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  1. Disappointed....

    Why are you playing Nukiges and ranting...?
  2. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Just started playing this a bit, some thoughts: The art really is beautiful, from character sprites to backgrounds, they didnt half-ass anything. The world feels alive and not just confined to the MC and his heroines lol (Those 1440p assets must be big tho...game is like 9.3 gb is size) They also learnt from Koichoco, no bitchy unlikable heroines , might not have to mute someone/skip someone's route completely Masaya seems to be a good protag as well. Too bad sprite went under, they barely released 3 games
  3. Anyone played the VN/Have any thoughts on it yet? Just curious before I try it
  4. First VN you ever played and what did you think?

    First ever read was Da Capo because I think I didnt like the direction the anime went and I really liked Kotori's character and was bummed she barely got any screentime. Nemu was also a terrible character
  5. God...if I read it gonna have to skip some texts like I did in KonoSora and Miagete Goran
  6. Its gonna be full of rocketry lingo isnt it lol
  7. Mangagamer and Minori News(?) to be announced soon

    Yeah, Protags are stupid and not just that their world building is so bad, like in Trinoline no one exists in the game except MC and his heroines and a few sub characters, it felt really off. I only liked Ef from them and that too mostly the routes that didnt have one of those annoying twins as heroines
  8. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Somehow steam version is out too (with optional 18+ patch) miracle
  9. After SukiSuki was wondering if they'd ever release this but I guess they'll try, along with having issues with their payment gateway Mangagamer announced that HareTaka will be delayed. Well hopefully they fix their payment thing and its out before the end of the year or earlier.
  10. They have like over 10 pending releases, nowhere close to be 'going under' Its guys like Sol Press that are in the red
  11. Kickstarter for the phyiscal edition will be starting soon and seems they plan to release it digitally around 8.30.2019 based on what they saying. They are behind on Hello Lady so thats been pushed back to a Autumn release(Late Q3). Other projects seem be to on schedule. Seems they'll be releasing a title every month or so from end of August if they make the deadlines . There's even an unannounced Project scheduled for December (FanDisk of something?) Also good to see that Sankaku Renai sold well so far, I quite liked it so hope they pick up some more titles from Asa Project
  12. Conjueror passed away

  13. like I keep saying, maybe you did but I didnt and seems like a lot of people didnt so that was my whole point
  14. its nothing spectacular and it was boring for me. You can compare Sakura Sakura/Newton to like Fureraba or Sanoba Witch, see which got more hype. (looking at initial releases by recent companies) I dont remember the numbers for Nekonyan but it was decent. Also Newton costs $57 for me(compared to most vns $40 and under), why would I pay that for a VN that doesnt really look any interesting? (Main girl is a loli, no ty, Also MC seems like an idiot judging by vndb). I buy triple A titles on release date ish with that type of money lol. Same with Sakura Sakura, delayed over 6 months and not that interesting of a premise. The multiple protags didnt really work. Atleast not for me. If you liked any of these two good on you I guess but most of us didnt clearly.
  15. I see, thanks for the input Still a bit skeptical but might try it out. Looks interesting
  16. You can go that way after you are on your way but not when you are just starting up. No one knows Sol Press and they chose such an old game for their first title and an even more obscure one for their 2nd. Not to mention Sakura Sakura in the end got delayed over 6 months i think
  17. For Sol Press it would be to go after better, well-known games and not the obscure ones that Sol Press usually goes for like Sakura Sakura Newton(like seriously i never heard of it or the company that made it and it was boring to read) or Niche ones like Yotsuhana Look at Nekonyan, they arrived at the scene almost at the same time or a bit after Sol Press and they look far more successful (I actually bought and played their titles anyway). They are going with SMEE, Yuzusoft, spirte (have you seen how successful their Aokana kickstarter was?) etc. Popular brands that are notable. They are also mostly sticking with Moege with Aokana being their first one thats not just that i believe? Hello Lady is also a chuunige i believe which is due to release soon. So find it hard to believe that 1 in 5 ratio, maybe its true for his company but certainly not everyone Exactly!
  18. So anyone played it? Any thoughts? Seems like an interesting concept to get the females' PoV throughout the VN but how does this even work, like routes and stuff with the MC? Diary alters itself based on choices or sth?
  19. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    yeah so they can release it in the year 2030
  20. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    More Aokana
  21. Well its a highly regarded trilogy, been waiting for it ever since I finished every other translated Akabeisoft games like 5 years ago (though i think they arent the only ones who published/made this) so definitely gonna check it out
  22. Pretty sure this group is different from the one before. but yeah there was a project on this before as well Afaik they made a post that they plan to release the patch during 2019 Bad news is their last update was back in November so could be stuck in editing/tlc hell
  23. Akatsuki no Goei should be released this year, been 100% tled for a while hows the translation? The patch seems like its English AND Spanish so doesnt sound good lol