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  1. So I am playing a visual novel called Paradise, I've tried extracting the .dat files multiple times with ExtractData and other tools, but in vain. I saw in some threads that AnimED works wonderfully with .dat files, but I cant find the download link anywhere, please fi anyone knows where I can find it, help me out
  2. I am actually trying to play Taisho x Alice episode 1 but I don't like the English voices so I downloaded Taisho x Alice in Japanese that way I can have the Japanese voices but the problem is the script I can't understand Japanese written so I extracted the Archive file for both of them and I found the Scenario.dat file and I am sure that inside it there is the script but I can't extract it with Actools (AnimeED) or DataExtractor or Edit it with Notepad with any kind of encoding . If you wish to help me (I'll be really grateful), here the download link for the archives already extracted the one with archive.dat~ is the Japanese one and the archiveeng.dat~ is the English one. Thanks a lot!!!
  3. Like who? My mom won't allow me to buy these kind of things even if I'm already a young-adult. Well, I'll juts give up, thanks anyway.
  4. Yep, I did change it to Japan, and btw do you know a way to download without going through all the complicated things, I searched everywhere I don't know what to do anymore. And what did you mean by CD reader in my notebook? Were you talking about Daemon tools lite or something like that? Sorry for being such a noob.
  5. So, I am trying to play an Otome game called Under The Moon and in order to play it, I need to NoCD Patch it. I am using the (NoCD Patch) AlphaROM 2.1~3.1汎用 rev4 and I have Windows 10. Each time I try to patch the .exe game there this window that shows up https://ibb.co/kJUEn6 It means (This file is not compatible) But I don't know what to do , I mounted it then went to the download location to patch it. PLease help I really wanna play this game and I'll be extremely grateful if you help me. Thanks
  6. Well, the Title says everything - I nedd the H-code for the PSP game Musketeer le sang des chevaliers PLEASE!!! But if you don't feel like searching for it then can you tell me a way to manually find the H/code? I don't know how to, and I can't go to Hongfire for Tutorials (for it's inappropriate adds) I already have ITHVNR and Cheat engine.
  7. Are you sure that you uninstalled the game before downloading it again?
  8. I had the same problem you have to uninstall it and download it from here - https://fizzyjuiceotome.wordpress.com/download-link-for-rebirthday-song-koi-o-utau-shinigami-with-the-english-patch/ And if you don't know how to https://fizzyjuiceotome.wordpress.com/how-to-download-rebirthday-song-koi-o-utau-shinigami-with-the-english-patch/
  9. I wanna learn how to ENGLISH PATCH a visual novel , someone has got some good sources or links ?? I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ROMHACKING I AM NOT USING AN EMULATOR OR A ROM . Just a normal PC VISUAL NOVEL , so ANYONE ??!!
  10. Can we get the H-code with ITHVNR ? 'cause ITH is not compatible with Windows 10
  11. You are quiet the cheerful person I find you everywhere I go . Lol I bet your face looks like that #CommonCheerfulPersonFace first time using a visual novel emoticon, let me be happy .
  12. I am also a newbie , hope we get along . Hehehe
  13. I am going to try it out right now , and I am really grateful that you took the time to answer me . Thank you very much
  14. Sorry it was my mistake I wrote the emulator in place of the game format . And yes you were right it is PSP game and thanks for reading this article it makes me really glad .
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