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  1. A Humble 'Hello' From Me to You.

    Part of the reason I signed on, to be completely honest. As I said, right now I'm looking for at least one artist for the project. Also working on a project update post to start getting the word around.
  2. A Humble 'Hello' From Me to You.

    Thanks to both of you! For my project, my only hangup at this point is finding a character/ environment artist.
  3. Greetings to fuwanovel users, both long-timers and my fellow new people. I'm just here to introduce myself. I am Einar, Game Development grad from Full Sail University, and budding indy developer. I am also a long (18 year) fan of the VN genre, and got interested waay back with True Love and 3 Sister's Story. Admittedly, the former of those titles is still one of my favorite games. As it happens, I am dipping my own toes into the waters of producing my own VN IP, and have a GDD (Game Development Document) well under way for one, including framework info for various girls, and their stories within my fiction. Alas, my team consists of only me, and my artistic talents have degraded over years of focusing purely on my academic efforts (which consisted mostly of the psychology of addiction, document creation and management, and the pipeline for game production). I'll leave my introduction here, and conclude with a very merry "Happy to meet you all!"