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  1. Hi all

    Thanks y'all!
  2. Hi all

    Hi SpinningShiat, thanks for the greeting.. First of all, I didn't know there are visual novel emoticons in here So yeah lets do our best and have a pleasant stay here!
  3. Hi all

    Hello everyone.. My name is Mark Law from Brunei. Sorry if my English is bad since languages is not my strong point I have read about 30 visual novels (well I probably didn't get to finish some) thanks to my extremely long holidays of 8 months last year. Now that I can finally secure a good internet connection around my area so I thought of creating a new account here. I hope we all have a wonderful memories here in Fuwanovel. By the way, me and my friends are working on a visual novel, and the script is currently 30+ pages and it still just in an introduction phase he said, so I hope we can get more people working on it too in the future. See you around!