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  1. Grisaia no Kajitsu hands down best ever i read,nothing compares to it really imo The writing,the jokes,the storyline,the characters all thought up pretty well and most of all Kazami Yuuji and Kazuki are just too awesome xD Other honorable mentions would be G-senjou,Yume Miru Kusuri and Sharin no Kuni
  2. ur a writer? nice on that note i can relate to a bit,when i'm given essays to write usually if its an unusal topic i copy many character traits,storyline and other stuff from VNs animes and stuff. Got me As actually xD
  3. If its not a must to complete them like Hoshizora or Ever17 i usually never do cuz there is always one which i'll have no interest in reading cept for rare cases like G-senjou or Yume Miru Kusuri,i only read wat i like
  4. Sakaki has no bad endings its either a neutral ending or the good/'true' ending so u should read hers up first
  5. best to forget about,why try and feed a troll? leave him alone cuz clearly he wont answer anything and well i dunno the story about this(i never followed nor cared about it) but surely he did sth bad that the people in that visualnovear topic is so pissed? I mean judging from the recent tweet posted here he's not exactly a nice person ;d
  6. try out Yume Miru Kusuri (it gets dark but endings are satisfying) and if u want a bit more light hearted there's Edelweiss and its fandisc (though i'm not really a big fan of this but the fandisc is good)
  7. well keep it up guys offtopic: and shcboomer are u still doing Kourin no Machi translation? if u are hows that coming along?
  8. dont believe their lies D: dont go near that abomination called Saya no Uta
  9. Seens interesting good luck with the project
  10. think best to just drop this game altogether and translate something newer if anyone is looking to start a team Staircase seems to enjoy trolling so no need to touch DR or who knows wat'll happen
  11. yea hers is the last and biggest route thats why its still 0% done by Amaterasu xD thanks good to know
  12. Kazami Yuuji and akabeisoft2's(G-Senjou,Sharin no Kuni,aprofile) ones are the ones that i like mostly,also liked the one from Yume Miru Kusuri (dont remember the name) as for Antagonists no idea,Maou from G-senjou and Houzoki from Sharin no Kuni would be the only ones that comes close i guess?
  13. judging by that it should be enough but it'd be great if someone can confirm and thanks nosebleed
  14. hmm well i replaced the patch.xp3 and patch2.xp3 files with the new ones so i guess that should be enough?
  15. they recently released a new patch for this,i already had the prepatched(Benio's one) before,do i just need to patch over that or i need to reinstall it entirely?
  16. u mean darkeye translations? they'r stuck at 65% of Kurukuru Fanatic,they wont be doing this anytime soon
  17. aha so thats wat the 'grand route' is huh
  18. u can try A Profile,the patch has an option to disable H-Scenes and its 700 mb
  19. Amane's one the best cuz it showed Kazuki a lot,really liked her hope to get more of her in the next installment And why the hate for Yumiko? hers was pretty good imo and also
  20. Is this vn any good? never heard of it before now
  21. i also did Amane first after Amane i did Yumiko then Sachi and left the other 2 for later Doing Yumikos one right after Amane's one is best imo
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