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  1. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Well its a comedy ish moege for sure, pretty good so far. Translations are the same quality as previous Nekonyan titles MC is not really a pervert, just making "dirty" jokes usually in reponse to his step-sister. He seems pretty proactive instead of 'hetare' so far I'm only 4 hours in though Also good to see the parents having sprites, thats rare
  2. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    http://www.otakulair.com/english-visual-novel-walkthroughs/if-you-love-me-then-say-so-walkthrough-mangagamer/ I guess Other than that go through this thread if you are stuck on something specific, its probably been explained already
  3. Its similar in the fact that it explores the same theme about people who never had much familial love, the story is pretty engrossing from the start and the MC is not too much of a pushover and focuses on how he is getting his life back together. Also ofcourse both have adult MCs which is rare. One big issue with Damekoi is that its too centered around Mitoko, her route is locked behind everything and you can see that less effort was put in the other routes for that reason, Mitoko is also barely tolerable till mid-way through the VN but not as bad as Himeo i guess. I have not read all the routes yet though so maybe my opinion changes but so far the tag of 'kamige' is undeserving imo.
  4. Maybe Kazoku Keikaku White Album 2 if you can stand the bad translation or know Japanese
  5. So the heroines are annoying? I thought i'd only be the Tsundere and ex-wife, isnt the Coworker meant to be dere?
  6. Yotsunoha just got banned on steam lol
  7. Just announced by NekoNyan No idea about this VN but I hope its good
  8. VNs that need more attention

    A bit more of the Chuuni/fantasy stuff like Comyu, Sorcery Jokers, Leyline etc would be nice Tons and tons of moege coming out for the past year or so lol
  9. Visual Novel Steam Sales Declining?

    Steam sales might be down but more people probably buy outside of steam due to them being so anal about everything Also afaik the games you listed arent that popular anyway, HGB also had its release issues
  10. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Straight after the release of Trinoline, Mangagamer announces the release date for The Most Forbidden Love in the World, AKA Damekoi Was not expecting that, I heard good things about this VN so pretty excited about the release
  11. Trinoline Release

    I stopped reading this VN for now, it feels really static after a while and i'm also really busy in my final Uni year one thing turns me off....why does no one other than the girls and the MC ever talk? Seems like they have literally 0 other males in the story. We dont know anyone from their class, no one has sprites or any lines itself other than the main cast and a few minor characters(all females). The world feels really empty atleast in the common route
  12. HoshiOri Discussion

    There is no drama in this VN, its mostly SoL and about the club activities stuff. In Rikka's route you probably get the most 'drama' tackling her fear but thats about it Thats good in a sense because toneworks does shit drama, that was one of the major turn-offs in Hatsukoi. Better not to have it at all
  13. Trinoline Release

    Ok this game is huge, like in terms of file size. Fureraba is a VN of similar length and this is twice the size of that. It must be the animations or something lol This is also the first time a VN actually lagged for me, had to turn special effects etc off since it was using up more than 90% of my GPU and caused a slight delay in advancing text As for the VN itself, its pretty good. The MC is nothing like Hatsukoi's one, havent entered a route yet though.
  14. I guess they wont really announce anything big at Anime Boston
  15. Cool, still havent bothered to touch the FD though but will probably get around to it soon
  16. Trinoline Release

    It has decent reviews, gonna start playing after I finish Natsuki's route in HoshiOri lol So many releases!
  17. HoshiOri Discussion

    Its 5 hscenes in the bloody 'Afterstory' of each heroine i think, I only read 1(Rikka's) so far because i cant be asked . Rikka atleast had some decent development unlike Marika or Sora which was endless SoL, repeating same things a lot of times
  18. HoshiOri Discussion

    seriously routes are too long was doing Sora's route but got really boring so just left it. Started Natsuki's one next, she's more interesting. I didnt really like her in the common route but she's really adorable in her route
  19. How do you choose your first route?

    Its mostly a random decision, if they do something interesting in the common route i might gravitate more towards that particular character but I do keep in mind of a heroine 'not' to read first though I try to keep best for second last or last Most of the time there's atleast 1 route i skip completely, typically the Loli routes like Mahiro's one in SukiSuki was just wrong :S
  20. HoshiOri Discussion

    Yeah added, I was just giving people some time to read through it first, most routes are pretty big I am not finding it too bad, Sora can be pretty cute once you get to know her. i found Marika's one to be a bit boring, atleast at the start, will revist that later. There is no breakup drama in every single route like Hatsukoi That was also another major improvment
  21. HoshiOri Discussion

    yeah but it seems toneworks in particular doesnt handle the transition well enough, not helped by ths fact that heroines dont have individual scenes in the common route. Anyway minor gripe
  22. Dracu-Riot

    I wonder if Sekai ever plans to release anything relevant ever again, ever since Leyline 1 all they released is Indie crap or short VNs
  23. HoshiOri Discussion

    The translation is solid, in line with their previous releases. Surprising since they did it in half a year or a bit more than that i think, considering its a longer than usual VN with 6 heroines thats quite fast. and it a decent read, one of my few gripes with it is that its too damn long at times Rikka route spoiler: Also same as previous one MC 'falls in love' too randomly but hey atleast he aint a jackass or have any jackass friends They also went with the all girls 1 guy 'club' scenario again and i believe Gin'Iro Haruka is the same, their writers really likes this it seems
  24. Akari DLC announcemed well i’m definitely interested in that