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  1. Well this is the decade I ruined my life by finding yet another hobby, aka VNs. Cant say I regret it much tho :sacchan:

    Since I officially graduated a month ago doubt I'd be able to play so many titles the next decade

    Firstly hoping to get a decent job so I can stop being poor and afford to buy more stuff for my hobbies


    As for specific VNs, I dont really have any but hopefully we keep getting good releases in 2020. 2019 was a pretty solid year esp with the long awaited Aokana release, maybe sprite will announcement sth for that this year :mare:

  2. 9 hours ago, adamstan said:

    According to latest Nekonyan's blog post, Perfect Edition DLC is going to be free, as a compensation for delay.


    probably wouldnt have sold after so long so they are just gathering the good will instead, good choice i guess


    Sad that no releases this month but I was expecting their releases to lose steam sooner or later after shoving in Aokana into their already busy release schedule 


    9 hours ago, littleshogun said:

    For Saki, I think it's probably because sprite did tease her as the heroine in Aokana Zwei although I don't know much about the detail though to tell the truth. As for poll itself, my focus is more on the main heroines poll in which it's pretty much proved that when it come to Aokana's main heroines there's no difference in that the voters always favored Misaki the most, following Mashiro, Asuka and lastly Rika.

    PS - While I thinking that Nekonyan didn't really need to overcompensating their Senren Banka delay with free DLC (Just admitted that Senren Banka will be delayed is already show them that they far more better compared to Sol Press), I appreciate their free DLC release there.

    and Sekai still has no release date for Leyline 2 and 3, its been 2 fcking years

    At this point no way I'm buying that 

  3. 3 hours ago, Seraphim88 said:

    The results of Sprite's Aokana popularity poll are in!

    Main heroines
    1. Misaki
    2. Mashiro
    3. Asuka
    4. Rika

    1. Saki
    2. Madoka
    3. Satouin
    4. Minamo
    5. Aoi


    How Saki managed to nab first place for the supporting cast is beyond me. Personally, I'd put her in last place on the list, if I'd even let her be on it.

    Same reason as Mashiro, the Japs love Lolis. Saki is pushing it though, she has no personality and is kind of annoying. Atleast Misaki won deservedly, maybe we'll get something more for her next year :sacchan:


    I dunno how anyone could beat Madoka out of the side characters though, she was hilarious. Aoi as well, not as good as Koichoco's sensei but she was a pretty interesting character, shouldnt be last and esp shouldnt be behind Minamo who barely appears.


    On a side note, Sad that we got no releases this month, probably only getting Perfect edition in a week from Nekonyan and thats it. All this free time, nothing new to read ;c

  4. 19 hours ago, Infernoplex said:

    What makes Aokana's case different from Majkoi? From what I was told, both are being milked to death, either by sales of merchandise, or new entries in the series.


    By the way, I have nothing against it, just so you don't misunderstand me xD


    18 hours ago, GXOALMD said:

    If Aokana was actually being milked to death through merch, then I'd be able to get some Shindou merch.

      Reveal hidden contents

    And some Shion merch, and some Minamo merch, and some Satouin merch, and some Shirase merch, and some Aoi merch, and some Inui merch, but those are certainly all secondary to my need for some Shindou merch.


    @Infernoplex Basically what he said and Majikoi released around 7 Fan Discs, almost a release every year after the main game came out

  5. 2 hours ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    I have not played the game, but know more or less what the linked blogpost reveals:

      Reveal hidden contents

    I don't mind twisted love or such things. I only hope someone ends up happy. That's all I'm looking for.

    If I hear that this is nothing more than a tragedy then I really won't bother with it. DDLC is the absolute limit of what I'm willing to tolerate.


    I am pretty sure if you stick to a route and dont try to 'cheat' you get the happy ending

  6. Another project update was given recently, Hello Lady and Making Lovers are essentially done(over 90%) and will probably enter QA and engine work soon

    Senren Banka is still under 70% done and thats supposed to be their next release in about a month. Not sure what their plan is here, I hope there arent any more delays. Need some releases for the break! 

    Also as a nice surprise, one of their secret projects is 100% tled and edited and slated for early 2020. Wonder if thats just a short VN or a fan disc.


  7. 22 hours ago, GXOALMD said:

    That was the intention.  Additionally, the entire time I've been reading, I've had two consistent opinions on the characters.

    1. Rika is the best heroine.

    2. The supporting cast is a stronger set of characters than the main cast.

    Having now almost finished Rika's route, I've come to the conclusion that these two opinions are not unrelated. >.>

    Highly debatable, Rika was a good side-heroine and her route was awesome, spirte thankfully did not skimp out and focus exclusively on the main two but in the end, it never did poke at main story and Masaya's past was largely ignored even though she knew about his FC days. 


    Also Misaki's route kinda blows it out of the water imo :sacchan:

  8. Basically says its delayed till December and subsequently effects all other releases, wonder if that means Making Lovers is delayed because thats 80% done

    curiously nothing was said about Hello,Lady which was supposed to be their next release and looks like the TL/Edit for that is almost done (90% TL/80% Edit)  


    Making Lovers as mentioned before is much further along than Senren being at 86% TL, 71% Edit