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  1. 7 hours ago, adamstan said:

    Okay, so I finally finished Making * Lovers.

    It was really fun - very lighthearted, and making me feeling good and smiling most of the time :)

    While Karen's route was definitely the best (and I'm glad I kept it for last), my personal best girl is Saki (whose route I've read first). Karen would be the second in that ranking, but a close second. And then Mashiro I guess.

    Reina gets special prize for the most heartwarming epilogue.

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    On the contrary, Ako's ending was one of the most unsatisfying things I saw recently - felt almost like a "normal end".

    Art looks nice, music and voices sound good, and I liked the translation. If I had to nitpick, then attempted drama in some routes fell flat - it didn't have the emotional impact needed for it to work. But still it was very enjoyable piece of moege. I'd say, a notch better than Fureraba - and I'm really glad they left the dating sim mechanics out this time - so that means 8/10.

    its nice to have no drama sometimes tbh, better than the forced drama some other moeges try to do (Hatsukoi 1/1 anyone?), thats one of the reasons I enjoyed most of the routes, Saki's route was also my first and nothing else beat it for me, Mashiro's one had the best puns though :sacchan:

  2. 8 hours ago, Seraphim88 said:

    After seeing reactions about the altered PS4 version of Aokana, PQube are apparently conducting a survey about censored releases. No idea if it's going to make any difference in the end, but I'm at least glad they're not just ignoring the issue.


    As of right now, only 16.8% are willing to buy the censored version, and the rest will either buy the game on a different platform or not at all.

    I dont get Sony, they wont censor Western games (a game just released a while ago with some graphic scenes) but for some reason Japanese games are evil? 

  3. 3 hours ago, Yuuko said:

    Despite making huge profit from Aokana series they decided to abandon eroge industry and their announced games because "the profit didn't meet their expections" and moved to mobile games. After their mobile game failed they came back to Aokana to take easy money away from their fans who they don't give a damn about.

    The people writing the story and making the engine etc has nothing to do with those sorts of decisions anyway 

  4. 9 hours ago, Infernoplex said:

    Anyway, my point is - not everyone can get a well-known publisher. You talk about that, but if we go by that logic, most companies should just buckle up and leave when they are unable to get any big name stuff. It's very unfair, especially towards some new companies that may want to enter the market one day. Aside from the fact that there aren't any many really famous companies left for picking, you also have to accept that it's literally impossible to get some stuff. And besides, other localization companies used to survive on some obscurer titles than what Sol is putting out. That's why I am 100% convinced it's not their licenses that hurt Sol the most, but the way they handled them, how they advertized them, etc. That's their biggest problem even today. I mean, Nukitashi and Iroseka should be at least decent, even if we disregard how famous they became in Japan. But Sol's handling of them is... "eh" at best. That's one of the things that puts NN and Sol Press apart. The way they handle their projects and licenses. Neither has bad picks, it's just that Sol has no fucking clue what they are doing. I attribute this to poor leadership and management

    One thing that builds up trust, Nekonyan interacts a lot with people on their forums/discord and have a semi-regular blog/twitter updates on their progress, they also announce their roadmap and stick to their promised release time and times their releases pretty well, not overlapping with any other major releases. If NekoNyan releases something from a unknown publisher now (like Golden Loveriche, I dont think anyone released anything from Saga Planets in the west yet) people will be more inclined to buy it.


    Also, one thing for my region at least is pricing, Sol Press's games are like $50-$58 (AUD) here compared to NN's 40ish, I'm not gonna pay that for titles I have never ever heard of from a new localization company that haven't really proven anything yet.  


    and we can't expect all of them to get famous publishers yes but your very first title released being a title I literally never heard of (Newton), was never even interested in buying and having a premise that sounds downright stupid (also containing a arrogant tsundere loli as a main heroine, I dont think thats as popular here like it is in Japan but thats a personal gripe) is not a good start is it? They could've chosen a far better initial title, doesnt have to be an Yuzusoft title.

    Actually they scuffed their first release since they pulled a Sekai on it (I honestly dont remember the name of this game lol) so that definitely hurt them as well. First impressions last.


    Its not too late for them tho, they need to market better as you said and a whole host of other things too probably 

  5. Mangagamer is one of the oldest localizers and still stands pretty strong. They also currently provides a central store for many other VN localizers, with steam being so dodgy this is pretty important.

    the only thing they are missing is consistently decent titles, I havent bought anything from them for a while. Wish they'd release more stuff like Sorcery Jokers


    Their titles are still more interesting than the ones Sekai and Sol are releasing tho. Still dont get why Sol are obsessed with the niche titles 

  6. I dont think its all self-insert reasons though, like Grisaia's protag dont have anything and no way in hell anyone can self-insert into him with how multi-talented he is.

    23 hours ago, Okarin said:

    Self-insert reasons; but high-budget, serious VNs like Steins;Gate have fully-fleshed, voiced protagonists (Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child too).

    hate those MCs, big reason I stopped reading Chaos Child halfway (even after buying it on my Vita!) 

    On 4/13/2020 at 2:47 AM, LegalLoliLover said:

    To be fair, it's not just the eroge that do it (see Dragon Quest).

    lots of games does it like Dragon Age and Persona series to name a few.


    Everyone voiced is nice but guessing budget doesnt allow for it 

  7. Man, too busy with Final Fantasy 7 and Persona 5R to finish this VN now, really enjoyed what I read so far though :sacchan:

    Did a bit of Karen and half of Reina's route after finishing Saki's 

    Karens route

    starts a bit too oddly, their relationship is really fast-tracked which kinda killed some of it, would've liked her to stay in the MC's old place a little longer before they decided to date (even fake date), I still like their chemistry though.

    Reina was good too but I started to lose interest in the 'going steady' chapters, liked her buildup better. Will come back later.


    Now to finish the 2 aforementioned games before coming back to this VN :wahaha:

  8. Finished Saki's route, nice to see that routes arent dragged on and on forever like HoshiOri. It was almost of perfect length

    Just a bit sad we didnt get to meet her parents and there was only one scene with the MC's (annoying) parents. Would've liked to see her interact with them more. 

  9. 5 hours ago, Seraphim88 said:

    To those of you already playing, are there a lot of puns? I saw someone post this on Reddit and thought it was pretty brilliant! If there's more where that came from, I'm looking forward to this more than ever!

    Uhhh so far didnt see that many, there are a lot of comedic moments though

    There was more puns in Lee’s route in A-3 (which i didnt finish since this came out :sacchan:)

  10. Started playing today, its pretty good so far. Met 4 of the 5 girls and everyone is interesting in their own way. MC is a bit quirky (and perverted) but he's decisive which is nice


    A good selling point is that it deals with adults in their 20s rather than the usual High School stuff.:mare:


    1 hour ago, wyldstrykr said:

    this vn is the fastest VN to get to the route.... i mean prologue -> OP -> girls route..  maybe i only view 1 route so far

    Apparently this VN is about falling in love after dating or sth so thats probably why