series. Its story is set in the future and involves a man who was framed for a crime he did not commit. In attempt to clear his name, the protagonist discovers a device that allows interdimensional travel, and ventures into a parallel dimension in search for answers. Chatty is pc-88 exclusive which determines technical limitations. I would not call it a novelware at all since all you do is struggle through command selection most of the time. A professional novelist was working on the scenario and it's indeed a serious adult story with even some H scenes included. There are multiple endings in this work. System-wise it's unusual in the way that there is an inventory and items in it to manage. This work established novelware principles as a genre, not just one unique work and thus holds the historical credit for it.  
    46. JACK ジャック [8811] Thinking Rabbit You are a detective in Los Angeles and need to investigate a murder case with a more veteran policeman. Man was murdered in hotel room and had baseball chip in his pocket. Thinking rabbit was well known for good adventure stories. Casablanca had a very good plot. This one is not an exception. Black and white America was already stylish. Feature of the game is Joker command that could let you achieve unexpected results but could as well be wasted easily. There's less excitement than in Casablanca, but it's same fulfilling since it tackles with complicated human relationships rather than tricks.  
    47. No-Ri-Ko 小川範子 No・Ri・Ko [881204] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 It features the japanese singer pop singer Noriko Ogawa, who was just 15 years back in 1988. The games starts with an invitation to one of her live concert. The player, the Lucky Boy as called in the game, will take a day out and probably end up on a date with the young and cute singer. Game has English reviews.  
    48. Doki Doki Shutter Chance!! ドキドキシャッターチャンス!! [881208] Elf An action game to make photos of 10 girls while evading the teacher within a time limit. The first Elf work, but I'm not really sure it can be called a visual novel. Well, there are couple pages of synopsis and rules description. It's a pure action game with the only reward in the end. Game is very difficult since there are barriers everywhere and it's not clear where to move. On top of that when you make a photo the girl should stay in the range for like three seconds. If the teacher gets you, you'll have to start anew. I'm not even sure where those 10 girls are since there seem to be few characters on the map. And it all has to be done within a strict time limit on top of that! There are three editions of the game - girls school one, nursery and bus editions.  
    49. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Kiken na Futari 探偵 神宮寺三郎 危険な二人 [881209] Data East Corporation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Detective Hunter and his assistant Yulia have been invited to watch Yulia's friend Sabin participate in a motorcycle race. It doesn't all go too well when he crashes in the race, but when the racing team checks up on him it turns out to be Thomas, Sabin's apprentice, under the helmet. The mystery deepens as another friend of Yulia is found murdered in a hotel room. There are English reviews of this game.  
    50. Telephone Club Story テレフォンクラブストーリー [881210] Wilduck Enter a private room and make a call. If conversation is good who knows what it may lead to... A nanpa game with short etchi scene in the end of each girl part. Three rooms out of five are available and the other two are empty. The heroines are 28 year old married woman and two high school girls of 18 and 16 years old. There's a conversation and it's needed to fill in blank spaces out of the list of pretty absurd variants. It's possible to make 7 mistakes overall.  
    51. Kaguya-hime Densetsu かぐや姫伝説 [881216] Victor Interactive Software 1 2 3 4 The legend of Kaguya-hime is one of the most popular stories in Japanese mythology. Once upon a time, an old man went to the forest to cut some bamboo, and found a little baby girl. He took her to his house and named her Kaguya-hime. She grew up there, and soon became the most beautiful girl of Japan. Many young men, including the son of the emperor himself, tried to conquer her heart, but for no avail. One day Kaguya-hime confessed she was a moon angel, and returned back to the moon. In this game, you control the son of the emperor, and you'll do your best to reach Kaguya-hime and to protect her. You must overcome various obstacles and meet characters from Japanese folklore. There are English reviews of this game.  
    52. The Old Village Story オールド・ヴィレッジ・ストーリー [881223] Enix 1 2 King Kaiser, the mighty ruler of the country Fa-Ral, had a daughter named Lisa, who became gravely ill. Anxious to know what will become of her and his kingdom, the king looks into a magic crystal. The crystal tells him that the one who can make things right is a boy named Shion, who lives in a quiet village far away from the capital city. The king tries to find Shion, but forces of darkness have plans of their own... Game has English reviews.  
    53. Akira アキラ [881224] Taito Corporation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Akira is a graphic adventure game based on the 1988 animated movie of Katsuhiro Otomo's epic Manga. Released in 1988 by Taito for the Famicom console, the video game version has the player in the role of Kaneda. Events begin with Kaneda and his motorcycle gang in police custody after their friend Tetsuo has been abducted by the military. Game has English reviews.  
    54. Pro Yakyuu? Satsujin Jiken! プロ野球?殺人事件! [881224] Capcom 1 2 Fictional baseball player is condemned as murderer. He has to hide from police and find the culprit to clear his name. There is enough English information on the game.  
    55. Bishoujo Noriko 媚少女NORIKO [8812] System House Oh! A part of "Sexy voice" series. Noriko Noriko sees a strange dream where she is attacked by Sexdroid. When she consults a psychiatrist about it, he suggests an experimental therapy. The game has no other meaning than watch a collection of HCG accompanied by lewd voicing and some animation. Noriko part has the fewest choices in the series and is presented by three consecutive rape scenes that are scrolled in 5 minutes time.  
    56. Datenshi Kyouko Part 1 堕天使KYOUKO Part1 [8812] System House Oh! A part of "Sexy voice" series. Three esper fallen angels are sent to Kyoko to play with her. The game has no other meaning than watch a collection of HCG accompanied by lewd voicing and some animation. Wrong choice here results in rewinding back.  
    57. Endan Tokugawa Kouryuuki ~Gorakuin~ 艶談・徳川興隆記 ~ごらくいん~ [8812] STUDIO ANGEL Main character occasionally activates time machine and gets to 1582, right after Oda Nobunaga is ambushed and killed. The purpose in this work is to take decisions so that the wars in the country are eliminated and stability establishes for 300 years to come. I was so excited about this work that I made a full video playthrough till happy end with English machine translation. Game covers the most famous period of Japanese history and tackles it with a lot of care. Over 30 real historical figures are concerned here. There is only one right path to happy ending and the others lead to mysterious girl telling you what was done wrong and asking to try again. There are some more girls encounters if wrong paths are taken, but there are over 10 H scenes even in the main path which I'd even call abundant. This game is a huge masterpiece and it's great that the Western audiences can immerse into it thanks to hook-ability of the game.  
    58. Makenshi Kumiko 魔剣士KUMIKO [8812] System House Oh! A part of "Sexy voice" series. Kumiko was indulged in self-satisfaction when she was warped to the island 's ruins where she is attacked by a monster who is an incarnation of her ancient enemy. The game has no other meaning than watch a collection of HCG accompanied by lewd voicing and some animation. The longest story in the series.  
    59. Project A-ko 2 プロジェクトA子2 [8812] Tatsumi Publishing Two minigames of slot machine and cards are used to outscore opponents who have enormously more points at the start. The first part of the series was interesting for its gameplay. This time it's just some cards game and slot machine. You start with 100 points while the second girl has 2,000 at the start and the third has 48,000 at the start. I did not have the patience to see what happens when you actually outscore the other girls.  
    60. Satsujin wa Tegami ni Notte 殺人は手紙にのって [8812] TwinSoft Main character is high school student who hears of his friend being fatally hit by train. He has 7 days remaining till school studies start and he intends to find out the truth behind this accident. The cover is funny, but it's not a light story. Serial murders, attempt suicide, main hero orphan. Most of the game passes in investigating the school and then the university where the murders occurred. The difficulty level is low, so it's possible to bruteforce. Solving this mystery does not really make an impact.  
    61. What's Michael ホワッツマイケル [8812] Micro Cabin Cat Michael's beloved got lost and he searches around the town for her. The adventures of the cat are quite trivial, but if you saw the anime there's a good energetic music, lots of face expressions and beautiful graphics to enjoy. Game's mostly a comedy, so there are many funny scenes in it.  
    62. Angelus ~Akuma no Fukuin~ アンジェラス 〜悪魔の福音〜 [8812] Enix 1 2 3 4 A business man in Peru and a girl visiting Japan both suddenly fall victim to a strange disease that turns the skin green and partially disfigures the face. The most unusual thing is that these two incidents occurred at the same time. Brian Pall, a journalist from the London Post, was on a flight to London when suddenly one of the passengers is struck with the same disease. These series of outbreaks have lead Brian and his partner, Eris Miler, to start their own investigation. Their discoveries eventually lead them going up against a mysterious religious group. Game has English reviews.  
    63. Ankoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu 暗黒神話 ヤマトタケル伝説 [8812] Tokyo Shoseki 1 2 3 4 The game is based on old Japanese legends about Yamato Takeru, a legendary hero of ancient Japan. The game starts when Yamato Takeru is a thirteen-year-old boy. His father was killed under mysterious circumstances. Searching his things, the boy found a postcard that gave him his first clue for the investigation. From that moment, his adventure begins. Game has English reviews.  
    64. Gamma Force in Pit Of A Thousand Screams Gamma Force in Pit Of A Thousand Screams [8812] Tom Snyder Productions 1 2 3 4 In a dangerous world, individual superheroes are not enough. Even the best of them - a humanoid made of flame, an elf princess with a mean bow, and a musclebound waterbeast - can't do it all themselves. When they come together, they are the Gamma Force. Can anybody stop them? Game has English reviews.  
    65. Josei Shain o Ikasu Hou 女性社員を活かす法 [8812] Champion Soft Main character is a cosmetics sales division section manager in an Osaka big company. He has a wife and a child, but he does not know how to deal with this subordinates who are mostly beautiful women. He will have to determine an effective approach towards them so that the company flourishes. There is not a single written world on the game on the web, so I'll have to pull the thoughts from my short experience of the game. First of all, I liked the game despite the fact that it's not in the Alice Soft freeware list. It's a really good game, but I guess an overly serious one, so it did not fit the target auditory of reborn Alice Soft company. Day by day you watch the women of your section and you make decisions like to praise them or to scold them or to call them for a talk. My approach was pretty random and I was actually waiting for a H event to pop up... but nothing happened. In about two weeks of random behavior on my behalf I got game over, so I'm not even sure if it's an eroge or not. It's hookable, so I'd hope to see attention to this game in future.  
    66. Lane Mastodon Vs. The Blubbermen Lane Mastodon Vs. The Blubbermen [8812] Tom Snyder Productions 1 2 3 4 5 The year is 2029 and the evil Blubbermen have invaded earth. Only heroic Lane Mastodon can stop them, in a setting resembling science-fiction of the 1950's. Game has English reviews.  
    67. Shadow Hunter シャドゥハンター [8812] Champion Soft A famous writer announced his engagement and his bride started to get threats and blackmail. Main character is a detective set to identify the stalker and protect the girl. But as investigation proceeds a murder happens. Another Champion Soft game that did not get in freeware Alice Soft list. And it uses the same game system as MYSTY which was very crappy. So we gather as much information as possible without taking breaks since those bring a band end. The majority of time is spent while searching inside the buildings. And eventually the mystery gets revealed.  
    68. Yoru no Tenshi-tachi ~Shitetsu Ensen Satsujiin Jiken~ 夜の天使たち ~私鉄沿線殺人事件~ [8812] Clest Hero is a detective investigating suicide case. Sister of the deceased girl claims that railroad crossing was the place that girl used to visit a lot. A sequel to Derringer. Derringer's purpose was to introduce Miki who was 13 years old. And it was rather short game, felt more like a promo material for next game to come. Also there should have been the 3rd Miki game to depict Miki gradually becoming an idol, but it was cancelled. In this game Mike is 19 and she has become an idol now. There are also several friends of Miki present, so it's a nice girl company to enjoy. It's the second game after Lipstick ADV. (Lipstick ADV. was issued first) where girl is not a capture object, but a full-fledged character to follow main hero. It was also the first attempt to make a mascot character, grandfather of all idol games.  
    69. ZorkQuest: Assault on Egreth Castle ZorkQuest: Assault on Egreth Castle [8812] Tom Snyder Productions 1 2 3 The Egreth Castle, once the royal abode of the proud king Duncanthrax, has now become a terrifying, haunted place. Trolls, hobgoblins, and night gaunts have turned the castle into their permanent residence. On top of that, an evil, insane, and powerful wizard is controlling everything that happens in and around the castle. A caravan of brave adventurers, guided by a magical amulet, reaches the castle. Will the heroes be able to overcome all obstacles and find a way to defeat the evil?.. Game has English reviews.  
  7. kivandopulus
    Love Forever and Lipstick Adv.EX are the masterpieces of the month, but I prefer Lipstick Adv.EX
    1. Élan エラン [990401] Visco A plan to migrate humanity to the planet "Elan" is created, the Elan Project. In order to select suitable people to join the project many boys and girls with great mental ability are gathered in the research city Alpha. The protagonist is one of the best candidates, and while acquiring training they interact with the other candidates. While conversing with the other candidates there aren't just the usual conversation options. It is also possible to choose Happy/Normal/Sad/Mad emotional type responses. Well, it's half an otome game since you can choose either gender, but I'll only tackle galge part ofc. Dating SIM with intensive SIM part. Game part is tedious, events are commonplace. Characters are too many and too underdeveloped.  
    2. Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 3: Tabidachi no Uta ときめきメモリアルドラマシリーズ Vol.3 旅立ちの詩 [990401] Konami 1 2

    Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.3 Tabidachi no Uta ("Poem of Journeys") features both Shiori Fujisaki and Miharu Tatebayashi sharing a similar story about the player running a marathon just before graduation that branches off into different directions depending on which girl you choose to pursue. Game takes 10 days before graduation. Unlike first two volumes this game has hero parameters that a raised by winning main marathon and other mini-games, including even guitar mini-games from second volume. Game feels inferior to first two volumes due to short period and lack of side characters. It was supposed to be the final game in series, thus the graduation poetic atmosphere, but as we know now the claim to be the final game in the series was GREATLY exaggerated.  
    3. Power Pro Kun Pocket パワプロクンポケット [990401] Konami

    Spin-off of Konami's baseball game series Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu. Unlike the main series, it focuses on story and dating sim components. SIM  
    4. Another World 穴座悪奴~Another World~ [990402] G-Crazy
    The smallest independent country in the Atlantic Ocean, the Republic of Samaria. It's a peaceful city, but fire breaks out, gunfire is heard and people are evacuated from the streets. Something dreadful approaches and you're a part of public safety forces to oppose it... Just 3D dungeon exploration similar to Blood Seed 2, but we're the good guys here. Our enemies are some mutants. It's hardly a visual novel, but there's not a single review to even observe it as an RPG. Fights are not just turn based ones, but there's time gauge required to make actions which looks life FF series games.  
    5. Mahou Shoujo Meruru ~Kamigami no Shihou o Motomete~ 魔法少女メルル~神々の至宝を求めて~ [990402] Akatonbo
    Meruru is sent on a journey to collect 3 jewels for master wizard. But she's so light-minded that she forgot to take map with her. Young sorcerer Nicola catches up with her bringing the map and joins her on this journey. Story is single road with mingames that use some form of roulette. On minigame failure the situation deteriorates and we usually get so see some H scene, but it's still impossible to lose - after several failures Meruru recovers herself. But those mingames and choices determine the game outcome - whether protagonist Nicolas plays a proactive role or becomes an errand boy for Meruru. There's a lot of animation and game's nice to watch.  
    6. Nie 贄 NIE [990402] Hyperspace
    Hero is a prosperous company owner. There are three families on the brink of collapse who desperately need assistance and offer girls for hero to marry. Hero does not mind accepting such sacrifice, but he needs to select the most enduring one of them to satisfy his personal needs.  The start of disgusting Nie series. It's of SM type and features only traditional japanese women in yakata.  
    7. Night Face ~Haitoku no Kikoushi~ NIGHT FACE ~背徳の貴公子~ [990402] Infinity

    Hero used to work in a host club, but left it after his girlfriend dumped him for a more successful host. Now hero starts his own host enterprise. At this time the lover of his former girlfriend shows up and offers a challenge between them since there can be only one king of the night in the city. What good can come out of competition of two men to seduce as many women as possible? I found nothing special in the game.  
    8. Kyozou Teien ~Shoujo no Chiru Basho~ 虚像庭園 ~少女の散る場所~ [990408] Black Package Try

    A guy got lost and ran out of gas. He ended up at a mansion where a girl and her maid lives. He is invited to stay until their guardian's monthly visit. When she arrived, he found out that this girl is the one that his brother died to save from a car accident. Thinking that she likes him only as his brother, he decided to make them into pets. Will he live happy or master? Since it's Black package, it's inevitably a nukige. The good things about the game is that you can always see the chart and thus the branching and the endings. There is also voicing.   9. Angel Court [990409] R.A.N Software Richard Baguel is a young businessman and a competent architecture designer. By a twist of fate he gets to the heavens and with a divide intervention he gets to change his destiny. Story is quite loose. There is full voicing. It's basically a pure love story and the degree of H-events is not very high. There are very few choices. Protagonist is quite good - kind of charming playboy businessman, and he's voiced as well.  
    10. Binetsu Jounetsu 微熱・情熱 [990409] Cat's Pro.

    Yoshio Kusunoki was drinking with an old man at the bar. He was told that a mansion not far from the town has only girls as workers and now is recruiting. The next morning that old man died of heart attack in an alley and Yoshio looked at his last words about the mansion as a testament and set off for the mansion. Cat's Pro is a notable game brand from PC-98 era and it returns after 5 years of slumber. Game period is five months including three months of a trial period. Each day consists of morning and evening with a rest time between them. If you do not work, you get mansion destruction point and with three points it's game over. But losing characters sympathy is even worse. There are six heroines to win attention of. So it's quite a boring game that's saved only by its small volume of about 4 hours altogether.  
    11. Datenshi Bokujou ~Fallen Angel~ 堕天使牧場 ~Fallen Angel~ [990409] M' There is a world where only women are born. Occasionally a man is sent from the sky to maintain population. Here is such man who has no memory of previous life. Unlike earlier sent men he's not a crude person. He wants to get memories back. There are six heroines to capture. There are BAD ENDs as well. Some heroines routs open up only after clearing other heroines routes. Volume is around 2 hours.  
    12. Deep Purple ディープパープル [990409] Studio Neko Punch In a small village on the North Pole witches live. They are forever young and beautiful magic wielders. But first of all they are girls. They feel the need for love, friendship, thrill, suspense, violence, laugh just like everyone else. One of witches starts an investigation to learn the truth about her best friend's death during magical experiment. This is a debut work of Studio Nekopunch. First of all, this is a Yuri work. Volume is small, around 2 hours. There are only several choices. Prologue is serious, but it's a comedy work for the rest of the game. Operation is mouse only, no skip function.  
    13. Ryakudatsu Kinbaku no Yakata Kanketsu Hen 略奪 緊縛の館 完結編 [990409] Xyz
    The owner of a mansion invites his cousin as a guest. But that cousin deprives the mansion owner full authority over the building. Cousin proposes a game of girls training during two months. It's for the girls to decide who stays as the owner of the mansion after two months. Yet another training SIM. Player can choose either the role of mansion owner of the vengeful cousin. Six days for training and one holiday for conversation. Nothing special.  
    14. Shuumatsu no Sugoshikata ~The World is Drawing to an W/end.~ 終末の過ごし方 ~The world is drawing to an W/end.~ [990409] Abogado Powers 1 In a week the human race will perish. In this situation the hero keeps going to school while everyone gives up. What is there ahead? Abogado Powers are back from PC-98 stumber and I'm excited about it! The game has awesome styled graphics, sound and text. But it lacks greatly in the story department and is short, just 2 hours long. Everyone accepted the defeat and there is decadent atmosphere everywhere. Story is told from the 3rd person view instead of that of the hero. Too little volume, too underdeveloped characters, too few days to matter. One of the most mysterious features of the game is that everyone wears glasses save for one character who wears contacts.  
    15. Surface Zone サーフェイスゾーン [990409] Motion
    Hero and heroine get to a different dimension - "surface zone". They need to explore the surroundings and find the way out of here.  A bad 3D polygon game. Operation is possible with mouse only and it's a torture to bypass all the obstacles. It's possible to choose among three protagonists from the start, each of them having different characters and sexual preferences. By advancing the game H events are triggered with 2D normal CG. There are also animated sequences.  
    16. Boy x Boy ~Shiritsu Kouryou Gakuin Seishinryou~ サーフェイスゾーン [990409] King Records

    The player becomes the main character, Akira Hayasaka, in the second grade of Koryo Gakuin Senior High School.  Boys Love  
    17. Crank Up ga Matenakute クランクアップが待てなくて [990414] Seal Staff Fujimi is a third grade school student who attends school cinema club and dreams of shooting a film. Finally he gets such opportunity. Now he needs to appoint the roles and find the main heroine for the film out of many worthy beautiful girl candidates. Setting is late 80s so it's a nice retro feeling. There are very few choices. There are three heroines. The volume is quite small, around 2 hours.  
    18. Love Forever LOVE FOREVER [990415] Bunny Pro. 1

    The year is 1999, and in Tokyo, there is a scientist. To fulfill his ambitions, he performs magical rituals in his lab basement. Meanwhile, you play the role of Masato, a regular high school student but very good at martial arts and kendo. After winning the national kendo tournament and defeating your best friend Ukyo (who is the son of this scientist as well as your finals opponent), you go to a cute girl called Sayaka, who you fell in love with, and state your confession. Surprisingly, Sayaka also have feelings for you so the 2 of you come along together very well. This all happens on June 1st, 1999. It all goes well and peaceful for 2 weeks until the absurd comes when serious of weird things and suspicious people start to evolve around you both. To make things short, the two of you run away to your room to "escape" all of these happenings, but unexpectedly a familiar shadow pops up in the darkness....this is just the prologue of a tragedy and a nightmare. There is an English review. The length was astonishing for the time. Very modern work in that sense - it also has voicing and different routes for each heroine. Fighting minigame is reasonably easy.  
    19. Nurse Story ナース物語 (ストーリー) [990415] MYCOM 1 The protagonist of the story is hospitalized and needs to stay for three months in a hospital. What to do during all that time, worry about getting better? Nope, walk all over the hospital and try to woo the nurses and hospital staff. First part of the game centers on your trying to win the heart of the woman of your choice in a typical love simulation style. Second part then turns into a romantic visual novel story. Game period is 3 months. You spend hearts to move around the hospital up to four times a day and replenish them as you visit the doctor. Talking to characters increases or decreases their mood depending on answers. If you don't meet anyone, that's a day wasted, so harsh use of save and load is needed. The second parameter is money... well, it's self-descriptory. Each month he gets 10,000 yen and can also participate in lotteries. It's random, but save/load can make you a millionaire or close to that. There are eight heroines and they include everyone who has a skirt - nurses, doctors, patients... Despite tedious gameplay, characters and dramatic parts are alright.  
    20. Space Ofera Agga Ruter ~Kyoufu no Uchuu Majo~ Space Ofera アッガ・ルター ~恐怖の宇宙魔女~ [990415] Menu

    Continuation of the anime story. Tayo is 15 years old and he's the owner of the ship that along with the six female crew is flying to explore ancient ruins. Fifteen years ago Tayo's family got attacked by pirate ship and he was the only one to survive in escape pod. The pod drifted to the Agga Ruter spaceship and Tayo was raised by its central system K3. But at the same time at the other side of the universe the ruler of female alien civilization got tired playing with her subordinates and she set off into space as soon as her radar spotted a man she can play with - and that turned out to be Tayo. Setting is nice since it's based on the anime. Characters are quite funny as well. Genre can be best described as gag comedy. But game's not long enough and card battle sequences are a pain to go through. Another good feature is that everyone including protagonist is voiced and by the same seiyu as in anime version. So quite a good work, but largely overlooked one since that anime is not well known.  
    21. Genei Sentai Misty Knights 幻影戦隊 MISTY-KNIGHTS [990416] Fuuro
    Hero is the general of an army who has finally succeeded in capturing all four misty knights girls. Now it's the time to get every single secret from them, with force if needed. Disgusting torture game. There are four girl prisoners and there's nothing to do each day except for wandering around the station and visiting poor prisoners.  
    22. Nanami Wonderland NA・NA・MIワンダーランド [990416] Archive

    A collection of 15 short erotic sketches about Nanami eventful life or fantasies. There's no story and there's very little text, just HCG gallery with some voicing and some text lines coming along. H only.  
    23. Seven セブン [990416] Types

    As resurrection of an evil god draws near, a goddess sends a team of seven young people - two men and five women - to fight the apostles and prevent evil god's resurrection. Card battles are so exhausting in this game that it drives out any motivation to go on.  
    24. Bibou Vintage Real ~Kaikan 3~ 美貌ヴィンテージ・REAL ~kaikan3~ [990420] Hyperspace

    A remastered version of Bibou Vintage Kaikan 2 The differences include: - opening - multiple endings - new side-story - animated scenes It's the same game, so I won't waste my breath - it will be probably soon get merged with the previous title on vndb anyway.  
    25. 30 Days [990422] Kurage Club Hero is an ordinary high school student who used to be a national level kendo sportsman till his father abandoned him in junior school. He has hated his father ever since. He was adopted by another family but he does not feel at home there. One day a news of his father's death arrives and it's going to change everything in his life... Multi-end ADV with four endings, one for each girl. They are mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and a classmate. Game is linear with the only significant choice determining girl of interest. There is much animation used and Kurage Club takes roots from the same Umitsuki Production company that the famous full-animated works brand Jellyfish. A series of incidents breaks out with his hero father's death, but romance is developing at the same time and those two lines look alien to each other. But generally speaking it's the story of pessimistic boy who gets over his hatred towards father with the warmth of family members or a classmate. And that grows into knowing the will of his father and accomplishing it. That kind of story.  
    26. Ryouko no Oshaberi Room 涼子のおしゃべりルーム [990422] Datam Polystar

    Fandisc to the Inoue Ryouko series. Includes four modes: Chat mode: Talk about different subjects with Ryouko. Her responses change depending on the time. Memory album: View CGs and illustrations from the various games. Quiz mode: Ryouko quizzes you about things. What day is it today?: Ryouko tells you what holiday it is today. I can't stand fandisks.  
    27. Girl Friends Girl Friends [990423] Libido

    Eight girls went on a beach trip. Our guy, as one girl's classmate, tag along to take some pictures. To get their topless picture, he has to do something interesting. To get their nude picture, they have to love him a bit at least. Will he be able to find a girlfriend after their 3 day trip? Yet another tasteless Libido game. I guess we should praise they finally go away from yuri or smth? Who cares, trash remains trash.  
    28. Ingoku no Gakuen Biseito Choukyou 淫獄の学園 美聖徒調教 [990423] Guilty

    A prestigious girls high school where strict teachers maintain high disciplinary standards. But it's hard to imagine what dark secrets dwell under the surface... Very simple story with choices, almost all the time is devoted to H.  
    29. Lipstick Adv.EX [990423] Fairytale 1 2 The story starts as a usual day of Detective Ichijou Megumi and his assistant, Hidaka Koume. Like many detective games, this detective has not gotten any case for a long time. As a result, he just wonders aimlessly around the town flirting with a female in public library and helps Koume's Detective Club out to find the culprit of stealing her classmate's clothes. While these two events seemed irrelevant, it is a slow pavement behind a big evil (?!) scheme hidden in the city. In this game, you will be switching between perspectives of the detective and his assistant. Game has an English review. It's your only chance to pick up a part of Lipstick ADV legacy on Windows.  
    30. Natsu no Owari ni... 夏の終わりに… [990423] Dark Knight Hero is taking tutorship in order to enter a special prestigious school. His childhood friend was supposed to tutor him during summer, but hero's mother forced the decision to hire several women tutors on various science subjects. How far will he progress by the end of the studies with studies and relations? Each day of the week save for days off there is its own tutor with his science attending. Hero is middle school student and thus does not invoke much sympathy. Heroines character design is not good and those huge melons might even rival those from minori. This is a SIM game with parameters so the tempo is not good either.  
    31. Nature Trip ねいちゃあトリップ [990423] Xuse Hero was staying under the tree hesitating whether to approach the girl he liked for a long time or not when the tree was struck by the lightning. As his vision cleared he saw a cave with an altar and a beautiful woman looking at him anxiously. And she looked almost like the girl of his interest! Where is he? Is this a fantasy world? What will happen to him? The different world is populated only by women and that fact kills the whole synopsis intrigue - just another convenient environment. There is a happy ending for each heroine around, but only three of them have routes and side-characters have a H-event and game over. It's a light solid work, but far from masterpiece.  
    32. Oni Coach!! ~Shouri e no Ryoujoku~ 鬼コーチ!! ~勝利への凌辱~ [990423] Apple Pie

    Onimaya Gomon has gathered 10 girls for his sport team. He demands absolute obedience on his training sessions. He is absolutely sure that virginity is a hindrance during the training and must be cast away as soon as possible. Purely H game, there's hardly even any talk in-between.  
    33. Oniichan to Issho おにいちゃんといっしょ [990423] Fish Cafe Toyoda Shinji lives with his father, a teacher at school. Shinji was enjoying his school life till one of his classmates became his sister-in-law. She started to live under the same roof and from that day peaceful life went awry... There are four heroines and there is a rival heroine in each branch so can switch to rival heroine. It's definitely not an onii-chan game, but rather school romance one - it's just very weird that classmates call the hero onii-chan. Girl routes are pretty much the same, so there's little point in aiming to clear all.  
    34. Senbatsu Keibitai 選抜警備隊 [990423] Outlaw You are a guard and your current duty is to guard a lone princess with other guards disguised as princess friends and relatives in accordance with the last order of the king. It's an RPG mix game. Game progresses by minutes and sleep takes only three hours. The leftover time is spent moving around, getting information and protecting the princess, of course. You need to protect her for 30 days and constantly defend against attackers at night and in the forest. Story is not very good and its developments only make feel uncomfortable. Battles are no fun at all. Damage is random. Overall it's a painful game without even any clear aim.  
    35. Tokyo Kowloon 東京九龍 [990423] Janis

    Near future. After a huge catastrophe befallen upon Tokyo, a large part of it has turned into slums. At such area hero is doing slave business raising girls and selling them to rich people outside the city. Usually there is a specific request, but the means of training are up to hero to decide. Yet another training SIM. There are 5 girls, 30 days, 6 parameters and freedom to choose the means of training. Number of events is very small, so gameplay is boring. Let's go on already.  
    36. Viper-F50 ~Mirai Tokusou Bureiban~ VIPER-F50 ~未来特捜ブレイバン~ [990423] Sogna 1

    The sequel to the "Future Investigator Bravan" story told in VIPER-V12, VIPER-F50 continues the tale of Bravan and his partner Anri as they fight against the forces of Donarghe and its army of mutants. Colonel Gel returns with a plot to defeat Bravan by capturing Anri and fellow investigator Shine. However, Gel's plot for world domination unknowingly hinges on the faith and abilities of her young protégé, Mari. There is an English review, but I'll try to make mine as well when the time allows to.  
    37. Yume Tenshi ~Takujou Dennou Inmu Yuugi~ 夢・天・使 ~卓上電脳淫夢遊戯~ [990423] Triangle

    Two girls greet you in an entertainment place. They explain the place to you and ask you to pick one of 12 girls to play a virtual situation. To finish each situation, you need to win four majong games or rich-man card games with the girl. If you manage to get all 12 girls, those two will challenge you. I can't say anything good about an ordinary stripping card game, so I'd better say nothing.  
    38. Nekopara ~Nekosogi Paradise~ ねこぱら ~ねこそぎ・ぱらダイス~ [990424] Mink Boys school suddenly gets merged with girls school. Hero is secretly in love with one girl from there and he has only one year till graduation to confess his feelings. This is a board game with the use of dice etc. You trigger events and accumulate service points through replays opening more heroines and more CG. There are five heroines each with its own rival.  
    39. Sweet Love Concerto スイートラブコンチェルト [990424] Ange

    Gentle-minded angel apprentice Michael (black hair, black skin) and strong-willed devil apprentice Rose (blonde hair, white skin) are in love relationship. Together they need to come through a number of life situations. In the first episode a human male appears who can pose a threat to this love link.  Ugh, I don't even know where to start. No voicing. Ugly drawing. Poor story. Lots of H. There are bad endings as well.  
    40. Keibiin 警備員 [990428] Interheart

    Kousuke Ninomiya is a security guard at a all-around department store, who blackmails female shoppers who shoplift for sexual favors in return of not turning them in to the police. Game is quite known, but I guess it's thanks to hentai anime. Just think of this game as Interheart's alternative to Elf's *saku series.   
    41. Little Witch Parfait リトルウィッチ パルフェ [990428] Kuroneko-san Team Parfait Sucreal is a young witch, who is yet in training and full of clumsiness in raising a potion shop called Black Cat Market run by her mother and Parfait's black cat, Sakemas, who can amazingly talk. A year ago from the time this game was set, her mother had died from an illness - her father was a famous wizard who died from saving the kingdom when Parfait was young. At the beginning, Parfait introduces herself and tells the player that she is almost at the risk of losing her beloved shop (the only remains of her mother), for Parfait has to pay the debt of 1,000,000G (gold) by 12 months to keep the shop running. As a normal shop, there seems no hope for raising the Black Cat Market's fame. Game has an English review.  
    42. My Friends [990428] Euphony Production Toru just graduated from school and entered university when he received a letter from old friend Sanae that invited him to visit her boarding house. The same invitations were passed to many hero's girl acquaintances as well. It was the beginning of summer drama. First half is ADV at university and second one is SIM at the boarding house that looks very similar to previous game Happening Journey. Two heroines are just taken from Graffiti of Petit - shameless as that. Hero is deliberately put into a harem situation and he does not need to put much effort at all. It's different from other games in that all the heroines are students and thus are grown-ups. Game has pleasant graphics and calming atmosphere. Play time is around 5 hours.  
    43. Kokoro no Kakera 心のかけら [990430] Foster

    Our guy's father is leaving on a trip for two weeks and he has to take care of the house maids. That means he can chase after the 5 maids and 1 girlfriend. If he manages to catch a girl, his father won't be too happy but he will be extremely happy. There are 5 maids for capture. One playthrough is between 1 and 2 hours. The work is for HCG only.  
    44. Marionette -Kugutsu- マリオネット-傀儡- [990430] Saga Planets

    Hero exists as a ghost without a body. He succeeds in hijacking his alive older brother's body and gets access to all of the girls' dorm rooms since his brother was an administrator there. It's only needed to find weaknesses and it's easy to force oneself on each girl. Girls temporarily loose memory after drinking hero's body fluids, so it's a very convenient setting to just go on with all of the girls. It's one road story just for H.  
    45. Mosquito ~Mosquito no Inbou~ MOSQUITO ~モスキートの陰謀~ [990430] Mesa Hero works as a bartender, but recently a special mosquito has appeared in his life. He can control that mosquito and see from his eyes. Now he uses that ability to spy on the bar clients from very bold angles. So many nukige this month that I decided to stop giving comments on nukige starting with year 2000. But for now... boo for peeping mosquito!  
    46. Trouble Travel [990430] Telluru

    Five classmates - two boys and three girls go on a trip to a resort town. You play as one of boys and can go on multiple of dates with the girls you like. Game's fully voiced (except for protagonist) and quite lively. It's not hookable and launches only on Win2K and lower. There are some gags. But overall it's just dates and H, nothing special. Found only one impression on the game and it's of below medium scores.
  8. kivandopulus
    Wow, there's a mortal combat between such titans as Team Baldrhead, Alice Soft and Studio e.go this month. Well, Men at Work is the first RPG offspring of Studio e.go and it's just too simplistic to compete yet. Baldrhead is also the first part in the series and suffers from some technical problems and short duration. Mamatoto ~a record of war~ on the other hand is quite a polished RPG that even has English patch and it is the VN of the Month July 1999.
    1. Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki 学園漂流戦記 [990701] Alice Soft

    April 2005. Main character is a high school student on a voyage trip with a lot of his girl classmates. He's been in love with his classmate Suzuki Kaori for a long time and now is a perfect opportunity to finally confess. But after an incident Main character wakes up alone at a beach shore. What will he do now? Game's a small addition to the main package of Alice CD. There's horrible command selection part and interaction with some items.... well... I did not care to make it through that.  
    2. Maid no Susume メイドのススメ [990701] Alice Soft

    Hero is a nobility heir. He lives in a mansion with three maids. An important exam is approaching. Maids will assist him in preparation for the exam. Another cheap addition to Alice CD. After a short introduction there's lots and lots of quizzes. Of course I never went through any of them.  
    3. Mamatoto ~A Record of War~ ママトト ~a record of war~ [990701] Alice Soft 1 You (Nanasu) are the prince of Mamatoto. You go out and conquer other nations in order to conquer the world. There is stability/stalemate, so none of the nations can actually take over the world because if they start a war with another country, a third one might have an advantage. Mamatoto is different it has zero territory to worry about. The problem is, it doesn't have much of a population either. So you don't really have an army, thus for many years, Mamatoto, the moving fortress, has been hiding in the monster lands. You, Nanasu, who has studied magic really hard has recently invented magic to create these magical soldiers. These soldiers are made via cards which you can obtain via battles. So the more battles you fight, the more cards you collect, and the more troops you have in reserve. So now, Mamatoto, the fastest moving fortress in the world, started its move to conquer the world. Mamatoto's goal isn't to get territory - it's to take out governments. Game's localized - there's an English and a Polish review.  
    4. Inagawa Junji: Kyoufu no Yashiki  稲川淳二 恐怖の屋敷 [990701] Billiken Soft

    Inagawa Junji - Kyoufu no Yashiki is a horror adventure game that stars japanese actor Inagawa Junji (contemporary master storyteller of Japanese ghost tales).
    Game begins when player enters a haunted mansion. As soon as he arrives, he finds a TV where Inagawa Junji appears and introduced different ghosts stories. Horror sound novels have its fans, but I'm not included.  
    5. Baldrhead ~Busou Kin'yuu Gaiden~ BALDRHEAD~武装金融外伝~ [990702] Team Baldrhead 1 2 3 4 5 It's the future where the technology is being over-used and at the same time conflicts between countries and religion occur which causes a loss in theory and technology. The world is now in corrupted towns with ruins of ancient technology everywhere. The story takes place in future Japan,and the hero of the game is an ex-mercenary called Bloody Baldy who earns his living by being an armament banker... Baldrhead is a linear adventure game with 2D action-shooter elements. There is an English review of this game.  
    6. Ballerina ~Haitoku no Kurumi Wari Ningyou~ バレリーナ ~背徳のくるみ割り人形~ [990702] Zero

    Main heroine is a ballet trainer. She gives lessons to several girls, but her lessons tend to become to intimate. What a trashy nukige. There are some 6-7 girls to harass.  
    7. Hyper Broken ~Tamashii no Chikara~ Hyper Broken ~魂のチカラ~ [990702] Escu:de The protagonist thinks that he is the strongest fighter around his school, until he got totally trashed by a new rival. If that wasn't bad enough, his sister got murdered and he was left for dead in his burning house. He got saved and found out that he has the potential to become the strongest person on earth. Will his girlfriend and other friends be able to keep him from the revenge-driven dark side of his power? Poor Escu:de - it started with a very plain romance work and now fills the shoes of another visual novel fighting. What differs it from Crazy Knuckle 2 is very high production values and engaging and moderately difficult battles. Hero is very colorful and is voiced which creates a very solid atmosphere. Game uses songs very efficiently at crucial moments. Considered the limitations of the genre Escu:de managed to produced a paragon visual novel fighting.  
    8. Dokidoki Summer Lesson ~Kyoukasho wa Oshiete Kurenai~ どきどきサマーレッスン ~教科書は教えてくれないっ~ [990707] Megami

    It's summer break, our guy is bored. He decided to find work as a tutor, his way of meeting girls and get paid for it. His student turned out to be his neighbor's sister. What will he teach her? And will he go after one sister or both, you decide. There are only two heroines, so it's more serious than an average eroge. Text is surprisingly good. No wonder game got a full voice re-release 4 years later. H scenes are quite dark no the other hand. So game's almost as nice as Off Memories series, but much more tilt towards H.  
    9. Be With! [990708] Jewel Hero has not had his hair cut for three years due to fear of having ears cut off. When his sister finally managed to cut his hair, girls in the school started to look at him with interest. What kind of future will he choose? Game is quite short, but it's fully voiced (apart of protagonist) and quite funny. There are five heroines and they are strong willed and quite nicely outlined. Through several choices you choose a girl/several girls and there's an ending. Graphics is quite unusual. But the most disappointment is in the systems. There aren't options at all and BGM is deafening with all those beats. BGM is like 10 times louder than voices so it's quite difficult to discern phrases while it trumpets.  
    10. 7 Days Girl [990709] Pocket Hero knew girl Hime when he was a child. She had a soft old-fashioned character. Now he meets her in Tokyo and she's totally different. It turns out that Hime suffers from personality disorder and each day of week she's a different person - seven in total. Hero asks gets a permission to look after Hime for a month to try to heal the distortion. Can he change Hime in just 4 weeks of living together? All that is left to the hero. Well, the personality that gets the most favorability wins. The conditions for the True End are very strict. Game systems is bad in the way that the speed is very slow. A well balanced work with a fresh concept.  
    11. Koi no Sweet Tart wa Ikaga? 恋のスイートタルトはいかが? [990709] Love Gun There is a coffee shop "Gerbera" on the bank of a beautiful lake in Tokyo. Cute girls are serving as waitresses and establishment is famous for its homemade cakes. Hero is a university student who works here part-time as a waiter. This summer will be most entertaining! The biggest difference of this game from other cafe games is that the number of characters is very small - just four heroines. At least it allows to build up a lot of unique events and advancements for each heroine. Branching starts right after welcome party and even dialogues change with increased favorability. Yayoi is the main heroine and she has the longest route of all. There is a good and a bad ending for each heroine as well as a lonely ending.  
    12. Kurumi-chan A-so-bo くるみちゃん あ・そ・ぼ [990709] Studio Neko Punch

    Main character has just entered a university. He finally fled from his parents house and started to live on his own in a boarding house. There he met another inhabitant Kurumi-chan. They started to spend a lot of time together on a daily basis and soon became good friends... but is being just friends enough? Game's some kind of SIM and I feel week in my tummy when I see such a huge number of all kinds of windows.  
    13. Labrum ~Yasashii Kizu~ Labrum ~優しい傷~ [990709] Tetratech

    Hero is attacked by unknown person and is put into a hospital with a mortal wound. His childhood friend Mina saves his life by turning him into a vampire.He has to drink women's blood to live.  At day time he is a student and advances relations with his classmates. At night time he insults heroines and sucks their blood. He needs to keep the balance for 30 days and develop a sincere links with some girl. 
    Well, that's weird. Pure love and very nasty H with the same girls daily just does not make much sense to me. I only see that game's just for those weird H scenes. We need to move to some spot and if there's the heroine - make some choice, so gameplay is not really good as well.  
    14. Sorceress Empire ~Teiritsu Mahouin~ ソーサレス・エンパイア ~帝立魔法院~ [990709] Blue Bell The era when magic declines gradually and is about to be replaced by science and technology. But there are still "demon" race monsters living on the outskirts of the empire and organizing skirmishes at border guards. Hero is a battle magician responsible for three failure students. They have personal conditions that prevent them from learning normally. You have a year to train them into excellent witches. There's a good dozen of parameters to track. As girls grow, they can summon a powerful monster that can participate in battles. Difficulty is easy and it's ok to train all three girls simultaneously. Despite the emphasized personal drama of each girl, the training method is almost identical, the difference is only in ADV sequences. It's a very good attempt to revitalize boring raising SIMs.  
    15. Towa no Yakata 永遠の館 [990709] For

    19th century. Main character studies at a university abroad, but now for the first returns home for spring vacation. There he stumbles at his mother's diary saying among other things about a mysterious man "There is no way I can keep doing this ..." Scenario is single road and once it's finished, a new one opens up and so on. H events are mostly of dark nature. Basically all the mysteries are known for the start, so it's not really good as a suspense story.  
    16. Sei Inma ~Ijimete Inku-chan~ 聖☆淫魔 ~いじめてインクちゃん~ [990714] Desire Takahiro is a novice teacher. A demon suddenly appears before him saying that she's half angel and half demon and she does not qualify to enter either faction because of that. The strange cohabitation and rigorous training begins. Will she grow into an angel or a demon? A raising SIM. Both angle and demon ways are possible. Game's strange that it does not have time limit. Otherwise a normal training SIM with parameters and play time around 3 hours.  
    17. Dearest Vampire [990715] Air Plants Our guy is 1/8 vampire. His grandfather asked him to take care of a dead friend's family, which include four sisters and one brother. So now, in the first two months, he can chase after those four sisters, his maid, childhood girl, rival's sister or another vampire. The chasing is easy since he can check a location to see who is there before going, one advantage of a vampire I guess. In the later two months, he has to find a way to tell the girl he loves that he is a vampire and has to go through some obstacles to win her. Game play is not good as it follows the same pattern: Good morning → Map move → Event → Date management screen → repeat from the next day . The whole game period of four months is divided into the first half (until harvest festival dance) and the second half which is actually division into general route and choosing a heroine and heroine routes. There are also mini-games. Clear is difficult since there is a random element in events generation and in order to capture a girl the whole chain of events must be triggered. The work is centered around love obstacles - hero has an evident race difference and girls have their own themed obstacles. There are six main heroines and two sub-heroines.  
    18. Lilienthal リリエンタール [990715] Dollhouse

    The city of the Valley of Dragons... Lilienthal. The stories of three protagonists start here. Brad is a boy who lives with his pet animal Lulu in a secluded castle.  Chris is a male student of a medieval university who is sexually harassed by the girls around him. Claris is a daughter of the king and is in search of medicine to cure the king. You can start with either protagonist story, but it soon turns into moving North/South/Eash/West and exploring the town in every story. There are several commands of interaction with the world and there seem to be items as well. Should I even say that I had no patience to go any further?  
    19. Girl Doll Toy 2 ~Shisha~ Girl Doll Toy 2 ~使者~ [990716] Uran For five years since the events of the prequel Erica has been living peacefully with Satoru. Satoru left the laboratory shortly after creating Erica. Following his notes the laboratory was able to create Erica Version 2, but the result was poor and director proceeded to illegal means. Meteor shower was launched to mount Fuji and at the same time Erica started to suffer from brain disorder. What caused the illness? Will Satoru be able to find the cure? Well, there are zero reviews for this game, but it's basically the third game in the franchise with totally the same heroine, so I guess everyone got tired of it by the third game. The suggested mystery is not appealing at all to check it out.  
    20. Heisa Byoutou no Megami-tachi ~Goddess of Close Ward~ 閉鎖病棟の女神たち ~Goddess of Close Ward~ [990716] Archive

    Our guy wakes up in a hospital without remembering anything. It seems he fell from a pedestrian overpass to the street. He is now in a hospital ward with 3 nurses and a female doctor. Can he remember his past and does he even want to? It's a very confusing scenario. The theme is madness. There are many memory pieces flashes, but it does not get into integral story. Even in the ending there is no impact. The degree of H is medium.  
    21. Mahjong Mokushiroku Digital Novel まあじゃん黙視録デジタルノベル [990716] West Gate

    Main character continues to live peacefully. But new threat arises. "Black shadow" company claims to be rightful successors of power. Once again protagonist rises to protect justice and freedom of common folk. There is not much information on the game... because noone really cares for this exciting mahjong adventure.  
    22. Amnesia no Hanataba o ~Parallel Story~ アムネジアの花束を ~PARALLEL STORY~ [990717] Red star

    A secret is hidden in the holy barrier. A devastating epic nightmare is caused by a devil curse. This is the third part of the series of an evil spiritual disaster after Dawn The True Night and Cladlius' Beak.
    Dark wizard Nike is searching for traces of magic between the three cities. On his way he will need to confront a holy knight and meet a mysterious girl who lost her memory. Game's totally obscure and comes from a virtually unknown developer. Moreover, previous two parts of the series are even more obscure. So, I stumbled upon a maze in my first 5 minutes of gameplay and just stopped there since could neither turn back, nor pass through it in another 5 minutes.  
    23. Enema 2 えねま2 [990722] Manbou Goya

    Ema is a student council president, nominated by former student council and her very close friend president Seira. Main heroine Shibuki together other council members Ema and and Kimidori sets to explore the old school building to uncover the school ghost legend. There girls fall down through the rotten floor and appear in a room with unusual drawings. There they have strange visions and develop new experiences as a result. The next day an angel appears before Shibuki. The angel claims that the world is in huge danger - sex demon starts to possess humans. In order to prevent possession the belly should be cleaned from all the poop. And that task is mounted on the shoulders of Shibuki.  It's just Yuri+Enema. Really weird stuff, but character design and CG aren't bad.  
    24. Bagubee ばぐべー [990723] Zenos
    Choose among 10 girls with different difficulty degree ranging form A to E. Clearing a falling bricks stage opens up CG.  This is NOT a visual novel. It has zero text apart of description of each girl blood type etc. Genre is puzzle/quiz.  
    25. Chooita ~Subarashiki Chounouryoku Jinsei~ ちょ~イタ ~素晴らしき超能力人生~ [990723] 1

    The story is about a guy that had an accident and from that got x ray vision. After having this supernatural power, unusual events start occuring. There is an English review.  
    26. Deep [990723] Selen

    Main hero is a bartender on a luxurious liner. He drugs girls with beverages and takes them to his torture chamber. Doujin poop.  
    27. Doll ~Denshou no Chikara~ Doll ~伝承の力~ [990723] Forester

    Princess Fiona, who is trying to take back the throne, visits the church ruined by a secret strategy. There she was met by the betrayal of her own men and falls into a dilemma. Fiona is ready to die. However, a man who travels by the Noel accidentally kills all the knights in a blink of the eye. Fiona who see's this requests his help to reclaim her castle with various rewards. Although, Noel replies, "I am not interested and I got everything I wanted ..."
    Even though it was a faint, Noel becomes interested when Fiona revels the tradition of the royal family. It is said in an underground labyrinth of the castle sleeps "the power of tradition", that can make any wish come true. With this information in tow Noel asks Fiona, "Do you believe such a stupid story? ... ... interesting, I will lend you my power." First part is full of movie cuts and is quite intriguing to watch and occasionally interact with some objects. But the second gameplay part is horrible and short. Players were really unsatisfied with the small amount of erotic scenes which is a ripoff for the huge price of 9600 yen.  
    28. Drive Me Crazy!! ~The School of Pain~ ドライブ・ミー・クレイジー!! ~The School of Pain~ [990723] PIL

    Main character is a delinquent who is sent to a SM school by the father of his fiancée. With his bully personality he is using beautiful girls as teaching materials there and letting students act casually towards them ... SM game where actions are decided by roulette. There are 3 levels of sadistic lessons to get to graduation exam.   
    29. Floreal ~Suki Suki Daisuki~ フロレアール ~すきすきだいすき~ [990723] 13cm

    Jean Rotard is a lighthouse guard. He lives with a maid girl Merne for many years now. But Merne heart would spreads fracture by fracture with each day - should she involve Jean to heal her heart wound? Story is written by a different author than the previous game, so they actually have next to nothing in common. First part of the game lacks excitement and the second part suddenly becomes SF and totally chaotic. The charm of the characters is not fully utilized.   
    30. Heroine [990723] Cherry Soft Our guy transferred to a new school. He is just in time to save the school theater club from being canceled. He gets to pick his heroine out of 3 girls for their next play. He also has to set schedule for set building, customs making, and practicing. Well, no matter, he still has time to chase the 5 club girls and 2 others. We need to pass preliminary theatrical competition and then participate in the main event and for that need the right choices. Parameters and schedule are still here, so there's a lot of work to do. Three obligatory parameters must reach 100% by the contest or it's game over. The story is orthodox and very thin. There are a lot of events to try and fix that. There is a huge number of choices - each between three lines - even on the most trivial matters, so clearing is difficult.  
    31. Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu ~Primary~ 君がいた季節 ~Primary~ [990723] Age 1 2 3 Masaki has 4 childhood friends – Yayoi, Michiru, Marika and Akira who are all sisters, they let him stay in one of their family’s apartments since he doesn’t live with his family. Masaki’s hobby is photography and one day, he meets a famous photographer who lets Masaki become his apprentice. Time passes, and Masaki also gets a girlfriend too and life couldn’t be any happier for him. However, one day he is asked to go to America to work in the huge photography business over there but he thinks that having a long distance relationship would be incredibly hard. He now has a life-changing decision to make – does he follow his dream or does he stay with the person who he loves most in this world? There is an English review of this game.  
    32. Kyoukan ~Eien no Inochi o Motome~ 兇館~永遠の命を求め~ [990723] Infinity

    In order to gain eternal life a young man made contract with a woman spirit to insult and train four girls in just 7 days time. True ending if commit all four girls in 7 days, if fail there is a bad ending. There are also several normal endings. Short nukige SIM.  
    33. Utagoe 淫声 ~うたごえ~ [990723] Apple Pie

    Main character is a president of an idol studio. Now he needs to choose one of the girls to debut as an idol. Soon the whole world will know about her! Half of the game is actually H lessons for the idol girl, so it's kind of a baka nukige, but... with singing... and often singing while... doing H and with mouth full. Really nice eleven songs and good voicing. This is one of those games that gave a strong push to the voicing of visual novels.  
    34. Utsusemi うつせみ ~空蝉~ [990723] Black Package Our guy trains with a famous author. As a test for him, he is sent to gather info from a performance group, with the author's daughter tagging alone. There seem to be rumors about how this group gets their donations. If he can chase one girl per chapter, he will find out what this all has to do with a big fire 18 years ago. Taisho era. The flow is like this: first movement → lunch break (information exchange with the teacher) → second movement → evening automatic event → night. There are many H scenes with different characters, but romance relations are only possible with one heroine which is set right from the first chapter. One playthrough is less than 10 hours and all the mysteries are only poured in the last chapter that lasts about 30 minutes. There are multiple endings, including a bad one. But generally it's a one-way road with couple opportunities for mistakes. There is no distinguishing feature to call it a masterpiece, but overall a very solid work with beautiful CG centered on Tasho era.  
    35. Nise Taxi 偽タクシー [990727] Vision

    Main character runs a fake taxi that is specially equipped to insult the passengers. Nukige, and since it's from Vision it's with animations.                                                                           
    36. Find Love EX ~Mind Blowing~ Find Love EX ~マインドブローイング~ [990730] Lyceen

    Ninosaki Kanosuke is a private detective in Tokyo. One day he gets a request from the hospital to find the missing nurse Ai. Now the number of missing women has increased. One of the accidentally found girls in semi-naked state told about being kidnapped by a stalker. As the investigation proceeds, the existence of a huge criminal organization becomes evident. Find Love was quite a notable title thanks to console versions, so now's the time to reap that success on a rape/insult nukige. It hardly has anything to do with original Find Love apart of title and somewhat same looking girls.  
    37. Gen'ei Choukyou Club 2 幻影調教倶楽部2 [990730] J-Box

    Main character is an upcoming musician. He is asked to produce a song for a Japanese opera "Neo Imagine". But his beautiful partner suddenly dies, and main character looses the will not just to create, but to live. He got drowned into alcohol and drugs causing an incident in SM club. His friend advised him to join a secret club "Love & Peace" where it might be possible to share new experiences and find a true partner.
    Why... why this horrible game even got a continuation?   
    38. Gen'ei Gaiden: Shinkinkan 幻影外伝 親近感 [990730] Omni-sha

    "Love & Peace" secret SM club for people with abnormal sexuality. Hero dives in the world sensual pleasures. However, he's not satisfied with the action... This time it's a SIM. The synopsis and the release date is the same with the Gen'ei Choukyou Club 2 are the same and this title is nowhere to be found, so it's all very confusing.  
    38. Hakanai Omoi ~Anemone~ 儚想 ~あねもね~ [990730] Pearl Soft The city where the old and the new live together. Hero lost parents early and last year his grandmother also died. Since then he moved to distant relatives. Occasionally a mysterious memory of a girl crosses his head and the level of confusion gradually rises... Play time is around 8 hours. Everyday scenes are substitute by the need to say something funny and those pseudo fun sequences last for a very long time, just to eat up players time. Then it gets only more confusing and ends with a fluke. Characters are totally unmemorable. Protagonist is one big hetare with amnesia. Even in the end he can't decide anything ... "because all the friends are precious to me". And it's a linear game with choices only for additional CG, so you can't decide on anything. A surprisingly tiresome story without any appeal points.  
    39. Men at Work! メンアットワーク! [990730] Studio e.go! 1 2 The game takes place in a Middle-Age western European town. At the daytime it is a very active and joyous town. However at night it's another story. After sun sets, monsters will lurk all around town which raises concern about the safety of the townspeople. As a result the town has set up a guild of hunters who go around at night and kill these monsters. Most of these hunters are doing so for money, and they rarely reveal their true identity to anyone. The player takes on the role of Wil, who in daytime is a geeky part-time history teacher, but at night is a strong hunter. There's an English and a Russian review.  
    40. Triangle Heart 2 ~Sazanami Joshiryou~ とらいあんぐるハート2 ~さざなみ女子寮~ [990730] Janis Makihara Kosuke works as a substitute janitor of woman dormitory, “Sazanami So”, while the regular janitor, who is his aunt, travels abroad. The contract term is almost over, but he has one thing worried about. Among the member of the dormitory, only Jinnai Mio doesn’t open out to him and doesn’t try to eat his dishes. Then, he makes the former janitor’s favorite dish to let her eat. Moege. There is map movement to trigger events. Characters are cute and atmosphere is relaxed. But there are 12 heroines and the number of CG for each is small. Period is one year and intervals between the events are quite large. Play time is some 5 hours for first time and about 2 hours with skip for the next ones. The impact is less than the previous work. Nothing really stands out and such games are soon to be forgotten.  
    41. Graduation ~ Sotsugyou グラデュエーション~卒業 [990731] Joinac Corporation

