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  1. [VN] Your diary +h english translation

    i can help with re-translating. although keep in mind that i can only help with translating and i cannot help with the codes
  2. Hapymaher [RAW ~ Walkthrough]

    thanks a lot!
  3. Hapymaher [RAW ~ Walkthrough]

    are there any spoilers if you start with alice route first?
  4. Fureraba Walkthrough

    i don't think there's a jealousy scene for misaki though. the japanese guide didn't put anything about it, even though there's a guide at the japanese walkthrough on how to get jealousy scenes for everyone except misaki. but once you've cleared misaki's route you will notice that once you start a new game misaki will now facing your way when you pick which girl to choose.
  5. Fureraba Walkthrough

    i got a jealousy scene but it's just a short one tbh and it doesn't really effect the story in whatsoever. let's say for example you maxed rina's affection and you can now confess, then you chose not to confess and you raise himari's affection to level 3 then after that the jealousy scene auto occurs after himari's scene has been raised to 3. (the first one you maxed is the one who will get jealous) after that i don't think you can trigger more jealousy scenes. P.S. i don't think you can raise 2 people at level 4 since you don't have enough days, and the level 3 one will not get jealous. unless you start another game
  6. Fureraba Walkthrough

    ahahaha it's not really useful though xD
  7. Fureraba Walkthrough

    ok.. it says here that. 1. you can pick what outfit/hairstyle when you enter separate routes. 2. if you pick the same girl over and over again it's still possible to enter her route even if you make mistakes on the choices. 3. if you can already confess to the girl you chose and yet you still haven't confessed to her you, you will land on a bad end once you meet 6/24 4. there's a jealousy event if you have a girl with lvl 4 affection and another girl with lvl 3 affection. (there's no cg so it's up to you whether you want to trigger that event or not. 5. if you press F12 you can make the girls naked. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (it doesn't work on CG btw) i left out some parts we already know. like once you get enough affection an event will trigger and the affection lvl will rise. and the topic choices will change once the lvl rises. and once you see all 4 events you can chose whether to confess or not.
  8. Fureraba Walkthrough

    no probem! i'm planning to play until i run out of uncharted scenes and dialogues xD. it's still helpful though, especially since you got yuzuyu's route done. i'm planning to read her's next :3
  9. Fureraba Walkthrough

    yep i wanna enjoy each route 100% tnx!!
  10. Fureraba Walkthrough

    i've got a few questions. 1. what happens when you don't stick with 1 girl? like for example : that girl is not available and you chose another girl. 2. do you have to pick "do not meet with anyone" if that specific girl isn't available? 3. what happens if you don't confess to the girl when her affection is already enough? can you still raise her affection even though it's already maxed? i've tried himari's route first and i successfully entered it. anyways! thank you for making this guide!! i would probably wouldn't start playing until someone discovers all it's secrets like hidden route (?) perhaps? but i've got the hang of it tnx to your tips!!
  11. maybe it's because you picked the choices "i want to know more about you" "just say it already" "it's not like you to be late" these choices trigger maya's route
  12. hmm... oh ok but man.... is it me or runa's route is so long and it has so many choices -_-
  13. hmmm... is it me or i feel like there are 2 endings for runa? no spoilers please, i'm currently playing it
  14. thanks lol and here i thought there was an ending where she gets pregnant and doesn't get pregnant XD
  15. does the choices "cum inside or outside" affect the ending?
  16. can someone make a walkthrough...? *-*? i wanna make sure i get to the right route T-T