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  1. So, finished Majikoi A-5 Then I thought it was over, I was feeling happy to escape with my life, when all of a sudden, I found out that a plus disk was released with the special edition last december. "Fuck me", I thought, as I had already switched gears and gotten ready to read Grisaia no Meikyuu in English to get a bit of a rest here. But I decided to charge forward, and finish the series once and for all, after all, a mere plus disk can't be that long, right ? "Fuck me", I thought again, as I finished the 3 main routes in 2 days and realized there was still a last special
  2. Just finished Majikoi A-4, up next is A-5, then I guess I'll just have to feel empty inside for a week and get on with my life. First was Rin chong's route, and well, can't say it was particularly groundbreaking or anything, although there was that one moment towards the end when Rin captured Yamato and took him to a cottage in the middle of nowhere, that was pretty surprising. Also, the BGM that played at this moment (Wavelets, I think) was really cool, and I just had to take a smoke break in order to fully understand what had just happened and get my hopes up for the end of the r
  3. You could remove the cover and use one of those big vacuum storage bags so that it takes less room, possibly even fitting in your suitcase. I think it's worth a try, unless you're already looking forward to the humiliation on the plane.
  4. Just finished Majikoi A-3, the second untranslated VN I've read all the way through, as Majikoi is one of my favorite VN series, I really enjoyed it, Lee route was funny as hell, Stacy was amazing, and well, can't say I was a fan of Tsubame, still can't say I am, but it was alright. Next, either Labyrinth of Grisaia gets its 18+ English release soon and I relax for a bit, or I just keep steamrolling through Majikoi A, can't say right now
  5. Hey guys, I just finished playing Eiyuu Senki Gold, which is the first untranslated VN I've read all the way through and I liked it a lot, and on this occasion I'd like to thank my friends and family, as well as my now complete harem of gender-bent historical waifus, without them I wouldn't have made it that far. Seriously though, it was really gratifying and I'm gonna keep at it, actually I got Kami no Rhapsody and am now proceeding to get mind raped by the exposition scene (Sorry about that, mr. Narrator, I might have to do some research on that one, I don't understand shit)
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