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  1. wonderful, enough reason for me not to play
  2. when you said afterlife, you mean the one that either hell or heaven?
  3. This is my analysis about yuuri personality (sorry if it's a bit lacking): In the school, she acts like a refined girl , but in reality she is a prideful girl with a positive personality and easily get carried away. Being gifted with beauty and talent, and how she is quite famous in school, this make her overconfident and always acts rather arrogant, seeing herself as an existence that above others (even comparing herself to Zeus). Due to this, she always tries to take lead over others. She is shown to be quite lazy, to the point she makes Kanako to do cooking and cleaning for her (which Kanako complies happily). Despite so, she also hide her insecurities through this attitude. She dislike boring things and prefer to live her life full of excitement. the main part of her personality, being positive, arrogant and overconfident remains the same for the rest of story, although after going out and fall in love with the protagonist, she developed a dere side has become more attached to him (even more as the story progresses) and try to be more independent for him. as far as i know, yes , as far as i know (i said this 2x because it's important), arrogant type heroine tend to cast away this part of them when they fall in love with protagonist, but yuuri is not. well, i recommend to try to play at least 1 hour and you will find her personality and interaction with protagonist to be quite fun. unless you are not fan of charage and light-hearted story, this one is not for you.
  4. just finished shukusei no girlfriend 3. with this, all shukusei series is finished and i have to say i enjoyed it . the best part about this series if i have to say is the heroine which make the game itself is fun to play, while the story itself is quite mild but enjoyable especially if one is a charage lover (don't expect something emotional, this is rather a light-themed story). the pacing of story is fast, so it almost doesn't waste anything, and the ending itself is satisfying. Now my short impression for each series : Shukusei 1: (My Rating:8) Yuuri (the series 1st heroine) is the best and cute, yeah. She (in my experience) is the type of heroine that is rarely encountered. i dare say she is the best heroine among the others in the series. Rather than the story, Yuuri character herself is the one that made the game fun to play. Shukusei 2:(My Rating:7.3) for this one, the story development and the heroine, maya (2nd heroine), is rather straight, so it's a bit lacking compared with Shukusei 1. Rather recommended for one that prefer straight romance and heroine Shukusei 3:(My Rating:8) When it came to the story, i have to say it beats the other 2, although chara wise, kanoko (the 3rd heroine) is better than maya, but still not on yuuri level.
  5. koichi

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    yup, married while being students. remember, japan marriage age is 18 for male and 16 for female . FD? No. Append? Maybe. After all, hanasaki workspring and floral flowlove have their own append...
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