    Graduation...for all of us it's something we experience once and from which we go to a new path in life. It marks a turning point in life, from which our lives will set out on a new moment.
    It's also at the same time the point where we break up with people who are important in our lives.
    Somewhere in Tokyo, at Seiran Academy is our hero, second year student Shuntaro Hidaka.
    He's anticipating his upcoming graduation next year.
    Will Shuntaro confess his feelings of love? I've no comments for doujin Yaoi.
  9. kivandopulus
    Surprisingly poor for masterpieces December, so my grey horse Lilith is the winner this time.
    1. Houkago wa Betsu no Kao 放課後は別の顔 [951201] Ucom A collection of four short stories featuring sexual experiences of school girls: 1. 「通学電車」 2. 「先輩・・・・・・」
    3. 「進路指導」
    4. 「非行少女」 A distinguishing feature of the work is the presence of narrator girl who also appears in the stories. But overall it's a very specialized content.     2. Momoko-chan for Me ももこちゃんfor Me [951201] Ume Soft 1 2 Momoko-chan for Me: Minarai Kangofu-hen is a visual novel focusing on a young male aspiring physician, the son of a famous doctor who has left on a vacation and entrusted the son with the management of certain hospital-related affairs. The game focuses exclusively on the relationship between the protagonist and a nurse-in-training named Momoko. Remastered version heroines look much cuter. The difficulty of the game is high since there are over 10 endings - most of them depend on ecstasy level between the characters.   3. Moonlight Energy 2 ムーンライトエナジー2 [951201] Interheart 1 Moonlight Energy 2 is a sequel to Moon Light Enegy. The game's premise is nearly identical to that of the predecessor: the player controls a high school student named Maki, participating in her lesbian escapades with other students or personnel. The infamous les chikan is back. So it's a normal Interheart work with many H events.   4. Rance 4.1 ~Okusuri Koujou o Sukue!~ ランス4.1 ~お薬工場を救え!~ [951201] Alice Soft 1 2 3 This is a side-story in Rance series, released shortly after the fourth game, but dedicated to an entirely different quest. All kinds of troubles are happening to a factory where a new Happiness Medicine is being developed. The mercenary Rance is hired by the manager to investigate the source of these troubles. First task: clear the factory of the monsters... 4.1 looks more like introduction to more longer 4.2. Battle system is simplified and few known heroines take part here. The quality is very good for a bonus game given away for free.   5. Reverse リバース [951201] Gloria Takumi died in a traffic accident when he was young, but his spirit continued to live in his fraternal twin and gained ability to read other peoples hearts. Using that ability he helps people around him to solve their problems. It's really difficult to comprehend what's going on on the screen since Takumi and his twin change spots all the time. The contents is quite dull and sad.   6. Super Erect Taisen S・EX スーパーエレクト大戦S・EX [951201] Dynamic Production Hero was watching a pop idol live performance when the skies tore apart and idols got sucked inside the demon-faced black whirlwind together with his favorite Ichigo-chan. After than an angel descended from the skies and offered cooperation to defeat demon king and return the girls. Each enemy turn takes so much time that I did not have enough patience to wait.   7. Ace of Spades Ace of Spades [951207] Love Gun 1 2 Ace of Spades is a casino game with a gruesome twist. The player competes against female opponents in poker or blackjack; every victory leads to an explicit scene of sexual torture. The main mode includes a series of matches and subsequent sadistic scenes against various women. A primitive stripping card game.   8. Custom Mate 3 カスタムメイト3 [951208] Cocktail Soft 1 2 3 It's Christmas. Hayashi Ryuusuke is walking through the crowded city, feeling sad that he is alone on such a day. Suddenly, he spots a neon sign: Custom Mate. He enters and sees a strange receptionist with elf-like ears and a magic symbol on the forehead. She creates the girl of his dreams and they get married! But this is just the beginning, and Ryuusuke realizes that marriage is not all about the honeymoon... After the honeymoon, the couple returns to daily routine. The player can make daily or monthly schedule. The wife's behavior is determined by character creation, but also by the choices the player makes. The wife would often ask questions, make suggestions, etc.; the player's reaction determines future interactions and the overall development of the relationship. The couple has various parameters, from love level to monetary wealth. First two parts were blocked as eroge, but this one is much more "fun". There's a good thorough mechanics English review.   9. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Zenpen 魔法少女プリティサミー 前編 [951208] AIC Spirits

    Mahō Shōjo Pretty Sammy: Part 1 - In the Earth is based on Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (魔法少女プリティサミー) anime TV series which focus on magically transformed Sasami character from Tenchi Muyo! universe. This is a visual novel featuring Sasami as the protagonist. For reasons unknown, she has been chosen as a champion by Tsunami, the next queen of Juraihelm, to fight in her name. But there are people bent on seeing Sasami fail in her endeavors and her tasks will soon prove much more challenging as she fights her way with Misao, her best friend who was chosen as a magical girl by Tsunami's opponent, Ramia. Anime was pretty popular since there are at least four different visual novels about Pretty Sammy. Game is issued with CG for PC-9821 consoles and thus is not well known.   10. Miwaku no Chousho 魅惑の調書 [951208] Black Package 1 The protagonist, a young man named Shinnosuke, discovers a beautiful mansion, in which apparently a large-scale party is taking place. Determined to meet and enchant some beautiful women, he ventures into the mansion. The core of the game is nanpa, but atmosphere and girls are luxurious. The pictures using the full screen contribute to its charm. But don't expect much plot here as after targeting three women an ending happens. To get the rest a new game is needed.   11. Never Land Never Land ~ネバーランド~ [951208] Tips 1 You are Jimmy, a child of Never Land which is an island of magic and fantasy. You are always accompanied by May ,a small nymph, and you can fly in the air. Never Land is a world of children who can dream. One day a boss of pirates gets a magic wand that has power to transform anything. You set out to restore status quo. There's an English review that gives a rough outline of what to expect.   12. Rance 4.2 ~Angelgumi~ ランス4.2 ~エンジェル組~ [951208] Alice Soft 1 2 3 Rance 4.2: Angel-gumi is the second part of the story that began in Rance 4.1: O-Kusuri Koujou o Sukue! rather than an all-new Rance adventure. The hero continues to investigate the weird occurrences connected to the Happiness Medicine Factory. Since the story picks up directly where it ended in the sequel, Rance begins his adventure already commanding an all-female squad called the Angel Team. There is an English review.   13. Toushin Toshi 2 - Soshite, Sorekara... 闘神都市II そして、それから・・・ [951208] Alice Soft Returning from the goddess tournament, Sid is reduced to level 1 by the Demon King. His dojo sent him to a training journey, but Hazuki was so worried about him that she followed Sid and got into trouble herself. A kinetic novel with rare pictures - mostly it's just clicking through walls of text. Since hero is weak again there is little excitement. But the story is good and well worth reading for the fans of the original game or if there is sympathy to Hazuki.   14. 2 Shot Diary 2 ツーショットDiary2 [951209] Mink 1 This is the first of the four episodic games that constitute the sequel to first 2 Shot Diary game. Unlike the first game with its 12 different scenarios, it only contains 2, and both are very short; however (also unlike the first game), most of the scenes here are animated. Both scenarios consist entirely of depictions of explicit sex. One of the scenarios is about a girl named Yukari; after her father died, she had to look for a job, and finally became a maid in a mansion of a rich oligarch, who molests her sexually. The other scenario is dedicated to a very young girl named Emi, who goes with her friends to the beach. Once she finds herself in a secluded place, a young boy approaches, and the two have sex. Ero-centered short work.   15. Hiiro no Shimai 緋色の姉妹 [951215] Apollon Create 1 The protagonist of the game is a college student named Shunsuke. His mother died when he was five years old. Now his father is marrying again. He and his new wife have departed on a honeymoon; while he is waiting for them to come home, Shunsuke discovers that he doesn't live alone any more: three young sisters of his stepmother have moved in. Shunsuke now tries to get to know them better (in every possible way..), at the same time gradually discovering dark secrets about his father's intimate life. Command selection hurts the pace a lot. There are several branches, but all the sisters turn out to be M and their stories aren't that different. Characters are quite cute, though.   16. Kekkon Marriage 結婚Marriage [951215] Westone 1 Shizuka, Mika, Kiyomi, Reiko and Mami are all grown up and have one thing on their mind: finding the ultimate husband! From the workplace to automated dating services, there's wedding bells to be heard and love to be acted on, all for the ultimate goal: marriage! With biological clocks ticking and youth slipping away, these girls will do whatever it takes to snag a man, love or not! A dating SIM with 5 girl candidates. There are some parameters used. The flow is talking - telephone talk - date - proposal - engagement - marriage.   17. Lilith リリス [951216] Four-Nine 1 An intense night battle between kunoichi clan leader and evil biblical spirit Lilith ends with kunoichi falling into coma state. A cat gets into an ordinary student Koketsu room, transforms into a girl and claims that Koketsu got her master kunoichi spirit and must help her master and defeat Lilith. The problem is that nothing is known about Lilith but the name and together they set to uncover its secrets. I have a full review prepared.   18. Clone Doll Kagai Jugyou クローンドール 課外授業 [951221] Space Project 1 2 In Clone Doll, the protagonist is a rather "geeky" teenager who is actually a genius: he invented a machine that can make clones of human beings! After he gets a hold on a few hairs that belong to Kimika, his schoolmate and object of his passionate desires, the young scientist creates a clone of her, a young girl who has no other knowledge and wishes but satisfy the hero sexually... There is an English review of the game. And Space Project confirms his fame as kusoge creator.     19. Fermion ~Mirai kara no Houmonsha~ フェルミオン ~未来からの訪問者~ [951222] Silky's 1 2 3 In the year 2296, world-wide pollution has led to drastic changes in the natural order of things. Human organism, unable to withstand the pollution, was slowly mutating. In the huge city Megalopolis, a group of young female scientists designed a time machine. One of them, a blue-haired girl named Connie, who can mutate into a cat, is sent to the past, to year 1996, to find a way to change the future... I have a full review prepared.   20. Getsumen no Anubis 月面のアヌビス [951222] Multimedia Intelligence Transfer 1 The protagonist (default name Keisuke) and heroine (default name Kaori) are astronauts living in a laboratory set on the moon. A group of American soldiers are also stationed there. Mysterious incidents begin to occur that threaten the lives of everyone there - there are multiple scenarios, but only one is explicitly horror-themed. Said scenario involves a race of mysterious space parasites that can take possession of anyone, leading the protagonist (and thus the player) to grow distrustful of the other characters. Yet another NVL "sound novel". Short and horror one, of course.   21. Idol Project 2 アイドル・プロジェクト2 [951222] KSS Inc. 1 Unlike the first Idol Project, the story of the sequel is directly related to to the anime series Idol Project, starring the same characters, with the young and ambitious Mimu Emilton as the protagonist. Mimu finds herself on a tropical island, where she must rise to fame by winning contests and promoting her singing skills. Like in the previous game, the majority of gameplay is dedicated to exploring the top-down city, visiting various places, searching for necessary people and raising the protagonist's parameters. Mimu has a much more detailed set of parameters than the hero of the previous game, including physical attributes as well as popularity rankings. The RPG element has been further enhanced by introducing random character (crazed fans and alike) who would sometimes attack Mimu on the city map and other locations. Now is an ADV with a lot of town exploration. Still the use of parameters alienated me.   22. Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy 2 雷の戦士ライディ2 [951222] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 "Ugh... desert travel is terrible on the skin, let me tell you! Why did I ever choose to come this way... If I don't find water soon it's going to be troublesome. Wait, what's that in the distance - an oasis?! And a town next to it! Civilization at last..." I am Raidy, wandering the continent of Else as a swordfighter. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the "Lightning Warrior". I'm traveling far and wide to improve my fighting skills and search for clues about my past, and my mysterious power over lightning. After defeating the monsters in the Cubust tower in my last adventure, I left the village of Sadd behind and continued on my journey. My travels have taken me across the desert to the oasis town of Lake Blue. Looking forward to a break after the long and dusty journey, I settled in for the night at the local inn... only to have its peace shattered by the cries of the young, beautiful innkeeper! I rescued her from her mysterious assailant, to learn that the town was living under constant fear of attack from a gang of marauding bandits led by a cruel woman called Jammy. It seems my vacation won't be so uneventful after all! I set out to find information on the gang's hideout, and a new adventure begins... Game's localized and has several English reviews.   23. Meisou Toshi 迷走都市 [951222] Tiare 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runaway City tells the story of Hiroaki, a boy with a mysterious power of Good Luck. It's almost as it some power makes women do whatever he wants. At first it's a great power to have, then as time goes by it scares him more and more. Unchecked, this power will be the destruction of all Japan. Can you find out the nature of your power and find a way to stop it before it goes too far? Game's one of the first localized ones and has many English reviews.   24. Mesuneko Hishoshitsu 牝猫秘書室 [951222] Melody 1 2 Kurou works in a company that specializes in "headhunting", finding and recruiting capable employees for big companies. A new client representing a company that has recently concluded a trade with an American software firm needs a new secretary. Problem: the last headhunter who was given a similar request has gone missing. So Kurou's boss wants him to get to the bottom of things, teaming him up with the resourceful and pretty headhuntress Tomoko. Naturally, as the partners begin the investigation, dark erotic secrets of the employees become gradually revealed... An ero-centered work where you need to chase the same character to get to her ending. Game's notable for all the target characters being mature women.   25. Metamor Panic Doki Doki Youma Busters メタモル・パニック DOKIDOKI妖魔バスターズ [951222] Family Soft 1 Hero is a high school student who secretly went camping in the mountains with his childhood friend Yuki and cousin Ai. They found a suspicious cave and occasionally lifted the curse laid on demon king. The curse shifted to the two girls with Yuki spontaneously occasionally turning into a kitten and Ai into a parrot. Youkai appear in the city and start rampaging. The three heroes stand up to the demon threat. This playstation game feels more like an ADV novel with light RPG elements rather than a serious RPG. The start is very harsh and punishing for a player. The second part when you learn to control the transformation is easy, so the balance is not good. Graphics are excellent, but game's only partially voiced. The tempo is slow and bgm quite monotonous. Some affinity to RPG genre is required to enjoy, but game absolutely can be enjoyed.   26. Paradise Call パラダイスコール [951222] At a place where girls phone in, a guy waits. When a girl calls in, he talks with her. If he respond right, he will meet the girl and have fun. This game is a simpler version of Virtuacall 1. Very primitive ero-centered game.   27. Viper-V16 [951222] Sogna 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The final game in the V series and arguably the most recognizable. VIPER-V16 breaks with tradition and provides only two stories, instead of three, but both are longer, more complicated, and contain many more options than the prior V series stories, resembling games more than visual novels for the first time. The widely popular Rise story describes the kidnapping and escape attempt of three waitresses, while the lesser known Imagine tells the story of a young technical college student's attempts to attract the interests of three girls. Game is localized and has multiple reviews.   28. Virtua Call 2 バーチャコール2 [951222] Fairytale 1 Emily has had a crush on Hasegawa for quite some time. A fellow resident of her building, Hasegawa has always been there for her as a friend, though she would like something more than friendship. When Hasegawa starts confiding his woman troubles to Emily, she introduces him to Virtuacall, a service that lets you interact with the girl of your dreams just as you wish you could. Unfortunately, Hasegawa becomes more interested in Virtuacall than her as a result. On the verge of leaving the country for her homeland, Emily is so overcome by emotion that she can neither tell Hasegawa about her feeling or tell him that she is leaving. Nampage with outstanding difficulty. You really need to make memos during the talks all the time to get by without guide. Game got more user friendly since the prequel and even cuter girls. It's just too difficult to empathize with the nampage nowadays since the genre feels inferior to galge and there are thousands of galge today.   29. Zakuro no Aji ざくろの味 [951222] Imagineer Co., Ltd. 1 The story is set in a five-story office building on a cold winter evening. The protagonist (default name Domon) is working on a story for a monthly science fiction serial. As he goes to visit the editorial department, a series of earthquakes cause the building to collapse and trap everybody inside. Attempting to find an escape, Domon heads into the basement, and depending upon a decision made early in the game, he may run into anything from zombies to demons. Yet another sound novel. It's released at the same day as Getsumen no Anubis and has references to it. Short horror story again.   30. Doki Doki Pretty League EX DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ EX [951223] Xing Entertainment

    Ayaka and Remy are members of  time police "Chronopolis" in the near future. This time they investigate a case of a professional beauty wrestler of the 20th century who got missing.   Game has nothing to do with tennis this time, but has lots of H content. Several more former members of Doki Doki Pretty League make an appearance here. There are some mini-games available. Original creators of pretty league were absolutely against such game with erotic content. Female wrestling organization condemned this game as well. But the sales were ok, so franchise got resurrected at PS with time.   31. Kousoku Chojin 拘束超人 [951224] Foster 1 Haruki is a student at the prestigious private Morino High School, which he attends together with his beautiful sister, and where he leads the drama class. One day, Haruki discovers a strange toupee that transforms his body. Unbeknownst to him, he has gained special powers and comes into contact with a strange violent world that is hidden inside the school. Now he must understand what's truly going on there, at the same time trying to "score" with every girl he meets - be it student or teacher... A crazy erotic baka-game. H events happen quite randomly. A cheerful Foster game.   32. Dangel - Special Disk Dangel スペシャルディスク [9512] Mink Contains a parodying story set in the universe of Dangel, which happens at the same time as when Anduke starts his own adventure. Game has the same intro as original Dangel, but this Plum hero is a mere parody worried about washing his pants more than saving the world. Text is quite good, but I guess playing through the original needed to appreciate the most of it.   33. Only You -Seikimatsu no Juliette-tachi- Only You -世紀末のジュリエット達- [9512] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 A Japanese teenager named Hiroki is interested in martial arts, and has to take care of his little sister. Their older brother Yoichi had gone abroad; just when he announced that he was coming back he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Hiroki and his friends eventually find out that an international supernatural criminal syndicate is in cohorts with an even darker power that is about to bring the apocalypse onto Earth. Another RPG hybrid. First part is quite an ordinary ADV where you get humiliated over and over till the flame of vengeance embraces you, and the second part is a whirlpool of battles. Pure love is promoted in the game as each of seven girls has their own route with own boss and a happy ending while trying to get several girls brings a not so happy one. There are as many as 4 usual strikes and 4 special actions, but strikes deal random amount of dmg and should only be chosen with caution when fighting flying enemies. Special actions are only available on bosses and when at the same time the apocalypse timer is close to expiration. The game was initially made only for subscription fans and included lots of materials from previous works, but had great acclaim and had to be redone into an alternative version with all the legal issues fixed. So it is probably the first normal game of Alice Soft without dark fetishes. Good riddance!   34. Shikimi 樒 [95] Raisin Land

    Two girl classmates stay at school after classes. But they aren't going to study. They are in love with each other and dedicate this time only to themselves. Doujin school love story quickly turns into SM play.   35. Rinn-chan no Tensei Hakusho ~Meido no Miyagebanashi~ Rinn's転生白書~冥土のみやげばなし~ [95] Wanpaku Family

    Rinn-chan is a 14-year-old junior high school student who suddenly dies before confessing to her love interest. At the heavens she meets an angel and three other girls. Angel agrees to return Rinn-chan to the Earth due to unnatural cause of her death. She may choose one of the three girls to reincarnate and confess to her love or choose no one and go back as herself. Choosing other girls leads to inevitable H-scene and death afterwards. Reincarnating as herself gives H-scene with a better ending.   36. Momoiro Sankaku ~Riko & Hikaru Hen~ もも色さんかく~理子&ひかる篇~ [95] T&H Projects 

    Riko and Hikaru and normal girls who live normal lives. One attends kendo club, the other is a fan of reading. But one day their wolds coincide in one.   Just another short doujin H-game, this time with horrible quality.   37. Hotaru HO・TA・RU -ほたる- [95] Misono Soft 

    Hotaru gets molested on the train, but to her surprise the culprit is a man she knows very well. Yet another unremarkable doujin H-tilt game.   38. Asuka Ayako-chan to Hokenshitsu あすか ~綾子ちゃんと保健室~ [95] B.T.B software 

    Ayako-chan feels bad at a gym and goes to school's health room right in her sportswear. There she meets her classmate who she likes.  A very short doujin game about a sudden passion of two young people.   39. Tantei Imasato Misa Jikenbo Tanpenshuu: Romance wa Shiroku Kiken na Kaori 探偵今里美沙事件簿 短編集 ロマンスは白く危険な香り [95] Maimai 

    Tokyo, 1960s. Amateur detective Misa takes up a case in secret from her father detective. It starts as a romance request, but soon plot starts to thicken. A detective work, so no-no for me
  10. kivandopulus
    Year 1989 masterpieces:
    1. Burning Point
    2. Dororo ~Jigoku Emaki no Shou~
    3. Dual Targets - The 4th Unit Act.3
    4. Paragon Sexa Doll
    5. Tawhid
    6. 38 Man Kilo no Kokuu
    7. Dragon Knight
    8. Twilight Zone 3 Nagakute Amai Yoru
    9. Hare Nochi Oosawagi!
    10. Imitation wa Aisenai
    11. Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Blue Train Satsujin Jiken
    12. Asoko no Koufuku
    13. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 1: Invitation - Kage kara no Shoutaijou
    14. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2: Memories

    The two main candidates for VN of the year for me are Burning Point and Imitation wa Aisenai. The first is a very integral work with all the elements fitting flawlessly. The second is a hard-boiled SF adventure and I favor that the most! Imitation wa Aisenai is VN of the year 1989.

    Let's try to distinguish what features year 1989 brought:
    - number games with multiple endings greatly increased
    - while still being interactive adventures, VNs started to have simplified command selection mechanics
    - simplified game mechanics led to higher game volumes and thus higher satisfaction with the story
    - most of year 1989 games are story-driven and it's the golden age for adventure theme in VNs
    - proportion of rpg games and elements got higher
    - school setting games got more numerous
    - science fiction clearly lost to mystery
    1. Dororo ~Jigoku Emaki no Shou~ どろろ ~地獄絵巻の章~ [890110] Quasar Soft Hyakkimaru is a young man who lacks 48 body parts because they were taken from him by demons before birth, as payment by his father, Kagemitsu Daigo, to obtain his wish to take over the country. When the baby boy was born he was missing 48 parts of his body, and thus was abandoned—thrown into a river. Hyakkimaru has grown up and now has obtained fake body parts so he can eliminate the 48 demons that were made from his body, and to retrieve his missing parts. Along for the adventure is the boy thief, Dororo, with whom he becomes friends. Well, game basically retells the anime story with a different ending. And that anime a black and white one, year 1969, hardcore stuff. Unlike anime game's is colorful and it saved the unique graphics of original. Game uses lots of animations and vivid colors which looks like a miracle for January 1989 - that all earned the game the fame of a cult game.   2. Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Blue Train Satsujin Jiken 西村京太郎ミステリー ブルートレイン殺人事件 [890120] Irem 1 2 3 4 5 Blue Train Murder Murder Case is based off of a book by Kyoutarou Nishimura with the same name, published in 1978, which was his first installment of railway mysteries. This adventure games starts with a murder incident on a blue train (in Japan, blue trains are long-distance sleeper trains named after their overall color), and you will switch controls between three different detectives in order to fully clarify the mystery. During your investigation there are no wrong choices which may result in your being killed or game over. You can take your time to go about the clues, investigate suspects and solve the mystery behind the murder. Game has English reviews.   3. Gram Cats グラムキャッツ [8901] Dott Kikaku High school girl Sayaka is kidnapped by the secret organization Eagle (Earth Defense Force) on the way back home. According to the organization's commander, Sayaka has a special ESP that can help fight against aliens. Sayaka acquires a supernatural ability to transform into a cat and her first mission is to infiltrate Momozakura student Academy which is a base of alien forces. Despite the synopsis the game's main advantages lie in graphics, not in story. There are two mini-games on the way to the alien base and a special card game as well. I could not even pass through the maze corridors. And the main feature of the game is an ability to change clothes on will - that's a definite step to moe games.   4. Pocky ポッキー [8901] Ponytail Soft 1 The principal of the Pocky Private High School is a lecherous man who thinks only about having sex with female students. One day he announces a competition for the male students, promising a reward for the one who brings him most girls' underwear. The protagonist is one of these students who must succeed in this dubious enterprise. Bra and panty images with count against them aren't here for decoration - that's the measure of success in this game. This is definitely an adult work, but all the heroines are cute and everything is done in a fun and bright way. The biggest drawback is the big number of commands and quite many locations - the tempo suffers greatly because of that and it's easy to get stuck in many places having to bruteforce every possible command.   5. Burning Point バーニングポイント [890223] Enix 1 2 The story begins with Private Detective Mike Steel, who has opened up a new detective agency in Santa Chris, California. One day he receives an unusual request from an elderly couple to help search for the body of their granddaughter. Needless to say it turns out to be a much more complicated matter than first thought. Game has English reviews.   6. Hacchake Ayayo-san - Ayayo's After Five はっちゃけあやよさん AYAYO'S AFTER FIVE [890228] Hard 1 Hacchake Ayayo-san is a very short visual novel starring Ayayo, a seventeen-year-old girl who finds a part-time job as a clerk in Mr. Suzuki's shop. Further plot is dedicated to her sexual encounters with customers and the owner. There's nothing much to talk about there since the game stops like couple minutes after where the video stops only providing some more HCG. So this work is very beautiful, very lewd and it uses lots of animation. A very limited one-sided work.   7. Kokuren Uchuugun Shikan Gakkou Saotome Gakuen Nyuugaku Annai 国連宇宙軍士官学校 早乙女学園 入学案内 [890228] STUDIO ANGEL MILITARY ACADEMY OF U.N. SPACE FORCE is a special women-only academy where students are trained to control mecha. The reader can have a look at academy's facilities, participate in the everyday life of the students and have own simulation and perchance even real mecha battles. Every second CG in this game is actually a HCG as students seem to be more interested in each other than in robots. Anyway, this work is more of a preparatory work for the second Satome game where the real story starts.   8. Lupin III ~Babylon no Ougon Densetsu~ ルパン三世 ~バビロンの黄金伝説~ [8902] Toho Mysterious Babylonian Tablets unearthed in Manhattan provide tantilizing clues about the location of the Tower of Babel - not the biblical one, but the original one, built out of solid gold! The Mob is out to get the gold, but so is Lupin III. Game has the same stage as the anime version, but lots of subcharacters differ. Castle of Cagliostro was a silent action RPG, but this game is pure command selection with lots of BGM. The game starts with Lupin meeting mysterious woman Rosetta at the bar. She definitely seems to know something about Babylon's gold. He gets to find for clay sticks in her apartment, then prison chief promisses to give him a clay board if Lupin steals a famous diamond. So it's mostly a game of errands and there's a long path to the mystery of Babylon's gold.   9. Yamamura Misa Suspense: Kyoto Hana no Misshitsu Satsujin Jiken 山村美紗サスペンス 京都花の密室殺人事件 [8902] TOSE Co., Ltd.

    The second game in the Yamamura Misa Suspense series, also featuring American detective Catherine as its protagonist. Let's just be done with these detective games as I can't appreciate them.   10. Private School プライベートスクール [890313] Elf 1 Private School is about a man trying to sneak into an all-women school so that he can cause mischief and possibly make it in bed with one of the girls that go there. It's a pretty standard sex comedy that uses the look/talk/move/etc. form of advancing the plot. Game has English review.   11. James Clavell's Shōgun James Clavell's Shōgun [890314] Infocom 1 2 3 4 The player assumes the role of John Blackthorne, Pilot-Major of the Dutch trading ship Erasmus. During a voyage in the Pacific Ocean in the year 1600, the Erasmus is shipwrecked in Japan. Blackthorne must survive in a land where every custom is as unfamiliar to him as the language. After learning some of the society's ways, he is drawn into a political struggle between warlords and falls in love with a Japanese woman. As the title indicates, the game is based on the book Shōgun by James Clavell. Game has English reviews.   12. Cobra: Kokuryuuou no Densetsu コブラ〜黒竜王の伝説 [890331] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 5 Based on an original manga/animé series, this is a Japan-only release of the first part of space pirate Cobra's story, the second part being The Space Adventure. Cobra is a brave renegade space pirate who fights the evil Pirate Guild and helps innocent people, cruising from planet to planet in his spaceship, aided by his trusty companion, the cyborg girl Lady. The adventure starts on a space station near the planet Eldo. The ancient civilization of this planet has long been destroyed, but the unusually beautiful light that surrounds the place attracts tourists from all over the galaxy. Cobra notices that a suspicious man watches his every step. Before long he realizes that his ship is under attack. Who is after Cobra? Will he be able to survive? That's what you have to find out! Game has English reviews.   13. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 1: Invitation - Kage kara no Shoutaijou サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ Vol.1 インビテーション 影からの招待状 [8903] DataWest 1 2 Katsuya Furuyagi is more than just a private investigator with a troubled past. He is also a psychic detective - a person who possesses extraordinary powers which allow him to "dive" into minds of people. One day he is contacted by the wealthy Shiratori family; their youngest member, the sixteen-year-old Asami, has lost her consciousness under mysterious circumstances and cannot recover. Furuyagi has to use his special abilities and learn more about the family's secrets in order to bring the girl back. The series is notable for two distinctive features - the protagonist has psychic powers and he he actually travels in the worlds of other persons' minds. That allows to present different worlds in each game. This is the first bullet in the series, so it presents quite a conventional world, but that also results in a high completeness of the game. The series uses the DAPS system - the most advanced sound and animation system of the time which results in outstanding performance. Unlike further games, here both mouse with point and click and command selection used. Furthermore, here time concept is used which add a layer of difficulty. Multiple gameplay elements were welcomed at that time.   14. Tawhid タウヒード [890426] Champion Soft Year 2031. Main character is 28 year old ex-operative photographer who travels around the world while taking pictures of ruins destroyed by war. A 12-year old girl who joined you in Egypt is being chased by secret organization and even the farthest corners of ruins around the world won't stop them. Champion Soft last game while on transition period to become Alice Soft. It was already brave to get Middle East into the setting. Each country had its own unique atmosphere. Egypt, Israel, Mongolia and Nepal are stages for each chapter and finally hero gets back to Japan. There's a vast attention to details and game can be enjoyed just by looking at the exotic views alone. There is enough of both adventuring with exploration of ruins and escaping from the pursuit. Interactive command selection is simplified so pace is good. There are adult scenes since girl gets naked on the battlefield, but it's by no means an eroge. The most important feature about the game is the unique atmosphere that was not ever repeated by any other game. That makes game memorable years after play-through.   15. Dual Targets - The 4th Unit Act.3 デュアルターゲット -第4のユニット3- [8904] DataWest 1 Three months have passed since the destruction of the oceanic base of the criminal organization WWWF. One day, Blon-Win and Asshu spot an android assassin attempting to infiltrate the Unified Force base. It appears that the androids, controlled by the WWWF, intend to kidnap the scientist responsible for the revolutionary device known as PPB (Psycho Power Booster). In addition, they have developed a bionic soldier who is a clone of Blon-Win. As if this weren't enough, Blon-Win's old nemesis Dalzy appears on the stage as well... From the third part the game gets a hard-boiled feel, but continues to use moe heroines. It's the first game in the series that can be called graphically impressive. Another new aspect is that now it's possible to say phrases with a chosen emotion and it diminishes the use of command selection. The battles become a commonplace, but the difficulty rises significantly. The volume is smaller this time, but it finally flows quite naturally and leaves a great impact.   16. Entführer - Yousei Yuukai Jiken エントフューラー 妖精誘拐事件 [8904] Grocer Sakakibara Takashi is looking for his missing girlfriend Azusa Hiromi at school. The difficulty of this work is high even though the number of commands is small. There are many game overs scattered around. There are a lot of H events that look very spontaneous to me. The target is to find the kidnapper and the game moves by picking up items and properly using them when suggested to.   17. Meitantei Holmes - M Kara no Chousenjou 名探偵ホームズ Mからの挑戦状 [890501] Another 1 2 As the fictional detective, the player must through places like Paris, Austria, and even Berlin to solve the mystery. There is a lot of talking and some investigating to do (just like in all the Sherlock Holmes books, television shows, and movies ever made). Game has enough English information.   18. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo 3 - D.C. Connection J.B.ハロルドの事件簿3 - D.C.コネクション [890513] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 D.C. Connection, the third entry in the J.B. Harold Series, is - perhaps not very surprisingly - set in Washington, D.C., the capital of United States of America. Walter Edwards, the chief of Liberty Town police, was found murdered near the grave of President Kennedy. His son Frederick is the prime suspect. However, when it becomes known that a very important FBI document has disappeared, the private investigator J.B. Harold decides that he must investigate the case on his own, without trusting the authorities... A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.   19. Pure ピュア [890513] Queen Soft 1 In this game, the player takes control of Shin Tadokoro, a 17-year-old exchange student. He attends the new school for one year only, because of his father's job. Afterwards, he'll have to go back - so there is no time to lose! The boy must do something about all those pretty girls in his school. But in order to capture their hearts, he will have to know them better... Game has great looks and this is where the advantages end. There's no real plot and you fail to perceive whether the story is going anywhere or not. The tempo is pretty bad due to a big list of commands and no real directions. The only aim is to get to each girl's HCG. It's really unclear how the game got a sequel.   20. Angel Hearts エンジェル・ハーツ [890516] Elf 1 2 3 In a certain girls' high school, students have begun to mysteriously disappear. Authorities suggest that a secret society is at work. A spy needs to be sent in order to solve the mystery, and this mission falls into the hands of this game's hero. His boss explains to him that the quest is dangerous, indeed: many students associated with the mysterious cult have gone rampant and will attack any trespasser on sight!.. The secret organization of the school is feeding on the students. Main character gets a request from a newspaper department manager to destroy that organization and rescue newspaper members that never returned from this task. It's an rpg+stealth. All the enemies are girls and hero uses attacks like whispers, kisses and chest massage. Since what you need the most is full HP, you're going to run back to school infirmary after each fight. And the encounter rate is high, so overall it feels very monotonous. Elf experimented quite a lot with the genres from the start, but it's only in ADV and later in SIM where it succeeded.   21. Shoujo Tantei Rinn-chan no Jikenbo - Dennou Shoujo Densetsu 少女探偵RINNちゃんの事件簿 電脳少女伝説 [890520] Agumix 1 Medieval fantasy world. Sister Norico accidentally got a curse item and turned into an evil witch. Rinn-chan learned the secrets of sex from a mysterious Chinese person, got a special sword of the fox from an alchemist of Central Europe and set to challenge Noriko's demonic dungeon. A very simplistic first-person RPG with the main focus into erotics. There is no party, no stats rise on lvl-up, only fixed enemies location - really simple systems and quite a short adventure for an RPG. The main purpose is to find "commanders", defeat them and get items and information from them via interrogation.   22. Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo ファミコン探偵倶楽部PART2 うしろに立つ少女 [890523] Nintendo R&D1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Famicom Detective Club II tells the story of a nameless fellow (you), who is taken under the wing of Shunsuke Utsugi, a private detective, after he is found on the street escaping from the police. Your character is assigned a case by Utsugi - to locate the person that murdered a schoolgirl near a waterway. Game has English reviews.   23. Crystal Dream クリスタルドリーム [8905] Striker 1 2 Angelo is a young man who had to leave his homeland and is now wandering the world, looking for adventure. One day he arrives in a town populated only by women. Brutal assassins attack the town, but Angelo swiftly deals with them. The head priestess of the town thanks him and explains that peace can be restored only if the two goddesses who protect the land will return. It appears that the goddesses were captured, so our hero decides to find them and bring them back. A standard one-man first person RPG. Combat system is quite basic. There's a tilt into erotics since there is a command to do H which seems to be possible with any female character under proper conditions.   24. Gaudi ~Barcelona no Kaze~ ガウディ ~バルセロナの風~ [890601] Wolf Team 1 Gaudi: Barcelona no Kaze was the first adventure developed by Wolf Team. It takes place in the Spanish city of Barcelona, which just the year before the release of the game was chosen for the celebration of the 25th Olympic Games. This is important to mention as the game takes place in the summer of 1992, the time at which the Olympic Games were being held in Barcelona. While the whole world enjoying Olympics of 1992 in Barcelona a catalonian political unrest grows in the very heart of the city. You are consultant sent to settle matters with local separatists. Setting was really far from most of gamers. Olympics in Barcelona terrorism and tackling with separatist movement lacked interest. Main hero as "information consultant" also rose lots of questions. You're neither detective nor fighter but rather a negotiator of some kind who must rely mostly on information manipulation. Depending on made choices, there were multiple endings. Graphics weren't good enough to be able to depict good scenery of the city. Very unusual game that could not find its audience.   25. Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur [890606] Infocom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The player assumes the role of a young Arthur, before the legendary days of Camelot. The "sword in the stone" that would signify Arthur's destiny to rule has been stolen by the evil King Lot. In the quest to regain the sword, Arthur must prove to Merlin that he has the qualities needed to be a great king: chivalry, experience, and wisdom. Merlin assists Arthur by giving him periodic advice as well as the power to transform into animals, but also tells him that unless Excalibur is recovered within three days, Lot will usurp his destiny as a king of legendary stature. Game has English reviews.   26. Dragoon Armor for Adult Dragoon Armor for Adult [890608] Fairytale 1 2 The lovely princess was abducted by a mysterious giant black bird. The bird carried the prisoner to a tower on the lake shore. Who would be brave enough to venture into the tower and to rescue the princess? Only the courageous knight Landis, aided by the Goddess herself! Game has English review (actually, Russian).   27. Soft de Hard na Monogatari 2 ソフトでハードな物語 II [890616] System Sacom 1 2 Hiroshi Saijo has done the impossible: when his father fell ill, he managed his software company with success. Now his father is the boss again, Hiroshi can relax and focus on his college studies and dating plans. However, he is still very much needed at the office, and matters become even more complicated when the new receptionist Rie Ishida arrives at the workplace. In part 1 Hiroshi had to substitute ill father as a president of a small soft company and tear it from the claws of bankruptcy. This time Hiroshi returns to Mocha Systems after a while as scenario writer and new receptionist girl Ishida joins the company and claims to be Hiroshi's fan. Soft de Hard na Monogatari 2 is novelware with some choices that determine branching. First versions were very difficult to capture and only in FM Towns version it's normal visual novel choices. Game is great. Pictures are superb since they are scanned. Humor is top notch. The atmosphere of old soft developing company is unique and great. Lots of contemporary parodies make it even better. Plot matters little since it's mostly situation comedy   28. Tanteidan X 探偵団X [890622] Heart Soft School detective group X investigates a case of a runaway school girl. It's a gag comedy and it's always difficult to try to understand those absurd ones. There is not even a single impression on the game so I'll just assume everyone before was just as puzzled as I was.   29. Ayumi アユミ [890629] Game Technopolis 1 Ayumi had been an ordinary Japanese teenage girl - until one day, when summer vacation was just about to begin, a strange creature appeared and told her that a parallel world is in danger. Only Ayumi can stop the evil warlock Baram and his monster minions, since the inhabitants of the other world consider her a goddess incarnate. Game is of cheerful comedy nature and it has great visuals with funny characters. But RPG top down style movement adds a lot of backtracking. The need to collect items and deploy them at the right place adds another layer of time wasting. The pace is getting killed completely and it's very easy to get stuck. Well, such a challenge was welcome at that time.   30. Evil Stone イーヴルストーン [8906] STUDIO ANGEL Hero is the Incubus of the red ball who can not move himself, but can possess any human who holds the stone to get information from that person. The flow is the same with stone being passed to some girl - dressed girl - naked girl - repeat. There are some choices to be done, but whichever I chose, the flow stood the same. It's too big of a failure to even try to understand what's the aim of the game.   31. Lonely Heart ロンリーハート [8906] Takeru The story of a lonely boy in a big city. There is no info on the game and pc88 is not hookable so I was not able to get much from the start of the game - the boy is a gentle one and in some poor life conditions. He seeks for a soulmate in the school and outside of it.   32. Misty Vol.1 Misty Vol.1 [8906] DataWest 1 Misty Vol.1 is a detective mystery adventure game set in modern-day Japan and starring the young private investigator Ryū Kamishiro. The game consists of five unrelated cases that can be accessed in any order from the main menu. These cases range from seemingly mundane matters to thefts, mysterious disappearances and murder investigations. This volume contains the following cases: Strange Naked Body, Red Fountain, Murderer's Laboratory, Tail Lights Disappearing in the Old City, and Decaying Family Tree. A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.   33. Tenboudai 展望台 [8906] Victor Musical Industries

    There is an observatory set atop the skyscraper building. Main character becomes a witness of a murder through the telescope. Is it possible to stop the murderer remotely? Yes, main character does not go far from his observation point in the game. It's a two-stage game with first one being preventing a murder and second one being saving own life as murderer advances to the observation point next. But commands have to be typed manually, and it's not fun with so many items to use.   34. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo III -Bangai Hen- 天使たちの午後III -番外編- [890706] JAST 1 2 The second Bangai-hen (a side story) in the Tenshitachi no Gogo series is set in the same environment and features recurrent characters from "Tenshi-tachi no Gogo 3 Ribbon". The protagonist is a high-school student, who also happens to be the brother of Haru Okamoto, the main love interest in "Ribbon". Like in most other games in this series, the story revolves around the main character's effort to have sex with every female character, including school mates and colleagues in part-time jobs. Special edition II was an original story, but Special edition III gets back to the origins with the help of characters used in part III. This game feels like a nanpagame with spontaneous H scenes. So the bad part is that the story is very loose - we just bruteforce the choices and see some unexpected events happening around. But there aren't too many command options to deplete and the pictures along with the characters are very good.   35. Cybernetic Hi-School 電脳学園 [890715] Gainax 1 2 3 You have been selected as one of the few lucky male pupils to go to the famous Cybernetic Hi-School. But before you can enroll, you must undergo three tests executed by fellow female pupils. As you finish a round, your examinator takes off some clothes, until they are entirely naked. Game has English reviews.   36. Intruder -Sakura Yashiki no Tansaku- Intruder -桜屋敷の探索- [890715] Alice Soft 1 Boy meets a girl and he falls in love with her. He loves her so much so he decided to get into her home... That's where real drama begins! It's a mansion search game where it's easy to get caught. Game was shipped as a part of collection initially due to quite simple nature. There's a lot of exploration to do and I guess it's useless to describe that.   37. Rance - Hikari o Motomete - ランス -光をもとめて- [890715] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The story is pretty simple - Hikari ("Light"), the red haired girl that you see in an opening clip, has been kidnapped. And Rance get the mission from his boss (the bald guy) to investigate the case. Rance is something like a detective in this story. This also turns the whole game more into a detective-like exploring than into rpg or more less rpg/strategy to which the gamers of the latter games of the series are used to. Rance isn’t alone in his job as he has a helper - 16 year old Sill. She's actually Rance's slave. She was from a rich family but later got kidnapped by some bandit and then auctioned as a slave. The one who bought her was of course Rance. Now with her help you (Rance) have to solve this mystery, bring Hikari back and pay back to the ones at fault. Game has English reviews.   38. Oishinbo Kyuukyoku no Menyuu Sanbonshoubu 美味しんぼ 究極のメニュー三本勝負 [890725] TOSE Software 1 2 3 4 Who knew a game about food could be interesting? Before you can even say kawahagi(filefish) or fugu (blowfish), you too can become an enthusiast of the culinary arts of Japan. You won’t have to watch Iron Chef to know the difference between foie gras and ankimo (monkfish liver). Follow the exploits of Shiro Yamaoka with the help of intern Yuko Kurita to find the best entrée for the Tozai Publishing 100th Anniversary banquet. Game has English reviews.   39. Muteki Keiji Daidageki ~Shijou Saidai no Hanzai~ 無敵刑事 大打撃 ~史上最大の犯罪~ [890727] Family Soft 1 The hero of the game, Daidageki, is a police agent known for his hot temper and fighting skills. He is working together with his lovely partner, Risa, fighting crime in Bunkyou-ku, a district in the heart of Tokyo. An encounter with a yakuza gang leads to the discovery of plutonium being smuggles into the country. very soon Daidageki and Lisa find themselves fighting for their lives, with no one to protect them but themselves... So two detectives dig up that plutonium is being smuggled in the country and end up having all the mafia on the tail. It's actually a sequel of kidnapping detective story of 1987. Game starts seriously but constantly drops into stupid situations and kidding then returns back to seriousness. It's both tackling contemporary politics and some monster may also appear all of a sudden. Game has fighting scenes, mainly punches and kicks. So genre is action parody or something like that. Game has almost all the lines voiced (!), so with listening all the dialogues length would supersede 7 hours.   40. Girls Paradise Rakuen no Tenshi-tachi ガールズパラダイス 楽園の天使たち [890728] Great 1 The protagonist of the game is an eighteen-year-old boy whose destiny is to defeat a legendary demon, thus ending the Age of Darkness. As the hero embarks on his journey, he realizes that he must have chosen a wrong destination, for he becomes stranded on a tropical island that seems to be populated entirely by women. No, the hero does not abandon his world-saving mission because of that; but in order to leave the island, he needs to perform various quests for its young and pretty female inhabitants, which more often than not involve demonstrating... err... somewhat intimate aspects of his heroic nature. Command selection, but often target is chosen with a mouse. Game is clearly of adult nature, so most of the time is spent on fulfilling requests while jumping around map locations and triggering scenes.   41. Can Can Bunny きゃんきゃんバニー [8907] Cocktail Soft 1 2 The story of this game is simple. The protagonist is a lonely guy who constantly dreams about having a girlfriend but doesn't do anything to actually get one. One night, a fairy with bunny ears named Ariko appears in front of him and says she will fulfill one wish for him. Afterwards she simply guesses what the guy needs most badly: a girlfriend. So she gives him a magic book, which will give him information about five beautiful girls living somewhere in the city. With this book the hero's chances are increased. The quest for love begins! Game has English reviews.   42. Dessert デザート [8907] Queen Soft One day an unusual request arrives at the detective office where the main character works. The client's fiancée refuses to gain intimacy to him and he seeks for ways to change that. Compared to the previous "Pure" game of QueenSoft, the systems got more forgiving resulting in less stress. The story is same as absent here too though. Character designs are uneven. The feature of this work is that all the girls are in their twenties and possibly even in the thirties.     43. Kami no Machi 神の聖都 [8907] Studio Panther Kannai town in Yokohama became a ground for a major incident and turned into a limited zone. The lawless city of "Agarta" rose on its place. Two years after the incident a young man Yuuki sets for Agartha in search of his lover missed after the incident. You gather ammo for your weapons and break through monsters to get into the mazed complex with couple comrades. It's a solid animated story with loss of comrades, joy of reunion and mystery of the major incident. It's said that game was in development for 3 years and did not gain much attention.   44. Crescent Moon Girl CRESCENT MOON がぁる [890815] Alice Soft 1 2 You play as a cat that walks into a tent and is transformed into a human by a breaking a crystal ball. You don't want to be a human, though! You liked being a cat! The owner of the broken crystal ball says that she'll reverse the curse if you can go through town and bring her the Crescent Moon Girl. That is how your quest begins. Game has English reviews.   45. Pinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dream ぴんきぃぽんきぃ1 びゅうてぃふるどりぃむ [8908] Elf 1 2 The title screen is funny: "Remember, this is a game about picking up girls. No matter how well you do in the game, you shouldn't get all confident and actually try to pick up girls. It will only end badly. Elf assumes no liability in such cases." The game itself is a series of rapid fire scenarios that have to do with picking up women. If you do good, your score goes up and you're more likely to get a sex scene. If you screw up too much, your score goes down, the scenario ends, and the game mocks you. Game has English reviews.   46. Pinky Ponky 2 - Twilight Games ぴんきぃぽんきぃ2 とわいらいとげぇむず [8908] Elf 1 2 The title screen is funny: "Remember, this is a game about picking up girls. No matter how well you do in the game, you shouldn't get all confident and actually try to pick up girls. It will only end badly. Elf assumes no liability in such cases." This is largely the same game as the first Pinky Ponky. You get rapid-fire scenarios thrown at you. The object of the game is to pick up girls, sometimes in bizarre situations. There's almost no character development, plot, or actual storytelling. The whole thing is just framework for a bare-bones choice system and a few situational jokes. Game has English reviews.   47. Pinky Ponky 3 - Battle Lover ぴんきぃぽんきぃ3 ばとるらばぁ [8908] Elf 1 The third chapter in the Pinky Ponky series is identical to its predecessors visually and gameplay-wise. Like in the previous two games, the protagonist, a young man named Akira, must successfully seduce five young women in five different scenarios. The goal is to select dialogue choices and actions that would raise the girl's satisfaction meter and trigger the next scene. Failure to do so will break off the current scenario and end the game after the fifth one. The situations are fairly traditional compared to the second game, involving encounters on a train, in an amusement park, in an apartment complex, etc. Ok, this game does not have an English review, but nothing really changes since the three games have exactly the same mechanics, just different 5 nanpa stories each.   48. Sematte Mitai せまってみたい [8908] Hard An adventure game where you invite young high school girls to go on a date. The date is held in a way that any your mistake abruptly ends it. Also there is a limit on money that can be spent. Game has good character designs and cleverly uses animation.   49. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo III Ribbon 天使たちの午後III リボン [8908] JAST 1 The third game in the Tenshitachi no Gogo series is not connected to its predecessors story-wise. In this installment, the player assumes the role of a male teacher in a high school. Many pretty female students (and pretty female teachers) surround the hero, but he only has one girl in mind: Haru Okamoto, whom he calls "his angel". In order to win her love, the hero will have to know her better - which also means knowing the secrets of students and teachers alike... Game graphics have changed and not in a good way - male characters and support cast sometimes have just hideous faces. Girls are usually cute, but the overall impression gets largely spoiled. A novelty is that there are 6 endings overall. It feels very ordinary in terms of content.   50. Twilight Zone 3 Nagakute Amai Yoru トワイライトゾーン3 長くて甘い夜 [8908] Great 1 Several months have passed since the protagonist of this game experienced the sexual pleasures and horrors of the mysterious mansion. One day he goes on a date with a girl named Reiko, and his girlfriend Yōko gets jealous. Returning home, the young man begins to think of his behavior and how to improve it, and gradually sinks into a dream that takes him back to the mansion and back to sex. A direct continuation of part II which is explained in the initial scenes. Now there are 4 floors and one underground with some floors representing the past and some the future. Youko is found fairly fast but you're told by Reiko that you can't marry her till you become an ideal person for her which means getting popular, fun, kind, powerful, prosperous and clever. That means getting from past to future is needed to gain her empathy and actually watch her grow with time. There is only one ending and it's with Yoko which spawned discussion of what was going with Reiko then. Thus it's possible to say that the game influenced increase in multiple heroines endings. But even though the story gets a strong push, the gameplay stays the same - same H encounters, same absence of mapping. A masterpiece game buried under the rubble mechanics.   51. Yami no Iyo Densetsu ~Joouzuka Satsujin Jiken~ 闇の壱与伝説 ~女王塚殺人事件~ [8908] Hot-B You're a spiritual detective Shura and being requested to help Metropolitan Police Department to investigate murder of a man who was sucked all the blood off and death of a girl in a different prefecture. It's a horror adventure, but atmosphere is not as dense as in Wing Studio works. At battle scene game almost turns into RPG since you have HP, MP that increase as you win battles. Commands to choose from are few and no need for a guide to complete it and the pace is good. All the characters are unique and likable. Quite a few ero scenes are present. Overall a good story-driven VN with good length, interesting narration and high level of satisfaction.   52. Koroshi no Dress 2 殺しのドレス2 [890912] Fairytale Hero is a detective who receives a strange request to fake marry a beautiful client woman. But during the wedding she gets killed by someone. Hero starts to investigate her circle of friends and acquaintances. The first part was an adult work with gore and violence but was hardly erotic at all. This work pushes H events everywhere - it even starts with one that has no significance for the story at all. Scenario part is short and there is also lesser mystery element since we investigate a circle of people and get involved in crime syndicate dealings. Many game elements have evolved, but the the impression and the impact grew thin.   53. ALFAIM アルフェイム [890914] Zainsoft One day a high school academy student runs out of the class and commits suicide - as it was reported - because of sexual misconduct. His best friend Ikeuchi Ryo did not believe the story - because his friend had number 21 on his palm - and went to his friend's house for investigation. There he found a letter saying the boy would die the next day. The next day when the new transfer student arrived to the class Ikeuchi Ryo fell unconscious upon meeting him. After awakening in the infirmary he realized he gained superpowers and using them showed that the new transfer student and the home teacher and related to his friend's death ... Wow, what a story. Unfortunately PC-98 version is nowhere to be found, so no hooking. Alfaim deals with straightforward high-school paranoia and suicide. Transfer student is willing to provoke question was the epicenter of the case, In order to provoke Ikeuchi Ryo's ambition to dominate the world, the transfer student is killing one by one the people surrounding Ryo triggering the battle among the students. Game has great visuals and quite a comfortable gameplay with not too many commands to select from.   54. Idol Hakkenden アイドル八犬伝 [890914] Towachiki 1 2 3 4 Sick and bedridden, the zaibatsu tycoon Tomiko senses that her death is near and must nominate an heir among her three granddaughters. To decide who will receive her whole fortune, she launches a challenge: whoever will give her best in the next three months will be the winner. Shizuka, the oldest granddaughter and owner of several business companies, and Reika, the second oldest and a genius scientist, are sure that it's going to be a battle between the two of them. However, Erika, the youngest, has a plan of her own: using her only talent, singing, she aims to break through as a super idol and to do so, she must first seek the help of seven other companions. Meanwhile, a mysterious man called Dark Lord Iromono is on Erika's track, plotting to have her join his army and become an iromono talent instead. Game has English reviews.   55. Mephist メフィスト [890915] Striker In 1990 lightnings from the sky started to cause multiple aircraft and sea transport crashes. Strange creatures crawled out from the water. Hero is a special agent who is summoned to put an end to these events. PC-98 version fails to start demanding some memory switches to be turned up, so the description is based on information acquired in the game itself. There is not a single impression on the net. The game is quite beautiful, with nice characters.   56. Run Run Kyousoukyoku RUN・RUN 狂走曲 [890915] Elf 1 2 The female inhabitants of a poor village in Japan want to improve the technological level of their homeland. A lazy but patriotic young man who grew up in the same village agrees to organize a world-wide running competition that will hopefully bring glory to the village. Game has English reviews.   57. Marusa no Onna マルサの女 [890919] Capcom 1 2 A female tax auditor, Ryōko Itakura, inspects the accounts of various Japanese companies, uncovering hidden incomes and recovering unpaid taxes. One day she persuades her boss to let her investigate the owner of a string of love hotels who seems to be avoiding tax, but after an investigation no evidence is found. During the investigation the inspector and the inspected owner, Hideki Gondō, develop an unspoken respect for each other. Wow, when I first saw gameplay videos, I thought it's a simulator of a usual working woman. It turned out to be game remake of a film Taxing woman - woman who excels at finding tax avoidance schemes. There are some minor differences with the film in details but you can't talk about the game without seeing the movie which I'm not really inclined to do.   58. Hare Nochi Oosawagi! 晴れのちおおさわぎ! [8909] Cocktail Soft A formal request was passed from school principal to you as the student council president to investigate ghost matter in school. As you question victim high school girls, a connection with a mysterious incident that happened 300 years ago comes to light... Although the system was command select formula, there were very few flags to get so the pace was very good. You question cute witness girls, get close to the mystery, get an ero scene late into the game and then game literally says "to be continued". Girls were totally different so this work can be described as an early charage. Although the investigation struggled to be conducted in a serious the atmosphere was rather a light comedy. Anyway, this game made Cocktail Soft a serious player on eroge market and encouraged to work on similar games.   59. Kindan no Paradise 禁断のパラダイス [8909] STUDIO ANGEL Saori drifts to the island where the two female tribes confront compete for the selection of a next queen. Saori will search for "the dew of love of the goddess" which is a condition for becoming a queen . Game clearly does not care about the story and just throws H events at random. The game should at least be acknowledged for having full yuri love setting deployed. As in every Studio Angel works, you just pick one command from the list and as usual graphics is outdated.   60. Yaritai Houdai 2 - Tourist o Nerae!! やりたい放題2 ツーリストを狙え!! [8909] Lucifer Soft The second part of the series follows the same nanpa flow, but this time outside the city. Again the difficulty level is too high. Otherwise just a nanpa game with HCG as target.   61. Abunai Tengu Densetsu - Yomigaetta Tengu ga Yozora o Mau あぶない天狗伝説 -よみがえった天狗が夜空を舞う- [891015] Alice Soft 1 Kazumi Kinoshita and Sanae Kanazawa are two high school girls who go on a school trip together with their classmates. Shortly after their arrival at the camp dormitory, various girls become targeted by unknown assailants. In order to solve the mystery the two heroines must talk to their classmates, collect clues, and eventually find the culprits. Collecting the clues reminds fooling around and picking up on other girls mostly. It's reported that you get a hint of what to do next, but I tried to bruteforce and stumbled upon three floors full of rooms with girls to interact - that's a bit too much. The sudden yuri attacks also left me puzzled. The characters are cute, but I don't see a reason to play this game other than HCG which are abundant when the way to enter the underground floor is found.   62. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2: Memories サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ Vol.2 メモリーズ [891020] DataWest 1 The psychic detective Katsuya Furuyagi cannot forget his past. Looking at the photo in his office, he recalls Rieka, the woman who won't leave him in his dreams. At that moment, a young girl enters the office; seemingly distressed, she utters a strange request: "erase the memory of my father". Intrigued, Furuyagi uses his psychic abilities to travel to the past and relive memories and people's fates once again. This part has a distinct individuality and thus leaves a high impact. The hero travels to the dark world of his client memories. Everything there is distorted and differs greatly from reality. Guro elements begin to get incorporated heavily starting with this work. Memories is also the first one to run the sound alongside with animation, even though it's not fully synchronized. The gameplay gets easier, just command selection.   63. 38 Man Kilo no Kokuu 38万キロの虚空 [891021] System Sacom 1 Following a devastating atomic war between USA and Soviet Union, the Earth has plunged into chaos and destruction in the 1990s. It was not until the middle of the 21th century that humanity started to recover from its losses. Earth was nearly abandoned, and representative of the most powerful countries concentrated on space colonization projects. The Americans founded an organization called NSCA (National Space Colonized Association). Their project, SC (Space Colony), was a huge tower, comparable to the mythical Tower of Babel. This is also the home of the game's protagonist, who returns after prolonged space travels, and soon becomes involved in a complex struggle between countries and political organizations. This time the story is given a definite emphasis on the scenario and this is the most complex and most serious story System Sacom ever produced. And the company seems to be so confident in the story, that one monochrome picture can easily stay on the screen for 5 minutes or more with only text to change. But there's another secret behind this work - it uses midi a lot and melodies change frequently. If you look at the games before 1990, they are mostly soundless or only with sound effects. As you can see from the video hook only acquires rubbish and no custom hooks help so we'll have only to trust that the story is worth it.   64. Dragon Knight ドラゴンナイト [891101] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 In the kingdom of Strawberry Fields, a place inhabited only by women, the Goddess' Tower has protected the land and its people for generations. Then one day, the Demon descended upon the tower, and the people of Strawberry Fields suddenly find themselves threatened. Answering Queen Luna's (Noriko Hidaka) plea for help, the young warrior and traveler Yamato Takeru (Akira Kamiya) takes them on. Game has English reviews.   65. Destruction Joukan デストラクション上巻 [891106] Soft Studio Wing TV broadcast was interrupted by unusual voice saying "Look at the sky at midnight". At midnight a sky object resembling an angered human face appeared on horizon and people seeing it dropped down with their mouths full of blood, but got up with superpowers. Darkness is coming and espers should become the warriors of light to stop it. Soft Studio Wing here. Epic story based on studio's very first black and white series. So epic that it could not fit into one game, so it's the first part of the dilogy. You play as a reporter tasked to investigate the appearance of the sky object that turned out to be absent on cameras and photos made at midnight. Such atmosphere can only be attained by Studio Wing. Part one is introductory one. Tension rises and little by little seeds of darkness embrace the city. Let's wait for culmination in part 2.   66. Idaten Ikase Otoko 2 ~Jinsei no Imi~ 韋駄天いかせ男2 ~人生の意味~ [891110] Family Soft The hero is a Korean wrestler who has been working in a Brazilian farm and now comes to Japan without the proper knowledge of the language. He has an ability to excite girls with random phrases alone. The theme of the second work is "life". The game starts with the first newly wed pair night and follows through other married couple and their future children situations - using random phrases resolves all those situations one by one. The meaning of the work is to read funny phrases from words that are set to numbers. The phrases are refined even further. It's a bakage so some situations are superficial here. Useless for people who could not understand the charm of the prequel.   67. Kibun wa Pastel Touch 気分はぱすてるたっち [891111] Great Main character is count Dracula and he proposes to a Japanese girl Umi. Response is put on hold till Dracula picks her up in the daytime. Three months later he visits her school as a male student to charm girls with magic and get Umi whereabouts from them. There are a lot of bad endings, so frequent saving is a must. Otherwise it's quite a pleasant sligthly erotic bakage.   68. Paragon Sexa Doll パラゴンセクサドール DOLL [891121] Heart Soft Two stars had military agreements to avoid conflict, but a war broke out from conflict on unmanned planet Alpha. Many sex doll robots were upgraded to execute military functions. Sex Doll Tina volunteered to avenge for her friend Barbara who got caught with spying charges. This work is a black sheep no matter how you look at it. The content is all age - that's something extraordinary for pc-88 game. Development is heavy and very serious. A lot of commands are used and the same screen can last for a very long time. The girls here aren't cute, but graphics are strangely impressive. The sound support is on par to it - it really fits the situation. But what impresses the newer generation is the amount of animation used in this work. That's a definite masterpiece.   69. Saotome Gakuen Blue Wind 早乙女学園 ブルーウインド [891121] STUDIO ANGEL 2051 AD. Freshmen from MILITARY ACADEMY OF U.N. SPACE FORCE go to an excursion on a sightseeing ship. However, it gets hijacked by pirates and its passengers become hostages. The heroine and two other second year students are given orders to pass the ransom while the second group infiltrates the vehicle and rescue the hostages. There is a choice whether to be the person who passes the ransom or be one of the two-man team who rescues the hostages. So this is a scenario work, but with multiple HCG hopping here and there. Since all the heroes are females, those are mostly yuri scenes. Those spontaneous HCG and immature graphical level really spoil the impression.   70. Fruit Cocktail フルーツ・カクテル [891124] Cocktail Soft A stripping card game with three opponents. This is NOT a visual novel, so there's nothing to discuss. I hope it to be expelled from vndb someday.
        71. Misty Vol.2 Misty Vol.2 [891124] DataWest 1 This volume contains the following cases: In the Middle of a Fateful Prank, Corpse from the Sky, Judging Sky, Do You Believe in God? and Ambition's Edge. A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.   72. Teito Taisen 帝都大戦 [8911] Chou Onsoku Adaptation of the eponymous movie. There is no information on the game apart of that it's an adaptation of some movie that noone seen and that it does not have own graphics - all the CG are still images taken from films.   73. Alice-tachi no Gogo Vol. 1 アリスたちの午後 Vol.1 [891201] System House Oh! 1 The plot of this game is very simple: there is a big Expo in Japan, and the protagonist - working as a journalist for a company called "Oh!" (suspiciously similar to the company that designed this game) - must enter each pavilion and take pictures of the female models there. The trick is that the company is interested in erotic pictures of semi- or completely nude models, so the hero must use all his charm in order to convince the models to do so... It's an RPG if consider that the hero has money, level and experience values. There are 100 pavilions in both of the game parts and there's no other goal than to visit them all and undress even the toughest ladies.   74. Alice-tachi no Gogo Vol. 2 アリスたちの午後 Vol.2 [891201] System House Oh! 1 The second volume has exactly the same story as the first: as a journalist working for a company named "Oh!", the player has to explore a huge Expo area and take pictures of as many pretty girls as possible, preferably undressed. Second part has the same gameplay, but this time there's no introduction and hero is thrown right into pits of eroticism.   75. Koube Ren'ai Monogatari 神戸恋愛物語 [891207] Zainsoft A love story unfolds while sightseeing in Kobe. The main feature of the game is multiple digitized real photos of Kobe town. The atmosphere is unique and evaluation depends on the level of immersion. What actually ruins the immersion is a great number of misspellings.   76. Seirei Gari 星霊狩り [891208] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 5 Mike (or otherwise known as Michimune in Japanese) with the help of Professor Kiyojo must rescue his girlfriend Miu from the nefarious clutches of the phantom of Christian Rosencreutz. Travel to a haunted manor, mystic ruins of Asuka, and to the mythical land of Shambala in order to uncover the mysterious trail. Game has English reviews.   77. Cybernetic Hi-School Part 2 ~Highway Buster!!~ 電脳学園2 ~ハイウェイバスター!!~ [891210] Gainax 1 Something strange is afoot in town. A midnight rider is assaulting drivers on the highway, bombarding them with tricky quiz questions. If the driver can't answer the questions, he and his car is blown up. Out of fear of the so-called Highway Buster, people dare no longer use the highways. As a student at the Cybernetic Hi-School, the player is given the task by the headmaster of finding out who the Highway Buster is, and ultimately defeat him. The first three parts have relatively the same quiz nature mechanics. The difference in this work is addition of help section and panic mode. Most of the questions relate to road safety etc.   78. D.P.S. D.P.S. [891215] Alice Soft 1 2 3 D.P.S. is a collection of three short scenarios, which are unrelated to each other story-wise and can be played separately. Those scenarios are presented as cartridges played on a fictional console named Dream Program System. Each scenario allows the player to choose between two different protagonists, or two different personalities for the protagonist. All of the scenarios feature nudity and/or sexual situations. Game has English reviews.   79. Otome Party おとめぱーてぃ [891215] Game Technopolis There is a short story prepared for each game character, but story is chosen according to gender and one of the five age categories selected. The contents varies from a child story about the kitten if woman is chosen to the nursing story about the hospital if an old man is chosen. The stories are short and vary in quality. But the heroines are cute and even H scenes are well done. What's especially good is that difficulty level is not high and there are only 3-4 commands available at a time.   80. Arcshu ~Kagerou no Jidai o Koete~ あーくしゅ ~陽炎の時代を越えて~ [891216] Wolf Team 1 Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o Koete is loosely related to the greater Arcus series. It is a visual novel created in the parody style, and in the process hits many common pop culture items of the day (movies, novels, comics, animation, etc.). The story follows the main character, Jeda, through a series of still images and standard adventure-game puzzles and menu-based navigation as the player works through an overlying mystery. As the story progresses, Jeda finds that there is a hole in his dimension, and the only way to repair this hole is to travel through other dimensions (and time) to seek out a mystical holy sword and a group of CDs that will restore things to their proper nature. Throughout this journey, there are numerous cameos and other appearances by other Wolf Team and Nippon Telenet characters from various other media (The Valis Series, Midgarts, Final Zone, etc.). Musically, there are also numerous tracks that have been pulled from these same properties (and in some cases comically rearranged) and are used to good effect here. There are 8 dimensions overall with each corresponding to some theme or game. Since it's a parody it heavily relies on Arcus games and other contemporary media. The difficulty level is not high since there are few commands to select from.   81. Imitation wa Aisenai イミテーションは愛せない [891216] Great In near future women fertility deceased and "imitation women" were created for this purpose. 20 years later the fertility values normalized and "imitation women" lost their existence value. Android women were all stunning beauties, so women organizations conspired to eliminate this threat. Hero is a first class android hunter D who is now given a new task to find three runaway imitation women. Remake of Imitation City of 1987 and probably the most impressive SF story of the 80s. It's difficult to sympathize with D at first as he ruthlessly kills the unarmed and begging for mercy imitation women, but little by little we get to know that he does not have memories of the past and eventually he finds out that his own lover is also an imitation woman and is queued for elimination. The sound in this work fits brilliantly. On the shortcomings side the character design is somewhat shabby. That actually may be for the best since we have to kill so many androids - it's as if saying that it's a scenario oriented hard-boiled work and if you're looking for H look elsewhere.   82. Zerø - The 4th Unit Act.4 Zerø - ZERO 第4のユニット4 [891220] DataWest 1 Only a few days have passed since the andoird assaults and the shocking encounter with Blon-Win's clone. The Unified Force gathers all its resources, preparing to engage the shady trade organization WWWF. However, a strange accident leads Blon-Win to assume that one of the Unified Force's members might be a traitor. The game retains combat system and emotionally charged responses, but it goes back to first two parts for everything involved with graphics. Since we're tasked to find the traitor we can attack any ally, but if it's a different person than a traitor there's going to be game over. It's very easy to get stuck here since the story progresses with conversation progress of each character, so continuous hitting talk button is needed with every character using all the possible emotions. So this work differs from the predecessors because it's mostly about talking (and escaping some deathbound situations).   83. Princess wa Street Girl? プリンセスはストリートガール? [891221] Lucifer Soft 1 You play as The Prince. Your father expects to to marry someone by a certain date and there is no one you are in love with. Then you meet a prostitute and it's love at first sight! The problem is that your father doesn't approve of this "street girl". It's up to you to teach her how to walk like a lady, dance like a lady, read like a lady, and learn lady-like manners. Can you earn your stern father's approval, show him that there's more to your girlfriend than just a prostitute, and live happily ever after? Surprisingly there's an English review of this game.   84. Trilogy Kuki Youka Shinden トリロジー 九鬼妖華真伝 [891221] Hard The fight of the Kuki and Yasha clans continues from the Meiji Restoration. Yasha clan member is weaving threads around the heroine Kuki Kyoha. The work was supposed to be a prologue a series of three works, but they never came out. This work has very small volume for that reason and just can't be evaluated as a full work. The CG are great and there are some yuri scenes in the game.   85. Hero Syndrome ヒーローシンドローム [891222] Takeru

