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  1. My friend says: This error shows-up while extracting with (I believe) insani's tools. crass tools will extract it with a fuckton of CRC check errors (http://i.imgur.com/JHqfaNE.png). The filenames will be okay while all the files' contents turns out to be complete garbage. arc_unpacker (both the stable and the latest beta versions) will recognize it as KiriKiri/XP3, but will fail with an error saying "There was no plugin selected", EVEN if you force it using a flag like -d=kirikiri/xp3
  2. Hi all. This is probably a wild goose chase since people have asked help for similar issues, yet have gotten no answers, but it's worth trying. A friend and I wants to translate Lovely X Cation 2 (https://vndb.org/v10288) It uses KRKR2 alongside a bunch of in-home plugins/adjustments (I don't know if that matters or if true) We have tried all the public tools we could humanely get our hands on to no avail. Either the outputted files (the ones that does matter) comes out as complete gibbers, or we get returned the following error: Expected "#01" at position 0x17 but saw "#80".
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