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  1. at the very least amaterasu wont be doing it,their next 3 projects are already set after comyu
  2. ah thats a good advice,thanks i'll try it out soon
  3. guess nothing much to do about it other than keep the laptop as cool as possible,perhaps turning on the AC once it gets too heated up might help a bit meh so no marathoning through this VN then gonna be annoying xD
  4. First of all this is my laptop's specs: Dell Insipirion N4050 2 GB RAM Intel Core i3-2370M Processor(2.40 ghz) Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Operating System thats all i guess? i've noticed it after my laptop randomly shut down after running konosora for too long,the temperatures go up far too high for just a VN,cant really have it running for more than 2-3 hours i think which is kind of annoying One reason could be the resolution almost takes up my entire screen(there's no way to reduce that either sigh) or it could be this is a fairly recent VN requires high specs? i dunno anyone faced a problem like this and can i do anything about it?
  5. could be he had that amount of humanity left orr it also could be Usami caught him herself
  6. great news So now they can finally finish editing Yoake Mae Yori,i was gonna pick it up later this month so great !
  7. so this was the VN u got huh,well i cant find any info on it at all other than the basic description and all the torrents available have 0 seeds D:
  8. doesnt matter i guess as long its nothing major,i was thinking more like an entire route would get spoiled thanks for letting me know !
  9. i never understood why Kyouske conveniently got headaches or work when Maou was on the action ;d
  10. aha i see thanks a lot,i just wanted to know if the anime spoils any route or anything because then wouldnt watch it before playing well now i've got something new to watch ;d
  11. well this VN has been in editing for the last 2 years but there was a partial patch released quite some time ago,i was gonna wait for full patch but since its not going to come out anytime soon thought i'd just pick it up later this month(gonna be too busy to read later prolly) anyway to my question,i noticed there was an anime of this and downloaded it i was wondering if the anime spoils anything of the VN? and also is the anime any good?
  12. its not for everyone not bad,a fairly good VN but certainly not a 'masterpiece' some parts get annoying especially since i was forced to do all the goddamn routes -.- (doing Isuzu and Asuho was annoying for me) but all in all it was enjoyable
  13. hey been a while since i saw u,hows it going? so ur working on that vn project,huh? well good luck and have fun !
  14. patch should be installed correctly if u have rio.arc.bkp file in the game folder
  15. hahaha another 80% project(or so they claim atleast,could easily be lying about how much done ;d) after working that far into a VN,dropping it seems lame no matter wat the reason. Atleast me myself wouldnt be able to do that. Anyway cant really do anything
  16. it doesnt really get as much depressing as Elfen Lied if i remember right also a subtle difference between Gokukoku and Elfen lied is that the MC is much more capable here and is just not a powerless guy. He has a lot of 'cool' moments
  17. Read the true route,carefully it explains every single mystery (atleast all major ones) i read this quite a while ago but from what i remember 2034 incident was a plot by the original 'survivors' of the LeMU incident to mainly save everyone especially Takeshi,it was a plan by Yubeiseiharukana and Kid mainly,thats why Tsugumi is so rough in the 2034 version she didnt understand why this was happening all over again etc etc and money,uh Harukana is pretty rich probably being a successful researcher and all but meh who cares
  18. those ends would be quite amusing xD man i never realized marika was so similar to Miyako
  19. Sekien no Ingarock....why lol its not even that good and it already has a TL i havent read it too much but the TL wasnt that bad,not bad enough to re-TL it atleast hopefully a worthwhile VN gets a TL/official release and not this
  20. ah so here u have to read everything as well huh. well guess its unfinished like people are saying here sad
  21. u loved it? i didnt understand a damn thing lol wat was even going on? :s (i didnt read vn)
  22. so no satisfying ending for this vn? ;d with the way ever17 ended i had more hope for this(was gonna read it this month) meh
  23. ignore it,move on to bigger and better things ;d some things are just not meant to be
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