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  1. Taisho Alice Localization Fiasco

    What makes me wonder is...does Primula care or know about this? How did these....or....this....guy manage to get their agreement for a localization in the first place...
  2. Hello, we are a fan translation group focusing on translating otome games to English. We've been silently working on Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser but progress isn't going well as planned, so we want to lowkey look for translators who would like to help us with the project! Or maybe just otome games in general (if you want to stick with us in the future)! BEHOLD! You can find more info on the game at vndb. Currently we have 3 active translators, they are all busy with side projects and RL so everything's not been as productive as we hoped. We have all the scripts ready, all you have to do is dive in and translate If you don't know Japanese, feel free to pull your friends who do know here and help us! PM me here with your details or just comment in the topic so I can contact you. OR send me an email to lucidussol.otoge(at)gmail(dot)com Please stay in touch if you ever decide to help PS. JP-EN translators only, we don't want to make a translation of a translation if you know what I mean.