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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from springning in What was the last game that made you say "wow"?   
    Last game that was awesome for me was Dark Souls ;D Really like these types of games though game was really frustrating but feels really good to clear it
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from birthofthecool in Which Air translation would you recommend?   
    wats that got to do with this thread ;s
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from Stray Cat in Summer 2014 Anime Discussion   
    have no idea how Locodol got a 2nd season

    i didnt find it that interesting, got boring fast
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from Stray Cat in Is Sword Art Online Worth Watching?   
    I agree with Clephas,i enjoyed it in the begining but after they started going in other games it became annoying. Asuna became more or less a useless character then they did that stupid drama with his sister

    The new one i havent watched past episode 2 yet,felt like they were pointlessly dragging out everything
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    Freestyle80 reacted to OriginalRen in "I do that all the time!" thread   
    I think the only time I have ever spoken outloud or had a moment to myself in a visual novel was when Sharin no Kuni revealed its plot twist. I had to get up and grab a drink of water for that.
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from madvanced in Which Visual were you most upset to see end?   
    Grisaia,it lasted me 20 days and is long enough but still i liked the writing so much xD almost felt like reading a book a times (props to the translator here too!)
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    Freestyle80 reacted to cryofrzd in No more Anime and Manga piracy?   
    Well, I can only say, they are years too late.
    Today anime is distributed mostly by torrents and other distributed ways. It perhaps worked back when people downloaded things through direct connect. But thanks to pirate-hunters the downloads have left those fields.
    The torrents will be intact, and new indexing sites will pop up, it's like gardening in a forest. And they'll probably focus on the most mainstream material, which pops up faster.
    And personally I don't see VN/eroge targeted at all.
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from LiquidShu in Summer 2014 Anime Discussion   
    Tokyo Ghouls censorship makes it annoying :/ its a gore series why would u even censor it so much.

    Rail Wars is better than i thought,not much mindless fanservice here. I got pretty hooked in the story
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from LiquidShu in What are your thoughts on Black Bullet?   
    one thing i forget to mention,the last 5 mins felt kinda forced towards Enju esp the part where Rentaro was crying on her suddenly.
    I mean if he really did have a crush on Kisara he would've done something more than watch in the scene before ;d. saying they might become enemies was kinda dumb
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from crunchytaco in Can someone hand me a gun so I can shoot Michiru?   
    My only problem with Michiru is that she has her own route(no havent played it,i dont want to)

    Comic relief characters dont need routes!
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from azada83 in Comedy Suggestions   
    Gintama,Beelzebub or for more dirtier jokes Seitokai Yakuindomo
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from yashasupercow in Dracu-riot! Live Translation Stream with OriginalRen & Getsuya Official Thread!   
    meh i have work at that time ;c
    just have to watch the uploaded video i guess
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    Freestyle80 reacted to InvertMouse in Sakura Spirit original VN by MangaGamer, Sekai Project and Winged Cloud   
    Doesn't look exactly like all ages XD! Best of luck with these folks, though .
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from REtransInternational in Translating: Is it ok to cut H scenes?   
    Woah why has this topic become to huge in a day ;d
    i dont get the point,if people want to translate h-scenes they will,if they dont want to they wont,why is there a need to call people who wants h-scenes translated or translates them 'perverts'? :/
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from krill in Yandere Visual Novel recommendations ?   
    a fairly good manga with an Yandere is :---> Akarui Sekai Keikaku
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    Freestyle80 reacted to Nosebleed in Nisekoi Discussion (Spoilers)   
    It's Chitoge's fault the plot got complicated.
    If we get a TLR ending it's all Gorilla tsundere's fault.
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    Freestyle80 reacted to Kendjin in [Fuwanovel] Koiiro Chu! Lips Partial   

      Koi iro Chu! Lips Partial   Complete translations for The Common, Karen, Mirai, Shizuku, and Nagisa path   Run krkr.eXe to play the game
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    Freestyle80 reacted to Nosebleed in Yahari ore no Seishun aka Oregairu 2nd season !   
    More Yui <3 I approve

