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  1. I'm currently working through The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya. I bought it since it was the first VN available on the Switch and I wanted to support VNs on the system but....this game is not good I am convinced no one bothered to edit or proofread anything considering there are many, many typos that distract from reading as well as other errors like having the wrong characters name there and suddenly seeing untranslated text. I've completed four characters and have two left; I highly doubt the quality for those two is going to be any better.
  2. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!
  3. Just started watching KonoSuba since it sounded interesting to me, and so far I really like it! The story is unique and the characters are very likeable and funny! I hope the rest of the episodes are as enjoyable as the ones I have already seen.
  4. Okay, I just hit the link and it looks like it worked! Thank you!
  5. Ayase is pretty awesome too! Sena is my favourite though. Her blue popsicle obsession sort of reminds me of myself XD
  6. You probably do considering she comes from the same series as your avatar
  7. Adorabear


    Hello there! Welcome to the site!
  8. Out of what I have played so far (which isn't a ton), I would say Overdrive, Spike Chunsoft, and Otomate for otome games.
  9. This should help; it's a list of VNs on VNDB that were rated the lowest. There are tons of bad ones in there like Water Closet and Dustmania for example.
  10. Swan Song won last round. It's currently in Round 2 against Clannad. Some tough choices in that one for like like Corpse Party vs 999 and Ever17 vs Fata Morgana D:
  11. Could I please have Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1? Here is a picture of Saber for you:
  12. I used this code. Thank you so much for sharing; that is extremely kind of you! This looks like a really good bundle! Wish I had a working Windows machine right now or else I would be all over that bundle right now. I will probably still get it anyway since it's a really good deal, I don't have a vast majority of them, and I want to play most of them.
  13. Hello there! Welcome to Fuwanovel! Your avatar and signature are adorable. I love the little bunny!
  14. Thanks! I didn't even know I could do that or that they were that cheap. I expect the memory might make things a bit expensive; I'm sure I can find anything better than the tablet that has only 7 GB without any difficulty, although I don't know how much would be the best amount for me yet yet.
  15. Hello there, and welcome to Fuwanovel! You will definitely find many people to talk about VNs with here! Also, good luck with your exams. I definitely don't miss those lol
  16. Thanks for the info! Mine will probably act much worse then. I have been thinking of getting a new device for VNs for a bit since mine has shit memory and battery life (I got it from the in-laws..turns out there is only 7 GB of memory to play with, so I can have only 1-2 VNs on the machine at a time, and the battery doesn't even last an hour without being plugged in D: ). The whole thing with Deardrops didn't help either; it worked fine at first, but when I was near the end of the game, the tablet just kept having fits and doing strange stuff like constantly minimizing the game, giving me grey screens, and appearing to freeze once or twice. I really want something that just has more memory and a disc drive so I can play more VNs that are only on Windows, but not sure how much that is going to cost me. :/
  17. I voted for Makoto since she seems like an interesting character from what I've seen from trailers and such. All of the characters seem to be very likeable except possibly Michiru since she seems super obsessed with her brother. I find the whole thing really strange and it's a bit of a turn-off of her character for me. I don't have the game yet though, so maybe that opinion will change once I actually start playing! I'm hoping to get it and start playing as soon as I can, but that all depends on how fast I can find a cheap Windows laptop that I can play VNs on; the tablet I was using barely made it through the end of Deardrops, so I don't think it will be able to handle Chrono Clock well.
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