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  1. hrm...about time they announced that been almost a year hopefully will get an eta on release soon
  2. so Cruise sign is console only?
  3. i didnt like either of 'em i just finished Kotori's route a while ago and halfway through Ageha's route atm Amane best for me
  4. ah i see....well small elements shouldnt be enough to make it into a romance list xD but anyway to each his own
  5. ah i see. well about time,she should've had a route in the original though.She was more interesting then Kotori xD
  6. suddenly waves of Monogatari anime coming one after another lol,i think a 5-part ova is supposed to air this season as well.
  7. Akari route? Nice ,doesnt she have one in the fandisc already though?
  8. doesnt the editor have the scripts or ways to contact the TL guy?
  9. he has something to gain,all of u guys being hopeful about it and then being trolled at the end brings him great pleasure yea i might be being paranoid but i've seen his comments,posts etc and they dont give me much hope that he's not trolling with those posts and we dont distrust other TL team's status reports cuz maybe they dont have any history of being an ass? not everyone enjoys trolling
  10. well i never liked Mecha,it just seems weird and uninteresting to me. I never actually got all the hype with freaking Gundam and Gurren Laggan D: the first and one of the only Mecha anime i finished and loved would be Code Geass,that one is in my all time fav list. Watched it liked 6 times by now xD As for Nanana,it is good so far,one of the things to follow for me this season. The setting and plot seems unique enough
  11. IF the VN interesting like Grisaia i'm confident i'll remember the funny parts,important parts for the rest of my life but the less interesting ones i prolly forget soon enough. Thats how it is for me for more or less everything xD
  12. ah makes more sense now,thanks ! i dont really like mecha but here liked the plot and the cast of characters but u know didnt understand much xD well looking forward to this
  13. so just finished watching M3: Sono Kuroki Tetsu episode 1 please tell me wth was going on,didnt understand a damn thing lol
  14. the main thing i dont like is he was such a nice guy when he was a virgin ;d how dafaq can someone change so much afterward
  15. this hate saddens me she was always one of my fav characters in the manga,her spin-off series was also very good. Not annoying in the least if anyone's annoying it'd be the president lol
  16. i have a feeling Issukhan Friends will get dark soon dealing with the cause of her amnesia and other stuff because the MC always seem to imply things didnt go his way and whatnot
  17. dont forget Dokurou and anyway maybe they'll if they ever adapt(anime)this it'll have a different type of ending cuz i doubt this ending was any popular
  18. well maybe he wanted to translate something rare instead of something mainstream xD
  19. all dropped projects always ends the same way thats why well anyway no harm in trying,good luck with that !
  20. kara no shoujo left me traumatized xD i mean it makes u feel all helpless and shit :s not a genre i like i guess
  21. well if he was willing to give the scripts he would've done long before,dont think he'll reply or anything even if we 'find' him
  22. the girl with the least screentime literally
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