    Main character is a second year high school student who always see mysterious fantasies during sex with girls. Sometimes it's a dark church, sometimes a sandy patio... and someone stands there, but illusion wears off as soon as he tries to remember the person. In order to solve this mystery he randomly invites girl to have an intercourse, and there is one special girl among them... We see that there's command selection implemented, but nothing else is known apart that it's a lesser known H-tilt doujin title.   86. TM Network: Live in Power Bowl TMネットワーク ライブ イン パワーボウル [891222] CBS Sony Group

    The story starts on New Year's Eve in the year 1999 with the player lounging around in his room generally doing nothing early in the morning. After turning on his computer, he suddenly acquires information that the strategic defense satellite "Colosseum" has picked up some nuclear weapons being fired.
    These nuclear weapons are being fired at a rapid pace between two forces (presumably the Americans and the Russians). Without knowing it, World War III is breaking out in front of the player. All the major cities in the world end up getting catastrophically damaged; including Paris, New York City and Washington, D.C.. A nuclear blast mysteriously sends the player back to December 22, 1989; with only two days remaining until the official launch of the satellite system.
    The nuclear war will not be prevented and civilization will destroy itself unless the player can manage to get the TM Network band to a concert for world peace even if he has to drive a truck to get them to their destination. Comman selection is impelemted. We gather information and items. Game features music of promoted channel TM Network a lot.   87. Lime ライム [891226] Software House Parsley Toshihiko Kondo is a high school student who wants to make a name for himself. One day he finds a map in a library book - the map shows the location of treasure in Ishikawa prefecture. He sets on a journey for the treasure not forgetting to visit sightseeing spots of the place. The feature of this work is that it uses 400-lines graphics and thus does not bother to prepare a degraded version for pc-88. The graphics actually don't impress at all, but character designs are ok. I was largely disappointed by multiple spontaneous H scenes.   88. Endan Rekishi Emaki ~Nukata no Ookimi~ 艶談・歴史絵巻 ~ぬかたのおおきみ~ [8912] STUDIO ANGEL Main character occasionally activates time machine and gets to 7th century Asuka period, the time of Taika reform establishment and Soga clan dominance. The final part of the trilogy, but the least interesting historical period is chosen this time and thus there is even no walkthrough of this game available. Hardy anything is known about those ancient historical figures apart of the names and the women of the period are quite generic noble women. Another important difference from the prequels is that we used to boldly change history, but this time we need to repeat Taika reforms accurately and never try to quarrel with the Soga clan or we get game over.   89. Lipstick. ADV 2 Lipstick. ADV2 [8912] Fairytale 1 This is the second entry in Lipstick Adventure series. Once again, the protagonist is the young private detective Gorou. One day his girlfriend Otomi introduces to him a customer, a man who calls himself Sakamoto. When Gorou meets him at the train station, Sakamoto hands him a suitcase, saying he should deliver it to his company in Osaka. However, the suitcase contains a bomb, and the poor Gorou is brought to police headquarters as a terrorist suspect... Gorou gets a request to deliver a suitcase to Osaka. However, a bomb is found inside and Gorou charged with being a terrorist. So scenario writer changed. But surprisingly enough the charm of characters and the plot remained on high level. Whether Hiruda made a carcass for it or remaining staff was intact, but game is same funny. Same heroine accompanies Gorou with the sole change that she is now a college student. It suits her less so in part 3 she's going to be high school girl again. Still, since it's part 2 with relatively the same cast, the degree of freshness is poor and this time it's no revolutionary matter, but a very good one still.   90. Asoko no Koufuku アソコの幸福 [8912] Zeit The theme of the game is metamorphosis. There are several short fetish stories with different protagonists and progression of interacting with surrounding items at a specific order to answer a fetishist question in each scene. What a crazy game. It was supposed to be based on manga, but it soon flew in a different direction. The scenes on the screen are totally surreal and mindblowing. The minigame is quite entertaining and it's always possible to summon the cardinal who says what to do next. Fetish erotics mixed with gags supported by great music create a truly unique atmosphere that pushes to keep on playing even despite the somewhat slow minigame progression. That's truly a masterpiece.   91. Idaten Ikase Otoko 3 ~Sengo Hen~ 韋駄天いかせ男3 ~戦後編~ [8912] Family Soft Japan is occupied after the end of the World War II. Hero is a soldier who does not speak Japanese, but has an ability to excite girls with random phrases alone. This time the phrases are refined even further and the game is made less painful to progress with gauge filling much faster. At the same time the pictures of afterwar chaos mixed with a lot of satire give the game a more playful feel. Despite all the improvements I just can't appreciate a game that's based on inputting digits to make random phrases of them.   92. ZorkQuest: The Crystal of Doom ZorkQuest: The Crystal of Doom [8912] Infocom 1 2 3 4 5 The caravan of the brave adventurers heads towards Accardi-By-The-Sea, each of them motivated in his (or her) own way. The magician Frobwit is on his way to the Convention of Enchanters and Sorcerers; the lovely Acia is travelling to visit her sickly grandmother; the merchant Gurthark simply wants to sell goods; and the scout Ryker ponders the new feeling that has entered his life: love... Game has English reviews.     93. Sadistic Gamers Part 1 Kateikyoushi Play サディスティックゲーマーズ PART-1 家庭教師プレイ [89] Sixteens

    Tutor girl comes by. But if quiz questions are answered correctly, then it may become time for main character to teach her something. It's possible to demand different kinds of rewards for correct answers, even extreme ones, as title suggests.   94. SD Toki no Kagi SD時の鍵 [8912] Hypa Soft
    Main character receives a key from a girl and sees a mysterious dream at night. Where does this key lead? Game is kinetic novel less than 5 minutes in length. It seems to be a promo for manga.
  11. kivandopulus
    Sorauta is the only masterpiece of this Comiket month. Whenever I've no strong preference, I just choose something looking fine and without a review. This month I'm going to review Koijibashi .
    1. Hayarigami: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File 流行り神 警視庁怪異事件ファイル [040805] Nippon Ichi 1 2

    From chain mails that leads to murder, mysterious suicides and missing children, you, as a police officer have to put all your brain cells to work, connect the events together to discover the truth. There are English reviews.  
    2. Ringetsu 燐月-リンゲツ- [040806] Selen

    Long time ago, the Rindou family was cursed by a monster. Since then, new born babies have been girls. To break the curse, they had to marry girls of the Hizuki family who have strong spiritual power, and have to bear a child by the next red moon. Now, the curse befalls to Rindo Naoto. In order to break the curse, he has to beget a child with one of four sisters of the Hizuki. It's a mix of romance and insult, plus the pregnancy fetish. Selen is known as 100% nukige producer, but I thought I need to bring their most popular game up, especially since synopsis is kind of neutral. There are four sisters available each having about 15 H events with main heroine over 30 ones. Moreover, all the H events are insult ones. There are six endings - each personal one, plus harem one, plus evil end.  
    3. Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- 永遠のアセリア Expansion —The Spirit of Eternity Sword— [040813] Xuse 1 2 3

    Eien no Aselia Expansion re-tells the last chapter of the original game with the choice of two new routes, providing endings for Tokimi and Kyouko that didn't have one in Eien no Aselia. The game starts right away from the beginning of the chapter five and instead of the world strategy map stages there is a maze stage to be played.
    The original game is not needed to play this fandisc. Game is localized and has English reviews.  
    4. Koijibashi こいじばし [040813] Raccoon

    Yuta Tachibana was supposed to graduate this march, but he decided to do a graduation trip with his childhood friend instead. In their destination, they find Yuta's cousin waiting in a bridge rumoured to bring fortune to lovers. What Yuta doesn't know is that even stranger things are waiting around the corner... Looks like a moege-ish game from a new brand, but I'm reviewing it myself to make things clear.  
    5. Mizu no Kakera ~Once Summer of Islet~ Origin みずのかけら-once summer of islet-ORIGIN [040813] Nico

    Main character is an ordinary boy who lives in Tokyo. On summer vacations he receives a letter from Itoko who he has not seen for a long time. He starts to hear girl's voice asking for help akin to hallucination. The letter calls him to visit the water god festival on the island... Remake of 2002 year game with full voice.  
    6. Puni Puni☆Handmaid ぷにぷに☆はんどメイド [040813] Clover 1

    When three magical jewels mysterious fall from the sky, Earth is suddenly thrust into inter-dimensional affairs of the gravest importance, for these stones possess the power to transform anything they come in contact into humanoid creatures with sentience and superhuman powers. Thus begins an unforgettable adventure for a seemingly ordinary student, when three normal pets he has befriended, become beautiful women who seek to win his favor and heart. Where did these stones originate? Who seeks to claim them? Why? The answers will forever change this young man’s life, and those closest to him. There is an English review.  
    7. Saishuu Shiken Kujira 最終試験くじら [040813] Circus 1

    Like snow falling in summer, like a cicada lamenting the coming of winter...
    In a town watched over by a whale in the sky... the extraordinary is made ordinary. Spectacles that could never be given form are instead given flesh and soul.
    And in their midst, the story of a miracle that comes to pass in this town of miracles incarnate...
    Welcome to the world of "Final Examination Kujira". Flying whales conquer the world!
    Really, this game tries to be epic so much that it looks very funny and absurd. There is so much suspense set from the beginning, that the whole game is dedicated to explaining all this mess. It's all done to cover the unsatisfactory and weak scenario. Basically we gather three "keys" in normal scenarios in order to access the "final whale test". Circus keeps discrediting itself as the ultimate impotence brand.  
    8. Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers ギャラクシーエンジェル Eternal Lovers [040820] Broccoli 1 2 3 4

    The war with the Val-Fasq begins in earnest while a couple of refugees from the legendary EDEN (the place origin of both the White Moon and Black Moon) arrive to beg the Transbaal Empire (and the legendary hero Takuto Meyers) for help. Takuto and his Angel's relationship is also put into serious jeopardy as his duties preparing for the war with the Val-Fasq keep them apart with increasing frequency. Game is localized and has English reviews.  
    9. Monochrome [040826] KID

    Kirioka Daiki lost his memories the day his parents died. The amnesiac young man may have met his savior when he came across the angel in training. In one month, Daiki met with an array of girls who knows bits of his past, talk to them, ask them on dates, get to know them and get to know yourself. Basically a very exciting work with a big center story gathered from multiple routes available from the start from different viewpoints. But length and ending spoils it all. Too many mysteries remain unsolved, so overall evaluation harmed. The depth of the story is thin. There is no impression of great work due lack of descriptions and some rushed scenes, but the christian world setting is unique and has its charm.  
    10. Kakyuusei 2 下級生2 [040827] Elf 1 2

    One boy, one School year, Various girls to romance. You play as a high school student during his last year of High school and has nine girls to pick to have a romantic relationship with.
    To do so with a little luck and effort, you will have to meet with them, talk to them, get them to open up to you, date them, to capture the heart of the girl of your choice. But be careful for some girls will not be very open with dating you so easily, in those cases persistence pays off. A degraded version of the prequel. No new elements and worst traits emphasized like tilt to lolicon. SIM part is still present, and that's just not sane in 2004. Just another feast on the dead with better graphics.  
    11. Rance VI - Zeth Houkai - RanceVI -ゼス崩壊- [040827] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5
    Set in the year LP0004, Rance and Sill travel to the Magic Kingdom of Zeth because they ran out of money once more. However, after offending a high-ranked minister and magic user named Radon, Rance is ironically thrown into the slave camp while his magic-using slave Sill is treated as a VIP.
    Vowing vengeance, he eventually escapes with the help of an underground resistance group called Ice Flame. Currently Zeth is an extremely un-equal country, with magic users being the only real citizens and the non-magic users treated much like slaves with virtually no rights. Only groups like Ice Flame and the more violent and extreme group known as Pentagon, and perhaps the mysterious King of Zeth try to fight this cruel status quo.
    Rance joins the group in order to get his revenge against the mages of the government of Zeth, and be reunited with Sill "while he's at it".  Game is localized and has English reviews.  
    12. Raspberry ~Welcome to "Cafe Moon Rabbits"!~ らずべりー ~Welcome to ”Cafe Moon Rabbits”!~ [040827] Giga

    Cafe Moon Rabbits was built right in between two schools, Tsukioka Academy and the Hyuga Girl’s school, and has pretty much become the cafeteria for the both of them. There has always been a rivalry between the two campuses, and you play as a new student of Tsukioka who is becoming a sort of mediator between the two of them as he works at Moon Rabbits. Moege.  
    13. Sorauta そらうた [040827] Frontwing 1

    The main character lost his parents when he was a kid and currently lives at his aunt's house. Tamako, his aunt's daughter, takes care of him well and they live a peaceful life. She also knows he can see ghosts.... He is now on summer holiday and enjoys it with Tamako, Chika, his old friend, and Aoi, his friend. But one day, Tamako suddenly leaves her house.... He doesn't know why, but she never comes back. Several days later, he meets a ghost. It is Mana, who jumped off a school building and died.... There is an English review.  
    14. Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana vol.1 ウルトラ魔法少女まなな vol.1 [040827] Alice Soft 1

    The Secret United Earth Defense Force. The first and last line of defense against any and all extraterrestrial beings that would dare threaten the peace and sanctity of the human race. With the latest cutting-edge secret weapons and the bravest and strongest soldiers humanity has to offer, all aliens that come bringing false claims of friendship and harmony have been bravely vanquished by the glorious Secret United Earth Defense Force. Until today. Chasing an unimaginably fierce and vicious magical beast across time and space, the greatest of the bringers of justice and freedom to the galaxy, Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana arrives in Earth, unfazed by the full military strength of the Secret United Earth Defense Force. Here she meets the ordinary Japanese teenager Shunichi, a young timid boy who is graphically crushed by the magical beast as it lands, his bright red blood and guts splattering across the road, the broken shards of his bones the only solid remains of what was left of this once bright and vivid young man.
    But the Secret United Earth Defense Force is not feared across the planet as the mightiest military force known to man for nothing. Not to be thwarted so easily, they gather the full might of the combined human armies, destroying any who dare to defy their authority, and raise their banners and power up their giant death robots, ready to destroy these filthy alien scum once and for all. Will their forces be sufficient to overwhelm Manana’s full magical power? Will the magical beast bring death and destruction to the city? Will Shunichi finally confess to his one true love, the outgoing tomboy Anna? Only time would tell. There is an English review.  
    1. Akarui Katei Houmon あかるいかていほうもん [040801] Sage Have sweets and tea served by tiny girls and their mother! Doujin Nukige  
    2. Fallen Princess Fallen Princess ~堕落姫~ [040801] UZU An adventure game in which you are to sexually humiliate the imprisoned princess. 
    All the hentai scenes are made up of flash animation. 
    Don't miss to witness the innocent princess getting obsessed with ecstasy..... Doujin Nukige  
    3. NETANNAD [040801] Team Netannad In the near future, A.D.2265. There is a huge tower above the capital of Japan, Chukyo, called Sumeru. Rumor says people live inside in peace, without competition, kind to each other. Pierces through high clouds, shines black as obsidian. Doujin  
    4. Touhou Kuru Ningyou 東方繰人形 [040802] Coolier A story from Alice Margatroid's point of view. Doujin  
    5. It's So Flogging Molly [040805] Tooku de Kikoeru Denshion Main character's elementary school is decided to be demolished soon. He borrows master key from government office acquaintance and wanders into these nostalgic grounds... Doujin  
    6. Asarori あさろり [040806] Sol-fa-soft One morning, you wake up to find that your body is exchanged with the one of your little sister!?
    What do you do if you suddenly become a little girl?
    - You can thoroughly check the sensitivity of your body.
    - Seduce foolish buddies as well.
    - Let's see Lesbian girls of the same age.
    Go to men or women's bath in either and it is exactly paradise!
    You can make your dreams come true. Doujin Nukige  
    7. Chichiuchi ちちうち [040806] CD Bros. This typing adventure presents individual short stories with characters from various CD Bros. games. Nukige  
    8. Dondoko Don! ~Manatsu no Ko FundoC~ どんどこドーン!~真夏のこーふんどC~ [040806] Xai Somewhere in the mountains there is a village that lives its peaceful life and celebrates a festival. Main character visits this place to gather cultural anthropology material. With relatives help he finds some field work during the festival over these summer vacations. Surprisingly, he is greeted by samurai girl... Lolicon  
    9. Youmu-tan to Necho Necho 妖夢タンとネチョネチョ [040806] Coolier You play as Saigyouji Yuyuko, and do unspeakable things to Konpaku Youmu. Doujin Nukige  
    10. Datenshi-tachi no Enmoku 堕天使達の艶黙 [040812] LGS This time there is a mysterious uprising in the women's dormitory. Rei and Maya do their best to repell molesters with the help of Ritsuko's instructions. Doujin Nukige  
    11. Kimi to Issho ni Dekiru Koto Young Widow -Yume- キミといっしょにデキること young widow -yume- [040812] Haikara Kissa Morino Yua was at school together, only a year older than me. I had a crush on her at first sight, because she was incredibly cute...... she got married with a teacher Setouchi as soon as she graduated from school. But it did not last even a year, I heard that she became a widow after he was killed in a car accident..... Few years later, I came across Yua by accident. She looked just as I remembered. Doujin Nukige  
    12. S na Kanojo Sな彼女 [040812] Soft Circle Courreges After school, Matsumura Minoru told Shimura Saki how he feels, but left there without hearing her answer because he could not bear to be there any longer.
    Next day, as walking down the hall, he heard a strange voice from a stock room. He peeped through the window and saw Saki undressed, masturbating alone.....
    Minoru thought she was not aware of him then, but she called him out after school..... Doujin Nukige  
    13. Doyoubi no Shirt to Kutsushita 土曜日のシャツと靴下 [040813] Fusyro Two office workers set out to a deserted island out of boredom. What awaits them is... Boys Love Doujin  
    14. Dream Dreamer [040813] ANGEL/BLOOD There is a legend that sleeping with a thought of beloved person while holding a "dream stone" can bring happiness. Main character puts such stone into his bracelet. Can he meet his fateful person? Boys Love Doujin  
    15. Innocent Colors ~Canvas 2 Fan Disc~ INNOCENT COLORS~Canvas2 Fan Disc~ [040813] F&C FC01 There is a story depicting Hiroki's high school days at picturesque Hokkaido landscape. He lives a happy life and dreams of entering college with his best friend. Fandisc  
    16. Jackin JACKIN-ジャックイン- [040813] Ein Baby-faced rookie dealer Kai is excited to get his first job as a card dealer at a cruise ship's VIP casino.
    Then he learns about their special house rule, "One Night Jack": if a player beats the dealer in a card game, the dealer has to spend the night with him.
    The more experienced dealer Joe promises to take Kai under his wing -- but will Kai just end up becoming his toy? Boys Love  
    17. Luna Luna! Lunar Lunatic るな・るな!Lunar Lunatic [040813] Touchable Main character's grandfather dies, so protagonist is taken care of by a a family of a widow and two daughters. They accept him enthusiastically and urge him to take bath together. Nukige  
    18. Nekomimi Engage 猫耳エンゲージ [040813] Chrome Heart Naoki Orihara (protagonist) seeks a lover to cure himself of his cat-ear curse.
    A heartwarming R-18 boys school pure love comedy ADV. Doujin Boys Love  
    19. Ribadeza Puchi Box リバデザぷちBOX [040813] Troy Package does not contain any story. What it contains:
    1, Wallpapers 
    2, 4 comics 
    3, System voice collection 
    4, Demo movie 
    5, Sister Sister Demo Movie 
    6, Sister Sister Trial version 
    7. Albums with songs from main game.  Fandisc and NOT a VN  
    20. Summer Radish Vacation!! 2 Summerラディッシュ・バケーション!!2 [040813] 0verflow Takatsukasa Rideru got into a big fight with Hazama Kuu, her childhood friend and secret crush, caused Kuu to ran away to work at nearby town. Wish to reconcile and confess her feeling, Rideru followed him and was employed by the owner of the restaurant that Kuu works, Sawagoe Tomaru. Here she also met her co-worker, Rin, the owner's daughter, Rika, and a frequent customer, Sayura. However, Kuu still haven't open up to her and has his eyes on the other girls.
    Will Rideru ever succeeded with this childhood friend of her? Lolicon  
    21. Wakakusa Monogatari ワカクサモノガタリ [040813] Bunny Hole Studio Nanami's family goes to Australia and leaves him in a boarding house. His roommates are a my-pace-slobbish teacher from his school, a silent classmate and a cute-animal-obsessed, bad-tempered sempai. Boys Love  
    22. Sankaku Matsuri Vol.1 さんかく祭 Vol.1 [040813] Triangle
    Triangle fandisc features heroines of popular series "Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights". Summer vacations is chosen as theme, and five stories chosen by fans vote are included. Also mini-dramas and typing game "Knights hitting!" are included. Fandisc  
    23. Toki-Hako -Time Capsule- 時函 -Time Capsule- [040813] Ray [rei] A summer vacation day. Main heroine digs up a time capsule buried as a child with two friends. Surprisingly, there is also a fourth person belongings inside the capsule, and none of the three friends have any recollections of that person. They start investigation to find out the shocking truth. Otomege  
    24. Majipuri -Wonder Cradle- Fandisc まじぷり ふぁんでぃすく [040814] Purple Software There are five after-stories for each of  Majipuri -Wonder Cradle heroines. Fandisc  
    25. China Blue [040815] Tange Kentou Kurabu Min is a debt collector. Her target is a big boss. She defeats three his kempo style fighting bodyguards, but gets injury as well. She decides to approach her target by using a trick... Doujin Nukige  
    26. Fake/Ever Since [040815] Shoujobyou A fan-made sequel to Fate/Stay Night. Doujin Fandisc  
    27. Friends ~Child Flower~ フレンズ ~Child Flower~ [040815] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou The story of two little girls who fall in love with an adult. Doujin Lolicon  
    28. Kibou Iri Pan Kashi 希望入りパン菓子 [040815] Lover Soul There are three short stories with romantic relations as theme: 1.『希望入りパン菓子』  2.『人生に必要な技術』 3.『海の底の廃墟』 Doujin  
    29. Koukan Nikki こうかん☆にっき [040815] The Dungeon In Yarn A cheerful and enjoyable sex life with three girls.   Doujin Lolicon  
    30. Maria-sama ga Gyakuten マリア様が逆転 [040815] Seventh Heaven Maxion Feat. characters of Maria-sama ga *iteru and Pho*ix Wright, focusing on a trial. You play a defense attorney Aweketta to save a culprit Defendia. Doujin Fandisc  
    31. Miko-san de Shiishi~ 巫女さんdeしぃし~ [040815] Chain-Reaction Main character loses orientation in the mountains. He discovers a shrine and has to spend there three days during secret festival until the priest arrives.  Doujin Nukige  
    32. Peach Fizz [040815] Tange Kentou Kurabu Main heroine is raised as a ninja in a shinobi village. Princess of the castle is captured while crossing state border. Protagonist rushes in pursuit only to be assaulted by enemy forces. What fate awaits princess and her loyal ninja? Doujin Nukige  
    33. Qualia Qualia~クオリア~ [040815] Ware-Suika One one of summer vacation days main character receives an e-mail from his student inviting him to visit a certain small town. He arrives to a wealthy house. Strange murders start to happen with corpses being found on the streets. The town burns up with paranoia, and protagonist becomes one of the main suspects. He will have to take some important decisions which is a matter of life and death. Doujin Boys Love  
    34. School Mizugi Nurunuru Heaven! スクール水着 ぬるぬるHEAVEN! [040815] Team-Tanabe Busty school girl special swimming training! Each part of her body needs exercises. Doujin Nukige  
    35. Sister de She See シスターdeしぃし~ [040815] Chain-Reaction Main character travels and comes to a church for a shelter. The apprentice sister gives in to his begging about mercy and supplies him with a room. But protagonist has his plans for this inexperienced nun.  Doujin Nukige  
    36. sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Omachikane CD sol-fa-soft真夏のお待ちかねCD [040815] Sol-fa-soft This is the third sol-fa-soft Variety CD.
    The title screen changes depending on your progress.
    ■ Picture puzzle
    The theme of the puzzle is "body painting". 
    ■ Lolikko Chikan Densha
    It is a short story and interactive game.
    It is about what to do with a lolita girl on a crowded train.
    ■ Bansoukou
    It is a short story about the chairman Makimura Nagi 
    ■ Young woman eradication campaign
    Short story about the public information image of Ministry of Education - Child Sex Abuse Prevention Center.
    ■ Standing Pose Gallery
    You can see all the standing poses of characters from sol-fa-soft works up to "sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Omachikane CD". Fandisc  
    37. Sono Aki no Yoru ni その秋の夜に [040815] Selenium There is a small pension house in the mountains. A group of six photography department students board in here. Their pleasant adventure is interrupted by a murder. Who is the criminal? Doujin  
    38. Soushunfu 想瞬譜 [040815] Black Box Love is hidden in each heart. 
    Love that was never realized.
    Love memories of distant days remain...
    There are three school life short stories about the faint feeling of love. Doujin Antology  
    39. Sweet Plumcot ~Sensei, Watashi no Oshiri... Kimochi'ii... desu ka?~ SWEET PLUMCOT ~せんせい、わたしのおしり…キモチいい…ですか?~ [040815] Sniff Dogs Main character becomes a teacher in the 3rd class of an elementary school. This is his first working day. Doujin Lolicon  
    40. Touhou Inma Gou ~Hajimete no Danmaku~ 東方淫魔郷 ~はじめてのだんまく~ [040815] Hachimitsu Kumasan A red demon lives in a mansion somewhere in the Lost paradise. There is a vampire sister next to him, feared by all youkai. They pull the threads so that dolls dance in accordance to their will. But the dolls are actually humans in the real world. These are six stories showing the outcomes of demon manipulation. Doujin Fandisc  
    41. Destino [040815] BLAZE "It was a long, long journey."
    A snowy white demon named Bran.
    An immaculate war angel named Flay.
    It would be nice if it could last forever...
    "This is the story of the end of travel..." Doujin  
    42. Tsuki no Furu Yoru  月の降る夜[040815] studio WALK 2028 AD. It's hardly a world imagined in science fiction, people live the same life as before. Main character moves to live alone for his father's sake. This city makes him feel small. He expects a normal boring student life, but he meets three girls there that change his life... Doujin  
    43. Harukeki Kawa no Nagare ni Nosete 遥けき川の流れにのせて [040815] Milk Cafe Main character receives a prophecy that he can't return to his home town. But with his father's death on a snowy night he goes there and falls into the river on the way. He wakes up in care of twin sisters Rico and May.  Why do these girls live isolated in the mountains? Protagonist has to stay there until full recovery. He has enough time to reveal this mystery. Doujin  
    44. Ayaui Kanojo 危うい彼女 [040818] Makura Cover Soft This is an adventure game visual novel about the virgin, pure-hearted, kind girlfriend of the protagonist who receives sexual pleasure from another man, and even becomes that man's plaything. Doujin Nukige  
    45. Chijoku Byoutou ~Ochita Hakui no Tenshi-tachi~ 恥辱病棟~堕ちた白衣の天使たち~ [040818] Black Lilith Three nurses are right here just for you!! You are to reduce the girls puni-girl nurse, pushy nurse, and big-breasted nurse, to be your sex slaves by sexual humiliation, taking advantage of their weaknesses. Your sexual desire generates a storm in the hospital!! Nukige  
    46. Green Growth [040818] Project Lips Main character is a normal boy who gets invited by his friend on an adventured to the suburban forest. On his way there he gets separated from his friend and finds his way to the mysterious fairy world. He becomes friends with many elves and animals there. However, elf village gets attacked by dwarves and monsters. Elves flee from the village, but protagonist can't leave his friends. His little battle begins today. Doujin  
    47. Adagio アダージオ [040820] 17 A young composer passes by an auditorium and chances upon a dancing performance that changes his very life ... Doujin  
    48. Only One + R ~Higyaku no Mermaid Minano~ オンリーワン+R~被虐のマーメイド美奈乃~ [040820] Black Globe Main character gets disillusioned with swimming and loses interest in everything at school. But his feelings change when he is reunited with his childhood friend. He feels immoral desire upon seeing her grown-up body. The swimming lessons turn into endless insults. Nukige  
    49. Omoiro 想色 [040821] Queen Ocelot It's an elementary school where students aim to become painters. In such a school Hika fatefully meets Atsushi in the health room. Doujin  
    50. Manatsu no Kagerou 真夏のかげろう [040823] Sakura Shima 1 Kasumi’s just a lazy schoolgirl who wants to go shopping with her friends. So why are they acting so nervously around her today? Doujin  
    51. Ekiin de I Kou! 駅員でイこう! [040824] AbelCain Main character works at a railroad. He does his best bot at work and love, but his interest are much more perverted. One day he is called by his name. Why does this man know his name? He is going to find something important or get drawn in the world of sensual pleasures.  Boys Love Doujin  
    52. My Pet Yumitsuka Satsuki マイペット弓塚さつき [040825] MOON GODDESS Yumizuka Satsuki is revived by the power of a devil. Will she succumb to the will of her new master or find strength to reunite with her beloved Shiki? Doujin Nukige  
    53. August Fan Box オーガストファンBOX [040827] August This is a fandisk for August games Binary Pot, Princess Holiday and Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni: Operation Sanctuary. Featuring characters from those games with new stories to play as well as puzzle games and related fan material. Fandisc  
    54. Bichiku! 美畜! [040827] GuiltyN 1 You play as Kana Ando, a 26 year old OL who is an editor of a very popular female magazine in Japan. She is intelligent, beautiful, elegant, engaged to a handsome young man who also happens to be the second son of the founder of a major electrical appliance company. Basically, a perfect life that many woman would envy. One day, she was asked to write about a topic called, "The Pleasure Device of the end of the century." So with the help and advice of Shiro Eniwa, a 43 year old college professor who specialises in social psycology and who also frequently appears in television shows, Kana and Shiro both set out to an "SM gym" to do research on the world of SM. But unknown to Kana, she is about to fall victim of a deeply concealed plot whose sole purpose is to turn her into a sex slave... Nukige  
    55. Carriban -Carriere Fandisc- キャリばん-キャリエールファンディスク- [040827] Carriere Fandisc to games made by Carriere Fandisc  
    56. Imouto Reshipi 妹れしぴ〈e-moterecipe〉 [040827] Curious A young genius doctor gets into a traffic incident while on a date with his beloved sister. When he wakes up at a hospital he is shocked to know that was the only child and never had a sister. He does not believe them since his perfect sister must exist in this world. He is not genius for nothing! With the help of forbidden practices, Tibetan secret arts and climax love juices from two girls he's going to recreate his sister! Nukige  
    57. Joshi Ryoujoku ~Ryouka Bijin Shimai Odori Gui~ 女子寮辱 ~良家美人姉妹おどり喰い~ [040827] Marine Stage is dormitory at an all-girl school. It's summer vacations, so only nine girls remain at the camp. One day criminals break into the building... Nukige  
    58. Lost Life ~Dakedo Kimi ni Tsutaetai Koto~ LostLife~だけどきみにつたえたいこと~ [040827] Over All Main character is a doctor with a congenital heart disease, so he can die at any time. He wants to live on, but it's selfish to involve anyone in his life. The life without loving anyone or grieving anyone...
    But there are girls around him who wish to make his life positive. They support him and share their warmth with him. Lolicon  
    59. Love Fetish ~Sanshamendan Hen~ らぶフェチ ~三者面談編~ [040827] Erogos fatigue. 
    Main character has a loving girlfriend, but despite all his ambition he does not know how to move forward with their relations. He asks for a consultation and finds a whole world in manipulating women around him. Nukige  
    60. Tokubetsu Byoutou 特別病棟 [040827] Bishop 1 The protagonist (nameable) is a medical doctor that has been selected for further training in the Special Ward by the brilliant doctor Ryouko Makimura. After witnessing the rape of one of the nurses our hero is blackmailed by Ryouko into testing out several new drugs in development. Ryouko gives him three weeks to test these potency and fertility drugs on himself and the nurses in the ward. Nukige  
    61. Hard☆Love☆Life ハード☆ラヴ☆ライフ [040828]  Slave Main character spends his days lazily in the countryside with his sister. They find a way to enjoy themselves. Doujin Nukige  
    62. Himekishi Lilia ~Mashoku no Oujou ni Datsu~ 姫騎士リリア~魔触の王城に堕つ~ [040828] Black Lilith Princess Lilia is next in line for taking over her Kingdom, though her brother Prince Dirk wants things to go his way. He teams up with a demon in agreement that they will capture Lilia's "hidden power" which can only be gained by sending her into the highest level of sexual ecstacy. He captures both Lilia, her loyal Knights, along with his own mother, all for his own bidding. But can he get the "hidden power" in time for the demon? Nukige  
    63. Hyakuiro Megane ~Kalos Eidos Skopeo~ 百色眼鏡~Kalos Eidos Skopeo~ [040829] Globule In the summer of 1923 there is a scent of freedom in the air of imperial capital. Main character returns there after a long time. Love, friendship and mystery awaits him there. The shadow of serial murders darkens his stay there.
    64. Akari to Aya Ijiri あかりと綾いぢり [040830] Umon Paradise Main character lives with two girls and does naughty things to them every day. He favors cosplay, so girls take on different uniforms. Doujin  
    65. Bluebird's Illusion - Fullmetal Alchemist 青鳥の虛像 - Fullmetal Alchemist [0408] Ocean-X "When mom closed her eyes
    And let go of my hand,
    From that point, I felt the bluebird in my life had flown away forever,
    Never to return...
    When I grasped Al's warm hand again,
    And saw his gentle smile once more,
    I suddenly felt I was within the blue skies,
    And saw a glimpse of the bluebird...
    I have nothing more I can hope for...
    I just wish... I just wish we can always be like this-
    Wishing all this will never disappear...
    I only wish that bluebird...
    ...won't be just another unattainable illusion.
    In order to gain something, one must give something of the same value.
    This is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange.
    At that time, we believed that to be the world's one and only truth.
    If one does not make a sacrifice, nothing can be accomplished...."
    The game is based on the manga storyline of Fullmetal Alchemist, but the plot is set 5 years after the failed transmutation of their mother and Ed has finally accomplished restoring his brother's body. Ed's life seems perfect with a happy life in Central, living with Al and being promoted to Colonel and secretary of the Fuhrer and with Roy as the new General. But life soon takes a new turn... Fandisc Doujin  
    66. Sunadokei to Kanyoushokubutsu no Aru Fuukei 砂時計と観葉植物のある風景 [0408] NO-HOPE In August 2004 the whole Japan is excited with the Athens Olympics.
    One day before the end of the summer main character goes to the sea with his friends.  Doujin
  12. kivandopulus
    There's not much to choose from this month. Shoin is the only masterpiece and the winner by default.
    1. See in Ao See In 青 -シーンAO- [000706] Alice Soft 1

    Kyoya goes to Andrude Ocean School, which is also a large ocean city. Kyoha saved Kisaragi Miyu who lost conscience her memory three years ago. Since then, she has had a secret yearning to him. Her twin sister, Yumi, is helping Miyu fulfill her love, but her thought is wavering between Kyoya and her sister. They lost their parents and they've lived helping each other. However, one day, Yumi turns out to be a biological android that the parents made. Alice Soft finally joins the romance novel chase. It's a game with absolutely beautiful graphics and nice futuristic setting. But at the same time it's built on a traditional Alice Soft engine that poorly suits ADV novels. There is both pure love and devil route, and I can't really stand the gap between them. Little is actually explained, so reader has to observe the action from outside. The routes are one way roads and have poorly developed drama in them. It's a work that's difficult to evaluate. There is an English review.  
    2. Yousei 妖精 [000706] Alice Soft

    Early 20th century, Western Europe. Protagonist has had success as a painter, but he feels a sense of emptiness in his life with each day repeating over and over. But one day a small winged fairy fitting his palm falls from the sky. He takes her home and finds a new source of inspiration in her. It's a bonus game without any reviews. Not voiced, and I'm not interested enough to play it to the end.  
    3. Ambience [000707] Inspire

    Main character lives in a mansion with his maid Lease Frau who allows him to avoid socializing. One day he receives a letter from his cousin Liana who is forced to serve at king's court and who wants to spend the leftover time before separation together with main character... Inspire games are unique in graphics and atmosphere. Again there is medieval Europe and memorable heroines. There are three heroines and their routes mostly about human drama and lots of H events.   
    4. Hachigatsu no Nostalgia ~The Summer with You~ 八月のノスタルジア ~the summer with you~ [000707] BeF

    Main character comes help manage the pension house at the request of his distant relative. He lived there 10 years ago and now has very vague memories about that time. As he comes closer to the place, the faint memories emerge at the sight of familiar landscape. Can't stand these nostalgic works. It's first BeF non-eroge work, and it can't boast depth. The volume is smaller than usual. The drawing is original and not too bad.  
    5. Half Vampire Saki-san ハーフヴァンパイア サキさん [000707] Kurumi

    With the law enacted 20 years ago monsters penetrated human society. However, the fundamental difference between people and demons persists and there is a lot of protest movement, so the government dedicates an entire city of the Kanto prefecture as a monster 's living area with full autonomy - Baharihara City.  Main heroine Saki lives this city with her vampire father and human mother. She gets caught up in the rapist attacks and discovers powers of an old god inherited from her father vampire. However, the government of Baharihara City can't tolerate rivalry and plans to assassinate Saki. So starts the battle over Saki and the Old god in the Baharihara City. This is a bakage with a heavy use of deformed character CG. Saki is supposed to be main heroine, but the viewpoint actually changes a lot of times. Play time is about 7 hours, and the tempo is good most of the time. But there are mini-games that mess with the tempo, especially shooter one with sloppy mouse controls. It's possible to focus on different girls, but the routes repeat for the most part, and thus it's not fun to   
    6. Nakanai Neko なかない猫 [000707] Scramble House

    One day Naoki sees a dream that recovers forgotten memories. In the dream he kills his parents inspired by his sister-in-law.   Naoki resonates with the girls who have "heart wounds". Will he be able to heal their and his own wounds? Game starts with a blood scene and is built on this contrast of a shocking start and movement to a happy end. Story is told from the 3rd point of view. Story is relatively short and differs with every choice - it's much better than going through the same main route over and over again. There are a lot of insult scenes and bad endings. So returning to normal life is already enough for a happy ending.  
    7. Milkyway [000708] Witch

    Fed up with your lazy attitude, your parents depart on travel for an indefinite amount of time, leaving you with the responsibility of taking care of the family cafe and your little sister. With the help of your childhood friend, you rearrange the shop, and hire new people, hoping to avoid bankruptcy. A bright restaurant-themed game. There's not such thing as skip unread text here, and also it's impossible to save on the choose location screen, which irritates a lot. Each heroine route is short, but there are a lot of characters, nine, I think. Can't really say much about a moege.  
    8. The Sound Novel THE サウンドノベル [000713] Oo Parts

    The Sound Novel is a first person adventure game where player travels with a girl by car and gets stopped by a policeman informing about the strangeness of the place. Soon young people arrive to an old mansion where they need to search shelter due to tire getting defunct. They get a room and start meeting different people living there. But they will learn soon that nothing is as simple as it looks. Sound novel is a niche genre focusing on mystery, but it's not my niche.  
    9. Maverick Max マーヴェリック・マックス [000714] Blue Gale

    Distant future. Max is a captain of the fastest space ship that delivers cargo between different start systems. He does not belong to the guild, so can take any kind of requests if he feels like, legal or illegal - does not matter. He has two assistant girls to accompany him. One day he gets a request to deliver a mysterious girl Matilda to a certain start. What awaits him there? There are six heroines to capture. In the middle of the game and in the end of it there are two different mini-games at enemy attack scene - the latter one has RPG feel about it. Basically first half of the game is world depiction and heroine flagging while second half is conflict between Matilda and some shady organization. As a result the setting is quite good and with a lot of explanation and description, but the number of events is small. Overall the impact of the characters is smaller than that of the previous Blue Gale games Pile Driver and Treating2U.  
    10. Omakase Doukoukai おまかせ同好会 [000714] Rain Software

    Main character attends school theater club. Participants work hard together, and satisfaction from well done job can grow into something more... A romance comedy with easy to understand school setting. There is full voicing, but speech volume is very bad. The number of CG is relatively small. Quite an average game that's still possible to enjoy.  
    11. Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu 偲-月影の迷宮 [000714] C's Ware BLITZ

    Sengoku. One day Huaga clan scrolls get stolen by Saiga clan. Three Huaga clan shinobi were sent to recover the scrolls, but failed. Now a legendary ninja exiled from the Huaga clan in the past is requested to take up the task.
    Game screen may look intimidating, but it's more of an adventure game than an RPG, it just looks this way to imitate RPG experience. Story is action one, but ero-tilt and not exciting enough. Since it's C's Ware minor branch and no CARNELIAN present, the game does not interest me much.  
    12. Suki da yo! 好きだよっ! [000714] Ather 1 2

    True love or just true lust? As one of the most handsome guys on campus, Jun has never had any trouble finding a girl who wants to have a good time, but while the sex is always hot, something just seems to be missing... love. Jun's search to find that special someone leads him to the Shinbashi sisters, his good childhood friends! Should he go for Reina, the gorgeous blonde who overflows with kindness? How about Rina, the perky and agile sports girl who's had a crush on Jun for years? And then there's the mysterious Mina, the fiery redhead with a sharp tongue and a hot body who's just reappeared in his life...
    Three very different sisters, but all have the same needs and desires. Will Jun ever be able to pick just one? Story is actually not as straightforward as in anime. Main character is taken for a molester in the train and has to resolve this misunderstanding at school. For the most of the game we just receive requests and fulfill them in some manner which rises favorability level of certain girls. But in the second part of the game father suddenly remarries and we get three sisters-in-law suddenly living under the same room. The period is relatively long - one year. Some unrealistic features as clones and ghosts are used. There are some bugs like voice accompanying wrong text is some parts. Overall an average game with much less H tilt than in anime version.  
    13. Twin Way [000714] Studio e.go! 1

    Takada is the main character, a karate club member with a few bad habits. He is getting frustrated with being compared to his brother at every turn who started a dojo of his own. He makes some friends over the internet and after meeting them his life begins to change, gradually he gets closer with more than a few girls and soon he arrives at a crossroads, which way will he chose his life to go? There is an English review.  
    14. Shoin, Aruiwa Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari. 書淫、或いは失われた夢の物語。 [000715] 1 2 3 4 5 6

    Two scenarios: Shoin: You play as N, whose true identity is x, a serial rapist; with your latest job, you go to a hotel where three women, Hinata, Yukari and Misa, are staying, and you have to rape them. However, the first morning a note appears in your room, from somebody who claims to be x.
    Ushinawareta Yume no Monogatari: The protagonist Akira is staying in a hotel with his friend from college Misa, and along with two other women, Hinata and Yukari. A morning, when they wake up, they discover that they have been closed off from the outer world, and they are left with a message saying that they will be trapped "until the winter comes". There are English reviews. Definitely a masterpiece and the best candidate for vn of the month so far.  
    15. Liberal リベラル [000720] Clio

    Main character is a college student who attracts misfortune. One day he receives a letter from a childhood friend asking to return to home town during fall vacations. He is welcomed warmly upon arrival. But this town has been cursed 100 years ago. Hero needs help five girls with different troubles to lift the curse from inhabitants and himself. Period is just a week, and it's needed to form ties with one of girls by day 8 or it's game over. One playthrough is as short as two hours. Just one H scene for each of five heroines. Setting is not used to the fullest. Text interactions are only funny with certain characters. There is nothing immersive or exciting here, not even in the ending.   
    16. Snow Drop [000720] Sweet Basil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Snow drop is a beautiful European herb known for bearing nodding white flowers that often appear while the snow is on the ground, despite the cold of winter around it. Filled with symbolism of "hope" and "consolation," the beautiful flower is the central theme in Snow Drop, the romantic wintertime bishoujo adventure from Peach Princess! You are Minoru Sasazuka, age 19, a bit of a dreamer with a difficult tendency of not being able to make decisions when your heart is involved. A normal Japanese boy, trying to get into college, you've got a handsome physique that should make you popular with girls, but your occasional penchant for romanticism drives them away.
    Invited on a winter dream ski trip with a group of friends, you head for a ski lodge for some winter skiing and fun. For you, it's a journey home, since you frequented this particular lodge since when you were young. With you are Kyoka, a very special childhood friend of yours, her stylish sister Keika, and your sister, Honami.
    At the lodge, you enjoy the hospitality of the owner, Kasumi, a competent woman with a tinge of sadness in her eyes. Also at the lodge is the lovely Shizuka, the mysterious helper who has many secrets.
    As the story develops, you are confronted with the reality that Kyoka, your friend since childhood, loves you. You've suspected this, but haven't ever been able to face this before now, with the magical and romantic winter snow all around you. At the same time, you are strangely attracted to the quiet and romantic Shizuka-chan -- which will you choose? Although many erotic temptations are in store in the quiet mountain retreat, and there are many paths you can choose, you must be true to your heart. There are English reviews.  
    17. Calendar Girl カレンダーガール [000721] Foster

    Hero has a tedious personality, but once he says to himself "I want to have a girlfriend by summer vacations". He has sympathies for three nice girls around him... Forster first pure love story! That's the new trend and they hopped in. All three heroines are very cute and voicing is good. But apart of that there is no impact. There is nothing special in hero and characters, and text is not particularly good either. Without the traditional Foster tilt to funny and unusual H events there's not much to talk about.  
    18. Drill Shoujo Spiral Nami ドリル少女 スパイラル・なみ [000721] Evolution

    Our lonely and bored guy decided to buy a maid doll robot. Since he can't afford a new doll, he ended up buying a prototype with a missing right arm. The store owner put in a drill arm as replacement. So, to get enough money to buy a normal arm for his maid, he let her work Monday to Friday to train her stats and earn some money. On Saturday and Sunday, he can take her to doll fights to win more money, or have fun with her if he bought parts necessary. If he defeat other dolls, they might like him too. This game is nice that even though you have one year, you can end the game early with most doll girls. Evolution continues its experiments with gameplay eroge, and as I see it, not too successfully. There is pretty much nothing in the game but these two protruding elements.  
    19. Sentimental Graffiti 2 センチメンタルグラフティ2 [000727] STACK software 1 2 3

