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  1. More recommendations

    Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ its on steam if you want
  2. Indecisive ;__;

    Hey so Princess Evangile W happiness and Wagamama High Spec both got released this week and are both on sale around the same price. Problem I cant decide between the two. Ive been waiting for W happiness for about 2 years now but I just tried the Wagamama demo and it caught my intrest as well.
  3. Visual novel and Dating sims

    If you them sick anime waifus -Da Capo Games(All 3) -D.S Dal Segno -Princess Evangile -Noble Works -Koisuru Natsu No Last Resort -Koiken Otome
  4. Recommendations?

    Who are you calling a beginner ;-;. Nah I am just kidding thanks for the list I'll check them out
  5. Recommendations?

    Oh wow holy crap that's a lot. Thanks for thanking your time to make a whole list
  6. Recommendations?

    I am in the process of learning probably gonna take me at least half a year
  7. Recommendations?

    Just finished Da Capo 3 R which was my first VN in about 5 years. You guys know any other VN's that are fairly knew 2010 and above that are similar? Thanks