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  1. 'Newton and the Apple Tree' Kickstarter Victory!

    Wasn't it based on a vote, the amount interest or something from the Japanese readers? Feels like I have a memory of something like that.
  2. I knew they were a thing and wanted to try one, the "barrier of entry" was actually finding one though(this being around 2008). At first I couldn't find one in English and tried an untranslated one; I quickly came to the conclusion I couldn't even understand half of it. After some more searching I found a translated one: "Yukizakura", I really liked it and continued looking for more. I didn't have any issue getting into the "format" itself though.
  3. When Japanese use bitch they mean slut. Though in the running cadence scene the TL uses the dog type of bitch so that works in some cases too, though I think the audio was "inran" in that scene.
  4. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    I saw it on 2nd place a while ago I think.
  5. Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam

    You could check out this twitter thread:
  6. rpg/srpg visual novels?

    You can check the RPG tag on Vndb too.
  7. This would be relevant to the discussion I suppose: https://twitter.com/Wanaca91/status/938925993343012864
  8. Dies Irae art project help

    "Your motivation is Envy. And Hatred it incurs. You cannot acknowledge those in luster, and rejoice at thier fall. You are a craven soul that deserves not the name of champion." -Isaak
  9. Frontwing will localize Subahibi this year

    That's not exactly uncommon though? And it probably makes sense marketing wise, to a person unfamiliar with Japanese a title like that might be too much, and they will just ignore it; weakening the "impression".
  10. Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality

    I'm pretty sure I've heard it both with and without the "at". My impression is that without "at" is more common though.
  11. Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    Rea's route were the one I liked the most on the romance side of things.
  12. Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    I belive it's 卿(kei): you (in reference to someone of lower status). Seems to pretty arrogant, so I doubt it's something you would hear normally in Japan.
  13. Chronoclocks scenes takes place after the routes endings.
  14. Rewrite, what just happened??? (Spoilers)

    Akane and Shizuru's routes being locked initially is something to keep in mind too. That tripped me up a bit.
  15. console exclusive vn

    Utawarerumono 2 , 3 and Fate/Extella might be worth checking out? Anyway here's a list of english ps4 titles, there's not a whole lot of them.
  16. Re;Zero Visual Novel

    Emilia, Rem, Ram, Felt, Beatrice, Crusch, Priscilla and Anastasia are the ones you can pick from. Crunchyroll article
  17. MangaGamer 2017 Licensing Survey

    Harukuru has an official English release in the plans it seems: Tweet