    The second game takes place in a world in which the first protagonist died in a traffic accident during his journey. The game takes place in a college town in which the original 12 girls have gathered to attend. The protagonist, Shiina Kouhei, is a second-year college student and a member of the Photography Club. He has been tasked with the job of finding his own model for the photo exhibition at the upcoming school festival, and thus turns to one of the now emotionally scarred girls in hopes of convincing them to become his model. There are English reviews.  
    20. Baroque Syndrome バロックシンドローム [000727] Sting 1 2

    A prequel to the post-apocalyptic RPG Baroque, Baroque Syndrome chronicles the events that precede the supernatural apocalypse of the original game, in which all of earth has been devastated by a massive heat wave.
    You take the role of Kitsune Kanazawa, a Japanese student that becomes entangled in the investigation of a series of supernatural murders, which will slowly introduce key characters who will play a part in the upcoming apocalypse. It's mostly for rpg fans since we kind of know the outcome already.  
    21. Hoshi no Furusato -Stardust Memories- 星の降る里 -STARDUST MEMORIES- [000728] Face

    Main character loses memory after an accident and returns to his hometown to regain his memory. Through conversations with cute girls there he starts to recover, but at the same time he realizes the promises he made long time ago. Game is a true disaster. The talks are monotonous, the H events are sudden. Heroines are typical and blank. The quiz about little details from previous encounters is irritation. It's hard to find even a single appeal point here, not even the graphics.  
    22. Kirameku Shunkan きらめく瞬間 [000728] Black Light

    Main character breaks a leg in a motorcycle accident and starts to undergo three months treatment in the hospital. This hospital is admitted by students from the same school. He is found by his classmate who can't stop surprising how seriously ill people fight their problems with optimism every day. Another Treating2U clone with an absolutely plain protagonist. The only surprising thing in the game is one boys love route.  
    23. Portrait ポートレイト [000728] Tesla

    Main character attends a religious school. As a member of art club he has his hesitations sometimes. One day he reads a book and gets so much inspired by it that decides to make his new work with this book as a motif. Each day he works with girls on his work and each night he interacts with their hearts in his dreams. Quite a unique work with a lot of reviews. There are 8 kinds of stories prepared for 4 heroines - one love and one insult for each. Game only takes 6 days, but the amount of text is large as there is both real world and the world of dreams. It's a serious scenario-centered psycho nakige, but also with insult routes.   
    24. Pure Heart ~Sekai de Ichiban Anata ga Suki~ Pure Heart ~世界で一番アナタが好き~ [000728] Saga Planets

    In the future there is a boom of robotics and female humanoids AI-D are developed. Main character suddenly gets a large money from a contest and decides to buy his own AI-D android. How will his living together with a robot fare? It's kind of a SIM game to cultivate a perfect female android in one year time. Schedule, training... you know the drill. AI-D is cute and all, but I won't ever understand SIM games.  
    25. Rimlet [000728] Tail

    Rimlet is a cafe with a calm atmosphere where main character starts to work as a part-time worker. The staff members and customers make his heart sing there. Can he heal girls troubles and make them smile again? There are only three heroines and story is only good for one main heroine. Setting is thin and development is too fast.  
    26. Tsuioku 追憶 [000728] Purple

    Main character is a martial arts master who gets to live at a Shinto priest family together with three beautiful shrine maidens. But as memories of his previous life gradually wake up, he starts to treat the priest family members differently... with jealousy, affection, hatred. A new purple game, but it is a different scenario writer from Lien, so scenario is not even remotely as good. The setting is focused on mystics, martial arts and past life, and this mix makes me feel bored already. There are three heroines both with good endings and bad endings. There are fight scenes in the game, but just few of them. Game is sometimes evaluated as Okinawa version of Kuon no Kizuna, and that's a very good comparison... same deadly boring.  
    27. Tsukushite Agechau 2 Nandemo Shichau no 尽くしてあげちゃう2 なんでもしちゃうの [000728] Trabulance

    Main character has rough appearance, but there are several girls around him who start to pay him a lot of attention. He wants just peaceful life with a girlfriend - but what will he get? A continuation of an easygoing franchise with a distinctive ero tilt. The difficulty level is surprisingly high for such kind of game. Game is not voiced and there is not enough expression in text. Game is divided into two half - first flagging a girl and then living with her.  
    1. La.Moo [000702] T.O.E software Main character goes to an archaeological site during his last high school summer and gets into a different world. It's an ancient city Moo on the territory of the sunken continent that disappeared 12,000 years ago. There he meets three sisters and starts to live with them. However, the Moo Imperial government makes a move as soon as it learns about protagonist's origin as the man from future. He gets an invitation from God's representative La Moo. What's the truth about Moo continent disappearance? Doujin  
    2. Kumo Tsukai 蜘蛛使い [000707] Akubi Main character gets a spider bite in an expedition. That infuses him with great lust and desire to abduct women. He has had his fun with expedition women and now comes back to Japan in search for more victims. Nukige  
    3. Unbalance [000707] 1 The story revolves round a rich man's son, whose wife, Misato, died a year earlier in a traffic accident. After her death, the main character can only indulge himself in drinking. By chance, Misato's little sister, Mika, had a crush on him and one spring night, she could not stand to look at the main character wasting his life away on drinking, so she confessed her love to him in hope of taking over Misato's place in his life. 
    As a result Mika sort of becomes a sex slave when the main story starts six months later, but it seems that the main character has not gotten over the death of Misato and he's quite bitter about it... Nukige  
    4. Uragiri 裏切り [000707] Haoh Main character enjoys face expression of deceived girls. He believes that people want to be betrayed by others. His past memories are deleted by "organization", and now he gets into trust of girls and then kidnaps and trains them without any moral hesitation. Nukige  
    5. Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis- Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis- [000714] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 There’s been an ever-present rumor going around the school that there were some students that held satanic rituals inside the campus. However, the faculty is still tight-lipped over the whole subject. You play as a regular student who stumbles upon the very book the cultist used. You crack open the book, and begin stumbling upon the various powers this book has granted him. Now rumors are milling around you, and your best friend, some fellow cult-happy students, and a few of the school-staff start getting curious. How will you handle this evil power? Nukige  
    6. Hentai Channel Abnormal TV 変態チャンネル アブノーマルTV [000714] STONE HEADS Main character is a trainer for five applicant girls for hentai TV channel. Learn their preferences and approach accordingly while managing commercials in live braodcast. Nukige  
    7. Houkai 崩壊 [000714] Omni-sha There are a lot of women who have to uphold high moral standards at work. But the sexual desire is so strong in them that it is possible to collapse if keep everything inside. This is a web site for such women to convey their stories and share experience.
    8. Truth of Mind ~Kokoro no Yami ni Hisomu Akuma to Tenshi~ Truth of Mind ~心の闇に潜む悪魔と天使~ [000714] Serene One day a rape case occurs in a theater that main character is guarding. Owner of the theater asks protagonist to investigate this case discreetly so that theater reputation does not suffer. Girls willingly cooperate with investigation, but then second and third rape cases occur as if criminal wants to ridicule the investigator. Will hero be able to catch the culprit and protect cute theater girls? Nukige  
    9. Douboku 童僕 [000714] Factor Main character is determined to marry his long-standing lover, but he has serious anxieties. He does not have sex experience, and he does not want to fail miserably during the first wedding night. He decides to attend a special sex education school for men. Seven professional female teachers give practical skills and teach a total of 50 sex positions there to raise technique to a sky high level. Nukige  
    10. Yokoshima 邪 [000714] Hyperspace Main character is a taxi driver. There are a lot of trouble clients at night, so he ends up being the only driver after dark. Somehow passenger women find his body smell irresistible and always invite him for some fun time together. Nukige  
    11. Dear Daniel no Sweet Adventure ~Kitty-chan o Sagashite~ ディアダニエルのスウィートアドベンチャー ~キティちゃんをさがして~ [000719] Imagineer Co., Ltd. In order to reunite with Kitty we need to clear the stages all over the world and get "love points". Upon accumulating love points it's possible to use various costumes and items, and enter a hidden stage. The more power-up items you get, the more high-score techniques of jump you can use, making it twice as easy to earn love love points. Mini games and communication function depend on love points. Gameboy exclusive  
    12. Hello Kitty no Sweet Adventure ~Daniel-kun ni Aitai~ ハローキティのスウィートアドベンチャー ~ダニエルくんにあいたい~ [000719] Imagineer Co., Ltd. In order to reunite with Daniel, Kitty needs to clear the stages all over the world and get "love points". Upon accumulating love points it's possible to use various costumes and items, and enter a hidden stage. If you change your costume to fit the stage, you can gain power, fly in the sky, swim in the ocean and use magic. Mini games and communication function depend on love points. Gameboy exclusive  
    13. Maimu 妹夢 [000720] Pandadanpa No info found Doujin  
    14. Masuo-san マスオさん [000721] Kurumi Main character is going to marry a girl from a known family. That family has a tradition that the week before the wedding groom has to live with the bride's family. A lot of unexpected events can happen in one week... Nukige  
    15. Ori no Naka no Watashi 檻の中のわたし [000721] Cage Girl Nao is taken from an orphanage and has a happy childhood with father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. But it only lasts until the day her step-father abuses her on the exit from the bathroom. Nao decides to accept her obscene fate. Can she ever find true happiness? Nukige  
    16. Ryuusei Tenshi Primaveil 流聖天使プリマヴェール [000721] Escu:de Main character is an executive of a secret evil society that manages to capture the justice idol heroine. His job is to train her into an obedient slave. But there is another justice heroine still fighting the organization. It would be perfect to catch her and train into pet as well. Nukige  
    17. Success! サクセス! [000721] Scoop Tokita Hayato visits major manufacturers with his brilliant inventions, but can't find real investors. One day he stumbles upon his former classmate who invites him for an interview to a huge lingerie shop building. Hayato's bio gel invention becomes a huge success, but Hayato gets involved in power struggle between development manager and health underwear director. The tension rises high, and he'll need to cool it down to the best of his ability in a huge building full of passionate girls.  Nukige  
    18. Tomoyo Venture Episode2 知世べんちゃー Episode2 [000721] Atelier Kurimami Tomoyo and Chi-chan stay do dirty things at home. Thanks to futanari ability, there is a way to satisfy each of them. Nukige  
    19. Hako no Naka no Etsuraku 匣の中の悦楽 [000725] Gaia 1 The player becomes a taxi driver and violates passengers, Seeing girl's breasts and beautiful legs through a rearview mirror can easily excite any driver. He stops the taxi where no one is and turns the taxi into a box of carnal desires. 5 different types of girls are your targets, and you can violate them not only in the taxi, but also at your house, or even at a park.  Nukige  
    20. A la Carte アラカルト [000727] Actress
    A collection of short stories chosen from the cafe menu:
    1. Last mother
    2. Dokan at your warehouse 「お蔵でドカン」
    3. Chuki Choki Chiki Story 「ちゅきちょきちゅきなものがたり」
    4. Distant blue sky 「遠い青空」
    5. Voyeur Dog 「盗撮犬わおーん」
    6. Wolf King 「狼王」 Antology  
    21. Gakkou Nanafushigi 学校七不思議 [000727] Gin no Ken
    A few years ago two girls suddenly disappeared. Younger sister was challenged to test her bravery and spend a night at school. She never returned. Older sister followed her sibling into the night school. This is a story about her experiences upon arrival. Doujin  
    22. Maamoku Remix!! ~The Mah-Jang Remix~ まぁ黙 Remix!! ~The Mah-Jang Remix~ [000728] West Gate Remake of original game adding special moves feature that's available once per match. Enemies will benefit from it as well. Remake  
    23. Sakura Taisen GB-geki - Hanagumi Nyuutai! サクラ大戦GB 檄・花組入隊! [000728] Media Factory Part of the Sakura Project 2000 series. A GB version of the first game with different plotlines and minigames. Gameboy exclusive  
    24. Mizu Tenbin ~Nageki no Namida~ 水天秤 ~嘆きの涙~ [000728] Apple Pie
    In order to become a successor to the world's most prestigious conglomerate, main character must fulfill Don 's unusual desires which is to collect all kinds of female body liquids. It's a dark world here, and it's possible to dispose of opposing persons calmly. Nukige  
    25. Yuki Zuri ゆきずり [000728] Aquarium Tomoko is raised by a lady drowned in sex with random men, and as a result gets involved in adult games as well. Nukige  
    26. Canon キャノン [000730] Digital Aniki A fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters. Fandisc
  13. kivandopulus
    With You ~Mitsumete Itai~ is the only masterpiece of the month.
    1. Mystic Mind ~Yureru Omoi~ Mystic Mind~揺れる想い~ [980903] Family Soft 1 Depending on gender choice the game will differ in who you meet - males or females. The game begins when the player's character is transferred to a private high school where he will meet the other main character of the game, and the game will start there. The game features different endings depending on the player's choices and character development during the gameplay. So now it is up to the player to succeed in finding love or not. Oh my, half-otome game. Those that try to please everyone usually get a generic game as a result and this is no exception. A raising sim that I can't see any outstanding features in.  
    2. Revolver [980903] FlyingShine 1 Game consists of various scenarios, and the number increases with each special event. Here's a short introduction to "Tomokazu Yuki edition," which you'll find in the beginning! Rape incidents are occurring left and right in this town, and Tomokazu Yuki, a teacher at the private "Takayama School," gets fed up and begins to investigate these incidents by himself. However, in spite of his efforts, incidents begin to increase even more... Nearly at wit's end, he one day finds conclusive evidence at the scene of a crime. It's a mysterious membership card from the "Rape Club"!!! Game looks very much like Sadistic Medicine. Same blurry real photos or just some visual effects as backgrounds, same absence of people except for HCG, same NVL narration. Quite an ugly work.  
    3. Kaze no Oka Kouen nite 風の丘公園にて [980903] Tecno Soft 1

    Love comes with the Autumn. School idol suddenly confesses to the main character. During the next 17 days he will need to decide which of four girls to give preference and spend unforgettable season with. A minor and pretty boring school galge.  
    4. Dennou Meikyuu Gensou Bouken Yuugi Yurika 電脳迷宮幻想冒険遊戯ユリカ [980904] MILI ALDI

    Setting is future virtual sex device. Story progresses mostly through listening. 3D sound invites you to an unknown world. This adult suspense adventure may have different endings depending on decisions. There are five endings. Game was shipped with special headphones that are supposed to give 3D sound. Dialogue is displayed on the screen, but it's done in the form of screensaver that's bad for eyes, so audio is the only good way to go.  
    5. Innai Kansen ~Mayonaka no Nurse Call~ 淫内感染 ~真夜中のナースコール~ [980904] ZyX Game goes in parallel with original Innai Kansen and includes two new characters. Clearing stages in action game reveals naughty images and small pieces of drama depicting sex scene. There's at least a quiz and a xonix game. Reward is HCG.  
    6. Omoidezaka 想ひ出坂 [980904] Ume Soft A landscape with a nostalgic atmosphere. A woman is always standing on a slope behind the scenery. ... This is the mysterious dream that comes every night. The hero returns to his home town as a practice student and recognized the girl of his dreams in Tamiya Maika. While still wondering about this connection, he gets to know that the teacher was killed in the arts classroom. He sets on the investigation to find out the truth behind the incident. Multi-route multi-ending command selection ADV. There are 10 girls and 10 happy endings. First half of the game is usual school slice of life while only second one is murder investigation. Even though solving the case is easy, the flags are vague and getting all the endings is very tough.  
    7. Yami no Mitsuryousha 闇の密猟者 [980904] Jade Protagonist with three girls go in the mountains to draw a sketch, but they get lost and it starts raining. They see a villa and come inside to get dry. Younger sister gets hungry and they start seeking for provision but find an arm cut from the elbow in the basket instead. Systems is clumsy as in every work based on macromedia. No skip function, pseudo 3D and slow screen motion. Text is really bad and scarce. Story is of dark origin with much rape and it's a single road. Opponent is multiple personality killer demon.  
    8. Rakuen no Natsu 楽園の夏 [980905] Ange Hero is a 3rd grade high school student in a small rural town. He is surrounded by childhood friends and lives happily. By summer vacations he starts to think about future and long-life relations. There are many heroines and depending on places you chose to go, branching happens. August 15th is the summer festival day and it's the day of erotic ending.  
    9. Utsukushiki Emono-tachi no Gakuen 美しき獲物たちの学園 [980905] Mink St. Raiseen prestigious school for upper class society children. Asuma Naka is a girl from a mediocre family who enters the same academy and gets attention of millionaire student. That encounter spawned a wave of black jealousy and desire around the school. Game features zapping between the characters viewpoints with main hero being S and heroine M, so game tried to appeal to different tasted.  
    10. Nurse Call ナースコール [980909] Aquarium 1

    A girl died during operation without telling her feelings. Fumiura Yuya starts to hear her faint voice from then on. Will he be trapped with the ghosts of the past or see a sign of new life? There are three heroines, but scenario is the same so there's no meaning in it. Game is also really short.  
    11. Kousoku Arcueil no Kyouen 拘束 アルクイユの狂宴 [980910] Persian Soft Hero takes a part-time job at an island hotel. There are few customers here and only two staff members including manager and protagonist. The hotel and its customers have mysteries to uncover. Game has pleasant bright visuals and full voicing (apart of protagonist). The flow is customer arrival - we fix her issues - she leaves - new customer arrives. The content is only partially of SM type here.  
    12. Fifteen ~School Girls Digital Tokuhon~ Fifteen ~すくうるがあるずデジタル読本~ [980911] Libido Pseudo web-browsing game to find clue words and access secret shameful pictures of class girls. Internet had about 10% penetration at that time so it was a very unusual work. Basically you read official profiles and gather important words from there. Those words are then possible to be entered in search engine. There is no story here.  
    13. Light My Fire -Hajimemashite- LIGHT MY FIRE -はじめまして- [980911] Take

    Hero is a teacher during daytime and DJ at night time. Main heroine is the daughter of religious cult guru. Hero acts to prevent destruction activities of this religious cult. DJ battle adventure simulation game as it describes itself... wth. This doujin game is a huge mess.Why teacher would fight religious fanatics... Why it suddenly turns into a sex game... Why the teacher reconciles guru and his daughter and joins the religious cult as a senior executive eventually?!  It all looks like a bad joke. And on top of that game is music-based and there's a nice DJ battle minigame. Doujin crapocalypse is coming...  
    14. Onegai! Renhou おねがい!蓮宝 [980911] Blue Bell 1

    Yuta Nagamine adores his classmate Kitakaru Kyoko, but he's to shy to covey his feelings to her. Because of that he's being tagged as stalker.  One day mahjong's fairy "Rinba" appears with a magical sphere where "mahjong dragon" who can can accept any wish is sealed. Yuta jumps at the occasion and decides to challenge five familiar girls in undressing mahjong game. Normal mahjong game with weird synopsis. As you win you can buy items in various shops. There is story mode and pure mahjong mode. There's an English review.  
    15. With You ~Mitsumete Itai~ With You ~みつめていたい~ [980911] F&C 1 Long time ago, a man and a woman made a promise, stating that although they were destined to be lonely souls, they should always remain together. But by a cruel joke of fate, they were separated and sealed into two jewels that were hidden for generations. Manami, who left the country 6 years before, has found one of the jewels while traveling. He will return to Japan to meet with their friends from childhood. This will entail a meeting of the two jewels again, for the second jewel seems to be owned by his father. There is an English review of this game.  
    16. Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan 御神楽少女探偵団 [980917] Human Club 1 Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan is an adventure game that tells a story of Mikagura Tokito was the director of a detective agency in the Taisho era but disappeared after an accident. Three girls who adored him continue his work - they are Tomoe, Shigeno, and Chizuru. Talk to every character in each screen until each scene is solved. That pretty much sums it up. There rest depends on whether you like cute girls unwinding cases in Taisho era.  
    17. Gakuensei Hakusho 2 学園性白書2 [980918] Vision A guy found out that he has a brain tumor and has about one year to live. His best friend made a bet with him to see who can catch some girls first. Will he live out his last year happy? Again it's mostly about animation and HCG. Text is not hookable due to engine limitations - it's the wall of text that scrolls down.  
    18. Sweet Tears [980918] Lyceen It's spring and love is in the air. Who will hero choose among friends to share these wonderful moments? Or maybe it will be mysterious transfer student? No text info on the game, but it's a pure love school story.  
    19. Waku Waku☆Wakusei Princess わくわく☆惑星プリンセス [980918] Pumpie Hero was driving a car in the mountains. The car wrecked and he was self-pleasing while looking at the starts - one star rushed to the ground. When hero arrived to the crash site, the star turned out to be a spaceship. An alien girl princess Pam showed up from it saying that it was the energy generated by masturbation that had caused the ship to crash and that the hero was responsible for it and thus needed to help collect the energy. The energy can only be generating by having sex with girls, so it needs to be repeated multiple times to collect enough amount. There are only 7 days overall, so every action should lead to scoring or it's a bad ending. There are three heroines overall. The drawing is specific and the content is thin.  
    20. Doki Doki Pretty League: Nekketsu Otome Seishunki ドキドキプリティリーグ 熱血乙女青春記 [980923] Xing Entertainment In this game you play a coach for an all-girl baseball team. The game plays like a managerial game where you have to keep track of the schedule, add practice time for the girls and play games to advance in the series. But to keep the team happy you must also make sure they have a good social life as well as a well thought out training regime. There are a lot of games in this baseball manager franchise. They look pretty much the same to me and there's no will to look for differences.  
    21. Kidou Senkan Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years 機動戦艦ナデシコ The blank of 3years [980923] Sega 1 2 A follow up to the Kidou Senkan Nadesico anime, this game covers the events that occur in the storyline between the end of the series and the movie. There is enough English information on the game.  
    22. Ren'ai Kouhosei Starlight Scramble 恋愛候補生 STARLIGHT SCRAMBLE [980923] KSS Inc. 1

    Four years had passed since the NUN (Neo United Nations) unified the Earth's nation in 2120, and them the project of the pseudo-earth environment "One's Home" was started and led by Kirishima. Five years later, the first satellite town in the history of mankind, "Second One's Home" was completed. By this means, the human beings left a "cage" called the earth, and began to immigrate to the Second One's Home where they created a second home. The mother computer "Maxis", which controls the whole Second One's Home was completed in advance. Howerever, some control problems had been left which was solved two years later. Since then peaceful days have continued. The incident happen as if the peaceful days were laughed at mockingly. The first incident was "anxiety". It was that "Kirishima", who as the leader of the "One's Home Project" dissappeared. The Second One's Home tried to hush up the incident, while the NUN side tried to intervene in it. However, the action ended in failure by some powerful people, and the incident of Kirishima's disappearence was concealed.
    The second incident was "resistance". The affair of terrorism occurred at Universe Port "SUS". Since there is no statement for the offense, it was treated as in discriminate terrorism. However, the criminal's true character has not yet been captured...
    The third incident was "fear". three planes for the second platoon of the NUN space force which belonged to the Second One's Home, encountered uncertificated Flying objects, and were shot down. This unknown object was called "Hughey". As a clue of this, the NUN Space Force intends to further build up it's forces. This incident might be a warning from space to human beings who left the "cage" called Earth.
    Time passed, and in February, 2149, the past incident does not mean what it used to. The story starts at this Second One's Home, and it is an ordinary love story as if it can be seen from the Earth. A dating SIM with five girls and some SF entourage.  
    23. Baku 縛 [980925] Zero A certain monastery deep inside the forest serves as an orphanage nurturing picked up children. But that's only the facade - it actually trains SM slaves for influential people. A young man took monastery's shelter only to be drugged during the meal, bounded and obscenely trained. Ero-focused work with 20 kinds of endings achievable on satisfying conditions. There is a "hint mode" that helps not to miss even a single ending. Total play time is around 5 hours to clear everything.  
    24. Carbon Knight カーボナイト [980925] CD Bros. 1 A world devastated by the battle of gods. The surviving people created inanimate "carbon humans" by using the relics of Gods and sealing the soul within. For several hundred years the war lasted. Now carbon knight needs to deter the restoration of the once sealed demon king. Story has H-events densely packed. Save function returns you to the start of the day and one day is a very long period. It goes like a normal ADV with periodical choices of where to go or what to answer. I prepared a full review.  
    25. For Season ~Meguriyuku Kisetsu no Naka de~ For Season ~めぐりゆく季節の中で~ [980925] Giga 1 You are hired as a family tutor, and you pick three girls of your choice (from five) as your students. In six months time (July to January), you are to assist these three girls in getting into University. There is an English review of this game.  
    26. Lag ラグ [980925] Aaru 2022 AD. Hero is the strongest fighter in history. He was ordered by his father to find a girlfriend in three years time and train her into a fighter. He needs to attend the school of fiercest fighters from all over the country. But his power gets sealed and he needs to start from scratch. Fighting ADV genre has given us quite a good number of games. System-wise it's nothing special, command selection. We choose type of training each month. Once you get enough experience with training, you can level up. Each week we can choose to see some girl or do smth else on free time. Battles lasts for 10 turns with selection limited to attack, defend and provoke. But games lasts for 3 years which is a LOT. RPG element tries to shake off repeatedness, but succeeds only partially. Quite an ordinary fighting adv, but with good character growth and battle mechanics.  
    27. My Girl [980925] Jam 1 You start the game already with a girlfriend, Miki. During the school year, you'll meet other two girls, and you must choose between chasing one of them or sticking with Miki. There is an English review of this game.  
    28. Osananajimi 幼なじみ [980925] Candy Soft Protagonist is enjoying his school life with his female childhood friend and school buddies. He has a "slave" sex friend who calls him "master", but there are also many other women around him. Who will he choose? It's Interheart, so don't expect a solid story here. There is a good cast of characters, but there's not much difference among their routes. It feels like different characters are introduce just to increase variation of H events. Game feels empty.  
    29. Yume no Saka 夢の坂 [980925] acute Dream slope is a hill near student dormitory. According to old legend monsters used to appear from there. They were exterminated by a travelling samurai, but as he was leaving he predicted that evil would rise again on the slope. Heroines with heart and mind wounds get caught by the dream slope. Each heroine story is unique. Another feature of the game is that there are not really good endings. I'm intrigued to some extent. I'm giving it a full review.  
    30. Bloody Romance ブラッディロマンス [980930] Hyperspace

    US Navy identifies nuclear explosion-like vibration with the epicenter in China's Tian Shan mountain range and Gobi desert. There is no possibility that China undertakes secret experiments in the current world situation. Two women Amami Hitoyo and Akashi Michi are caught up in student demonstration in Shanghai while on business in China and hired by one of China's industry complexes to have an investigation of the nuclear tests. The sequel comes just in three months after the original. The system and the characters are the same in both games. And since last time the field for investigation was whole Europe, this time it's... right, all of Asia. Just as in prequel those two girls aren't considered main heroines. But the hero is just some guy in the hotel who is only used for H scenes to regain energy in the mother town. Just as in prequel, there are multiple cases to pick up and proceed with in various cities of the Asia. Game also promised a sequel, but it never appeared.  
    31. Yuganda Akai Ito 歪んだ赤い糸 [980930] Penguin Works Hero is a ronin student preparing for university entrance exams. One day he sees his sister-in-law Sanae taking shower and begins to think of her as a woman. Then adult woman entered his life as tutor. Where will desires bring the hero? There are only two good scenario branches and all the others are bad endings. That provides an abundance of H-events. Sanae is main heroine with about 10 H events, so game has a strong siscon feeling. Two sub-heroines include tutor adult woman and Sanae's best friend.
  14. kivandopulus
    The VN of June 1999 is Kanon. Not because it's well known - that's irrelevant. But because I've found a route in it that I totally liked. I'm talking about Mai route, the demon hunter. The main funny part coupled with night school hunt were a cool mix. The three-sided friendship of Mai-Sayuri-Yuuichi was just perfect, because the bonds between the girls were so firm and that they understood each other completely compared to Yuuichi who doubted them often. There are night evil spirits fights, lots of swordplay, cool and always right Mai - what's not to like here? I did not notice forced drama or sleazy relations there. Well, the last hour of Mai route was horrible, because nothing happens apart of childhood memories and desperate attempts to squeeze a tear by endless repeats of the same things. I safely ignored the last hour and thus saved only good memories about Mai route. I'm not going to explore other heroines routes since I'm not ok with their personalities and/or mental health. So hip hip hooray to Kanon, the great devil hunter story or at least so I remember it for. I'm absolutely assured that the main power of Key is in creating very enjoyable drama-free general routes and heroines routes and especially endings fall into being forced nakige.
    1. Akogare 憧れ [990604] Foster

    The last summer of school life approaches. The building gets empty. Oyukawa Shuichi never took studies seriously, but yesterday he went to an almost empty school with a serious intention. That's because he can finally convey his feelings to the teacher. All the five heroines are teachers. And since it's Foster, there's not much of a story, just H.  
    2. Chuu Shite... チューして… [990604] Kur-Mar-Ter Kiss? Yup. It means draw one month close to another month. Why people kiss? I do not know, but ... I tried it yesterday Does it tickle? Yup. My mouth was licked as if it was going to be eaten Fuwa ... So, let's try it. Yup… - And that girl pulled her lips towards me and closed her eyes. ADV with map choice. There are five heroines. It's quite ero tilt. Routes scenarios are bad as if they come from a bad Hollywood movie. It's light themed but leaves an irritated feel.  
    3. Ikinari Mujintou!? いきなり無人島!? [990604] iMAGE CLUB

    Uninhabited island. Blue sky, coral sea and white sand beach. Our ship sunk and we were drifted to it. All we can do is wait for help. But just waiting is boring. There is even a girl who always wanted to live like this once. Anyway, our uninhabited island life begins. Mujintou Monogatari fame does not let competitors sleep soundly. Here's another work with survival element reduced to minimum and love element increased shamelessly. The routine is done by command selection and there's a lot of routine early on. The number of game events is small. As for H-events, there's only one per heroine who are five overall. Length is small and the aim "to wait" is not the best motivation. Very ordinary game, though a lively one.  
    4. Kanon [990604] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Yuuichi Aizawa, a high school student, returns to a town that he last visited 7 years previously to live with his aunt and cousin. For a reason he’s not quite sure of, he can hardly remember anything about his last visit, but initially this doesn’t seem to worry him too much. The day after he arrives he goes into town where he (literally) bumps into a girl named Ayu Tsukimiya, and Yuuichi’s memories slowly begin to return. Game is localized and has many reviews.  
    5. Success 性癖 ~サクセス~ [990604] Hyperspace

    Main character is a girls' school dorm administrator. It might be that his wishes and wishes of those five girls come together.  Another Hyperspace nukige. Same bad system, rough graphics and uneven character designs. The fetish this time is different unusual objects for self-satisfaction.  
    6. Taisen Mahjong Yarujan 対戦麻雀 やる雀 [990604] Waffle

    A strip mahjong against a single opponent (chosen out of many girls) with only handful of dialogue lines between the matches. This is not really a visual novel. There is no story mode. But girls say just couple lines between the matches - should that really be enough to qualify? Noone cares about mahjong anyway.  
    7. Yuuhi no Naka de Kimi wa 夕陽の中で君は [990604] Saba 1 The games story starts when YOU the main character, Male, goes into a town for a vacation. During the Vacation wild things started to happen and from it you find the person that you loved for soo long. There is an English review.  
    8. Ganrou ~Omoi no Mama ni~ 玩弄 ~思いのままに~ [990611] Optim

    Hero wakes up in a hospital after he is hit by a truck on a road. He feels well now and is very interested in nurses garments. Surprisingly, he can now emit sound waves that makes nurses itch with lust. Nukige. Not sure I can add anything constructive here.  
    9. Mighty [990611] Hyperspace

    Main character arrives to a huge space station on his small space ship and is warmly greeted by five female member crew. But the peace of the station gets disturbed by a tentacle monster attack. So now Hyperspace is going to defile even SF theme. Game's on same shitty hyperspace engine and is not hookable. I played it once to an end, and it actually seems like it's main character who grows tentacles and attacks girls, or it's just a huge coincidence that after a normal H event there's tentacle entrance on the stage. Game's not voiced, poorly done and really short to care.  
    10. Shanghai Maid Monogatari 上海侍女物語 [990611] Light Plan

    Our guy's father's Will order him to train 5 maids under his secretary's supervision. He has to work them day and night. All 5 maids love him, but will he be able to forget his lost lover (maid shot in street riot) and love them back? Typical training SIM. It's possible to get to any girl's ending after getting confidence with her over 80 points and watching all her events.   
    11. Stay With... ~Karen ga Kureta Kisetsu~ Stay With… ~カレンがくれた季節~ [990611] Tenshindou

    Kazuya steals an android girl that was going to be disposed of. In couple days android suddenly starts to move and talk - so they start living together. However, android Karen 's secret is is concealed in the depths of a mysterious organization. Jeez, synopsis copied entirely from Girl Doll Toy ~Tamashii o Kudasai~ from 1997. Music and drawing are beautiful and full voicing is luxurious. But voice sound level is unstable and story is too short and weak. This work is of very low price segment. 3D backgrounds are used.  
    12. Lost Mind ~Yuganda Sekai~ LOST MIND ~歪んだ世界~ [990617] Active You're Mina, a housemaid. You've lost your memory and serve at a household together with other maids. Which is SLG part, as you need to clean up the house, wash etc. trying to keep everything below a certain dirtyness level (100) without exhausting yourself. The other maids aren't necessarily your friends and with lots of woman around there are plenty of chances for yuri action (but it's not limited to that). Needless to say there is also a secret to uncover... Events vary according to parameters. Player sees the story from the viewpoint of main heroine. Only the ending is going to explain the meaning behind "irregular world" in the title. Game is divided by chapter and chapters names vary by the decisions made, so there is some replay value. So there is some intrigue in the story, but high difficulty level and monotonous gameplay stand in the way.  
    13. Adam: The Double Factor [990618] C's Ware 1 2 3 Marina and Kojiroh have returned! Kojiroh's Scenario- A woman, who introduces herself as the President's Secretary, appeared in Kojiroh's office as a client. The woman's request was to have Kojiroh as her boss's bodyguard, whose life is in danger. Kojiroh took the case and went to meet President Ando... And the daughters Mika and Miki. Kojiroh asks Ando why his life is in danger, but Ando refuses to answer... Kojiroh has been dragged into the problem without knowing the reason. Marina's Scenario- Marina, who has been reinstated with the Cabinet of Investigation, took the case of investigating the successive murders in Japan by Chief Kono's request. As the investigation goes along, Marina finds a sole survivor, who is the daughter of one of the victims, and went to see her. Her name is Yuka. Throughout Marina's investigations, the time to decide to help Yuka or not to will come... All the while serving to protect Yuka... Game is localized and has English reviews. If everything goes ok, I'll prepare reviews for the full series of Eve games except for the original well known Burst error.  
    14. Eclipse -Shingetsukan no Musume- エクリプス -新月館の娘- [990618] Front Hook

    Main character just graduated from the university and went to work to a flower shop. While delivering a flower bouquet to one very rich household he's requested by the owner to teach his daughter Yuka sex in order for her to become a skillful spy. Nukige. Of course it does not end with Yuka repeated sessions and grows into intersection with all the women of the house.  
    15. Fresh! ~Teens Memory~ [990618] Bell-Da 1 You play the role of Narusawa Daisuke who is now living with your grandfather and just got transferred to a new high school and meets new people. From time to time you will switch perspectives from Daisuke to the girls so you can understand what they are thinking and more importantly how they are feeling deep inside their hearts. This means that not only will you make decisions for Daisuke but occasionally for the girls also. There is an English review of the game.  
    16. Maid Hakusho メイド白書 [990618] Sweet All Japan Maid Championship will be held in 3 months and you need to choose your champion out of four candidates and train her into the best maid Japan ever seen. Aww, another maid SIM. You set maid's schedule and train them in various maid specialties like cleaning and cooking or more exotic ones like dancing and English conversation. But other three rivals are strong and in the nighttime you also need to obstruct other three maids using variety of attacks killing their motivation to compete. This maid obsession is getting kind of nuts.  
    17. Toriko Jisshaban 虜 実写版 [990618] Toriko

    Alternative version of Toriko with real life photos. Not cool. Nukige. System is the same as in Toriko.                                                                                 
    18. White Pants ホワイトパンツ [990618] Segue Laboratory

    Futaba has just moved to a new place with her brother. Her kitten ran away and Futuaba got lost. She was found out by seller of pants Rika and delivered to the brother. Choices determine in which direction the story goes from there on.
    Daaamn, seller of pants Rika again? Well, Rika has grown up quite a lot since last time. The structure basically stays the same - every choice is branching to see different development and ending. Very short stories.  
    19. You & I [990618] JAST

    Hero was absent at school due to traffic incident. Now with a new semester he finally comes to school and starts to feel interest from girls in his class. A new feeling is being born. There are six girls. All of them are school students, so it is normal school love story. Last galge of JAST.  
    20. Present Play プレゼントプレイ [990624] Digi Anime

    In this game, you pick a costume and an actress, then a story starts. In the beginning, there is only one girl and few costumes. In stories, you can fine two other girls and more costumes. If you make it far enough in a story, you will see an animation of the girl getting rid of her costume. Kanno Hiroyuki is at the lead, so it's fairly entertaining to try and get girls far in the story, but in the end it's not an integrative work.   
    21. Room with Lina ルームウィズリナ [990624] Episode

    Lina Kanzaki helped main hero when he was got drunk under the rain. She continues to live in his house with some purpose. By becoming friends he will know the secret of Lina. Some innovative SIM that introduces lots of excessive instruments like all kinds of schedulers, address books, notepads etc.  
    22. Twins Story: Kimi ni Tsutaetakute... ツインズストーリー きみにつたえたくて・・・ [990624] Fujitsu Sixteen years age is an unforgettable time of school life full of chatting with friends and searching for love. At such time hero has to start living with his annoying twin sister while parents stay abroad. The best year of life begins now! System-wise quite a typical D-SIM, but with PS1 title animation charm. There are 12 heroines to capture which is a LOT. In addition to usual parameters there are internal parameters that change according to conversations. So clearing is very difficult. At least there is not BAD END and even if you fail miserably you're forced into ending with Nami girl. One playthrough is slightly over 10 hours. Twin sister is the main attraction of the game but her story is not really special.  
    23. Ren'ai Kouza Real Age 恋愛講座 Real Age [990624] Imagineer Co., Ltd. 1

    Game is about going around the town to meet different girls and after that use the phone to date them. Reaction to each player choice is shown with a different sound - a small sound for the right choice, a stronger one for a so-so one, and loud sound for bad choice... Nanpa SIM  
    24. Amai Kankei 甘い奸計 [990625] Logg Hero is given an envelope by a mysterious woman in front of school. Inside is a handgun ... He is surprised and hides the gun for the time being. If there is a gun involved, it's destined to shoot sometime... Basically this is further degraded variation of Heart Work Symphony of Destruction. Same gun involvement, same short scenarios with same multiple ends. The major difference is that Logg work is weaker in H department.  
    25. Chikan Kenkyuushitsu 痴漢研究室 [990625] Pinpai

    4th year university student Takashi Okita is given a special task by professor to do at vacations. The task is to research the psychology of pervert and the method must be field work based on actual experience. Being a diligent student, with the help of internet main character narrowed down his targets to six virgins suffering from some sexual trauma. He steps into the labyrinth of distorted desire and can no longer turn back. Finally a science project in visual novels... but a really bad topic is picked up.  
    26. Escalation ~Aoi Houyou~ ESCALATION ~蒼い抱擁~ [990625] Melody

    Our girl is a student at a private girls school. Day dreaming about the girl she loves during class isn't too wise. During a special lesson, she found out that there are pets in this school and she is invited to be one. Well, if she gets friendly with the girl she loves and her room mate, she will be fine, maybe even be happy. Ok... pass...  
    27. Genjuuya 幻獣屋 [990625] Pinky Soft

    One year after events of Dragon no Tiara.
    The Highlandy Republic is a democratic country blessed with mountains and forests and as such  desired by its neighbors. It managed to retain its form, but the chaos of phantom beasts outburts around its borders influenced it a lot. 
    "Fighters" guilds spread to undertake various works for states and individuals. "Hunters" guilds specialize in hunting phantom beasts for bounties. And "Gentelmen's shop" trains phantom beasts to satisfy sexual needs of population. Main character becomes administrator of one of such shops.   Why do this training SIMs need so elaborate synopsis? Anyway, there are 70 days to establish a prosperous enterprise. The feature of the work is that phantom beasts morph and evolve.  
    28. Hyakka Ryouran 百花繚乱 [990625] Nihon Plantech

    Hero was about to live the last months before graduation peacefully when he was forced to transfer to all-girls school where his father was a chairman. What will happen to the only male student in all-girl school? A hundred flowers... quite a shouting title. There are only four heroines though, each with 2-3 endings. This is a comedy with strange not really funny jokes. The characters are very eccentric. Hero is an imbecile whose hobby is to sleep and whose super ability is to sleep anywhere with any circumstances. Oh, and he's mega rich. Game's short - 2 hours for first playthrough.  
    29. Jii ~Nozoki no Houshuu~ 自慰 ~覗きの報酬~ [990625] Candy Soft

    Junya Akechi is a student who tutors girls preparing for entrance exams. He invites five such girls to study at his uncle's cottage for a week.  There are 28 rooms in the building. The gameplay is looking for girls, picking up items and triggering events.  
    30. Kana ~Imouto~ 加奈~いもうと~ [990625] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 You have a sister by the name of Kana, who is 2 years younger than you are. You are an important figure to her; you have always watched over her. You have always taken care of her and loved her. Kana is also an important figure to you. It's not love or like, but it's something special. You care about her a lot and you feel that you have to protect her. You wish for her eternal happiness, but you just don't know how you feel about Kana. Yet. . . Game is localized and it got a large number of reviews.  
    31. Love Works らぶ★わ~くす [990625] Sizz
    Main character is in intimate relations with five girls at once. He needs a month to figure out which one satisfies him the most. I know, it does not look like a nukige, but it its one. Prologue briefly introduces each girl and how she got acquainted to main character. Then it's just a straight month of choosing which girl to comfort each particular day. Some new modes open up occasionally. So it's game just for H, nothing else.  
    32. Maid Gari メイド狩り [990625] Evolution

    Main character wins the main prize of "Maid mania" challenge and gets 100 hours together with cute maids in a mansion. is living in a mansion with four maids. But his attitude was so cruel that maids tried to escape the mansion. He caught them, locked in a room and continued his play. The game is about insulting, beating and torturing maids. The main parameter to maintain is physical strength since if it expires there's game over. So frequent rests in his room are must have.  
    33. Seek 2 -Sadistic Babylon- SEEK2-SADISTIC BABYLON- [990625] PIL

    Kitahara Masayuki is a photographer of a third-rate SM magazine. One day he got contacted by his sister-in-law Marion saying that his mother died. While attending the funeeral, Marion was kidnapped. Kidnappers demand either the masterpiece painting of his mother's deceased husband or 100 million yen. A woman calling herself Li Lang appears in front of him and promises to fund him 100 million yen if he agrees to train some women... 
    Is it the last SEEK game already? Finally. There are five girls ... and lots of traditional perverted stuff.  
    34. Shanghai Gensoutan ~Teito Kitan Gaiden~ 上海幻想譚 ~帝都奇譚外伝~ [990625] Janis Several months after events of Teito Kitan ~Doushi Tantei no Jiken Memo~. Kudo was staying at Iwasaki residence in Shanghai with Aya when they were assaulted and Aya kidnapped. Iwasaki tells Kudo that the attack was done by members of "The Legion Party", a secret society that appeared in Shanghai lately. Kudo takes maid Masha as assistant and starts investigation. This work is same obscure as its prequel. There are three scenarios plus a bonus one after all cleared. Game system is same bad as of the prequel. Memory leak noticed. Game was made as a result of the call to create more beautiful works with beautiful music about Taisho era - aesthetic side dominates here. Story lacks excitement, but atmosphere of Shanghai before the Second World War is quite lovely depicted.  
    35. Shimai Ijiri ~Chiru Hana, Nirin~ 姉妹いじり ~散ル花、二輪~ [990625] Nikukyuu

    Our guy is ordered to train two sisters for high price sale. Training them is easy as giving them experience, but will he fall in love with one or both while doing it? Can't wait till the training SIM games period is over. Yes, another weird nukige SIM.  
    36. Teasobi 手戯 ~てあそび~ [990625] Mink
    A collection of screensavers, CG, sound files, BGM and a mahjong game. Mahjong game only technically can be considered a visual novel due to just several lines of dialogue between the matches. But for me it's absolutely not enough to be called a visual novel. Boo.  
    37. Warning! [990625] Telluru

    Turning on pc as usual. Some strange man appears on the scree. "My name is Desktop Master. Please accept the challenge". The next thing I notice is that I'm at school at night and need to find the password parts to return to original world as soon as possible. Only three hours are given.
    Seven girls run around the school and hero needs to catch and insult them so that they give away the  parts of a password.    38. Soreike Majokko Serika  それいけまじょっこセリカ [990627] Multies

    ToHeart doujin game focusing on one of its heroines Serika as if she were a full-scale witch. Doujin
  15. kivandopulus
    The masterpieces of the year are:
    1. Miko to Akemi no Jungle Adventures ,
    2. Salad no Kuni no Tomato-hime ,
    3. Eiyuu Densetsu Saga
    4. Again
    5. Jigoku no Renshuu Mondai
    6. Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu
    7. Corridor
    8. Wingman
    9. Time Tunnel
    10. Zarth

    First of all, Death Trap is not included in the masterpieces list because it does not feel exciting to me. But we're still left with as many as 10 masterpieces on our hands! Lots of novelties and good stories this year, but the VN of the year 1984 is Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu. And one of the reasons for that is that this work both used command selection AND allowed to use only a short list of commands. Another reason is that the game feels very realistic both in characters, dialogues and landscapes. The mystery is great as well since the three consecutive murders seem completely unrelated. No other work in 1984 is same engaging. It just feels like a professional AAA class game like no other game of 1984.
    1. Abyss アビス [8401] Humming Bird Soft 1 Events take place in 3001. You were in the middle of the confidential "ABYSS" space mission when got abducted by the Space Crime Syndicate and got memory erased. You need to know where you are and transfer coordinated to the mother ship in order to destroy Shinjigate Base. Text parser is rather merciless. The aim is to destroy this space syndicate that succeeded in developing the final weapon. There's a full video walkthrough of the game.  
    2. Akujo Kamakiri 悪女かまきり [8401] CSK Research Institute Game is based on the events of the movie of the year 1984 with the same title. Fujimura Masako aims to get insurance money by killing Dojima with an electric cord while he takes a bath. Game does not have much text and most of the time it's the items rendering one by one over and over. Text parser is used. Mouth of the heroine is animated. The furniture is totally unproportional and leaves a bad feeling of CG. She kills the man and leaves in the red car, probably just like in the movie.  
    3. Doukyou ~Kaisou Densetsu~ 道鏡 ~怪僧伝説~ [8401] CSK Research Institute Game is a fantasy based on legend of Doukyuu - a yokai of a mirror during 8th century (Nara period). Historical erotic adventure with monks and mirrors. At least this time numbered choices are used instead of text parser.  
    4. Manji 卍 -まんじ- [8401] CSK Research Institute The wife is cheating on the man with another woman. The man tries to show his love to his wife by lying down with that woman partner. The original is a novel by Junichiro Tanizaki, and in 1983 the movie of the same name was produced by Toei. The game begins with the scene where the wife, the hero and the wife's mistress are sleeping side by side and the aim is to lie down with the mistress without waking up wife, otherwise it's a bad end. Answers need to be input with katakana. So this is where NTR genre starts!  
    5. Office Love no Tehodoki ~For Lunch Time~ オフィスラブの手ほどき ~FOR ランチタイム~ [8401] CSK Research Institute You're a section manager of a company. So the only free time you have is lunch time between 12-00 and 13-10. There is a 23-year old colleague that can be targeted. Each command wastes some 30 seconds of the lunch time. Command input made this game very difficult. There are very few common commands that are accepted. And there are even traps set like not extinguishing cigarette starts a fire.  
    6. Onsen Mimizu Geisha 温泉みみず芸者 [8401] CSK Research Institute A man and a geisha at hot springs. Game is a part of Serious World game pack. There is both text parser and command selection. The aim is to get man's percentage and geisha's percentage to the top up from 0%.  
    7. Time Secret タイムシークレット [8401] Bond Soft You can go back and forth in time to different eras to solve puzzles. In addition there are battles and you have hp and attack stat as well as weapon attack stat. In Time Secret you need to discover the weakness of alien "Danak" race in order to save the colonial planet "Farras" in 2552 AD. A very good SF implementation with a large number of screens (CG). Both command input and command selection are used.  
    8. Kidou Senshi Gundam Gundam Daichi ni Tatsu 機動戦士ガンダム ガンダム大地に立つ [840310] Rapport 1 2 3 Game covers episodes 1 and 2 of the anime work with the same title. Command input is used. Action is quite good, but commands are way too specific like get beamrifle, get namarme, catch sayla etc. Quite impossible to figure them out without walk through even if u seen that title. It's funny that the output is actually in English. There is quite much information on the game in English in the three links listed above.  
    9. Demons Ring デーモンズリング [8403] Nihon Falcom 1 Crawley, the king of Jeremiah was destroyed by demon king Salone. Now that his son Dumrin is of age, he sets off to avenge his father. Game is basically about mazes. That's what shows us opening of multiple corridors (I think the first opening in VNs, no music ofc) and that's how it really is. There are mazes of the house and of the undergrounds. Game uses new technology to render full screen in just one and a half seconds and this game is the perfect show off of that technology. That's why there are so many maze screens which would need over 10 seconds to render as of late and now just 1. That was quite revolutionary and it set a new standard for the new games to come.  
    10. Miko to Akemi no Jungle Adventures ミコとアケミのジャングルアドベンチャー [8403] SystemSoft Miko and Akemi went on a long-awaited African trip, but their airplane crashed. Now you need to lead them out of wild jungle with dangers on every corner. Game features scoring system depending on how much you do before leaving the jungle. You need to escape the animals that you encounter. This game is one of the originators of command selection genre. It's possible to only select commands to beat the game. The drawback is that the number of commands is huge, some 30. But given the large number of screens that you need to go to the drawing speed is painful.  
    11. Keiko-chan no Himitsu 慶子ちゃんの秘密 [8404] Champion Soft Your tutor Keiko disappeared from the room. You need to find her to continue love lessons. Searching games weren't frequent yet and it felt fresh. The item you need to find is placed randomly around the room so it's not enough to memorize location once. And there are a lot of such situations where you need to find something. Command input is only allowed in katakana.  
    12. Kuronekosou Souzoku Satsujin Jiken 黒猫荘相続殺人事件 [8404] Riverhill Soft inc. The owner of Kuronekoso “Oonogi Yoshizou” was killed. There are 8 suspects related to him. The player becomes a detective and searches with his partner. Harold no Jikenbo could not appear without early imitations as this one.  
    13. Kaze no Tani no Naushika 風の谷のナウシカ [8406] Game Technopolis 1 Game is based on the anime work of the same title. You manipulate main character Nausicaa with numeric keyboard, collect items, shoot, ride your vehicle. There seems to be several different games for different platforms, but the game was so crude and ugly that there's a legend that the director Miyazaki was so furious that he banned gamefication of any of his works ever again. It was crude for year 1984. When I look at picture now I just wish I won't see nightmares featuring that. There's a nice article in English on it.  
    14. Nanako SOS ななこSOS [8406] Game Technopolis 1 Game's based on anime work of the same title. There are a few mini-games in the game, one of which places Nanako against a giant aardvark in a yakyuken game. The aardvark gives her hints if she wins, but she has to strip if she loses. Nanako ending up naked results in a Game Over. Characters ask you questions and you need to answer them in katakana. This is a game for hardcore fans of the anime that I've never even heard of (probably because it's old anime for younger kids). Native speakers reviewing the game had great trouble getting it through because of very specific anime-related command input.  
    15. Alice アリス [8407] PSK 1 This is a parody on Alice in Wonderland. Alice opens a book, follows the bunny into the hole and gathers notes to decipher JAWON which is a key to get out of this world. Quite a beautiful and entertaining work and also with many naked scenes - the price was as high as 8,000 yen at that time and the size was two diskettes. There's a lot of weird adventures like stealing a magical bra and giving it to the shady raincoat man. We even get to kill a dragon at some point. Command input in English characters is used and there's a walkthrough around, so it's possible to clear it even on emulator.  
    16. Ankoku-jou ~Souzou-shin Gyarian no Fukkatsu~ 暗黒城 ~創造神ギャリアンの復活~ [8407] Enix The game is an adventure part of the series of jrpg games. Dark apostle wants to become the ruler of the world with the help of legendary mirror of Laval. In this grand adventure featuring 9 chapters and over 460 split screens you need to defeat him. It was the hugest adventure of the time, but gameplay was quite boring and lacked originality. Lots of screens are actually the variants of the same CG with minimal differences. There's very little text on top of that so screens change at very fast speed.  
    17. Salad no Kuni no Tomato-hime サラダの国のトマト姫 [8407] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 The evil Minister Pumpkin betrayed his king, kidnapped his daughter, the lovely Princess Tomato, and began to terrorize the land of vegetables. The king entrusted Sir Cucumber with the task of freeing his daughter and his kingdom. Without further delay, the brave warrior embarks on a long journey. This old japanese adventure was the first to be imported to the West and thus it's well known there. I'll only give some review links, but there is a great number of reviews for this game.  
    18. Eiyuu Densetsu Saga 英雄伝説サーガ [8408] Arrow Soft 1 Dragon assaults village and girl is needed as sacrifice to calm him down. In order to help your sister you set off to find the holy sword and face dragon at the sacrificial site far in the north. The graphics are superb compared to other games of this year. Also you only choose from commands instead of typing them. There is a good English review on this game. The game is fascinating even today. First of all, you need to make your map of use premade one by other users to understand where to go. Basically you need to move only by roads and explore the three caves scattered around. Caves can bring avalanche (instant game over), spider battle (winning is based on luck) or finding the legendary sword. And after that all is left is to discover that dragon. And there's a cheat - when you die it's possible to say a secret phrase and be resurrected with the legendary sword. Game's beautiful, because all the images are drawn elsewhere and then digitalized. The screen rendering is instant. Pure command selection in English is used. The game is definitely a masterpiece and the paragon to look up to.  
    19. Zarth ザース [8408] Enix 1 2 3 4 In the 21th century, powerful computer systems were invented. However, the humans failed to control them. Near the end of the century, one of such systems, Orion, triggered a devastating nuclear war. A few survivors found a shelter and went into a cryogenic sleep. A hundred years later, they wake up and go out onto the surface, to face a new, unknown world... Inferior technology (quite long screen rendering speed at MSX), but otherwise very impressive. People at that time could not believe that such beautiful pictures could be achieved with primitive MSX. And Zarth came 3 months earlier than Wingman. So the survivors of nuclear world war wake up 100 years later from cryogenic sleep. But now the regenerated Earth is in danger again - you need to go to the Moon space station and get rid of nuclear weapons. This game is often referred as Mirika, because everyone remembers the magazine ad with her beautiful face while Mirika appears in game only in opening and never again - such a bummer! Zarth should have been the final part of tetralogy, but first three parts were never finished. Good game with good action, but buried by inferior technology and manual command input. There is also quite much information in English available.
    20. Chouhou Buin 諜報部員 [8408] Prosumer

    Main character John gets a message from the Director of Space and Aeronautics. He has trouble finding the place, so he travels on foot and asks around. A standard adventure with very difficult commands to find and type.  
    21. Ginga o Sukue 銀河を救え [8408] Raven Soft

    There is a crisis that can destroy the entire galaxy - such message arrives from the alien who is the first to notice it. Main character goes to the outer space on a spaceship to find nine passwords and prevent the disaster. Game is about encounters with all kind of space entities and also about space battles and maintaining all the four parameters above zero.  
    22. Mission Impossible [8408] Starcraft Co., Ltd.

