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  1. Ho~ Kindred Spirit is different, i'll also give it a try. I hope the MC is loveable as you say I already play Karakara Thanks for the Recommendation~ Yep, i am keeping an eye on Hapymahera already Sharin, i'll also try it. Hoshizora, Shuffle, Comyu, F/SN, G-Senjou i already played it. Thanks for the recommendation~
  2. Clannad, i have watched the anime. And i don't quite like the MC, is it different (ever so slightly) in the VN? Ever 17 look like a heavy VN, but it could worth the try. Thanks for the recommendation~ Supipara look promising Da Capo! oh~ i have been planning to play these, thanks for reminding me~ I could try Eden*, it's a pretty short VN, so worth the shot As for my VN list, i'll try to make one. I'm still new to these kind of forum and system (MAL and what-not), you could say Chrono Clock reveal my inner-weeb xD If anyone else can give me more recommendation, it is much appreciated. VN with a good MC is really hard to find.
  3. Chronos Clock is such a great Visual Novel I need more VN that are like this. AMAZING MC, seriously the MC probably my favorite in this VN, why can't every Anime/Manga/VN/WN/LN have MC that are like-able liek this? Cro, best waifu. I seriously need more VN that have great MC and loveable heroine like this, it's really rare. I religiously follow new release of Visual Novel ever since mid-2014. And i rarely play VN that don't have "18+" Scene, now that after i play Chronos Clock, i just realize that even a VN that have "18+" as an extra (not part of the main story), or even VN that don't have "18+" scene at all, can be a really good VN.... So i might miss a lot of VN that are like Chronos Clock. Please Fam, i need more Cro level waifu, and MC that are actually likeable.
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