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  1. well, welll. I want to share some of mine favorites quotes of fiction... this scene from game of thrones (I just copy and paste from wikquote by the way, because I'm lazy) and like this is a forum about visual novels, I leave this, from one of my favorite characters of the medium, spoilers from fate/stay night ahead...
  2. hi, I just want to say your draws are very beautiful, especially in the eyes and hair, and i like the details in the trees in the mushishi- natsume yuujinchou one. I don't have a waifu, but I will like to see you drawning kotomine kirei for me... here is a picture just in case:
  3. this time I'm watching konosuba, gintama, little witch academia (illegally, of course) and tales of zestiria... I want to watch rakugo shinjuu too, but the first season was so good, that i prefer to wait for more chapters, because I will hate to watch this weekly... I am surpised, because I'm watching too many series compared to the last seasons, where I only watched 3 or 4... so I consider this a great season. oh, and I also tried to watch masamune, hand shakers and seiren. But i get bored in their first chapters so i will no watch them again. I also watched acca 13, b
  4. everyone, thanks for your responses! and for the ones that i want to respond directly... "I" see, thanks for the data. And iI'm relieved that 19 visual novels played (or more like 17, because I don't finished one and I'm still playing steins;gate zero) are enought to talk here. ok, for the moment my wishlist is full... I'm playing steins;gate zero and then I will play dengeki stryker, then himawari and then higurashi or umineko (or both?) but in the future I will gladly ask here for recomendations.
  5. One punch man, maybe? it have nice directing, good animations and character desings...
  6. It's been a while since i know about this forum, but in the time, I think that i have a limited knowledge of visual novels to talk about them here... but wathever, i have played 19 visual novels, so i think i have some to talk here, so... yeah. and sorry if my english is not perfect, i'm not a native speaking... i hope we get well.
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