    A spy infiltration inspired by the famous movie. The stage is a fully mechanized nuclear reactor center. A mechanic is trying to commit suicide by setting a time bomb in the reactor. Main character Jim Phelps needs to prevent that from happening by finding his way in the maze-like building. There is little of note here except maybe for tape recorder that appears when it's needed and disappears afterwards.  
    23. Jigoku no Renshuu Mondai 地獄の練習問題 [8409] Humming Bird Soft 1 2
    The main character is a lower angel who entertains an exam to become senior angel. It's a practice exam in the hell surroundings. You talk to different people in hell layers - Cleopatra, Hitler, Dracula, John Lennon, Napoleon, Merlin Monroe - walk around lake of blood and mountain of needles and answer the quiz. Depending on your actions on the way to exit, you gain score. 60 is needed to pass the exam. If someone gains 100 points and sends the proof to the developer, his name will be published in the magazine. That was promissed. It seems impossible to gain 100 points, but imagine the competition! Game is short and tedious since you need to input commands manually. There's a very good English article on the game.  
    24. Shin Taketori Monogatari 新竹取物語 [8410] Cross Media Soft The game is a gag parody on japanese Taketori legend. The purpose of the game is to discover anything at any opportunity and have fun. There are three difficulty levels and multiple endings. Game features some nude scenes. Slow rendering of every screen makes gameplay painful. Since it's a parody it's supposed to bring more fun for those familiar with all these ancient legends and folktales. A very original work taking into account multiple difficulty settings, multiple endings and possibility to enter characters in English, romaji and kana.  
    25. Shiro Densetsu 白伝説 [8410] Crystal Soft (old) It is the land of conflict. Red and blue people fight each other day after day. White people appeared - "We shall rule this land". Can you proclame leadership over the land as a white man? Setting is horrible. And since you're being thrown into the game without even this little knowledge unless you read the manual, game looks like a chain of random events. You need to get to village elder and then revive some god after a maze of caverns. Everything else is optional, but there seems to be a lot of such optional secrets. Command input and slow rendering don't make things easier. The feature of this game is physical strength bar which depletes with every action, so taking notes required.  
    26. The Death Trap ザ・デストラップ [8410] Square Co. 1 2 3 4 During the 1980-ies, the relationship between the free world and the socialist block became increasingly tense and hostile. Many countries began to prepare for a global-scale war, working on new weapons. One of such countries is the mysterious "B country" in Eastern Africa. Eager to seize power with biological weapons, an organization associated with this country kidnaps the famous scientist Dr. Gitanes. An agent named Benson is sent to B country in order to rescue the doctor and avert the new threat to world peace. Some african "B country" kidnaps a famous scientist who can produce biological weapons and you're on spec op to rescue him. First game made by Square with scenario produced by future FF creator and the most financial successful game at that time selling over 500,000 copies. Command input still present, but screen renders from left to right and quite fast. Graphics is top notch for the time. Game features half screen as your outlook, half screen as map (always present) and text at the bottom. So what made this game so popular? My guess is the seriousness of approach. Serious story - briefing at headquarters - flight on a helicopter - using a parachute - map movement - two separate branches of how to get to the scientist - it all looks professional compared to amateur games of that time. Only Eiyuu Densetsu Saga had graphics same good, but had quite plain gameplay and weird screen sequence (like you get 5 slightly different pictures in color one by one, then the rest disappears and only main one stays). There is quite much information on the game in English.  
    27. Corridor コリドール [8411] Koei 1 King sends three princes on a journey so that the prince who gets the most wonderful journey becomes his successor. The player prince is searching for the legendary cursed castle to become next king. You get text and images (usually separately - one or another) and often get to make a choice among 1-6 variants. There are stats and lots of fights that rely on some real mechanic, not just luck. But most of the time we just read a wall of text. There are lots of bad endings as well.
    28. Godzilla ゴジラ [8411] Toho Game is based on the first Godzilla movie. There are three parts - first you investigate the incident - then you pursue the monster and invent what to do with it and finally you confront Godzilla with oxygen destroyer. Game's quite lackluster for year 1984 - still low screen rendering and still command input with ugly graphics. Toho games are the only ones that I can't load with emulator whatever modes or roms I try.  
    29. Kaitei Gunkan 海底軍艦 [8411] Toho Game's based on 1963 year japanese film about submarine. It is divided in two parts: first you search for an enemy with command input and then action based underwater battle. Another Toho game. And this the rom is just impossible to find. Game's graphics done in basic so they are... both bad and slow to render and paint.  
    30. Wingman ウイングマン [8411] TamTam Co., Ltd. 1 2 3 Kenta is a Japanese teenager who is obsessed with superhero stories. One day, he meets a mysterious girl named Aoi. She tells him she is from a dimension called Powdream, and gives him a powerful item called Dream Note, which can fulfill wishes. Kenta is eager to realize his dreams by asking to be transformed into a superhero named Wingman. However, the dictator Rimel fears that the new hero will endanger his existence in Powdream, and swears to get rid of Kenta by separating him from Aoi. Wingman is a popular manga and anime hero. This is a story of Aoi, a girl who escaped her dimension to protect "Dream note". The hero of righteousness "Wingman" is to protect Aoi. There are four fights and after each fight you learn new fighting techniques, but loosing does not affect the game outcome. This is definitely professional level of work. CG, faces, battles, different weapons, constant use of sound effects. And the creator is Enix company. Now i know why FF series were a success. Because professionals from Square (The Death Trap) and Enix were there. Story is original side story of anime. The game actually has a full English review made at our times by the guy I next to worship for playing such old games nowadays.  
    31. Harry Fox は~りぃふぉっくす [841210] Micro Cabin 1 2 Little fox child caught a disease called Romus disease. Mother fox remembers a story from old woman that a certain mushroom cures this disease and sets off on a journey to a Shinto shrine where those mushrooms grow. Mother fox encounters various dangers o the forest. I've countered 10 animals, one hunter and a swarm of bees on the mother's way. Scenery is very bright, screen is rendered vertically and very fast like in Eiyuu Densetsu Saga. Text shows on the same screen as image and there are some really cute animals, including fox itself. Sound effects show up when needed and they're better than usual short beeps. Text parser with katakana input is used.  
    32. Again アゲイン [8412] Enix Heavens dweller needs to live 7 lives to become a Holy Spirit .There are 7 short stories. Each story is a life we live to become Holy Spirit in the end. All stories vary in gameplay: there is rpg story, surgery opperation, puzzle etc Finally all stories get connected. The game takes multiple forms and is unique for that. That's a new level of storytelling - a conceptual work. There's a good video walkthrough.  
    33. Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu 北海道連鎖殺人 オホーツクに消ゆ [8412] Login Soft 1 2 3 4 A corpse of a man is discovered at Harumi Wharf, Tokyo Bay (game features real geographical locations). The main character, police inspector, investigates the identity of the victim with his subordinate Kuroki and tracks the source to Hokkaido island. Second and third murder cases occur one after another. What's the purpose of the criminal? Another murder investigation from the same authors as Portopia Renzoku Satssujin Jiken (1983). Screen renders slow but picture is made very simple to make the pace good. You get to choose from 9 commands, so tedious, but not too much. As for the story, what happens next differs with pc88 and later versions. A very realistic and persuading setting. I can see the appeal here. There is enough information in English on the game.  
    34. Time Tunnel タイムトンネル [8412] Bond Soft In Time Tunnel story picks up where Time Secret Ended. Your time machine collapsed and your are taken prisoner at space station. You need to use this planet Time Tunnel technology to go back in 2552 AD and fight off Danak invasion. In these games you can go back and forth in time to different eras to solve puzzles. In addition there are battles and you have hp and attack stat as well as weapon attack stat. Time Tunnels has as much as 4 endings including a bad end. 140 screen splits. Command inputs and slow screen rendering again. On your time travels you get to meet some celebrities like Beethoven or Murasaki Shikibe. This is probably the first visual novel to implement multiple endings which are four in this game. And not everything is done with text parser here - directions are used to move around N S E W. The story of the game makes it a masterpiece, but it's next to impossible to play nowadays.  
    35. Lagrange L2 ラグランジュL2 [84] Vehicle Software Federal military research ship "Gallia 201" was destroyed by a mysterious missile attack in area L-2 on the way home from Mars back to Earth. The only survivor escaped by jumping with a spacesuit in the open space. Out of pure luck he was found and dragged by nearby ship... Wow, this game is so serious and difficult. Basically you wander at the space station with an aim to fly away on a spaceship. Some tasks are timed which is insane with command input. There are 14 scenes overall with each presenting some kind of puzzle.  
    36. Emmy エミー [84] Kogado Studio

    Emmy is a curious artificial software girl. Have an intelligent conversation with her to improve its quality. Needless to say, it's really difficult to find proper and varied commands. If the the same thing is typed several times, Emmy calls you boring and sets off.  
    37. Ningyo no Namida 人魚の涙 [84] Teikoku Soft

    Hero goes out looking for the bride in a fantasy world. He meets different characters and animals and talks to them to solve their problems. Allegedly the first Doujin visual novel. Which is cool because picture quality level is superb for 1984. It's also the first game with individual endings for heroines. Mermaid is the maid sexual interest of the hero, but there is also an ending with a turtle (sic!) even though it's actually a girl transformed into a turtle. Fun pictures and strange texts create a warm atmosphere.  
    38. Southern Cross ラグランジュL2 [84] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

    In 1999 main character stays at the Southern Cross star. He has already retrieved the Phoenix capsule, and now looks for a way to return to the Earth. He is suddenly told about an opportunity to ride a UFO as soon as he finds the secret password in his room. Game is surprisingly long featuring over 150 screens. Space part actually finishes very soon as UFO we ride has an emergency landing to the kingdom resembling ancient mythological Greece with centaurs and the like. There are actually different routes from this point to reach the new spaceship, so it's possible to try another way if you get stuck. Game ends up with discovering the contents of the Phoenix capsule upon landing the Earth.
  16. kivandopulus
    I've waited for this day with terror since it's going to show whether this blog going to have a purpose after year 2008 - first clash with Micchi blog and notably his fool's day edition targeting April 2000! And the results are quite satisfying so far. Micchi highlighted 13 works and has one work that I can't allow to include because it's Tinkerbell work that produces only camouflaged nukige. But I include 11 more works that Micchi does not have. So for now I'm quite content with the result - there are a lot of obscure works Micchi misses and that's why there's probably a reason for this blog even after 2008. So in April 2000 I consider only one game as masterpiece - Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure. 1. Miracle Temptation!! みらくるテンプテーション!! [000407] Escu:de

    Saburou is in his 20’s and works at a perfume company, living a normal life (without a girlfriend though). One day, he heads out with one of the part-time girls, Misa, since it was her birthday and he bought her a present. The next day, girls kept coming on to him… something must have happened to make him so suddenly popular. With some research, he found out that it must be because of some type of pheromone. Was it because of something he drank or maybe the flowers he bought for Misa? Game is not voiced. There's no real story. Type is dating SIM with some twist. Nothing really remarkable.   2. Princess Memory プリンセスメモリー [000407] Cocktail Soft 1

    In the sunny world of Eden, there is a cave that is always changing and full of monsters. Our protagonist finds a girl named Felia, who lost both her memories and her ‘heart’. He helps her to regain her memories and form.
    Yet another RPG and again with automatic dungeon generation. The number of events is very small. RPG system is quite simple, but it's enough to enjoy the gameplay. There's just one H scene per heroine in the very end so it's more of an RPG.   3. Shokuzai no Kyoushitsu ~The seven stories of sin~ 贖罪の教室 〜The seven stories of sin〜 [000407] FlyingShine 1

    The main character Nanaze has a father who killed someone. Nanaze thinks it is partly her fault (unknown reason) and uses her body to pay for her father's sins. Later on in the story the complicated family relations between Nanaze, her boyfriend, her enemies etc. are revealed. There's an English review, and game is kind of borderline nukige, but since it's Flying Shine game, I'm always willing to give it a thorough look. Basically it's the same sound novel type with real-life rendered photos as previous games like Revolver. But the difference this time is that it's is an insulting game that suddenly becomes story-focused. The further it goes, the more complex and intriguing it becomes. This game has over 15 Japanese reviews and is considered a true masterpiece by many of them. I believe this game is where Flying Shine real history that brought us Swan Song, starts.   4. Tsubasa no Hatameki ~A Sound of her Wings~ 翼のはためき ~A Sound of her wings~ [000407] Shape Shifter

    Yuzawa Yuuki is a pessimist. He thinks that life is meaningless since everyone is going to die one day.
    Before the Christmas he meets a mysterious "angel" girl Mika. She claims that she came to save Yuuki from his desperate state. He doubts her sanity but decides to play along. After that self-proclaimed "devils" appear. Some of them aim to claim Mika's life, others are here to tempt Yuuki.
    Yuuki's long and unforgettable Christmas night begins. Game is short. There are some four stories and each playthrough opens up a new one. All routes are cleared within three hours. The only good point about it is Tony's CG and not bad text. It's not voiced. Protagonist is weird so it's difficult to sympathize with him. If only the volume was bigger.   5. Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki Dai 2 Wa 学園漂流戦記 第2話 [000413] Alice Soft
    Hero arrives at a mysterious island with two girls. They start exploring the island. Alice Soft fandisc game. There are no reviews and too many commands presented with a command selection system. After all, Alice Soft has always been more about gameplay than the stories. Game also has a very tiny resolution.   6. Persiom -Yakusoku no Tsudou Basho- PERSIOM‐約束の集う場所‐ [000413] Alice Soft 1 2

    PERSIOM takes place in a dungeon that leads to Hades and hell. Even though it is extremely dangerous, heroes enter to find treasure and make lots of money. Oh, and you can also capture female monsters.  There is an English review of this game.   7. Asu Wa Koishite あすは恋して~Prime Beat Planet [000414] Unbalance

    Yoshizo moved to the town to continue study there. What conceal the memories of the forgotten past?  Number of characters is 12. There is some free time after school and on weekends when we can initiate conversations, but each type of story only available at corresponding day of the week. Remembering all the types of stories for all 12 characters is a good training for the memory! Eventually characters may give you dream glass that contain pieces of your forgotten memories. All girls are also from different zodiac signs. Quite an average dating SIM without any story.   8. Maid Lesson Koi Maid Lesson 恋 [000414] Studio Neko Punch

    Main character needs to give four maids sword and magic lessons in order to overcome the demon king. It's quite a normal raising SIM, except that there is actually battle system and in the end all the skills taught to maids are going to be tested on the battlefield. RPG part is quite painful.    9. Repeat ~Kurikaesareru Toki Soshite...~ Repeat ~繰り返される刻そして…~ [000414] Sirius

    I woke up floating in the air. Below me, the park is uniquely familiar.
    What's going on?
    With my head was swimming in confusion, two girls with a strange look in their eyes appeared before me. Are they angels or maybe demons?
    They said that I was dead and that in seven days, I am going to heaven or hell and the choice won't be mine. In other words, I am going to live the next seven days as a ghost and those two will watch my every action... Synopsis is quite neutral, so let's elaborate. Game is all about choosing spots in the part and triggering H events, usually by possessing someone. Engine especially looks outdated, like a DOS game.   10. Rumble ~Bankara Yashahime~ Rumble ~バンカラ夜叉姫~ [000414] Penguin Works

    There was a hero once who saved the school from violence and it returned to a peaceful routine. His name was soon forgotten.
    Nowadays there's a new threat and those who still remember that hero try to find a new hero for this task. And the search is finally over. That's you! Type is ordinary ADV. Game story is inconsistent, but it's normal for a comedy game. Systems are very poor and skipping is troublesome. There's excessive number of characters without significant meaning. There are 5 heroines, each with a separate ending. Battles are done in command selection mode and relatively easy if follow the pattern. About 80% of the 10 hours scenario length is awesome due to very strong comedy elements. It's a masterpiece, but only if you don't mind gag games and broken characters.   11. Shin Ruriiro No Yuki ~Furimukeba Tonari ni~ 真・瑠璃色の雪 ~ふりむけば隣に~ [000414] Ail (Team Riva)

    After losing both his parents, Hiroshi decides to rent a room in a mansion owned by the parents of his childhood friends Kotobuki and Youko. The rent was surprisingly cheap, since it was haunted by a ghost. But Hiroshi is the science club leader and doesn’t believe in ghosts. On the day he moved in, a hole opened in the floor, but he ignored it and went to bed. Woken up by a nightmare, he found a pot in the hole. He broke open the seal on the pot in curiosity and a girl came out, introducing herself as Ruri the yuki-onna. PC-98 game was a hit and this is a safe for sales remake. There are quite many heroines. Many call this game a masterpiece, but there is not enough in the story department for that. All the important events are poured in the final part of the game.    12. Snow Memoria ~Wasureenu Omoi~ Snow Memoria ~忘れえぬ想い~ [000414] Air Plants

    A 100 year long war raged between two countries. The princess of one of the countries went missing, causing a ceasefire, which led to the end of the war. At around this time, Liolet saved a girl with amnesia named Colleen from some bandits, who treated him like her older brother. Her feelings for him began to grow with every passing day. First half is a comedy, while there is much more serious development in second half. Text is only good during the daily routine scenes and is a headache for serious depictions since those aren't adapted for visual novel format. Second half feels a bit rushed. H scenes are  bland.    13. Taisen Ren'ai Simulation: Trifers Mahou Gakuen 対戦恋愛シミュレーション トリフェルズ魔法学園 [000420] ASCII Corporation 1

    The game is a cartoon dating simulation in which the player have to compete againts other characters to win the affection of their friends. Depending of the conversation choices or if he wins the mini games the love meter will increase or decrease with each character.  The game is divided into different stages, for example the first stage takes place in a snow place where they are located in a hotel and they can make snowmen, skiing, take walks, etc. The second stage takes place in a tropical place, they can go around the beach, go to the sea, etc.  Console dating SIMs all look the same to me.   14. Angel Reason ~Tenshi no Iiwake~ エンジェリーズン ~天使のいいわけ~ [000421] Spica

    School life is over in a few months. With parents gone overseas it's a great opportunity to make memories with the school's idol. 
    Wizards, ghosts, robots and rabbits coexist at this school. Something must happen in such a perfect environment!  A rather mysterious work - and mysterious here means beyond the scope of understanding. First of all - all the endings are bad. Secondly, it goes totally crazy from the second part. It has lots of moving screens and is just fun by watching alone. But in the end it's just a school bakage+galge. You basically just pursue one of the girls without any story. I tried to play it, but I really need at least some additional story to go on. Just girls got too boring and the number of girls is quite big, like 6.   15. Castle Fantasia ~Erencia Senki~ キャッスルファンタジア ~エレンシア戦記~ [000421] Studio e.go!

    The year 1247 of the Holy Calendar, the Erencia Kingdom was invaded and occupied by Illumina Kingdom.
    Eight years later, Faizeru, son of the Erencia Kingdom consul, returned as the leader of Fenrir, the best mercenary group in the continent. As he landed at the harbour of the occupied hometown and is asked to join the rebel group Erencia Liberation Army, the second Erencia War commences. The scenario value is great, but battles last long, so it isn't suitable for an impatient person. During battle each unit behaves in real time, and the player issues commands according to situation. The flexible strategy helps to fulfill victory conditions such as person's rescue and guard, and extermination of enemies. Battles aren't really difficult and don't need tactics. After the battle there is conversation stage with heroines belonging to the unit that can deepen friendship ties. Depending on choices and battle outcome multiple plot branches take off. So... game's very amusing, I'd say a masterpiece and first Studio e.go work to compliment.   16. Doushin ~Sanshimai no Etude~ 同心~三姉妹のエチュード~ [000421] 1 2 3

    Meet the Suruga sisters, Ryoko, Maki and Miho. Ever since their parents died they've been living together, getting by as best they can and never feeling lonely because they've got each other. The Suruga sisters have a very special secret: due to an unexplained physical phenomenon, a sensation shared by one Suruga sister will be felt by the other two, no matter where they are. If one sister were to prick her finger, for example, the other two would feel the same pain...and if one of the girls becomes sexually excited, the other two will instantly feel the same emotions, no matter where they are or what situation they're in. As they go about their daily lives, each girl never knows when she'll become sexually aroused by the emotions of the other sisters, which certainly has some bizarre consequences for all three of them in this dramatic hentai RPG. Game is localized and has multiple English reviews.   17. Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi 不確定世界の探偵紳士 [000421] Abel Software 1 2 3 4

    Agyou Souma, the protagonist, is the IDLA Class A Detective. IDLA stands for International Detective License Agency. It's a highly respectable agency that evaluates and classifies a detective based on one's ability as a detective, from Class A to Class F. There are only 30 Class A detective in the whole world and there are only 2 Class A detective in Japan.
    IDLA also collects all kinds of requests and offers them to the detectives to work on it. Its base is located in London. Of course, Souma is the type of person who most likely won't accept any cases from the IDLA.
    He is a stoic, brooding man of few words, his incredible observation and deduction skills are tempered by his abysmal luck. He can't even step out for a cup of coffee without the cafe being robbed, or cross the street without walking into a firefight between two rival gangs. Still, what can he do? Life goes on...
    Over the course of the game, Souma works on four separate (but simultaneous) cases, each of which contains a unique storyline that is independent of the others, and meets a vast array of characters. If he clears all four cases with time to spare, a more complex, fifth case is presented. There are two English reviews of this Abel Software game. I wanted to play it too even despite the genius boy detective setting, but my pc version does not have voicing in it and this game is known for some very good seiyu. All the Enlgish and Japanese reviews agree on the point that this game is a masterpiece.   18. Heartful Memories ~Little Witch Parfait 2~ ハートフルメモリーズ 〜Little Witch Parfait 2〜 [000421] Kuroneko-san Team

    The protagonist, Perky, has only his name to remember, but nothing else in his memory to confirm his true identity. He is found unconscious by Parfait Sucreal near the Crabell Waterfall outside Florelmos. When Parfait allows him to recover in her house and informs him about Florelmos, as well as herself, she takes Perky to the wise witch to see if she knew anything about Perky.
    Unfortunately, the wise witch says she is not able to claim his identity but that he owns 500000 gold in return for keeping her keeping his sword for him. Until he collects the money by 6 months, the wise witch tells Parfait to allow Perky to stay in the Black Cat Market.
    New Little Witch Parfait title. That's fourth game of this franchise done within a year. A formidable persistence.   19. Sakuranbo Station さくらんぼステーション [000421] Mer Rouge

    Transferring into portside private school Seiouga Gakuen, the protagonist meets new friends and enjoys the school life. As spring comes about, his feelings for his classmate become more than just as friends. Since Mer Rouge consists of only female staff, this SLG is supposed to be portray the female perspective and the heroine’s actions more realistically.  Characters are cute and CG are nice, but length is too short - one girl path is over in like 30 minutes. There are many girls, but still.. Text is very bad. It feels like a doujin game sold as a serious work.   20. Sho-Ki 將姫 [000421] C's Ware 1 2

    The story takes place at a highschool (featuring all kinds of pupils, including robo- and catgirls).
    The players character (Kichijouji Kai) loves to play mahjonng and wants to become a regular member of the mahjonng-club of the school. 
    However, at that day, when he went together with his classmate Ekoda Shoko (who secretly seems to have a crush on him) to the mahjongg-club, they arrive at a scene of horror:
    All the regular member of the club lie around in the room, unconscious. The tables are all broken in half. Everywhere in the room, there are mahjong-tiles scattered on the ground. Some people are even pinned to the ground with counting-sticks.
    So, suddenly, the whole mahjonng-club is reduced to him and Shoko. 
    Because two people are not enough for a decent game of mahjong and in order to rebuild the mahjong-club as well as to investigate, who did that to the former mebers, Kai and Shoko start to challenge members of other clubs in mahjong. If these other club members lose, they have to join the new mahjong-club and have to tell them everything they know or suspect about the incident. I'm over-enjoyed to say that this C's Ware game has an English review and I don't need to play mahjong.   21. KoiYoubi 恋ようび [000425] 1 2 3

    Day of Love is about Haruki, the main character, that knew about a girl named Maho when he was young, but forgot about her when he was older, which had made her angry when she asked him years later when he's in high school. So to get back at him for not remembering, she dresses up as a guy and lives in the same dorm as him using the alias Mao. Game is localized and has English reviews.   22. Itsu Made mo... ~Kaminaga-sanchi no Shunkashuutou~ いつまでも・・・~神長さん家の春夏秋冬~ [000427] E.G.O.

    Main character lives in a Shinto priest family with three of priest daughters. One day priest disappears leaving a short notice letter. At the same time hero feels a desire for his first love Ryoko. He seeks relations either inside or outside the family not with words, but with warmth. Genre is NTR. There are 40 endings with the majority being of dark devil taste, so the overall duration is huge. The worst thing about the game is that it's not voiced. I've never had a taste for NTR, so I've been mostly disgusted by the game.   23. Kanata no Mori 彼方の森 [000427] TEAM POPUP

    Shinichi works at the newspaper company and travels around Europe together with Mina who he met during college years. But Mina suddenly disappears during the trip. He find a witness claiming she entered the "Lost Forest" where vampire lived. Shinichi follows Mina, but gets a serious injury during a wolf attack. He finds shelter in a mansion he stumbles upon in the forest. He is greeted by the owner, two maids and Mina who lost memory. He stays at the mansion to treat his wound, but at the same time tries to restore Mina memory. A suspense themed game with not that much of a mystery in it. It's mostly about moving around the mansion and triggering all kind of events, mostly H ones. No voicing. Four heroines for capture. Many endings, but one playthrough is quite short. The biggest appeal point of the game is the picture.   24. Memories Off Pure メモリーズオフ~ピュア~ [000427] KID 1 2

    Memories Off: Pure game takes place a few years prior to the events in Memories Off. Tomoya and Ayaka are neighbors who communicate with each other through their bedroom windows and who attend the same junior high school with Yue. There's an English review of this game.   25. Aries Aries -アリエス- [000428] Circus

    A fallen angel studying in a "special angel school" to become independent has to go to earth to study the behavior of regular humans.
    This particular angel doesn't understand love well, and comes to live a happy campus life with the protagonist to better her understanding of it. Well, I hated this game for a long time even without knowing anything about the game just because it's a Circus game that spawned such a huge number of side stories and fandisks. Now knowing the contents I can only cite Zen from Micchi blog: "Aries may quite possibly become the worst game ever made, to the point I cannot decide which is worse, Aries or Card Captor Sakura. I honestly cannot see a company getting away with a game like this unless there are a lot more lonely pedophiles in the world than I could have possibly imagined. I for one shall pray to every god and demon I can think of for the next nine years if necessary in the hope of burning this company to the ground before they can visit any more of such misery upon the world."   26. Fugue ~Kimi to Boku no Uta~ Fugue ~きみとぼくのうた~ [000428] C's Ware BLITZ

    Masaki happens upon his classmate Futaba who ran away from home. She forces him to come with her to a closed-down school in the countryside. He then noticed that there were many other runaway girls who lived in there. The only review found affirms that it's a short game in an abandoned school with three girls. Coversation is loose. I know it's C's Ware BLITZ, but looks like they don't really stand up to the fame of parent brand. If only there was some quirk...   27. Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure 行殺♥ 新選組 人斬り美少女あどべんちゃ~ [000428] Liar-soft

    End of Edo period, Kyoto. 
    Hero becomes a part of a newly-formed Shinsengumi unit. He is to protect Kyoto from the evil hands of Kinno (Kyushu) and develop relations with squad female members such as Hijikata and Okita. 
    Despite the real historical period, events are mostly comical and beyond time limits. For example, heroines often appeal to human rights protection. Depending on the value of real "absurdity" parameter in the game you can get rid of the great devil coming to Kyoto with a 88 mm cannon, cyborgs or panda samurai. If this game was released by some shady brand it would be blocked. But it's Liar-soft title! And a supercrazy one! Moreover, I'm going to block next Liar-soft title Bloomers 2000 for fetishism, so I'll try to pour all my love on Shinsengumi. I opened web.archive introduction page of the game and there's so much love in there that I'm really shocked. It has about 12 pages about different aspects of the game including lots of history ones. There's a very fun opening here. But let's get to the game already. Story is full of absurd. Lots of parts aren't explained and there are crazy shifts from one topic to another. But it's not just pure entertainment, there are a lot of historical figures and there's a lot of history involved. As you can see on the screenshot there are like seven parameters (but most of them are ignored, lol) and there's constant need to meet different people and improve popularity. You can borrow money or can sit without money - it actually does not matter at all. A serious quiz is used while borrowing. Heroine is determined by first several choices, so capture is rather easy. One playthrough is also short enough. That can be expressed in short as Serious bakage. Absurd? Yes, but it suits perfectly for this game. There's an absolutely magical atmosphere created. So is this a masterpiece? YES! But only if you are ok with historical parodies, if you know Japanese history (or watched couple shinsengumi doramas) relatively well and if you can understand specific Liar-soft humor. Too many "If" but luckily I totally fit in here.   28. Hana Kasumi 花霞 [000428] Pink Post

    Hero is a student in Tokyo university and he's taking part-time job as home tutor. He soon realizes that both heroines who take his lessons have feelings for him, but they are too shy to confess. They study diligently in hope to enter the same university as the hero and confess then. However... Scenario unfolds slowly, then manages to confuse greatly, confuse immensely and ends abruptly with solving everything. The problem is that hero becomes uncontrollable and does really stupid things. The only good points of this game is graphics and not bad music.   29. Koutei Heika ni Narou! 皇帝陛下になろう! [000428] Aaru

    While our king was visiting his dying teacher, he found and released a girl sealed in a tree. It seems his teacher had sealed her because she came from the underworld. What he released was just her spirit. To get her body back, he has to find medals that his teacher gave to other kings. Well, he has four commanders to help him do that. He can also get some princesses too, if he want to. A strategy game with battles. You control four people and determine their order. Some guys are better at fighting some opponents, so there's the need to constantly shift your party order. Can only say that I did not succeed in that having someone constantly dying in a flow of battle.   30. Love Mate ~Koi no Rehearsal~ Love Mate ~恋のリハーサル~ [000428] Mink Co., Ltd.

    Kazuto is a new teacher at a prestigious girl’s school and was asked to be the drama club’s advisor. He had heard many great things about the drama club, so he was nervous accepting the position. However, afterwards he found out that there’s only one member in the club and that it is in danger of becoming disbanded. So they have to try to recruit as many students to save the club! To recruit students, you have to go around the school, interacting with girls and being able to relate to their interests. There’s lots of girls to ask to join, so it’s up to you to decide on whom you want to join the club.  I do not trust Mink - almost all their games turn out to be ero-centered. Here we're supposed to gave a pure love romance game. Very low difficulty, no story and lots of heroines. It's a light comedy. But the selling point of the game is interactive touching system during H-scenes. Mink can't be trusted indeed...   31. Magical☆Antique まじかる☆アンティーク [000428] Leaf 1

    Leaf’s newest game is a business SLG+ADV. After the protagonist’s parents left one day to find more antiques overseas, he took over running the family antique shop. Later he meets Sophie, who comes from the magic world, and she helps out at the shop.  Gah! Two games of little witch parfait type in one month! There's an English review and Micchi commentary on the game which should be enough.   32. Night Work ~Yachou no I-ta-zu-ra~ ナイトワーク ~夜蝶のイ・タ・ズ・ラ~ [000428] Mutation

    Main character becomes a host in a night club after falling victim to restructuring of the company. The night club is having difficulties and may shut down in two months time, so they don't mind recruiting a newcomer without experience. It can be called a SIM since you need to attend work to earn money and walk around the city to trigger meetings with girls. The aim to become the best host. For that it's needed to raise favorability of different characters and get H events with them. Difficulty is really high. At least all characters are mature.   33. Phantom Knight Mugen no Meikyuu II ファントムナイト 夢幻の迷宮II [000428] Software House Parsley 1

    Several months after the battle of Desert City, the desertification of the earth is growing. People call this phenomenon "phantom  phenomenon." 
    Main character is an elite knight who gets into a survey team to fulfill royal mission. Well, system and the content is pretty much like the prequel. But here there'a automatic dungeon generation.   34. Senpai せんぱい [000428] Moon

    Main character admires his senpai who is graduating in a few days. Will he have the time to confess his feelings or look for other girls instead?  A self-proclaimed pure love game, but actually the period is so small that it looks much more like nanpa with multiple H events for each character. Moreover, if all three senpai are captured, there's senpai harem ending, and if all the kohai are captured, there's kohai harem ending. Hardly anything pure in that.   BLOCKED   1. Choukyou Reijou 2 調教令嬢? [000401] Soft Circle Courreges The next target of insult is a female teacher with a baby face. Nukige   2. R no Houkago Magyaku Rape Hen Rの放課後 魔虐レイプ編 [000404] NenGollo Software
    After school rape card game series now features fantasy elements. The targets for hard rape are sister Himeno, busty glasses girl Nozomi and mother-in-law Chizuru. Doujin Nukige   2. Believe ~Shitsuyoku no Tenshi-tachi~ Believe ~失翼の天使達~ [000406] DNA Main character is an excellent student trusted all over the school. However, one day he gets to die. A mysterious man appears before him and says that protagonist's soul can be pardoned in exchange for 200 million yen. The end date is his next birthday. But how is protagonist supposed to gather such an outrageous sum of money with just working part-time at a coffee shop? He finds a way out. He starts to lure his friends at coffee shop basement and there train girls into slaves. Nukige SIM   3. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 遙かなる時空の中で [000406] Koei On the first day of a new school term, high school student Akane Motomiya, her classmate Tenma Morimura, and their underclass friend Shimon Nagareyama are sucked into a mysterious old well. When they awake, they are in Kyō, another world that resembles Kyoto during the Heian Period. According to the young scion of the Star Clan, Fujihime, Akane is the Ryūjin no Miko, who has come to save Kyō from the ambitions of the Oni Clan. In this task, the Akane has the help of eight men known as the Hachiyō, and her friends Tenma and Shimon number among them. Initially, Akane is bewildered by her new circumstances, but she gradually comes to face up to her own destiny and understand the world of Kyō. Otome   4. Clever Magic クレバーマジック [000407] Helios Main character is a charismatic hairdresser in a beauty salon for celebrities. He uses his skill to drag the visiting guests one after another to the world of desire. Nukige   5. Milky Space ~Kanashiki Sexroid~ MilkySpace ~悲しきセクサロイド~ [000407] Mesa In the 22nd century versatile sex tool "Sexaroid" is accepted socially for survival of mankind. In such an era main character dies with his brain preserved and later resurrected as "Sexaroid". Eventually he is assigned to the education corporation "Tellar College" where he needs to train four androids choreography during navigation and relief in emergency situations (including libido stress relief).  Nukige   6. Pure Doll [000407] Triangle Main character gets a female type bioroid from some mad scientist. She is built as a real girl, but lacks human emotions. That will need to be fixed in three weeks time. Nukige   7. Katei Kyoushi Ryoujoku Lesson 家庭教師~陵辱レッスン~ [000414] Beenyan Sister-in-law requests main character's help as tutor. She can not even guess what kind of character is hidden behind hero's innocent eyes. Her beautiful mother will also make a delicious prey. Nukige   8. Nise Scout ~Guuzou Muhiden~ 偽スカウト ~偶像夢悲伝~ [000414] Vision Main character pretends to be an idol promotion manager. He skillfully deceives girls and insults them afterwards. Nukige   9. Paranoia ~Kyouki no Yami~ パラノイア ~狂気の闇~ [000414] Zero Main character gets fired for sexual harassment. While wondering around the town he stumbles upon some ruins. Inside he finds a trunk filled with money. He swears to have his revenge on the former coworkers with the found treasure.  Nukige   10. Synchronize Dream シンクロナイズ・ドリーム [000414] TinkerBell 1 Due to a strange experiment by Rumi, the main character and his childhood friend Youko keep on having the same ecchi dreams every night. In this dream world, the way he interacted with people after school changed. There was no sense of embarassment and he could act out everything he wanted to do with Youko in his (and her) imagination. Nukige   11. Jii 2 ~Kohitsuji-tachi no Nemurenai Yoru~ 自慰2~仔羊達の眠れない夜~ [000421] Candy Soft A catholic female college in the Meiji Era. Old priest gets hurt and hero is invited as a temporary priest substitute. Main character decides to defile this garden of innocent angels. Nukige   12. Manatsu no Yoru no Yume 真夏の夜の夢 [000421] BeF Hero suffers from nightmare dreams. Once a woman appears before him and promises to get rid of nightmares. Hero gets to a pavilion of a prison world. In order to get cured of nightmares and return to his world he needs to get past all the rooms each having a room ruler girl and eventually get the key from the owner of pavilion. Nukige   13. Mashiro no Takarabako ましろの宝箱 [000421] R.A.N Software A fandisc of Rainy Blue that contains bonus music tracks, screensaver, CD player and a short story based on the original game. Fandisc   14. Omokage 俤 ~おもかげ~ [000421] Jade Main character receives an invitation from his classmate girl to investigate disappearance of a Taiwanese at a western mansion. They are greeted by the old maid of the house, but then get trapped inside the mansion. And terrible events start to happen...
    Nukige   15. Rinjin Mousou ~Danchizoku no Hirusagari~ 隣人妄想 ~団地族の昼下がり~ [000421] Sepia Main character moves to a flat in a five stored building. He spends days and nights getting to know the neighbors and their secrets. Nukige   16. Virtual Toukou Club バーチャル投稿倶楽部 [000421] Nekotama Main character stumbles upon an adult site where all his daring dreams come true. Nukige   17. Wai 猥 [000421] Hyperspace Main character is a guru of an emerging religion. His religion is not very popular with ladies. He uses time shifts to bring lady followers from different times, like kunoichi from the Edo period or a British girl from Meiji era. Nukige   18. Sumire すみれ [000422] Hiyoko Soft (old) Main character suddenly gets in a situation set by his father when he has to live alone with three bride candidates under the same roof for several weeks. Nukige   19. Lemon ~Kageetei Nostalgia~ 檸檬 ~影絵亭ノスタルジヤ~ [000424] 13cm Our guy likes a girl working in his uncle's cafe. Once he got ownership of the cafe from his uncle, he found out the this cafe is special and the girls do extra work. He put a stop to that and now 5 girls only serve him at night. Can he go from H to love? Nukige   20. Body Hacker ボディハッカー [000428] Kurumi Main character is a geek person who works part-time at an idol training school. He discovers a talent to possess people, animals, and insects. He uses this ability to make aspiring idols his slaves.  Nukige   21. Gyakusatsu 虐撮 [000428] Nanami Tougarashi Dan May 3rd, 2000, the last Golden Week of the 20th century. Main character is a professional photographer. He arrives at Hanekawa-cho where he eavesdrops girls stories, then insults the girls and captures it all in the photography.
    Nukige   22. Net Stalker ~Kyouhaku kara Ryoujoku e~ ネットストーカー ~脅迫から陵辱へ~ [000428] Lune Main character attends a computer class at school and discovers nasty and humiliation pictures of his classmates. Once the secret is known, his curiosity turns into intimidation and then to insult.  Nukige   23. Pinup Girls ピンナップガールズ [000428] Libido Our guy is the new keyboard player in three girl band. He has to practice for the upcoming amateur band festival. While doing that, he can chase 8 girls the normal or mania way. Nukige   24. Seishun Ouka 性春謳歌 [000428] Apple Pie Main character is a romantic student who lives with his father. One day his father remarries and hero suddenly gets a mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. Nukige   25. Great Hunting ぐれえとハンティング [000428] Daiginjou Set traps and catch animal girls!  After girl is caught, it's time for mischief ! Nukige
  17. kivandopulus
    There are surprisingly many masterpieces this month. There are three: Elemental Arts, Green and SPARK! My personal favourtite would of course be Vist, but even I understand that it lacks the masterpiece level. The game of the Month December 1999 is Elemental Arts since I would not like to compliment eroge'ish Green and bakage'ish SPARK!
    1. Vist [991202] C's Ware 1 In a rainy night, the cops are investigating a bizarre murder scene. "What he saw?" - wonders the detective. Takuto, the protagonist, is a sickly highschool student with a heart disease. His father is a scientist and researcher who is traveling overseas. Even thought he is alone in home, his neighbor and university student Rin come visit him every day, and every night his father call him and they talk by phone. But one day, his father stops calling and they lost contact. Takuto wonders if something happened to him and contacts the laboratory where his father works. But the staff members dont' know anything. Takuto is worried, until one day a strange girl called Eryu appears in his house with a letter from his father. "I'm sorry ------" - Says the last words of his father. And something who don't look to be human starts to approach the hero, who little by little get caught in the case of the bizarre murders. And seeing the disturbing signs --- a heartbeat began to drift. I've already provided full review in the previous post. But now I'm interested what other reviewers think of the game. №1:Have not understood the end... chapter 5 too fast development... the impressive reunion scene missing... there is no excitement in the ending at all... have to load game if there is a single counterattack. №2:Replay is very painful due to complex system... bloodshed scenes glorious... HCG quite large number... this work is not balanced... unexplained and esoteric development leaves bad aftertaste. №3:Hard to understand story... story is good, but story development is not good... first two chapter sluggish, but next two chapters thrilling.  №4:Totally suspense... repeated playthrough is troublesome... very bad that losing in battle can get bad ending fixed... if only 5th chapter scenario was deeper it would be a masterpiece... it's one of the best masterpieces of suspense genre... why no male voicing (cries)... atmosphere is good... scenario is of high quality... not a work that leaves something after it is over. Wow, I can totally subscribe to every word here. Very strange, but very fascinating and mysterious work.  
    2. Alive [991203] Witch 1 A winter story. Kihara Yuuji , Sawaki Yuriko and Sakagami Yuzuki. A trio of best friends, two of them recently being a couple and the last blessing and watching over them. A short happiness that suddenly escapes everyone's hands as tragedy strikes and kills one of them. This is a story where the protagonist tries to overcome such a sorrow. The unforgiveable sin that is love. An eternal damnation. An unavoidable and cruel destiny. Unrequited feelings. And, caught in the middle, good and kind people who are in the end but innocent sacrifices. Game actually feels very different from the synopsis. The trio happy school life introduction is very long so it's possible to get bored even at this stage. But the main part after sudden Yuzuki death is quite short and underdeveloped. There are four girls with their routes. But actually only main heroine route and true endings have some impact - the others are totally bland - there just is not enough discussions and expressions. A but shift in quality. That might be actually improved in the "Renewal" release in 2001. Overall it's a game based on atmosphere only.  
    3. La vie de Chateau ラヴィドシャトゥ La vie dechateau [991203] Artifact Medieval-style heroic fantasy. A young knight apprentice dreams of marrying princess Felicia and to achieve this goal he needs to form connections with a wide range of important or useful women. It's a self-raising SIM. Period is 6 months. We train each day and there are also events to trigger. If you train diligently you see how your rank rises. There are also duels in the game (with husbands, naturally) and it's satisfying to see that your stats actually determine your attack/defense/constitution. But text in the game is very slow and need to press shift for each screen separately. There are also quite many bugs around.  
    4. Nanairo Daydream ~Nanami Wonderland 2~ なないろ☆デイドリーム ~NA・NA・MIワンダーランド2~ [991203] Archive

    This time there are private situations from the lives of three sisters : Mikuri, Mizuki, Milk.
    Same as prequel, just H. Choose a situation and enjoy.  
    5. POW ~Horyo~ POW ~捕虜~ [991203] FlyingShine

    Mankind extends its living area to Mars. However, the generation that is born on Mars starts to appeal to autonomy of Mars, and eventually civil war breaks out. Government decides to thread carefully and the situation is frozen for five years. Mars history year 79. Main character receives command from Mars government to capture and interrogate female elite soldiers of the three enemy reconnaissance units ...
    An SF simulation game. First there's a strategic battle, next there's interrogation SIM. Just when I hoped for a normal SF story...  
    6. Ren'Ai Kumikyoku 恋愛組曲 [991203] Libido

    Hero gets into an all-girl school band as a result of the injury of sempai. He is responsible for the keyboard and there is a rhythm minigame introduced to measure his success. Another Libido game... somehow they all look the same to me and keyword here is tasteless. Now you also need to play the keyboard as if it was a piano. Apart of that it's not much different from a galge. There are 8 heroines to capture. Well, it's not that the story changes for each character. Scenario is painful to read without skipping.  
    7. Spark! SPARK! [991203] Cat's Pro. Protagonist is a normal high school student, has at times he sees strange scenes and gets depressed. One day he meets transfer student Yanan Michiru who calls herself an agent of human world management institution. According to her tale, hero has an ability to see the world where the balance is being broken by a stray angel. They will go to school together and search for an angel. It's a comedy work at school setting. The purpose to find the angel does not really matter in the end and there's just a series of events triggered. The process is more valuable than the result here and it's just exciting to see what happens in the new dream. It may be a bakage, but its strength is not in individual gags, but in the flow they create so that it feels like a melody. Even H-scenes are overflowing with playfulness and humor. That's a very unique atmosphere created and it's worthy to be called a masterpiece.  
    8. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series: Karan Koron Gakuen: Dokidoki Hen 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 どきどき編 [991205] J-Wing 1

    Player takes role of a young high school student who is trying to find love. And for that he will play different versions of mahjong against three different girls. Card game  
    9. Moonlight Blue [991207] Studio Til

    Main character enters the desired university. His education life is very fun, but the apartment he moves into appears to be inhabited by a ghost girl... Doujin  
    10. Nekomimi Musume Choukyou S 猫耳娘調教 S [991210] Neko no Kessha

    Teacher entrusts main character to train a cat girl within two weeks. Will protagonist succeed? And what personality will cat girl embrace - nasty one or gentle one? Doujin  
    11. Baldr Fist BALDRFIST [991210] Team Baldrhead 1 2

    Baldr Fist is a branching adventure game with 2D action-shooter elements. I think everyone by now should be familiar with baldr games gameplay - long range weapons for the safety, close range for the excitement. There are 6 heroines total for capture. Scenario has gone downhill compared to Baldr Head and is almost nonexistant. This game should rather be treated as gameplay polish since it reached new heights of enjoyment and fun.  
    12. Blood Royal [991210] Cherry Soft 1

    A perverted pirate sails the seven seas, armed with a torture chamber and his depraved imagination. Nothing is off limits in this bizarre excursion into a world of erotic peril. Two Princesses try to run away from their homelands only to end up in his hands. This is a story about how these two persevere and get through this torture. There's an English review.  
    13. Elemental Arts エレメンタルアーツ [991210] BAROQUE 1 It's been ten years since the Devil was defeated by five heroes. Peace was maintained under the rule of the heroes. People kept summoning demons and forced them to work and live and terrible conditions. Ren lived in a mountain locket with his parents. Occasionally girl named Lier came from the village to visit them. But one day Ren was attacked by a group of three bounty hunters who were searching for powerful demons and sealing them. Ren was surprised to know he was a demon even though he was brought up as a human. His powers were unsealed by the bounty hunters attack and he set on a journey. At first he was only seeking his family enemies, but observing the humiliating life conditions of demons he eventually begins to oppose the reign of brave heroes. Game is pretty much a sequel of previous BAROQUE game Midgard. Now finally we play for the bad guys... or rather good guys oppressed by other good guys. It's one of the first work to implement 3D topographic elements and it looks awesome. There are 8 magic elements with different skills so it's necessary to pay attention to the elemental stats that equipment brings. You start alone, then gradually party size increases to 7 and after 8th member there's split of parties and all the characters meet together for the final battle in one huge 8-man party. Game story gets somewhat stale by the middle of the game, but overall it's a great rpg, definitely a masterpiece.  
    14. Film Noir フィルムノワール [991210] Sophia

    Nowadays video cameras are more popular than 8 mm films and rival video school club gets all the attention. In these circumstances Mayu Natsu is struggling to gather performers and staff in order to shoot his own independent film before he graduates. Game's divided into adventure part where hero finds the staff and simulation part where we shoot the film and this second part is not too serious. Period is 40 days but all the simultaneous flagging can be done in just one week and rest is just killing time. Game was postponed several times and thus feels old by the time of release. Text is also not good. There's not much meaning in the game apart of capturing all 9 girls, but atmosphere is good.  
    15. Giri Shimai 義理姉妹 [991210] Red Zone

    Main character is in love from first sight with his sister-in-law who enters the same college. Now the university life full of expectation begins. Game is full of disappointments. Photographic backgrounds, rough designs, several H events just from the start. Gameplay is choosing between like 7 places and watching event if the place is corretly chosen. And of course there's hardly any story at all.   
    16. Inmetsu ~Yami ni Hisomu Manazashi~ 湮滅~闇に潜む眼差し~ [991210] Zero

    Main character gets a part-time job to supervise a mountain house after his uncle recommendation. A swimming club gets stationed there. Main character blackmails and insults the girls. Just an insulting nukige.  
    17. Itazura III 悪戯Ⅲ~いたずらスリー~ [991210] Interheart

    The purpose is to molest 18 girls while travelling across 6 stations and 12 towns. Now with a new command "take off clothes". All games of the series look alike to me.  
    18. Koiji 恋路 [991210] Cliff Edge A strategic dating SIM game where player needs to outperform and outsmart the rivals to win the heart of a girl. It's actually a common dating SIM with parameters and occasional events. We can see girls parameters as well so it's clear what each girls likes. There are 8 girls. The rivals is the most important part of the game. You can see their parameters and their next movements with many tricks to apply. It all seems only luck-dependent at times. Love is a tough competition.  
    19. My Sister ~Sweet Gemini~ 妹☆妹~Sweet Gemini~ [991210] Ripe 1

    The game's objective is quite simple. You are a 'brother' and you need to 'take care' of your 'sisters' and 'friends'. There are 5 heroines in total. There is an English review.  
    20. Seijo Vampire 聖女ヴァンパイア [991210] Pinky Soft

    Hero is a hunter who captures girl monsters and makes living. The story beings from receiving a request to investigate a village cemetery. 
    The setting and the drawing are the same as in Dragon no Tiara and Genjuuya. It's a dungeon crawler RPG with lots of H events for different types of girl monsters.   
    21. Tenohira no Yuki てのひらの雪 [991210] Ange

    At ancient times Wano consisted of three large islands where lots of countries and warlords waged war. The story begins when Sudoku is invaded by Mino, and all the key Sudoku people are been killed and deprived. One of survivors is princess who is taken to Mino country. Main character is princess younger brother who switches places with her to avenge his country by attacking women of the castle.
    It's probably one of the earliest cases of transvestism. Anyway, as hero meets the four women, he's suddenly not so inclined for revenge already. He can choose the way of love and growing up as a man.   
    22. Time Surf タイムサーフ [991210] Telluru

    Hero who is an apprentice of time and space masters with the aim to get a license and learn flying. His master requests to travel to different time spaces and exterminate four wanted female time criminals. Telluru has made 8 games in just 9 months... and that really makes me question the quality. The bulk of the game is some weird gameplay, as always. I chose some German uniform girl to look for and appeared in the year 1943 in Germany... which is the screenshot above. Good job...  
    23. Sharanra シャランラ ~写乱裸~ [991215] Nekotama

    Main character Sasayama has recently lost his job due to recession. He gets to see a request for a male AV actor in a job magazine. He's accepted for the job and allowed to choose from five amateur actresses. Basically the actresses are on the screen. The rest is small talk and if nothing too offending is said it's H event.  
    24. 1-2 Finish! [991215] NenGollo Software

    Main character attends school, but he is very active during lunch break and after school. Eight female students become his victims. Doujin  
    25. Pocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~ ぽけかの〜愛田由美〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1 The star of this raising sim game is Yumi Aida, a little girl that you meet when she's 11 years old in a park. Later, the player will discover that she's his neighbour and keeps visiting her. For raising her stats, you must pass some minigames that allow you to buy her presents and take her to new places. The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone.  
    26. Pocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~ ぽけかの〜宝条院静香〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1 Pocke-Kano - Shizuka Houjouin is a sort of an adventure game with mini games in which the player start the game meeting Shizuka Houjouin, a little girl that he finds in the park and after that she takes him to meet her mother. After that he will continue visiting her and during the game he will more or less appreciated by her depending of the results of the different mini games that the player can play in his PocketStation that will make him earn money to buy Shizuka better presents. One different thing about the game is that you will see her raise from a little girl to a woman (the game last 7 years of the girl's lifetime). Bring up young Shizuka Houjouin in this girl raising sim. The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone.  
    27. Pocke-Kano ~Ueno Fumio~ ぽけかの〜植野史緒〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1 This is a communication game to raise heroine Fumio Ueno into an ideal woman during seven years period. The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone.  
    28. Angel Snow [991217] C's Ware

    Yutaka Tendo is a boy who forgot that he is an angel. Yutaka falls in love with a human girl  Sakuya. Yutaka decides to confess her by the time of Christmas, but Sakuya seems to like another boy. Should Yutaka preserve his love or let passion break through? Little by little he starts to remember that he is an angel. It gets more and more difficult to come up with answers...
    This is not a full game, rather an addition to a fandisk. Story is very short. Basically it's either confessing and seeing H event or preserving feelings and getting a different ending.  
    29. Anxious ~Yuukyuu no Memory~ Anxious ~悠久のメモリー~ [991217] Crime

    Near future. Technology advances have allowed to create a perfect artificial lover indistinguishable from real women. Main character gets a job to test four such robots every day. He understands those are robots, but can't help having feelings for them. Nukige.  
    30. Bakusa ~Chained Heart~ 縛鎖 ~Chained heart~ [991217] Zenos

    Main character suddenly lost his family in an accident and lost the energy to live. At such time a certain lady appears before him requesting to train a girl as slave. It was very surprising to know that the object of training is his classmate he liked for a long time...
    There are parameters... blah... blah... blah... nukige.  
    31. Bishoujo Tsuiseki Shoukougun 美少女追跡症候群 [991217] Digital Media Network

    Main character has a one million yen debt. He's approached by a thug demanding to return the debt before the appointed date. Main character has 10,000 yen oh his hands and the whole town to devise a scheme how to return the debt. It's definitely an adult stalker work, but the horrible polygon interface and gameplay did not let me go far to get how he's going to make money from girls.  
    32. D ~Sono Keshiki no Mukougawa~ D ~その景色の向こう側~ [991217] Age

    Main character is riding a "Magic arrow" train. He does not remember why he's here. As he tries to leave the wagon, he discovers a dead man nearby. Every time the wagon moves, the time continuum shifts to either future or past. Hero jumps to the past to stop the murderer and save the train. But in order to get back the future he seeks help of the witch girl. What is this "Magic arrow" train? What's the identity of hero? What's with his memory loss?
    Oh my, an obscure suspense game of Age? Itadakimasu! Game has only one true ending, but there are about 8 bad endings scattered on the way and the overall number of choices is around the same, so it it's basically a one way story. The flow of the game is confusing since we move through the time like mad and see events from different epochs that are seemingly unrelated to each other. So in the long run it all depends on whether you prefer logical works or esoteric/poetic/atmospheric works. And I definitely prefer logical ones.  
    33. Ikenie 牲 [991217] Hyperspace

    The seal in the limestone cave in China got destroyed and devil's light went around the Earth and descended on a mysterious building. Main character is a caretaker of this building. Inside multiple women are locked up awaiting for torture.  I see Hyperspace is not going to stop making those shitty nukige.  
    34. Innai Kansen 2 ~Nariyamanu Nurse Call~ 淫内感染2 ~鳴り止まぬナースコール~ [991217] ZyX 1

    A xonix puzzle game is interwoven with omnibus drama about characters of Innai Kansen series. There are 20 scenes that open up with stage clearance. There is an English review.     
    35. Kurenai no Namida 紅涙 [991217] Studio e.go!

