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  1. Majikoi anime was terrible,it was just made for the fans. no specific route was chosen just random events from the VN The Opening episode adapted the battle from the overpowered girl's route(wat was the name again?) and so on like that
  2. The MC's pretty interesting so its worth reading just to see his antics,and some of the scenes are pretty well done too the sequel even has some animated scenes ;d but 2 routes of the original arent translated and nearly half of the sequel remains untranslated so if u dont like that u shouldnt bother reading now (it wont be finished anytime soon)
  3. still worth reading unless u wanna wait till 2016?
  4. The way she acts now cant wait to see how she changes in her own route ,the story should be interesting as well
  5. Moenovel cant,if they start censoring the FD like the original there'll be nothing left of it :s
  6. so this vn is as dark as kara no shoujo/saya no uta?
  7. so many of the old team left huh? well hopefully u still have enough help good luck guys!
  8. With the pace of wairu dont expect any progress in translation before 2016
  9. VN probably goes into more detail as usual,always worth reading it
  10. it was truly epic,the disappointing ends of Takeshi's routes and the boringness of Kid's routes made me regret playing this but after googling a bit people were all praises for the main route so i gave it a go and boy it was worth it
  11. read Steins;Gate when the new version is out,i'm waiting for it as well
  12. kara is worse than saya i believe D: and steins;gate it'd be better to wait till they release the new one,forgot when though
  13. currently planning on finishing comyu,only 1 hour in so far its interesting enough after that possibly rewrite or remember11 and hopefully Kagome route of comyu will be done by then
  14. my first one would be Da Capo and its sequel,it was like 2-3 years ago and i was so annoyed by the anime endings i looked up and found out about the vn and played it to sate some of my frustrations xD truth be told it wasnt before 2013 that i read my next VN wasnt really into it (2nd one was G-senjou)
  15. Trial version mon its like a beta edit: crap didnt see so many comments above before
  16. Censorship is used as a joke in many titles its done in Gintama pretty often and anyway imo its better this way
  17. hahaha its just that epic sometimes there's a punchline of sorts in those quotes,best moments!
  18. Most of Yuuji's(Grisaia) quotes are hilarious like the start of every day before the dialogues start he says sth awesome xD
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