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  1. VN Quotes

    Most of Yuuji's(Grisaia) quotes are hilarious like the start of every day before the dialogues start he says sth awesome xD
  2. Concerning Cocoro@function!

    Nah fhey wont do anything and even if MN translates this,i think the translation team already agreed that they'd have to fully retranslate and edit that anyway
  3. Psychological/Thriller Visual Novel

    Infinity series is not really psychological or thriller more of a mystery and sci-fi though i do recommend u read them all
  4. Visual Novel's That Make You Cry?

    is it just me or was there a thread like this not even a month ago ;d
  5. 50 translated VNs you should read before you die

    k thanks for letting me know never found a good enough review for it
  6. 50 translated VNs you should read before you die

    hmm i see I/O in that list,is that actually good? The plot seems weird xD been hesitant to play it
  7. Konosora Snow Presents

    FD huh? well if its a fanservice type of FD then i doubt Moenovel would touch it to that point is there any more story to expand after Konosora? (i havent read it yet)
  8. Playing G Senjou no Maou

    ah Tsubaki's route,it was a good read and yea gets kinda dark and felt bad for her a lot of the time but the ending was pretty good imo,
  9. Konosora Snow Presents

    so is this a direct sequel or just set in the same world of KonoSora?
  10. Psychological/Thriller Visual Novel

    Kara no Shoujo would be one but be warned its story is really dark
  11. heh well i can see that ur following ur dream thats always nice Good luck with it,hopefully one day success will find u
  12. VN Characters You Felt That Needed a Route

    would like to see JB of Grisaia get a route(maybe she does in the sequels? idk) always was a favorite part of the VN,the interactions between Yuuji and her and the only other one i can think of atm is Yuki from G-senjou though maybe not a route but a mini-route or a bit more of her would've been nice
  13. Best VN You've Ever Played

    Grisaia no Kajitsu hands down best ever i read,nothing compares to it really imo The writing,the jokes,the storyline,the characters all thought up pretty well and most of all Kazami Yuuji and Kazuki are just too awesome xD Other honorable mentions would be G-senjou,Yume Miru Kusuri and Sharin no Kuni
  14. ur a writer? nice on that note i can relate to a bit,when i'm given essays to write usually if its an unusal topic i copy many character traits,storyline and other stuff from VNs animes and stuff. Got me As actually xD
  15. If its not a must to complete them like Hoshizora or Ever17 i usually never do cuz there is always one which i'll have no interest in reading cept for rare cases like G-senjou or Yume Miru Kusuri,i only read wat i like
  16. Grisaia no Kajitsu Endings (Possible Spoilers)

    Sakaki has no bad endings its either a neutral ending or the good/'true' ending so u should read hers up first
  17. Dracu-Riot

    best to forget about,why try and feed a troll? leave him alone cuz clearly he wont answer anything and well i dunno the story about this(i never followed nor cared about it) but surely he did sth bad that the people in that visualnovear topic is so pissed? I mean judging from the recent tweet posted here he's not exactly a nice person ;d
  18. What do you recommend?

    about Kara no Shoujo
  19. What do you recommend?

    try out Yume Miru Kusuri (it gets dark but endings are satisfying) and if u want a bit more light hearted there's Edelweiss and its fandisc (though i'm not really a big fan of this but the fandisc is good)
  20. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    well keep it up guys offtopic: and shcboomer are u still doing Kourin no Machi translation? if u are hows that coming along?
  21. Can anyone recommend some vns?

    dont believe their lies D: dont go near that abomination called Saya no Uta
  22. Next Project Poll...

    Seens interesting good luck with the project
  23. Dracu-Riot

    think best to just drop this game altogether and translate something newer if anyone is looking to start a team Staircase seems to enjoy trolling so no need to touch DR or who knows wat'll happen
  24. Comyu question

    they recently released a new patch for this,i already had the prepatched(Benio's one) before,do i just need to patch over that or i need to reinstall it entirely?