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  1. Script Extraction Thread

    Any tool pack - unpack texts from Grisaia no Meikyuu ? thaks!
  2. Data extraction thread

    Have any tool for .dat archives? to extract - pack ? Thanks :P!
  3. Script Extraction Thread

    Have any tool for .dat archives? to extract - pack ? Thanks again :P!
  4. Script Extraction Thread

    I will ask ! thanks ! and yeah , i know about eng translation , but i wan't to do a Spanish translation ! Thanks again for the help ;E !
  5. Script Extraction Thread

    I see , what about Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.3-4 ? I see the first two parts was translated , any chance to get a tool to unpack - pack? Thanks again , you are really a nice person bring it us tools for translation !
  6. Script Extraction Thread

    Asking again do you have a tool for ? Schwarzesmarken: Junkyousha-tachi RioX not works ! Thanks!
  7. Script Extraction Thread

    Nice memory ! , Yeah long time ago , i ask for a code [precisaly for the images compression - i found a solution xD] , the releases of C;H LCC on PSP uses .bin protection And from xbox360 uses .SCR ! NIPA tool not work for that , that's why i asking :P! PD:Im gonna try the tool for Dies irae !
  8. Script Extraction Thread

    thanks for the tool , works perfect :P! Just for asking , don't you have a tool to extract - pack for this games : ? Dis Israe (steam release) Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu (psp or xbox360) Thanks for all!
  9. Script Extraction Thread

    Oh im interested on translate all foritsimmo games ! that tool will be usefull too If you can provide me , will be grateful ! thanks !
  10. Hi guys ! im searching for a tools to extract / compile texs from Fortissimo EXS! the text are in .mes Can anyone help me ? thanks!
  11. Script Extraction Thread

    you have a tool to extract / compile fortisimo EXS text ? the files are .mes! Thanks!
  12. hi , i want to know if anyone can give me / recomend me an extractor - packer for the version of Dis israe (steam) The archives are data1.dat Thanks ! my team are prepared to initializate the translation :P! thanks!
  13. Hi guys! im new on this forum ! I need help for someone , im working on a spanish fan translation for Chaos;Head (PC) - Chaos;Head NOAH (xbox360) But i have a big problem! i use the tool NIPA to extract all data i need to work in the translation but... at the momento of compress CG (images) data again , the game not work Can anyone give a solution o program to compress / edit CG archive without problems? Thanks!
  14. Using phothoshop cs6 , i unpack cg archive , modify the image , pack again and game not works , seems like a compression problem with the engine of nitro plus Maybe exist a program to open that archvies (npa) and put the files directly inside? without uncompressing? thanks!
  15. thanks for the help bu Nope not works , same problem , when i put the image (modified by me) and compress the CG folder with the program Game doesn't work (black screen only with sound)
  16. Data extraction thread

    Hi guys what tool can i use to compress CG folder (CHaos;Head) without problems? NIPA not works!