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  1. Tomoyo has a different game dedicated to her---> https://fuwanovel.net/novels/tomoyo-after
  2. disappointing yes,i was expecting something like Keima confessing to every single girl and come up with some crazy reason for doing it. Come on he is the Capturing God D:,the ending was too bland coming from him. It was kind of sad seeing Dokurou and Tenri crying and the others acting all depressed :s
  3. what? its a VN so obviously there are different routes,like 10 different endings in the VN. reason to ready,dunno maybe if u liked some of the heroines like Ryou/Kyou u could read their routes
  4. ''First comes destruction.I bring forth nothing,bless nothing,save nothing. I just erase...Completely." always liked this from the first time i heard it ;d
  5. think it'd just be the less 'fighty' version of majikoi lol
  6. heh that was totally a random way of getting to know a VN and wanting to translate it on top of that,well good luck ! it seems this is a Front Wing title so it should be an interesting one
  7. come on how can u hate Miyuki xD she's one of the better imouto's out there imo and ofc she'll have a brother complex with having a brother as OP as that ;d Kagerou project/Mekakucity Actors is always confusing even after reading 20 chapters of the manga i dont understand shit,they randomly go into a past arc,randomly new heroine appears and stuff like that. They also use some terms which makes no sense but i'm guessing all the mysteries will be solved towards the end only
  8. Chitoge wasnt this dislikable in the one-shot and they didnt meet in high-school they more or less grew up together (if i remember right) anyway yea they probably wont go with fan polls but come on it'd be nice to have a non-generic ending once in a while like Ichigo 100% and oh yea i wonder how popular Yui would be in a poll,hope they have another one in the coming months
  9. meh i'll rage if gorilla girl is the one with the key cuz judging from the few flashbacks we had that girl is much moar girly ;d and anyway it wont be that simple,the author might just go with wat the fans want which is either Marika or Onodera based on rankings ,Yui would be awesome as well
  10. people always love to gossip best ignore them xD
  11. well i couldnt take makina seriously at all after knowing how she is from 3 other routes lol thats why didnt bother with michiru yet.
  12. well i quite enjoyed it actually but yes it could've been a bit better. many people were also probably expecting something much better after the initial routes(esp Amane) but anyway like i said comic relief characters routes like Machina and Michiru felt really weird to me xD,true it was written better but still
  13. all 3 of the series are awesome one of the rare trios
  14. its very possible if u get along,have mutual interests(like anime maybe?),have known each other for a while and stuff like that. i never had female friends(only on a classmate relation at most) but thats mostly because i never met anyone with similar interests as me. Very rare in my country to find people as deeply interested in anime,vn,manga etc as me
  15. Sakaki's route is good though waste not to read that,her reactions are awesome and also
  16. hell yea xD though i dont really mind any of the characters in this,all of them are interesting in their way also cant wait for more of Hachiman's philosophical quotes
  17. Just saw this today 2nd season for the 2013 series Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru has been greenlit i really liked this unique series so just wanted to share
  18. well if anyone can do it,its Amaterasu others will take 10 years xD
  19. We need a Kazuki FD best character!
  20. Comic relief characters again getting these kind of releases lol
  21. In TV,first ones were DBZ and Ruroni Kenshin i guess but anyway i prefer to say my first one was hayate no gotoku,it was with that series that i started dling/watching anime on a seasonal basis
  22. well the sequels already explain in more detail wat was explained in Makina's route (his trauma etc) so not really that important to read all the routes or anything. (i still havent read Michiru's ;d) all the routes give a piece of Yuuji's past to us but nothing really concrete is explained thats why the sequel and sequel's sequel was made
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