    800 years ago, the benevolent guardian of the continent, Empress of Flame had gone mad. Four girls came and used 4 'Red Arcane Stones' to seal her in the 'Jewel of Flame'. Centuries later, Horse Clan, the decadent ruling clan of the time, lost their power to rebellion. Before they were expelled to the wild and became a clan of dreadful highwayman, they took the 'Jewel of Flame'. Now they are looking for the 'Red Arcane Stones'. Fei, a martial art master, just finished 3 months of training that would normally take 10 years, meets a heroine when she is under attack by the Horse Clan. After the Horse Clan are dealt with, she invites protagonist to come and patch the damaged cloths. Fei goes along and is revealed that the heroines are guarding the 'Red Arcane Stones', thus the Horse Clan are coming for them. Being a martial art master, Fei is asked to help the 3 heroines. Chinese-style worldview and story with its appropriate attributes. Story is deliberately depicted in an epic scale manner. There are five traditional chinese magic elements. There are 6 people in party divided into two rows. But actually it's more of a gag comedy with very funny talks. Each of three sisters has unique personality and they bring lots of laughs. Ending is also not serious at all it ends with a gag. Overall the game is really simple, akin to Men at Work series. AVG part takes place in the city and when you get a request you automatically moved on the needed map. Battles are too easy with enemies underpowered. Game length is just 8 hours. Studio e.go still has a long way to go till it creates proper RPG games.  
    36. Love Love Robokko ~Sono ko, Koutetsu!!~ LOVE LOVE ロボッ娘 ~その子、鋼鉄!!~ [991217] Apple Pie 1

    You play as an ordinary salaryman whose father just passed away. He was obsessed with robots, and he has left three of them to play with them as you wish. However, you only have a week of fun until something happens... Will you pursue a mechanical love, or choose one of the three human girls that are interested in you? There is an English review.  
    37. Machine Maiden Gaiden ~Cynthia~ Machine Maiden外伝 ~シンシア~ [991217] Evolution

    This game stars the other guy from Machine Maiden. He is a psychologist scouted by a high tech company to train a robot doll. He can make her into his lost sister, a fighting machine or a maid. This game is different from the previous one since this is a choose your story game instead of simulation. Game has a light feeling about it and can be emotional at times. Scenario a bit short. Carnelian was in charge for character designs, so characters are cute beyond redemption.  
    38. Mugen Ichiya ~Julia~ 夢幻一夜 ~Julia~ [991217] Otemoto

    Julia is the princess of Makai demon world. She is sent to the human world for two weeks to trample men and absorb their life energy - only this way she can return to her home world. There she encounters a musician Kagaku who she gradually gets attracted to...
    There are many short scenarios, each time with different men. Basically, this is an otome work, and developers admit that as well. We play as a woman and encounter lots of beautiful and well drawn men. Some are cruel, but other are gentle. Well, at least men aren't depicted here as normal otome bishounen (well... mostly).  
    39. My Diary ~Kimi ga Boku no Imouto dattara...~ My Diary ~君が僕の妹だったら…~ [991217] Pocket Momo, Rika and Nozomi are friends with each other and they have common affection for Tsuyoshi. However, Tsuyoshi gets in a traffic accident and with time girls' attention shift to main character. Protagonist is actually the older brother of Momo. Even though she understands her feelings can't be fulfilled, she can not tolerate that her brother loved another girl. Last game of Pocket which is relieving. Game has a famous artist, so graphics is probably the only aspect that does not invoke questions. Text is too bad. Even the ending is literally 10 lines long. Imouto is nothing but annoying. There is a map to choose location where someone may or may not show up, but it's impossible to save on this map so it gets pretty stupid. Some choices are poorly implemented and actually get you into a loop. There's zero explanation of why three persons got in love with some Tsuyushi and why they suddenly got in love with protagonist. This work seems to be aimed at imouto fans, but it fails even at that since the other two heroines are much more convincing.  
    40. Ningyou Aika 人形哀歌 [991217] Give Me Soft

    Near future. Advances in science allowed to use androids for sex treatment. Hero is owner of black android enterprise that tweaks androids to suit client specific needs, including personality tweaks. New such request arrived today, but noone could think then it was a trap that could claim man's life. As usual, there are zero reviews for nukige such as this, so we won't know about the suspense element of this work.  
    41. Onna no Ko Doushi ~Girl Playing Game~ 女の子どうし~Girl Playing Game~ [991217] Jam

    Main character dies in a traffic accident and now can possess bodies of other people, but only for a short time. He decides to infiltrate a girls school that his former girlfriend and sister attend. Setting is crap, but game is even worse. There's a big gameplay part to avoid detectives and such.   
    42. Paradise Paradox パラダイス パラドックス [991217] Specious

    Hero is a not successful rocker who suddenly got the ability to turn back time. Now he can insult women and then turn back time so that nothing actually happens in reality. Without knowing, he's got involved into a dimensional crime... Again no reviews and no intention to check if it's just a nukige or a nukige with a quirk.  
    43. Rensa ~Uragiri no Kusari~ 連鎖 ~裏切りの鎖~ [991217] Selen

    Chairman of high school established a prostitution organization based on his high school. Both students and teachers that enter the school get in its net. One day chairman orders his son to train three new slaves to eliminate the lack of prostitutes. The son needs to train one and order her to train the next one forming a chain of training. Thus there twelve combinations of training patterns.
    44. Say Yah! [991217] Authoring Heaven

    Old man Klaus could not stand up after a night with prostitute Aria. Aria had nothing to do, but to work in his stead. Aria together with reindeer distributes presents to common people who have problems with sex.  Nukige.  
    45. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series: Karan Koron Gakuen: Mune Kyun Hen 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 むねきゅん編 [991217] J-Wing 1

    Second series of mahjong simulation game presents a new set of three heroines to defeat and fall in love with. One story takes at an airport, another one is devoted to cooking, and the last one reminisces about the past days. Card game  
    46. Ichou no Mau Koro 2 いちょうの舞う頃2 [991218] Types Main character is easily motivated and he takes part in multiple school clubs activities, but his grades aren't really good. The story starts at the point when swimming club competition ends with a strange result and hero is depressed. His friends cheer him up and motivate to prepare passionately for the arts contest in autumn. He admires arts club head Mizuno Yuki and decides to confess his feelings to her after the competition ends. Events happen a year after the prequel, but... there aren't any connections, really. This sequel was trying to sell on the original short fame. This game is very much like the prequel plus the improved H scenes. But at the same time this sequel has some very poor scenario moves like selecting between two simple choices results in whether you gonna be fine or gonna crash and get to hospital. There are four girls, but one character feels totally inappropriate and offensive to the whole story.  
    47. Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai みちのく秘湯恋物語 kai [991222] FOG 1

    Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari Kai is the "sequel" or better said is an updated version to Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari that was a mix between a first person adventure game and a hanafuda game that tells the story of a young photographer that travels around the northeast part of Japan playing hanafuda games and taking pictures of the places that he visit. In this "sequel" the game features hints to help the player win in the hanafuda games.  During his journeys he will meet different girls and to take pictures of them he will have to defeat them in the hanafuda card games.  First game hardly had any story or gaming value, just aesthetic one. Nothing is changed here.  
    48. Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki II ロマンスは剣の輝きII [991222] Fairytale 1 The story of Keith, a young adventurer who falls one night on Princess Elfarcia's balcony. She has lost her precious pendant - The Silver Rainbow - and, thinking him to be an angel, asks him to bring it back to her. So Keith quests for the pendant to gain the trust of the beautiful princess and encounters many dangers, adventures and women along the way. RPG. Dungeons are huge and complex so majority of the time will be spent there and reported in the town. There are 4 people in the party and there are 8 girls to capture. . But with such frequent battles stats grow really fast and get maxed for each character long before final battle. The scenario is surprisingly solid. The main theme of the game is coexistence with different races and for that game reminds of Canaan. Since it's an RPG - RPG part should be good, but actually balance suffers a lot, dungeons are painful, operating multiple characters is slow. Resolution of the game is quite low and eyes tiredness sums up. Play time is around 20 hours.  
    49. Shiro no Monogatari 白の物語 [991222] Infinity Yasha is very brutal character. One day he steals some relic and triggers space distortion resulting in the human world. The heroine was dying of a heart disease at this time the the jewel that Yasha dropped healed her completely. He tries to take the jewel back, but the girl gets to die in that case. She manages to persuade him to wait for a week and live together for that time. However, it turns out that jewel is not just a precious item, but a "jewel of bliss" that can fulfill one wish. Wow, what a boring synopsis. And it actually feels the same - like a boring anime for children... well some of the scenes are not for children though. Game is also very short.  
    50. Stray Sheep ~Samayou Kohitsuji-tachi no Yoru~ Stray Sheep ~彷徨う子羊たちの夜~ [991222] Altacia

    Main character is a professional seducer who receives requests to corrupt women. This time the target is Roppongi number one hostess Aizawa Fumika who he approaches without checking her background. However a murder happens just in the middle of investigation...
    It's a work by Altacia known for difficult real-life stories, but this time story is semi-fictional. There's still a good amount of drama and plot twists, but the erotic content is enhanced. It's enough to say that Aizawa turns out to be a torture maniac and main character one day finds himself in a peculiar situation...  
    51. Viper-GTB ~Rise After~ Viper-GTB ~Rise After~ [991222] Sogna 1

    The long awaited sequel to the VIPER-V16 story, VIPER-GTB's "Rise After" chapter takes place almost four years after "Rise". Her family abducted, Saki returns to Anne Mitter's to enlist Akira's help in a daring rescue. In the course of saving them from the domineering aquatic queen Irear, Akira herself is captured. Offering to rescue her are a small band of extra-terrestrials, led by the mysterious Tarma whose true intentions are not revealed until its too late. Trading Karin, Saki, and Seed to Irear in exchange for the strongest woman on Earth, Tarma claims Akira as his newest slave. Fellow champion martial artist Makoto, arriving at Anne Mitter's to avenge a recent defeat at the hands of Akira, becomes embroiled in the plot, soon following Tarma's companion Narsha to the spaceship, where she and the warriors of the underground race lay siege to the craft. The fate of other strong women across the galaxy now rests with Akira and Makoto. There is an English review, but I think I still will make my own.  
    52. Yakin Byoutou 夜勤病棟 [991222] Mink

    Hirasaka Ryuuji works as a gynecologist in a small hospital, and at first glance is a simple man. However, underneath his mask and concealed madness is a man who lusts after women to violate their bodies and use them as experiments. One day, he received a request to work part-time as a doctor from St. Juliana Hospital, a prestigious and well-known private hospital. There he encountered his classmate from his days as a medical student, Jinguuji Narumi.
    Eight years ago, Ryuuji attacked her in a laboratory, performing experiments on her body. Ryuuji, fearing this former incident being made public, receives a surprising request from Narumi.
    Four nurses of the highest quality for you to experiment with to your heart's content...although suspicious and doubtful of Narumi initally, the animal desire that raged within him once before awakens, and Ryuuji makes his decision... This is the most famous game of Mink, but for me it's just a nukige SIM.  
    42. Kuriko Ingyaku Hiwa 栗娘淫虐秘話 [991222] Kamikazetou

    Game depicts animated scenes of insults of two heroines. Doujin Nukige   53. Voice ~Kimi no Kotoba ni Boku o Nosete~ Voice ~君の言葉に僕をのせて~ [991223] TinkerBell Heterographers are people who can manipulate language and create powerful word forms with almost magical effect capable of summoning spirits. This is a school where a lot of heterographers are gathered. There is fighting and a lot of mysterious events happening. Feng Hong transferred to such school in pursuit of his first love. What will these events conclude with? This is the second work of Tinkerbell, the producer of some most hardcore nukige over these last 17 years. The first work was some weird psychology tilt game. The third work is already an eroge and is going to be blocked same as future Tinkerbell games. So this 2nd game is all we've got to try and see what the hell went wrong. What's only clear is that protagonist has some sort of unique power that makes him move the plot. The series of visions that occur aren't spectacular and it feels more like museum exhibition - it's not particularly interesting, but need to bear with all those pieces. Interaction between the students in school is quite interesting, but we can't relate those conversations to the scenario events. Character placement is lazy - there's no clear meaning about any character in the story. Some chracters just happen to appear on the screen and say let's have fun. The skeleton of the scenario is very weak. It's presented in such form that it can not be enjoyed much. There aren't likable characters. So it's either already a nukige or a very cleverly concealed nukige behind all the esoterics. Well, we don't need such games anyway, so farewell, TinkerBell.  
    54. Eden II [991224] Forester

    Following the previous work "EDEN" a rescue team was dispatched to the moon base. The rescue team included the following people: Captain Greg Cicero, Flare Shaffer, Karin Shaffer, Hannah Wiese, and Nazi Ashtray.
    Wandering around the underground labyrinth of the moon's ruins...
    Will they become new prey?
    Can you escape from the alien's hunt?
    Who will survive? There is some story and some charcters ... but game's actually just for 3D H events... and in case of male members for sudden comical death.  
    55. Tenshi no Oshigoto -Their Wishes Afterward- 天使のお仕事 -Their Wishes Afterward- [991224] APPLE Project

    Misaka Shiori afterstory. Yuichi and Shiori are cuddling while chewing sweets. Such peaceful everyday collapses again with the arrival of wings girl Tsukimiya Ayu. Where will desires of three people take them? Discussing fandisks? No pls...  
    56. Kokoro no Tobira 心の扉 [991224] G-Work@mi

    In Spring main characters moves away from his just married brother and starts living alone. He has to share flat with non-related by blood niece and her best friend. What will relations between three people evolve to? Can young people find the right key to each other's heart? Doujin  
    57. Hirosue Sougou Byouin 広末総合病院 [991224] Digital Media Network

    Hospital voyeur simulation adventure. Numerous unusual medical examinations are held every night in a huge hospital. New nurse Ayumi intimate relations with doctor are exposed, so she is blackmailed into all kind of action. Nukige  
    58. else ~Fuurin no Shoujo~ else ~風鈴の少女~ [991224] T.O.E software

    In 2029 two thirds of Japan territory are under rule of socialist governments. Independence wars break out everywhere, but love feelings do not change, and many people try to live quiet lives.
    Main character is a college student who one day manages to save a girl from a chase by black glasses men. Girl's name is "Else", and there is something mechanical about her. From this day young people cohabitation begins. Doujin  
    59. Conve ~Houkago no Sugoshikata~ CONVE~放課後の過ごし方~ [991224] Ruru

    Main character establishes a school club with trusted senpai and sincere junior girl to fulfill requests and protect peaceful life. There are several episodes each revealing a challenge that's overcome even despite strict moderation by student council. Doujin comedy  
    60. PiaONE Toy Box [991224] Vanilla★House

    The story with One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ characters put into Pia Carrot family restaurant setting. Doujin
    60. Kichigai 既知街 [991226] Inu Daiku

    Parody game of ToHeart. 
    Japan is occupied by China. The dark atmosphere engulfs everything. Main character struggles every day to survive in chaotic world. Doujin  
    61. Osananajimi 2 幼なじみ 2 [991226] Nirvana Soft

    Main character has two close female childhood friends. But as relations start to cross intimacy line with one of them, second one notices change in behavior... Doujin  
    62. Kanoso [991226] Itsumo no Tokoro

    Slapstick parody of Key's Kanon. You play as 17-year-old Yuuichi Aizawa (木目沢ネ右一). Having trained in this madder-red city and left on a ascetic travel, you return to your hometown to determine who is the strongest... Fandisk.  
    63. Green ~Akizora No Screen~ GREEN~秋空のスクリーン~ [991229] Jellyfish Movie club is preparing a sophomore student film, you are the director and the players are the other members of the club, all girls, lucky for you. The art teacher is also helping with the movie but there is also an another film project going on, led by your rival who is a bit of an eccentric... There isn't much time until the festival... Game's quite good, but since it's fully animated it has over an hour of full animation scenes which puts it into a definite eroge category in my point of view. Let's try to observe other parts of the game. Game basically is a single road with Makoto route as the only true one and other two heroines choices are inevitably bad endings. What actually made me list this game here is the amateur film that the heroes are shooting. Game is quite long and you see odd scenes here and there, but when all the scenes join in one full amateur film - that's really amazing and film contents are touching indeed. After true end is cleared there's a bonus scenario, but it's not just omake - it's an alternative view on the same game events from the point of view of a transfer student. This game is quite a masterpiece, but the other Jellyfish games are inevitably going to be blocked by me.  
    64. Kakuyuugou Shoujo Ripple-chan 核融合少女リップルちゃん [991231] Jellyfish

    Ripple-chan lives in a forest together with her parents. Her mother sends her on an errand across the forest. Many fantastic creatures and traps await her on her way. A bakage about little Red Riding Hood with lots of weird mix of fantasy and science.   
    65. Ano, Subarashii o Mou Ichido あの、素晴らしい をもう一度 [991231] Mankai Seisakushou "Even without my memories, I won't be scared. As long as you're there to remember for me." So said the girl with 『no future』. If a future is made by repetition, stacking up the days, then indeed a 『future』 she lacked. 『Anterograde amnesia』. Also known as 『repeating disease』, a curse that eats away at your memories and future as they form. "If someone makes a mistake, they correct it. Not just repeat it over and over... No one should be forced into doing that." So said the man with 『no past』. And thus the two set out to recover the 『past』 and 『future』 that they respectively lack. All the while not realizing they've already entered the 『repeating world』... Game was released only for a very old system x68000 in 1999, but we'll look at 2001 pc version, of course. Setting is fantasy-like with magic. It's basically a sound novel, but renewal version has game system that remembers choices and you can easily go to any past choice and play from there. Game actually has loop structure and the same story repeats over and over and over and with each new choice it gets minor changes. So from the second loop you need to remember locations of keywords and juggle them to modify the story. Like in the first loop you run away from monster, in the second loop you get to know the weakness of the monster and in the third loop you can remember that keyword and defeat the monster. Gameplay was fresh and the game gained cult-like following, at part thanks to that free x68000 release. Total length is about 6-7 hours.  
    66. Choukyou Reijou 調教令嬢 [991231] Soft Circle Courreges

    A girl is caught and insulted to an exhaustion so that at the end of the road she starts to feel pleasure. The stupid doujin producer is back with new poop.  
    67. Never Ending Love 네버 엔딩 러브 [991231] Yolim Communications
    Main character is thrilled about a new transfer student girl Eugene who instantly becomes number one in popularity ratings made by boys. There are also four other girls that make her rivals. Protagonist needs to find true love with the help of modern technology - emails and mobile phones. Probably the first Korean visual novel, it's strongly influenced by Tokimeki Memorial series.  
    68. Plus+ ~Nae Gieoksok eui Ireum~ PLUS+ ~내 기억속의 이름~ [991231] Wizard Soft                 

    Hope that is born after 6 years...  The karma which binds that child and I...
    The name that lingers in my memories... I won't bother with Korean exclusives.                                                              
    69. Xenoage: Knight of the Rihas 제노에이지 [991231] Game Box 1

    Civil wars continue throughout Fantasido continent. The United Kingdom of Refando is the only country where peace is said to exist. Lemuel Dettervolf is the son of the feudal lord reigning over the entire district of Shulenburg, within this kingdom. There remains a horrible secret from the past that only a few people in the entire country are aware of. Without ever divulging this secret, Lemuel has grown to become the foremost swordsman within and without his country. His goal is to restore peace to the continent. Never again will the tragedy that he experienced as a child occur ever again. However, full-scale war breaks out. Lemuel takes up his sword to defend the country he loves.  The battle develops with turn-style tactics. You order your party (up to 5 characters) to advance into war. There are over 60 different types of magic and assault tactics to use in this animated game. The battle rages on...  A worthy tactical RPG. Combat is a bit clunky since it's impossible to move through allies. There are balance issues since there are only 5 party members and it's easy for enemies to surround them. Mizuki is the only healer for all your five units. Closer to the end balance issues get steep. Story is full of infodumping, and events happen too fast, wars fly over one by one.   70. Sentimental Memorial センチメンタル・メモリアル [99] DK Software Kaihatsushitsu

    A groundbreaking idea to play Tokimeki Memorial with Sentimental Graffiti characters.
    Main character is a senior high school student. He will spend this year in the company of six beautiful girls. Doujin   71. Oniichan no おにいちゃんの [99] Echigoya Corporation

    Main character enjoys a carefree life when his blond sister-in-law Emily shows up. She insists on washing protagonist's back in the bath. But is it possible to conceal desire after that? Doujin   72. To Heart CR [99] OKOJARA-C

    Choose one of six familiar ToHeart characters and enjoy two game modes. Lovely stand presents a simulation game while Quest mode contains conversations with favorite heroines. Doujin   73. H na Kuni no Alice-chan Hな国のありすちゃん [99] Soft Circle Courreges

    Alice appears in a strange world with her pants stolen by a suspicious rabbit. She will need to overcome numerous trials before she can get her pants back. Doujin   74. Sessou no Yoru 雪草の夜 [99] Cheap Nothing found   75. Furukizu 古痕 [99] RGB

    This is a side story based on Ametsukiyama Ogre, character of Leaf's Kizuato.   Doujin   76. Natsu o Shizuka ni 夏を静かに [990316] Iron Fitness Club

    It is a long pale friendship story with a comedy touch and BL entourage that happens during this quiet summer. Doujin   77. Houkago no Yuuutsu 放課後の憂鬱 [99] Echigoya Corporation

    Main character wants to get rid of bullying. And for that he wants to adhere to even more severe bullying. And to prove his serious intentions he chooses the most beautiful girl at school as his target. Doujin   78. Nightmare Premium [99] Escape Software

    There is a prestigious private school with long history and in good standing. Students there receive top quality education and are considered to be hope of the nation. Main character is determined to seduce and enslave one of the purest girls there. Doujin   79. Hitomi dake wa Mitsumenai 瞳だけはみつめない [99] Apresto
    Two female members of the choir fall in love with each other. On a cold rainy night the finally become united. Doujin   80. Heart no Clover [99] Sound Witch

    This girl looks like me, surprisingly abandoned. Can I love such a girl? 
    Theme of this love novel is "Eternal Promise". Doujin   81. Chikan wa Yamete  ちかんはやめて [99] μ R's

    It is a game to play pranks on a girl who goes by the same train every day. Select the mischief to play, and game will proceed accordingly. Doujin   82. Via Bianco 2 [99] LTT/CANN

    Multiple-ending situation adventure with additional characters. There are shame play scenes with Rin, as well as scenes with ants! Doujin   83. second anopheles 1 [99] Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing

    When I woke up this morning, I realized that events of the night before were real. There is a note and 300,000 yen on the table.
    Everything was there as I remember.
    I knew that there was a girl's request, so I left the office and headed to my hacker friend Goi's house.
    Goi looked grumpy while sipping morning coffee.
    I said that I got a new job to search for a person, and I've been paid commission in advance. Free doujin.   84. Himitsu Sentai Burning Bunny 秘密戦隊バーニングバニー [99] Softhouse TODO

    I am 17-year-old girl Hiromi Satomi and warrior of justice! The Imperial Technical University is plotting intrigues. But I can deal with any incident after changing into battle form. Doujin   85. Aurora Hime Higyaku no Makyou  オーロラ姫 被虐の魔峡 [99] Ohimesama Club

    Princess is kidnapped by pirates. This is a hard and dark insult story about her misadventures. Doujin   86. Prime Sexual プライム・セクシャル [99] N.S.C. Nothing found
  18. kivandopulus
    Kuon no Kizuna is the only masterpiece of December 1998
    1. Kuon no Kizuna 久遠の絆 [981203] FOG 1 2 3 4 5 6 This story starts out from the perspective of a high school student. One day a transfer student comes to his school, and tells him she’ll kill him. At the same time, he starts seeing weird dreams and people mysteriously gets killed in his city. Soon he realizes that them two are incarnated personalities of a man and a goddess that fell in love 1000 years ago. Since then, they have been trapped in a cycle of reincarnation and a battle against an evil god. Game has English reviews.  
    2. Boku no Tame ni Kane wa Naru 僕の為に鐘は鳴る [981204] Image Craft Main hero is a salary-man who is tired of work. He feels depressed and even his lover can't make him relax. As a coincidence, he witnesses a love scene of his boss and office lady which invigorates him with excitement. He starts to push his acquaintance girls to hook with other men. NTR peeping fetish related work, but there are also ways to advance the story without other men participating. There is even a happy ending.  
    3. Dragon no Tiara ドラゴンの姫冠 [981204] Pinky Soft The world where the civilized society collapsed with the appearance of the phantom beasts. You go on a journey on king's request to discover "Dragon's Tiara" item. An RPG game with map movement, battles, level rising etc. Hero mostly fights lizards and dragons who are actually beautiful girls with different kind of horns. HCG are of specific drawing and with abuse of breast expansion.  
    4. Injuu no Ikenie 淫獣のいけにえ [981204] Motion 3D dungeon exploration in search for monsters' king while rescuing girls from monsters and tentacles on the way. Battles are done with cards mechanic. Movement is exhausting since can't control with keyboard. Game's about HCG and animated H scenes, ofc.  
    5. Kanpai 乾杯 [981204] h.m.p 1 As the title of the game tells it all, it is a game mainly about drinking beer..Typically, you just hang around with a couple of friends either in a bar, karaoke, or a club. During the time you also got introduced to some girls that either was your friends' friend or her friend that was dragged along for having fun. There is an English review.  
    6. Kokoro... コ・コ・ロ… [981204] Aaru 1 2 Kuonji Souji seems to have it all going for him. He is handsome, popular and excels at his club activities. His past is another thing altogether -- as a boy, he was raped repeatedly by his foster parents. The years have passed, and he has tried to forget by repressing those memories. They are still there, though, and come to him as hallucinations. Who is the raven-haired beauty he keeps seeing in those visions? Does she hold the key to unlock his past? There is an English review.  
    7. Love Seed [981204] Voice Distant future, another galaxy. There are five star systems each forming a nation. You are a freelance captain of a spaceship and can take missions varying from good transportation to pirates elimination and sometimes even revealing nation scale conspiracies. The whole universe is before you! This work is very special, because it was the first work to try and imitate the unique Kichikuou Rance system. In Love Seed there are dozens of characters to capture and simultaneous capture is also allowed. There are at least 40 heroines present. There has not been another such global game till Daiakuji in 2001. This game is not as polished as above mentioned Alice Soft games, but it's a huge enterprise.  
    8. 5th Luna フィフスルナ [981205] Platinum Soft Hero finally graduated from the university, but his girlfriend decided not to wait for him and was dating another man already. While walking the streets in frustration he was dragged into a suspicious shop and appeared in another solar system. He was recruited as a pilot to save that Arlheim planet. "Fifth Luna" consists of movement, adventure part, selection phase and the actual shooting action part. So it's an action game where you move alongside an ally - one from air, another from the earth. There are 5 stages and different difficulty levels so that even newbies could reach the end.  
    9. Gin'iro no Ki ~Konayuki no Photograph~ 銀色の樹 ~粉雪のフォトグラフ~ [981210] Blue Bell Hero is afraid of women after drinking party where he was assaulted by one of them. Now he's set to overcome his phobia and get a girlfriend by the Christmas. Why must hero be raped by women even before game starts... The game has four heroines filled into two scenarios with one being main one and another side one demanding certain conditions. It has SIM elements since there are parameters to reach.  
    10. Hotaru ほたる [981210] Bell-Da It's bad luck that our guy got hit by his student's car. This put him in her father's hospital, without memory of his past. Will she or her two sisters be able to help him regain his memory? Or will he regain some memory that has been long buried? Bell-da works are mostly ero-oriented, so I tend to block most of them. At least this time scenario is ok. Hero thinks of himself as a hero of justice and the hospital as a secret organization hideout.  
    11. Maid Ikuseikan メイド育成館 [981210] Melty Lip

    Hero is invited to educate maids of the house. Training SIM about nurturing skills like cleaning, laundry, manners etc, but also about giving private lessons at night. System-wise looks very similar to Maid Monogatari by C's Ware.  
    12. Desert Time Mugen no Meikyuu デザートタイム 夢幻の迷宮 [981211] Software House Parsley 1 One day a huge mystery dungeon appeared in the middle of the desert. A number of hidden treasures were discovered there and the rumor spread all over the world. As you step inside, you are challenged by girl wizard. A huge explosion occurs and everyone got sucked under the sand. Now you need to get back to ground floor and maybe even further. Balance is bad. Message speed is too slow and non-adjustable. Story does not develop far beyond synopsis. Girls lack unique approach, capturing is totally the same. So systems are lacking and there's pretty much nothing but gameplay.  
    13. Flowers ~Kokoro no Hana~ Flowers ~ココロノハナ~ [981211] Craftwork Ryusei Ryousen is a 2nd year high school student. His school has just recently been co-educated from all girls school. There are only three boys in school and a lot of wonderful girls around the hero. Which one will be chosen by the April? We attend school and make decisions where to go during lunch break and after school. There's hardly any story besides that, but a great emphasis is put to getting to know characters during conversations. They look like real persons, not just moe abbreviations. Game was advertised with a lengthy description of flowers and that they need the proper soil to grow. Game text is full of comical references. So gameplay is not good, but it's easy to get interested in these nice girls.  
    14. Lost Memories ロストメモリーズ [981211] Nouvelle One evening on a rainy day in April Naoto meets a girl who is shivering and looks like a thrown cat. He takes her home. She lost her memory but reacts to the name Alice. As she starts to gradually recover the memory she is confused by memory contents and conflicts. What's the truth behind her past? It's an multi-end adventure so capturing of side-characters is also possible. There is time urgency and it's game over if you don't click in time. It's actually easy to get stuck and get to a state when there are no more encounters possible due to missed encounters. It's a rare example of the game that's very torturing to move on even with a walkthrough.  
    15. Medical Fellows めでぃかるFellows [981211] Kingdom Shimamura Kazito just got a doctor's license. He has never had any interest in girls and his monther and aunt conspired that his medical team would include only beautiful women. Can hero become a fin doctor? Which way will love fly? There are four heroines and after first few days story falls in the route of the girl with the most favorability. Girls routes follow the same pattern and feel cheap. Heroes try to be funny and fail at it hugely.  
    16. Nyuuin 入院 [981211] 13cm A day before entrance to the university hero is hit by a car and hospitalized. But these three weeks of his life will be an unforgettable experience. Maybe he can even find love there? There are more than 10 girls to chase. It's possible to focus on pure love story with comedy touch as well as only on different fetish H events. Heroines have lots of emotions that are fun to watch.  
    17. Omatase! Pai Pai Pie! Christmas Special おまたせっ! パイ牌PIE! クリスマススペシャル [981211] Bags Mahjong undressing game with three beautiful sisters. Game's normal mahjong, but without save/load feature, so it's really difficult to clear. It's also buggy.  
    18. Shamanic Idol Milky Humming シャーマニック・アイドル みるきぃ・はみんぐ [981211] Medusa It is the story of an idol who fights monsters with the power of singing. An ero-centered bakage. Game's very short and ends in 30 minutes. It's full of animation, but poor quality one. It resembles old Sogna titles the most.  
    19. Sonnet ~Kokoro Kasanete~ sonnet~心かさねて~ [981211] Blue Gale Winder vacations approach and hero gets uneasy. He looks around and finds several girls that he previously considered unfriendly. Will he be able to find a familiar soul from 1st to 24th December or shall he spend Christmas alone? Looks like Christmas is locomotive of Japanese demography. There are a lot of heroines to choose from. And inside each heroine route there is an angel and a devil path resulting in good end and bad end. Since there is such a big number of routes/paths each story lacks uniqueness. Still, a good quality general product.  
    20. Tenshi Ningyou 天使人形 [981211] JAST Co., Ltd. Edepus is a high school student. One day he gets to know that his lord father died and thus he needs to take care of the mansion and the servants himself. Taking care of servants (who are called "slaves" for some reason) inevitably leads to a spree of H events and I did not care to investigate any further.  
    21. Tonari no Onee-san となりのお姉さん [981211] Nikukyuu Haunted by the memory of his ideal woman, Masahiko is determined not to lose his virginity until he finds her again. Too bad his memory sucks and he can`t remember who she is. While Masahiko is dreaming of his mystery woman, he may not have a choice in waiting for her much longer! It seems that everyone wants a piece of him lately. At work, his sex-starved boss is looking for a little action while her husband is out of town. At home, a very buxom childhood friend moves in and leaves him drooling. At college, he`s become the target of both his professor and a sly sexy student stalker who manages to pop up in the most unusual places! To top it off, Asuka, one of his neighbors, is secretly harboring her own fantasies about him! With this amount of sexual frustration swirling around him, can he possibly manage to hold out for the girl of his dreams. Game proceeds as a strong bakage. There are five heroines as candidates, but oneesan is only one of them. Game has SIM elements as you move around different spots trying to remember facts about oneesan. If a different subheroine is found at the spot, your energy depletes. If subheroine is met when energy is at 0, that heroine attacks and the game enters into femdom H event. So success is only possible by visiting the right places and escaping all the subheroines.  
    22. Vampire Tokyo e Iku ヴァンパイア東京へ行く [981211] Sweet Basil Hero is half vampire half human who goes all the way from Transylvania to Japan in order to take revenge on the girls that bullied him when he was young. Introduction is nice, but upon arriving to Japan it's the case of bullying and reverse bullying. Some women are so fierce that vampire can only obey. Girls backgrounds are weird like exorcist, a nympho, a warwolf etc. There just aren't proper girls to take revenge on. There are a lot of endings prepared, but those mostly have to do with some H fetish.  
    23. Young Shakti ヤングシャクティ [981211] Shakti A collection of six short stories. 1.「Sweet Love」
    2.「Bunny's Love」
    6.「あゆみガッツ!」 Stories are done as manga strips and are inevitably ero-focused.                                                             
    24. Magical Kanan まじかるカナン [981217] Terios 1 2 3 A magical creature went to the normal world to retrive some seeds. He lost his power and fainted. A girl found him and took him home. Well, this creature became a man after gaining back his power, which surprised the girl some. An incident happened and she became a magical fighter with his kiss. Things start to get complicated as they try to get the seeds and with most people not being what they seem. Light comic work with great CG. It starts with few choices but as routes are cleared new choices become available. There's no parody in game text and watching Magical Canon animation would probably bring a comparable experience as playing the game, save for HCG. It hugely lacks in the story department though.  
    25. P.S. [981217] Uran 1 You play as a college student named Hiroyuki, and the story centers around an internet site called "P.S.". The site consists of five different women who live dual lives, as they each have a darker side to them that reveals their true sexual identities. There is Akane, an elevator girl who is into exhibitionism; there is Aoi, a secretary who likes to be raped; there is Haruka, a sports instructor and Kaoru, a flight attendant, who are both into heavy and public masturbation; and finally there is Sakura, a TV newscaster, who is into something called "scat"(you may find that very disturbing and offensive). There is also Jun, who is Hiroyuki's tomboyish girlfriend. Hiroyuki plays as "master" of the P.S. site and to the five women. There is an English review.  
    26. Bibou Vintage Kaikan 2 美貌ヴィンテージ 壊館2 [981218] Hyperspace Hero is approached by a beautiful woman dressed in leather. She offers one million yen for training some pets. Hero agrees since in worst case the pet would be a lion and he has enough courage to do such job for a million yen. But it turns out that the pets are women... Miltiple ending insult SIM. There are four women to train. There are parameters to raise on talking and on actions.  
      27. Bus Girl ~Geki - Dai Enkai Ryojou Hen~ バスガール~激・大宴会旅情編~ [981218] Interheart One year ago main character abandoned his hometown and his lover to chase his dream in a Tokyo company. As the season of travel comes the company employees go on a bus trip. Game lasts for 4 days and 3 nights with the flow of banquet - after banquet - sightseeing spot. H event takes place after banquet. Happy ending is only possible if the same woman is chosen for all three nights. Hero hardly talks at all and scenario is non-existent. It's just a H-focused game, after all.  
    28. Corsage コサージュ [981218] Studio Folio Main heroine Yumiko has heart wounds due to tragic past love experiences and is afraid to open her heart. She holds a photo studio where she organizes nude shooting sessions for girls in need of money. Will Yumiko ever be able to get close to someone again? It's basically a whirlpool of H events. There are four endings prepared depending on the choices taken. Quite an ordinary ero-focused game with the only distinguishing feature being woman viewpoint.  
    29. Hanketsu 判決 [981218] Speed Hero is a prosecutor in a trial held for a consecutive rape case. To prove the case women testimonies are needed. You need to delicately take them out of their state of shock, heal their heart wounds when possible and reveal the truth, of course. SIM mainstream gradually changes for ADV mainstream and this studio works are a good example of it. It's very different from normal court games in that main events happen out of the court and many H-events are shows as flashbacks. Drugs are also involved. Volume is quite small and girls stories get crumpled by that. It's a rough work, but with a fresh look.  
    30. Haru Aki Fuyu ni nai Jikan はるあきふゆにないじかん [981218] Trabulance The long title means time that is not in Spring, Autum and Winter, which is Summer. Anyway, it's another year of no girlfriend for our guy. While thinking about why, which is that his first love met badly with a car when he was 8 years old, he got hit by a car and woke up near a weird mansion. Girls and people that he can't remember know him. It turns out that he is 10 years back in the past. Since this game messes with time, things are a bit confusing. He can chase after 4 girls(or so), some in the past and some in the present. If he can save his first love, things are even more confusing. The synopsis is intriguing, but in practice the stage of the game is not described properly, situations change frequently and information is clustered to tiny bits everywhere. Text is not good and that all makes things very confusing. That resulted in poor reception by the gamers followed by oblivion.  
    31. Kekkou Suki Kamo けっこうスキかも [981218] Lip Harassment of girls by invisible hero in interactive manner.
    Not hookable and the title and CG row don't leave any doubts that it's an ero-focused title.  
    32. Maid in Heaven MAID iN HEAVEN [981218] PIL The protagonist has a dream to have a maid someday. One day, his childhood friend, Nagisa, visits him. When they were children, he told Nagisa that he liked maids. Nagisa remembered his words and came to him as a maid. Finally his dream came true and he begins to enjoy his night life with her... PIL ero-focused maid SIM with some comedy. It seems to be really popular, but I could not care less.  
    33. Satsuki no Kimochi さつきのキモチ [981218] Optimist

    Satsuki who is one year younger than the hero starts taking moves towards him. Hero is busy with approaching exams and has a hard time noticing that increased attention. There's hardly a synopsis to the game. The first play-through takes... just 18 minutes. But with each playthrough new branches appear adding development to the story. The time for total capture hardly surpasses an hour, so it feels more like a CG collection loosely connected by sentences. Satsuki is totally missing attraction points and developers never bothered about her character.  
    34. Shoujo 少女 [981218] Curott Hero becomes a tutor for three sibling girls. Game deliberately puts up a simplest ever title and synopsis. But it has its charm. Initially you're given a set of questions and those determine the number of CG. Characters managed to feel unique.  
    35. Triangle Heart とらいあんぐるハート [981218] Janis 1 Triangle Heart's story is basically a normal school life. You have time from December to your graduation to find a girl you can love. There are six girls, two of them are your childhood friends, but there isn't any "love triangle" between them. There is also a secret special character. Game has an English review.  
    36. Wish Well ウィッシュウェル [981218] Agumix Distant future. Interstellar navigation is common and humankind together with alien races populated most of the known galaxies. Galactic Integrated Space Army was created to protect confederation. A young man transferred to its academy in order to join this elite military unit. Raising SIM + tactical SIM. We raise stats during the classes and have lunch and date after school. On holidays there are various events. There are five girls to date. Once per month there is a mech tactical combat with its own rules.  
    37. 6 Inch My Darling 6インチまいだーりん [981223] KID 1 2 The story follows a high-school student, named by the player, who lives with his parents and a younger sister. During his time off of school he is helping his mom by part-time working at the liquor store. One day, upon returning from school, he stumbled on a buried box while taking a path through the woods. Inside was a strangely shaped figuring with a message on the inside of the box lid. Not sure what it all was about, he left it on the desk and went to sleep. The next day, he heard a voice in his room, and while trying to determine the source of the voice he stumbled upon a small girl by the name of Etosera. And by small, it means 6 inches in size. But she wasn't the only one that appeared due to the mysterious box, two more girls, Minty and Pim, just as well, also became his secret roommates. Thus his next couple of weeks filled with surprises and getting to know each other commence, all the way while they are trying to build trust and assess the relationship with humans, namely, the player. There is an English review.  
    38. Lord Monarch -Shin Gaia Oukokuki- ロードモナーク -新・ガイア王国記- [981223] Nihon Falcom 1 2 3 4
    You are prince Alfred, the son of the great king of Monarch. Since you have been a rather fresh and lazy boy, the king decides to strengthen you by sending you to battle. You are now sixteen, and you must prove you are worthy of being the prince of Monarch!  This is a strategy war game. You command an army and can perform various actions, such as sending troops, fortifying your position, allying with another ruler, etc. There are time limits to your strategic operations during which you'll have to defeat the enemy.  I'm not really sure why it's here (since strategic part is much bigger than dialogue scenes), but there are some reviews.  
    39. Precious Love プレシャスLOVE [981224] Black Package End of November. Ogata Kosuke is a third year high school student who has been studying hard to get employment. From a trivial quarrel with his sister he makes a bet that he finds a girlfriend before the holy Christmas night. Raising favorability through repeated contacts, inviting on a date, through skillful conversation enter exchange diary stage or H-event. Exchange diary is not as cool as it sound since it's done via selection of choices. The good part of it is that it contains some H text. Conversation simulation part is the hardest one since there are lots of random subjects and it's difficult to keep guessing good answers. But overall quite good atmosphere is created and impression is good as well, but nothing special.   40. Hana no Kioku Dai 4 Shou 花の記憶 第4章 [981225] Foster Collection of five short erotic stories.
    1. Boss leaves office lady for overwork
    2. Model girl gets seduced right during the promo gig
    3. Quiet girl either goes home for some lesbian action or gets stopped by some guys
    4. Girl either gets stalked in the toilet or gets into SM or lesbian activity
    5. Policewoman day ends as erotic adventure No scenario, just H scenes with a short prelude.                                                                                        41. Oisha-san to Issho お医者さんといっしょ [981225] Guts! A fake doctor is playing with mischievous loli girls. Ugh, I'll skip for comments here.                                                                                                               42. Sanatorium サナトリウム [981225] ZyX 1 The main character of this game is a detective named Ryouichi. He and his assistant, Mizuki, were on a way to a sanatorium, a place of remedy for mental illness patients, for investigation as he received a mystery slip asking to save her before next full moon. Upon the arrival of this sanatorium, he realized something strange about this place: everything is too calm. As he begins to investigate, a horrible scheme will survive little by little until the next full moon. There is an English review.   43. Ruriruri るりるり [981229] Lime Green

    A parody on Sega Saturn hit Kidou Senkan Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years. Its heroine Hoshino Ruri will know lots of love and insult over these blank three years. The secret of energy transfer between main characters is given original explanation. Doujin crap parasiting on a great story.   44. Eien eien(永遠) [981230] Stage-nana

    A doujin game based on Tactics' "One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~", with Kawana Misaki as main character. No info

        45. Tenshi no Sumu Yakata 天使の住む館 [981230] Nirvana Soft

    Main characters loses parents and in order to calm down goes to a trip abroad alongside two maids. The rest of the staff resign, but why do these two girls stay loyal until the end? Surprisingly decent quality level for a doujin game made by three people.   46. Pureprime -pianissimo- [9812] Usagi Club

    One day main character suddenly has to live with his three sisters. Every day is full of laughter now. And every night sisters visit his room and talk about lots of different things... Ancient forgotten doujin   47. Densetsu no Ato de LoveLove no Shou 伝説の後で・ラブラブの章 [9812] G-Work@mi

    This is a story about how Ryosuke and Makoto became lovers. They meet during spring, play at the sea during summer, participate in the sports festival during autumn and warm up at boy's room during winter. In the last chapter it's possible to request the girl to fulfill sex fetishes. Another ancient H-tilt doujin.   48. Kaijin 怪人 [98] Guilty

    Player can choose to become either a monster or Akechi. As a monster, humiliate Rina as much as possible. As Akechi, help Rina and enjoy your reward. Doujin crap released in 1997-01-09, actually, but it's discontinued from dlsite RJ007426 for quite some time, so why should we care.   49. Mako-chan to Asobo マコちゃんと遊ぼっ [98] Nyannyan Club

    Feel free to come in and play with Mako all you want. Of course, H things are allowed.
    H-tilt doujin that's surprisingly still available ad dlsite   50. Black Album [98] Yoshy Teikoku

    One year after the music festival, Yuki Morikawa is nominated for the music festival again. Main character is in good standing with her, so one week before the festival he starts to help preparing. How will festival fare and who will be alongside the protagonist by the end of it? Never like parasitism on others stories   51. Via Bianco -Yumi no Baai- ビアビアンカ ~ゆみの場合~ [98] Angler Soft

    Please play through all kinds of likely and unlikely laughable situations and reach one of the endings with Yumi. Dojin   52. Roots [98] OKOJARA-C 

    Sion is a swordsman of the rank Blood Knight. He does not want to scare people with that title, so she hunts monsters rampaging near towns. Inside the down there are all kinds of facilities for adventurers. But there are also nine different cute girls, including lively girl Dahlia who has a habit of chasing Sion. Why does he stay alone then? Furthermore, he starts to suffer from terrible nightmares as of late... Finally a doujin game that aims for smth bigger that just H events.   53. Slaughter Gate スローターゲート [98] Studio K2

    Berserker stalks humans who slaughtered Berserker's home galaxy and escaped to the Magellan Nebula ... New battle is destined to take place at the Slaughter Gate. The whole fleet depends on your actions. What will be your command, captain? Berserver is a series of space strategy games, but this side-game is pure ADV mostly for those who appreciate the series.
  19. kivandopulus
    The number of visual novels in 1987 increased greatly, but the number of masterpieces is relatively the same:
    1. Amazons no Hihou
    2. Urusei Yatsura
    3. DNA
    4. Koroshi no Dress
    5. Hadou no Hyouteki
    6. Jesus
    7. Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School
    8. Hiatari Ryoukou!
    9. The 4th Unit

    1987 has become a great breakthrough for visual novels. Text parser has been made obsolete by command selection and quite many games that amplify text over gameplay or graphics have showed up (even though the graphics have evolutioned immensely as well). But the most innovative and engaging game of 1987 is Hiatari Ryoukou adapted from anime by Toho. That's the first galge in modern sense - it's about daily routine and chasing one of the girls with lots of sunshine and comedy scenes. The charm of characters is overwhelming and gameplay is quite easy and infectious. If only it could be hooked...
    1. Dennou Suikoden 電脳水滸伝 [870112] Hot-B 1 Game is based on the classic Chinese four-book epic "Suikoden" and uses the same character in an original story. Three scenarios are available from the start and upon clearing them the fourth one opens up. One of the stories starts with two journalists investigating a strange get into an ambush. One of them gets a strange disease that kills in two months time. To get the cure it's needed to break through three gateways and reach the peak of a mountain. There's a good English walkthrough of this game, but it covers only one story out of four due to ingame bugs. It's a rather complex game since you control multiple characters at each story and they hold various items. You can easily get stuck without knowing what specialization each character has. The number of commands and sub-commands is rather huge so bruteforcing is painful. Such a complex game is a welcome addition since majority of visual novels of this time are very primitive and crude.  
    2. Lolita Hime no Enikki ロリータ姫の絵日記 [8701] Bond Soft A kinetic novel containing graphic strips of Lolita Hime alongside with a bit of text. It's more of a CG collection than a synthetic work. Even though it's the same series with the scatology Lolita, here the system is different and is rather a pure ADV. It's very short too so there's nothing really to discuss here.  
    3. Teki wa Kaizoku Kaizoku Ban 敵は海賊・海賊版 [8701] Victor Musical Industries I am a first class pirate. There was a call from my noisy boss to settle one matter. While on it, two ships of my old enemy appeared. Together with my alien cat Apro I was able to settle the incident. However, strange incidents started to happen one after another. Based on the light novel series. The story is almost fully original though using novel heroes. You actually are playing for the cat! The game uses icons for actions which is welcome, but there's a need to keep in the head conversation keywords to go on which is very painful. The work was not really popular with original novel fans.  
    4. Touch タッチ [8701] Toho The story centers around three characters—Uesugi Kazuya, his twin older brother Tatsuya, and Asakura Minami. Kazuya is the darling of his town as he's talented, hardworking, and the ace pitcher for his middle school baseball team. Tatsuya is a hopeless slacker who's been living the life of giving up the spotlight to Kazuya, despite the fact that he may be more gifted than him. Minami is the beautiful childhood girlfriend and for all intents, sister from next door who treats both of them as equals. Society largely assumes Kazuya and Minami will become the perfect couple, including Tatsuya. Yet as time progresses, Tatsuya grows to realize that he's willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of his brother, except at the expense of giving up Minami to Kazuya. And thus the story is told of Tatsuya trying to prove himself over his established younger brother, how it affects the relationship between the three, and both brothers' attempts to make Minami's lifelong dreams come true. Another obscure Toho adaptation of an anime work. It's pure command selection. Characters are cute enough, but graphics are dated. The next Toho anime adaptation feels much better than this one. And at least touch here means baseball touchdown rather than something perverted.  
    5. Las Vegas ラスベガス [8701] Starcraft Co., Ltd. 1

    Las Vegas is a Japan-exclusive graphical variant of Softporn Adventure, and hence can be seen as an earlier version of Leisure Suit Larry, which was released a few months later. The gameplay is, by and large, identical to the original text-only version, with the exception of a few adjustments made to the monetary system and a few commands handled slightly differently. Soft Porn Adventure released in 1981 is considered world's first adult game, so the will to imitate it with graphical presentation seems natural.  
    6. Dwelling デウリング [8702] Cross Media Soft 1 In "Dwelling" we have to infiltrate the mansion of Count Dracula and save a kidnapped girl Anna. The game is bizzare. It shows all kind of weird creatures in bright poisonous colors. It's pretty cool that in important scenes the command selection is taken away and you're being left alone with text parser and text "THINK YOURSERL". But it's mostly about visual shock and there's no real story apart of walking around the estate and seeing all kind of things, so it can't be called a masterpiece for me.  
    6. Twilight Zone トワイライトゾーン [8702] Great 1 Twilight Zone is a text adventure game with graphics. The protagonist is a young man who finds himself in a mysterious mansion created by an equally mysterious old woman. His goal is to escape the mansion and have sex with as many young women living there as possible. The interaction with the game is performed by inputting text commands (Japanese kana only). Navigation is performed by typing the Japanese words for the four directions, and locations are represented as still first-person screens. The game has no real puzzles and very limited item usage. Mansion search type. We need to find eight girls in the mansion and then can finally leave through the door. Search around with command input is no fun at all. The game spawned multiple sequels.  
    7. Amazons no Hihou アマゾネスの秘宝 [8703] Studio Lime Those who find the secret treasure of amazons will get immortality. The hero takes up this challenge and now he needs to deal with a lot of amazons that dwell in this forest. This is a rare work since it actually places fun and pleasure of playing above everything. There's a moderate eroticism present, but mostly it's a lighthearted comedy. On your travels you need to gather and appropriately use items (10 max, so need to throw something out at times). There are many commands to search from and when you don't know what to do you can use hints from the "voice of God". But if you hit the appropriate one, you move through, so no need for useless repetition and bruteforcing. But there are lots of optional things you can miss on. It may still look troublesome today, but compared to constant repetitions of Manhattan Requiem it was a real heaven and a very addictive work.  
    8. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Shinjuku Chuuou Kouen Satsujin Jiken 探偵 神宮寺三郎 新宿中央公園殺人事件 [870424] Data East Corporation 1 2 3 4 Police inspector Scott Kingsley has asked Jake Hunter for help when a young woman was found dead in Aspicio Central Park. Jake accepts the case, but first he needs to find witnesses that are willing to speak out. Game has some English reviews.  
    9. Guin Saga ~Hyoutou no Kamen~ グインサーガ ~豹頭の仮面~ [8704] JAST Based on first volume of Guin Saga novels. You are the survivor of the royal family and are chased by mongolian raids. Game is based on the very first volume of the novel that nowadays has huge development in media. It is an adventure game which progresses by making various choices for every scene with his point of view in mind. It even had some voice of protagonist when connected to JAST sound. The difficulty degree is comparatively low.
    10. Imitation City イミテーションシティ [8704] DataWest 1 In 2017, a rebellion of clones made with the use of biotechnology begins and you get caught in the middle of it. Three "Doll" robots have rebelled and escaped the factory and their managers hired you to find and return them. A classy and fashionable plot resembling Blade runner. But this game uses text parser in the year when it was abandoned already. It feels like the game tried to empathize freedom and pose a challenge for hardcore gamers. It seems have been shipped with a parser that produced hints and write a map. Well, this game hardly has any information coverage, so I supposed it did not really meet the needs of the crowds.  
    11. Loliventure no Shiro 幻夢の城 [8704] Champion Soft You are asked to find rescue the sister of your acquaintance. You need to find information about her in the town and then infiltrate the castle where she is kept evading all the traps laid about. Yet another text parser dated game. The systems have not gone anywhere since Pop Lemon and the difficulty level is really insane - sometimes you need to enter the same command many times to get a result. Now you can pretty much guess why Champion Soft decided to change name for Alice Soft - it's because Champion Soft was stamping the same dated ugly games over and over while almost everyone else moved on.  
    12. Makai Fukkatsu 魔界復活 [8704] Soft Studio Wing 1 The story begins with the fact that one reporter Akira Kamishiro gets a call from a friend archaeologist - Professor Masunaga. As it turns out, with archaeological research has been a stolen valuable artifact - "Divine Stone". At the same time in the nearby village disappears abbot of the local Buddhist temple. Trying to understand what happened, Kamishiro and Masunaga are involved in the chain of mystical events. Occultic adventure game are rarely good since they rely on things other than consciousness, but Soft Studio Wing is particularly known for creating very realistic setting and gradually inserting the insanity. This is also the first game of the brand for pc88. It's command selection, but you need to confirm each selection with pressing enter since any wrong choice inevitably brings a bad end. No bruteforcing will work here either since sometimes to move the story on the right order of commands is needed to take, like speak → talk → see. And there is no hint mechanic or context on the order. Games at that time weren't supposed to be cleared by everyone and were made as difficult as possible.  
    13. Project A-ko プロジェクトA子 [8704] Tatsumi Publishing An alien space craft crashed into Graviton City, wiping out the entire population and leaving a massive crater where Graviton City is rebuilt. Students A-ko Magami and her best friend C-ko Kotobuki, a bubbly, carefree optimist, enter a new year of school at the all-girls Graviton High School. Although A-ko possesses superhuman speed and strength, she considers herself an average teenager; she mostly worries about getting to school on time, chronically oversleeping her alarm clock each morning. The pair catch the unwanted attention of B-ko Daitokuji, a rich, spoiled and brilliant fellow student. That's what anime is about. And the game is just a dice game with A-ko/B-ko/C-ko competition. Rolling dice, using all kinds of buffs and just seeing the events constantly happening on rolling are quite fun even without reading the text. Playing with two people is possible with each player rolling himself and choosing his own buffs to hinder opponent's movement. That's a rare example of a game that empathizes ease of use and fun.  
    14. Soshi Hime Adventure 素子姫アドベンチャー [8704] Tatsumi Publishing Soshi Hime is science fiction writer. After finishing writing a novel she was sucked into the novel and you're the only one who can save her. Game only operates with function keys without the additional text input which is great. The contents is quite weird like a hundred of cats in one room. I guess the knowledge of original novel is required to understand what's happening. Game uses very few colors which makes images to look very simplistic.  
    15. Fairy Tale ふぇありぃている [8705] Fairytale Hero has been keeping an eye on the pretty girl Yumiko-chan and now succeeds now in getting in her apartment impersonating himself as a gas company staff member. On the pretext of a regualar check-up he searches the kitchen for useful items and then approaches Yumiko with an intention to get in her pants. The debut work of Fairy Tale and quite a lighthearted one despite the synopsis. System is pure command selection type and it's easy to manipulate allowing to bruteforce all the variants. Another nice feature is that the work actually uses hiragana+kanji and hot that horrified half-width katakana that old works had to adhere to because of technical limitations on symbols drawing. There is one branching so it's possible to say that it's a multi-scenario work. It can also be viewed as a comedy since hero has access to chest area but he only aims for the panty and he uses lots off strategies to get there - there is no real act in this game, but there are lots of erotic CG still. Yumiko is funny looking and her personality is bright leaving a good light impression on the game.  
    16. Fukashigi Denshou ~Kabara no Himitsu~ 不可思議伝承 ~カバラの秘密~ [8705] Zenryuutsuu The story is of the village of Syria close to Greece at the time when the German army invasion approaches in 1941. This work's motif is the search of holy grail and occult research performed by the Germany. Player is village chief's son who  travels to get two secret books about Kabbalah. It's a strange game that reveals mysterious things one after another, such as the secret behind Nostradamus predictions and immortal clones that rule the Earth from the shades.  
    17. Still Sword すてぃる・そーど [8705] Fairytale 1 2 This medieval world is divided into 5 countries. The demon Incoma is jealous of the world's beauty and imprisoned the Princess from each of the 5 countries in their own castles. You are to rescue the princesses and stop Incoma's ambitions. Top down action rpg, an early predecessor of Ys series. It was first released as an all-age work, probably without text scenes, but later the game was reworked with addition of H scenes due to the popular demand. In adult version the main character is a girl, so there aren't many H scenes while you're successful - most of them packed close to the finale - but this is a lot of radical stuff when you lose, so it's an ancestor of Beat Blades Haruka and the like.  
    18. Urusei Yatsura うる星やつら [870605] Micro Cabin Scenario is original from the anime. We get and invitation to Okiko birthday party. The person who finds her first is going to get a kiss, so a fierce competition among the invited guests ensues. The mansion is a maze with lots of traps laid about. The characters are carefully transferred from the anime so it's needed to know the original to get the most of fun. It's possible either to go the shortest way or to eliminate all the other competitors, so it can be considered multiple-branch story. The ending also depends on how other characters are dealt with so it's multiple endings as well. The system is command selection, but the number of commands is quite large, so the difficulty level is really high. In the early visual novels years lots of works were clinging desperately to the popularity of anime franchises, but this work is really well done and it shows how a game can be better in many elements than the original anime.  
    19. Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu 北海道連鎖殺人 オホーツクに消ゆ [870627] Login Soft 1 2 A total remake of Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsk ni Kiyu. The version reworked for famicom. There is some info in English on this version.  
    20. Abunai Josei Shinrigaku Nyuumon あぶない女性心理学入門 [8706] Fairytale A kinetic novel comprising of four very short erotic stories about 15 screens each dwelling on women psychology. Each story lasts only some 2-3 minutes so it's faster to click through them than write about them. The feature of the work is that the stories are shown from the woman perspective. So from today's perspective it's useless to talk about this work. But from historical perspective it's quite eminent. First it's a kinetic novel while all the other works use command selection. Secondly, it's one of the first works from woman perspective and thus the work that separates the hero from the gamer. The third important aspect is that I don't really remember games before that had multiple stories in it - it presented a pleasant concept and more of multiple stories works spawned because of it.  
    21. Hot Milk ほっとMILK [8706] Fairytale The story is about a super rapist who violated 994 women already and he only needs six more to become a legendary person with a name "Weirdo 28" written forever in the history. Eroge of the 1980s rarely just relied on image alone, but were mostly conceptual games with much gameplay involved. Despite a pretty gloomy synopsis this game has rather light feel. It's a command selection ADV with the use of items - some have non-trivial use like stunning the girls with the smell of the socks. The game flow is six girls consecutively, but the big command list and the use of items distinguish it from just an eroge.  
    22. Akujo Densetsu II ~Sailor Fuku Rhapsody~ 悪女伝説 Ⅱ ~セーラー服ラプソディ~ [8707] Dott Kikaku A nampa game where the hero needs to get the girl interested, raise the affection level during conversation in a cafe, beat her in the blackjack card game and lead her to the hotel as a result. The prequel is not listed on VNDB and it was a very ugly (VERY few colors used) first adult game for MSX. But pc-88 chosen for the prequel has much more instruments in the department of picture beauty. Now the images are digitized from the drawings which make them especially cute. That's very different from the games of the time where the cover was mostly supercute, but the contents remaining ugly. The system is command selection, but several wrong answers lead to game over. While in the cafe it's needed to guess the right answer about 10 times to move on. But the game has a firm place in the history as one of the first with really beautiful girls.  
    23. DNA ドナ [8707] Himitsu Kessha KID DNA (Donna) is the name of the star in the universe. The giant city Megaro Dynamo is is inhabited by the two classes - titan (ruling class) and oak (laborers). The titans have excellent abilities, but their existence is endangered as they are cursed with reproductive function weakened with every generation. There is a girl from the titan class Mercedes who wished to undergo an experiment to fix this fatal trait. And the hero is an oak class member Cesare who wishes to protect her. Just like the previous game of Hot-B Youkiden - DNA uses manga strips for the screen - that really adds dynamic to the scenes. This game has adult content - the opening scene that I shot alone has two and it's cut just before more of it continuing. That's one of the reasons that the game was often overlooked as a trash adult game. But in fact it's a thrilling SF work with serious topics raised. The system is command selection and it goes without much stress. The character design is poor, but this is one of the first original heavy scenario oriented works and is a masterpiece in this regard.  
    24. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo #2 - Manhattan Requiem - Yami ni Tobu Tenshi-tachi J.B.ハロルドの事件簿 - マンハッタンレクイエム - 闇に翔ぶ天使たち [8707] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 2 3 24 year old pianist Sarah Shields was found dead after falling from the 25th floor of her apartment window. The cause of death was a fractured skull from the horrific impact. With no evidence of foul play, an act of suicide was the best explanation - but J.B. Harold thinks otherwise. Having recieved a letter from Sarah beforehand, the famous detective heads towards New York city to find the truth. There are English reviews of this game.  
    25. Adrenalin Connection アドレナリン・コネクション [870821] Amorphous "I shall take my revenge on the peaceful St. Eastern high school" - an anonymous letter arrived at the school. The principal asks the new teacher to investigate the source of the letter. At the same time transfer students are being forced to drop out one by one because of bullying... This is the only game every developed by Amorpheus company. I was not able to play this game since could not find a ROM for it. Although I really wanted to. Just look at the magazine ad - there's a very colorful company gathered in here. At least it would not be boring! I'll do my best to present information from japanese reviews on this game in a readable format.
    Setting is close to real world but events turn around school girls and the idealistic vibe of "let's be together forver" spoils it a bit. The atmosphere of the game was very light, but story was unexpectedly bulky. Schoolgirls were unrealistically glamorous.
    Multiple command selection helped to keep the good pace and concentrate on plot and the multi-ending was one of the first appearances in game. Graphics were of high standart considering hardware limitations of pc-98. Almost all the characters who talked actually had mouth animation. Sound would make you excited from the start of the game. Pity it could not have voices included yet. Every girl had her own ending. There were 5 endings overall.
    Its existence in 1987 was a miracle itself. Rather than having outstanding advantages and features, it was rather the work without shortcomings. It's not really remembered as masterpiece, but it was one of first quality works to pave the road for next generation of quality VNs.  
    26. Lovely GAL ラブリーGAL [8708] Champion Soft "Get three hidden treasures, then the door to another world will be opened" - said the mysterious old man. If you manage to collect the famous sword, secret medicine and ancient documents you may try to enter there. Game is basically divided into two parts - first you search for those three items and in the later half you'll have to find a way to awaken the Queen of the floating city Meniere in the alternative world from a deep slumber to prevent the crisis. The game is about gathering information and by coincidence only beautiful girls have that information and thus there's a need to interrogate them. So this is another Champion Soft game which means it has dated text parser system, low number of colors and not cute girls. And even though there's an attempt to introduce fantasy setting the gameplay is just your old guess what to write in H scenes. The difficulty level is again insanely high.  
    27. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo II -Minako- 天使たちの午後II -美奈子- [8708] JAST 1 The sequel to "Tenshi-tachi no Gogo"; instead of playing as the obnoxious male protagonist of the previous game, the player takes control of Minako, a female Japanese high-school student with a strong interest towards sexuality. The story mainly depicts Minako's sexual encounters with men and women, which take place on school grounds, in various locations of the city, etc. JAST decided to just go with popularity flow and introduced a with the dated command input systems and even bolder erotic content. They did not bother to introduce any story and just depicted the two days of Minako's saturated life. This work is a step back from the original in terms of storytelling, but it was even more popular than the original because of amplified eroticism.  
    28. Timeparadox タイムパラドックス [8708] DataWest After his girlfriend Aiko is mysteriously killed, the hero hops into a time machine invented by his uncle and goes on a journey through the time to save her. DataWest releases yet another command input work after Immitation city. That and the fact that the synopsis does not leave much mystery ahead made this work obsolete already. Game also uses lots of difficult terms related to SF time travel.  
    29. Dreamy Town MAJO ドリーミータウン 魔女サンドラ [8709] Great On Sunday, I made a promise to date. When I entered the coffee shop her body began to get distorted suddenly and I understood that she was a witch. Now I'm dragged into her world and need to find her to get back. It's an adult adventure, but with some really weird transformations into monsters. System is basically command selection, but there is also command input possible and - needless to say - many steps are impossible to pass without manual input. The difficulty is very high. Sometimes you need to repeat the same action over and over to get a result and sometimes you need to know the contents of some novel to write the right input. The map of the town is total 7x7 squares which adds another layer of difficulty due to multiple locations.  
    30. Love Chaser ラブチェイサー [8709] Champion Soft Adventure game to investigate the case of fake kidnapping to stop political marriage that developed into a real abduction. Champion soft so we get another command input system again. In the beginning of the game we're given a huge puzzle to combine and 900 points of power. Upon puzzle completion we're left with the leftover power only and power is used on lots of actions, so effective puzzle completion is a must if one aims at clearing the game. In the terms of the content there is not much originality. The picture lacks originality either. A bit of deduction is still needed though, but the overall difficulty is reported to be moderate.  
    31. Ikenie no Machi いけにえの街 [8710] Adult Inn While exploring Shinjuku hero finds out a SM club "Ikemei' s House" - the world of pleasure and craziness. The content is on par with the synopsis. But these are mostly pictures of tied women. One interesting aspect though is that Shinjuku is displayed quite precisely.  
    32. Koroshi no Dress 殺しのドレス [8710] Fairytale Best friend's fiancé is found dead and naked at the park's toilet. Hero starts an investigation, but then the second murder occurs and his girlfriend disappears mysteriously. It' suspense mystery from the start since we don't really understand what's going on or who is the killer (but naming the game "killer dress" helps with guessing). It can hardly be called an eroge, but the adult atmosphere is everywhere including many gore scenes. It's a breakthrough game that broke the trend of games being treated as erotic cg collection. This is a game that carries away with the story alone and just couple of erotic cg thrown for the story's sake. System is command selection with a shortlist of commands to select from - very convenient to use. The story is basically a single road, but with good and bad end branching close to the finale. Another rather new feature is the ability to name the hero. This game is a paragon for all the future horror mystery scenario games to come.  
    33. Lolita Violence ロリータバイオレンス [8710] Adult Inn One usual day from the life of one girl, but as she returns home late there are various dangers on her way back. Kinetic novel or rather a picture story. On the way back girl's attacked by a gang and there's a help button that's possible to be pressed - that summons her boyfriend who rescues her and it develops into another H scene. The work is rare enough that I could not find it, but the focus is on graphics alone.  
    34. Shin Tamatori Monogatari 新玉取物語 [8710] Cross Media Soft The hero needs to find five balls scattered around the four worlds. A sequel to Shin Taketori Monogatari. It's the first such big ADV for pc88 - six diskettes! The content stays pretty much the same - explore everything and have fun. Age is requested at start and some scenes actually differ depending on the input.  
    35. Anjela [8711] Cross Media Soft