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    Freestyle80 reacted to Kaguya in 50 translated VNs you should read before you die   
    This list won't feature the VNs in order of "how good they are". Rating them would be way too much of a clusterfuck to me.
    The VNs are not in their respective order. Meaning number 1 is not the best, and so on.
    2_Cross Channel
    3_G-Senjou no Maou
    4_Fate/Stay Night
    This Visual Novel is the easiest visual novel translated to get a bad ending without using a walkthrough- which just adds to the fun of it. It makes a massive amount of references to common literature, which makes it even better.
    It may seem like an ordinary moege- the atmosphere is light, the story is full of cuteness, which you can note by the character design and soundtrack. It gets really good in the middle, and you'll be dying to know what happens in the end. A game with multiple perspectives, it's definitely one of the most enjoyable Visual Novels I've ever read.
    7 Majikoi
    8_Little Busters!
    "You shouldn't tell lies that you can't even fool yourself with"
    10_Swan Song
    A post apocalyptic Visual Novel.
    11_Symphonic Rain
    It may seem like your ordinary moege. Trust me, it's not.
    12_Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (and sequel)
    13_Sekien no Inganock
    Steampunk. An atmosphere full of mysteries and references that will make your head blow up.
    14_Steins; Gate
    A visual novel that deals extensively with time travel and it's consequences.
    16_Fault: Milestone (1 & 2)
    17_Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni 
    18_Kara no Shoujo
    19_Umineko no Naku Koro ni 
    21_Ever 17
    Another top 10.
    It lacks in the ending, but otherwise the story of this VN has enough to easily become one of my all-time favorites.
    23_Zanmataisei Demonbane
    "Could it possibly be rewritten, this fate of hers?"
    Another one that enters the top 10.
    26_Grisaia no Kajitsu
    27_Saya no Uta
    Only if you enjoy dark and messed up settings.
    28_Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni
    29_Eien no Aselia
    30_Rose Guns Days (1 & 2)
    There are small sections of gameplay on this one, but you can skip them by pressing the space bar, so this still qualifies.
    31_Sengoku Rance
    I feel obliged to comment on this VN before suggesting it to anyone. It's an Alicesoft title, which speaks a lot for itself... If you don't know how it's going to be like, well.. Kind of tough to describe. Lots of sex, including comedy rape. Alicesoft tends to make the whole story a comedy until right near the end, where things actually do get serious. It's worth checking out, if you don't mind Rance's personality. 
    Want a short VN that can captivate you for their whole duration? Here is it.
    Visual novel adapted from the youth horror novel written by Hajime Ninomae and illustrated by yoshitoshi ABe.
    33_Ef- A Fairy Tale of the Two
    34_Dysfunctional Systems
    Another one great for those who want short Visual Novels.
    Another Alicesoft title. While Rouga is not near Rance's level when it comes to pissing off people, alicesoft's style is something which often doesn't please people. 
    36_Yume Miru Kusuri
    The endings pack quite a punch.
    37_Kikokugai- The Cyber Slayer
    39_Hoshizora no Memoria
    40_Katawa Shoujo
    Yep, it's somewhat overrated. Still, the fact that it is substantially easier for those who are starting to play visual novels to read should not be discarded, and overall, the story was good.
    41_World End Economica
    43_Shikkoku no Sharnoth
    Yep, there is a minigame on this one. If you download a save data you can skip the minigame, though. So it still qualifies. Another VN that enters my top 10.
    44_Muv Luv Alternative
    The first Muv Luv didn't have enough to enter this list. You should still read it, though~
    MLA is definitely awesome.
    45_Dangan Ronpa
    46_Comyu - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku
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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from Sieg in Dracu-Riot   
    ignore it,move on to bigger and better things ;d
    some things are just not meant to be
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    Freestyle80 reacted to Emperor Emblem in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    she would get her own route, but like Miyako, she would also have plenty of comedic endings, i just use bad end as the generic term
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    Freestyle80 reacted to krill in Grisaia no Meikyuu Translation Started   
    makina doesn't die in her bad end either and i may be remembering wrong but im pretty sure 

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    Freestyle80 got a reaction from Shaward in What is your most hated VN character?   
    only masochists can stand her
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    Freestyle80 reacted to Kaguya in What is your most hated VN character?   
    I'd say Kirino. Oreimo has a psp version, so she's also a VN character.
    I actually liked Takumi quite a lot- I don't feel like any protagonist has to be a badass or a blank slate- Takumi was weak physically and mentally but had his own personality- he scores way better than most MCs to me, since they're just H machines.
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    Freestyle80 reacted to Shaward in What is your most hated VN character?   
    that's all i have to say, just can't stand her