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  1. people cant help but brag right u like ecchi thats fine,no need to go out of ur way and say 'it has a good plot' -_-
  2. i knew it was huge so i read it at a more relaxed pace then usual made it more interesting imo
  3. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kira-kira/id330628336?mt=8 this?
  4. well it took me approximately 20 days to finish the 3 routes,longest time yet for me to finish a VN(did i mention i'm currently on vacaton? aka loads of free time) dont think i'll be forgetting anything anytime soon xD
  5. is it? hmm might give it a try soon bad end was good? wat? in bad ends as far as i know all of the heroines should die except for Yumiko who's bad end is not really that 'bad' (i guess shes the main heroine then?) also i wonder wat kinda afterstory Amane gets in Meikyuu,her route ended in death afterall in constrast to others
  6. I play the routes that i actually like first and if i'm bored enough i complete the other ones too generally but not always thats why i dont really like the format of Hoshimemo or Ever17 where u have to literally do every goddamn route to reach the conclusion
  7. yea it was the best route i read so far,i only got Michiru and Makina left now i hesitate to do the route of a comic relief characters though,maybe later (that and i'm not into 'lolis')
  8. well Moenovels translation is just that crappy it would take considerable amount of time to fix everything If they are releasing anything else in the future they should really hire a better translator
  9. yea really,i extremely recommend it to anyone play it NAW! xD If u liked Kyouske and Yamato,u'll absolutely love Kazami Yuuji,he already became one of my favorite ever characters (and i havent even finished it yet btw,gone through 3 routes took about 2 weeks) and wat unseen said,the quality is really consistent i doubt there's a 'bad' route in this game. Everything seems worth the read also Yuuji's sister Kazuki is another really interesting character,never seen one like her ever too hope we see more of her in the sequels
  10. My favorite read used to be G-Senjou no Maou,it was one of my first ever VN,also liked Majikoi a lot but i have to say Grisaia no Kajitsu which i'm currently reading beats them both easily Its just so well written,cant really express it into words
  11. maybe thats some type of censorship of theirs though this makes it more offensive :s
  12. started playing the first one few weeks ago just finished Amane's route ;d man its tiring to play(so huge ._.) this but cant seem to stop its so well written translators did a awesome job as well
  13. Chris' route was the only one i used to skip funtion a LOT (skipped more than half of it) its boring,annoying and doesnt make any sense
  14. aha nice u'll be continuing it good to know Good luck and thanks for the hard work
  15. i see thanks for the hard work are the character routes being done by different people? i think i've read before some of them were done (dont really remember)
  16. nice thanks for updating this seems useful
  17. Shinikiss is described to have an open ending as far as i know so u can prolly interpret it however u want,whether u think they turned back time to the point of Amamiya's death or that they both are now peacefully in the afterlife or any other interpretions xD but i'd like to think they went back to the time 10 years ago
  18. i've to add this ever17: Cross Channel:
  19. ah didnt know she appeared in Miyako's one and also Tatsuko is like Miyako she loves Yamato in all the routes/timelines and i was wondering why,was interested in the story there Kokoro's route was funny,i really like her voice actor and her reactions xD but other than that average. But Tsubame's route more than worth it for playing Majikoi S,her route was epic and i really liked her it was the first time i played a single route in one go(including the common route so took literally an entire day). Really liked the fact that she gets 2 alternate endings xD cant wait to see wats in store in her after story(again?) in A-3 Tatsuko is one of the five main heroines in Majikoi S the sequel (with Koyuki being the secret heroine i guess)
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