    The highly civilized star Obelix citizens use preserved red liquid as food. But production crisis occurs, and many of them find feeding grounds on the Earth by sucking animals and humans blood - thus they start to be called vampires. Anjela comes to the Earth in search of her father who was among the first generation to migrate to this planet.
    Commands are difficult to figure out, but as an additional layer of difficulty there are multiple challenging action fights.  
    36. Gakuen Monogatari 学園物語 [8711] Great Hero enters a well-known private high school and falls in love with his English class school teacher Norico at the first sight. One day a Noriko-sensei is suddenly expelled, apparently on the reason that she is intimidated by someone. The hero launches investigation to get to the source of it. Command selection adventure. In order to find the criminal and know more about Noriko-sensei the hero interrogates school girls. The story is a single road, but the difficulty level is high as it's needed to ask the right things in the conversation and use proper strategies to make people stop.  
    37. Hadou no Hyouteki 波動の標的 [8711] Soft Studio Wing 1 Events of "Hadou no Hyouteki" begin with a strange incident in a small Japanese village: one day all members of a local religious organization "Church of the Messiah" were brutally murdered. Our main character is a journalist Shiro Kusanagi, who came to the place of slaughter, to shoot the reportage. Soon begin to clear up the details of the incident - it appears that the sectarians themselves killed each other. In addition, inside the Church of our journalist discovers a strange secret altar. What actually worshiped members of the "Church of the Messiah", and that was the cause of the massacre in the village? All these questions remain unanswered, and meanwhile, the authorities sent Mr. Kusanagi on shooting a new story. The fact is that in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle suddenly there was a huge black tower, and it is rumored that in the nearby vicinity bred some creepy monsters. Can all these strange events be connected somehow? Peaceful Japanese village. One day all members of "Church of the Messiah" were found brutally murdered. We play as journalist Shiro Kusanagi who is sent to make a reportage. More and more shocking details come up. Sectarians killed each other and a strange altar discovered. With all questions hung in the air Mr. Kusanagi being sent to shoot another story on appearance of a huge black tower in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle. Who coould have thought that those were the events of one chain... I don't like horror stories. But reading about a good horror story is another thing. So let's investigate this outstanding work together.
    This game has a great dark atmosphere. Death comes at every corner and you constantly get bad end on the screen. Bullets are scarce, enemies keep appearing and only a small hope keeps beating. System was finally well done. Comand selection implemented. Graphics are great and rendering in an instant. There is even animation at many scenes. Cruel shots are especially impressive. The use of multiwindow makes actions dynamic and it starts to look like manga. For example you get picture in the left upper corner then the next picture appers in the left lower corner and in serveral lines some shocking picture appears in the center of the screen so that about 50% of first and second one remain seen. That's genius.
    I'll retell the plot here just to get a grip on the game story. I won't tackle any characters or important details though. The whole plot intorduction actually happens in the game and jungle infiltration is 5th chapter already. You can't even land the jungle peacefully. You have to destroy boobytrapped vietnamese barricade and border patrol starts to use arms against you. Water surface glows and huge water worm attacks your boat. In the cave there's a dead body of another reporter. Further on skeletons with different weapons assault you and you running low on bullets. Having made it to a tower, monster attacks and he can't be even killed with bullets.
    You get surrounded by feline monsters and skeletons with no weapons and no way back only to be miraculously saved by your fellow reporter on a military helicopter.
    You gain consciousness in the hospital and get to know that a black tower now appeared right in the center of Shinjuku. Somehow inside Shinjuku turns out to be a new village with a manor. You get to investigate the manor which happens to be a training facility for espers. The tower is awaiting. Men in black open fire on visual contact. One of survivors advises to find Shirai, who is good at teleportation. Mansion now is heavily guarded. At the verge of being shot you get teleported to the gathering of men with unique abilities like telekinesis. Mansion now is being guarded by both military and ESP. You manage to break through only to be cornered again with it all disappearing by a whirpool of hallucination. The final battle of you and ESP against the mansion darkest secrets awaits. Who's the enemy and who's a friend? What's that altar with a sword? What was that whirlpool? What is black tower? What is that double edged sword? All the mysteries get answered. In a way.  
    38. Jesus ジーザス [8711] Enix 1 2 3 4 5 The game takes place in 2061. Halley's Comet has been approaching Earth for quite some time, and the nations of Earth send a mission to investigate the Comet, as some form of life has been detected inside the gas of the comet. The main character of the story, Hayao Musou, is a Japanese soldier-in-training and the second-youngest member of the mission. Coincidentally, his girlfriend, Eline Suleyman, is also a participant. The game has multiple reviews in English.  
    39. Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School 中山美穂のトキメキハイスクール [871201] Nintendo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The game begins with your character, whose family has just moved to the area, entering his new school for the first time. After class, you accidentially run into a conservative-looking girl wearing glasses. She introduces herself as Mizuho, but you can't help but notice her striking resemblance to your dream pop idol Cher (I mean Miho, of course). You pick up a good-luck charm Mizuho dropped to give back to her, then make a startling revelation - your photographer brother took a picture of Miho carrying the exact same charm! You go to the music room to confront her with this evidence - and this is where the true challenge of the game begins. There are English reviews of this game.  
    40. Seilane セイレーン [871210] Micro Cabin 1 One day when Prill visits Bukimi forest, he finds all the villagers have all been turned into stone statues. But more worringly his sister was nowhere to be seen. As he explores the forest, he later learns that the person responsible was the Demon King Pazul. With help from his friends, Prill sets off on a journey to save both his sister and the villagers, but it won't be easy as the Demon King is determined to stop him in his tracks. There is a good English review on the work.  
    41. Shiritsu Tantei Max ~Sennyuu!! Nazo no Joshikou~ 私立探偵マックス ~潜入!!謎の女子校~ [871220] Agumix 1 Max is a private detective who is known - beside his investigative and combat skills - for his way with women. One day, he receives just the case he was hoping for: he has to travel to a remote space colony near the Sun - more precisely, to the women school in this colony. The principal of the school has committed suicide. Two agents that were sent to the colony disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It's time for Max to find out what's going on - an interesting side-quest to his main mission: have sex with as many girls as possible! It's mostly collection work since there are some 12 girls that appear randomly and some are predetermined to resist Max's charms from the start so multiple new games needed for 100%. The H with the girls also restores Max's esper powers. The best part of the game the quality of girls pictures - they are digitized and thus look very good and cute.  
    42. Hiatari Ryoukou! 陽あたり良好! [8712] Toho The story focuses on the relationships of Kasumi Kishimoto, a high school student. When she enters Myōjō High School, she moves into her aunt's boarding house, where four boys attending the high school are tenants. Despite her steadfast determination to stay loyal to her boyfriend, who is studying abroad, Kasumi finds herself slowly falling in love with one of the boarders, Yūsaku The first really impressive TOHO adaptation of an anime work. On top of that it seems to be the original galge ancestor - here you raise favorability rate with one of the girls during the game events and if you reach a high level with some girl you get her ending. I think the point of the game is to engage deeply in the world of the original and it worked 100%. We now refer to the slice of life scenes as to necessary evil in galge, but before Hiatari Ryoukou there have been very few games with focus on everyday routing. The game system is command selection ADV and it's easy to manage and possible to bruteforce to go on, but actually getting some girl's ending is quite difficult. The character cast is awesome and there are a lot of very funny scenes. There is no special aim in the game but living the everyday life and falling in love with someone. The graphic level is the highest of 1987. A very sunny and heartwarming work.  
    43. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo - Kiss of Murder - Satsui no Kuchizuke J.B.ハロルドの事件簿 - キス・オブ・マーダー - 殺意の接吻 [8712] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 2 Kiss of Murder, is set in a parallel world to Manhattan Requiem, and while featuring the same set of characters as that title, has a completely different scenario. Early releases of the game were addons to "Manhattan Requiem" and used its graphical data. Later iterations became stand-alone. The game was not usually shipped alone, but with Manhattan Requiem, so it does not have as many English reviews, but I'm sure there should be some reference in the numerous Manhattan Requiem reviews.  
    44. Kudokikata Oshiemasu 2 ~Kind Gal's~ 口説き方教えます2 ~カインドゥギャルズ~ [8712] Hard A nampa game with five adult women as heroines. First of all the game is R-18 same as the prequel. The game is famous for the conversation system it derived. So this time you get the beginning of the sentence prepared and need to input a correct continuation which would rise affection if right. Each of the heroines has some personality archetype. The game has very impressive graphics that alone is enough to overlook its many shortcomings.  
    45. Lagrange L2 PART2 D-SIDE ラグランジュL2 PART2 D-SIDE [8712] Vehicle Software Game starts in the shuttle right after the end of Lagrange L2. The breath is relieved now but the first challenge is already there - the need to escape from missiles of approaching Zera enemy. And the sequel still uses the same ancient systems... same ugly with text input. The only difference that now animation is frequently used. The overall difficulty is easier than part 1, but there are less hints displayed. As I see it this work is only for hard-boiled fans of first part.  
    46. Tennyo Densetsu 天女伝説 [8712] Champion Soft There are girls who descend from the celestial love weaving beings. Letters are hidden on their bodies and if you solve the mystery a celestial woman will appear. Champion Soft continues its odyssey to pour same loads of crap on the gaming community. Over and over. Now there is command selection but that's made really painful since even text lines take time to draw and there's the need to press enter after each selection. I guess noone ever tried to find the celestial woman since the game has zero reviews and even no CG apart of the two ones in the beginning that I saw.  
    47. The 4th Unit 第4のユニット [8712] DataWest 1 2 Yuusuke, a common boy back from school, finds a naked girl in the forest while searching for his hidden bike. She is amnesic and only remember a name: Blon-Win. Four days ago, a mysterious battle between unidentified aircraft occurred above Tokyo. One of them, shot down, felt in the same forest the girl was found. The authorities never found any body in the debris. Might this girl be linked to this case? This is what she is decided to discover. There is an English review of the game.  
    48. The Byouin ザ・病院 [8712] PSK 1 Patients begin to die one by one under mysterious circumstances in a mental hospital. A young nurse named Ikuko Matsuda doubts that these deaths were natural. On day, Ikuko disappears, leaving behind a blood-stained cash card. Her fiance Katsuyoshi Yamazaki ventures into the hospital, attempting to investigate the mystery. It's mostly a text adventure with CG only occasionally showed. In order to show that much text in good quality 400 lines were needed and The Byouin is the only PC-88 game in history to have 400 lines. All the new keywords are added to the list of commands and soon this list grows to huge lengths. The story is not bad, but without corresponding CG it feels lacking. PSK as the fathers of visual novels marked a new path - shifting from gameplay elements to focusing attention on reading and that's the game's biggest achievement.  
    52. Yamamura Misa Suspense: Kyouto Ryuu no Tera Satsujin Jiken 山村美紗サスペンス 京都龍の寺殺人事件 [8712] Taito Corporation

    The protagonist is American investigator Catherine Turner, who has just been accused of a crime commited in the grounds of Kyoto's most famous temple. She'll have to do some detective work to clear her name. Detective investigation is not my genre.  
    52. Wingman Special -Saraba Yume Senshi- ウイングマンスペシャル -さらば夢戦士- [8712] TamTam Co., Ltd. The story is the same as the the original Wingman game, but with enhanced size and quality. Same Powdream, same assassins sent for Aoi. The synopsis is really the same. The graphics are superb. The controls have not changed much and the operability remained difficult. Puzzles are inconsistent and are easy to get stuck on. The new scenes are cool, but reading the same story for the second time is much less fun and most of the fans of the series are felt unsatisfied.  
    49. Idaten Ikase Otoko ~Mugiko ni Aitai~ 韋駄天いかせ男 ~麦子に逢いたい~ [87] Family Soft The hero is a Korean wrestler who has been working in a Brazilian farm and now comes to Japan without the proper knowledge of the language. He has an ability to excite girls with words alone so now he phones to different phones saying ridiculous phrases getting them to the state of ecstasy. That's a nanpa bakage. Basically we get to choose numbers that correspond to some words and with three of those we construct a phrase. If the girls finds the phrase especially crazy or funny her excitement meter rises and when at top the reward erotic CG are show. There are five girls to call to. The words selected are funny so the result phrases alone can be entertaining to read. The game had many sequels and was sold cheaply in packs so it got quite a wide spread.  
    50. Mayonaka no Love Call 真夜中のラブコール [87] STUDIO ANGEL Mika and her boyfriend are having an intimate telephone talk with her becoming excited with each right answer. Another gameplay oriented erotic picture collection. The right answer out of three variants takes to new scene while the wrong brings back to the previous scene. And whether the answer is right or wrong is chosen at random, so clearing can take a while. The good point of the game is the ease of use since only three numbers and clicking is enough for clearing.  
    51. Melon Soda メロンソーダ [87] Bond Soft The hero arrives to the town where the secret of fobidden pheromone juice "Melon Soda" is concealed. He will have to interrogate the girls in the town to get to the secret. There are 13 girls in the game with H-scenes reserved for 12 of them. But the important part is that you have the endurance stat the depeletes with actions. There are multiple tricks not to waste endurance in different scenes, but still it's impossible to H with all the girls and get to the ending, so multiple playthroughs needed for 100% clearance. Command selection is used.  
    53. Zenkoku Nanpa Shugyou ~Tasogare no Kyouto Hen~ 全国ナンパ修行 ~たそがれの京都編~ [8712] STUDIO ANGEL To excel in nanpa the hero comes to Kyoto for training. The game is about choices. Choosing totally bad line brings game over. Choosing normal lines does not bring effect and you need to search on for the best variant. The game is not particularly interesting and Kyoto exotics does not really make it better. Emulator gets stuck after the first scene for some reason.  
  20. kivandopulus
    Foreword: After single story editions of F40 and F50 I was curious whether next games follow the set trajectory or move elsewhere. The following single story game is Viper-GTB, so...
    Title: Viper-GTB ~Rise After~
    Developer: Sogna
    Date: 1999-12-22
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v10121

    Synopsis: The long awaited sequel to the VIPER-V16 story, VIPER-GTB's "Rise After" chapter takes place almost four years after "Rise". Her family abducted, Saki returns to Anne Mitter's to enlist Akira's help in a daring rescue. In the course of saving them from the domineering aquatic queen Irear, Akira herself is captured. Offering to rescue her are a small band of extra-terrestrials, led by the mysterious Tarma whose true intentions are not revealed until its too late. Trading Karin, Saki, and Seed to Irear in exchange for the strongest woman on Earth, Tarma claims Akira as his newest slave. Fellow champion martial artist Makoto, arriving at Anne Mitter's to avenge a recent defeat at the hands of Akira, becomes embroiled in the plot, soon following Tarma's companion Narsha to the spaceship, where she and the warriors of the underground race lay siege to the craft. The fate of other strong women across the galaxy now rests with Akira and Makoto.

    Structure: None
    Length: Took me over 3 hours because of gameplay elements
    Game type: SF/Fantasy erotic adventure
    Difficulty: Very easy, one way road. There are two bad endings though, so need to save at least sometimes.
    Character Design rating: 6/10
    Protagonist rating: 7/10
    Story rating: 1/10
    Game quality: 6/10
    Overall rating: 4/10
    Rating comments: Well, the spread is almost the same as in Viper F50, just worse. The main component for my score is story. If I evaluated the game by different criteria, result would be different as well. This time there are too many H events and basically zero story. Instead of story now there is repeating, exhausting, time wasting gameplay. It's worst design to make up for just one hour story with enemy encounters literally every 10 steps in the maze. I'm not just disappointed, but infuriated, indeed.

    Protagonist: Akira is best known Sogna fan-service character. And authors capitalized on her all the way through the game. She is omnipotent and in all kind of weird situations. Even my screenshot spread shows that other characters are quite non-existent.
    Characters: Karin is with us, as usual, but most of H scenes without Akira belong to evil girls who are plenty here.

    Story: Keith (the main bad guy of prequel) got kidnapped by the water tribe. The whole gang goes underwater to save him. They beat the boss queen at the underwater complex and save Keith, but on the way back Akira gets kidnapped. The gang gets reinforcements in the form of several strange martial artists and they again go to the very same underwater complex to save Akira... and they actually do so, but the strange martial artists spoil all the cards, and the situation gets very messy... which only gets resolved by the third expedition to a different underwater complex... Is that even a story?

    CG: Animations mostly.
    Overall comments: Game is really bare. No real theme or story. Humor is mostly of erotic nature. Horrible averting gameplay, unexpected game-overs (there's no option to replay, start from the start if no save!) and lots and lots of H events. That's all what this game is about and this is the only kind of review it deserves.

  21. kivandopulus
    December 2000 is a total ripoff. I have zero interest in almost all its games except for Never7 -The End of Infinity- which ends up to be the VN of the Month. But for review I'd rather choose some nukige over Never7, and that game for review is Dorei Ichiba.
    1. Effect ~Akuma no Ko~ effect~悪魔の仔~ [001201] Hadashi Shoujo

    Nagi Izumi has a normal life... except for a couple of things. Sei, a bullied girl in his class, has telekinesis. And his girlfriend, Mayumi, has the power to cure any sickness or injury. One rainy day in June, Mayumi uses her power to save a woman who attempts suicide... There are just two heroines with endings, but each of them has both good and bad ending, furthermore there are bonus scenarios after good ones. Story is quite dark with some unpleasant themes, like bullying. It's very uncommon to have one of heroines as lover already at the beginning of the game, and in that case it's very similar for first White Album. The drama itself is drawn well, but there's no feeling that drama is led by the characters - heroines have low appeal.  
    2. Julia JULIA~ジュリア~ [001201] Uran

    Kazuya is a college student. During summer vacations he is invited by his classmate Aya to a pension house JULIA for part-time work. The pension is held by Atsushi with his wife. This summer story can be played from both Kazuya and Atsushi point of view. Content is lively and romantic, but nothing special. The lack of content is substituted with two protagonists.  
    3. Raimusutazu Erosu らいむすたーず☆えろーす [001201] Archive

    This is "Lamelo Land", a world full of magic and wonder. People lived peacefully there under the rule of a kind hearted goddess, but one day the sun suddenly grows dark, and the invasion of the Demon Army begins. Their purpose is to destroy the sun and open the gate to the Makai world.  Now fairy with the blessing of the goddess descends to a courageous boy. Together they go on a journey to save the world. Wow, why even prepare a plot for a puzzle game... Rules are somewhat fishy, but it's needed to prepare chains to destroy blocks below - very difficult, actually! There are a lot of hybrids as enemies with H scenes.  
    4. Sora no Takaku 空のたかく [001201] Uncanny!

    A cold winter that speaks of the end of the year. Rumours of girls living on the streets. For some reason, they cannot inhabit the regular world, but instead spend their lives on the streets. Though they may be in the same city, they did not live in the same world, and people had started calling them "Alice of the alleys".
    How, why, did those girls become Alices? To answer this question, the protagonist, a freelance writer, disguises himself as homeless, and encounters three of these Alices.
    Rana, a prostitute with an innocent soul.
    Sayaka, a girl whose harsh aura seems to say that she hates everything around her.
    And then, Miu, a girl who evokes a mysterious atmosphere.
    Though our protagonist started off with mere curiosity in his mind, as he begins to learn of the girls' pasts, he soon starts harbouring feelings that go beyond the ones of a reporter.
    And then... Atmosphere of the underground part of the society is drawn really well. The heroines have very poor circumstances, so there's enough of drama in their roots. The development is good till heroes get in love with each other, but there's still constant itch that protagonist gets drawn just by the appearance. There are just two H scenes per character, one insult and one pure love. Overall the aftertaste is pleasant if you like sad human stories even though development is not quite realistic.  
    5. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2 Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!!2.2 [001202] Cocktail Soft

    2.2 begins where Pia Carrot 2 ends, but protagonist can not find himself a girlfriend. Through December and January he will have another chance with a new set of girls.  It's GBA and DC exclusive, so for a limited auditory. Gameplay has some changes, but those are simplifications for the most part.  
    6. Blue Submarine No. 6 Saigetsu Fumahito -Time and Tide- 青の6号 歳月不待人 -TIME AND TIDE- [001207] Sega

    A game adaptation based on the Gonzo OVA series, inspired on Ozawa Satoru's classic manga. The story sets in the distant future, when the Earth's oceans have risen and flooded most of the sea-lying land on Earth.
    The rogue scientist Zorndyke caused the flooding, which killed countless individuals, and most of humanity's remaining cities have been attacked or destroyed by Zorndyke's army of half-animal "hybrids". The remaining humans begin to wage war against Zorndyke's seagoing creations for survival. Humanity's best hope for a resolution to the conflict lies with its submarine forces, among which is the focus of the story, Blue Submarine #6. It is revealed that Zorndyke is attempting to decisively end the conflict in the favor of his hybrid children by artificially inducing a polar switch using geothermal energy at the South Pole. DC exclusive, and I never liked anime original.  
    7. Tremolo [001207] Merlot

    Main character has a painful experience of betrayal in the past. Now he returns to his hometown. There are girls around him with heart wounds and individual problems. Will he find a girl that won't betray him if he lifts the pain from girls' hearts and minds?  There is one main heroine who was the only one to attend the alumni meeting among the 8 persons who made promise as children. But at the school fire started and girl got to a coma. The ultimate aim is to get her out of coma. Setting is quite good, and there are various village legends around. Each heroine story is different due to different background and problems. The flow of the game is torturing, but mostly because of text speed output.  
    8. Fragrance フレグランス [001208] Paprika

    Main character's father dies suddenly after remarriage, and it was beginning of protagonists living on his own. How will his school life fare till graduation comes? A typical charage. School map system. Story actually does not end after H which is enough to praise developers for the effort. Probably the good work of voice actors should be noted. Apart of that...  
    9. Heart de Network はぁとでネットワーク [001208] Euphony Production

    Near future. Main character had to change schools often because of parents' work, so he has few friends. Artificial intelligence program kept him company at that time. But then hero moves back to home town where he had childhood friends. This story beings in the season when wind begins to soften.
    There are five heroines each having two endings. It's actually a SIM to plan activities for each day and trigger events. The key to each scenario is information on the net, but all the important stuff is found in the beginning, and later on only garbage... it looks like game could not fully utilize its concept of future network society.  
    10. Hoshizora ☆ Planet 星空☆ぷらねっと [001208] D.O.  1

    It's been seven years since you left your sweet hometown. You are back, and you meet up with old friends that have all grown up beautifully. Enjoying this reunion, something triggers your mind to recall a tragic memory that happened seven years ago... It's another sentimental home town reunion story, but it's the next work of Kana ~Imouto~ creator Yamada Hajime, so it enjoyed immense attention at once. The writing is good as ever, but the everyday life scenes feel ordinary. Unlike Family Project there is no parody material in Hoshizora ☆ Planet, so it was a difficult task to breathe life in such a commonplace story. Period is quite long - from April to December - and for most of the time we just pick some heroine on a map once a week.  It's a work of overall good impression if you don't set expectations too high.  
    11. Tooryanse とおりゃんせ [001208] Crime

    Main character travels with his girlfriend by car, but car breaks on the road. Heroes find shelter at a snowy mountain lodge. At that time a murder happens there. Investigation is held by talking only. There are few events per heroine, so there's a feeling game's just for insult H scenes only. There are lots of instant death choices, but even with them game only takes one hour to beat.   
    12. Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~ とらいあんぐるハート3~Sweet Songs Forever~ [001208] Janis

    A mysterious organization keeps sending intimidating letters to Fiasse Christella, the principal of British Christella Music Academy. The purpose is to find the whereabouts of Fiasse's inheritance. Although Fiasse already has a bodyguard, Ellis McGaren, she asked her childhood friends, the siblings Takamachi Kyouya and Miyuki to help Ellis. This of course is received by Ellis, as a professional bodyguard, with a cold shoulder.
    Kyouya remembered an incident that was happened several years ago, when he was about ten years old. This incident was actually aimed at Fiasse's father, senator Albert Christella. So, does Fiasse's fate and case related to this past incident? This is a popular moege series. The second title had zero story and sense full devoting to girls of a dormitory. This time scenario is strengthened and the volume is good. But game happens to be full of bugs, and it's also difficult to sympathize with main character.  
    13. All One's Life [001208] BeF

    Main character is a freelance writer for a magazine. He cohabits with a girl who is his ardent supporter, but who has not become his lover in several years. He decides to move on with other women he encounters. He needs to make an important choice - to decide who really cares for him and who he himself cares for. I tried to play this game to the end, but failed at it. It is of choose your story type. Among four and a half heroines (one has only bad ending) three are only capturable with setting different emotion preferences. But I did not find the way to tune up emotions for heroines, only for life, work etc. The content is just realistic depiction of heroines and life - no humor or something like that. Usually there is both good and bad ending for each heroine. I really need to be offered a story, preferably with an integrative protagonist with a distinctive mindset. And there is also the need to notice special lamp effect and activate your emotion exactly at that time. I felt really bad choosing my views on many aspects myself. Developers tried to bring something original - ok, but I don't like it.       
    14. Refrain -Mouichido, Sayonara o Iou- リフレイン -もう一度、さよならを言おう- [001214] Hiyoko Soft (old)
    Main character can not understand why Rihoko has distanced from him. When an opportunity presents to be with Hatsune, he jumps at it, but relations stay at more than friends, less than lovers level. One day Rihoko visits protagonist for some minor reason, and feelings awaken anew. There is also a good friend Riko who he likes. Main character wants to be with all three girls... what a clumsy feeling. There are good endings prepared only for two of three main heroines. Hero is very indecisive and that sometimes produces unusual situations.  
    15. Seishin Hakai 精神破壊 [001214] unknown

    That bizarre incident occurred at 8 PM. Girl student was murdered with face distorted violently. Strange killings keep happening around the hero. When judgement and emotions disappear something is going to break... Game is free, but it does not really help since its title is mental destruction. Anyway, only girls who confess to the hero keep dying. And eventually game really gets into a state of deep suspense and esoterics.  
    16. Happy Hotaru Sou Happyほたる荘 [001215] Waffle

    Main character does not have self-confidence, because he always used to be defeated by his self-proclaimed rival Naruto since childhood. Now hero gets a job of apartment complex administrator by parents recommendation, but it somehow gets known to Naruto who also claims to be this complex administrator. Employer establishes a month test period to choose among two candidates. Will protagonist yield his pride and all the beautiful girls of the complex to his bitter offender? A bakage with an ultimate failure as protagonist - a good choice if only the game was not a usual SIM. And you really compete with the rival who has the same stats at the start. And that kills the game.  
    17. Heian☆Love Wars 平安☆ラブウォーズ [001215] Sepia

    Main character is born as the eldest son of the left minister during Heian era, so he can spent days in laziness freely. One day father comes home with bad news - his only daughter is called to the palace for a month. In order to keep twin sister out of temptations of the capital, protagonist dresses as a girl and goes in her stead.  A work with a comedy touch. Despite of Heian era, protagonist sets up microphones and cameras. It's basically a SIM since there four actions given per day.  
    18. Mezuri ~Aa, Densetsu no Ningyo o Motomete~ 女づり ~あぁ、伝説の人魚を求めて~ [001215] Zenos

    Main character buys a book at a secondhand bookstore. It dwelled on contemporary mermaid creatures and ways to capture them. From that day he starts to implement his mermaid capture plan. Fishing action place in many places around Tokyo. This kusoge even cost 8.8k yen on Christmas sale.  
    19. Powder Snow ~Kono Basho de Issho ni~ POWDER SNOW ~この場所で一緒に~ [001215] Megami

    Main character used to be a great warrior, but constant fight with evil eroded his flesh with only two weeks remaining to live. He is given a girl caretaker by his relatives to have some comfort at least in the end in his life. Game is actually a comedy that takes place nowadays despite all the warrior fighting evil crap. There are three heroines each with a pure love and devil route. The overall impression is poor due to average production values and lack of actual drama of a doomed person.  
    20. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo ~Juutoshime no Shoutaijou~ 金田一少年の事件簿~10年目の招待状~ [001216] Banpresto 1 2

    Akira Kawai, a first-year student of a Fudou high-school received a mysterious letter with ominous sketch and the text saying "I'll be waiting at the Shiomisou inn.", sender or reason for sending this letter is unknown. Upon reading this himself, Hajime Kindaichi, along with Miyuki Nanase decided to check if there's more to the meaning of the letter or if it's nothing but a prank of a sort. Upon arriving at the Shiomisou inn, which was in a rather secluded and silent place surrounded by mountain on one side, and a sea on the other, he noticed there are only three more guests besides them. Could one of them be the sender of this letter? The night came swiftly and the weather turned gloomy. There and then, Hajime runs into Kengo Akechi, a detective investigating a report of a supposed seeing of a killer in the area from a 10-year old case. With approaching storm, the scream echoes through the hallway and first in the series of murders engulfs this hotel in an aura of tension. Kindaichi and Akechi are now more than ever determined to get to the bottom of this and catch the murderer behind this. There is an English review for this gameboy exclusive.  
    21. Never7 -The End of Infinity- [001221] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6

    You play as Makoto, a student who never attends the lectures at the school. As a punishment, you have to attend an extra seminar on an island with other classmates. However, when you arrive on the island, strange things start happening. A girl is found dead on April 6th, with a small bell in her hand. Immediately after that, you found yourself in the bed and see the date - April 1st! Was the vision of the girl just a dream, or do you possess a power to predict events? This is what you will have to find out, as a series of strange deaths make your seminar much more suspenseful than you have thought. There are enough English reviews.  
    22. Boku no Mikogami-sama ぼくの巫女神さま [001222] Trabulance

    Main character is a college student. He is not the eldest son, so he does not succeed his father as a shrine caretaker. One day father comes with a news that the neighboring shrine priest died without leaving male successor, and that position is offered to protagonist. Hero agrees since the three shrine maidens at that shrine make his heart throb faster. There are six heroines to capture. The routes are quite alike, but every heroine has individual flags and there are also conditions of interacting with other girls, so difficulty is quite high. The first half has just everyday events, and second half has forced drama.  
    23. Kao no nai Tsuki 顔のない月 [001222] Root

    Koichi Hayama has recently suffered the loss of his step-parent due to a traffic accident. Taking a break from college to join in the funeral proceedings, he is confronted by a strange-yet-familiar young woman. He keeps having these recurring dreams of her, but doesn’t hold any memory of who she really is. This is because he only remembers bits and pieces of his childhood. She, however, says she knows him. Soon they both strive to solve the mystery of his missing memories, and his true origins while staying at the Kuraki temple--which is inhabited by a few more lovely ladies. Carnelian can make even a newcomer company game a treat with his skills. Story is classic and safe to play and thus boring to read. But there is a mystery that's possible to keep interest to the end.  
    24. Natural Zero+ ~Hajimari to Owari no Basho de~ NaturalZero+ ~はじまりと終わりの場所で~ [001222] Fairytale 1 2

    Our main character is a young and hopeful novelist. He has been uselessly wasting his life away following the death of his younger sister, Yoshino. Our hero is forced to stay in an old decrepit apartment provided by his publishing company. Here, he meets Komano, who remarkably resembles his young sister. They begin living together in the apartment. Shortly after, our hero learns that Komano is the half-sister to Ayane, the chief editor of the magazine he writes for. Komano proves to be poor at housework, but she is completely devoted to our hero. Notwithstanding Komano's cheerfulness, our hero comes to find out that she holds a very dark and bitter memory she is unwilling to recall. Enjoy your short summer with Komano! Following the feature presentation, you will find a side-story about the girls from "Natural-Both Body and Heart" and "Natural 2-DUO-." You will find more information concerning Ayane's life, along with the characters Chitose and Sora.  There is an English review.  
    25. Tobikkiri Ruin とびっきりRUIN [001222] Escu:de

    Main character gets an invitation from a friend in archaeology department to search for ruins in order to find something interesting and prevent plans for dam construction this way. Will he be able to excavate and explore the ruins and save his village? As if excavation alone is not enough, exploration part is very dubious. It's basically point-and-click puzzles clearing. And there are more and more ruins and more and more puzzles. Considered the number of girls, it gets really grindy.  
    26. Dorei Ichiba 奴隷市場 [001222] Daiginjou 1

    During the 17th century, the Ronbaldia Alliance and the Holy Aimar are at war for power. Ronbaldia sends its ruler to the royal city of Constantinople for safety. Cathias Gire follows as a clerk. Not knowing anything about the royal capitol, Cathias decides to buy a slave. Cathias heads for the slave-grounds and is shocked to see how they are treated. Nevertheless, he buys a slave recommended by his friend. Cathias can do what ever he wants to do with his salve now. Will this all end when the war finally gets out of control? What will happen? Game looks like a total nukige and it is one, but it has interesting enough story and atmosphere. There is a hentai anime based on one of the routes, and even by that game's charm can be evaluated. The story is actually even better than that.    
    27. Yume no Shoujo ~Dream Girl~ 夢の少女~DreamGirl~ [0012] Mizutani Miyuu

    Main character is a sophomore in high school. He often sees a girl in his dreams. One day he meets her and remembers that she's his childhood friend and first love partner. A free game with three heroines. It's surprising that game is voiced. Again a sentimental nostalgia work.  
    1. Cute Cute Dakishimete!! Cuteきゅっと抱きしめて!! [001201] For Protagonist is a 3rd year high school student, but he is already engaged since the childhood. During summer holidays a cute girl suddenly visits his house and somehow they spend night together. He feels easy next to her, but he's also looking forward to his marriage with the engaged girl. This summer will be hot! Nukige (Training)  
    2. Hakudakuhime 白濁姫 [001201] Sirius In the remote countryside there is a small village. Although there is peace throughout the whole village, they got used to giving a sacrifice to a demon living in a nearby forest. This year they must sacrifice someone's daughter to the demon. The adults of the village embarrassingly ask for a volunteer, when Erishia appears. Nukige  
    3. Hotaru 炎多留 [001201] Tarutaru In this love simulation game for gay men, the hero (you) encounters 8 men, meeting up and breaking up with each one as the story unfolds. Yaoi  
    4. Mamagoto ま・ま・ゴ・ト [001201] Triangle The protagonist is an ordinary student. Next door to him lives a younger girl who is his childhood friend. She loved to play with him and call him "onii-chan". Now that they're a little older, she gets lots of attention in school.
    One day, her parents and the protagonist's parents had to go abroad together. For three weeks she and him will be alone. She says, "Until our parents get back, let's play house together and keep it a secret from everybody."
    Thus begins their exciting three weeks of virtual marriage. Nukige  
    5. Mozu no Nie 百舌鳥ノ贄 [001201] Ankh Taisho Era. Main character returns to Japan after getting education in Europe, but he does not receive a warm welcome. His father committed suicide after being driven to poverty and his sister suffers from a disease. Now is the hour of revenge - all the brokers and collaborators will be deprived of their most precious treasures - the innocent smiles of their daughters and wives.  Nukige  
    6. Sasayaki 囁 ~sasayaki~ [001201] Arieroof Main character is good with studies, and for that is chosen as instructor to a girls' school. He is not taken seriously though as he does not have a proper teaching license and skills. The some voice sounds in his head "Do you want to change yourself". He welcomes the change and turns into a beast the next moment. Those ignorant girls will hit the rock bottom of humiliation soon. Nukige  
    7. Tabasa no Yakata タバサの館 [001201] Akila Soft No info Doujin  
    8. Zero - Heureum eui won 제로 - 흐름의 원 [001205] Artlim Media A RPG visual novel that was the first product in the "Zero Project" which consists of manhwas and light novels. Non-Japanese  
    9. Chaos Baby Yoshimi ~Takase Haruna Hen~ カオスBaby義美 ~高瀬春奈編~ [001207] Scoop Shinichi barely escaped from slavery of Queen Ryoko. Now he lives in the house of Ryoko's sister Misuzu and attends the school where Ryoko's nice Yoshimi is studying. And Yoshimi does have a difficult character as well. Nukige  
    10. Kore D.P.S.? これD.P.S.? [001207] Alice Soft Pack of 4 short novels:
    "Keep Out"
    "Iron Maiden"
    "Chou Densetsu Kodai Robo Red Thunder"
    D.P.S. means "Dream Program System" Antology  
    11. Gakkou Nanafushigi 2 学校七不思議2 [001207] Gin no Ken Spring. Main character returns to the alma mater as an apprentice. High school was a memorable time, and the incident about two girls disappearance never got solved. Protagonist goes to explore night school... Doujin  
    12. Aisuru Koto ni Reizoku Suru Onna 愛することに隷属する女 [001208] Surf Main character lives alone as he does not want to transfer to another school after his father who inherited family business. One day protagonist receives love confession letters from seven girls at the same time. Since each girl's feelings are strong, he decides to test the limit of their love with the amount of insult that each one can bear... Nukige  
    13. Hikagemono ~Ryoujoku no Torikago~ 日陰者~陵辱の鳥籠~ [001208] Chime Main character works as a technician at "MIYABI" company that occupies a corner of a giant apartment complex "Garden Hills". He has a grudge over his female boss Kanzaki. He hacks "Garden Hills" security system to find Kanzaki daughters and have his revenge. Nukige  
    14. Mi da ra Mi・da・ra [001208] Mink When a young man named Yuuto bumps into a stranger on the street, he discovers a dropped VHS tape and brings it home. His sister Yuumi isn't around, so he pops it in for a look. The video is a recording of Yuumi tied to a chair... and shockingly the man who tied her up turns out to be him! It turns out the tape is a window into the secret desires of the viewer, and Yuuto's quickly addicted! Yuumi also discovers her own fantasies on the cassette, and her burning lust cannot be quelled by conventional means! Finally, when his sister's friend discovers the tape, she finds herself on her knees with Yuumi and attending to Master Yuuto's every need as his personal love slave. Nukige  
    15. Pure Partner Pure Partner ~ピュア・パートナー~ [001208] TinkerBell Main character grows human-like android Aerith into human with emotions.  Nukige  
    16. Saint Master [001208] Bavi Soft Main character needs to train three maids into slaves in two weeks. Nukige  
    17. Shirasagi no Naku Koro ni 白鷺の鳴く頃に [001208] Actress Main character comes to distant relatives house in the mountains for the White day, but decides to stay and live there afterwards. What secrets does this hidden mansion hold? Will protagonist choose reason or desire? Nukige  
    18. White Christmas ~Yuki Furu Yoru No Koibito-tachi~ White Christmas ~雪降る夜の恋人達~ [001208] Fairytale
    A collection of four short Christmas stories.
    Christmas romance mood is poured in a stained city. On this holy night small miracles happen. Anthology  
    19. Canon II キャノン ツヴァイ [001209] Digital Aniki Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters. Fandisk  
    20. Oni 鬼 [001213] Interheart Main character confesses to a girl he secretly loved, but she turns him down on public. As his pure feelings got trampled, he swore to have revenge on all girls who laughed at him at that moment.
    21. Angel’s Lesson [001215] Cronus
    Main character is a skilled physician and the only son of the director of the hospital. But director has to resign due to poor reputation and clients leaving the hospital. Hospital sisters are eager to give protagonist special lessons for two weeks to restore their workplace together. Nukige  
    22. Hiretsu 秘裂 [001215] Cadath Main character likes in a room with his non-blood related sister. His sister is insatiable for lust, so he adds classmates to the roster. Nukige  
    23. Kurohime 黒姫 [001215] SPD Six boys and girls go camping to deepen mutual friendship. They get attacked by nanpa guys and lose their way finding shelter at a Western mansion in the mountains. However, they instantly get trapped by an earthquake in this monsters infested building. Can heroes survive?  Nukige  
    24. Maison na Yatsura ~Yaru Koto wa Issho~ めぞんなやつら~やることはいっしょ~ [001215] Exserta Main character happens to live with four girls at the same time. Will he only have lots of fun or take one of the girls to the altar? Nukige  
    25. Ryoujoku Sensei 凌辱せんせい [001215] Powered Main character realizes his longtime dream to be appointed a teacher at a girls school in order to violate cute girls there. Nukige  
    26. Shadow [001215] Bell-Da According to local fishermen, suspicious organization occupied the island that used to be a military base in the past. Main character responds to a job application placed by the organization and as a result gets a job to violate girls every day as a part of a human experiment to produce food that kills production values of sperm. Can protagonist escape the island safely and inform mass media about this gross plan? Nukige  
    27. Ryoujoku Santa 凌辱サンタ [001217] Beenyan At Christmas gods and angels cause miracles. However without the balance of good and evil this world would collapse. Thus the worst and most villainous Santa Claus of all time is born. Nukige  
    28. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 3 Kai Kouen Matsuri no Yoru no Yume 電脳劇団ムー一座第3回公演 祭の夜の夢 [001221] Artifact Main heroine lost her parents early and was brought up in a neighbor family that had a boy in it. The fresh siblings grow up and one day go to a festival there. There is a bad premonition about the kappa monster on the pond lurking here, but heroes still make their way there... Nukige  
    29. Abdiel アブディエル [001222] GAS 1 In a scientific establishment, a new form of android called the "Sexaroid" was created. The Sexaroid was created to be like the ultimate "living" sex toy, and the new male half-human, half-animal model is sure to be a success, though still in the testing phase. The first two prototypes were Shiro, a cat-boy Sexaroid, and Kuro, a dog-boy Sexaroid, created by the Doctor with help from his assistant, Kashiwagi. Before they can be put on the market, the Doctor decides to test them himself, to see if they can be made into subserviant sex slaves.
    To get the data needed, he needed a human to compare the results with, and he turned to Kashiwagi, who firmly refused the offer, even when the Doctor offered to double his pay to be the guinea pig for the testing. Not taking no for an answer, the Doctor knocked Kashiwagi out with an anesthetic and restrained him, and is now using him in his studies.
    His first client wants a Sexaroid in two months, which the Doctor finds sufficient to do his testing. For the next sixty days, he will find out exactly what the Sexaroids are capable of. Yaoi  
    30. Boku to Boku 僕とボク [001222] Ark Hero lost his brother in a railroad accident. He lived with his sister since that time before she moved out as well. One day protagonist finds a videotape of his mother as sex slave. After that starts to look at his sister from a different point of view... Nukige  
    31. Cosmic Girls [001222] Gaia 'Cosmic Girls' is about a high school student named Yabuki Beniji, a member of 'The Heroine Squad.' This squad, along with a group of beautiful girls, rises against the enemy, who is trying to conquer space.
    The girls heal your exhaustion with sexual services, so you'll be able to fight against the enemy even longer! Nukige  
    32. Gakuen Z ~Intou Onna Kyoushi no Inbou~ 学園Z~淫蕩女教師の陰謀~ [001222] Forester 1 Mika Ishiki attends Hako High School. She has finally gotten up the nerve to confess her love to classmate, Akira Tomiya. Just at the moment she is about to spill her feelings, Akira is kidnapped and taken away by an extremely lascivious teacher named Maria Yuuki. This lustful lady is an expert in black magic, and actually plans to revive Satan through Akira's body. 
    Mika, along with her friend Yuki Kamishiro, plough through constant traps and puzzling deceptions in order to save Akira's life. Mika is an expert in Kung Fu fighting, whereas Yuki is an intern in magic. At significant points, you will face decisive battles you must overcome. Nukige  
    33. Hako Musume ~100cm Shihou no Ai~ 箱娘~100cm四方の愛~ [001222] Rex Main character is a driver within a transport company. Once he is ordered to deliver a box, and a girl gets out of it. She does not mind being trained at all... Nukige  
    34. Samenai Yume 覚めない夢 [001222] G'z Main character is obsessed with dying "fern" monsters. One day he follows three girls exploring fern ruins. There aren't monsters around, but fern spirit possesses protagonist and uses him like a doll to insult the girls... Nukige  
    35. Yakin Byoutou ~Tokubetsu-ban~ 夜勤病棟~特別盤~ [001222] Mink Fandisk containing various short stories, two games, desktop theme, CG and bonus data. Fandisk  
    36. Yume no Sugata 夢姿 ~ゆめのすがた~ [001222] Cage Main character returns to his home town and is struck by an image of a girl in a hospital room. He decides to explore that hospital. What kind of experience will he encounter in this mad hospital where violation is used as the main means of treatment? Nukige  
    37. DiGiCharat Akiba Touitsu DiGiCharat 秋葉統一 [001228] Yamada Teikoku The sales of the store have shrunk, and manager is hired to restructure and recover from crisis. As he communicates with other stores, he gets to hire cute girls from the nearby stores as staff members. Doujin  
    38. Innai Kansen Gozen 3 Ji no Shujutsushitsu 淫内感染 午前3時の手術室 [001229] ZyX Main character is a physician working for a private medical facility. Through big changes in staff he obtains position of the president with an absolute power. Only beautiful women continue to work in the hospital as slaves while others get disposed of as crude materials... Nukige  
    39. Angelic Parfait エンジェリックパフェ [001230] Soft Circle Courreges Cafeteria stands quietly in the suburbs of the city. It is opened by main character's grandfather as a means to heal hearts of people around, but he would be shocked by the amount of corruption this place accumulated under his grandson management... Nukige  
    40. Canon III キャノン ドライ [001230] Digital Aniki Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters. Fandisc  
    41. Jitsuyou Shinan 実用新案 [001230] Usagi Purin This is a collection of animated sex stories with Love Hina heroines. Doujin Nukige  
    42. Onii-chan Suki Desu ka お兄ちゃん好きですか [001230] Chinsoft Brother and sister lead an ordinary life, but starting from a certain incident their relations suddenly start to change. Nukige  
    43. Dear.. [001230] Nirvana Soft Main character has wet dreams about his childhood friend. But she also pays him much attention at school, then visits his room, and the dream comes true. Doujin  
    44. Shuuchakueki  終着驛[001230] Nekketsuya There are three stories about departure and separation, each focusing on a different heroine of Air. Doujin  
    45. Air Carrot e Youkoso!!  Airキャロットへようこそ!![001230] Yamada Teikoku Three Air heroines wear cute waitress uniforms and start working at a coffee store. Try all the 13 different uniforms and solve 15 unique puzzles. Doujin  
    46. Air Carrot e Youkoso!!  Airキャロットへようこそ!![001230] Yamada Teikoku Three Air heroines wear cute waitress uniforms and start working at a coffee store. Try all the 13 different uniforms and solve 15 unique puzzles. Doujin  
    47. Bokura wa Kokoro ni Netsu o Daku 僕らはこころに微熱を抱く [0012] Ritz software The protagonist, Kazama, is a sophomore in high school. He feels nostalgic entering the classroom on the first day of the second semester. He's expecting to see familiar faces from the first semester, but there's a transfer student, Suzuka Akane... Somewhat sad school stories. Yaoi  
    48. Hanabi 하나비 [0012] Team Device Game focuses on imouto Noemi Ito who did not get own route in the original game. She is a kind and tender sibling who develops feelings for her brother as she observes his infatuations. Non-English Doujin  
    49. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Shin Hyakki Hen~ [00] Soft Studio Wing Black and white compete from the creation of the Universe.
    One day a mysterious fire breaks out at a mental hospital. A newspaper reporter tries to uncover the source of the incident and encounters the destruction god "Hyakki" who unleashes havoc on the Earth bringing humanity on the brink of survival. Later reporter has fateful meetings with special people who help to organize rebellion against the fallen God. Remake   50. Futari no Eden 二人のエデン [00] Yaneura Koubou Middle East at the end of the 19th century. Main character accompanies a caravan across the desert. However, the caravan is attacked by bandits and annihilated. Protagonist finds himself alone with survivor girl in the middle of the vast desert. They stumble upon a hidden oasis and settle there. This place becomes a garden of Eden for the couple. Doujin   51. Ruriruri ADV ルリルリADV [00] Pet Food Company Ruri Hoshino from Martian Successor Nadesico anime craves for sex. Enjoy animated scenes by clicking on chest, nipples, ass and other parts of her body. Doujin   52. Omocha no Chachacha Hatsune Hen 玩具のちゃちゃちゃ 初音編 [00] Hyper-Unit Main character wakes up, and he is greeted by imouto Hatsune. She lets onii-chan decide what to do next. Doujin   53. Several girls walk the school road as usual. But it's not all about small talk, they are very interested in ghost stories. And ghost stories start to take more and more time of their lives. Doujin   54. Omocha no Chachacha Vol. 2: Mai & Sayuri Hen [00] Hyper-Unit Two short dates with Mai and Sayuri from Kanon. Doujin   55. Omocha no Chachacha Vol. 3: Noemi Hen 玩具のちゃちゃちゃ Vol.3 乃絵美編 [00] Hyper-Unit Main character has wet dreams about his sister Noemi. When he meets her in the empty classroom, he may choose to make love to her right there or wait until returning home. Doujin   56. Calcan 0080 [00] My Rascal No info Doujin   57. Akari Teishoku あかり定食 [00] Masukusatei Akari is called to the gym equipment room by Mr. Miracle. She is in for interactive touching adventure there. Doujin   58. Neko Ijiri 猫いじり [00] Iwa Myura One day, a cat girl enters main character's room. Thus begins their cohabitation life. Doujin   59. Kan Oyaji no Ryoujoku Tengoku 姦 おやぢの凌辱天国 [00] System Ero It's heaven for only one person. The non-stop insult spree. Doujin   60. Yodare 涎 ~よだれ~ [00] Babel Heroines from ToHeart get to the world of Shizuku and are subject to insult. Doujin   61. True Heart Story トゥルー・ハート ストーリー [00] Babel ToHeart and True Love Story games get in one mix! Full voicing and gif animation enhance the impression. Doujin   62. Multi Ijiri まるちいじり [00] Nyannyan Club
    Multi from ToHeart does all kind of things like masturbation, SM, and takes different sex poses. Doujin   63. Cherricia [00] Loose Words One day a mediocre college student Keiji picks up an abandoned kitten. However, at home kitten turns into a girl. The cohabitation with cat-girl becomes a mix of love and carnal desires. Doujin   64. MvsM 白と黒の伝説 ~真百鬼編~ [00] Apresto Main heroine Minori is the only child of an upstream family. She is bright and positive at school, but becomes a spoiled child at home. Her parents are abroad, and maid Chiyoko does all the house chores. Minori and Chiyoko treat each other as sisters and have concealed feelings towards each other. 
    One day Minori gets sexually assaulted by her female sempai from art club. Will Minori succumb to temptation or resist and cherish relations with Chiyoko instead?  Doujin
  22. kivandopulus
    Doukoku Soshite... is the only masterpiece of the month and thus is VN of the Month.
    1. Kunoichi Torimonochou くのいち捕物帖 [980205] Polestar Co. 1 2 Long ago, during the Edo period, those chosen to become ninja train in secrecy from youth, living in an isolated village to become a secret agent for the shogun. Here, a young girl is training to become such an agent; her name: Ran Sagajo. Along with her talking ninja squirrel companion Sasuke, she has begun a trip to Edo to continue her train You generally choose destination and wait for events to happen. Battles are played in the way that you select a command and opponent selects and you watch the outcome, much like the other VN fightings. When energy is accumulated to the max, a special move can be used. There are stats and places to train them. Game's appeal point is a good balance between animated story sequences and picturesque battles.  
    2. Yume no Yukue Karuizawa Monogatari 夢のゆくえ 軽井沢物語 [980205] Fair Dance In Autumn wandering in the forest of Karuizawa of autumn leaves, I met a girl in a white dress living in an old villa. In winter three of my classmates and I came to ski and I had a vision of a girl in white dress again.. In spring I walked in the forest of Karuizawa to find a girl in white dress. And in the summer I shall wander between reality and daydreaming. Obscure work, mostly due to the fact that there is no save function in the game.  
    3. Ahiru no Pantsu あひるのパンツ [980206] Segue Laboratory My name is Rika. I live with my mother. Today I sell Pantsu in town. Although it is already late, only two pieces have been sold. What shall I do... One playthrough takes some 5 minutes and there are several scenarios. And most of them inevitably fall into H category.  
    4. Natural ~Mi mo Kokoro mo~ Natural ~身も心も~ [980206] F&C Co., Ltd. 1 Rumor's spreading of a hot new couple on campus! A professor is giving the sexy swim star some very special lessons. And this teacher's pet is hot to trot and learning all kinds of new tricks! Yet another erotic training SIM, but this time it's kind of pure love bright training which is rare. The characters are also cute and easygoing. So this work represents shift from dark hardcore eroge to bright softcore ones in the years to come.  
    5. Kyouken Densetsu Crazy Knuckle 2 狂拳伝説クレイジーナックル2 [980213] ZyX Lunar shadow was a legendary ultimate fighting school, but its last descendant lived 80 years ago. Kusakabe Aoma is a bouncer of the street gang group in the city called Crown City. But he wants to get to know his true self. One day he arrives to the usual place, but instead of smiles of other members all he sees is a sea of blood. Compared to the prequel text has gone better. Scenario is the debut work of Arakawa Takumi who gave us Ayakashibito, Bullet Butlers and several other interesting works. There is a good balance of seriousness and comedy. The atmosphere gone even darker than that of the prequel. Fighting system got more difficult. Animation is widely used. H events are densely packed, pretty much with every battle. So a good entertainment work, but not more.  
    6. Sadistic Medicine [980213] FlyingShine A big pharmaceutic company develops a new medicine and sets experiments first on animals, then on humans. It seems to be a revolutionary aphrodisiac. First Flying Shine works are so terrible. Blurred real-life photos plus NVL walls of texts are accompanied by HCG.  
    7. Happening Journey はぷにんぐJOURNEY [980220] Euphony Production 1 Masaharu is long in love with his childhood friend Yuki, but lacks the courage to tell her his true feeling. One day Masaharu's friend Takagi asks him to go on a ski trip together, telling him that he would also take Yuki for Masaharu, so that Masaharu would take Miki, his partner in their tennis club, for Takagi. Somehow their plan becomes known to other girls too, who start insisting on joining the trip - so the party now consists of seven boys and girls. Will Masaharu have a chance to tell Yuki his love during the trip? There is an English review of this game.  
    8. Megami no Shizuku ~Jonason 95~ 女神の雫~Jonason95~ [980220] Xyz Daughter of a famous deceased thief Aya Kisaragi teams up with her father's buddy Unko. They excel in whatever job they take. This time they aim at three Nobunaga sacred treasures hidden in remote area mansion, but they get into a trap... There aren't reviews of this game and game's super rare, but chronological row of CG shows us first the CG from the prequel, then a spree of HCG, so I guess briefly the story of the prequel is retold followed by H fest.  
    9. Doukoku Soshite... 慟哭そして。。。 [980226] Data East Corporation 1 2 3 In this game, you play the role of a high-school student (whom you can name as you like). A bus takes him and his classmates to the school every day. But this time, just when the hero was talking to one of his classmates, the lovely girl Riyo, a car drove up to the bus, there was a sound of a crash, and then the hero became unconscious. When he woke up, he found himself, his classmates (most of whom were girls), and a couple of unknown people in a locked room in a strange mansion. Soon the hero realizes something terrible is going on in the mansion. People are being killed under mysterious circumstances, their corpses hidden; he finds a memo soaked in blood and a photograph. Will he be able to solve the mystery and to protect the people destiny brought him together with? There are three English reviews of this game.  
    10. Misa no Mahou Monogatari ミサの魔法物語 [980226] Sammy Corporation 1 Misa no Mahomonogatari - Heartful Memories tells the story of a young girl who got a mission from the queen of a magic world called Firimu, to travel to the human world, find a young girl and train her into a tarot magician so that she could defeat the evil forces willing to conquer both of the worlds. The game takes place in that high school and will last 4 years of training, the main character of the game is Misa and during that time period she has to train her abilities, meet different people and classmates, and face the evil that endangers the world. A raising SIM to train a justice magician girl. And that's enough already to stop discussing it.  
    11. Tour Party: Sotsugyou Ryokou ni Ikou ツアーパーティー 卒業旅行にいこう [980226] JAMP

    Tour Party Sotsugyou Ryokou ni Ikou is a board game, that was also released for the Sega Saturn console, in which the player can choose at the beginning of the game to play as a girl or a boy, the theme of the board is to travel, and the game features at the 4 human players to play as the same time and compete against the others. The gameplay is similar to Takara's the Game of life but in Tour Party, during the journey the players will meet different people and they can become friends with them, and different events that will make the trip more interesting.
    The game features 8 different characters to choose from and a complete viewer mode with character profiles, musics, and other unlockables modes. More SIMs, yay  
    12. Yuukyuu Gensoukyouku 2nd Album 悠久幻想曲 2nd Album [980226] MediaWorks

    The Third Division Vigilante Corps have earned the trust of the people of Enfield, and under the popular Commander Neumann, they have worked hard to earn this trust. However, Neumann is now gone, leaving the third division with low morale and little work, and eventually the main character from the previous game is the only member left. The third division is to be disbanded, but he appeals to the director, and is given one year to restore the third division to its former glory. Yūkyū Gensōkyoku: 2nd Album follows directly after the events of the first game, and is once more a traditional Japanese adventure game. You must gather your group to perform jobs for the people of Enfield, and interact with the various characters around town. Another SIM  
    13. Coach! Oshiete コーチ!おしえて [980227] Nouvelle New teacher was suddenly invited to a girls' school as an advisor to the athletics division. The final goal is to win the tournament! Is it possible to train six champions? Raising SIM with week as time unit. Apart of training routine there is summer and winter vacation training camps and various events. Period is one year. The biggest complaint about this game was that there is no H events in here, only peeping in the changing room etc. The worst part is that despite each heroine having unique profile, all the events and text are absolutely the same for each of them - zero personality. Also even with max stats (256) it's actually a game of luck whether you win tournament or not. A rare kusoge...  
    14. Houkago wa Fiancee 放課後はフィアンセ [980227] Sweet Basil Tadashi Wakita lost his parents in an accident at an early age, but thanks to the assistance of his uncle Kanno Rotaro, he is a high school student and lives in a house. Uncle dies and leaves a will that nephew must marry one of his three daughters in order to inherit his property and he must do it before the deadline. Depending on choices it can be either a pure love story or a tyranny story and choices aren't transparent at all. Game is not limited to three daughters, there are other, less profitable variants too. Each route takes about one hour and there is also a harem ending with five girls. Characters are cute enough, but H events are too frequent and dark side of the game constantly tries to pop up.  
    15. Kemono no Sumu Kousha -Shinshou- 獣の棲む校舎 -真章- [980227] T2 Co., Ltd. Three days after the first incident. But there's no time to rest - a new request awaits Ikuro Makita. Nothing is being told about the first incident. Protagonist always talks about incoherent things. Capture degree is very high as you need to remember all the appointments and at exact time be at exact place out of 20 places.  
    16. Mars Ball マーズボール [980227] Studio Jikkenshitsu Humans migrate to Mars, where the description of ancient sport is found in the ruins and it becomes the new craze - the Marsball. An ordinary salaryman gets fired and with his baseball experience in high school he tries his luck as a manager of a new Marsball team. Baseball game with card battles and quite high difficulty. Most of the time you train and once in a while there is match. H-events are hard to unlock with flags and are over in a flash. It's weak as love story, weak as H-story... then it's probably just a gameplay oriented game.  
    17. Mukuro ~Mesu o Nerau Agito~ 骸~メスを狙う顎~ [980227] Saga Planets When I woke up, I did not have a memory. Who am I? Why am I here? People around me do not have recollections about me as well. I shall make my way with women using this position that I do not know anything. And then I shall make my memory return... remember with my body! Production values are good, but in the end it's just a mystery nukige with weak cast of characters and protagonist. There are multiple routes and memories show up consequently with routes clearing.  
    18. Shift! [980227] Trush Boy drinks secret medicine "XYX" and and turns into a girl. The only way to get to original form is to have intimacy with girls. But that works only for a short time and there must be a permanent antidote solution... Will he be able to regain male form? Medicine fantasies are pretty popular in 1998 as I see. And it's at least third game where gender is suddenly changed. Game is mostly of erotic nature, but with a comedy touch.
  23. kivandopulus
    Foreword: I already chose another game for review in February... but in the end just could not ignore this huge pillar of today's visual novels. Without Kusarihime there would not be Saya no Uta, Cross Channel, Fate/stay night and Higurashi, so it's significance for the history can not be overerestimated.
    Title: Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~
    Developer: Liar-soft
    Date: 2002-02-08
    VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v37
    Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J_joeqKri0&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9h7u5e_7ePpWZ28i2PWbxd

    Synopsis: After the mysterious death of his father and his younger sister Juri, Itsuki, now suffering from amnesia, moves back to his hometown with his stepmother. There he meets an enigmatic young girl dressed in a crimson red kimono named Kurame, and the two soon become friends. The strange thing is, Kurame looks exactly like his younger sister Juri...
    On the surface, Itsuki's family and friends all appear to be rooting for his full recovery. However, deep inside, they also seem to be burdened with secrets and guilt about the past. In the span of four days, Itsuki's memories will slowly return as he struggles between his loss and his fear of the truth, until the fourth night, when the whole world becomes blanketed under a red sheet of snow and wrapped up in the silence of death....

