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    A Hand in the Darkness (writer and producer)
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  1. When Paul moves to Paris in 1950, pursuing his dream of becoming a great artist, he meets an assortment of other "bohemians" trying to live out their dreams, being it becoming a painter as Paul, a writer or a jazz musician. Help him to achieve success, choose a love interest, take him on dates, and live a romantic adventure! The game features: Four love interests. Interactive map to choose the location you want to visit. Skippable raising stats (they are not necessary if you just want to see the love interest's route, but it adds more endings and extra scenes). Original soundtrack. Around 200k words. 18+ and 15+ options. Video trailer: We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help to fund the art and music. Please, check it out, try our demo on itchio or Steam and share the word! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/night-and-day/night-and-day-0 Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1292440/Night_and_Day/ Itchio page: https://ertal-games.itch.io/night-and-day And our social media: https://twitter.com/ertal77 https://www.facebook.com/ertalgames/ https://discord.gg/8xR5hjU
  2. Hi, Ertal from Ertal Games here, proudly introducing her first visual novel! Released in itch.io after a modest Kickstarter campaign, the project has been already greenlit and will be posted also in Steam within a week! https://vndb.org/v20545 A Hand in the Darkness is a BL visual novel set in 1910, in an all-male British boarding school, the fictional St. Michaels. Our protagonist, Alex White, is a shy 16 year old boy who has never left his hometown before. Apart from facing the typical shenanigans of every boy in his situation (trying to keep up with a strict, elite school, making friends, malicious classmates...) he will have to face an unexpected danger. You are the one who will choose if he survives his year in St. Michaels with the help of his new friends (or not), and if he finds the love of his life or ends with a broken heart. - Around 100k words (10-15 hours of gameplay!) - 3 love interests, with 3 endings each one: good, bad and bad relationship - Detailed sex scenes with suggestive CGs (no full nudity or explicit pictures included, sorry) - Available in English and Spanish You can try the demo here (and buy it, of course)! Please rate it if you like it
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