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  1. Thought I'd post an update on that image to prove its not a room full of dicks :'D I still can't believe that I'm in the process of flatting and rendering it, so yes it looks a bit ...odd, but anyway, this is what I do. HMU if you wanna work with me
  2. wow thats freaky. Well anyway the pics on the thread I've added are what I do! this ones a bit empty but here's a VN background I'm working on atm... will be a classroom when it's finished..
  3. Oh woah, why on earth is it adult art. I don't draw NSFW... do none of the image links work? The backgrounds I draw vary, I enjoy drawing interesting angles and interesting lighting. I also like detailed backgrounds
  4. Hi there, I'm currently free for commissions and am a keen bg artist I have a very adaptable style and a great grip on perspective, and frankly, I really enjoy it! I'm UK based so work in £s, but paypal handles this very easily so dont let that deter you!! Email me at: itstalburt@gmail.com with any questions you may have! Portfolio Link: chsmith11.carbonmade.com Min Cost of 1 BG: £100 (negotiable) Max Cost of 1 BG: £250 (negotiable) Cost For Variations: Day / Night / Weather £50 Max Cost of 1 CG: N/A Turnaround Time: It takes me 10-20 hours per image dep
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