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  1. I added a little: -- sign up form on my website. Probably should have done all this sooner. Just one of the 10, 000 things I have to figure out for this project.
  2. Yay! I finally finished the MENU (POSTER) ART for A Near Dawn! More importantly, we want to release the Prologue (free-to-play opening to the first chapter) to our game as soon as we can! SO.... ANNOUNCEMENT: We'd like to have the Prologue out by 11:00 AM MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH! And we hope to gear up a KickStarter Campaign shortly thereafter. Please look forward to it and wish us luck!
  3. It was all amazingness! I learned so much doing the CNE Gaming Garage convention and met so many cool, creative, and interesting people - and, of course had lots of people check out my games. Got some really nice feedback all around!
  4. We are starting to put together the UI for this baby! Writing for the Prologue is 100% done, as is the character artwork and most of the BG artwork.
  5. Being super productive putting together character expression variations and animations for the project. Little sample here: https://twitter.com/FaroffDaydream/status/888878182484635648
  6. So coolness! I’ve been accepted to exhibit this project (as well as my earlier one) at Bit Bazaar - a Toronto-based indie game con. I’ve never participated in a con before, so I’m equal parts nervous and excited about it! : ) Now, to hustle and put together a good quality demo for the event!
  7. I love my composer! He's putting together some really nice tracks for the project. Hopefully I'll be able to share some of them soon.
  8. And I'm back after a brief hiatus - which featured: Helping out with Event Photography 10 Day Trip to Chicago (it was wonderful and artistic) 7 Days in Cuba (quite pleasant indeed) Putting Together a 150-page Exhibition Catalogue for an Artist Now, without further ado, presenting some CG action from A Near Dawn: Who had the pasta? Opening art (which wound up being quite extensive), and CGs appear to be finally finished for the Prologue (Demo). We will be reaching out to voice actors to discuss recording voice for the Prologue, which will now hopefully be brought about without too many further interruptions along the way. Look forward to it!
  9. Look, my obsessive compulsive illustration of Seattle:
  10. Yay! Finished another scene for the opening! Sam wakes up early in the morning just like the rest of us (most of us?) and thinks about life as he gets ready for work.
  11. Our wonderful BG artist finished the background artwork for The Diner - where our story begins!
  12. Work in progress snapshot of Sam getting ready for work (you might not want to think about that on a Saturday ).
  13. PCPowerPlay finally published their awesome review of Put A Sock In It! on their website! Check it out here! [Link]
  14. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM: TRAILER Did someone ask for: * 90 unique-ish endings? * 30 profound-ish life lessons to learn? * Sock puppet humor and violence galore? The Story of Socks Serena "This isn’t even the worst place I’ve been locked in. * sigh * We don’t think about that, Serena." What would you do if you were trapped somewhere for a long time? Put A Sock In It! dares ask the question: How far would you go to entertain yourself? With all her coworkers gone for the weekend, no way of contacting the outside world, and no hint of rescue in sight, Serena will discover that maybe, just maybe, her best friend is actually herself. And these puppets she just made from her socks... You play the game by selecting each pair of characters, for a total of four combinations: Princess x Wizard, Ghost x Stable Boy, Wizard x Ghost, and Stable Boy x Princess. Each pairing gives you control of the situation and relationship from one of the characters' point of view. For example, in the Princess x Wizard pairing, the Wizard has abducted her and you play as the Princess, guiding the story with her reactions -- do you hate him, or could this be love? Princess Hobbies: Being happy, exploring, upkeep of castles, keeping tabs on neighboring princes. Dislikes: Stuffy high society, imprisonment. Wizard Hobbies: Being powerful, subjugation, kidnapping, stealing, hexing, destroying enemies, summoning magical creatures. Dislikes: Disobedience, paying for things. Ghost Hobbies: Being spooky and mysterious, haunting, revenge. Dislikes: Traitors, killers. Stable Boy Hobbies: Spending time with animals, pitchforking things, dreaming of princesses. Dislikes: Non-vegetarians, the dark past. Summary Having locked herself in a stairwell, Serena is quickly beginning to run out of distractions. Thankfully, she has two colorful socks and a penchant for amusing herself. So, to pass the time she will weave short, humorous skits based on your selections between characters of your choice, with storylines ranging from romantic melodrama between princess and stable boy to violent quarrels with an evil wizard. This game features one setting (Magic Kingdom) with four characters (Princess, Ghost, Evil Wizard, Stable Boy), altogether coming in at a little over 20, 000 words with all the variations. * The game has sock puppet violence, and some suggestively risqué dialogue on the odd occasion. Genres ♦ Comedy ♦ Slice of Weirdness ♦ Romantic Misadventure ♦ Tragic Nonsense Team ♦ Writing: Leonid Pilchin ♦ Character Art & Animation & UI: Leonid Pilchin ♦ Background Art: Alexander Kaloyan ♦ Programmer: Istvan Orosi ♦ Music: Various Wonderful Contributors Progress ♦ Writing: 100% ♦ Sprites: 100% ♦ CGs: What CGs? ♦ BGs: 100% ♦ UI: 100% ♦ Programming: 100% Questions ♦ How did you like the game (and what about it)? ♦ Who is your favorite sock character? ♦ What were some of your favorite endings/developments (use the spoiler tag please)? ♦ What did you think about the lessons (did you learn them all and finish the game)?