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  1. 4 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:


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    also i wonder when asuka fall in love in mashiro route since she cried when the two of them are dating.
    the same with misaki route when asuka thinks MC abanddon them

    good read

    Somewhere in the common route I'm pretty sure. She just didn't see it coming at all in Mashiro's route.

  2. 8 hours ago, Seraphim88 said:

    Ah, I figured using the punch button several times should result in a punch combo, consecutive kicks in a kick combo, and so on, but I guess it doesn't work like that here then. Gotta admit though that it makes the whole system of allocating attack skills to specific skill slots seem a bit redundant if the game is just automatically gonna shuffle them around without any regard to attack range in the end. Kinda feels like they overcomplicated things for no reason, but I guess it might make more sense later on when I have more attacks at my disposal.

    The way it goes is if you're close range and not holding down the movement buttons but have already used the close range attack it will use the attack that is listed below it in the equipment menu and if that one is also used, the one below that etc.
    It can be rather helpfull once you get used to it since you can't use an attack again until your heat gauge has depleted anyway.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Seraphim88 said:

    Minor spoilers:

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    From what I recall, there was no gore in that scene, just sexual assault (if you can possibly use a word like "just" while talking about a scene like that).
    Actually, I can't remember there being any gore in MLA at all other than in the chomp scene, unless you consider blood spatter to be gore, which I don't.




    Cat 50% off

    I guess?

  4. 55 minutes ago, Seraphim88 said:

    I'm done with Saki's, Yayoi's and Keiko's routes and got started on Alice's a couple of hours ago, but I noticed in the guide I'm following that she has two endings; one of which is labeled "True Ending".
    Is this the actual true ending of the VN or is it just referring to the true ending of Alice's route? Maia's route is listed after Alice's in the walkthrough, which makes me a bit uncertain, since true routes tend to come last.

    Save Alice's true ending for last I'd say. Maia's isn't a full route so maybe that's why the guide put her last. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. 6 hours ago, Silvz said:

    What I don't get in Misaki's route is

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    why Saki didn't use Bird Cage against her, even if it were the basic version. In Asuka's route she used it in all matches, no matter how good the other players were, so it's not like she underestimated Misaki. She simply ditched her  best strategy and the whole point of creating a new FC in order to have a basic match without really trying to win. When she found out Misaki could fly backwards, she should have taken advantage of Bird Cage.



    Misaki learned the bird cage and then both Misaki and Saki used it, which resulted in that stalemate situation at the start of the match, with Misaki pulling out the suprise counter to it at the end. They just never learned of the name in Misaki's route.


  6. 1 minute ago, GXOALMD said:

    "We are hoping to have the patch live within the first 24 hours after the game is released."

    That seems a bit ambitious given how little we know about the new release.  Kudos to them if they actually pull it off.  (Actually, kudos to them either way.)

    Well unless they happen too, you know *chough* already have it *chough*

  7. 1 hour ago, Seraphim88 said:

    Does this officially make Baldr Sky the most expensive VN on Steam? I can't remember seeing any others with a price point this high.

    428 is 49,99€ on steam, so depending on what € price Baldr gets, It might be less or the same I suppose.

  8. On 2019-11-01 at 1:02 AM, Jun Inoue said:

    Not gonna lie, slightly troubled about how obsessed Under One Wing is with the trope "all men are potential rapists." Particularly when I'm seeing the MC feeling bothered by not being seen as a potential rapist by one of the characters. Like, wut :vinty:

    Not being used to so much fuss about gender separation it was kinda weird at first, but by now I've heard those kinda spiels so many times in VNs that it's hard to be bothered by it particularly.
    Although "I might accidentally rape you if we are in the same room" is such a ridicilously explosive statment yet no one ever being suprised by it will never cease to be funny.

  9. Just now, MFrost said:

    I meant how in Misaki's route, Asuka, Rika (at the end was Oh, you're all lovey dovey still?) and Mashiro all just sort of accept that Misaki and Masaya are in a relationship without any surprise or question bombardment. Although I guess when Masaya makes a choice to go and coach only her, it became sort of obvious and thus not really needing any SoL moments afterwards, I'm just use to having the other cast go and toy with the new couple a bit more. I was wondering if it's similar to that in the other's routes, as they just sort of accept it and there's no shock. In Misaki's route, the only one that had the sort of response and such was Minamo making Misaki drink that protein shake. I'm guessing no as it kinda seems Sprite focused more on the main subject of the VN [here, FC. in Love and Choco, the election (that I've read as far to) and the couples romance instead of splitting it with the supporting characters once you get into a route.]

    Ah, well yea Misaki's route does have the least involvment of other characaters in that regard.

  10. 38 minutes ago, MFrost said:

    Looks like NekoNyan is working on the perfect edition according to their last update. What's the difference though? did it add or remove anything?

    and I'm not going to go thru the other 3 routes, but are there more of a response towards Masaya's and the selected heroine's romance development or do they all just sort of skip past that and accept it begrudgingly like in Misaki's route? 

    A couple of Misaki h-scenes.

    Uhh... I don't really saw anything as begrudgingly, but if you want much romance development then Mashiro is the route.

  11. Yea, in Rika's route they end up throwing that particular issue out the window. It's kind of funny since in the common route Misaki teased Asuka for seeming disappointed when she realised that doing something like that is impossible. They would have to land, turn off the grav-shoes link hands, one of the turn theirs on and fly up again.

  12. Feels like it would be pretty hard to point out a best one. Your "resistence" kinda goes up as you read more of them too, so some of the first ones you read would have an advantage.
    And yea kind of like Plk_Lesiak said, I think the buildup is even more important than the art.

    I recently encountered a pretty good one in Tsubaki's route in Koikari though, had a really nice BGM during it too.