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  1. 1 and 2 are about the same. I don't think it'll hurt you to pick another girl if the prefered one isn't avalible. There is a lot of time to get a girlfriend and that make me think the developers may thought you may want to interact with diferent heroines before to pick your favorite. Also the game is based on love points so the developers have probably consider it could take you some time to get enought points unless you keep reloading if things didn't go your way. You can pick to not see anyone when your prefered heroine isn't avalible in order to make a pure 100% experience of each route. This way when you go back and pick another heroine everything will still be new. It depend of how you like to play.
  2. If a CG isn't missing then it probably means that nekonyansoft decided to censure one CG and didn't bother to rearrange the CG list. Would like to go and check which CG they censured with the jp hcg archives, but i would spoiler myself if i do so since i haven played her route yet.
  3. Thanks a lot. It worked for me. I had a trouble with Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai
  4. I'm playing the original game in pc with the last complete patch. And i ended overhear while i was looking for something. I have to say that i agree that normally Abe no Semei and Nostradamus don't look extraordinary but one of them can be incredible cost-efective unit in the game, a decent damage dealer and a brave generator all at the same time! You only need to give Semei or Nostradamus something like the rosette stone (+2 brave every turn) and some item that increase the damage like, Futsumitama (+1000 damage) Then by using Grand cross (cost 2 brave) you can make the girl a pretty decent damage dealer hitting up to 5 units for "free" brave and, at the same time thanks to be using magic, you can also get a good amount of brave in the process. Nostradamus has higher speed so it may be better since she'll take, but Semei has more ofensive spells that can be used in it's place acording to the needs.
  5. Can someone re-upload the partial english patch, please? All the links i have found for it until now are all dead. :C
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