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  1. Don't really have any to add apart from saying thanks for the list , you've got my reading sorted out for a while.
  2. ChronoClock's painful D.D

    If I'm remembering it right, the VA does say the English for whatever Romaji she says. Makes following along possible just a massive pain in the arse due to the difference between the translated text and what D.D is actually saying. My judgement depends entirely on what sheep youre choosing.
  3. ChronoClock's painful D.D

    Also a Brit and D.Ds route made me want to headbutt a wall until I just skipped it. VNs also have a thing for glorifying fish and chip shops, making them sound a lot fancier than any I've ever been too. I agree with this, it just feels like like Britain is chosen frequently in VNs for foreign character's home country, leaving me subjected to engrish and talk of scones far too often.
  4. Clannad? Overrated or Worthy of it's honours?

    The multitude of ways Sunohura is fucked over will ensure it always remains close to my heart although I agree that the pacing and route order make it less enjoyable at points. It's been a while since I've read it but if i remember right a lot of the After Story stuff focusing on other characters like the Sanae and Akio was pretty solid anyway, so even knowing the big spoiler didn't ruin it for me. Also report to the ship as soon as possible.
  5. I've got through about 50 VNs while on Windows 10 and haven't had any issues