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  1. nice it seems to be off to a good start. and well one of the main things people love about this series is the relationship between the 2 siblings.No Incest yet but heavily implied Protag is almost as badass as Yuuji which is awesome
  2. ikkikoi? well after finishing it i could tolerate Ryou more as to why she was doing those things (and liked her reactions during the route ) But Eika...ugh...annoying till the end couldnt finish that one
  3. looks nice,envious of ya enjoy it!
  4. ah the usual then,just some collectibles Weird to release that before standard one
  5. uh...so limited edition released first? Why? xD wats the difference anyway between this and the standard?
  6. they could just make it so Yuuji chooses no one like the path Meikyuu will apparently follow,that'll leave for a more satisfying possibly original ending and also room for season 2 anyway still no more news on this,eh? this is being too secretive or maybe they'r scrapping it? ;s
  7. of the serious romances the ones i can think of right at this moment would be: White Album 2 Golden Time True Tears (i watched a lot moar anime so this might change if i think about it for a bit but meh)
  8. Mahouka Koukou,Brynhildir,Hitsugi no Chaika,Mangaka to Assitant-san and Kagerou Days are the stand-outs for me this season. There's also the 5 episode sequel for the Monogatari series a few others also look interesting seems its gonna be a good season Blade and Soul? Fanservice ofc
  9. isnt the limited edition coming out at the end of this month? u pre-ordered or sth? i see,so now i guess i can actually buy this to show support for the Steins:gates' company ;d,thanks for the info
  10. JAST released it recently,right? wanted to ask whats the actual difference between this one and the one we already had? they just made it official or sth?
  11. what is this kickstarter that i keep hearing of ;s
  12. Majikoi anime was terrible,it was just made for the fans. no specific route was chosen just random events from the VN The Opening episode adapted the battle from the overpowered girl's route(wat was the name again?) and so on like that
  13. The MC's pretty interesting so its worth reading just to see his antics,and some of the scenes are pretty well done too the sequel even has some animated scenes ;d but 2 routes of the original arent translated and nearly half of the sequel remains untranslated so if u dont like that u shouldnt bother reading now (it wont be finished anytime soon)
  14. still worth reading unless u wanna wait till 2016?
  15. The way she acts now cant wait to see how she changes in her own route ,the story should be interesting as well
  16. Moenovel cant,if they start censoring the FD like the original there'll be nothing left of it :s
  17. so this vn is as dark as kara no shoujo/saya no uta?
  18. so many of the old team left huh? well hopefully u still have enough help good luck guys!
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