    Structure: 10 cycles x 4 days
    Length: 10 hours
    Game type: Mythology rural human drama mystery.
    Difficulty: It's easy to get some ending, but not so easy to get the desired ending
    Character Design rating: 10/10
    Protagonist rating: 10/10
    Story rating: 10/10
    Game quality: 10/10
    Overall rating: 10/10
    There are as many as 5 reviews, plus reddit impressions, plus very curious spoiler theory-crafting thread (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), so pretty much everything is said there already. So what I intend to is to tell you without spoilers what this visual novel is about and why you must read it. And it's very difficult to talk about Kusarihime without spoilers. Let me present an imaginary dialogue of my consciousness after reading Kusarihime trying to persuade my skeptical other self reluctant to try it.

    - So, first of all, Kusarihime is neither a horror nor a nakige. It's a rural story about a boy who looses memory and comes to his home town to try to regain his memories.
    - How convenient! We've seen dozens of such stories by 2002 already! What's special in it this time?
    - One thing is that game is looped over the same four August days
    - That's not exactly a new thing. I remember at least three games with loops before 2002.
    - But the second thing is that it's not a game about chasing girls. No heroine gets her separate end.
    - That's weird. Is it some all ages game or something? What is there if there aren't heroine routes?
    - Each heroine actually gets one of those 10 time loops to focus attention almost exclusively on her. That provides ample opportunities for presenting H scenes.

    - So there ARE actually heroines routes, they are just hidden inside some of the loops. What makes it different from usual nukige or charage?
    - Heroines here are not isolated inside their stories. They pierce all the loops, and each heroine story only helps to reveal the mystery behind the protagonist past.
    - Oh, the "mystery". Something about the promise made 10 years ago?
    - Absolutely not. First tier of mystery is about stray girl Kurame who looks just like protagonist's deceased sister Juri. Second tier of mystery is about protagonist's family overall - he had a father, a mother, a sister and a dog - all dead by now. The third tier of mystery is about the loop itself that ends with red snow falling, usually after some impactful violent events.

    - Oh, so people die in here? Any guro as well?
    - Thanks to loop concept it's possible to introduce any number of deaths here and then rewrite everything with another loop cycle. There is no guro.
    - Pff, so even deaths happen not in the real world. Why should I bother reading 10 imaginary stories?
    - Well, deaths actually affect same characters in next loops greatly. And count the characters - only half of the stories are loosely focused on some character. The rest of loops are focused on past or give hints to the listed mysteries.
    - Oh, the "mysteries" again. Btw, what does this weird title Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~ mean?
    - Kusarihime is translated as "rotting princess", it's the local legend about a girl in red kimono that causes certain people die. That girl's name is Kagame. And the stray girl that's found in the forest is given name Kagame by protagonist, but he can not explain why. As for "euthanasia", it's also a mystery. Here's dictionary definition: "Euthanasia is the termination of a very sick person's life in order to relieve them of their suffering".

    - I know what it means, thank you. So I get the concept of the game more or less. But what makes this game so special?
    - Soundtrack, unique graphics style, great directing with lots of flashbacks and insertion of sudden scenes from other times, use of frequently moving figures on the screen instead of sprites, stunning stories of each girl, mystery plot loopholes as basis for replay-ability or theory-crafting.
    - Ok, enough! Might give it a look if I find the time in my busy schedule. No promises, though.
    Overall comments: I consider Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~ to be the first intellectual visual novel in history. It attracts not thanks to thrilling plot, great characters or superb visuals. It creates a multiple layer mystery where different parts move in their own pace cross-referencing each till sudden resolution. Reader is required to remember or re-read early scenes to fill some parts of the puzzle and make his own guess about the rest. In that way it can also be called the first interactive visual novel.

  24. kivandopulus
    Eve Zero is the game of the Month March 2000. The other masterpiece of the month is Harlem Blade II, but it's only suitable for those who appreciate RPG.
    1. Harlem Blade II ~Dark Angel~ ハーレムブレイドII~Dark Angel~ [000303] Giga

    Our guy left his childhood girl and went to war against a monster after his father got killed in it. When he came back a year later, he was just in time to see his childhood girl taken away by the monster's army. He joined the resistance and started to find her. Within 30 days, he can help girls who will join him in the fight. Picture becomes anime'ish and flow is rather comic. Game balance has improved. Overall the story is solid and gameplay is enjoyable. It's well worth a masterpiece title for those who appreciate RPG.  
    2. Rendezvous Rendezvous ~ランデブー~ [000303] Melody

    Bar "Rendezvous" quietly waits for visitors in the corner of the city. People from different circles spend time here. Tonight romance awaits you... Well, this is an antology and needs to be blocked by my rules. But these are 19 scenarios that all happen in the same bar. It can be said that the bar is the main character here, so it does not really feel like all kind of weird stories gathered together. What stands out in this game is a shic atmosphere of jazz and neat graphics. Stories vary greatly and it's only sad that the length of each story is not too long. All character are adults, of course. So a nice work for a change of pace.  
    3. Hikari o... 光を… [000310] LiLiM 1

    The story takes place in a common town. Your parents disappeared long time ago leaving you and your half sister. You go blind after a car accident because of your little sister. Doc says some day after some special event (hint) you will regain your sight, maybe. So there you live your miserable life not being able to see all the cute girls around you. Until you regain your sight, you predict the appereance of the girls they have now with your memories. There's an English review of it.  
    4. Into Your World [000310] Mermaid

    Our guy got a no name game in the mail. When he played it, he end up in a mansion where 3 maids(big, middle, small) work for him. Now, waking up in the morning by his real world childhood girl, he attend class and can chase her or another school girl. Back home after school, he plays his maid game. If he manage to win a maid, she will be with him one way or another. Story is really bad in this game. There's nothing to do in the main route in-between stand-alone events. There are girls in both worlds, but the capture is done in fictional world while real world is a chore that needs to be played just because maid route won't flag without it. This is just a mediocre quality work that's not really impressive enough to talk about.  
    5. Mahoutsukai no Deshi 魔法使いの♀弟子 [000310] Deeps

    Cute magician apprentice Lefuur commonly called as Fu Fu is the main heroine of the game. She is in love with her mentor wizard Klimt and will go any lengths to fulfill his difficult requests.  This is a full scale rpg with exploration, items, battles, parameters and magic constructor system to mix different magic. There are 30 quests to do and each quest is basically an independent scenario. Battle system and especially magic construction were too confusing for me.  
    6. Utagoe 2 ~Dance Mix~ 淫声2 ~DANCE MIX~ [000310] Succubus

    Main character is a genius guitarist and producer. His task now is to train a four girl unit "BLMAX" and win the Grand Prix a competition held in three months time. As of now they don't sell at all, but it's a private request from his colleague Risa, and hero's indebted to her too much to refuse.  For those who remember a prequel, that was pretty much a nukige SIM. Here things are even worse. Now it's a baka nukige. Here performance is one big H scene as well. Just leaving it here, because the cover and the synopsis look innocent enough, but the reality is very different.  
    7. Virgin Snow [000310] Essence

    It's a cold winder day. Suddenly a warm feeling is born inside me. It gently melts the frozen heart. It's a soft warmth like the sun in winter. It was that one encounter that gave me warmth. A generic AVG. System is bad (like only 4 save slots) and tempo is bad and only gets worse further on. Text and scenario are bad. There are only four locations to go. One playthrough is over in an hour, so there's just not enough development.  
    8. Aitakute... ~Your Smiles in My Heart~ あいたくて… 〜your smiles in my heart〜 [000316] Konami

    You're in tenth grade, your parents are out of the country for a year, and your new private school has affairs of the heart as a major elective. If that isn't reason enough to get chummy with the opposite sex, you're also a teenage male, and your father has decided that he'll find you a "really nice" girlfriend if you can't do it yourself. Throw in the fact that the only person you know at this new school is a Casanova who turned down a top-ten prep school because it wasn't coed, and one has the ingredients for a good old-fashioned romance sim.
    As Ichinose Sinya, the player examines a variety of sloe-eyed high school girls through his daily interactions with them in the school environment. Once their characters, dispositions, and interest (or lack thereof) in the player become more clear through their own statements and interactive events, the pursuit phase begins.
    The first goal -- one that is traditionally laid out as the be-all and the end-all in romance sims -- is to make yourself agreeable to the girl and eventually ask her out on a date. The tedious details of daily life can be taken care of selecting "Everyday Goals" in the auto-play configuration. Personality parameters can be adjusted either to the player's tastes or some chosen girl's preferences. For the more important things, manual play mode will allow the player to arrange the hot date by phoning to ask a girl out, reserving concert tickets, and buying presents. The player can also stake out a nice romantic spot or find a part-time job to pay for all this extravagance. Well, description pretty much contains review in itself. A dating SIM that tries to invent something new like nicknames or long dates.  
    9. Natsuiro Kenjutsu Komachi 夏色剣術小町 [000316] GungHo Works

    Natsuiro Kenjutsi Komachi is about a school tournament and the player takes the role of Akira, the captain of the athletic team of the Katsuragi Hall High School. 
    Natsuiro Kenjutsi Komachi is the typical dating simulation game in which the player's character will encounter different kind of girls to date. During the game the player's character can also participate in different kind of activities (sports, studying, etc) to improve his stats and have more chances to date the girls. The game uses a first person perspective in the adventure part and third person in the activities part.  It's mostly a comedy work. Kendo actually takes a good half of the time and girls have to make with the rest. There are some 5 kendo matches. Quite a typical dating SIM otherwise.  
    10. Animal Magnetism ~Pochi no Daisuki~ あにまる・まぐねてぃずむ~ぽちのだいすき~ [000317] Gainax 1

    Pochi is left alone by her owner. How will she cope with her newfound desperation? Basically it's reinventing Battle Skin Panic. Same card battles plus introducing animal appeal. I've lost faith in Gainax as game maker a long time ago, it always ends up in minimal story and maximal gameplay.  
    11. Elise Elise ~エリーゼ~ [000317] Airyu

    Our guy is a columnist that write about people's relationship base on their sign, blood type and other stuff. It's funny giving love advice when he doesn't even have a girlfriend. He has 4 prospects, one of them being his old girlfriend that left him without notice. Can he find a lasting girlfriend before Christmas eve in less than a month? A normal galge with a twist in form of blood type and horoscope. There is also "gears" system which calls to listen to the girl and make suitable for her actions during H scene, otherwise scene ends abruptly. Each girl has a different psychological problem that you need to cure. There are only four heroines and game is short.  
    12. Kimon Youitan 鬼門妖異譚 [000317] Cherry Soft

    The hero was living a normal school life, but recently some strance incident has happened around it. The hero has the blood of ancient demon flowing and thus he is  chosen to stop the resurrection of "Kidon" that threatens Tokyo. Will you fight to destroy the threat or  become a demon yourself and destroy humankind?  There are story (AVG part) and battle (SRPG part) sections. Battles use anime'ish figures and animation. The "double" realease improved the SRPG part, but it still is unsatisfactory as a serious RPG. Balance gets a bit off closer to the ending. There are two different rountes - human and orge (demon). Ogre one has some dark H-scenes in it. Graphics of the game are mostly beautiful, yet specific, but gameplay makes this game just a good game, not a great one.  
    13. V.G. Adventure V.G. Adventure [000317] Giga

    A text-based adventure game featuring the V.G. waitresses. The player takes control of Tamao Mitsurugi as she attempts to locate the missing Yuka Takeuchi and foil Miranda's latest plot. Fights are executed in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. With each successful attack, energy is added to a super meter that appears under the fighter's lifebar. Once full, the fighter can unleash a powerfully (in most characters' cases) unblockable attack. While Tamao is the only playable character in the story mode, there is a CPU versus mode that allows the player to pick from any character in the game. Game is very short and can be finished in 30 minutes. Basically all the choices are fake ones and there's just one storyline. The core of the game is battles than need to be won for the story to go on. And inevitably there's a H scene after each win, so the overall impression of the game is just multiple consequent H scenes.   
    14. Yuki no Kanata ゆきのかなた [000317] Rune

    Hero was adopted by Takamori family at the age of 15 and he has no memory of previous years. Now he returns there after two years of absence and finds a lot of sisters-in-law. He also meets a girl with magic and gets involved in affairs of a mysterious organization. What is the mystery about hero's past? There are a lot of gaps in the story and the whole scenario holds on the fact that nothing about the mysteries gets explained. With each playthrough new path is opened. Hero is granted some powers, but he's afraid to used them because something bad may happen. Ending is not satisfactory as it hardly explains anything. It looks like one big imitation of Kizuato and MOON. It's generally a comedy. There are a lot of bad endings and a lot of insult scenes to  moe characters. So evaluation mostly depends on whether you can bear with the cryptic scenario or not.  
    15. Infinity [000323] KID

    This is the first title completely created and produced by KID, origin of infinity series. The game features five scenarios, one for each main heroine. "Infinity Cure." features two new scenarios: 'Yuka Cure' and 'Cure Izumi'. All these scenarios are included in the game "Never7 -The End of Infinity-", with 'Yuka Cure' as an append story in the PC version. So this game is the prototype of Never7 - The End of Infinity. It shared the plot and the loop structure with it. First release could not be completed due to a bug. Besides that the true route after 4 usual routes is totally anticlimactic and underdone. KID admitted that and was selling Infinity for a very low price instead focusing on correcting mistakes in Never7 - The End of Infinity.  
    16. 4m [000324] Kurumi

    Our guy's high school friend asked him to help his sister. It seems that she lost all emotions after a car accident that killed her parents. He need to help her get back her happiness, anger, sadness and love. Can he do it? Game is not exactly a nukige, so I'll let it slip. This is a very cheap low quality game. The core of the game is helping the girl to regain four emotions. The nice thing about the game is that it's possible to teach these emotions in any proportions, like it's possible to grow a girl who is angry all the time. Scenario is short, and the few sub-characters that exist are unattractive.  
    17. Majokko★roid Kururu-chan 魔女ッ娘★ロイド クルルちゃん [000324] A2

    Near future. It's the boom for androids and many schools have Muppet research clubs. At a certain high school famous for androids there is a war around elections of student council president. At worst case scenario strict regulations are going to be laid on android research. Main character is an android research club member with a strong sense of justice.
    These bakage have the most confusing synopsis. The story here is just one huge collapse, and the game is regarded as kusoge because of that everywhere. But the characters are quite nice. It's mostly a quiz game as the battles are arranged in that manner. But the problem is that quiz is very difficult and just outdated as mechanics from the 1980s-90s.  
    18. Puzzle de Maid パズルDEメイド [000324] Marimo

    Main character is lots in a forest. He encounters three maids who claim that hero can't leave the forest till he passes through all their challenges Basically just a tetris with modified rules with H adv events as reward.  
    19. Rebirth [000324] Pinpai 1

    Main character is a seemingly ordinary university student who lives with his sister. But in fact he has only memory of recent events after he miraculously survived the car accident that took lives of his parents. He often sees a dream where an unknown woman "Chisa" calls him by an unfamiliar name. That woman strangely reminds him his sister.
    One summer hero gets invited to work as assistant to professor villa together with other students. However, it's not the professor who greets him, but a mysterious woman... 
    There is an English review.  
    20. Silk Do~Ro しるくど~ろ [000324] Saba

    Princess Silk just reached adulthood. There's a legend that once per thousand years princess has to play a special game. If she looses the purity of her heart, then a demon will emerge and destroy the whole world. According to minister's calculation, this is exactly the year of the challenge. Princess Silk takes the road... Mini games are only triggered when Silk uses magic. There are chapters, but each chapter is short, and there are sudden H events that avert quite much. There is no real aim or intrigue. There's no enemy. The ending lacks expressive force.  
    21. Synchro シンクロ [000324] Sheep

    There are two stories linked by the same hero Azusa. In first story Azusa sees the same dream every day - her junior is depressed by her disappeared friend. With the cooperation of psychiatrists, Azusa approaches the identity of the criminal ....  In the second story the theater department starts to use the stage of underground auditorium. However, suddenly they get cut off the exit trapped underground. The voice of the woman who disappeared last year starts to resonate in the air and the figure of the first victim appears...  A horror adventure. Every mistake leads to a bad end. And it's impossible to assume where each choice leads by the variants. The scenarios are too shallow, the reading itself becomes a chore. There are a lot of insult H scenes. It's hard to say what developers were trying to make. The ending lacks any satisfaction except for that it's finally over with.  
    22. Yuugen Gaisha London Star ~Koi no Double Click~ 有限会社ロンドン☆スター ~恋のだぶるくりっく~ [000324] Ivory

    Our guy lives with his older sister. Since he doesn't have much to do while going to university, she found him a part time job at her best friend's company. It turns out there are 6 girls in that place, including his sister's best friend, the owner of that H game company(London Star). During two months work, he can chase a girl by helping her, if his personality matches the girl's. His personality is determined by some questions during game start, and affect by some in game choices. His older sister is one like none I have seen before in a H game. She plays the role usually a childhood girl would play, waking him up in the morning with real wrestling moves, especially if it is his turn to cook breakfast. Most unusual is that she is just there for support and can't be chased, unless you count the bad ending comfort part. Period is two months and majority of days there's no events, so pace is not good. There are six heroines and if you totally fail there is a comfort ending with the imouto. Notably there is autoplay feature. In the prologue there are choices that build up hero's personality and the suitable girl is mostly decided by his personality. Girls are grown-up eroge games production specialists and it's refreshing for a galge.   
    23. Dolls Front -Ningyou-tachi no Senjou- Dolls Front -人形達の戦場- [000330] Zombies Paradigm

    Twelve countries are fighting with their robotized armies in this world. Hero defeats the queen of one such country and gets a powerful black armor machine and the girl who serves as a key to using that machine. Main character will need to use all his wits and skills to conquer the world.
    A strategy with lots of insult scenes and not really appealing graphics.   
    24. EVE Zero EVE ZERO [000330] C's Ware

    "Eve Zero" is a prequel to the famous detective/mystery adventure Eve Burst Error.
    You control once again the two main heroes of the series: the witty and womanizing private investigator Kojiroh Amagi, and the beautiful red-haired secret agent Marina Hojo. The events of the game take place shortly before those of "Eve Burst Error". Kojiroh is working at Katsuragi Detective Office together with his girlfriend Yayoi. Dr. Nishina, the head of a genetic research facility, hires Kojiroh to investigate the disappearance of his son Shin. At the same time, Marina receives an assignment from her boss Kono, which involves watching over a representative of an American company. As in all EVE games, the two stories appear unrelated in the beginning and are gradually linked together later in the game.
    Ever wondered what was Marina's previous assignment, with whom did Kyoko Himuro work before, or what exactly happened to Genzaburo Katsuragi when he was still the chief of Katsuragi Detective Office? Cared to know more about the appealing protagonist, Kojiroh Amagi? "Eve Zero" gives the answers to those questions. Damn, I'm already playing EVE:TFA and it looks like EVE Zero should be played before it since in the last days there are links to events of EVE Zero. Anyway, from what I've seen already in EVE Zero it's definitely a masterpiece. But my full review of it along with video playthrough is pending. I won't get to next year till cover everything in 2000, so "sometime soon".  
    25. Power Pro Kun Pocket 2 パワプロクンポケット2 [000330] Konami

    The story moves to Power Pro Kun's professional team "Drill Moggers" unlike school team in the prequel. The stakes arise. This gameboy series does not spark me with enthusiasm.  
    26. Meitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou Densetsu 名探偵コナン 奇岩島秘宝伝 [000331] Banpresto

    In this game you must play as Conan, Sonoko, and Kogoro, as they all obtain clues to solve the crime.
    Miki and Satomi Togawa from the previous game return. Gameboy detective series is an instant NO.  
    27. Fern ~Dakara Kimi no Koto~ fern ~だからきみのこと~ [000331] Apple Pie

    Two weeks till protagonist moves to Hokkaido university. 
    The departure makes hero recognize the existence of his sister-in-law Nagisa once again as he needs a person to take care of the house. His feelings still linger for her. There are a lot of other nice characters around the hero at the university. A lot may happen in two weeks time. There are a lot of days when nothing happens and that only prolongs game unnecessarily. There are a lot of forced events involving Nagisa so it looks painful if you target girl other than Nagisa. But Nagisa concept is also blurred with a lot of other heroines added to the mix. Message speed is adjustable, but there is not skipping function - that kills repeatability. All operations are done with mouse only and there are multiple windows that keep moving. So quite a normal galge, but with really bad systems.  
    28. Girigiri Date ぎりぎりでぃと [000331] Active

    Main character has a date appointed with a girl at a hotel on the day she gets of legal age. However, he gets delayed at his part-time job and risks cancelling the date. By strange coincidence all the transport in the city starts to have huge problems. Hero needs to use  train, bus, taxi, hitchhiking and just walking to get to his aim. Will he manage to arrive in time? Basically after prologue we get to choose the means of transportation and on the way experience multiple temptations. Contents is simple and each story is short, around an hour. There are seven girls overall. It's not blocked as nukige mostly because synopsis is quite neutral.  
    29. Niji no Arika 虹のありか [000331] Tea Project

    Hero graduates from high school at his home town and goes to Tokyo to realize his dream. However, he fails at that and has to return back to his home town. There he meets old acquaintances and discovers places and people he never knew. Scenario is inconsistent and quite short for every heroine. The otaku dreams theme is quite embarrassing. But what actually kills the game is bugs. Two patches are released to fix them, but only the tip of the iceberg is covered. Inability to save, freezes and slow text speed are just few of them.  
    30. Tenran no Natsu 天藍の夏 [000331] System Rose

    Hero is living alone in Tokyo and is persuaded to visit his home town by his mother. He will need to take care of parents' ryoukan for a month. He is surprised to find out that there are girls in his hometown waiting for him. There's a short scenario for each of the six girls. One playthrough is about 2 hours. Only three girls icons are shown on the map and the rest three are needed to discover yourself, but difficulty level is relatively low. Atmosphere is light and relaxed. But the number of H events is rather big, so it's a borderline work.  
    31. Zetsumetsu King -Seikimatsu Inran Kyousoukyoku- 絶滅キング-世紀末淫乱狂想曲- [000331] Jam

    Main character calls himself Extinct King (Zetsumetsu King) who has the power to destroy all life on Earth. He sets an aim to have sex with seven women in a month time, but alas he does not have the power to control the will of the girls, so he starts with nanpa.  It's easy to confuse this game for a nukige, but it's actually a bakage with a lot of parodies. There is a Taito Era visual style everywhere even though the period is nowadays. Game is based on classmate, but the difficulty of the game is very high. There is a concept of time, the use of items, money, favorability rates, dating, presents etc, so it's a very difficult SIM that's not for everyone to crack.  
    1. Houtou Sennyo ~Amai Shiru no Yuuwaku~ 放蕩仙女 ~甘い汁の誘惑~ [000302] Megami Main character is an ordinary student. He dates a cute girl Nana for over a month, but they aren't even holding hands yet. One day a loli girl appears before him. She claims to be a goddess of love and sacrifice who came to help make his ambitions fulfilled. She passes him a pill saying that it will help make all the girls he likes belong to him.
    2. Memories Natsuiro no Kioku Memories 夏色の記憶 [000303] Otemoto
    Parents go on a year long overseas business trip while main character stays to take care of his two sisters. And little by little desires of forbidden love awaken. Nukige  
    3. Seifuku Paradise 制服パラダイス [000303] Hyperspace Main hero has a uniform fetish. His hobby is to cosplay, visit cosplay events and make photos of cute girls for a cosplay specialized journal. It's every cosplayer girl dream to have a feature article in such a journal. And they agree on different conditions set by the main character for such a beneficial publication... Nukige   
    4. Inu 犬 [000310] D-XX A girl is dragged into the manhole to the sewers. She does not know anymore whether she's dead or alive, asleep or awake... what's the meaning of such life? Nukige  
    5. Maid Neko-san wa Ikaga Desu ka? ~Kikaijikake no Koi Monogatari~ メイドねこさんはいかがですか?~機械じかけの恋物語~ [000310] Masys
    One day during college 's summer vacation main character receives a huge baggage sent from his father. Inside is a a humanoid robot Ren with cat ears and a tail. It turns out she is constructed by hero's father and is sent for testing during 40 days. Despite being produced to handle maid duties, Ren has a lot of failures. But hero gets attached to her anyway. Nukige  
    6. Message ~Todoke Kono Omoi~ Message ~届けこの想い~ [000310] Waffle Main character scheduled to set on a night trip alone, but the information got leaked, and he ended up accompanied by six more boys and girls. They have to seek shelter at a certain mansion in the woods. They are greeted by the maid saying "I've been waiting for you for a long time". Thus their horror night began. Nukige  
    7. @Setsuzoku @セツゾク [000310] Spice Soft An adult simulation game that simulates surfing internet pornographic sites experience. More than 20 adult girls and 320 photos are presented. Nukige  
    8. Yoru ni Saku Hana 夜陰ニ咲ク華 [000310] Haoh Main character is rejected by Satoko without explaining the reason. In order to forget about the girl he sets off to an outlying prostitution island that is not listed in travel guides. Nukige  
    9. Para Para ぱらパラ [000310] Studio B-Room Main character fails during his first experience with childhood friend Ringo. It was Ringo's mother Momoko who helped him during this depressing time. The relationship becomes more and more awkward as physical relations with Momoko continue at the same time that protagonist dates Ringo. Nukige  
    10. Natural Petit ナチュラル プチ [000322] Fairytale
    A fandisc with promo materials for Natural 2 game and lots of information on original Natural game: wallpapers, system voice collection, capture hints, heroines library room and staff corner. Fandisc  
    11. Baby Face Baby Face ~ベビーフェイス~ [000324] Oz Project 1 The hero here is a loser guy (who resembles the infamous Isaku) who flunked the college entry exam for the 3rd year running. He is not the "In" kind of person and does not know what's fashionable or not. His every attempt to search for a female companion ended up with the female party calling him "Disgusting!","Pervert!" etc... Being such a loser, he decided to commit suicide one summer, but he is not satisfied with going without enjoying the ultimate life experience in life, that is "Encounter With The Female Kind!" And he is going to do it the crooked way, by being a tutor to young females, gaining the trust of his students, and finally.... Nukige  
    12. Grief Nemurenu Omoi Tsutaetakute Grief 眠れぬ想い伝えたくて [000324] AngelHearts A girl is happy to finally able to go to the school of the guy she loves. She moved into school dorm and met her room mate. Next day, she bumps into our guy in her hurry to school. Thus they meet, and our guy can chase her, his classmate/swim team girl or the swim team female captain. The first girl is easy to get and he can even share her if he really want to, thus enabling him to go after her room mate. You get to see some of the first girl's events, which show how much she love our guy. Nukige  
    13. Kakure Tsuki 隠れ月 [000324] Alice Blue Main heroine Sakuya is an artificial life form created by magic. She awakens in a laboratory and hears that she needs to study for 91 day with the help of assistants, but she needs to choose what she wants to study herself. 
    14. Orgel ~Kesenai Melody~ オルゴール~消せないメロディー~ [000324] Juice This is a collection of three stories: 1. Square sky『四角い空』 is a story of pure love with a girl who is 5 years younger than hero.
    2. Water balloon『水風船』is a story about Stockholm syndrome of a girl confined in a warehouse towards her offender.
    3. Tokyo lover『東京恋人』is a nanpa city adventure with an innocent girl Yuka and a fantasy fairy girl Konno. Nukige + Antology  
    15. Over the Rainbow [000324] Fuuro Main character's elder sisters have huge debts. If hero fails to repay the debts in a year's time, his sisters are going to be deprived of their shops and sold to slavery.  Nukige  
    16. School Days [000324] Face This game has 3 fun stories in a school. In story 1, a guy follow his teacher and learn some interesting lessons. In story 2, a guy help a girl gain confidence and love. Story 3 has a nurse playing with a female student. Antology  
    17. Inda 3 淫打3 [000328] Hyperspace Typing lessons are mechanical and boring, or that it was before Inda 3. Finally men can make fun out of typing... if they get enough skill. Nukige  
    18. Elf All Stars Datsui Jan エルフオールスターズ脱衣雀 [000330] Elf This is a strip mahjong game with characters from four Elf games(3 girls from each game) and 10 girls made for this game. You have to defeat each game's male protectors in order to play with that game's girls. Fandisc  
    19. Hiai 悲愛 [000331] Euphony Production Main character has been dating Yuka for a few years. But one day she just disappears and a few days later sends a letter. It contains compromising photos and confession that she does not want to live anymore. Hero swears to avenge the businessman mentioned in the letter and a few weeks later gets a job at that businessman's mansion.  Nukige  
    20. Keiyaku 契約 [000331] Pochette One day main character wakes up in a studio he has never been before. He starts to participate in production of adult movies as an actor. The production here is illegal, so there aren't any restrictions.
    21. Seido Techou 性奴手帳 [000331] WEAPON Main character has secret desire to dominate over women. There are four different girls and women right before his eyes. What kind of slaves will they make? Nukige  
    22. Sei Faery Gakuen Joshi Ryou 聖フェアリー学園女子寮 [000331] Gondola This is the elite girl school for higher class society. There are plans to liberalize the school, but upper class led by principal daughter oppose the idea. Main character needs to infiltrate the school, get past the guards and to the top floor where the school principal daughter resides. Nukige
  25. kivandopulus
    For me the best VN of September 1999 is Kazeoto, Chirin. There's such well known game as Memories Off as well, but a I place a good midscrew over a good slice of life in most of cases.
    1. Love Lesson ラブレッスン [990902] Melody

    When our guy ask a girl to be his steady, he found out that she loves someone else. While drunk from depression, he made a mess of helping his new neighbor. It turned out that his new neighbor is his new homeroom teacher. What fun, now he can chase after his teacher or the girl that rejected him. There is one pure love and an one insult route. The romantic route is quite thorough, but the picture quality is rough.   
    2. Tomoyo Venture Episode1 知世べんちゃー Episode1 [990902] Atelier Kurimami

    Main character comes to Chi-chan's house to play. It all starts with laughing and cuddling, but can take young people far. Doujin H-tilt crap  
    3. Escape ~Akizora no Roof Garden~ エスケープ ~秋空のルーフガーデン~ [990903] Telluru

    October, before the school festival. Main character painfully recovers from his lover's death. At school rooftop he decides to move on and pay attention to school girls. Genre is sentimental novel. Basically it's chasing school girls at the pauses between lessons and at free time. Guess just sentiments and rooftop is not enough for auditory already - game got zero reviews.   
    4. Fushidara Fu・shi・da・ra [990903] Mink

    Our girl is one of those people who can't even think of H stuff. When she start to have exciting thoughts about her boyfriend(our guy), she has to seek counselling. What she got were some tapes and a bottle of perfume. While watching the tapes and inhaling a drop or two of that perfume, she has fun dreams with her boyfriend, guided by one of her friends. After a few sessions, she just might gain enough experience to live a happy life with our guy. There are three girls apart of main heroine. Most of H events are happening only on the tape. But the reality H events are interactive touch ones. Length is insufficient.  
    5. L L-エル- [990903] TopCat The story takes place in the two weeks right after the protagonist graduates from university. There's nothing to add to the synopsis. The guy studied so hard that he never seen the city he was studying at and only after graduation went breaking bad. There are eight characters overall. Capturing one heroine takes some hour while not accustomed to the system and some 20 minutes afterwards, so there is a feeling that the content is thin.  
    6. Be-reave Primary Be-reave Primary [990910] Unison Shift 1

    A collection of short unrelated H-AVG stories, each drawn by different artists. You start out with 3 stories to choose from. More stories may be unlocked as you complete the stories first available to you. Though the length of each story is pretty short, there are many crossroads to be made that do have an impact on the flow of the story, unlocking various events and scenes and perhaps even multiple endings. There is more to each story than meets the eye. After you complete each story, a green bar will show how much of that story you have covered, giving you an indicator of something you may have missed. There is an English review.  
    7. Be-reave Secondary Be-reave Secondary [990910] Unison Shift
    There are four mini games in this part. In Blueeyes/graymaN, a guy got his wish of seeing a girl he met long ago, but might have some trouble keeping her. In Sora, a terminally ill guy might get saved by someone who love him. In Instant Spir, a guy can help out some special people. In Gyu, with two magical girl's help, a girl can't go wrong, or can she? Again, there are extra endings if you played all four mini games, but you might need to get the bug fix file to see them. The structure is the same as first game, so can generally refer to that game review.  
    8. Five Card ファイブカード [990910] Cross Net

    Main character is a new teacher in a private high school. There are five girls that stand out among the class and rival for teacher's attention. Will new teacher be able to do a good job in such circumstances. What is the mysterious prostitution organization dwelling in the shadows of the school? 
    All the choices have two variants with one variant usually being H-scene and game over and the second moving forward, so basically it's a one-road scenario. Graphics are really cute and form the main appeal point. But in the end it's just a nukige, that's why there is a hentai anime of it as well.  
    9. Inda 2 淫打2 [990910] Hyperspace

    The second bullet in erotic keyboard lessons with strengthened erotic aspect. This time successes and failures are not only accompanied by voice, but by animation as well.  Native English speakers read English sentences, so it's a good way to brush up English skills. 
    Animation during typing is poor with several paranoid pieces cycled. Text drawing is too slow and can't be adjusted. Content is really low quality, even in H sequences.  
    10. Kairai no Hazukashime o Kimi ni 傀儡の辱めを君に [990910] Fuuro

    Hero is given the power to manipulate girls after meeting girl Sarah. It's not a complete control power, so needs to be mastered on daily basis. Multiple branch scenario. There are other girls but Sarah as well. But do you really expect an interesting story from the game that has "humiliation puppet" in the title?  
    11. Kazeoto, Chirin かぜおと、ちりん [990910] C's Ware 1 Satoshi, the protagonist, and Takashi his best friend, are both college students who came back to their old town to spend their summer vacation. In their village, Satoshi came back to his small house that is now an inn since his mother died. But there was some event going on there. "People will disappear" - a strange woman says to him. Residents suddenly start to disappear without any reason. The most optimistics came with the opinion that many people are being spirited away. And no one can avoid that. The hero decide to look into the matter. "Do not try to solve this case without us" - said his friend Takashi to the half-hearted hero. I've actually already written a full review of this work  
    12. Megami no Haka 女神の破瓜 [990910] Speed Goddess of Salvation is spreading chaos, devastation, conspiracy, rebellion in the fantasy world and it's not clear whether it's for destruction or creation. Carmine controlled by the spirit of the goddess is looking for a shrine maiden holding "the beads of gods". The player takes role of an inquisition officer who aims to eradicate the rebellion spreading around the country and to suppress those who receive the trust of the heretic Goddess of Salvation. Game's is noticeable for a heavy dark fantasy atmosphere. There's quite a lot of infodumping. In the first half main character moves the story but later on he just moves with the flow. There is no good ending. It may be quite close to being an eroge, but it's impossible to know since the game's is very rare.  
    13. Smile for Me [990910] [K]rimzon Fake

    Main character suddenly becomes an adventurer. But he does not know any magic or how to use a sword. But there are so many pretty girls around to drag about - he needs to try his best!  There are 8 girls with different personalities and strategies. Game is mostly about collecting items and that triggers new events.  
    14. Sweet Palace [990910] Zero

    Hero got a job as summer hotel manager. The staff and guests will keep him busy!  We need to choose locations and meet girls/trigger events. Graphics are rough. It's all packed with H events through and through.  
    15. Tokyo Nyoshuu Shuukanjo 東京女囚収監所 [990910] M'

    Main character is a man of great wealth and power. His new quirk is taking prisoners and training them as slaves. There are five prisoners to train. Depending on the means of training there are different endings.   
    16. V.G. Max [990910] Giga 1 A game in which the V.G. waitresses are rendered as super deformed (chibi) style characters. Includes the original six V.G. contestants, as well as Satomi Yajima from Advanced V.G., Tamao Mitsurugi from Advanced V.G. 2, Yumiko Watanuki from V.G. II and new character Masako Houjouin. It's the franchise that comes from the pre-windows era and it's at least the third title in the V.G. fighting series (not visual novel fighting, but real fighting fighting), but it must the first one with substantial ADV part. It's the first such mix with very active fighting action gameplay. There are H insult scenes present. V.G. MAX is said to be of better quality than the predecessors and holding a new interesting character, but overall a very average passable game.  
    17. Zetsubou ~Aoi Kajitsu no Sanka~ 絶望 ~青い果実の散花~ [990910] Studio Mebius 1

    A guy got killed because of what he did. Since he still wants more, he is back as a ghost to get some. His servant(ghosts too) found him a place and a brain dead guy that he can take control to get more girls. As for how many more, how about 28 girls total, plus some side shows. This time, he can even take over a girl's life or do whatever he likes. There is an English review.  
    18. Tokyo Mermaid TOKYO魔迷奴 [990911] Ryuujinsha

    Tokyo survived a massive earthquake, and the ruins of it turned into an illegal zone. 
    Langhao and her sister Mika, a cosplay masochistic young lady, encounter a mysterious cat girl creature. The three people start to travel together and notice the shadow of a mysterious organization. Nonstop erotic survival battle develops in Tokyo set into ruins. What is the true identity of a cat girl? And what is the conspiracy behind the mysterious organization? So you think game's crazy already? The reality is even more severe. Add to that the fact that it's possible to save only at the end of each chapter, poor graphics and very poor voicing. There's no thing as description in the game - only dialogues and often even in form of manga strips to add action. The story is crazy by itself.  
    19. Kimi no Kimochi, Boku no Kokoro 君の気持ち、僕のこころ [990914] Takara

    Main hero is a high school student adept in sorcery. He's got the power to possess other people & even animals bodies. You don't really possess others as you can't control them - you just peep from their eyes. There are three main heroines, but you can haunt pretty much anyone at any time, so it's very tiresome to try out all the combinations and see if it works. There was no manual released at that time so it was a game of guesses. Difficulty is skyhigh because of that. There are also some technical questions like a very long load time. Heroines aren't attractive enough and it's not clear what's the target auditory of the game.  
    20. Eve Haze ~Biyaku no Ou-sama~ eve haze~媚薬の王様~ [990917] Brownie

    A plague fell upon a village killing most of inhabitants including both pharmacists. Only the son of pharmacists Diano survived. He found an old book about aphrodisiacs and started his study. At the same time something strange happened to monsters of this country...
    Hero needs to prepare recipes to solve individual troubles or make monster bosses surrender. The main part of the game is collecting different herbs on a map and brewing potions which does not make it much different from Little Witch series. What's different here is card battles with the monster bosses.  
    21. Joousama to Oyobi! 女王様とお呼び! [990917] Side-B

    Main character is a devil king. He has lots of servants from different races. One day he is brought a noble human girl. The devil king is going to make her a queen. For that she must undergo a thorough training. A training SIM with fantasy entourage as the only prominent feature. There aren't any reviews to peek at end content around.  
    22. Paradise ee [990917] Hyperspace

    Main character is a member of resort club and is sent to a remote island called paradise ee. There are four angels working here as guides during day time and giving private service during night time. Game itself ends in less than an hour. Picture is rough and backgrounds are very extorted.   
    23. Saikidou ~Shiawase na Ashita no Mukaekata~ 彩季憧 ~幸せな明日の迎え方~ [990917] iMAGE CLUB

    Main character lives alone and prepares for entrance exams to the university. One day he dies by accident. Just before his death he regrets about not having fun during school years, and a miracle happens - he gets resurrected from the second year in high school. This time he's going to have a happy school time! You need to choose a club to attend. Each club corresponds to one girl, each having an ending. Drawing is rough and rendered real time photos are mostly used as backgrounds.  
    24. With You Toybox うぃずゆーTOYBOX [990917] 1 2

    This is a side-item to With You with lots of wallpaper and mini games inside. Mini-games include:  W-Sisters CD Player 
    Naori no Hyper Udon 
    Manami-chan no NekoNeko Panic 
    EBC News Scramble Special Edition 
    Mini Adventure/Side Stories 
    Fortune Telling 
    Manami's Stereo 
    Haneru! Keiji Gotouda - The Worst 3 Days in the History of S.P.S 
    MoeMoeNoeNoe Quiz 
    The Legendary Archangels - Card Survivor 
    There is an English review.  
    25. Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi コートの中の天使達 [990921] Pinpai

    Two sisters manage to get our guy out of his depression of pass glories to train his team of girl volleyball. In mode 1, he has no choice but to use the girls for revenge against the volleyball league. But in mode 2, if he can complete mode 1, he can find a girl to love. Basically it's a raising SIM training several people at the same time for three months. Best use walkthrough since consequences of choices aren't evident in the short run but may already doom your team without your knowing.  
    26. BOYS BE... 2nd Season [990922] Kodansha 1

    Based on the second manga under the BOYS BE... name. 2nd season of some SIM  
    27. Little Witch Reinette ~Swan no Namida Rhapsody~ リトル・ウィッチ レネット 〜スワンの涙ラプソディ〜 [990923] It starts with a magical competition mentioned in original Little Witch Parfait. Now from Reinette point of view. It's been just five months since releasing the original. So, did you even wanted to be a magical girl and create wondrous recipes? Well, I did not.  
    28. Maboroshi Tsukiyo まぼろし月夜 [990923] The player takes the role of Takashi Tanaka who one summer night meets a ghost of a girl in the park, and this ghost starts living with him in his apartment. The ghost can enter other people's bodies too... Usual trigger events on the map system. The period is two months. The appeal point of the game is the background of the ghost heroine. She died in Taisho era and is a typical Yamato Nadeshiko. There's a huge culture gap that's the scene for many jokes. There are a lot of colorful characters who are interested in this ghost for various reasons. You can easily shift to one of them, but you need to exorcise Ayame spirit for that, then it's an ordinary galge. But if you pursue Ayame, there's more of the story and as many as two endings prepared.  
    29. Toriaezu Air Plants! とりあえず えあぷらんちゅ! [990923] Air Plants

    Fan disk contains short stories on games Dearest Vampire and Fluorite ~Hotaruishi~, demo versions of both games as well as CG, deskop accessory, minigame, music tracks, staff and new works  information. Since it's a fandisc, gg.  
    30. Album no Naka no Hohoemi アルバムの中の微笑み [990924] Curecube 1 You as male main character returns to japan after completing your Europe ART studies. As a rich man's son you were allowed to travel around to seek education around the globe. Now that you have completed your quest its time to return to japan... and marry Satsuki, your preset bride to be. There is a problem, you have got a maid that's been following you most of your life. She likes you. After arriving in Japan, you soon became the art teacher of an all girls school. Now 3 more girls join the wagon and they all want a piece of you alright. Who would you chose? There is an English review of this work.  
    31. Berries ~Kagayaku Kisetsu ga Owaru Mae ni...~ Berries ~輝く季節が終わる前に…~ [990924] Pocket Summer. Yuusuke Sugihara runs with a father a family restaurant "BERRIES". One day Yuusuke wakes up and finds a letter on the desk saying that his father went surfing and that Yuusuke should be store manager in his absence. What kind of memories will he gather by the autumn? Pocket tried to get into the pocket of gamers and put such high price for this usual setting game - 9,000 yen - that there is still not a single proper review of the game. What's known is that the game has terrible systems, but quite normal content. Still, it' feels more like a doujinshi in a box rather than a professional work.  
    32. Costume こすちゅ~む [990924] Optim

    One day hero helps a strange looking girl. He allows her to change clothes at this home, but as soon as Sarah rose hands to change clothes she was covered in a whirlpool of white light appearing in a nurse suit. Thus, a strange cohabiting with Sarah began. But Sarah's younger sister Kira came to pick her up and made a fuss about it. A cosplay nukige.  
    33. EA Mind [990924] LiLiM Near future. Private Maritime Academy is governed by students and its head is student council which consist only of women. All the male students study in oppression there. Main character deliberately transfers to this school in order to set male dominance there. Frankly speaking, only first part is about domination since in the second part he chooses one of girls' paths. You move around the map and trigger events and fights. Fighting is led till you embarrass opponent enough winning in hit/block game for five rounds. There are five girls to capture. Atmosphere is light and there are enough funny moments. Game period is 10 days and play time is around 5 hoursg.  
    34. Entrance ENTRANCE [990924] TinkerBell Tomoya Kamijo returns to his hometown after 12 years. He has no clear aim and during university course "Learning ways to create a future" he learns his due course. There are four heroines. All the characters are linked to the psychology department and this game was supposed to be as close to reality as possible, it's written in a manner of a book. That's all that's known and I bet the price of 8,800 yen has played an important role in that. Pretty soon Tinkerbell will drop all those psychology movements and will only be making hardcore eroge.  
    35. Guardian [990924] Aaru Our guy woke up in a dungeon without his memory. What will you have him do? Live life unknown, or go to town and find out who he is? This may sound like a role playing game, but it is a pick your choice adventure game with 90 different endings. Oh well this kind of games again. 90 endings and stories are ultra short (some 5 minutes) and follow some typical pattern. It's enough to entertain, but not for everyone.  
    36. Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu 怪奇!ドリル男の恐怖 [990924] Tetratech 1 2 3 4

    Three schoolgirls are wandering in the forest, looking for the pension, where they planned to spend the night. However they are stumbling upon a seemingly empty mansion in the middle of the forest instead. Since the sun is about to go down and it's raining anyway, they decide to spend the night there. However, the Drill Man appears soon after and tries to hunt them down. Will they be able to find out the secret of the mansion? Will they make it out alive? Or will they be captured and kept as playthings for the mysterious inhabitants of the mansion? Game is localized and has English reviews.  
    37. LOE ~Legend of Enomoto~ [990924] Aaru Our guy received an invitation to enter a contest to win a very rich man's inheritance. The contest consist of quizs and games. Other contestants will compete with him. He can either do it alone or with someone's help. Forget about the story here. There is more to the synopsis in here, but the story does not lead anywhere. It's puzzles + H events and since it's reported that the quantity of H-events is ordinary, I'll leave it be for now.  
    38. Mania na Onna 2 まにあなおんな2 [990924] Foster 1

    The game is set in modern Tokyo, and is divided on chapters. On the first chapter, you are a college girl and in 5 days you find out why your boyfriend is cheating on you. On the way you pick up a lot of new characters and at the end of that if done right you will have sex with your boyfriend. On each chapter, the protagonist is different but all the characters know each other. There is an English review.  
    39. Rapture [990924] Gondola

    You start on a floating island, grappling pillars and pushing buttons till the bottom of the cave turns to grass. After that you get to know that your girlfriend is cheating on you. You're going through her memories to get to the bottom of it. It's almost as if the developers had been playing LSD Dream Emulator making this weird 3D maze with tons of pre-rendered horrible 3D H videos.  
    40. Snow White ~The Veil of My Heart~ [990924] Eden A small town between the sea and the mountains. The last school year passes by and main hero has time before Christmas to settle his feelings. Hero suffered from consequences of his parents divorce and only partly recovered from that by the last year of school. There are 8 girls. There's a month of time. Both pure love and devil mode are available for the girls.  
    41. Tenshi no Wana 天使の罠 [990924] MBS Truth

    Main character was leading a normal school life till an angel visited him depriving him of virginity. After that things start to change around him - men and women start masturbating and having sex everywhere.  Nothing to see here, just MBS Truth keeps making weird nukige with enormous speed.  
    42. Tousatsu Mania Act 1 TV Kyoku 盗撮マニア ACT1・テレビ局 [990924] Waffle

    I want to see... even if I commit a crime...
    I want to know more about this child ... her real face that can't be seen on TV...
    I want to make private photos of her and to take her belongings...
    This is a story of one young man who stepped on an evil path of voyeur. 
    Nothing good can come out of a game titled "Voyeur mania". The purpose of the game is walk around TV station without being caught by guards, set surveillance equipment and hide in waiting.   
    43. Waru Gaiden ~Akumu no Rush Hour~ 悪っ外伝 ~悪夢のラッシュアワー~ [990924] Interheart 1

    The legendary mischief master Honda is released from prison. He thinks of finishing with molesting, but he sees a seducing dancer and goes breaking bad. At the same time the railway company hires two new girl staff memebers - morality countermeasures expert Shinomiya and national idol Hayakawa. Can they pose a challenge to Honda? An improved version of Waru!! ~Itazura~ with two new characters. There's even an English review.  
    44. Yuuhei 幽閉 [990924] Deep Zone 1

    "I will teach you a way to sneak into Women's Dormitory." 
    One day, such flier get into main character's house. The phone number on it belongs to a girl who lives in the same dormitory. For 30,000 yen she tells all the secrets of this building. As it turns out, hero was chosen not by chance - the fate of all dormitory women greatly depends on his behavior.  I'm very disappointed with previous D'z works and this one is just a nukige as well.  
    45. Blow ~Michita Tsuki, Kaketa Tsuki~ Blow ~満ちた月、欠けた月~ [990930] Rock Climber

    Main character is a normal high school student. During the preparation week for the culture festival a series of rapes happens right at the school campus. Who is the culprit? What are his motives? Can you get to the truth?  Basically hero investigates the victim girls, befriends them and can find love with one of them. One of such "good" endings finishes with cannibalism. There's also the True ending. A heavy work of very bad aftertaste, mostly because of how realistic it is.   
    46. Hushaby Baby [990930] Alice Soft 1
    In this game you had a girlfriend who died in a train accident about a month ago. One day, when you are going back to your home, you found her waiting at the door! The story starts from there and last for several days as you accompany her through the last days before the 49th day after she died... There is an English review.  
    47. Memories Off メモリーズオフ [990930] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6 It's a surprisingly bittersweet tale about a guy named Tomoya Mikami who actually was dating the girl of his dreams, Ayaka Hizuki, for a long time...only to have her die tragically a good while before the game starts. The game even begins with Tomoya having a flashback about Ayaka whilst walking to the train station to get to school. On the train, as usual, is Yue Imasaka - a close friend of Tomoya and Ayaka who pretty much grew up with them. The gist of the story is that Tomoya feels that he's spent enough time grieving over the loss of Ayaka and is ready to try his hand at love again and hopefully find another wonderful girl to make beautiful memories with. Game has English reviews.
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