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  1. 4 hours ago, tymmur said:

    Another reason for leveling up everybody: (it is a spoiler, but I can't remember when it triggers)

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    The arena will at some point unlock combat where only a specific character is allowed. There is one for each character (more or less), meaning you can't neglect characters if you want to beat the arena.


    Oh yea I think I remember Suina getting absolutely destroyed there for me :wahaha:

  2. Does this become the 4th, 5th? Mahoyo translation project? :wahaha:

    On 2018-02-28 at 5:08 PM, izzeybee said:

    Seriously?? I figured it just dropped from everyone's radar after Commie announced their hiatus (editing problems I think). But I do hope to make the project yield all of Mahoyo's charm points, hehe.

    It did make it on Mangagamers 2017 licensing survey: NSFW possibly.

  3. 22 minutes ago, EastCoastDrifter said:

    I've already explained it in my first post here. They release a broken mess of a VN and make a profit out of the customers knowing full well that it's broken. Then, once complaints start circling about the VN, they take it back and make the "fixes", and sell it again, essentially attempting to gouge more money out of the same customers who originally bought it. It's already been said in the "update" that it won't be a simple patch, but a complete re-work on the entire VN engine. If they do sell the fix, it's only going to create further problems.

    So what you are claiming is that you don't belive they will provide a free patch for the people who bought the game, and instead release a separate V.2 which you have to buy again?
    That would indeed be a scummy move, but I very seriously doubt they would do something that ridiculous.

  4. 7 minutes ago, EastCoastDrifter said:

    It's a very practical, but unethical, business scheme employed by most AAA game publishers today to make more money. Sekai Project is basically doing the same thing those publishers are doing, and it hass become such a pattern that I would hardly chalk it up as just "incompetence". I know this all too well from experience.

    And how does this scheme work? They aren't selling the fix?

  5. 5 minutes ago, EastCoastDrifter said:

    Really, their "update" just exposes that they'll release a broken or unfinished VN in the market, make a profit, then take back the VN after complaints are made and "fix" the VN for further profit. As if the blatantness of the post isn't obvious enough.

    Are you implying that they get more money by releasing it broken first and fixing it later? How would that even work?

  6. 4 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    EDIT: People were saying that SakuSaku translation is rather shit, right?

    I wouldn't say it is. The only thing I've actually seen people point out is the translation of one the side characters way of modifying the MC's name.
    I remember seeing a few issues myself; like icha-icha being translated as make out, even when it's not very approriate. Also the tagline or whatever you would call it, while it was fine when it came up in the dialogue window, it's a mess in the main menu and OP — I think that might have been the developers though.

    Unless I'm forgetting something, it was pretty minor stuff.

  7. There are very few traits that I outright dislike, even among the more negative ones.

    I don't tend to like emotionally/mentally weak characters. Depends somewhat on the setting though, and a bit of bravado and bravery can provide some nice counterbalance.

    Being a damsel in distress can dry up any positive emotion I have for a character pretty quickly.

    There is one thing that can really put me off though: Running away because they see themselves as undeserving/a burden.
    I have suprised myself with the genuine hate I have felt for characters who have done this.

    These apply to characters in general and not just heroines btw.

  8. I knew they were a thing and wanted to try one, the "barrier of entry" was actually finding one though(this being around 2008). At first I couldn't find one in English and tried an untranslated one; I quickly came to the conclusion I couldn't even understand half of it.
    After some more searching I found a translated one: "Yukizakura", I really liked it and continued looking for more.
    I didn't have any issue getting into the "format" itself though.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Akshay said:

    Is it just me or was bitch translated as slut in the grisaia series? I seem to remember the audio being bitchu  while the translations said slut.

    When Japanese use bitch they mean slut. Though in the running cadence scene the TL uses the dog type of bitch so that works in some cases too, though I think the audio was "inran" in that scene.

  10. 2 hours ago, bakauchuujin said:

    Hope this sells enough for hardcopy, though it seems like the sales atm aren't too great. I know there is a sale and all on other VNs on Mangagamer but I still would have expected this to be in the top 5 on weekly ranking. Imopara 2 has managed to keep 1st place so it is disapointing to see this one not even hit the top 5. Hopefully it will get better once it release on steam.

    I saw it on 2nd place a while ago I think.

  11. 3 hours ago, Codesterz said:

    I'm too lazy to download the demo to check its quality. Any chance you can go into a bit more detail on the translation quality? Is it the same quality as the screenshots? While they are not good and are literal to a fault I feel like if someone(preferably a native English speaker) were to do an editing pass on them they could be acceptable. I feel like I'm the only person who's not looking for top tier English writing unless the Japanese version was written in top tier Japanese. One of these day I'm gonna run into a character that's supposed to be a complete idiot, but speaks like they have a doctorate degree in English... That wouldn't be a good translation, but I feel like some of you think it would be.

    You could check out this twitter thread:


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