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  1. Look, my obsessive compulsive illustration of Seattle:
  2. Yay! Finished another scene for the opening! Sam wakes up early in the morning just like the rest of us (most of us?) and thinks about life as he gets ready for work.
  3. Our wonderful BG artist finished the background artwork for The Diner - where our story begins!
  4. Work in progress snapshot of Sam getting ready for work (you might not want to think about that on a Saturday ).
  5. PCPowerPlay finally published their awesome review of Put A Sock In It! on their website! Check it out here! [Link]
  6. DOWNLOAD FREE FROM: TRAILER Did someone ask for: * 90 unique-ish endings? * 30 profound-ish life lessons to learn? * Sock puppet humor and violence galore? The Story of Socks Serena "This isn’t even the worst place I’ve been locked in. * sigh * We don’t think about that, Serena." What would you do if you were trapped somewhere for a long time? Put A Sock In It! dares ask the question: How far would you go to entertain yourself? With all her coworkers gone for the weekend, no way of contacting the outside world, and no hint of rescue in sight, Serena will discover that maybe, just maybe, her best friend is actually herself. And these puppets she just made from her socks... You play the game by selecting each pair of characters, for a total of four combinations: Princess x Wizard, Ghost x Stable Boy, Wizard x Ghost, and Stable Boy x Princess. Each pairing gives you control of the situation and relationship from one of the characters' point of view. For example, in the Princess x Wizard pairing, the Wizard has abducted her and you play as the Princess, guiding the story with her reactions -- do you hate him, or could this be love? Princess Hobbies: Being happy, exploring, upkeep of castles, keeping tabs on neighboring princes. Dislikes: Stuffy high society, imprisonment. Wizard Hobbies: Being powerful, subjugation, kidnapping, stealing, hexing, destroying enemies, summoning magical creatures. Dislikes: Disobedience, paying for things. Ghost Hobbies: Being spooky and mysterious, haunting, revenge. Dislikes: Traitors, killers. Stable Boy Hobbies: Spending time with animals, pitchforking things, dreaming of princesses. Dislikes: Non-vegetarians, the dark past. Summary Having locked herself in a stairwell, Serena is quickly beginning to run out of distractions. Thankfully, she has two colorful socks and a penchant for amusing herself. So, to pass the time she will weave short, humorous skits based on your selections between characters of your choice, with storylines ranging from romantic melodrama between princess and stable boy to violent quarrels with an evil wizard. This game features one setting (Magic Kingdom) with four characters (Princess, Ghost, Evil Wizard, Stable Boy), altogether coming in at a little over 20, 000 words with all the variations. * The game has sock puppet violence, and some suggestively risqué dialogue on the odd occasion. Genres ♦ Comedy ♦ Slice of Weirdness ♦ Romantic Misadventure ♦ Tragic Nonsense Team ♦ Writing: Leonid Pilchin ♦ Character Art & Animation & UI: Leonid Pilchin ♦ Background Art: Alexander Kaloyan ♦ Programmer: Istvan Orosi ♦ Music: Various Wonderful Contributors Progress ♦ Writing: 100% ♦ Sprites: 100% ♦ CGs: What CGs? ♦ BGs: 100% ♦ UI: 100% ♦ Programming: 100% Questions ♦ How did you like the game (and what about it)? ♦ Who is your favorite sock character? ♦ What were some of your favorite endings/developments (use the spoiler tag please)? ♦ What did you think about the lessons (did you learn them all and finish the game)?
  7. Without further ado, we are presenting the A Near Dawn trailer! Let us know what you think!
  8. We have a brand new website! It only took forever to put together... With this finally done, I can jump back on the trailer.
  9. A new character has joined the ensemble - The Kid!
  10. This is how I do my research, apparently. [REDDIT LINK]
  11. Another scene finished for A Near Dawn:
  12. A scene of Sam running in the project I'm currently working on - A Near Dawn
  13. In fair Seattle, where we lay our scene. We're getting close to finishing art for the opening! A Near Dawn is a visual adventure created by Leonid Pilchin. It is the first commercial project from Far-off Daydream Games. A Near Dawn is a psychological thriller with humorous highs and gut-wrenching crashes. Though there are science fiction elements that unfold as the story progresses, the first chapter "A Day in the Life" is grounded in our reality. The opening chapter sees our main character - Seattle-based attorney Sam Nichols - who seems to be experiencing some disturbing psychological difficulties, exposed to progressively dire circumstances that threaten to unravel his reality and destroy those closest to him. Though haunted by personal demons, with your law firm struggling and on the brink of collapse, you take the helm on an important new case involving a ruthless multinational corporation, defended by the vilest people you've ever encountered. The odds already seem stacked against you and as you learn things are not as they appear, a deeper conspiracy begins to emerge. Where will you end up if you keep untangling the threads? You will have to be brave to uncover the truth. A Near Dawn is an interactive visual novel adventure game with animated cinematics, puzzles, dynamic decisions, and multiple endings. It is planned as an episodic series with each chapter being a full game. The player is in control of the main character's actions at every turn of the story. You will explore the environment and speak to the other characters to learn about what is happening and what needs to be done. It was important to give as much freedom and put as much detail into the content of the story as could be managed, as such you will have the option to skip key elements of the game not necessary for advancing the main plot if your character chooses to ignore them or fails to explore them. At the same time, you will not be able to move forward without resolving issues necessary for advancing the story along. Finally, a chief mechanic of the game is a psyche meter that defines your psychological state and will run out as Sam experiences (or subjects himself to) events that unsettle him. The neighborhood diner near your workplace. Our story begins here with a chat between two of our protagonists over a lunch that goes terribly wrong. (Note: This project used to be called Back To Reality) Writing - Leonid Pilchin Character Art & Animation - Leonid Pilchin Background Art & UI - Alexander Kaloyan Programming - K. Zero Music - D.G. Writing - 70% Character Art - 60% Animation - 15% CG Art - 0% BG Art - 10% UI - 15% Programming - 10% 1. What do you think about the concept? 2. What are your impressions of the characters and story? Who is your favorite? 3. How do you like the art style? 4. Are you interested in playing this game? 5. Would you support this project on KickStarter? The prologue to the first chapter, "Day in the Life" will be coming in a bit! Let us know what you think and wish us luck!