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  1. Hey guys, how's it going. I've read a few visual novels over the years, always in English, but recently I have the urge to get more into the scene. I'm going to read a few in Japanese, and assuming that goes well possibly try to join a fan translation project. I lived in Japan for a couple of years and have been studying, so my Japanese is pretty good (likely somewhere between N2 and N1). Most of (all?) the visual novels I've read so far have been pretty popular, mainstream ones (F/SN, G-Senjou, Grisaia, Clannad, etc.) so there are tons out there for me to start with. Hope to see you all around, and if you're reading this please recommend your favorite VN, I'll probably pick which one to read next based on replies! P.S. In case you're wondering about my username, it's the name of my cat