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  1. I can recommend to you the Danganronpa series, they are awesome and the Steam Version don't cut any content =D (if you haven't read them yet, some people don't consider them VNs)
  2. They are kinda like: "Oh, it's normal for a guy in your age to like that kinda stuff, but let your sister outta this". And they say that despite the fact they never caught me playing/reading anything like this. They are very comprehensible. And thanks for the suggestion ^-^
  3. Oh, sorry, I'm used to do this in a social network I use. Well, I don't think my parents would scold me or anything, but would be kinda embarassing XD And, as I said, I think I can manage to play these a little more often now. Now I'm playing F/SN for the first time, but the [Realta Nua] version, maybe I can play the Grisaia after this one. Really liked the anime
  4. The laptop is the family computer, in some way. . . Oh boy, that makes it kinda hard, doesn't it? But, recently, I've got more "time to myself".
  5. I wouldn't say I don't like eroge, it's just kinda hard for me to play, due to my sister always being around, y'know? XD
  6. I'm from Brazil, but I'm not a troll of any kind. Thanks, and haven't read it, but watched the first half of the anime
  7. Hi guys, I'm kinda new into the VN world, and thought that this forum might be a good start point to meet new people, and to get more used to the whole VN world. I guess that's it. Hope to get along well with evryone (I'm not native of a english-speaking country, so my grammar might have some flaws)
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